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it. the greek capital is braced for more violence i made huge protests and a general strike with you to vote on even harsher austerity measures to avoid defaulting on debts. greek economic turmoil becomes the first challenge for a new i.m.f. chief christine lagarde also faces the tough task of biting off the perception that the organization is biased in favor of western countries. also fears grow that unrest in syria might strike the militant group whose goal are to move weapons it still gets in lebanon threatening to stoke up further trouble in the region. and in
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russia there's a push for better laws to help orphans make their way into work as we reveal how many are denied the state supports their title to. international news and comments twenty four hours a day this is our table come to the program budget cuts or bankruptcy tough choice for the greek parliament which is facing a crucial austerity vote here pain leaders have already warned athens there are no other options for testers or any flocking to the parliament thousands of them are again venting their fury over the planned measures at least forty six people were injured as well in clashes and strikes paralyze the country even though hundreds of thousands were on the streets with police using tear gas to disperse them. live pictures from part of the e.u.
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is demanding twenty eight billion euros worth of cuts or releasing yet more funds to greece journalist and miter coffin says being part of the ancient greeks are living under occupation. unfortunately the government isn't giving anyone any real options and that's the problem here started measuring popular. wildly unpopular amongst everyone in this in this country but at the same time they're not giving us any real solution they're just giving us threats so i think people are becoming more nostalgic for the time the drachma has of the say the drachma is going to solve the problems here but at least with the drac my view. that with inflation if you can't control the government spending which is what we were hoping we would achieve with the introduction of the euro we have low inflation and low government spending so we have low inflation and high government spending so we had massive amounts of debt. i think i think that people are fed up with you here in general that's the major the major feeling and they want a return to something some sort of national economy where they can implement
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a policy that benefits them because right now they understand they're under financial occupation. and the e.u. is trying to blackmail greece spite of living an austerity ultimatum. constantino columnist for the athens based newspaper i think. george papandreou has lost legitimacy in the breeze and as a prime minister he is a dead man walking at the moment and there pressure from the european union is tremendous we would talk about blackmail i guess the greek government because they say that listen you vote for these outrages there will be no more problems and greece who will be left before my professional opinion is this is a bluff from the european union because if we greece goes before then it will have a domino effect or i guess the euro. will be a disaster for european union at large but unfortunately our government has not been are one of them and this is the difficult part of the story because you see
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that the memorandum sent there was a very good package is the result is the. golden eggs of development and this is unsustainable. well the greek turmoil is one of the first problems in the in trade of the new head of the international monetary fund french pilots minister christine lagarde she might have won overwhelming support in the i.m.f. but an honest think other european pass means more favorable treatment for some countries over others not what's going to tacoma ports. christine lagarde appointment keeps a european at the head of the world's top lender keeping the long held tradition intact and in a debt crisis having one of its own carrying the international monetary fund could be more important than ever for europe i think. my. intimate knowledge of those mechanisms. of the european community and the eurozone of its many leaders
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can help lead guards main competitor was i was saying carstens from mexico who argued her point mind would only add to the perception of i.m.f. by its there could be some conflict of interest i'm not in those they know their main borel's institution with me they were all of europe so we'll have his inflation were they war or stormy night to create the institutional emerging economies the engine of global growth in recent years are vastly under represented in the organization with the u.s. and europe holding half of the votes and veto power carson said he knew he had lost even before he announced he was running not be fooling myself i mean it's like starting a soccer game with five to see will score and only suggest i am have clients has had a negative effect on the world economy and they would use their current monopoly over credit. to force certain policies. on countries
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in there were not in their actual interest the i.m.f. lends money monitors the global economy and in theory at least prevents crises its credibility has been shattered by the financial collapse in the advanced economies which it definitely did not spot they missed it too big or biggest asset bubbles in the history of the world and the i.m.f. you know which publishes its world economic outlook every six months and is really in charge of monitoring these kinds of things just news there and i think they didn't want to go against their friends on wall street and others there were making a fortune at the time some experts see the intimacy between the i.m.f. and u.s. corporations as a matter of concern all of the big decisions at the i.m.f. are made by the us treasury department then you had of the i.m.f. . he's more than familiar with the u.s. corporate world for years she worked at
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a major american law firm representing the interests of big business and is a member of the u.s. poland defense industry working group advanced the interests of aviation giants like boeing and lockheed martin helping them to seal who to billion dollar deals you are saying you're of found christine lagarde the best fit for the job so did several emerging markets including russia and china but she faces the difficult task of appearing independent despite her past ties and will struggle not to cement even further the perception that the i.m.f. exists only for the benefit of its creditors i'm going to check our reporting from washington hard to. put together our web site you can see more analysis of what christine legarde support winter could made terms of global finance there's expert opinion on data and more on the challenges that lie ahead faces well that's what our teams are. well nato has extended its operation in libya for three
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more months one but it's not going to scale down its mission of pain and strikes that says opposition to the operation continues with protests in london and more activists. the demonstration comes amid reports of growing civilian casualties escalating costs and no end in sight to the bloody conflict aaa says more than eight hundred civilians have been killed as a result of the airstrikes in kane's reported more than two hundred million dollars into the campaign and risks doubling down to the ration drags on throughout the summer peace activists say it's time nato was brought to account. by the saudis where they and the people are suffering more and more they would meet me here and at the very least the question look at they should have a violent in this no fly zone and this intervention and the cooling. for an end to it now i'm calling for serious political negotiations. but it's pale
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into insignificance beside those that george bush. sits in iraq and afghanistan and elsewhere. well professor of international studies at trinity college in hartford told r.t. of his belief that nato operations and weakening libya. to me you know was going to be here be a story u.n. resolution within a few. beginning with the french and american strike in libya had already. proved to you it. looks like libya is simply being. you know under. twenty thousand sorties and you know there is a very gradually reading of libya to the extent where these are.
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not. yet being made into what. israel has deployed new missile defense systems in support of lebanon fearing strikes from his but not islamists who doesn't want his longtime ally syrian president bashar assad to be toppled and there's also speculation it might be willing to divert western pressure away from him by launching an attack against israel but he supports live reports now on how the delicate balance is still further out of control. things are quiet on the israel lebanon border but many suspect it's a lull before the storm everything hinges on what happens in neighboring syria and what hizbollah decides to do with its stockpiles their. opposition group that my take over in syria. differently is belies an enemy is a spirit and so forth it's the mass of the. logical thing to do all
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transfer the weapon they put in syria. in. lebanon for years hizbollah found an ally in syrian president bashar assad and so it's no surprise they want him to stay in power but if he goes and those who pressurising him to do so would do well to remember this the regional impact could be terrifying syria are like libya is part of an alliance and that alliance is very wide it begins in iran some elements in iraq's government are part of the syrian regime hezbollah in lebanon are hamas in gaza western intelligence reports suggest hizbullah has already started moving some of its advanced weaponry from its warehouses in syria to its forces in lebanon for fear that assad will be toppled but getting rid of him is one thing dealing with the consequences quite another situation in syria. while walls are dangerous and collapse the
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syrian government gender group. that could include a new war between lebanon and israel over the weapons has been there has in its position are able to strike almost any corner of the jewish state when you stockpiles in lebanon would only aggravate an already tense situation as you know hizbullah has now accumulated around forty five thousand missiles off various ranges. there is run of or part of them that in fact the range goes beyond three hundred and goals three hundred fifty kilometers which according to them at least they can reach the whole of israel in the south of the country which is something israelis know these missiles originated in syria they found their way to lebanon and they were fired by his bolo onto the three state back in two thousand and six this museum was set up about a decade ago so that the idea could display weapons ammunition and items that are captured from israel's enemies on the ground and almost administrate the lebanese
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palestinian and hizbollah flared flying on the israeli border the message is clear here no countries immune to what happens to its neighbor and it won't take much to turn the region's precarious peace into all out war policy r.t. israel. israel is also readying itself for trouble on the other side of the country as a new humanitarian for terrorists preparing to sail for gaza the israeli military saying it will block any attempt to reach something like eight of the palestinian territory but they test addition of cross-talk people of ellen his guests debate this with your eyes and that's coming up from the day but here's a pretty. there is a chance that they are carrying weapons that they are carrying terrorists we saw that in last year's flotilla they were armed mercenaries aboard the motorcade routes and your ship mavi marmara which lynch to try cylinder israeli soldiers this is really holding a lot still remains was
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a conservative group and the same says it's get this is. the israel's. if. you think you've got. the level of social networking that's spreading among russia's top officials is not passed on to hold government departments the foreign ministry has just launched its own twitter feed in english and russian the focus of the country's foreign policy on the government's twitter rise ation instigated by the russian president himself was an avid blog and his followers are often the first to learn the needs of a country's leader so it's under the shade which explains why the foreign ministry has decided to keep up with the trend. there will be much more broadly information on the international of a major international bounce and some previews of the gist of the ministry and with
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the speech and of the leadership including the minister of course in the first place. but that's right now it's not international headlines at least ten people reported killed and eight wounded in a suicide and gun attack on a hotel in the afghan capital kabul say militants wearing civilian clothes burst into an intercontinental yesterday having dinner at least one militant himself up and several others to positions on the roof of a shootout with police before our standoff was ended by the airstrike from a nato helicopter the taliban has claimed responsibility for it sir. this is fresh arrest in cairo where at least fifty protesters have been injured in clashes with police dozens were also injured on tuesday as hundreds of protesters took to the union street lynch shifted to to square the center of the revolution. the testers are angry about the slow process of prosecuting security officers used to wasn't
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that sort of. people really operads. cuban state television has footage and photos of one as well when president. hugo class trip. underwent surgery on the island two weeks ago and appeared on t.v. since the start rumors that the storage of the anti washington leader was in a critical condition or had cancer a report on cuban saying he didn't say when children's returns of elsewhere. but as they head out of here the last months and violent dispersed the protests in georgia your exclusive interview with the opposition leader in the bush announced that he's been in the very hard to underestimate it's the first time the council the severe threat that is a test of what's to come in about twenty minutes. of. international community they know are real faces that country quite well of course diplomacy means that they will never say it in public so countries play. lots of meaning this
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very year. with a movie company. but nevertheless you can see a lot of strength so you can buy many. groups out there truly. young looks something like you can't buy everything and everything you can't lie for a short time to everyone but you can't lie for ever so everybody. their lives are often blighted by a troubled childhood the russian orphans are planting the problems are often extended into others with they're trying to free housing from the government was doing leave. but as it's all of our ports many of them aren't getting the support they need. dark and dilapidated this one looks more like a prime candidate for demolition than
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a family home bird's twenty two year old mother of two lena is being told by social services that she stuck here. perhaps they haven't seen this place inside they keep telling us true parents somehow believe here they showed me a paper on how to build a house i told them that i had no phones i had no job i had to take care of kids and i ended up renting a place they said it's not our problem lino grew up in an orphanage in the city of under russian law she should have received state housing one she left the institution. with given funding as mother by the state and despite having no money she's been told makes it up. but there's a tradition in the city desperate they didn't give me work because i don't have a profession for them i don't exist perhaps hanging myself would be the best thing to do. without even the most basic of amine at least there's no way
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a family can live here however here is exactly where the therapies of told her that she should bring up children i mean his case isn't unusual those who work with orphans in russia say that it's when they leave the care homes that they need the most help the problem is for us our kids are at smaller you know when they're little and everybody loves to help others but rather than things that. whereas in actual fact they've got bigger needs i think a bigger and that's really where we need to be standing beside them housing is one of those big needs for orphans leaving care it's also in short supply and. we need certain calculations for one region and found out that if a child is number ten thousand in a queue for housing it would take them some three and a half thousand years to actually get a flat how can they live like this or not pharaohs you know we can't bring them back in the dead and give them an apartment or currently only administrative
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penalties can be imposed on anyone standing in the way of those leaving care getting housing alexander gears a lot of film often himself as a campaigner for orphans rights he wants to see the courts more involved. in my file and we need to change the law in a way to make sure that someone can be held responsible in court in this case the orphanage this will make sure that there is no way graduating orphan would have to go and live in a rundown home of. a change in the law might help people in the future and lena and find a solution right now. i ask them why all the mothers are given homes to raise their children why can't i have that isn't because i don't know the laws or because i'm not allowed to live because it's forbidden for me to have family some people are trying to help me but so far their efforts have been in vain. these are all over. to the average. but abuse has
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a power to repay its debts for russians electricity and missed its payments due of a night in moscow has now cut off supplies the country. is suffering one of its worst economic crises with prices rising in the currency plummeting. almost as more details and so what lies behind all of this just how bad things about it was and starting to pay its bills well kerry certainly is an interesting situation inside the country just to give you an idea the economic minister nicholai snow called actually made some very disparaging comments earlier today in a press conference and meant he said that he is sorry that he did not shoot himself and that he feels personally responsible for the economic situation here in belarus at this moment in time now those could have been off the cuff dark humor type comments but still if someone of that elevated status inside the country is saying such comments it does give you an indication as to what's happening on the ground
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let me paint a little bit of a picture of that for you people are lining up to try and get their hands on u.s. dollars or russian rubles because the ruble inside dollars has devalued to such a great extent that people are trying to buy basic commodities like salt t.v. sets food things that they can use for a trade and barter system things that they can use that to devalue that they can trade amongst themselves that would work better than the currency itself also the energy prices are so high gasoline is so price pricey inside the country the taxi drivers are saying that it costs them more to pay for gas and then the fares that are coming in so basically they're doing a public service job as opposed to a job that will earn them any sort of income on that now one of the speculations about this is that there were elections in december of course got an incredible percentage of the vote to the point where people around the world would criticize those elections and say that they were rigged but just before that election. here
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in october one of the things that it did to possibly buy the vote of the people is to raise the wages of everyone in the country to fall that means everybody was making a twice as much as they were there is speculation that this move is being exactly what was what devalued the ruble inside the country causing the current economic situation so right now people living in belarus they don't have a lot of money in fact the money that they do have isn't really worth anything so they're trying to go to a trade and barter system at this moment time just to make ends meet. ok sean thomas live from moscow thank you. well more on the recent electricity rabbits. coming businessperson in a few minutes. oh
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welcome to business here in our top story today russia's electricity expert monopoly into russia has pulled the plug on its applies to bellows that's up to maine still to pay bills on time and missed an extended deadline here outstanding debt amounts to around fifteen million dollars well who says it's the economic crisis in the country that sparked the problems with payments rushes into round supplies will resume once the money is paid. to city supply comes from russia. russia has given the nod to imports of vegetables from the netherlands and belgium the two countries make up considerable share of russia's vegetable imports such products account for about a third of the two and a half billion euros russia spends on european vegetables but a ban on imports from poland denmark and other even members is still under review moscow imposed embargo in early june
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a trade deadly outbreak in germany. the nuclear disaster in japan has shattered confidence in what was one of the most promising forms of alternative energy italy has decided not to so we started a program called germany and switzerland decided to stop using the a.t.m. however the former head of the international atomic energy agency wants the world can't afford to call their top. right now there's twenty nine countries but it lying on your credit energy and the impact of north carolina going to continue to have huge energy deficits an increase in the prices of gas and oil that renewal is not yet out on their core your energy forecast will increase forty percent by twenty third the us so we are between that are going to make so you know we have to understand that it was ever new technology it is it is what we have to maximize that benefit and minimize that is what we need to do it other than say we are working out of the nuclear energy is just right before just on safety. let's take
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a look at the markets now oil is moving between small gains and losses with investors taking a pause up to pushing all the shop gains on tuesday night sweet is creating ninety three dollars a barrel and branches around one hundred nine dollars about. now most asian markets trading higher powers make you finish the day want to have percent in the black south korea's call speak one on one six percent but hong kong's hang seng country training program resource sector is on an overnight boost to commodity prices stocks and energy sector rose across the region after crude oil prices jumped overnight in new york shares of tepco climbed two point two percent out of the company's shareholders own cheesecake rejected a motion to nuclear power. now let's cross over to europe where markets open higher as investors await a key vote in the greek girl months on additional austerity measures to later incest you case footsie about twenty eight percent germany's dax is up
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a point nine percent karen russell market started wednesday's trading session in the black the out tests at a point nine percent and the lies it was up over a percent this hour now let's have a look at something to video savile's isaac's energy majors among the main gainers as well rebounded from a four month slow crossing the half is up around one point four percent in the mining sector natural as the company has almost quadrupled its net profit in the first quarter of the year which is three hundred nine million dollars that's a tall precious explications previous expectations now banking stocks are also bouncing with b.c.b. up over one percent. i mean prices have fallen around ten percent since may and metal is currently trading at around twenty five hundred dollars a proton and that is laughs all of y'all from outlines the main factors that have been affecting the price. on the one camp we see them strong physical demand
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and the china and other groups come first continue developing but the government in china trying to slow down the strokes at the same time the u.s. government trying to which was sold on the process of quantity is ng and you see the situation in europe unfortunate that's not going well all of that difference between the two not give us that a lot of optimism the shipwrights quickly in the long term different the old promote surprises and put them in a particular different positions rice and ships that will come from medium term i could predict at that level should be stable as it is now. that are out there for this hour other back with more and less than one hour from now thanks so much.
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twenty years ago when i just country. to certain places of. what had been cured. and began a journey. for where did it take.


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