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tv   [untitled]    June 27, 2011 8:00pm-8:30pm EDT

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gadhafi tops the international criminal court's most wanted list but is the court really practical or just an international waste of time. and it's show time president obama taking a leading role in what some call the political theater of debt talks today but will it make a difference and just how many more on corps and americans expect and. also calls for sundancer redemption after more than thirty years in u.s. prison and countless global supporters touting his innocence what's so wrong with clemency for leonard peltier.
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good evening it's monday june twenty seventh it's eight pm here in washington d.c. i'm lauren lyster and you are watching r.t. now the international criminal court has issued arrest warrants for libyan leader moammar gadhafi along with his son also his military intelligence chief there for crimes against humanity against political opponents now this is the second time in the court's nine year history that it's issued an arrest warrant for a sitting head of state let's look at the success of the other one it was sudanese president omar al bashir who is not facing trial at the hague rather he is still ruling not facing those charges you see there here's some of the other arrests the court has issued the kenyan prime minister and minister for finance was charged with murder rape persecution among other charges he is at large not handed over to
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the court a few of the. people that have been charge that have been handed over let's look at those charles taylor is one he's a former leader of the lid liberia now those charges are from the i.c.c. he was handed over to the i.c.c. to face the. will trial also the former congolese leader he also let's bring that up and he did get every handed handed over to the court on those charges of enlisting conscripting children under the age of fifteen years to participate in active hostilities so you see a mixed record as far as what these charges actually needs a leader than if they get handed over to the court and i say arrested but what will they mean for qaddafi and could actually be a hindrance to themes and if gadhafi came to the united states where he appeared to be an enemy based on u.s. foreign policy that he hypothetically would not be arrested on these charges so why is that that is because the united states is not
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a member of the i the they i thought of the treaty but then never ratified it and the eye of a law is on members to hand over the charged now earlier spoke with radio host alex jones and i asked him why he thinks the us signed on but then did not ratify the treaty and is not part of the i.c.c. . because certain elements of the united states and of course i'm amongst them realize the i.c.c. is basically a global government court of the larger private central banks that are dominating our society and the i.c.c.c. or the i.c.c. saying that they want to try could offer crimes against humanity that would be like having hitler over the nuremberg trials of nazis you've got european nations in serbia and now in libya bombing and killing civilians that's not that they did
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shooting up fishing boats that you have them now admittedly trying to assassinate could offer you could sell that international war crime the i.c.c. has said nothing about the war crimes in iraq and that eight and a half plus year war in afghanistan the admitted massacre so this is really a joke in the way the i.c.c. carries out try. as a joke just like the world criminal court was well the logic and again i'm not saying any of these guys are good or bad the point is he died while they were holding him and they wouldn't let him have his witnesses they wouldn't let him testify so it's a total and complete kangaroo court it's a joke and it's a tool of basically the anglo-american e.u. a stablish meant to go in and persecute countries it's western backed rebels that have been overthrown these countries are trying to in syria and overthrowing egypt with the old ally barak and now against gadhafi and it's on record the west is backing al qaida groups in the east who are real war criminals so the i.c.c.
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the world court all of these groups are kangaroo joke courts like the vatican six hundred years ago you know ordering that different canings in england places be arrested and it's a bunch of criminals basically legitimizing their genocide wars and their neo colonial invasions because they issue arrest warrants for people they want to rob all right let me get here alex i don't think i've ever heard you agree with the us government on anything i think this might be a first here on this event on r.t. so why then are we hearing nato members and western mainstream media come out and champion this as kind of a good thing as a success they welcomed it the report from voice of america for example are the libyan rebel leaders are you know excited and welcome these charges so why is that reaction if the u.s. dismisses this court entirely. because the united states knows this violates sovereignty and criminals in our government know that they could be charged for war
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crimes by the kangaroo court and they also we have large constituencies like ron paul and others that understand we have our supreme court we don't need this i.c.c. our jurisprudence our common law is the best in the world no one can debate that and so they're still the stooge all. movements to keep us out of the world court the i.c.c. any of these groups so it's a complex issue you said this united states already has the same court that this is the american justice it's all but that america needs it doesn't need it sovereignty violated as you said we just heard that the u.s. supreme court has refused to hear the case to revive the lawsuits of aboud gray against contractors now this was in two thousand and four when the pictures emerged a huge embarrassment for the united states people were very outraged over it wouldn't this be a perfect example a great case for the i think before an international criminal court well europe is
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all part of the same corporate combine it really runs america and that would just be a political grandstanding situation to promote globalism and add legitimacy to it then attacks sovereign nations whether it's china russia or the united states or brazil for that matter india we have courts to deal with it and there have been moves for impeachments there have been moves for a federal grand juries to indict the white house warriors john you are going solace that called for that and i a promoter it criminal charges against president bush for what he did but we don't need some kangaroo court doing that that's for the united states to do but if america does the thales what about another option a clear national i mean i don't see any room for that. well i mean who created these international courts i just i'm very curious if there's a yes or no question are there any situations where that would work or be could be
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a good alternative when i don't think it's a i don't think it's the job of the court if america continues down the path of a tyranny in a nazi germany situation it's going to bite off more than it could to what hitler did or like the soviet union did and it's going to collapse or we're going to be attacked and invaded and so that's for sovereign nations controlled by sovereign people this whole you in european union court system is run by a bunch of people even more d. general than the u.s. and russian or chinese elite these are the worst of the worst run by a bunch of hedge fund bankers trying to play the part of imperial world government gods so i sit down with their eyes to see this again and having them go after gadhafi for war crimes is like hitler sitting in at the nuremberg trials to go after nazis it's a sick joke i want to ask you about a different story that you've been covering and that is something that we covered a year ago and that was the g. twenty and of protests and the immense security the one billion dollars spent on security at that time there were reports that it was possible that need for you
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think agent provocateur as in some of these protests activities now your website is reporting that documents reveal that canadian cops used agent provocateur as to disrupt the two thousand and ten g. twenty i'm curious what evidence you have that the state may have a ranged some of that property destruction we saw with the black bloc protesters and order to offer a rationalization for that nearly one billion dollars that they spent on security what evidence do you have. well kebo know who stands to benefit back in two thousand and seven eight it was in the c.b.c. and the auto a citizen that there were an artist dressed in police boots with the same logo on the bottom and when they could try to police about it the police station a fight with their own officers to fake arrest them mock arrest them and the canadian royal mounted police had to admit that that was staged and now last week the c.b.c. had method that police were in full training the groups to engage in criminal
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activities as a pretext to attack the larger crowds and back in ninety nine we caught police in seattle the seattle post intelligencer reported attacking police as a pretext to than a crowd to then attack sixty thousand peaceful people at the two thousand and eight the democratic national convention in denver can riposte reported police attacked their own police as a pretext to then attack peaceful crowds i was in there and i thought they looked like cops your average real anarchism method about five feet tall. and an artist on steroids that are able to you know throw a large man five feet you know these are obviously police i thought that at the time to couldn't prove it later it came out that they were so when you see giant men in black uniforms with mask on attacking police and it looks like professional wrestling and it's fake a real man punches another man people get hurt these cops go and hit each other and have fake fights and then turn the rubber bullets on the protesters and opened fire on the ladies so they've been caught over and over again so that's how we know that
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that's the case in canada and even major t.v. up there is saying if that's what's happened. now that wasn't the case that i found while i was on the ground in canada so we're going to get a little bit more into this issue in a moment but that was alex jones radio host of the alex jones show now sticking to that topic that we just raised perhaps you will recall these scenes from outside the g twenty from the protests last june art he was on the ground there covering them i'll give you a refresher black block protesters fire to a police car you can see that there they vandalize store fronts like you see there now police documents have been released and shared with c.b.c. news in canada showing that officers were assigned to a covert team express sleep for monitoring and infiltrating suspected extremist networks now they call these anti extremist networks an example would be anti-capitalist groups such as some of those that you see that's how they would identify themselves some of those protesters now also these documents revealed that
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these forces had a mandate to use undercover officers and informants from within the ranks of protest networks to deter prevent investigate and disrupt threats to the summit now some have taken this evidence to substantiate reports that agent provocateur has played a role in black block vandalism as you heard alex jones just say now one accusation of why the police would do that is to substantiate the one billion dollars that were spent on security for the summit which was met with a lot of scrutiny a lot of people were pretty incredulous that that much money was spent on security for a summit that is about economic us territory now i was on the ground reporting from the protest as you just saw the footage right there i was right there on the ground during the g. twenty i tested this theory about agent provocateurs because it was going around wall summit was going on and i had some pretty good anarchist sources they were not they didn't engage in a block of vandalism but they were friends with these protestors they were in the same protest group with them they saw what they did and i asked them about the
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whole police presence and they did not believe that police were involved in. lighting the cars on fire or bashing in the storefronts because they watched their friends do this and they justified the ideology behind these actions of vandalism because there is an ideology behind it that they believe in if this is true if it's true though if police were involved then the question does become to what extent as police involvement create these scenarios where to what extent does it encourage people to break the law encourage criminal acts but the jury's out over the actual facts on the ground in canada there is compelling evidence in either way and we want to hear from you what do you think about the possible role of police in these protest activities post your comments on the story on our you tube channel you can go to the link the story should be posted and put your comments it's at you tube dot com slash r t america we really want to hear from you now late last week we learned that a u.s. admiral involved in the libyan war he is the top u.s.
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admiral he told a congressman that nato forces are trying to kill gadhafi indicating that the u.s. nato goal is in fact regime change no matter what the administration says and it may not end there speculation surrounds the u.s. state department's plans first spreading democracy around the world that these are washington's plans for programs of regime change for a regime change now the u.s. is providing finance and technology to opposition groups but according to our tease guy and she can see at half strings could be used to steer other states where the u.s. wants them. the u.s. state department now generously hands out cash and technology to dissidents throughout the world its bureau of him ocracy human rights and labor has announced the request for proposals on how to foster change in a number of countries in the middle east and north africa as well as cuba the u.s. claims the best of intentions saying it wants to strengthen independent civil society groups in those countries it's just been really another form of provoking
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regime change they're just trying to do it under a different guise under a different facade saying that somehow i'm with the best of intentions they're promoting democracy but in reality it's just promoting us agenda among other things as a department is financing the creation of stealth wireless networks that would enable activists to communicate outside the reach of governments in countries like iran syria and libya according to participate in the projects other programs include a so-called internet in a suitcase a powerful portable wireless transmitter that activists can use to set up their own networks in order to circumvent state control but at the same time american companies provide authorities in bahrain saudi arabia and kuwait with the technology to effectively block websites those double standards to. fully aware and understand. us or united states government and
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austrian regime change or essentially total revolution that our technology is not all the us provides to instigate change in certain countries some opposition movements get a direct cash supply for example we can leaks cables show that the state department has for years secretly funded syrian anti-government groups it's done in general to create a world that is more aligned more specifically more comparable with a way with the use of the united. and i'm now looking at a state department website that promotes grants for those willing to bring about change in communist cuba and here's one of the requirements i'm going to read this it is preferable for these personnel to speak spanish fluently possess a solid understanding of the cultural context and have prior experience on the island in order to maximize their effectiveness in this unique operating environment and of quote sounds very much like recruiting agents but instead of
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doing it the traditional secretive way of the us those they're right out in the open on their website help most often comes with strings attached many say opposition leaders in libya who now get financial and political support from washington are sure to get instructions on how to return the favor essentially. consistent with. u.s. government even though it's necessarily. going to shut down our t.v. in washington d.c. . that's the day president obama meets with top senate leader is on the debt they are trying to resolve this stalemate that we have seen going on now nothing has worked yet so will they accomplish anything this time or is this just political theater as some argue joining out as rajko she has president of many capitol to tell us what he thinks about that so what is your read are we going to see prop progress on the debt or is this just political theater of going and if i read that
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you know stomping your feet in the ground about what you stand for you know politically birth as anything else rallying your base. you know i would have to agree i think that this is all show just like it was all theater when two months ago you had house speaker byner come out and say that the congress needs to vote against or voted against increasing the debt ceiling and that we need spending cuts in the in the trillions not in the billions only two months later right before we hit the may sixteenth debt ceiling last month he came out in that you know we need to cut a deal with obama we need to increase the debt ceiling using the same you know for the long term credit worthiness more reserve currency status of the nation rhetoric that we keep getting from the white house and bernanke when one of course you know this couldn't be further from the truth you know you don't so you think it's political theater but yet we are seeing some reports that maybe there are some changes in people's positions going on according to the washington post senior
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g.o.p. lawmakers say they are now willing to target one of their sacred cows defense spending do you think we could actually see some major defense cuts. absolutely not so long as obama continues to bypass the congress and use nato as a tool to continue to fight five wars now in iran afghanistan pakistan libya and yemen we want you to defense budget being touched at all because these wars are going to continue and to a large degree our to our economy have become not only a function of artificially low interest rates but also of these wars as well and the white house has now warned that you know if we don't increase the debt ceiling you know it could mean you know the first the fall in us is history but you know that's not that's not true at all you know we don't have to do but we can still meet our interest obligation to our creditors on the debt if we really start to think about cutting spending you know what do you know what you know that makes a similar argument to that is michele bachmann and interestingly she announced her
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presidential candidate candidacy today and according to polls in iowa it looks like on pretty well she has twenty two percent the port just after mitt romney who had twenty three percent per cent support of course she's the tea party caucus later she says you know the warnings over raising the debt ceiling are scare tactics made a similar argument to you about the payments and being able to avoid default but in the timothy geithner said it's impossible and she argues that bending needs to be cut from magically but does her should support show that this is really what american people want. her support definitely shows was the american people well i don't think you americans people are in favor of this reckless spending especially on the war front but it's important to also realize that you know our leaders may talk about spending cuts in the future but that doesn't really mean anything you know they can agree to raise the debt ceiling now and say that you know we'll cut spending going forward you know you can only make cuts to the current year's budget
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because every year until the new budget so cutting so saying that they'll cut spending over say five ten fifteen years in the future i didn't really mean anything you know we it's important to realize we are already in a state of default you know how many bushels of soy or read or how many ounces of gold and silver can our lenders buy with all those u.s. dollar reserves no quickly i want to get to this roger because you make a lot of points about what is a state economy a priority in the fall that does not sound good that sounds bad but here is what the president of u.b.s. america is saying he's saying and i sat here a year ago we have two million jobs that have been created exports have gone up by ten percent and technology is booming agriculture is booming but when you look at the t.v. and you hear what we are doing you hear that we are not doing well i believe we have built a foundation and are on the right path i don't know sitting in what i would imagine is a cushy office in new york i would imagine that in fact the country is on the right path is the country on the right path according to you. absolutely not i mean these
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guys continue to scream in air conditioned rooms coming up with a war strategist just like the u.b.s. guy is saying that we're on the right path i mean going back to the point about i turn our creditors you know what to buy now today versus in one thousand nine hundred eighty when china first started to buy or load up on u.s. dollars so it's clear where the progress is they're just continuing to do you base the value of the current base we have record high food and energy prices. that we're running out of oil at a rate of seven percent per annum pretty soon there won't be any oil as jim rogers says at any price so it's clear that there isn't any progress being made. i was president of many capital raj goshi now still ahead here on our t.v. do not go away beyond a reasonable doubt could the u.s. justice system be serving injustice in the case of leonard peltier or remember the day of anguish that's next. you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so appalling sleep you think you understand it and then you
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glimpse something else hears you some other part of it and realized everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm sorry welcome to the big picture. little. now june twenty sixth it was yesterday may not be a day that stands out to all americans as a day of remembrance but for native americans it is very important it is remembered
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very well is the day of anguish it is the anniversary of a shootout that erupted between the f.b.i. and residents on the kind ridge reservation in south dakota now that incident led to the conviction of american indian movement activist leonard peltier he is thirty six years later in prison he's been there for more than three decades to the f.b.i. peltier is the murderer of two of their agents but to many peltier supporters ranging from foreign parliaments to the dalai lama to the late mother teresa he is a political prisoner had an unfair trial and deserves clemency now earlier i spoke with one of called here supporters brian becker he's national coordinator of the answer coalition and he has organized protests on peltier's behalf i asked him first you know peltier is in his sixty's he served more than three decades in prison he's had a stroke he has diabetes he's partially blind on humanitarian grounds as so many of his rips supporters call for what is wrong with clemency here's what he said.
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there's nothing wrong with clemency leonard peltier should not be in prison he should have never been in prison he's the victim of an f.b.i. witch hunt the frame of the individual who has been held culpable for what was a conflict a very deep rooted conflict between the native american communities in that part of the country and the f.b.i. which was conducting the cointelpro when the counterintelligence program designed to destroy the american indian movement which like black panther party which champion rights for black people they were chanting the rights of indigenous people native people and of course on a humanitarian basis leonard peltier should be released immediately he's also the victim of a frame up and it's only because of the f.b.i.'s war against leonard peltier that the war against really the progressive in the community that he remains in prison now the f.b.i. does not see it this way they see it as a case closed however there is a lot of compelling evidence that shows that whether you agree with the f.b.i.
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or talk to our supporters there's a lot of evidence that he didn't have a fair trial witnesses that recanted witnesses testimony that the f.b.i. later admitted they knew were false stalls and that perjury when they as x. rated him from canada to the united states so given all of this why haven't they paroled him when he was up for parole in two thousand one for example this is a problem in the united states if an f.b.i. agent or a police law enforcement officer is killed those entities become a lobbies that refuse to allow any sort of consideration for unfair trial prosecutorial misconduct tampered evidence all of which is rampant through the leonard peltier case and many other cases they refuse to allow it they want to make it a bad just signal a symbol that no one who is convicted ever of killing a police agent or a law enforcement will ever go free that sort of an. article of faith in the united
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states so even though the trial was a farce even though the evidence was was turned out to be fraudulent and even though the main witnesses for the f.b.i. told the courts later that they had been twisted by the f.b.i. that they were fighting for their own lives that they succumb to pressure even with all of that the f.b.i. won't let it go there was a lot of rumors that bill clinton would pardon. leonard peltier so the f.b.i. and actually organized demonstrations around the country to protest against a possible parole or probation of leonard peltier this is a lobby by the f.b.i. which really is culpable for the murder of many scores of native american activists and trying to say historically if there was violence it was all because of the indigenous people not the f.b.i. is ongoing covert war against the indian people and of that's one thing that that supporters like yourself argue what is the most controlling piece of evidence at that well well we know from the from the church ariens in one thousand nine hundred
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six these were senate hearings that the cointelpro operation by the f.b.i. targeted political activists they targeted them for assess the nation's surveillance they tried to create divisions within groups in the case of the american indian movement that was rampant that's all part of the record and we can see from the evidence from the trials that the the the prosecution in the f.b.i. asserted that these agents had been executed at short range that wasn't true they said that the that they were that the vehicle belonged to one pulpier that was untrue all of the evidence turned out in subsequent hearings to be untrue but nonetheless leonard peltier is politically isolated because the f.b.i. is a powerful lobby in the united states affecting unfairly the outcome of this court case you mentioned clinton possibly being considered that he would pardon now obama as one who has come out in support of native americans when he. he was
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elected and at the last the annual conference a native american tribal conference he said to long as he holds office never again would and native americans be forgotten or ignored he didn't bring up or acknowledge talk here how important is that to any semblance of it support of native americans where you rank at a rate it as far as acknowledging it and granting clemency i would say leonard peltier is to the native american indian indigenous population in the united states what nelson mandela was in south africa he is the symbol of the struggle for freedom for civil rights for justice they believe the native people in many other people including the italian parliament the belgian parliament re opinion that he is the victim of an unfair trial he is a victim of a frame up so this has emotional significance for indigenous people still fighting for their rights all over the united states it is a cardinal case for indian people and a symbol that continues after this last day.


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