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the libyan leader finds himself in double trouble if the international criminal court issues the warrant for his arrest for crimes against humanity on the hundredth day of nato is bombing of libya more details just ahead. israel promises to intercept the tell a bound for gaza while backing away from the greats to punish journalists. it's confirmed fifteen people near japan's fukushima nuclear plant showed signs of radiation exposure last month that's the latest government checks on that and skepticism. international news and comment line from moscow this is a city with twenty four hours a day it appears that libyan leader moammar gadhafi is not only being targeted by nato jets but the international criminal court also has two judges in the hague of
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issued an arrest warrant for gadhafi and his closest allies on charges of crimes against humanity or correspondent nina going to go has more namely he's being accused of purposefully targeting considerately ends of killing civilians during the dispersal of the protest in february of this year the court's decision and the request for the arrest of moammar gadhafi his son and also his intelligence minister has been issued by one of the prosecutors of the international criminal court and this is only the second time in the court's nine year history that such a warrant has been issued for an incumbent head of state the first such occurrence . happened in two thousand and nine and the manner they wanted or were afterwards the sudanese president over that decision has yet to be implemented in reality and the libyan authorities have already said that they will not comply with the i.c.c. decision in this case they actually questioned its legitimacy and have reminded
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that libya is not a signatory to the rome treaty which has actually set up the international criminal court we have yet to find out how we can sack we will go about arresting more the the i.c.c. did say that the libyan people themselves will arrest gadhafi but of course gadhafi and he is called words remain defiant and say they will continue to fight to the very end and they basically said they don't particularly care for this particular decision as a matter of fact there were reports of intensified bombing of tripoli just this morning there were reports that blasts have been heard very close to gadhafi compound this was supposed to be an enforcement of a no fly zone in libya and yet already we're talking about. according to libyan government we're talking about hundreds of civilians being killed as a result of the nato airstrikes of course. until not so long denied that.
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at this point it's kind of a situation which is just hanging in the air and whether this particular latest decision from the i.c.c. whether that will have any effect on the situation in libya remains to be seen. in brussels and constantine cultural views the chairman of the state duma foreign affairs committee here in moscow explain to the arrest warrants cannot be applied to the libyan leader. well we can't bring you that statement from the concertina cost of child but we can go live to what we're now going to go live to william engdahl he's going to talk to us about these attempts by the i.c.c. to arrest gadhafi thanks very much indeed for joining us there live in frankfurt well as we were going to hear. he was going to say that there is concern here in russia that the i.c.c. decision will actually force gadhafi to cling to power even more and lead to more bloodshed would you agree with what he has to say. well i don't i don't know if
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that would be the case or not i think i think the whole thing is upside down the call by the i.c.c. i think the nato high command including the united states commander of nato ought to be tried for crimes against humanity given the fact that they've been bombing civilians in libya for more than one hundred days i mean this entire libya intervention by nato is absurd from beginning to end. it's just unbelievable what's going on nato can decide on the basis of responsibility to protect a completely very big. doctrine of international law that's been promoted by certain very politicized n.g.o.s in washington and elsewhere this responsibility to protect overrides national sovereignty and i think the i.c.c. is way off and to protect human beings nature is insisting that this is a mission to protect civilian life in libya does that not override all other arguments in this case well where's the proof of the bombing of civilians there's
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not even proof a man stood outside the white house and washington who is the head of the libyan opposition organization back earlier this year and claimed that there was a bombing of civilians by a cut off his air force that was never proven independently even robert gates the secretary of defense said that that was never proven so you know we're going on c.n.n. media rumors b.b.c. and whatever but this is obama was overruled his own legal advisors in the pentagon and the cia and went ahead with the nato action against libya so it was really on shaky ground zero thoughts about the situation but what about now that i mean what would this warrant. issue of an arrest to warrant arrest for gadhafi have any effect at all on libya i mean why they doing it now the i.c.c. . well i think they're just trying to marshal as much public opinion which is not strong against libya intervention in the united states the population doesn't
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understand it they say what are we doing another war here this is the nobel peace prize president. you know we're in afghanistan we're still. very heavily involved in iraq and now we're going into libya this is this is madness here so i think it's a propaganda attempt to prop up the sense of justice behind this very flimsy one at that and. you know it's politically motivated you think it's also a way of legitimizing the use of foreign troops on the ground in order to justify the fact that you can get troops on the ground and then that will lessen arrested or indeed get rid of gadhafi sure sure but just like the g.c.c. ruling. gave the u.n. security council the green light to go ahead with the absentia of china and russia would be in the interest for the rebels to restain after all many of them would rather see him brought to justice in their own country rather than being sent abroad. well i don't know whether the rebels are being heavily armed and advised by the cia and pentagon special forces and armed you know you have to ask what's going
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on here is this a grab for the libyan oil away from qaddafi and the state oil company which is used the world to build up the infrastructure of the of the country over the last forty years and the grab by sarkozy's friends in paris to take the oil out of libyan hands or what is going on here this is really bizarre every way shape and form rather than bringing a closer into this some commentators are saying that this move by the i.c.c. could actually undermine all attempts for a peaceful solution could close the possibility of negotiations why would that be the case but i don't see any attempt by by the west and nato member countries for any peaceable peaceful resolution of this they had a chance before the start of the nato bombing to bring this into mediation or negotiation and it was never on the table as far as washington was concerned or the british or the e.u. . when they don't we are out of time thank you very much indeed for joining us also
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like you about that you've written a lot about this matter in fact your book full spectrum dominance totalitarian democracy in the new world order is available right now thank you very much indeed germany based author and research joining us live thank you and thank you well as i was mentioning a little earlier constantine kasich of the chairman of the state duma is foreign affairs committee he's been explaining to r.t. why he thinks the arrest warrants cannot be applied to the libyan leader we can now hear what he has to say. the decision of the international criminal court. is not legally binding for libya for the simple reason that libya is not a member state of the court and as long as mr qaddafi stays on libya's territory and this decision cannot be fulfilled in case the decision of the court stays in power that will mean that mr qaddafi inevitably will try to
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stay in power as long as he can and that contradicts the intentions on the international community of the way they are worked out by the security council member states russia included. well still to come on the program this democracy with a carriage that you wanted new program to help opposition movements across the globe some suggest is just a convenient way to overthrow you since government. in absentia remorse go to court hands out twenty five years in prison to a top intelligence officer who fled to russia exposing a group of u.s. based russian agents including anna chapman. of humanitarian aid ships carrying supplies to gaza is said to depart from greece it's reportedly made up of ten vessels with some five hundred activists on board israel warns that its military is gearing up to intercept the aid but it's dropped earlier
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threats against journalists that they could be banned or deported for covering the events as the latest now from the. israeli government says it is rethinking how it plans to handle foreign journalists that are on boy board that freedom flotilla to exit six cells from european waters and heads towards god that later this week what we do know is that earlier the israeli government press officer said that any journalist on board would face arrest when faced detention and would also face a band of up to ten years they would not be able to return to israel for at least a decade we are now hearing that the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu first heard of this only this morning monday on the news and he is said to have said it is problematic he has urged his cabinet to rethink it and he's also said that the way journalists are dealt with is different to the way so-called infiltrators are handled this doesn't know how to answer the question as if and when the israeli government indeed finds the second for tenet to be in violation of international law which is of course what it found the first to tell
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a guilty of how been all journalists on board be dealt with in the security cabinet held an emergency meeting today after that meeting it issued a statement in which the government ministers say those who are determined to prevent the fit for mutual gone. but with as little friction as possible with taking of about ten ships from five hundred passengers on board representing some twenty two countries well certainly no one wants a repeat of what happened last year in newsradio parties are at pains to try and make sure that all the ducks on the road to prevent the same kind of incident occurring that first attempt happened on may the thirty first there were six ships involved they had six from thirty and the largest of those ships known as the mother mama came in conflict with israeli commandos who were lowered into the ship via helicopters from helicopters there was fighting that ensued both sides blaming the other thought in the conflict but the fact is that nine turkish activists who were on board with killed the israeli government has said again and again that it
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will not allow any ships whether this for ten or attempt to another one to actually reach beyond that the israeli authorities saying that they insist on actually salting through all the goods on board to make sure that there are no weapons no ammunition there and that once feel satisfied that they reasoned they will then be personally responsible for transferring herbal goods to gaza it is important to note that the reason why the activists are carrying out the second for telling in as many years in two years is that they do believe that the blockade on gaza is facilitating a humanitarian disaster we are hearing reports of increasing shortages in food supplies in medical supplies in basic items that people need to keep on living and so this is the second attempt by activists around the world to draw attention to gaza. reporting then you can find footage of last year's israeli aid flotilla assault on our web site is r.t. dot com there are also plenty of other stories waiting for the moment including the latest news politics and culture blogs expert analysis here's what's online right
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now if you should click on here's a good story for you for a vampire or a goblin or an elf and feel your rights are under represented one group is aiming to fight your cause find out about russia's growing youth movement for in human rights. the website of the moment animals are having their rights defended you can find a story of a monument to a dog that's raised thousands of dollars to help stray animals across russia. the japanese government is starting radiation checks on millions of people living near the stricken nuclear plant it's been revealed that fifteen people living over forty kilometers from the facility showed signs of internal radiation exposure when examined last month as r.t. shaun thomas found out many no longer trust the safety warnings. in a culture that is generally non-confrontational and obedient when thousands take to the streets of tokyo against nuclear energy it is a serious sign of discontent if after this crisis it is true that the people are
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more conscious and we need to take advantage of it this is the first time since the second world war that the japanese people have no trust in the government the walky a coastal city devastated by the earthquake the tsunami and on the edge of the radiation exclusion zone is starting on the long road to recovery but the people living here see the government just isn't doing enough from the thing the whole iraq city they said different things like they said different things and the government there are different things. they're not together. or part of the country. they are a part but some believe it is too early to tell what the real dangers of the situation or scientist to know that large doses of radiation given in one blast is a significant health threat but they say there isn't enough information about long term exposure to lower doses of radiation and the types of damage it can do if you check it here. at ideation level and then you kick the breeze in when you take
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water you always feel half different values because it's so close and it's so changing so you can hardly say but it's really exceeds what a normal person would have by a year one of the frightening things about this entire incident is that there are no concrete boundaries that can clearly guarantee your safety one example is this looks like a beautiful lush green valley behind me but in fact this is the very edge of the twenty kilometer exclusion zone that the government has set up in fact we're trying to get a little bit closer but were escorted out by a police officer and a taco if they're still now although this is supposed to be a safe area the radiation levels here are still between seven and ten times higher than normal weather from misinformation or mis understanding the people who live in the affected areas don't always take the proper precautions here a volunteer works to clean up toxic radioactive hot spots with hardly any protection at all
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a problem that some say is compounded by government propaganda accentuating the benefits while neglecting to inform about the dangers of nuclear waste. the first thing the government should do is let the citizens know the real cost of nuclear energy until now the priority has been to profit from energy the p.r. machine of the government has been emphasising the benefit of nuclear energy and the citizens have been brainwashed to believe it now in the wake of an international crisis and there are allegations that the government and the power companies have worked out a deal to help each other and that the media. has been blown off. the t.v. channels need the money from advertisement and the nuclear energy companies pay a lot without this money they cannot survive and for that reason they have to shut up about the situation the newspapers have this problem as well a move that if true keeps the important information hidden from the people saving face for those in charge in japan and sean thomas. however is not nuclear energy but shoddy equipment to blame in fukushima that's the view of john richie's
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director general of the world nuclear association he's been speaking to have an answer about the safety of atomic energy and his interview is coming up in the next hour but here's a preview. of the great irony of what happened at focus is that it was the failure of non-nuclear support systems to be available after the shutdown that resulted in this meltdown every nuclear regulatory authority in the world needs to go back and ask the question are all of the reactors under my supervision protected against worst case natural catastrophes like floods like tsunamis like earthquakes like plane crashes and that those questions are being asked right now i think they will result in some changes i don't think that changes are going to be terribly expensive i don't think they're going to take a long time to implement and i think that the the good of this is that with the world will have drawn a lesson from fukushima and nuclear safety will be even stronger.
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the u.s. state department's plans for spreading democracy around the world have been greeted with speculation that washington is planning a program of foreign regime change it will provide financing technology to opposition groups but the attach strings could be used to stare all the states where america wants them as artie's going to check on reports. the u.s. state department now generously hands out cash and technology to dissidents throughout the world its bureau of democracy human rights and labor has announced the request for proposals on how to foster change in a number of countries in the middle east and north africa as well as cuba the u.s. claims the best of intentions saying it wants to strengthen independent civil society groups in those countries it's just in really another form of provoking regime change they're just trying to do it under a different guise under a different facade saying that somehow and with the best of intentions they're
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promoting democracy but in reality it's just promoting us agenda among other things the state department is financing the creation of stealth wireless networks that would enable activists to communicate outside the reach of governments in countries like iran syria and libya according to participate in the projects other programs include a so-called internet in a suitcase a powerful portable wireless transmitter that activists can use to set up their own networks in order to circumvent state control but at the same time american companies provide authorities in bahrain saudi arabia and kuwait with the technology to effectively block websites those double standards system everybody should be fully aware of things and understand the. us or united states government austrian regime change that's were essentially a revolution that our technology is not all the us provides to instigate change in
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certain countries some opposition movements get a direct cash supply. for example weiqi leaks cables show that the state department has for years secretly funded syrian anti-government groups it's done in general to create a world that is more aligned more specifically more control would be aligned with the views of the united states i'm now looking at the state department website that promotes grants for those willing to bring about change in communist cuba and here is one of the requirements i'm going to read this it is preferable for these personnel to speak spanish fluently possess a solid understanding of the cultural context and have prior experience on the island in order to maximize their effectiveness in this unique operating environment and of quote sounds very much like recruiting agents but instead of doing it the traditional secret of where the u.s. does they're right out in the open on their website help most often comes with
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strings attached many say opposition leaders in libya who now get financial and political support from washington are sure to get instructions on how to return the favor essentially their eight years in the system with. the u.s. government even if they don't necessarily think it's going to check on r.t.e. washington d.c. . members of syria's opposition and human rights movement some arrived here in moscow for talks with russian officials to discuss ways to stop the bloodshed back home the situation in syria remains tense for mr mckibben. in three months of government protests he wants to have political reform put forward in a bid to calm the opposition includes a possible change of constitution the ruling party could also have its monopoly on power strips and one delegate is in moscow told r.t. that change in syria can only be imposed from within. we came here to fight
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moscow for its efforts to stop the bloodshed and violence that's sweeping syria we would like to stress that we will continue to maintain friendly strategic relations with russia the matter who is going to be in power in syria we as well as all the other political forces in syria are friendly relations with moscow and colin the russian authorities to denounce violence in syria at the un security council all of position forces both inside and outside the country or against foreign intervention in syria we are united in only one thing only the syrian people have the right to resolve the country's domestic problems we are also convinced that russia and the world community must plea a vital role in achieving peace and stability. the man who blew the cover of a group of russian agents in the us last year has been found guilty in absentia of treason and desertion by a moscow court intelligence colonel alexander party have fled the country before the scandal last june which saw ten agents including anna chapman arrested parties catarina zorra has been following proceedings. this very high profile case has been
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deemed top secret and classified so most of the proceedings that took place in moscow's military court were held behind closed doors and every shred of evidence and witness statement that was submitted throughout the course of the trial was also classified and top secret but we do know that i think saw that by sea it has been stripped of all of his military ranks and achievements and found guilty of treason and sentenced to twenty five years in prison of course at the moment that really doesn't affect his life that much because of course he's not in russia cording to the court he's most likely hiding somewhere in the united states and he left for the united states just a little over a year ago and according to information voiced in the court room that was a complete surprise to everybody including his wife she found out that her husband had deserted her her family and her country from a text message which he sent to her saying mary i'm sorry i hope you find
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a way to forgive me this isn't for a while this is for ever and that i see it has been working with u.s. intelligence officers for at least a decade out of those people whose cover he blew and of chapman perhaps one of the most famous said a media. liked characters she picked him out of a photo lineup saying that this is in fact the man that she met with in the united states according to her statement she felt somewhat uncomfortable after her meeting with him and contacted her superiors in moscow which then confirmed her suspicions but of course by then it was too late and ten people were sent out of the united states being found guilty of being unregistered agents of a foreign government. and i'll be back in a few minutes from now to update you on all top stories here not first with the latest business.
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hello welcome to the business program here and i t russia needs to diversify its economy as oil production is not expected to grow in the next decade finance minister i couldn't says the key challenge is to create an environment to develop non energy sectors so that's that would mean of course that would the state will decrease its role in companies and give way to private investment the government is going to sold most of its shares in key enterprises in the next three to five years this relates to financial energy telecom and transports actors. oil is dropping further with a stronger dollar and worries about global demand declined sharply at the end of last week following a decision by the international energy agency to release strategic reserves of the market. the range of between eighty and one hundred dollars but it is reasonable. and produces and those numbers the prize keeps it reasonably within a million this limit there is no need for anybody to panic there is plenty oh boy
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it is looking that way there's been devoid of it in the ground though so there's capacity available it's limited to insufficient wondred the market includes the really difficult to. court is not trading at around one thousand dollars a barrel its lowest for about a year and grant is hovering at around one hundred four dollars per barrel now u.s. stocks are high after encouraging signs about europe's debt crisis also update on consumer spending came in as expected microsoft corp is that even the gains of two point nine percent the u.s. supreme court on monday struck down a california law banning sales of weiland between the games to minors microsoft was among those challenging the law an open source european stock markets kept in a tight range on monday as investors awaited greece's crucial vote this week on austerity measures shares a pains producer oxer nobel dropped to a profit warning german chemical giant b.s. also lost ground even up to the german reiterated its outlook at french equities
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rose bored by strong gains for telecom telecom equipment from alcatel and sun. and here in russia stock exchanges closed in the red on negative sentiment over greek tets was extended many percent lower and the r.t.s. lost under eight percent let's have a look at some individual share moves on them isaac's oil majors are among their main losers following the downturn in crude cross and have ended in the red while look all finished slightly higher than banking stocks were also under pressure with bank losing half percent. russia setting up its own national payment system on the line online with visa and master card that's been signed into law by president medvedev and it's aimed at boosting competition in the credit card market but erris chief editor of business new york magazine explains did vantage of creating such a system force from scratch russia has this advantage in so much as a lot of these systems that putting in place they're doing from scratch so you know
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it's obvious never have any of the stuff pretty custom exists and so they go straight to states which means they get the quest software the best. and most of the systems built in the west have been incremental with you know progressively adding new function i was a new software new hardware as new services become available and in that sense they have the opportunity of building a really classy system that you could then naturally export to the other members of the c.i.s. and to further growth to other emerging markets who are coming to this question around the same time that's a business update for this hour but you can all always find most stories on our website. thanks for watching. you're.


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