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tv   [untitled]    June 28, 2011 1:30am-2:00am EDT

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welcome back the headlines for. tripoli refuses to accept an arrest warrant for colonel gadhafi saying the international criminal court is just a western political to and has no authority the hague based tribunals has accused the libyan view of crimes against humanity. greek trade unions are staging a forty eight hour strike with tens of thousands expected to take to the capital streets on tuesday but suppose the greek prime minister urging the parliament to
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pass a fresh austerity towards bankruptcy. and russian or makers distrust controversial restrictions on abortion designed to boost the police rate in the country many fear that it will spread in the back streets surgeries and legacy of abandoned children . the next star interview show our spotlight look so that's what lies ahead for syria as anti-government protests then continue. we'll. bring you the latest in science technology from the realms last. we've done to the future covered. in.
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paolo yellow welcome to spotlight the interview show on parts of time all doing already today my guest on the show is now they want ziad the. former ups are processed in syria have left over a thousand people dead their rights to the biggest challenge for the asaad family they have been ruling the country for forty years but today and spied by the revolutions in tunisia and egypt syrians want to oust president bashar assad. what's the most probable scenario for the syrian crisis here's the executive director of the syrian center of the political and strategic studies about the current ziad. trying to hold on to power president assad is introducing some political and economic reforms. the election process and local governments corruption and give more freedom to the media the protesters have little clique
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this rhetoric say just nice words with no real meaning behind the syrian ministry of defense as opposed to serious restrictions on communications and introduced a complete ban on internet access in some areas of the. why the welcome to the show thank you for having me thank you for coming. in. and this is your first of all i wanted to i want to check more people especially when the when the publisher interviews with you or your article or the press they label you as an opposition leader one of the one of the members of the opposition so so you do you do you agree that there do you position yourself as an opposition with true yes i have been active in the opposition since two thousand actually i mean ice cube layers in there damascus where in spring it is this is a period after the head itself former president half of the less said we're
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actually when bashar assad came into war and sex to succeed his father it is it is it was if few months when he'll pop in. in their political house some opposite political openings and allowed for some activist actually to write because shien's and thought to form some forms to ask for political change i was an activist that period and i found with other activist the syrian human rights are organization i've been active as a human rights activist since i left syria in october two thousand and seven later on this year in government issued a travel ban and it should worry. arrest warrant against me in iraq in february two thousand and eight what was the reason why did you leave syria it. except to be a senior figure at us and sit on the beast then i became a professor visiting professor at harvard university and now i see yours washington
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university well the syrian opposition they setup the national council. they called national council and the eighteen is to continue the fight against the regime they claim to represent i quote all communities and all represent all of our national political forces inside and outside syria and quote well is there any way that the. opposition leaders today can communicate with ordinary people of course now that it is a sure unfortunately even that the syrian opposition even that they don't have right now and an united leadership but at least the heart of unified agenda now or the syrians inside and the syrian opposition inside and out of the country they have seen this emerge into the the door that a consensus among them actually they will not accept there is any kind of the i
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would question i said since actually he's responsible of this list of more than fifteen hundred and he had been detained maher got fifteen thousand in the country and all saw that this is why that the agree that the uprising in syria is to cross the sects it's a christian have been called that how it had been killed and this is why this is uprising. key it is such kind of a moment among the syrians this is because the spirit of unity among the syrians what are the demands of the sunni not as we that they want to overthrow us this is understood but what else what specific things do they demand for their country for the people but as soon as we need actually to move from under dictatorship regime to be a democratic country c.n.d. fifty's has a long tradition of a democratic institutions in one thousand nine hundred fifty four forty four has
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free and fair elections we have the march to progress of constitution with the give their ideal men to vote and the bar to see it in the early going to go there was a little earlier. that was in the thirty's but you know that this work once wrote that there are. any country any people deserves its government so if you moved from. mark receive you have a progressive constitution two or three syrian regime you have no don't you think they're the sons were the people really need to know i learned they are actually the symbol of our answer the uprising right now why there was a working their lives and their risk even that even that they know that they've been fleeced by laffey munition but every day every day you will see their courage people the current as you would they go to see who brought this to you special i said it would be
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a very day they are asking to art sit off by shot i said i. had been at the accountable in front of the international courts then who would use playing this shift there to please for nearly fifty years from a democracy to. attack recy when when syria has a democracy and institutions the part of party came all that and keep their color in one hundred sixty three and since ninety sixty three there is no free and fair elections we have one monopoly what ruling party according to the constitution in article eight the bad part is that the leader and in this state and this is psyche and this is actually destroying all the little additions that this union have in the fifty's and guarding the shore of democratic period and this is why we need to called our democracy again and and this is the main point for the syrians we need a democratic system transparency we need accountability and we need the right for
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the people to true their president and due to their government and this is why now none of this union will accept less than that we did a higher price we've made fifteen hundred and maybe their number much higher and this is why our will not accept less than having a democratic system will let's take a look at the situation in syria now in reported by spotlights you learn the similar. when the storm of revolutions were through the arab world the beginning of the year so you really begin to feel the ripples i norrish it had turned into a full scale are praising president bashar al assad fired his cabinet in a group with did emergency powers more and more nj constitutional reform how will only the monthly decided on the state of the crackdown and the police stepped up the violence against the opposition family june syrian human rights organizations
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estimated some thirteen hundred people have been killed and more than ten thousand arrested this week in their own wrist refugees crossing the border into turkey and more than twelve thousand syrians are housed all seeking shelter in turkish refugee camps in early june president assad announced the general amnesty for political prisoners however his concessions have neither it pleased the opposition nor stop the e.u. and the us from uncles in saying sions some experts speculate syria may fall into a virtual civil war. or do you think that the syrian scenario can follow the example of libya as we just heard about i mean well the generating into into a full scale civil war in iraq syria to different than in libya the civil relation in secret syria it's twenty told me on elo back in a.b.s.
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for five million and syria has now history of civil war syria actually in nineteen back in their fifty's their prime minister was as actually christian and been supported even that day at that time there are four members in the muslim brotherhood and they supported christan to be prime minister syria has such kind of federation and still we are only in their c.m. which by their right of their. and it is will be respected and they are the unity among their people and this is their main concern even though there is this you know regime now being on this sixty and violence and you playing on that to stand by what and to survive but. actually we believe that there was still more of the syrians who are actually taking the arrives at risk who at least will it will challenge the cities and will it will. as a right of the people we will have you know the end do you think for us and our sons to do he still does have genuine support among the copulation look at the
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uprising started in there are so boys there are it's not like it has no history in daraa and raced like in the kurdish areas or like hama in we were actually his father actually the model for the whole city and killed at least twenty thousand started in this hour thirty two of there are we're actually many politicians among them divisive president and others who are from that are disagree or send us aborting would be out of this unity she is very narrow and there is not a chance for question as a pristine power what's what will we believe that right now that the international community should help us now that it could not was a bashar said to follow the end but the time had by the time and the courts and this is the question so you think that she's due really of course it is he himself as he himself understand it does bush was of no there that he's those are counted i mean there's an office this is an unfortunate bats from his last speech if you're saying that he's under
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a state of the you know i he said that for the first time you discover that's how much this you know be more than enough in this is state of the united and this is why we really concern about the situation our country because that we have seen such kind of things in our cars their feet even that he and bush and i said this scene he blamed the council grinchy he blamed. the other countries who blame me a whole bit being too being. and they saw nobody believe and act on syria and now we see that their victory is our cross daughters. says god of arms ziad the executive director of our the syrian center for political and strategic studies to talk like will be back shortly after we take a break so stay with us joe yeah. i
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was just thinking about my future before the foreign companies came i dreamed of owning a cam cabin factory. but we have less garbage now. some visitors who come here make fun of me. figure out garbage boy i'm not bad like people saying. i'm a good person. it's just the people don't see me. but i feel it was time people like me as. i feel people will start to appreciate us.
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if you. look at it if. you. look at the top. tier this industry still keeps its secrets of trying to reveal the soviet files on oxy. welcome back to spotlight i'm al green log in just
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a reminder that my guest on the show today is that odd man ziad day the executive director of the syrian center for political and strategic studies we're talking about the the situation in your own country. the uprising is going on but you mentioned that the president bashar assad is in the state of denial he did nani's there his days in office are counted and he still has two tries to stick to power well syria's deputy foreign minister mr feisal mig done he claims that i quote the killing was initiated by extremist religious groups that are financed from outside syria and the unrest. is comes from the same place and these groups do not want to achieve reform in syria and who is any foreign government involved in today's unrest uprising in syria
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can you confirm it's a quick has been now three months and this serious tear mediated beating every day the killings are actually done by the armed gangs nobody you know who are actually behind these armed gangs or who is all of this on gangs and why these on gangs today don't try are born in a city they how caracas why did it not show up in this city they don't have brought this like any people and this is why it it it's here if this year in government do we leave on why will not our open the country for the international media to have an access wiser kicked out or thirty porters question asked are often is do that islamists played any role in the in the wrist not all not all if the islamists they they have on trigger of the uprising started from hama and the rising started from there are look this this sort of illusion of illusion for
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dignity and freedom exactly like it like to media it is that we have popular this organized love. it made us us and leaderless this is why why difficult. for this series you took out the gun the whole movement because if there is the eris there leaders the next day will be emirs other leaders and this is why there is no chance for that he is this you know you seem to succeed to cram down the whole movement it's clear right now it's that the syrians will it will discover and hear their voice and discover their power for our will not that we're not accept less than what the uneasy in an egypt in achieved. tricky is the powerful need rule with extensive economic ties with syria and. to do. the news that. officials in four of the western nations that ankara is ready to launch
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a military operation against us or do you think this will help them no no i don't think so or an hour of the syrian opposition inside and outside their country against any military operation on syria we do we leave there this syrian they are able to topple bashar al assad's in their hands but we need from their financial community too much more support in politics or speciating in the security council and fortunately after after eleven b.s. the security council acted very quickly and their guard that illusion nine hundred seventy. now in syria it has been thirteen weeks and this equality council is still silent is cannot even doubt our guards the continuation resolution this is why our visit to moscow actually to address some of the of the concerns of the russian of the russian off the shelves and you are a solution it can be to the military intervention we are that is their concern that
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none of this you don't know was in inside or our side the country with military intervention but we need before this committee council to our very quickly because actually the site of the security council. their own message to the syrian government though so we're only talking international support you know talking about you know talking about guns and weapons you're only talking about a poll of political support united nations resolutions but listen. leaders are leaders that are afraid to be overthrown live or listen to u.n. resolutions anything over help so what why do you need this resolution do you think as it is little is known as a oh we've got u.n. resolution so but i am i'm stepping down the line up and down i don't think sure that this is this is to a scene in syria now the situation under a very severe economic crisis if they if their security council resolution the wall
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sanctions on bashar assad and other security officers who are she opened their fire on their protesters this is will make the situation much more harder for that said family to survive in bar this is why it's a chip on board and for the international community to wark to put one united voice ideas to the killing of this event people and this is the army there are only seeing that then that with the family will end their stand there is no more and there is no chance for them to stand power and the most important thing we need there to repeat and i shall both countries they have some leverage on the syrian army we do weave that they see it in armies or afficionado one is not likely via but also is not like egypt is something between this is why if russia and turkey you just leverage to their syrian army and encourage their c.n.n. army to break through with this series you. have there brooke astor's this is will be the end of the any stability in their current human chins you know should
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mention russia and turkey will turkey is hinting there me start a military operation against us russian prime minister vladimir putin recently rejected the possibility i. the foreign intervention in syria will russia is in general pretty cautious of the woods in syria you know you think this is because the total use the naval base that russia is afraid to lose do you think that if assad's regime will fall this will mean for russia. a loss of a partner and a loss of a naval base its own borders and for russia to understand to stick on this side in the right his side of history we don't want actually there are sort of flags to be burned in damascus the mass of course to be friendly sequin off the russian of flags and this is why there are government has to understand this message actually this is why we came here for four thing starts for the russian officials first of
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all that we have a shared invitations why then mr maher get off and other russian officials and this is actually it's a good beginning to pull hard to china with this year in opposition and they we we need to emphasize about the historical relationship between syria and russia syria has a large community in russia and russia has a large community in the maya in syria and these this is kind of relationship we need to see it and we it has to continue because actually this is the build the relationship between a lot of tunisians then the second issue are actually will add to this their concern any any regime after as after i said of the fall off i said that if you actually will continue with your foreign policy toward toward russia russia it's actually a powerful country and we need to have a good relationship with russia since actually our. historical relationship and it
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still think russia has gone to hear about military intervention we actually we have the same concern about that and the last thing is that if there are help us actually in our. cause for democracy and human rights this year and we will appreciate that russian and now they are this year and we were actually at easing the flag and this is why we think for this year to waive all of the russian afloat on you you mentioned influencing the army how important this is what actually reports see the protesters in the in syria are opposed by predominantly how weak units are and the are. taking orders from the prisoners brother so is there a possibility that the wrist style of the army other than the units will be will be supporting the uprising like it happened in tunisia or at least seeing
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a new trial what i call it like for example in egypt let's add something about their actual actually the statements of their prisoners in view and the prime minister mr porter in a very powerful message to the syrian regime that russia has no special interest in in syria rather than they condemning actually the violence done by by and by the syrian government otherwise the guarding the army with with it it's important that the syrian army as i told you before it's a graph issue no one it's and this is why when we were in russia and turkey it use its leverage to encourage the army this syrian army is made by the people every syrian has to see of the army in two years i see of the army and our our my brothers and others seven there are only two years and this is why this syrian army made by the board just to mention one piece to many of them it international did it actually this all does he actually has you know from there on is born and raised in
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daraa and this year in our senior army leadership sent him actually to serve in harris there and they give him in a suction stop in the fire on the protesters and the people in harris there started . chanting going to say there are three of daraa his hometown this is why he was in china in china and himself how can i open fire on the people actually they are calling until a very key mine my hometown guy and this is why i did the lima i won't call the sawdust and i won't the officers investigate an army it security or that they see it in our me it only the phone division which is the most loyal one to question i said this fourth division under supervision of my head of the brother of bashar and i said to make it making this younger and invading it many cities and whining this it is but as are other other divisions and unit is in the army is not supportive of that said and now there is a lot of the friction among the army so we're not talking about interim
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confessional violence in syria now and no this is it's getting it is not that he is making here sunni's the allawi doesn't matter as i told you that this uprising crossed the six ok thank you thank you very much and just a reminder that my guest here on the show was robbed while ziad the the executive director of the syrian center for political and strategic studies and that's it for now from all of us if you want to ask yourselves what might or if you have someone in mari who you think i could interview next time to drop me a line eldridge of r.t. t.v. guards are used and that's huge spotlight interact spotlight will be back with more three thousand comments on what's going on in and outside of russia until then they go out see and play to. make.
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