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tv   [untitled]    June 28, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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you. often see on fire protesters marched on the greek parliament in a violent display against a study cards which have to be approved to security you bail out also. really concerned about the problem of real need for very well possibly leaders in the hague paula libyans to turn over colonel gadhafi for allegedly killing civilians we were more from the coastal city of brega recently razed to the ground by nato bombs . activists say claims that aid flotilla heading for gaza is carrying chemical
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weapons to use against soldiers are just israel's attempt to undermine the aid mission. here washing our t. a.p.m. here in the russian capital thanks for joining us now our top story violent clashes have broken out in greece during a massive nationwide strikes and hundreds of thousands of workers are protesting i had of a parliamentary vote in a harsh set of tax hikes and spending cuts twenty billion euros worth of cuts are there before the e.u. agrees to hand us another cash bailout let's consider the country's last resort to avoid becoming the first really as a nation to the fact that the cold cuts and the hard interest bailout are deeply unpopular illustrated by the fact that police once again clashed with protesters
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and fired tear gas during the mass march on parliament that's all stop a cold said tina columnist for now it's newspaper believes the bailout package is a catastrophic solution. desperate. george papandreou has lost legitimacy in the raise and as a prime minister he is a dead man walking at the moment there presser from the european union is tremendous. talk about blackmail i guess the greek government because they say that on listen you vote for this outrageous bill morrow enough and there will be no more loans and greece who will be left to default my petrol opinion is the this is a bluff from european union because if we greece goes before then it will have a domino effect i guess the euro that will be a disaster for european union. but unfortunately our government has not the nerve
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to call them bluff and this is the difficult part of the story in five years' time greece has to pay just fourteen there is no two for their finance of the original loans just for interest at about one hundred thirty billion euros while the loan for the alleged bailout of greece was only one hundred and ten billion euros. this interest payments would be more than the sum of what we pay for a duke is for health and or social insurance because you see the memorandums and there was parity packages result is the killer that lays the golden eggs of development and this is unsustainable and yet he's got a fucking lecturer at the university of arkansas believes the greek crisis is a result of the glaring flaws in the euro. eighty percent of the population against what he's being pushed in the parliament and even worse than that are free
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to our own politicians even those who are voting for those measures the not believe in them they resemble atheists were crossing themselves hoping for a miracle they love mark one was passed on a year ago in may of two thousand and ten and it failed spectacularly its logic was false and its application made the problem worse rather than better. and meanwhile i'm afraid much afraid the deficit is emerging a deficit of political legitimacy both in the service companies like germany in holland and in the deficit countries like greece and ireland the government even playing golf would give this is a prime minister who only about ten days ago tried to fall on his sword and missed he was prepared to resign. if he's accused that they're hopes that he goes to sleep every night with that he will manage stool keep the whole thing together to push his debut for the parliament today and tomorrow and then go to brussels secure a massive new loan come back i am completely saying that he's either going to go on
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the basic europe is alone there can be no solution for going to a problem independently of a solution for the us system crises which is the issue at hand if europe continues to see if we can see this as a greek problem i'm not very much afraid that it will be no europe in the next year or so but i think the choice we have is europeans is between letting the euro go and they don't leave their own currencies or fixing the euro. and the struggle in athens to keep the euro alive as some nations who have wrong wanted to join asking a new question is it worth it some reports that your turkey is in asia minor or not in europe is not inside the european union so he started seeking integration with europe in the one nine hundred fifty s. and was made a u. candidate in one nine hundred ninety nine but since then france and germany have remained opposed continually stalling negotiations turkey.
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and european union. have actually stalled the. relationship for such a long time and that. is a bit tired of it the main reason turks think the europeans don't want them immigration first will they come and still ourselves like the polish plumber there . and second well they threaten us culturally but others see the real fear in paris and berlin as a loss of political power and this sort of franco german condominium is already under challenge but with the inclusion of turkey in the european union. totally impossible to sustain now embroiled in economic crisis the e.u. isn't as strong as it once seemed turks are starting to view the delays in joining
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us with frustration and more with relief frankly given. the state of the european union right now is the inability of taking decisions. fragile situation and the rising racism and islamophobia in many countries. it's it's becoming less and less attractive turkey is no longer waiting for europe to change its mind instead many speak of the axis of turkish interest shifting from west to east it's pursued a no problems policy its neighbors in recent years that sealed impressive results boosting trade and making turkey a leader in regional diplomacy if we want to. combine our. power with others i think we should look at. the bosphorus
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behind me has long been seen as a bridge between east and west but with turkey increasingly pushed away by europe over here and pull towards the middle eastern asia over here turks no longer see all their hopes but looking west tamasin r.t. istanbul turkey. coming to you live from the russian capital you're watching r t and we've got more news stories coming up this hour. no one person in this country have authority to pray in the united states for it who is taking democracy away from us citizens are getting a look at how one american town has lost its elected officials. a libya says the international criminal court is just a cover for nato attempts to kill colonel gadhafi and refuses to recognize its legitimacy all this came in response to the issuing of an arrest warrant for gadhafi and two of his confidants by the hague tribunal and many libyans believe that nato leaders should also be held to account for their actions. the road from
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the capital tripoli to bragger is lined with the aftermath of war towns abandoned as the population fled. this is what's left of the airport in the siege of. home to one of the country's key oil refineries the last plane took off from this runway just hours before it was hate. to say so it's only heating the targets of military value will call say these telecommunications power something to the west. has been destroyed in a time gary this is a saying they've been two strikes and they've also accidentally. two cars and killed two civilians and there is no t.v. in this area and as we can see the phone market has also been disrupted. there is no water and no to. what used to be heaven this man says has become hell all to his
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home now susan familiar. i have nine children and i send them all to my relatives abroad i don't want them to see their mother in such a condition. from least small poor far from drug even gas used to flow to europe. we used to produce fields ascended to them and now see they destroyed all this is terrible and ridiculous at the same time. the closer you get to the frontline the more you feel it you can hear the war and you can even read it on a jews leave jobs just before the bombs arrive. this runs as you can see the reason sign here arabic nato is here leave it here in france and i'll fly zone over the country to protect civilians on the other side there is another sign also in arabic saying that nato can attack any place any time. any time
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happened three times over several hours while we were feeling. really believe this major world is where the front line buys dividing the country the two parts into two swear one side is going to put one flashpoint within the rebels and gadhafi forces it's a very important point to take location getting a firm hand on this town would mean taking control over the country's economy. all facilities seem to be a rather targeted never land on. the civilian population can hardly skate. they were like my family just going to the shop to buy some foods and this happened six of them died i couldn't believe it and this used to be a restaurant company staff with friends the other day after work we were eating with my colleagues and there was a we knew what that was we ran we tried to help those who were strapped down the helicopters came to and still object to shoot us as if they didn't want us to save
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our friends. from one street or another the stories are a key to. our problem i don't. blame. the madam every day every day when doing a big killed our civilians but the. country this is from libya well those voices become more and more frequent as the sound of exploding bombs and he was planes a drowned in. grief r t tripoli gregor. all the decision to indict gadhafi has outraged critics who claim the i.c.c. is being used as a political tool. in managing editor of the journal of international law says there are little concrete evidence to support the move. this is a claim and it seems. some could expect the forty three pages from
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a quick phone a lot of evidence a lot of proofs of the guilt of the curious but in fact we could see only accusations here such a decision could be issued. for everybody just change the names of accused. there are a lot of differences in this decision but if we trade to check what all these are in the us about it's all secret so in fact it's very empty decision and in my opinion such a decision. will not be taken seriously it's a highly unprofessional decision. russia says the crisis in syria should be resolved through dialogue and wants the violence to stop it comes as a russian presidential envoy met with syrian opposition leaders in moscow and artie's peter all of the details. it's important to stress that this isn't any
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fishel visit from the syrian opposition although members of the group they do call themselves syrian opposition in attendance here in moscow's also people from n.g.o.s and human rights groups now they've come to the russian capital to call on russia to put more pressure on the president of. the syrian leader to stop the violence in the country now they've spoken with because of a senior russian diplomats a very experienced member of the the foreign ministry when it comes to this part of the world and he put forward russia's opinion on this because it's in our interests that the reforms announced by the syrian government are put into action political dialogue is important for us we should put an end to all forms of violence and armed questions as soon as possible if a legal crisis in syria should be resolved by a political dialogue. saying that russia would be vehemently opposed to any form of
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foreign intervention into the situation ongoing in syria they definitely do not want to see a repeat of the violence that we have in libya at the moment and we're very disappointed with the the way that foreign intervention has progressed they said that they russia and no circumstances will be backing any form of foreign intervention in syria they want to see peace coming through discussion and diplomacy. artie's peter all of our reporting there and now the a modern world of promises technological breakthrough miracle medicine of a closer global community but the so-called garbage people of egypt say they're being left behind are coming up next hour a special report on those who say globalization is stripping them of their own survival. i was just thinking about my future. the foreign companies came i dreamed of owning
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a can cabin factory. but we have less garbage now. some business you come here make fun of me. picking up garbage boy i'm not bad like people think. i'm a good person. it's just that people don't see me. but i feel it was time people like me. i feel people will start to appreciate us. israel says an international aid flotilla headed to gaza is carrying chemical weapons which could be used on soldiers on the israeli defense force has been ordered to provide ten ships making it to the palestinian territories the jewish
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state where article what looks have the breaches of blockade of gaza but has been drawn threats to bat and journalists traveling with the fleet activists are shopping here are from jerusalem was on a similar a full scale on last year and he says he's relish in discriminately of anyone who gets close to its borders. and it's a very. tricky you might say for all of the israeli army in the israeli government to try to make the peaceful activists lethal and frightening as possible for the public you know that to create public opinion against these people in keep on controlling the palestinians they will not let the gaza. come together but will kidnap it and it's also what we know from the footage of them of the marmora other ones before it and the one that i was on in the jewish vote we also were attacked there we were only nine people and we were all. israeli jews and fishermen that
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wants to go out to fish cannot pass the three miles without getting shot about twenty five percent of the of the agricultural land of guys they've been taken by beth still around the street from the israeli border of gaza into gaza strip killing every culture of person fishermen on this side or farmer in the. killing people. for more stories from our team you can always log on to our website that's our dot com and there you can read about the american the forty's presidential candidate i've got her face after mixing up a famous cowboy with a mass murderer every. also russian scientists predicted they'll find alien the civilizations within twenty years or find out why they are so determined to seek out the t r t dot com. at the u.s.
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state of michigan is giving up a prized asset to find a way out of its economic woes well it's decided democracy is too expensive unelected financial managers have taken the place of elected officials and given a free hand to make decisions unchecked. takes a look. the american state known for its greatly has seen a middle class hate and automotive industry crumble in michigan's poorest city benton harbor more than a quarter citizens are unemployed and elected officials have lost all authority to govern as an unprecedented democratic collapse plays out we believe that it's illegal immoral and unconstitutional no one person in this country have all that authority to praise the united states and that had thirty in the face of massive public opposition michigan lawmakers recently reshaped democracy by giving the unilateral authority to officials known as emergency financial managers e.m.f.
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so have independent authority to fire elected officials closed schools void union contracts public property and privatized assets residents like scott elliott say his city could be the start of a changing landscape in american politics people throw around words like oligarchs and he and all that sort of thing well i mean that's that's what it already is i think that the average citizen is going to have less and less to say about what is done with public assets these decision makers are appointed by the governor to oversee school districts and cities like pension harbor they think financial distress in april benton harper's young mouth stripped the elected city council of its democratic power leaving a city of eleven thousand struggling americans under the rule of a man they didn't elect their hypocritical you know their ex trying to export democracy from around the world but you know they're trying to suppress the
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citizens of this country at least four other cities including detroit have an emergency manager in the motor city e.m.f. laid off some six thousand teachers and it's pioneering plans for corporations to privately run schools funded by public tax dollars well dr martin luther king. say justice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere so it's better to harbor today but it could be in new york. or couldn't be chicago next week then said harbor is one of roughly one hundred cities or towns in michigan reportedly on the verge of fiscal collapse and economic desperation that could be the way for financial martial law to spread throughout the states critics say that would lead to a deepening demise of democratic rights the u.s. has always claimed to stand for. were enough for an artsy michigan.
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well now to some other stories making headlines around the world this hour iran state media has shown footage of what appears to be a test of short and medium range missiles in the scheme of a ten day nationwide military exercises in the country and iran's foreign ministry said the drills are a purely defensive display in light of what he called israeli and u.s. aggression on monday tehran unveiled hidden underground missile launching pads ready to counter possible attacks on the country's nuclear facilities. the international monetary fund is expected to pick its new director friends trying to minister christine lagarde is the clear favorite and if chosen she will become the first female i.m.f. director in the history of she has the backing of european members soon account for nearly a third of the votes and also russia china she will replace the many who resigned
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after being arrested on sexual assault allegations and the guards opponent mexican augustine carstens round all the promise to give them more say it's a region economies but he failed to rally enough support. russia has partially lifted a ban on european vegetables gold's gym and another was will be allowed to ship their products as long as they have a special certificate moscow about all vegetables from europe after a deadly e. coli outbreak and so far it's been confirmed forty eight people have been killed by the virus and four thousand others across europe fell sick moscow's embargo in response to the outbreak solid relations with the e.u. the european commissioner for health and the sewer policy says the two sides are now putting previous rats behind. to find the balance of what the certification will be. said to the who did the.
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live but it's the certificate of every shipment that is making us. and do thirty three good wind up of around before a workable solution. requires some. measures of hygiene practices that would be affecting boston. now all the latest business news with kareena is coming up next. her welcome to the business here in r.t. thanks for joining me the clock's ticking down on greece is just one day the country will to fall in july if the e.u. doesn't provide a new bailout new austerity measures are being debated in parliament this week nigel randall from r.b.c. capital markets believes it's make or break time. the problem in greece is that we've had to a lot of political difficulties we've had problems with this took their sticks which misinformed both the government and the international community to sort of
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a better living at the eleventh for quite some time but i think we really don't have the five minutes to midnight so there really is no alternative they do have to proceed with this is thirteen there is a risky for if you don't push through this historical program we could see much more substantial impact on financial markets with a negative reaction obviously there are contingency plans but the question is come and review all portions of operation quickly enough to save the financial markets let's take a look at the markets now oil extends gains in new york on speculation u.s. fuel demand will increase on monday crude prices fell to the lowest in four months drop came on the heels of last week's announcement by the international energy agency it will release sixteen million barrels of oil the move is hoped to counter the fact that halted exports from media. so surprising on hopes that greece me avoid a default on its debts strong earnings from nikkei and a rise in home prices also helped push us and texas tech stocks came following
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strong trades in the internet arena on stocks such as google and yahoo commodities are also advancing with google futures nearing ninety two dollars a barrel. and european stocks are high as has been the best focus on this week's austerity moment greece footsies in a black supported by games banks called london shares their credentials rose two percent after goldman sachs upgraded to buy from neutral shares of siemens cable and wireless worldwide and top home are losing cautious corporate. hand here in most equity markets close in a block from isaac's end to the highest in more than a week as more we bounce from a four month low energy majors are among the main game as of the day stronger well now let's have a look at some individual channels here on the rise next process. two biggest producers knew paul and. james point nine two point three percent respectively.
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five advanced only points and successfully placed three year bonds however hydroelectric company roost in the red state will sell seventy percent of the for the year and by the year end. credits securities bradstock case. it looks like the market is factoring in that greece is going to resort to problems either by itself or europe or will come up with some sort of while before greek government so the market is discounting this is a different thing this week. we've been running through for what it was it's not a surprise for the markets anymore so we want to see in the u.s. the market for what interest really on this think it's it's also in the price and it has. sort of. doesn't have a direct influence on the russian stock market only if the world press. and that's and that's it for this edition of business bullets and back with more in just.
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