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tv   [untitled]    June 28, 2011 11:01am-11:31am EDT

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twenty years ago are just countries. to some degree. what. began the journey. where did it take.
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happens on the fire of protesters marched on the greek parliament in a violent display against deep austerity cuts which have to be approved to secure an e.u. also. really concerned about the problem of those real need for food while prosecutors in the hague call on libyans to turn over colonel gadhafi for allegedly killing civilians we report from the coastal city of brega recently razed to the ground by nato bombs. and activists say claims that a flock to one heading for gaza is carrying chemical weapons to use against soldiers are just israel's attempt to undermine the mission. and the business desk russian equity markets head for the highest in more than a week and slowdowns from a four month low join me for more on this in our business bulletin in about twenty minutes from talk.
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it's seven pm in moscow this is r t coming to you live i'm nice and now with our top story this hour while in clashes have broken out in greece during massive nationwide strikes hundreds of thousands of workers are protesting ahead of a parliamentary vote on a far set of tax hikes and spending cuts twenty eight billion euro worth of cuts are needed before the e.u. agrees to hand greece another cast ballots it's considered the country's last resort to avoid becoming the first nation to default but both the costs and the high interest battle out are deeply unpopular illustrated by the fact that the police have once again class the protesters and fired tear gas during the mass marts on parliament by this viral lecturer at the university of athens believes the greek crisis is a result of the glaring flaws in the euro. one hundred eighty percent of the relation. to these being pushed through parliament and even worse than the
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time afraid to our own politicians even those who are voting for those measures do not believe in them they resemble a few swear crossing themselves hoping for a miracle bailout mark one was passed only years ago in may of two thousand and ten and it failed spectacularly logic was false and it's up legation made the problem worse for them but. meanwhile i'm very much afraid that you diffuse it is emerging a deficit of political legitimacy both in the surplus countries like germany and holland i mean the deficit numbers greece and ireland the government. don't forget that this is a prime minister who only about ten days ago tried to follow his sword and missed he was prepared to resign. the hopes that he goes to sleep every night with out of that he will manage to keep the whole thing together and to push these a steady view through parliament today and tomorrow and then. go to brussels secure
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a massive new loan come back i am completely saying that you seem to be going to me by securing this loan they can be no solution for the greek problem in the bending over solution for the euro system crisis which is the should have and if you have continued to see the to see this as a great problem i'm not very much afraid that it will be no europe in the next year or so but i think the choice we have is europeans is between letting the euro go. or fixing the euro. but for more on what's happening in greece will be joined live by in athens delhi comic columnist petrels constantino in just a few minutes for you. well the struggle in athens to keep the euro alive some nations who have long wanted to join the e.u. asking a new question is it worth it tom barton reports. that your turkey is in asia minor not in europe turkey's place is not inside the european union turkey started
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seeking integration with europe in the one nine hundred fifty s. and was made me you can do that in one nine hundred ninety nine but since then from germany have remained opposed continually stalling negotiations turkey. and the european union. have actually stalled the. relationship for such a long time that the turkish public is tired of it the main reason turks think the europeans don't want them immigration first well they come and steal our jobs like the polish plumber did. and second well they threaten us culturally but others see the real fear in paris and berlin as a loss of political power and this sort of. for a german condominium is already on the challenge but with the inclusion of turkey
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in the european union it would be totally impossible to sustain now embroiled in economic crisis the e.u. isn't as strong as it once seemed turks are starting to view the delays in joining less with frustration and more with relief frankly given. the state of the european union right now is the inability of taking decisions the. fragile situation and the rising racism and islamophobia in many countries. it's it's becoming less and less attractive turkey is no longer waiting for europe to change its mind instead many speak of the axis of turkish interest shifting from west to east it's pursued a no problems policy with its neighbors in recent years that's yielded impressive results boosting trade and making turkey
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a leader in regional diplomacy and if we want to. combine our. power with others i think we should look at. the bosphorus behind me has long been seen as a bridge between east and west but with turkey increasingly pushed away by europe over here and pull towards the middle east and asia over here turks no longer see all their hopes but looking west tamasin r.t. istanbul turkey. well massive public demonstrations against new austerity measures have gripped athens riot police have detained eighteen people so far and four policemen have been hospitalized with injuries we can now cross live and killing a financial journalist. who's a columnist at the athens newspaper thanks for being with us the scenes we're seeing in athens make it very clear that the popular opposition to the us of the popular i should say opposition to the austerity cuts what do you think the
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deciding factor for the government will be the will of the people or the immense pressure from the e.u. . it's a very difficult day for the greek government as you know using your government for one. last week our prime minister george pop on the radio was about to resign and always offer to have a new government that coalition government with the right wing party but this up in the face and the stand of this who formed a new coalition government with his. enemy in this party if i get as many. so we could say that george papandreou has lost legitimacy in greece and as a prime minister he's a dead man walking at the moment there presser from the european union is tremendous we would talk about the blackmail i guess the greek government because they say that unless you vote for this outrageous bill tomorrow enough and there
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will be no more loans and greece who will be left to be for. my professional opinion is the this is a bluff from european union because if we greece goes before all the then we'll have a domino effect or i guess the euro that will be a disaster for european union at large but unfortunately our government has not the nerve to call them bluff and this is the difficult part of the story. in a recent article you wrote that within five years greece will have paid out more than the total belle out in interest and fees as an economic recovery even possible under that burden. exactly in a five year of time greece has to pay just fourteen there is no thought for their finance of the original loans just for the interests at about one hundred thirty billion euros while the loan for the bailout of greece was only
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one hundred ten billion euros. this interest payments would be more than the sum of what we pay for a duke is for health and or social insurance many analysts like marco wise brought in the guardian and times have said that the. boast to the greek people is sort of punishment like they were about the german republic will do to go through after the disaster in the long war the comparison to one dollar a day i just want to bring up the greece of course is in the. of fire sale of state assets to private investors and it's big compared to the situation during the break up of the u.s.s.r. and the chaos that surrounded that do you think that's a fair comparison. and i think that one even more outrageous than. this from the bows to us was to sell our family silver or
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perhaps not this building behind me that you see i mean parthenon in acropolis but surely our public good the. european union wants us to sell it for. about four hundred million euros which is a really good news you see our corporate power. at least fifteen plants each of the costs more than one point five billion euros so i would say that this is a post sort of it by what they have you know better than me what this means for the people. you mention of the prime minister you think is a dead man walking what do you see greece is fine at the solution to greece's financial woes and of course the future of the euro itself. i personally would do a solution proposed by mark weisbrot i mentioned before in
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a new york times. for a memorandum on their payments of the greek interest. the greek in there is so that we will be able to negotiate with our european partners haircut of our loan even economists with a well known but i love british magazine proposed the haricot of the order of magnitude of fifty percent then we could use a money in order to finance their recovery or far economy because you see the memorandums and there was barely the package is the result is the. gold that export development and this is unsustainable all right petros constantino columnist at the an in athens daily newspaper thank you very much for your analysis. live from moscow if you're watching are to you we've got more news stories coming up for you this hour. no one person in this country of all the other three to prove
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the united states here the three who is taking democracy away from us citizens are to look at how one american town has lost its elected officials. in libya says the international criminal court is just a cover for nato attempts to kill colonel gadhafi and refuses to recognize its legitimacy this came in response to the issuing of arrest warrants for gadhafi into his confidence by the hague tribunal and many libyans believe nato leaders should also be held to account for their actions. the road from the capital tripoli to brag is lined with the aftermath of war towns abandoned as the population fled the bombardment. this is what's left of the airport in the. home to one of the country's key oil refineries the last plane took off from this runway just hours
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before it was hate. to say so it's only hit in the targets of military value well i'll say these telecommunications towers so big to stop the. destroyer in a time that would this is a sad day for strikes and they've also accidentally. two cars and killed two civilians since there is no t.v. in this area and as we can see phone light has also been disrupted. there is no water and no. what used to be heaven this man says has become hell. now. i have nine children and i send them all to my relatives abroad i don't want them to see their mother and says you condition. from the small poor. gas used to flow to europe. i mean. we used to produce fuel to send to them and now see they destroy it all this is terrible and ridiculous at the same time. the
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closer you get to the frontline the more you feel it you can hear the war and you can even read it on the. jobs just before the bombs arrive. this one says as you can see there is a sign here in arabic but nato is here in libya to enforce and i'll fly zone over the country to protect civilians on the other side there is another sign also in arabic saying that nato can attack any place at any time. any time happened three times over several hours while we were. regulators major parties where the front dividing the country into two parts into two swear one side is going to put one flashpoint between the rebels and gadhafi forces it's a very important point to case gets in the firm hand on this town would mean taking control over the country's economy. all facilities seem to be
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a red target that nato bombs never land on while it looks like the civilian population can hardly say. they were like my family not just going to the shop to buy some foods and this happened six of them died i couldn't believe it. and this used to be a restaurant where all companies staff where friends gathered after work we were eating with my colleagues then there was a boom we knew what that was we run we try to help those who are strapped and then the helicopters came to and still object to shoot us as if they didn't want us to save our friends. from one street to another their stories are repeated brigand so by our problem alone we don't need a new and interfering blair now to talk every minute of every day every day one being a big kid our civilians lived another right from this country this is from libya
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while those voices become more and more frequent as the sound of exploding bombs and warplanes the drowns in. tripoli rag. well russia says the crisis in syria should be resolved through dialogue and wants the violence to stop it comes as russia's presidential envoy to africa met with syrian activists here in moscow artist peter oliver has the details. it's important to stress that this isn't an official visit from the syrian opposition although members of the group that do call themselves syrian opposition are in attendance here in moscow is also people from n.g.o.s and human rights groups now they've come to the russian capital to call on russia to put more pressure on president assad the syrian leader to stop violence in the country now they've spoken with me help me out again all of my senior russian diplomats a very experienced member of the the foreign ministry when it comes to this part of
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the world and he put forward russia's opinion on this we think it's in our interests that there are forums announced by the syrian government are put into action political dialogue is important for us we should put an end to all forms of violence and armed clan. as soon as possible the political crisis in syria should be resolved by a political dialogue. saying that russia would be vehemently opposed to any form of foreign intervention into the situation ongoing in syria they definitely do not want to see a repeat of. the violence that we have in libya at the moment and we're very disappointed with the way that foreign intervention has progressed they said that russia and no circumstances will be backing any form of foreign intervention in syria they want to see peace coming through discussion and diplomacy. and for more stories from martin you can always log on to our web site r t v dot com there you
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can read about the american two party presidential candidate who got egg on her face after mixing up a famous cowboy with a mass murderer and rapist. plus a russian scientists predict they'll find alien federalization within twenty years find out why they're so determined to seek out. our teen dot com. israel says an international aid flotilla headed to gaza is carrying chemical weapons which could be used on soldiers the israeli defense force has been ordered to prevent the ten ships from making it to the palestinian territories the jewish state warned it will thwart any attempts to breach its blockade of gaza but has withdrawn threats to ban any journalist traveling with the fleet activists to march appear out from jerusalem was on a similar aid flotilla last year he says israel suits into a scrimmage at anyone who gets close to its borders. and it's a very. treat you might say for the israeli army and the israeli government to
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try to make the peaceful activists as frightening as possible for the public in order to create public opinion against these people and keep on controlling the palestinians they will not let that gaza. come to gaza. but we'll keep it and it's also what we know from the foot of the mouth the murmur of the ones before it and the one that i was on in the boat we also were attacked we were only nine people and we were all israelis are jews the palestinian fishermen that want to go out to fish cannot pass the three miles without getting shot about twenty five percent of the of the agricultural land of guys is being taken by a death zone around gaza strip from the israeli border of gaza into gaza strip killing every culture of person fishermen. on this side or farmer in the
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land side killing people. some other stories making headlines around the world iran state media has shown footage of what appears to be a test of short and medium range missiles the images came amid ten day nationwide military exercises iran's foreign ministry said the drills are a purely defensive display in light of what he calls israeli and u.s. aggression on monday to run it unveil a hidden underground this hour wanting power ready to counter a possible attack on the country's nuclear facilities. the international monetary fund is expected to pick its new director french finance minister christine lagarde is the clear favorite if chosen she will become the first female i am after actor in history she has the backing of european members who account for nearly a third of the votes and also russia and china she will replace the many stars who resigned after being arrested on sexual assault allegations the guards opponent mexican augusten carstens ran on the promise to give more sate merging economies
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but felt rally enough support. the u.s. state of michigan is giving up a prized asset to find a way out of its economic woes it decided democracy is too expensive an elected financial managers have taken the plane. of elected officials and them in a free hand to make decisions unchecked arches were important to take some of. the american state known for its great lakes has seen the middle class fade and automotive industry crumble in michigan's poor city benton harbor more than a quarter citizens are unemployed and elected officials have lost all authority to govern as an unprecedented democratic collapse plays out we believe that it's illegal immoral and unconstitutional no one person in this country have all that authority to preserve the united states and that have that authority in the face of massive public opposition michigan lawmakers recently democracy by giving
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unilateral authority to officials known as emergency financial managers have independent authority to fire elected officials close schools void union contracts sell public property and privatized assets residents like scott elliott say his city could be the start of a changing landscape in american politics people throw around words like oligarchies and all that sort of thing i mean that's that's what it already is i think that the average citizen is going to have less and less to say about what is done with public assets these decision makers are appointed by the governor to oversee school districts and cities like benton harbor facing financial distress in april benton harbor z.m. out stripped the elected city council of its democratic power leaving a city of eleven thousand struggling americans under the rule of a man they didn't elect their hypocritical you know their ex trying to export
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democracy for around the world but at home they're trying to suppress the citizens of this country at least four other cities including detroit have an emergency manager in the motor city the e.m.f. laid off some six thousand teachers and his pay. mirroring plans for corporations to privately run schools funded by public tax dollars well dr martin luther king. said injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere schol is benton harbor today but it could be mill york tomorrow or it couldn't be chicago next week better harbor is one of roughly one hundred cities or towns in michigan reportedly on the verge of fiscal collapse and economic desperation that could lead the way for financial martial law to spread throughout the state critics say that would lead to
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a deepening demise of democratic rights the u.s. has always claimed to stand for. marino porton i.r.t. michigan. and that wraps up the main news here in our two business is next with kareena after a short break. welcome to business here in r t thanks for joining us this hour the clock's ticking down long greece is just one day the country will default in july if the e.u. doesn't provide a new bailout new austerity measures are being debated in parliament this week and nigel randall from r.b.c. capital markets believes it's make or break time. problem in greece is that we've
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had a lot of political difficulties we've had problems with the statistics which are misinformed by the government and the international community to say. they're living at the eleventh for quite some time but i think we really dodged the five minutes to midnight and there really is no alternative they do have to proceed with this is thirteen there is a risk if you don't push through the storage program we could see much more substantial impact on financial markets with a negative reaction obviously there are contingency plans the question is can they be real poor to do operation quickly enough to save the financial markets let's take a look at the markets now all extend gains in new york on speculation u.s. fuel demand will increase on monday crude prices fell to the most in four months the drop came on the heels of last week's announcement by the international energy agency it will release sixty million barrels of oil to move its hope to counter the effect of halted exports from libya stocks in the u.s.
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are advancing on tuesday extending weeks gains on a growing optimism that a fix is in the works for greece's debt troubles tech stocks again following strong trades in the internet arena on stocks such as google and yahoo commodity it's also advanced with crude oil futures nearing ninety two dollars about. european stocks are higher this hour as investors focus on this week's a sturdy vote in greece saying is in the black supported by gains from world bank of scotland and london shares of prudential rose two percent up to goldman sachs upgraded to buy from neutral shares of siemens cable and wireless worldwide and talk homes are losing on cautious corporate pronouncements. and russian equity markets closed in the black team isaac's and at the highest in more than a week as oil rebounds from four months low energy majors among the main gain is of the day helped by strong oil now let's have a look at some individual share moves on them isaac's precious two biggest oil producers who have gained point nine and two point three percent respectively.
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electricity sector and u.k. five all reports it has successfully placed three year bonds however a hydroelectric company rules hydro finished and read the state will sell seventy percent of the farm by the year and. credit securities with a straight. but looks like the market is factoring in that greece is going to result problems either by itself or will come up with some sort of before greek government so the market is discounting this. as for the weak u.s. we've been running so for quite a while it's not a surprise for the markets any more so. your stock market for some quiet and the us really on this think it's also in the price. of sort of. doesn't have a direct influence on the russian stock market only a small. business bullets mean less than one.
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