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twenty years ago the largest country in. the suitcases of the. one hundred. look at each began a journey. where did it take the. mission. couldn't take three controller charges three. arrangements three missed three stooges free. the old free blow against the libyan your story your media projects a free media oh god r t dot com. headlines
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on our t.v. athens on fire protesters marched on the greek parliament in a violent display against austerity cuts which have to be approved to secure and bail out also. a problem of real need for all prosecutors in the hague calling libyans to turn over colonel gadhafi for allegedly killing civilians more from the coastal city of recently razed to the ground obama some of. the international monetary fund chooses french finance minister christine lagarde as its new chief financial time of. eleven pm here in the russian capital you're watching are to you thanks very much for joining us now we're. story violent clashes have broken out in greece during
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massive nationwide strikes hundreds of thousands of workers are protesting ahead of a parliamentary vote on a harsh set of tax hikes and spending cuts well riot police have detained eighteen people so far and four policemen have been hospitalized with injuries twenty eight billion euros worth of cuts are needed before the e.u. agrees to hand recent other cash bail out it's considered the country's last resort to avoid becoming the first eurozone nation to default but both the cots and the high interest bailout are deeply unpopular illustrated by the fact that police once again clashed with protesters and fired tear gas during the mass march on parliament and i spoke to the national journalist to trickle feed us who says an incompetent government has left people you know. it's got a pretty bad and i wouldn't say that all these protesters represent anywhere near the population they're much worse than they were on the fifteenth of june and as
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far as i've seen they're much worse than anything we've seen before the police got a truly violent tear gas all the people in the in the blood of those in the square even people that are in that are in the private sector who don't stand to lose specifically the authority measures there are not a fan of these measures because it's not just about cutting the public sector it's also about privatizing liquidating the the nation liquidating the national assets selling off. public companies liquidation prices and collateralized national assets natural resources so of course i'm not going to stand for theirs it doesn't offer any one of the kind of future here ok well if they're not going to accept it and the government seems to be keen on still pushing for getting a bailout what's the deciding factor here where is it tipping towards at this point . unfortunately the government isn't giving anyone any real options and that's the problem to measure unpopular widely unpopular amongst everyone in this in this country. but at the same time they're not giving us any real solutions are just
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getting threats you have our v.p. who came out yesterday that he was this morning and he said. we have a default the return of the drachma because we have actually a street and he may be he may be right but that's only because this government isn't providing a real solution so the way i see it as it stands right now default is an inevitable option and i think i think that people are fed up with you here in general that's the major the major feeling and they want a return to something some sort of national economy where they can implement a policy that benefits them because right now they understand they're under financial education which is what this is and they're not going to be able to get out of it as long as the e.u. the you see the and the troika are working together to bankrupt this country. the unrest on the streets of the capital lawmakers in the greek parliament are debating it be a steady cuts the e.u. has repeated its warning that there is no plan b. for athens well the vote itself is for wednesday and that's a constant deano
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a columnist for now that's newspaper believes the bailout package is a catastrophic solution but only by a desperate e.u. leadership. george papandreou has lost legitimacy and agrees and as a prime minister he is a dead man walking at the moment from the european union is tremendous. talk about blackmail i guess the greek government because they say that on the list you vote for this outrageous below the moral enough and there will be no more and greece who will be left before. this is a bluff from european union because if we greece goes before then we'll have a domino afraid i guess the euro that will be a disaster for european union. but unfortunately our government has not been all of them and this is the difficult part of the story because you see the
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memorandums and there was very the package is the result is the. gold the eggs of development and this is unsustainable. well the struggle in athens to keep the euro alive has some nations who have long wanted to join the e.u. asking a new question is it even worth it artie's time barton reports let you keep turkey is in asia minor not in europe turkey's place is not in the european union turkey started seeking integration with europe in the one nine hundred fifty s. and was made me you can do that in one thousand nine the since then from some germany have remained opposed continually stalling negotiations turkey. and the european union. have actually stalled the. relationship for such a long time now that the turkish public is tired of it
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the main reason turks think the europeans don't want them immigration first well they come and steal our jobs like the polish plumber did. and second well they threaten us culturally but others see the real fear in paris and berlin as a loss of political power and this sort of fray german condominium is already on the challenge but with the inclusion of turkey in the european union it would be totally impossible to sustain now embroiled in economic crisis the e.u. isn't as strong as it once seemed turks are starting to view the delays in joining us with frustration and more with relief frankly given. the state of the european union right now is the inability of taking decisions the. fragile
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situation the rising racism and islamophobia in many countries. it's it's becoming less and less attractive turkey is no longer waiting for europe to change its mind instead many speak of the axis of turkish interest shifting from west to east it's pursued a no problems policy neighbors in recent years that's yielded impressive results boosting trade and making turkey a leader in regional diplomacy if we want to. combine our. power with others i think we should look at. the bosphorus behind me has long been seen as a bridge between east and west but with turkey increasingly pushed away by europe over here and pull towards the middle east and asia over here turks no longer see all their hopes by looking west tamasin r.t. istanbul turkey. live from the russian capital you're watching r t and we've got
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more news stories coming up at this hour say things that a flotilla heading for gaza is carrying chemical weapons to use it at soldiers are just israel's attempt to undermine the aid mission. and libya says the international criminal court is just a cover for nato attempts to kill colonel gadhafi and refuses to recognize its legitimacy this came in response to the issuing of arrest warrants for gadhafi and two of his confidants including his eldest son by the hague tribunal the chief i.c.c. prosecutor has admitted that nato forces have no mandate to rest get off easy and called on his inner circle to assist however many libyans believe in nato leaders should also be held to account for their actions. the road from the capital tripoli to brag he's lined with the aftermath of war towns abandoned as the population fled
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the bombardment. this is what's left of the civilian airport in the city of. home to while they can't. all of the fineries the last plane took off from this runway just hours before it was hate. to say so it's only hitting the targets of military value well call say these telecommunications towers so. stop. it's troy in a time now this is a site two strikes and they've also accidentally. two cars and killed two civilians since there is no t.v. in this area and as we can see phone light has also been disrupted. there is no water and no. what used to be heaven this man says has become hell towards home now susan familiare. i have nine children and i send them all to my relatives abroad i don't want them to see their mother and says you condition. from the small
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poor. gas used to flow to europe. we used to produce fuel to send it to them and now see they destroy it all this is terrible and ridiculous at the same time. the closer you get to the front line the more you feel it you can hear the war and you can even read it on the. jobs just before the bombs arrive. this runs has as you can see there is a sign here in arabic but nato is here leave it to in force and i'll fly zone over the country to protect civilians on the other side there is another sign also in arabic saying that nato can attack any place at any time. any time happened three times over several hours while we were filming. raga labor is made to all parties where the front line lies dividing the country into two parts into to sway one side is going to put one flashpoint within the rebels and gadhafi
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supporters it's a very important point to quote case gets in a firm hand on this town would mean taking control over the country's economy. all facilities seem to be a rare target that nato bombs never land on while it looks like the civilian population can hardly. they were like my family not just going to the shop to buy some food and this happened six of them died i couldn't believe it and this used to be a restaurant for all companies staff where friends gathered after work we were eating with my colleagues then there was a boom we knew what that was we run we try to help those who are strapped then the helicopters came to and started to shoot us as if they didn't want us to save our friends. from one street to another the stories are repeated.
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our problem i mean. every man every be able to do them being a big kid our civilians. from this country. well those voices become more and more frequent is the sound of exploding bombs and planes that drowns them. out tea tree police go. on to discuss the possible consequences of the i.c.c. decision to a diet moammar gadhafi i'm joined live by joel rubin director of policy and government affairs of the ploughshares fund thank you very much for joining us now neither the i.c.c. nor nato have a mandate or rescued off the wiley's in libya and this has been acknowledged by the chief prosecutor of the i.c.c. do you think that libyans themselves will be eager to turn over their leader otherwise how else could he be arrested well it appears the khadafi is dug in tripoli and he does not want to leave but clearly the way out from this
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conflict is for gadhafi to leave power and to remove himself the problem of course is that with the i.c.c. . now makes it a little bit more difficult for gadhafi to go because he will see in his mind at least that there are people looking to arrest him and send him to the hague makes it more difficult but nonetheless this is a humanitarian disaster that could offer started and it's continuing to. you say it's difficult but is there any other way that he will be arrested given this is the scenario. it's hard to imagine nato or other forces going in and physically resting him today in the balkans it took fifteen years just recently we saw iraq. finally turned over by the serbs so these things take time in addition to take time right now it's been several months of an international action to protect libyan civilians. in the balkans serbia they took
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a year of bombing so i don't see that happening with a few ships hide out here in russia the parliamentarians say we're witnessing a unique polar policy where one country's position is mirrored by international organizations and courts and is this fair in relation to libya. well again international courts they operate in their own independent way they're observing the situation on the ground in libya making an assessment and in their view khadafi and his government his regime have engaged in human rights violations at a level where he should be indicted and be tried and that is their call. ok let's some critics argue that there's little concrete evidence to support the course but with the i.c.c. make a move in the first place make a move like this if they didn't have that evidence. i don't think the i.c.c. would do this without a real cause they could have done this at any time over the last decade since they
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were created last decade they have not clearly they see something happening on the ground in libya that is very concerning to them they see the massive population displacement the refugees the death injury and injuries and they view this is if gadhafi leaves this will stop and they have identified the person as the perpetrator so they're going forward they are looking at the peace process here russia hopes that this arrest warrant won't bring a peaceful solution to the situation in libya but in your opinion what effect will it have in terms of ending the conflict. well in practical matters this does make it a little more difficult in the short run because what we want to see is a peaceful resolution a diplomatic solution where all to merely as the obama administration has said they want to see khadafi go i think that that is the recipe for the cause occurring in libya but that will require some negotiation there been some moves forward some
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moves backward this doesn't make it easier to negotiate his departure unless he goes to a country where the i.c.c. will not get him ok then there have been reports that nato sees gadhafi as a legitimate target do you agree with that and how do you think regime change will be imposed. regime change being imposed by military force is a very delicate and dangerous. and the reason that nato and the un in general are involved in this is to protect civilians and they have done the right thing by blocking khadafi forces from committing massacres across the eastern half of libya but if they are targeting gadhafi there has to be a clear way forward. and there is work with the transitional council that is still in early stage targeting gadhafi if he is directing the attacks though is legitimate if he is fully engaged and clearly he is ok thank you very much joel
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rubin director of policy and government affairs from the u.s. based think tank the ploughshares fund thank you. and for more stories from our to you can always log on to our website at r.t.e. dot com and there you can read about the american a tea party's presidential candidate who got egg on her face after mixing up a famous cowboy with a mass murderer and rapist. also russian scientists predict they'll find a girl you have civilizations within twenty years will find out why they are so determined to seek out. r.t. dot com. now the international monetary fund has picked french finance minister christine lagarde as its new boss well she was backed by europe with the u.s. russia and china making her the clear favorite let's get more from our washington correspondent chuck so is there any fundamental change in store for the i.m.f.
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under its new leader. well so with christine legarde appointment the tradition of having a european in the position of the head of the world's top lender. remains intact at times of crisis for europe having their own chairing the international monetary fund could be as important as the effort although mr guard has stressed that her decisions will not be biased for example as staying carstens from mexico was the french finance minister his main competitor for the job said that the appointment could add on to the perception of the i.m.f. as a biased open ization he pointed out that there could be a conflict of interest with europe now becoming the main borrower of the organisation and at the same time dominating the situation the mexican convey contender for the office also is that said that he knew he lost to misled guard even before he announced his candidacy he said it was like starting a soccer game with five zero score emerging economies that contributed most of the
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world's economic growth in recent years have repeatedly criticized the convention that the head of the i.m.f. has to be from europe and supported by the united states a convention that dates back to the founding of the i.m.f. at the end of world war two today the emerging economies are vastly under represented at the organization with the u.s. and europe holding a lion's share of the vote as well as a veto power of the sort of touched on it earlier but what has been the international impact of the i.m.f. since its for me. well tested many analysts say the i.m.f. biases had negative effect on the world economy they say if you look back at the rescue packages that they handed to different nations it's clear that they acted in the interest of the creditors rather than the borrowers they were supposed to help it has to do with the policies that the i.m.f. forces onto the borrowing nations in exchange for the loan policies that are often
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over restrictive and not necessarily in the borrower's national interest left in america is one example when the i.m.f. loans and policies that they came with that further aggravated the economic situation there along with lending money the i.m.f. has the function of monitoring global economic processes and crisis prevention and here is the credibility of the organization has been shattered by the financial crisis. of the advanced economies while you know which of the i.m.f. has really failed failed to address for example they completely missed the recent financial crisis in the u.s. that had even huge repr questions around the globe and on the question why one expert here told me why would they want to go against their friends on wall street anyways the u.s. and europe found christine lagarde best for the job soviet several emerging economies by the way including china analyst say she faces a difficult task to either stand out as an independent manager or even further
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cement the perception that the i.m.f. is an organization that exists only for the benefit of the creditors i will certainly a tough task ahead for christine legarde thank you very much for that report going to check in from washington d.c. . israel says an international aid flotilla headed to gaza is carrying chemical weapons which could be used on soldiers the israeli defense force has been ordered to prevent the ten ships from making it to the palestinian territories the jewish state want it will work. its blockade of gaza that has withdrawn threats to ban any journalist traveling with the fleet palestinian peace activists as he says it will tell us is to raise awareness about the blockage. claiming that there is chemical weapons on those ships well in case of invading those ships which is what the israeli army is planning to do and having any people killed it will help the image
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of israel in saying we thought that there is some chemical weapons but it is really unlikely specially considering that the greeks have the authority which is where the ships leaving from to go and check those ships and nothing have been found the people who are going to have little or more about creating awareness of what's happening in gaza and they. actually stopping the flotilla helps the mission of this group. is a humanitarian thing and there are different people there are different groups part of it so some of them are there for humanitarian reasons some of them are probably there for provocation and some of them are there to raise awareness of the reality of life in gaza and of the one and a half million people who've been for a few years now and able to receive what they need to be able to live. the u.s. state of michigan is giving up a prized asset to find a way out of its economic woes well that's decided that democracy is too expensive unelected financial managers have taken the place of elected officials and given
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a free had to make decisions unchecked artie's marina portnoy it takes a look. the american state known for its great lakes has seen the middle class fade and automotive industry crumble in michigan's poor city benton harbor more than a quarter citizens are unemployed and elected officials have lost all authority to govern as an unprecedented democratic collapse plays out we believe that it's illegal immoral and unconstitutional no one person in this country have all that authority to pray to the united states and that have that authority in the face of massive public opposition michigan lawmakers recently reshape democracy by giving unilateral authority to officials known as emergency financial managers e.m.f.'s have independent authority to fire elected officials close schools void union contracts sell public property and privatized assets residents like scott elliott
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say his city could be the start of a changing landscape in american politics people throw around words like oligarchies and all that sort of thing i mean that's that's what it already is i think that the average citizen is going to have less and less to say about what is done with public assets these decision makers are appointed by the governor to oversee school districts and cities like benton harbor facing financial distress in april benton harbor z.m. out stripped the elected city council of its democratic power leaving a city of eleven thousand struggling americans under the rule of a man they didn't elect their hypocritical you know their ex trying to export democracy for around the world but at home they're trying to suppress the citizens of this country at least four other cities including detroit have an emergency manager in the motor city the e.m.f. laid off some six thousand teachers and it's pioneering plans for corporations to
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privately run schools funded by public tax dollars lodi. martin luther king. said injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere so it's better to harbor today but it could be new york tomorrow or it couldn't be chicago next week bedford harbor is one of roughly one hundred cities or towns in michigan reportedly on the verge of fiscal collapse and economic desperation that could lead the way for financial martial law to spread throughout the state critics say that would lead to a deepening demise of democratic rights the u.s. has always claimed to stand for. marina port i.r.t. michigan i'll be back with the headlines shortly but first all the latest in the world of business.
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welcome to business here not to thanks for joining me the clock is ticking down on greece's judgment day the country will default in july if the e.u. doesn't provide a new bailout new austerity measures are being debated in parliament this week. from r.b.c. capital markets believes it's make or break time. the problem in greece is that we've had a lot of political difficulties we've had problems with the statistics which is misinformed by the government and the international community to sort of a. living at the eleventh for quite some time but i think we really don't have the five minutes to midnight and there really is no alternative they do have to proceed with this is thirteen there is a risk if they don't push through this historic the program we could see much more substantial impact on financial markets with a negative reaction obviously there are contingency plans the question is can they review all ports and operation quickly enough to save the financial markets.
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european stocks ended higher on tuesday point by increased optimism surrounding greece's debt situation the footsie finish point eight percent highest supported by gains for royal bank of scotland group german dax rose point nine percent lifted by a four and a half percent rise for shares of commerce back but siemens fell one point nine percent in frankfurt the company said it expects new orders and revenue to increase in the fiscal third quarter. question equity markets close in the block my sixth and of the highest and more than a week as all rebounded from a four month low energy majors among the main gayness of the day by strong the oil let's have a look at some individual shall sell my six washes two biggest bore produces oil and ross they have gained point nine and two point three percent respectively electricity sector over j.k. five at bastogne reports has successfully placed three year bonds however hydro electric company boost hydro finished in red the state will sell seven percent of
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the for by the year at bottom of cuisine soft unicredit securities wraps up with us . it looks like the market is factoring in greece is going to result problems. europe will come up with some sort of before greek government so the mobsters just don't seem this different as for the weak u.s. . we've been having so for quite a while it's not a surprise for the markets any more so we want to see and your stock market for its employees and the rest of the on this think it's also in the price senate. sort of . doesn't have a direct influence on the russian stock market only for a while for us and the that's a business update for this hour but you can always find most stories on our website . thanks to watch.


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