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tv   [untitled]    June 28, 2011 1:00pm-1:30pm EDT

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mission street now in the lead. in to the. athens on a fire protesters march on the greek parliament in a violent display against a starting cost which have to be approved to secure and you bail out also. real concern about the problem of. the food while prosecutors in the hague call of libyan state turned over colonel gadhafi for allegedly killing civilians and reporting from the coastal city of gregor recently brings to the ground a high rates obama. activists say claims that a cold so much heading for gaza is very chemical weapons to use against soldiers
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are just israel's attempt to undermine the aid mission. nine pm here in the russian capital you're watching r.t. thanks for joining us now we go to our top story violent clashes are broken out in greece during massive a nationwide strikes hundreds of thousands of workers are protesting ahead of a parliamentary vote on a harsh set of tax hikes and spending cuts riot police have detained eighteen people so far and local these men have been hospitalized with injuries twenty billion euros worth of cuts are needed to force the e.u. or greece to have a greece another cash bailout let's consider the country's last resort to avoid becoming the first euro zone a fund to default to both the cots and the high interest bailout. all of hoffler
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illustrated by the fact that police have once again clashed with protesters and part of desperate the mass march on parliament we're now joined by the national journalist dimitri clean us from athens thanks very much for joining us mr coffey and us now the pictures we've been getting today have been getting steadily more violent and this is not the first protest definitely by the greeks well can you give us an idea just how strong the opposition is right now. i just see there are much worse than they were on the fifteenth of june and as far as i've seen that much worse than anything we've seen before the police got a truly violent tear gas all the people in the in the those in the custody square so yeah it's it's got a pretty bad and i wouldn't say that all these protesters represent anywhere near the greek population it's really typically the anarchists in the pocket tours that start these these these type of problems we don't have these unless we have votes all right correct me if i'm wrong but from what we're seeing many of the protesters
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appear to be young people and they'll be bearing the brunt of bailout interest payments for decades to come now even if the vote passes will they accept that new a sturdy measures. no of course not i mean no one wants to start the measures even people who aren't in the public even people that are in there in the private sector who don't stand to lose pacifically authority measures they're not a fan of these measures because it's not just about cutting the public sector it's also about privatizing liquidating the nation liquidating the national assets selling off. public companies that liquidation prices and collateralized national assets national resources so of course we're going to stand for it there's it doesn't offer anyone any kind of future here ok well if they're not going to accept it and the government seems to be keen on still pushing for getting a bailout what's the deciding factor here where's the tipping towards at this point . unfortunately the government isn't giving anyone any real options and that's the
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problem because certain measures are in popular widely unpopular amongst everyone in this in this country but at the same time they're not giving us any real solution they're just getting threats you have our v.p. who came out yesterday he was misspoke a little and he said. we have a full character of the drug could be chaos we have tanks in the street and he may be he may be right but that's only because this government isn't providing a real solution so the way i see it as it stands right now default is inevitable option and people recognize that here and they're saying if we're going to default why should we default today i watch and we default a year or two from now when we don't have any any assets left to salvage one of the fold now return to the drachma in a chaotic environment maybe use the euros for private transactions here but the fold now and save yourself a liquidation ok let's just look at what the government is doing just a week ago the greek prime minister offered to resign and that was rejected to pass leadership of the rival now does the government itself even believe another bailout will work provided they're not giving other options for you guys no. no i don't i
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don't think that they're interested in whether a bail is going to work or not i don't think that was their interest from the beginning if they were if they were interested in having a bail they could work maybe they would have tried to work out a deal with russia and china they have plenty of reserves no i don't think that they're concerned about the bailout working i think they're concerned about fulfilling the wishes of the troika and they're doing that right now they're achieving anyone it's that and i've made this point for anyone who's interested in receiving interest payments for their for their debt they're not doing what they should be doing what they're achieving it's liquidation of assets and anything else is going to come out of the f.s.f. and from the i.m.f. ok you're mentioning liquidation of assets it's true because thirty laws being debated by parliament will compel the government to sell critical state assets but again they offered no guarantees that the. you talked about it a little bit earlier so will it be like a house of cards responding then. the bill it can't possibly work because you've got
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a deflation going on while you're increasing the total debt load there's no way this government or the people of greece can possibly pay his bet back and that's why the primary interest is on the primary budget deficit because they're interested in getting the country to a point where the only thing that we're running a deficit for is interest so it's not going to work is going to collapse like a house of cards. yeah i mean i think that the only way for this thing to forward is to have a two or default i don't see other solutions being implemented because you don't have willing parties that want to participate. ok we're looking at how the greeks perceive the e.u. now the crisis and the response from the e.u. how is this affected the you greeks public perception of the european union what do they feel towards it. i mean people have always been skeptical not just here in greece but in other countries because with the introduction of the euro that came coincided with hard times but and with higher prices and that's not entirely the fault of the euro per se but i think people are becoming more in the style just for the time the drachma is not to say the drachma is going to solve the problems here
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but at least with the drachma you eat up the debt with inflation if you can't control the government spending which is what we were hoping we would achieve with the introduction of the euro we would have low inflation and low government spending so we had low inflation and high government spending so we had massive amounts of debt. and i think i think that people are fed up with you here in general that's the major major feeling and they want a return to something some sort of national economy where they can implement a policy that benefits them because right now they understand they're under financial occupation which is what this is and and they're not going to be able to get out of it as long as been you the you see the troika are working together to bankrupt this country all right well thank you very much they need three costing us the national journal is talking to us from athens thank you. all the struggle in athens to keep the euro alive has summoned nations who have long wanted to join the e.u. asking a new question is it even worth it artie's time barking reports that you keep
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turkey is an aging mine are not in europe turkey's police is not in serbia you are in the union to peace started seeking integration with europe in the one nine hundred fifty s. it was made me you can see that in one thousand newly but since then from some germany who remained opposed continued still in negotiations turkey. the european union. have actually stalled the. relationship for such a long time that turkish public is tired of it the main reason turks think the europeans don't want immigration first will they come and steal our jobs like the polish plumber there. and second will they threaten us culturally but others see the real fear in paris and berlin as
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a loss of political power and this sort of french german condominium is already under challenge but with the inclusion of turkey in the european union and it would be totally impossible to sustain now embroiled in economic crisis the e.u. isn't as strong as it once seemed. turks are starting to view the dollar lays in joining less with frustration and more with relief frankly given. the state of the european union right now is the inability of taking decisions the. fragile situation and the rising racism and islamophobia in many countries. it's it's becoming less and less attractive turkey is no longer waiting for europe to change its mind instead many speak of the axis of turkish interest shifting from west to east it's pursued
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a no problems policy with its neighbors in recent years that sealed impressive results boosting trade and making turkey a leader in regional diplomacy if we want to. combine our. power with others i think we should look at. the bosphorus behind me has long been seen as a bridge between east and west but with turkey increasingly pushed away by europe over here and pull towards the middle eastern asia over here turks no longer see all their hopes for looking west tamasin r.t. istanbul turkey. now libya says the international criminal court is just a cover for nato attempts to kill colonel gadhafi refuses to recognize its legitimacy all this came in response to the issuing of arrest warrants for gadhafi or two of his confidants including his eldest son tribunals chief i.c.c.
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prosecutor has admitted that nato forces have a no mandate to arrest without the ever called on his inner circle to assist however many libyans believe rates a leader should also be helped to work out for their actions. the road from the capital tripoli to brag is lined with the aftermath of war towns abandoned as the copulation fled the bombardment. this is what's left of the civilian airport in the siege of. home to one of the country's key oil refineries the last plane took off from this runway just hours before it was hit. latency so it's only heating the targets of military value will call say these telecommunications towers so fifteen minutes west of the. destroyed many times i doubt this is a safe two strikes and they've also accidentally. two cars and killed two civilians since there is no t.v. in this area and as we can see the phone light has also been disrupted. there is no
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water and no. what used to be heaven this man says has become hell home now feels unfamiliar. i have nine children and i send them all to my relatives abroad i don't want them to see their mother and in such a condition. from least small paul not far from brother libyan gas used to flow to europe. we used to produce fuel to send it to them and now see they destroy it all this is terrible and ridiculous at the same time. the closer you get to the front line the more you feel it you can hear the war and you can even read it on a jews leave jobs just before the bombs arrive. this runs as you can see the reason sign here in our big nato is here leave it here in france and i'll fly zone over
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the country to protect civilians on the other side there is another sign also in arabic saying that they took an attack any place any time. any time happened three times over several hours while we were filming. regulator's major point is where the frontline lies dividing the country into two parts into to square one side is the first one flashpoint within the rebels and gadhafi supporters it's a very important point as tick tick tick location getting a firm hand on this town would mean taking control over the country's economy. all facilities seem to be a red target the nato bombs never land on while it looks like the civilian population can hardly skate. they were like my family actually had just gone traditional to buy some foods and this happened six of them died i couldn't believe it and this used to be a restaurant company staff where friends gathered after work we were eating with my
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colleagues and there was a boom we knew what that was we ran we tried to help those who was trapped then the helicopters came to and started to shoot us as if they didn't want us to save our friends from one street to another the stories are repeating. our problem over. the food. every man every day every day ben being a big kid our civilians. from this country this is probably view well those voices become more and more frequent as the sound of exploding bombs and warplanes a drowns them. out t. tripoli gregor. russia says the crisis in syria should be resolved through dialogue and wants the violence to stop it comes as a russian presidential envoy met with the syrian opposition leaders in moscow are
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peter all over the details. it's important to stress that this isn't any fishel visit from the syrian opposition although members of the group that do call themselves syrian opposition are in attendance here in moscow is also people from n.g.o.s and human rights groups now they've come to the russian capital to call on russia to put more pressure on president assad the syrian leader to stop the violence in the country now they've spoken with mikhail margelov a senior russian diplomat when it comes to this part of the world and he put forward russia's opinion on this we think it's in our interests that there are forums announced by the syrian government are put into action political dialogue is important for us we should put an end to all forms of violence and armed pleasures as soon as possible if a little crisis in syria should the results by a political dialogue. say that russia would be vehemently opposed to any form of
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foreign intervention into the situation ongoing in syria they definitely do not want to see a repeat of the violence that we have in libya at the moment and we're very disappointed with the the way that foreign intervention has progressed they said that they russia and no circumstances will be backing any form of foreign intervention in syria they want to see peace coming through discussion and diplomacy. live from the russian capital you're watching our team and we've got more news stories coming up this hour. no one person in this country have ever thought to pray to the united states for it those taking to the office in a way for u.s. citizens how one american town has lost its elected officials. israel says an international aid flotilla headed to gaza is carrying chemical weapons which could be used on soldiers israeli defense forces in order to prevent the
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potential from making it up to the palestinian territory. interesting why aren't more what. has withdrawn threats to bad any of us travelling with an activist. group for us are similar and last year and he says he is russian discriminately everyone gets close to the sport. it's a very known trick you might say four of the israeli army in the israeli government to try to make the peaceful activists as a lethal and frightening as possible for the public in order to create public opinion against these people and keep on controlling the palestinians they will not let the gaza flotilla come to gaza but will kidnap it and it's also what we know from the footage of them of him or other ones before it and they wonder i was on in the boat we also were attacked though we were only nine people and we were
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all israelis or jews the palestinian fishermen that wants to go out to fish and cannot pass the three miles without getting shot about twenty five percent of the of the agricultural land of gaza has been taken by a death zone around gaza street from the israeli border of gaza into gaza strip killing every culture a person fisherman. on the seaside or farmer in the land side killing people. and for more stories from our two you can always log odds of our website that's our dot com and there you can read about the american party's presidential candidate who got egg on her face after mixing off a famous cowboy with a mass murderer and rapist. and also russian scientists predict they'll find alien civilizations within twenty years find out why they're so determined to seek out all these authority dot com. the u.s.
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state of michigan is giving up a prized asset to find a way out of its economic woes well it's a side of democracy is too expensive unelected financial managers have taken the place of elected officials and given a free hand to make decisions on checked. takes a work. the american state known for its greatly has seen the middle class speed and automotive industry crumble in michigan's poorest city benton harbor more than a quarter citizens are unemployed and elected officials have lost all authority to govern as an unprecedented democratic collapse plays out we believe that it's illegal immoral and unconstitutional no one person in this country have it with henri to prove the united states that had it for already in the face of massive public opposition michigan lawmakers recently reshaped democracy by giving the unilateral authority to officials known as emergency financial manager even maps
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have independent authority to fire elected officials closed schools void union contracts public property and privatized assets residents like scott elliott say his city could be the start of a changing landscape in american politics people throw around words like oligarchs and all that sort of thing or i mean that's that's what it already is i think that the average citizen is going to have less and less to say about what is done with public assets these decision makers are appointed by the governor to oversee school districts and cities like budget harbor facing financial distress in april benton harbor e.m.f. stripped the elected city council of its democratic power leaving a city of eleven thousand struggling americans under the rule of a man they didn't elect their hypocritical you know their ex trying to export
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market chief around the world but at home they're trying to suppress the citizens of this country at least four other cities including detroit have an emergency manager in the motor city the e.m.f. laid off some six thousand teachers and his pioneering plans for corporations to privately run schools funded by public tax dollars. to martin luther king. said the injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. granted harbor today but it could be in new york tomorrow or it could be chicago next week exit harbor is one of roughly one hundred cities or how we finish again reportedly on the verge of fiscal collapse and economic desperation that could lead the way for financial martial law to spread throughout the states critics say that would lead to a deepening demise of democratic rights the us has always claimed to stand for.
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sure enough court ny r.t. michigan now here are some stories making headlines around the world iran's state media has shown footage of what appears to be a test of short medium range missiles even if this came in a ten day nationwide military exercises in the country and iran's foreign ministry said the drills are a purely defensive display in light of what he called israeli and u.s. aggression tehran and build hidden underground missile launching pads ready to counter a possible attacks on the country's nuclear facilities. the international monetary fund is expected to pick its new director french finance minister christine lagarde is the clear favorite and if chosen she will become the first female i.m.f. director in history well she has the backing of european members to look out for nearly a third of the votes and also russia the u.s.
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and china which she will replace the many who resigned after being arrested on sexual assault allegations the guards opponent mexico a student carstens run on the promise to give more seats emerging economies but he failed to rally enough support. russia has partially lifted a ban on european vegetables belgium and the netherlands will be allowed to ship their products as long as they have a special certificate moscow bad all vegetables from europe after a deadly e. coli outbreak and so far it's been confirmed the forty eight people have been killed by the virus and four thousand others across europe fell sick moscow's embargo in response to the outbreaks our relations with the e.u. but the european commissioner for health and consumer policy says the two sides are now putting previous rats behind them. of what the certification would be.
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to. say the good in the be a. bit of three certificates for every shipment that is making russia and conflict with the good will involve a very bloody i don't be falling into a workable solution. requires. measures of hygiene if i'm correct this would be protecting dust and. now all the latest business with kareena is coming up in a few moments. hello and welcome to business here in r.t. the clock is ticking down on greece is just a day the country will default in july if the e.u.
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doesn't provide any new bailout measures are being debated in parliament this week nigel wrangle from r.b.c. capital markets believes it's make or break time. the problem in greece is that we've had a lot of political difficulties we've had problems with was to this text which was misinformed by three governments and international community so they've been very living at the eleventh for quite some time but i think we really does have five minutes to midnight and there really is no alternative they do have to proceed with this is thirteen there is a risk if they don't push through the stores the program we could see you do much more substantial impact on financial markets with a negative reaction obviously there are contingency plans but the question is from a review or portions of operation quickly enough to save the financial markets. for the markets now or that stands gains in new york on speculation u.s. fuel to the increase on monday crude prices fell to the lowest in four months the truck came on the heels of last week's announcements by the international energy
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agency which will release sixty million barrels of oil. stocks a rather u.s. stocks are rising on hopes that greece may have already falls on its debts strong earnings from nikkei rising home prices also helped push the next is higher tech stocks again following strong trades in the internet and we know stocks just googling for commodities also a bounce with crude oil futures nearing like two dollars a barrel and european stocks ended higher on tuesday boy buying creased optimism surrounding greece's debt situation for footsie pressure point eight percent higher than by gains for world bank of scotland the german dax rose point nine percent lifted by a four and a half rise for shares of stock but seeing as for a one point nine percent surprised part the company said it expects new orders like revenue to increase because of the call. question equity markets close in the black sea by six and the highest in more than
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a week as for the banks from four months low energy majors among the main gain is a day by stronger well let's have a look at something individual shareholders some of my six brushes two biggest producers look who are. again point nine three point three percent that's only in the electricity sector i'll take a five star reports it has successfully placed three year bonds however hydroelectric company was hired for finished in a red state will sell seventy percent of the from by the year and put into prison soft money credits target scraps i had a strike. it looks like the market is factoring in but greece is going to resolve the problems you know by itself or europe will come up with some sort of one before greek government so the market is this constant is so different from those for the week you're. going through for quite a while it's not a surprise for the markets anymore so bored assume the market for some for the rest
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of the audience i think it's it's also in the price so it's. sort of. doesn't have a direct influence on the russian stock market only if the world. i have. thinks. the real.
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susan. is. some. sick sick sick .


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