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mr tilton i'm positive for the hotel pool for its pleasures and i would prince or to the splined regional in touch with the who tell me what your future will agree good how the international house flood to change every green laurel he told in total. the greek capital is braced for more violence amid huge protests and a general strike of parliament due to vote on even the harsh austerity measures to avoid defaulting on debts. the greek economic turmoil becomes the first challenge for the new i.m.f. chief christine lagarde also faces the tough task of fighting off a perception that the organization is biased in favor of western countries. also fears grow that unrest in syria might struggle militant has been on the move weapons it's stored there to lebanon threatening to stoke up further trouble in the
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region. and in russia there's a push for better laws to help orphans make their way in the world as we move real how many are denied the state support then tighten to. eleven welcome to watching international news twenty four hours a day budget cuts bankruptcy a tough choice for the greek parliament which is facing a crucial austerity vote european leaders have already warned afghans there are no other options but thousands of protesters are again expected to vent their fury over the planned measures at least forty six people were injured as violent clashes in strikes paralyze the punishment even but hundreds of thousands were on the streets with police using tear gas to disperse them until the rest. late e.u.
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is demanding a twenty eight billion euro with cuts already seen yet funds for greece and list action in this part of the things that greeks are living on the financial page. unfortunately the government isn't giving anyone any real options and that's the problem the a certain measure unpopular widely unpopular amongst everyone in this in this country but at the same time they're not giving us any real solution they're just giving us threats so i think people are becoming more in the style just for the time the drachma to say the drachma is going to solve the problems here but at least with the drag my view. that with inflation if you can't control the government spending which is what we were hoping we would achieve with the introduction of the euro we would have low inflation low government spending so we had low inflation and high government spending so we had massive amounts of debt. i think i think that people are fed up with you here in general that's the major the major feeling and they want to return to something some sort of national economy
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where they can implement a policy that benefits them because right now they understand they're under financial occupation. but the e.u. is trying to blackmail great in spite of everything the stance the ultimatum that's a beautiful constantino columnist for things based newspaper i think many. george papandreou has lost legitimacy and agrees and as the prime minister he is a dead man walking out of the moment the pressure from the european union is tremendous we would talk about the blackmail against the greek government because they see that on lissie you fall for this outrageous view there will be no more and greece who will be left before my professional opinion is the this is a bluff from european union because if we agree to goes before then. i guess the euro. will be a disaster for european union. and unfortunately our government has not been there
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all of them and this is the difficult part of the story because you see the memorandum sent there was very good packages result is the key. export development and this is unsustainable. the greek turmoil is one of the first problems in the trail you had in the international monetary fund french finance minister christine lagarde she might have won overwhelmingly support and that many analysts think another year. favorable treatment for some countries over others. christine lagarde appointment keeps a european at the head of the world's top lender keeping a long held tradition in cac and in a debt crisis having one of its own chairing the international monetary fund could be more important than ever for europe i think that. interment knowledge of those mechanisms of the european community and the eurozone of its many leaders
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can help the guard's main competitor was augustine carstens from mexico who argued her point mind would only edge to the perception of i.m.f. by its there could be some conflict of interest i mean they know that i mean the institution will be a rule of europe so will have its inflation were they war or stormin eighteen a picture. from emerging economies the engine of global growth in recent years are vastly under-represented in the organization with the u.s. and europe holding half of the votes and veto power karsten said he knew he had lost even before he announced he was running the fooling myself i mean it's like starting a soccer game with the five to zero score and always suggest i am as biased has had a negative effect on the world's economy if you look back at the way that rescue packages and other loans have been made in the history of i.m.f.
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lending it is very clear that decisions are primarily political based on the interests of the united states or europe and they would use their monopoly over. force certain policies. own country's. policies there were no national interest the i.m.f. lends money monitors the global economy and in theory at least prevents crises its credibility has been shattered by the financial collapse and the investor commies which it definitely did not spot they missed it too big or biggest as a in the history of the world and the i.m.f. you know which probably says its world economic outlook every six months and is really in charge of monitoring these kinds of things just news there i think. they didn't want to go against their friends on wall street and others they were making
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a fortune at the time some experts say the intimacy between the i.m.f. and u.s. corporations is a matter of concern there's always been a long healthy relationship between the. banks and the financial sector wall street and the us treasury department in the us by extension the i.m.f. all of the big decisions that are made by the u.s. treasury department when you had of the i.m.f. is more than familiar with the u.s. corporate world for years she worked at a major american law firm representing the interests of big business and is a member of the u.s. poland defense industry working group and invest the interests of aviation giants like boeing and lockheed martin helping them to seal multi-billion dollar deals you are seeing here of the pound christine legarde the best paid for the job so did several emerging markets including russia and china but she faces the difficult task of appearing in a panda despite her outsized and will struggle not to cement even further the
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perception that the i.m.f. exists only for the benefit of its creditors i'm going to check our reporting from washington r.t. . but if you are going to our web site you can see more analysis of what christine the gods appointment read terms of global finance expert's opinion about that and more on a challenge is that you know it's more thoughts. nato has extended its operation in libya for three more months and one but it's not going to scale down its mission and strikes that's as opposition to the operation continues but more protests in london and see what activists. out of gas rationing comes amid reports of growing civilian casualties escalating costs and the end in sight to the bloody conflict aaa says more than eight hundred
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civilians have been killed as a result of. ok has already two hundred million dollars into the campaign and risks doubling. drags on throughout the summer these are to the say it's time nato was brought to account. and the people are suffering more and more of the people of libya and other very least. in this no fly zone in this intervention and should be cooling for a day into it now calling for serious political negotiations. besides those that george bush. in afghanistan and elsewhere. v.j. professor of international studies at trinity college in hartford told r.t. of his belief that the nato operation is aimed at weakening the. you know.
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to me you know all i was going to. be astonished to do within a few. was beginning with the french and american struggling libya had already. been doing this is usually. looks like libya is simply being. twenty four thousand stores and you know there's a very gradually being bleeding over libya to the extent where these are. now. being made in one giant store while you know. israel has deployed new missile defense systems there its border with lebanon there in strikes on his behalf islam is to group doesn't want its longtime ally syrian president bashar al assad to be toppled and there's also speculation it might be
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willing to die but western pressure away from him and the launching an attack against israel but he's put a smear reports now on how the balance in the region will further out of control. things are quiet on the israel lebanon border but many suspect it's a lull before the storm everything hinges on what happens in neighboring syria and what hizbollah decides to do with its stockpiles there any opposition group that my people over in syria. differently consider feasible lies an enemy is a. master of the. logical thing to transfer the weapon put in syria. into. lebanon for years has been found an ally in syrian president bashar assad and so it's no surprise they want him to stay in power but if he goes and those who pressurising him to do so would do well to remember this the regional impact. could
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be terrifying syria are like libya is part of an alliance and that alliance is very wide it begins in iran some elements in iraq's government are part of the syrian regime has what are a lot of our. western intelligence reports suggest has been has already started meeting some of its advanced weaponry from its warehouses in syria to its forces in lebanon for fear that a side will be toppled but getting rid of him is one thing dealing with the consequences quite another situation in syria very. dangerous collapse of syrian government gender group. that could include a new war between lebanon and israel already for weapons hizbullah has in its position are able to strike almost any corner of the jewish state the new stockpiles in lebanon would only aggravate an already tense situation as far as you
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know hezbollah has now with related around forty five thousand missiles of three inches. there is run over or part of the range goes beyond three hundred but with three hundred fifty kilometers which according to them at least they can reach the whole of. the country which is something israelis know these missiles originated in syria they found their way to lebanon and then they were fired by his beloved onto the true state back in two thousand and six this museum was set up about a decade ago so that the i.d.f. could display weapons ammunition and items it and captured from israel's enemies on the ground and almost administrate the lebanese palestinian and hizbollah flags flying on the israeli border the message is clear here new countries immune to what happens to its neighbor and it won't take much to turn the region's precarious peace into all out war. r.t. israel. israel is also readying itself for trouble on the other side of the country
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as a new humanitarian term is preparing to sow gaza israeli military is saying it will block any attempt to reach its seabrooke a pristine territory they have the right to stop the activists and state institutions cross-talk people of bell and his guests take on this polarizing issue . there is a chance that they are carrying weapons that they are carrying terrorist we saw that in last year's full chiller there were armed mercenaries aboard the gas and your ship mavi marmara which links to tri-city interests really saw this is really holding only you know there's a lot of the silly shit because it concerns them from and it seems to get this is the journey is really israel's. if you. want to think.
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russia's foreign ministry has become the latest government department to embrace. the president called for state officials to go online registry has launched its own twitter feed it will focus on russia's foreign policy and the trend of active participation in social networks and state officials started by dmitry medvedev who's an avid internet user and blogger spokesman for the show which explains why the foreign ministry has decided to stop tweeting. the. much broader information the national major international and some previews of the teachers of the ministry with the situation of the leadership including the minister of course in the first place. but let's look now at some other international headlines at least ten civilians are reported killed and eight wounded in a suicide and gun attack on a hotel in the afghan capital kabul reports say militants wearing civilian clothes
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burst into the intercontinental lists were having dinner at least one militants and several others positioned in off the shootout with police before the standoff ended in striking a nato helicopter the taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack. classes in cairo seen stones thrown tear gas and just as recent protests as they stole from egypt and trouble leaving dozens in the violence started out saudi interior ministry moment shifted to prayer which was the center. for me was it is to the streets to demonstrate against the slow process of prosecuting security officers queues of causing the deaths of hundreds of people in the uprising toppled . cuban state television has said footage and photos of venezuela's president hugo chavez with fidel castro has underwent surgery on the r.
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in two weeks ago and hasn't appeared on t.v. since it's part rumors that the staunchly washington leader moans in critical condition who had cancer. reporter on cuban t.v. he didn't say it is not returned to but it's worth. but george is the main opposition party has urged the country's chief prosecutor to investigate the actions of security forces during the violent crackdown on protests last month or so for people killed. three hundred rested. the party's leader in the bush and here's a quick preview of what's to come with the minister. meaning leaders of our international community they know our real face of that country quite well of course diplomacy means that they will never say it in public but you can compare our position of these people before two thousand and start before two thousand. even
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twenty six of may and the right but of course you need time you need time. to. call a real face of. really real face of georgian democracy. lots of career. and p.r. company. but nevertheless you can see it quite critical articles can send him to you so you can buy many things are always money which is not just really spending for p.r. analogues companies but you can't buy everything and everyone you can fly for a short time to everyone but you can't afford ever to everybody. lloyds are often blighted by a troubled childhood russian orphans of bonding problems that often extended into i
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don't know two they're entitled to free housing from the government once they leave home that's part of reports many of them aren't getting the support they need. this looks like a prime candidate for demolition in a family home but twenty two year old mother of two lena has been told by social services that she's stuck here. perhaps they haven't seen this place inside they keep telling us true parents somehow believe here they showed me a paper on how to build a house i told them that i had no phones i had no job i had to take care of kids and i ended up renting place they said it's the top problem and you know grew up in an orphanage in the city of havana on the russian law she should have received state housing once she left the institution in this flood misgivings and by the state and despite having no money she's been told. the situation is
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absolutely desperate people give me work because i don't have a profession for them i don't exist perhaps hanging myself would be the best thing to do. without even the most basic of i mean it's nice there's no way. here however here is exactly where it's origins of told her that she should bring up her children lena's case isn't unusual those who work with all friends in russia say that it's when they leave the care homes that they need the most help the problem is or things are killed out smaller you know when they're little and everybody loves to help others with presents and things the closet whereas in actual fact they've got bigger needs when they get bigger and that's really where we need to be standing beside them housing is one of those big in need support off and leaving care it's also in short supply and. we need certain calculations for
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one region we found out that it would take a child who's number in the queue for housing is ten thousand some three and a half thousand years to actually get a flash. currently only a minute. penalties can be imposed on anyone standing in the way of those leaving care getting housing alexander gears a lot for a form often himself as a campaigner for often rights he wants to see the courts more involved. in my phone and we need to change the law in a way to make sure that someone can be held responsible in court in this case the orphanage this will make sure that there is no way graduating orphan would have to go and live in a rundown home the change in the law might help people in the future but lena needs to find a solution right now. ask them why all the mothers are given homes to raise their children why can't i have that isn't because i don't know the laws or because i'm not allowed to live because it's had been for me to have
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a family some people are trying to help me but so far their efforts have been in vain. these are all of a. very cheap. yes well that's plenty more ahead here on the party and in some twenty minutes some extreme action from our sports stats competitions where excitement and danger go hand in hand we report on one of the newest most thrilling sports and. the text is from korea stay with us.
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however i very well welcome to our business program here on r t russia's electricity export monopoly into rao has pulled the plug on that supplies to belarus that's not to mention failed to pay bills on time and missed an extend the deadline the outstanding debt amounts to around fifty million dollars that it was says it's the economic crisis in the country that sparked the problems with payment is a real notes that supplies will be resumed once the debt it's paid off by those meets about ten percent of its electricity needs through russians cars. and buses given all to imports of vegetables from the netherlands and belgium the two countries make up a considerable share of russia's fresh to go imports such products account for about a third of the tuna happen in europe russia spends on european vegetable imports but a ban on imports from poland denmark and other even worse is still under review pose they go in early june and meet a deadly outbreak in cologne germany. american g.
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money bank and swedish hundreds punkin closing their businesses in russia but withdraw the money back and it's part of general electric strategy to squeeze its financial business according to commerce and daily this comes as a condition for g.e. to receive a state gala to overcome the crisis hundreds upon ten has not given any reasons for the rules of the global majors his b.c. and barclays probably left precious weeks have said. the nuclear disaster in japan has shattered confidence and what was one of the most promising forms of alternative energy italy has decided not to restart its nuclear program while germany and switzerland have decided to stop using the eight hundred however the former head of the international atomic energy agency warns the world can't afford to follow their example. right now there's twenty nine countries but it lying on your credit here and the impact of all of north carolina going to get any you have
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huge and energy deficits increase in prices of old gas some oil that renewable is not yet out on the corner energy forecast will increase forty percent by twenty thirty or so we are between the rock and a hard place you know we have to understand that there was a new technology that is it is good but we have to maximize their benefit and minimize that is what we need to do rather than say we are working out of the nuclear energy if you just try to focus on safety. and cyclical markets now all is moving between small gains and losses with investors taking a pause after pushing all the sharp gains on tuesday like sweet is trading around ninety three dollars a barrel and brant around one hundred nine dollars a barrel the south. asian markets are trading mostly higher on increasing expectations that greece would avoid a messy default resul sectors out overnight boost to commodity prices stocks and energy sector rose across the region after crude oil prices jumped overnight in new
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york chance of tepco climbed over two percent after the company's shareholders on tuesday rejected a motion to abandon u.k. . and here in moscow the trading session began with the r.t.s. in the black and isaacs will open in a few minutes so here on tuesday's closing papers energy majors were among the main thing as of the taste for rebounded from the four months the. other thing in prices of foreign around ten percent since may the metal is currently trading at around twenty five hundred dollars per tonne. outlines the main thought to have been affecting the price. in the month camp we see them strong physicals and moms and the china and other brics countries continue developing but the government in china trying to slow down this process at the same time. there is a government trying to work with this hold on the process a part of it is ing and you see the situation in europe unfortunately is not going
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well all of that different from some of the not give us that a lot of help to me is what it should rise quickly in the long term that from the old from zero to crisis and from the medium of particular a different issue price and should be stable but the medium term i could predict at that level should be stable as it is now. at the business update for this hour but remember you can always find all stories just log on to our website that's not a dot com that has an expert. a.
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litmus. tests. period. if. he.
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