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tv   [untitled]    June 27, 2011 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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oh. to.
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far as in the man i once went into cairo to collect trash i realized everyone was well dressed i wasn't so what i was
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a bit upset. even but that's enough come off this city has three social classes we're following all the upper class and a fellow at the middle class. then there's a nothing class. they need that's us. and it is them as. this.
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will. come in. through. the. going missing one day everyone here works in a garbage. can . if i mean we're like one big family and. fully understand one another thing. everyone here knows everyone. it will watch out for long enough.
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to bless us when we were here when i conduct my health resists and to say hey i'm needs no more than just my jobs and if a. young i mean come on national pay me the most fathers not be limited because you work with trash special to do the real world record that somebody might as yet again that the no no that's more of. a yes yes let's go don't be scared not yet a log out that's going to hurt my arm today that's exactly right in a famous but even a bit of political cop by glasgow and look at how long gets injured walking and garbage most so this will protect you from tense and recent who will love it that the most as of the whole discussion those hands me and you cereno will. get it
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out that you are neither here that good but instead alice and this you're not taking a shot so i would never come out of the towards soup kitchen when walter this love war. so it. it was nothing but something. that was said. if. the low stuff that was. my dad works in plastic recycling. oh how i missed out on my father doesn't want me to work a job like this. i just want me to suffer like him. all for the average work is dangerous work.
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how much. i enjoy change i go from one job to another how much i wanted to learn i'm looking for the job that suits me the best. i was a machinist a mechanic an auto repair man. i was a carpenters well when i worked earning close. when i was a salesman in a shoe shop. and i think i've had many careers. and kind. that.
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never will so this year started off full of joy. a lawful of happiness and good clear. so tell us on a sunday then abroad is bad luck. and therefore. the circle of. more than one company came from spain and italy but it began to multiply. and we expanded the time. soon they will take all our work. with the foreign companies contract
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says that they all know all the garbage you hear. course over the city contributed with the really waste disposal companies because they perceive bizarre believe to be an old fashioned. cinema but they didn't come to tell us you need to modernize your ways pleasant one simple medicine in. the obvious was all done behind our backs. and i'm sure we'll replace you with companies so we can be liked about countries. but let's get started it's. all there guys we're facing hard times we need to
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get through this we have a use of this community have you must go to work we know this is right there's no cairo hide three foreign companies know my elders and they'll take our trash. disorders no longer want to contract with us doubling us that labor should all recognize our expertise. and there's this is a serious challenge for a few good american eyes of us and this is easy and needs to understand that the foreign companies only recycle trying to present a lashing for me about who will recycle eighty percent may have been at that loose so no. mind. this work is all we know then you know by the then. we have been here for one hundred years. who has mobile coverage has always been a work no not one of. the land looked at it it's like it's taken from a salon and so on and it will be with energy
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a great. one of the not of course i'm furious that i know when our company but we're the ones with the most experience and recycling my good friend the. thank you. the much that. nick and i look forward to foreign companies came i dreamed of owning a can clothing factory. i'm on an island out there but we have less garbage now. and our income comes from recycling trash.
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in a that would be recycle eighty percent of the trash we collected all of. that we returned garbage into role materials the bottom half of burden. why don't more than sell then we sell it in egypt and approach this and one thing that. up the from the wrong with whom we export to china belgium and france.
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then they get notified before i attended the recycling school but has really felt i was blind as a dumbbell and i finally learned to read and write. and i'm here i learned safe recycling taxes go up to no adults here and start counting. the totals four hundred. the.
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truth. that we're having. in this the everyone is struggling for them in the old times and all garbage the least of them. and here is you know how things are ok because i will what do you think us almost makes the point i make it if only one hundred pounds a week and a sauna comes last a month as a child got no sleep was someone i don't know just how bad i was sick no live one of them ministers at the home at the end of my rope. he's the responsible slayer in the. contract so you just lazy. i don't lose my job the german fool will see oh i want to be an altar boy. that is the way you want to be ordained and i want to turn my life around i live i really want to get in and parker being.
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founder of the. polar bear well if you rise up to it's made up we had no need that the stuff. that was the older boy in question has me i'll feel. i'm changing. as i will feel it because i am wearing something worth being.
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willing for everyone will respect me this year. just think. it's light.
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when father is in jail i listen to music he was building an apartment for me in the book without the proper permits. from the bill of an office building up on a roof no there's no i want to hear without an apartment a boy can't get married on air no one treats you like a grown man will unless you're married. think about when i think of my father. i get sad about how this is some boys playing playstation and i started to think of him as i am i want to cry. i'm going to put on a new hit song. and some kind of other song goes it's not right to do with it is that what i was had before dad went to jail i lived my life to the fullest and then i was just chilling to them and i was just thinking about my future i have
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a thought since you go look. i have to support a family because a new responsibility for me on my first time as the main provider. if i need a chance mom of course. and hung on nonetheless and the demand would never come on the earth. this will immunize here your lead back to an idea your next. to last a letter writing it again i left on hurts how come. i got into a fight. to live this lie low my fingers numb where i why
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a man who had of someone better. idea of love with the other there his sister beat him real hard. clap of she want crazy. she was still sleeping when she started to scream at her. book but he has no shame. well google her to his death tells him to be kind to her before he went to jail little girl the dog don't need to roam how is that allowed off yes you're the man of the house now i know but boyce shouldn't hate girls in this world of people. and i mean subject myself to the lives of. my you live in ash how mr libby had to push a. limit
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on how the initiative can must develop our traits out front and when our only chance is to prove that we can keep up with the time santa has never been demanding a second. who couldn't name zoe establish the recycling school and then when we teach our kids to read bad position as computer is an existing one. fan division where they learn how to run a business but when i got so this is what contracts look like when teach them new ways of thinking to be empowered unlike their parents last time and in the don't wanna. just how well that's the most how children need to learn more and i get all these companies from the pool that money for half. of how exactly what time is the bus leaving yourself in your little home he looked everywhere for some of.
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the that's it we're leaving. that to the city how can he see you as an international company not trist cycle plastic called bowl of paper and all that is recoverable just out of how to do your very a fortune like this. i do feel we're in a fog is there an odor but when i feel where are we. looking but what are we standing on. going to get out of them filling them up from. what was it oh what over there. mother if they still had lots of plastic here.
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yeah i mean because i'm not sure. you will want that chair but i saw it first. and i have plans to open a business in my neighborhood in mobile. and that's a dream i have to abandon. is that i no longer see a future for me here. our school is trying to send us a broader to see how our foreign societies work. i magine people in europe and
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america are paid medical and i were vicious. i don't work to succeed. i desired us to. well what. do i need some money from from and i don't do this to me again that sob before i lose my temper when i look at you know why i need to. know i don't want to know. but i'm for a doing i'm making past the. hour until
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a month. when i want to go ahead tell him to build me. over never see this. it's hard blow when it. don't aren't you supposed to be at work. yeah no there how come. we feel that the already finished all i needed to do that again. is laughter and i need me the rest of you had last night and i didn't.
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hear it's hard for someone like me from the lower class i went to get a chance to travel abroad. on a big organization in europe sponsored kids from my schools for a week to study the latest recycling methods. and then. i've always dreamed of traveling abroad. and now god gave me a chance like this. ok
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john berman here broadcasting live from washington d.c. coming up today on the big picture. and. wealthy british scientists are. not on.
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markets why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into a report on our feet.


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