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tv   [untitled]    June 29, 2011 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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the greek capital is braced for more bothered senate future protests and a general strike call it gets a vote on even a possible stance emerges to avoid a default on debts. and greek we can all make turmoil becomes the first chinese for new i.m.f. chief christine lagarde also faces a tough task of fighting off the perception of the organizations based biased in favor of western countries. also fears grow that on the rest in syria might struggle militant group hezbollah to move weapons it's going back to
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lebanon that is battling to stoke up better trouble in the region. and in russia as a push for better laws of all things make their way in the world below many on to right the state support entitled see. that this is r.t. a lot from moscow twenty four hours a day welcome to the program budget cuts all bankruptcy tough choice for the greek parliament which is facing a crucial austerity budget european leaders have already warned off ends there and then other options for thousands of protesters are again expected to vent their fury over the planned measures at least forty six were injured as a lot of clashes and strikes paralyze the country on the eve of that sense of thousands in the streets with police using tear gas. to disperse them and interests
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me the e.u. is demanding twenty eight billion euros worth of cuts before would be seen get more thought instance journalists in a sense. means weeks to live financial keep nation. unfortunately the government isn't giving anyone any real options and that's the problem because certain measures are unpopular wildly unpopular amongst everyone in this in this country but at the same time they're not giving us any real solution they're just giving us threats i think people are becoming more nostalgic for the time the drachma that is not to say the drug was going to solve the problems here but at least with the drug my view you eat up the debt with inflation if you can't control the government spending which is what we were hoping we would achieve with the introduction of the euro we would have low inflation and low government spending so we had low inflation and high government spending so we had massive amounts of debt. i think i think that people are fed up with you here in general that's a major major feeling and they want
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a return to something some sort of national economy where they can implement a policy that benefits them because right now they understand they're under financial occupation. petrus constantino economist for nothings newspaper believes the bailout package is a stock execution by egypt. george papandreou has lost legitimacy and agrees and as a prime minister he is a dead man walking at the moment presser from the european union is tremendous. talk about blackmail i guess that we could go over men because they see that i'm listening to you fall for this outrageous view there will be no more chaos and greece who will be left before my trial opinion is the this is a bluff from european union because if we greece goes before then we'll have a. i guess the euro. will be a disaster for european union at large but unfortunately our government has not the
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narrow golden globe and this is the difficult part of the story because you see the memorandums and there is very good package is the result is the. golden eggs of development and this is unsustainable. but the greek turmoil is one of the first problems in the interim head of the international monetary fund the french finance minister christine lagarde she won the overwhelming support of your u.s. russia china making clear favorites washington correspondent. has more on the implications of the global economy. christine lagarde appointment keeps a european at the head of the world's top lender keeping a long held tradition intact and in a debt crisis having one of its own carrying the international monetary fund could be more important than ever for europe i think that. intimate knowledge
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of those mechanisms. of the european community and the eurozone of its many leaders can help look are its main competitor was i was think karstens from mexico who argued her point man would only add to the perception of i.m.f. by its there could be some call for people feeling through it i mean at the end of the they know they mean borers institution would be a rule europe know so we'll have his intuition were there war or stormin eighteen to create the institutional emerging economies the engine of global growth in recent years are vastly under represented in the organization with the u.s. and europe holding half of the votes and veto power karsten said he knew he had lost even before he announced he was running the fooling myself i mean it's like starting a soccer game we play five to see who will score and only suggest i am of bias has had a negative effect on the world's economy if you look back at the way that rescue packages
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and other loans have been made in the history of i.m.f. lending it is very clear that decisions are primarily political based on the interests of the united states or or europe the i.m.f. lends money monitors the global economy and in theory at least prevents crises its credibility has been shattered by the financial collapse in the advanced economies which it definitely did not spot they missed it too big or biggest asset bubbles in the history of the world first the stock market bubble in the us. in the indies and then of course the housing bubble. states which you from supercenter and i think they didn't want to be and saw their friends on wall street and others there were making a fortune at the time some experts say the intimacy between the i.m.f. and us corporations is a matter of concern there's always been
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a long healthy relation. ship between the. banks and the financial sector wall street and the us treasury department in the us by extension the i.m.f. all of the big decisions that are made by the u.s. treasury department then you had of the i.m.f. is more than familiar with the u.s. corporate world for years she worked at a major american law firm representing the interests of big business and is a member of the u.s. poland defense industry working group advanced the interests of aviation giants like going on lockheed martin helping them to seal multi-billion dollar deals you are saying europe found her seemed like are the best fit for the job so did several emerging markets including russia and china but she faces the difficult task of appearing independent despite her past lies and will struggle not to cement even further the perception that the i.m.f. exists only for the benefit of its creditors i'm going to check our reporting from
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washington r.t. . but i would like more analysis of what's christine because appointments is going to mean in terms of global finance some web sites you can read expert opinion on that turns up on the challenges that you face and. has extended its operation in libya for three months and warns that it's not going to scale down its mission they the u.s. strikes. opposition to the operation continues and more protests in london antiwar activists demonstration comes amid reports of growing civilian casualties escalating costs and no end in sight for the conflict and says all eight hundred civilians have been killed as a result of that airstrikes u.k. has already poured more than six hundred million dollars into the campaign on the risks of doubling the ration truck zone throughout the summer he starts of us
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saying it's time nato was brought to account. the side is winning and the people are suffering more and more the ordinary people of the here and at the very least the question look at they should have a client in this no fly zone in this intervention and should be calling for an end to it now calling for serious political negotiations. he is said to commits its pale into insignificance beside those that george bush commits it in iraq or even in afghanistan. from trinity college in hartford told r.t. of his belief that nato operations we can only be limited in treatment. to me you know almost going to begin the story u.n. resolution within a few the war beginning with the french and american striking you. had already
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invited you. to see this is news and now it looks like libya is simply being. been a hundred years of work there are twenty four thousand sorties you know there's very gradually being reading of libya. and then. now. being made into what he wants you giant while you're. now israel has deployed new missile defense systems or its border with lebanon as well as reports that his beloved moving its weaponry station in syria back to lebanon as artie's honestly reports syria's president bashar assad there fears the delicate balance and. further out of control. things are quiet on the israel lebanon border but many suspect it's a lull before the storm everything hinges on what happens in neighboring syria and what hizbollah decides to do with its stockpiles their. opposition group that my
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take over in syria. differently considered is but lies and the enemy is us through it so for the mass the. logical thing could be all the transfer the weapon they put in syria. into. lebanon for years hizbollah found an ally in syrian president bashar assad and so it's no surprise they want him to stay in power but if he goes and those who pressurising him to do so would do well to remember this the regional impact could be terrifying syria are like libya is part of an alliance and that alliance is very wide it begins in iran some elements in iraq's government are part of the syrian regime has what are in lebanon are how martin. western intelligence reports suggest hizbullah has already started moving some of its advanced weaponry from its
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warehouses in syria to its forces in lebanon for fear that assad will be toppled just getting rid of him is one thing dealing with the consequences quite another situation in syria like walls are dangerous but a collapse of syrian government gender group. that could include a new war between lebanon and israel already the weapons hizbullah has in its position are able to strike almost any corner of the jewish state and you stockpiles of lebanon would only aggravate an already tense situation as far as you know hizbullah has now it collated around forty five thousand of various rangers. there is one of the old part of them the range goes beyond three hundred and dollars three hundred fifty kilometers which according to them at least they can reach the whole of israel in the south of the country which is something israelis know these missiles originated in syria they found their way to lebanon and then
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they were fired by his villa onto the true state back in two thousand and six this museum was set up about a decade ago so that the idea could display weapons ammunition and items that are captured from israel's enemies on the ground and almost administrate the lebanese palestinian and hizbollah flags flying on the israeli border the message is clear here no countries really what happens to its neighbor and it won't take much to turn of regions precariously peace into on our wall policy r.t. israel. as the humanitarian the teller is preparing to sail for gaza and israel is saying it will block any attempt to breach its sea blockade of the palestinian territory but does israel have the rights to stop the activists it's essential cross-talk people of belize guests take on this a polarizing issue. there is a chance that they are carrying weapons that they are carrying terrorist we saw
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that in last year's flotilla there were armed mercenaries aboard the. ship mavi marmara which lynch who tries to winter israeli soldiers and israel holding a lot of patients is going to shut up because of that concerns them from the same disappearance. journeys that israel's. if. you could. well that's. international headlines for you. at least twelve guests and police were killed and eight wounded in a suicide and gun attack on the intercontinental hotel afghan capital kabul reports say militants wearing civilian clothes burst into the hotel guests were having dinner. hour standoff two militants were killed by hotel guards and four others and
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themselves are killed by nato air strike and troops it's not about has claimed responsibility for the attack. police are firing tear gas and clashed with five thousand books during protest is an objection trouble or even dozens injured the violence started outside the interior ministry shifting into. which was the epicenter of the revolution frederick jesters took to the streets to protest in this new os occasional security officer is responsible for the deaths of eight hundred people rise and talk was in her. cuban state television has said footage and protests of an israeli president. castro there's a different surgery on the other two weeks ago one hundred appeared on t.v. since start rumors that this launch the mt washington leader was in a critical condition who had cancer caught on t.v.
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he didn't say much what returns again is where. he's. georgia's main opposition party has urged the country's chief prosecutor to investigate the actions of security forces in the violent crackdown protests last month. they saw four people killed and three hundred rested but he spoke to the party's leader in russian as a quick preview of what's to come in just over fifteen minutes time. surrounded us the people we are in threat there was no way out there was no possibility to leave the square. is we understand special forces receive specialist functions to arrest all the. more than one hundred there was for us. to be typical brutally is especially in the hands. of many people received serious injuries were transported to the hospitals. and they had the special instruction not to
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allow me. leaders of the national assembly to leave. place. so. it was a real college meant to the people. their own family and home something every often dreams up any russians who grow up and leave often which is to set up a new father's dream shattered that's despite the ferrous that they're entitled to free housing the government and all of the expense. and elaborated this looks like a prime candidate for demolition and the family home twenty two year old mother of two lena has been told by social services she still. perhaps they haven't seen this place inside they keep telling us troops leave here this should be a paper on how to build
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a house i told them that i had no phones i have no job i have to take care of kids and i ended up wrenching police. work. lina grew up in an orphanage in the city of career and the russian law she should have received state housing once she left the institution this flood missed given saline his mother by the state and despite having no money he's been told. but. the situation is absolutely desperate they didn't give me work because i don't have a profession for them i don't exist perhaps hanging myself would be the best thing to do without even the most basic of a minute and there's no way that lena family can live here however here is exactly where the thirties of told her that she should bring up the children lena's case isn't unusual those who were often in russia say that it's when they leave the care homes that they need the most help the problem is orphans are killed out smaller
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you know when they're little and everybody loves to help others but pricing them things. whereas in actual fact if the bigger needs when they get bigger and that's really when we need to establish is that housing is one of those really needs for orphans leaving care it's also in short supply and. we need certain calculations for one region and found out that it would take a child who's number in the queue for housing is ten thousand some three and a half thousand years to actually get a flat. currently only administrative penalties can be imposed on anyone standing in the way of those leaving care getting housing alexander gears a lot of formal for himself as a campaigner for orphans rights he wants to see the courts more involved. he's someone we need to change the law in a way to make sure that someone can be held responsible in court in this case the
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orphanage people make sure that there is no way a graduated orphan would have to go and live in a rundown hoeing with the water put it on a one above. a change in the law might help people in the future but lena find a solution right now. i ask them why all the mothers are given homes to raise their children why can't i have that isn't because i don't know the laws or because they're not allowed to live because it's forbidden for me to have family and some people are trying to help me but so far their efforts have been in vain. peter all over r.t. to vero beach and. others are plenty more ahead here on r.t. in less than a thirty minutes some extreme action most steps competitions where excitement and danger go and in hand we report on one of the newest most thrilling sports and cliff diving. but what about all the business update with korean
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that will be coming your way very soon stay with us here in alt. to. get. to be on the phone or whatever. street still keeps the secrets of the mountains time to reveal versions of things from the soviet files.
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but i was just thinking about my future before the foreign companies came i dreamed of owning a can cabin factory. but we have less garbage now. some businesses who come here make fun of me. figure out garbage boy i'm not bad like people think. i'm a good person. it's just the people don't see me. but i feel it was time people like me. that i feel people will start to appreciate us.
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welcome to prisoners here in our t.v. thanks for joining me this hour russia's electricity export monopoly into rao has pulled the plug on its supplies to bellow supplements failed to pay bills on time and missed and extend the deadline bill spending debt amounts to around fifteen million dollars says it's the economy it's the economic crisis in the country that sparked the problems with payment into rao's says that supplies will be resumed once the debt is paid for those meets about ten percent of its electricity needs plus and supplies he could as asked for in japan has shattered confidence in what was one of the most promising forms of alternative energy italy has decided not to restart its nuclear program while germany and switzerland decided to stop using the atom however the former head of the international atomic energy agency warns the
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world cup afford quote arcs up. right now there's twenty nine public use but it lying on your bed energy and the impact of not your life when you're going to have huge energy deficits increase in prices of gas and oil and a new album is not yet out on the corner energy forecast will increase forty percent by going to certainly the so we are between iraq and a hard place you know we have to understand that there was ever new technology there is it is there but we have to maximize the benefits and minimize that is what we need to do it other than say we are working out of the nuclear energy to just try to focus on safety. let's take a look at the markets now it was fluctuating between small gains and losses with investors taking a pause up to push more into shopping on tuesday like sweetest trading at around ninety three dollars per barrel this hour on credit around under nine dollars and across and asia the markets are trading in the black japanese stocks are rallying
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with good industrial data and we could get close to the market sentiment close about as adding a percent and panasonic around one and a half percent in hong kong a little group it's having over one half percent bucking the trend it's come a cut people id talking almost six percent up three putting life at eighty four percent decrease in its first quarter profit here in moscow trading session looking coffin to around two hours time will be our tails rise it's closed in the black on tuesday and as you may just were among the main gain is the day the story about the performance well. and plus in equities have largely shaken off negative sentiment coming out of the e.u. and the us however of a democracy in soft unicredit securities believes markets will be treating water in the summer months. greek console problems will go away either the. board for or against or you will comes up with some sort of another plan to rescue
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them the event itself is just that was the first like a wish and nothing else but fundamentally everything should have been already discounted by the market i mean the weakness in europe the weakness in the us so it's nothing new in markets in general in the rush not there but it will be jittery until the let's say moving. sideways and still be and. without any. swings or down swings i mean prices have fallen around ten percent since may the metal is currently trading at around twenty five hundred dollars a tonne and that is laughs a lot of you know from ruth outlines the main factors that are being impact. on the one towns we see them strong physical demand and that china and other brics contra's continue developing but the government in china trying to slow down the strokes but the same time. this government's trying to push the slow down the
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process of pumping easing and you see the situation in europe unfortunately is not going well all of that different from some of the not give us there a lot of optimism the should price quickly in the long term different the old come out surprises some for them in particular on different issues rice and should be stable but medium term i could predict that that level should be stable as it is now. back with more in just under one hour's time stay with us for headline news up next.
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most of the koori knew the latest in science and technology from the realm for sure. we've dumped a few jerks covered. the for. the . wealthy british style the best not to try to.
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hide. markets try not to come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's cause or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines and to cause a report on our key.


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