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tv   [untitled]    June 29, 2011 8:00pm-8:30pm EDT

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congress has nothing to do with the choosing about whether to go to war or not and the president is becoming an absolute monarch he is the lawmaker who called the president a monarchy just heard him and he'll join us tell us why he thinks obama is overstepping the boundaries. of a loud battlefield in greece so as new austerity measures move and protesters remain on the streets what will the disconnect do for the global economy and what should the u.s. be learning parties on the ground in athens. and turning up the brains behind the
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brawn the white house unveils a new counterterrorism strategy but what's new and will it work the news starts now . well it comes to matters of war my next guest says the u.s. president is becoming an absolute monarch and now joining us for more on this from our new york studio is congressman jerrold nadler he is a new york democrat thank you so much for being with us so i'm just curious you know really what were you getting at when you said that it's kind of a more extreme comment that we've heard in regards to whether or not the president is acting you know in a legal way in libya. well i wasn't talking about this present particular i was saying that we're headed towards i'm going to argue cool form of decision making and when we get into wars the constitution says that congress is supposed to declare war and war powers that this strike trying to effectuate that and yet ever
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since korea we've been getting into a situation because initially of the existing seas of the cold war where you know if the bombers were coming over the pope he didn't have time to consult with congress. so we gave more and more power to the president but now we've gotten to the point where there was no excuse here in the libyan operation the secretary of defense said there was no imminent threat to the united states in curity there was plenty of time to negotiate with the arab league was plenty of time to go to the u.n. and there was plenty of time to call congress into session and yet the president initiated american participation in military action without so much is asking congress and i think that's way beyond his powers and i think we're headed to an article powers in the that is to say one man decision making and whether we get into wars and we have to stop that and you mentioned at this event a continuing process however when the sixty day mark came in libya obama didn't go to congress and many constitutional scholars that i interviewed said that this was
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taking it one step further than other presidents had because most presidents in the past how did here to sixty day rule with the exception of bill clinton in kosovo but he went to congress for funding so that was used as kind of an excuse and well you know think obama is taking this one step further with having us on to congress not time for him. i think he definitely did he is clearly violated the war powers act that the the white house counsel in fact overruled the office of legal counsel . lawyers and said. this is not hostilities the work powers act says that well first of the war powers act does not say that the president can initiate a series on his own he still supposed to get congressional approval in advance on this isn't any threat to the united states but it does say that if you didn't see a test deliveries he must stop and withdrew all the troops in with and stop all activity in sixty days if congress hasn't approved. in every previous instance the
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president will never. agreeing that the war powers act is constitutional as it used to it either got in congress to pass it with the station for the use of military force or appropriations or something and here he did not he simply went right ahead ignored it and then justified that is that by saying that. this is not a feeling which is absurd doesn't pass the laugh test frankly right i mean they're still john going over let me i don't know i mean i would think most people can certainly tell it but i might have been there but i want to get to know is this last friday we saw the house vote down a bill that would have given obama authority to continue u.s. military and action in libya however it doesn't really have an immediate effect on american involvement it won't result in immediate change to defense funding or military strategy so why not go further and congress. i think we should go for that i'm going to be co-sponsoring in amendment to cut off all funds it when we do
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the defense bill next week. barbara lee and i and several others are going to be sponsoring them at the sake of telephones but you know to put the burden on timers of stopping what's already been started by taking affirmative action. is is wrong because the. terms of action should be needed to start the war not to stop it and there is a very heavy political. difficulty in getting people to vote to stop funding when it will be characterized by many people as well whether we should have done it in the first place you can't stop the funding because that's starving our troops it's not supporting the troops it's taking the weapons out of their hands and so forth and so it becomes much more difficult to use the power of the purse to stop war once it's started and congress really should be asked for permission to start in the first place that's our constitutional scheme the founding fathers and in fact the framers were very clear that i'm like
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a british king the president should not have the authority to decide whether to go to war by himself and you need a vote of the people's representatives in congress first and there may be emergencies there obviously have been emergencies where you can't do that but you can we should obey the constitution really quickly the president had defense that in a speech that he's gone to congress he's given constant updates and that what's really driving this debate is politics but if they are that likely well the fact that he's consulted congress is irrelevant he hasn't gotten congress's permission which is what's relevant here not that he informs you consult congress and see what's going on it's own place on the part of some people i'm sure that's true i'm sure some of the republicans are just trying to embarrass the president and they're trying to embarrass the president i'm a democrat i want this president to succeed but i think that we have to stop presidents in general from from increasing. increasingly making congress irrelevant in the decision to go to war all right i thank you so much for giving us your insight and telling us always my no comment that made by fast that was new york
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congressman jerrold nadler. and another u.s. military operations osama bin laden is dead the u.s. has announced plans to begin pulling out some troops from afghanistan and so now president obama has revealed a new strategy for counterterrorism the principal focus remains on its affiliates other threats it notes include nations in groups the u.s. considers such as iran syria hezbollah and hamas using the full range of foreign policy tools to tax the u.s. against these threats for oil exactly what that means though and what's changed at all i spoke with susan lindauer she is a former cia asset who covered libya at the united nations from ninety five to two thousand and three during the negotiations for the lockerbie trial she gave me first her take on what this new counter counterterrorism strategy really nene's take a listen. these are platitudes nothing is going to change quite the opposite our
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policies on the ground are making the situation much worse we are firing up bitter resentments in the moderate arab community all the way through the spectrum to the to the extreme islamists. and. what evidence do you have about what do you see as as really demonstrating that well what's happening in libya particularly is. is is causing these problems and how like what is an example of that ok. we have now video documentation are on the ground from libyan refugees who are fleeing the rebel strongholds and there they have been capturing. atrocities committed by libyan rebels on their camera phones right and the video documentation shows that the libyan rebels are guilty of can of crimes on par with the c'mere ruesch beheadings castrations.
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young man was beheaded was was castrated and his eyes gouged out they're using rape as a weapon of war. it to punish procrit off the families and they're cutting off women's breasts when they do it there is this there we actually have a a video of pro rebel soldiers who are cutting up a dead body and force feeding it to prisoners of war and so what you see is that the u.s. position we are so we are actually financing a new al qaeda regime in libya and we are providing an foresman backing through nato. nato aerial bombings a couple questions on that because all of those things sound very horrific there how are you or how can you confirm that it is the nato the nato supported rebels that are doing that. well the interesting thing is that the families of the dead are speaking up and the rape victims have been have now got human
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rights attorneys who are taking the documentation and preparing war crimes allegations against nato at the at the united at the international criminal court so interesting lee they nato has just made accusations against gadhafi but the libyan people are preparing war crimes that are heavily documented and we and i have received some of that documentation myself and it's unbelievable what i want to know too as you say that this is fueling al-qaeda within the rebels but how do we know that how do you know that there is an al qaeda presence in the rebels well we know that the that they know for example the the highest percentage of foreign fighters in iraq and afghanistan and chechnya all came from eastern libya. the eastern libyan rebels have now returned home and they've brought their
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practices home with them and. if they're not al-qaeda they're al-qaeda copycats because they view they're applying the same terror tactics to try to control the people they're trying to beat the people into submission so that if you are pro khadafi you will not be you will not ever say it you will bend down and you will take it take whatever they give you. they are taking people's houses in benghazi they're taking their cars they're throwing them out there saying they're doing ethnic cleansing all the bad practices that they've seen happen in other places they're now they're not now lying at home ok and i want to ask you a switching gears to khadafi because this is what we heard the united states president say today about the u.s. role there and about gadhafi i want to roll that real quick if we have that we play that we have done exactly what we said lou under a u.n. mandate and we are protect the belgians lies in the process and as a consequence a guy who was
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a state sponsor of terrorist operations against the united states of america. is. the noose is tightening around so now he's calling khadafi essentially a sponsor of terrorism do you agree with that you have evidence against that. i was directly involved in the nine in the operation in the one nine hundred ninety s. to get terrorists out of libya i can assure president obama and the american people because after he stopped providing sanctuary to terrorists by about nineteen ninety eight all of those people who had been hiding out in libya were disappeared in the desert they were executed they were thrown out they went to other countries that is and this is totally wrong information and i am i am very disappointed that obama and surprised that obama is relying on such shallow arguments to make this our this case against gadhafi will end even years ago we saw congolese arise say they could
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offer as a partner in terror i mean we saw u.s. officials saying that my question is what about the allegations that khadafi is a terrorist in the way that obama would see it with what he's doing now given a sense that well qaddafi for example was the very first government ever to report of some of bin ladin to interpol khadafi had nothing to do with lockerbie that was the united states actually paid witnesses four million dollars apiece to testify against libya at the trial the witnesses recanted their testimony and the the only libyan ever convicted of lockerbie was freed two years ago on a compassionate release there's no evidence and we can come back to that any time but what about now if he's talking about gadhafi versus civilians in libya now. i will tell you that i am in daily contact with tribal leaders from libya and they say this is not about qaddafi at all they say they say and i have offer i am in
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a position. to have is a very sensitive conversations with these people they're not afraid of khadafi they're not backing down and supporting gadhafi they're supporting the libyan people and they have said over and over again because nothing has nothing to do with this they say that if the if the tribal leaders wanted to indict qaddafi for war crimes they would have perfect capability to take him into custody at any time and nothing would be stopping them from prosecuting him they say that they have that they they do not need the help needed nor desire the help of nato to do that and i say it's foolishness yes or no does the nato support the u.s. support of the rebels make the war on terror for the u.s. worse. makes it worse yes i can tell you right now that i was told an hour ago by the tribal leaders that britain france and italy should forget doing business in libya for the foreseeable future they will not be welcomed
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back into the country that is how angry the tribal leaders have become they say that nato is acting with aggression and that until nato governments pay damages to libyan families who are suffering from the nato bombings those governments can forget doing business forget their investment opportunities for the next few years and now i have been arguing and obama just undercut me very badly on my negotiations i've been trying to keep the lines open to the tribal leaders saying that the united states has been deceived by nato arguments and i've been collecting the documentation i've just posted it on obama's libya dot com so that people can see for themselves what's really happening but i have been arguing that obama just doesn't know how badly the libyan rebels have behaved and he's been deceived and that as soon as he discovered the truth that he would be more inclined to back down
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that was susan lindauer. our former cia asset now austerity it is a word they've you've heard it seems to be the word of the summer california just passed around a bit in response to its budget crisis they're cutting or postponing billions of dollars to schools health care programs for the poor they're also increasing fees to close another nine billion dollars nationwide not nationwide nationwide congress is struggling to try to stop piling on to the fourteen trillion dollars of debt and agree to raise the debt ceiling meanwhile overseas let's go to greece they passed us parity measures while on the streets of violent protests have been raging take a look at those behind me people angry that their country is being saddled with debt and of bailout that they will never see a dime of archies their growth has more on the story. on the streets of our names the faces of discontent the growing louder. it's a war we did not create this tour no going to pay for this we want to become less
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but this week continues the fight against economic ruin the second bailout is an attempt to prevent greece from the falls on its previous lame attainments greek people we keep seeing a penny. of this buyout money actually comes into the greek economy you know. repayments the battles on save the banks and prevent a large scale financial crisis the people the price is simply too high they see their income going down they see taxes taxes taxes and nothing else their money does not go to the reality here is struggling against hostile stereotyping measures the government now faces an electorate opposed to another bailout they are going to get all this the. state probably i mean very proper and they are going to get almost everything because. of the good people they're going to get
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in this in this. plan. would certainly come at a high cost cuts in public spending raising taxes as any question of privatization programs would mean so many quick public assets this is robbery this is theft this is tension on the streets of athens continues to mount violent scenes witnessed recently disturbing testimony just how situations the t.v. races one of the reasons that everybody is so determined to keep greece in the euro is so that the banks don't have to take a serious policy lending policies and it's almost as if there's a holy alarms. all politicians and bankers but he will repeat it just like the people say but not for said a third party. and earlier i spoke with mission coconuts
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a financial journalist covering the protests right there in app and he gave us the very latest on the ground well has the worst day that i've seen yet and i've been to a lot of these protests and a lot of these rallies usually these things lol down after they get very violent or at least when we head into the nighttime there's a there's a brief period where things calm down before they get violent again but we really haven't had that here it's calmer now than it was before but it's still externally violent even right behind me right now there are clashes with police going on. an interesting thing is from some bikers who actually rode down yesterday from northern greece and more and more people got on the on the bandwagon as they came down they rode by again in front of parliament once again people get very excited when they come through it's very hopeful so it's i think it's a mix there's a mixture of excited and hope because of the of the response but also there's a there's a concern a fear because there's a lot of violence and and that's a concern not only for the protesters obviously who have been injured but also for the government because with these with this type of violence it becomes much more
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difficult for them to pass the start of measures and privatization schemes that are widely unpopular in this country right but yet they have passed it austerity measures under the pressure of the e.u. and i.m.f. against the will of the people that you've been covering on the streets there so do you think that the will of the people will be heard at any point or there will be actual repercussions for the government. yeah well i mean first of all the first memorandum according to scholars here in greece were constitutional scholars and former members of the government they claimed that the measure completely unconstitutional the first place because you need one hundred eighty members of parliament to pass this sort of legislation first of all second of all they can pass whatever they like but if the people don't agree to it and the people are not willing to sit down and take it it doesn't really matter what they pass and that's what we're seeing here right now and and they can just keep trying i mean even if they pass this along and everything goes smoothly in there and they're able to continue to to move this government along they still have a huge vote coming in april and september i'm sorry so this is not going to end in the greek people are not stupid and i said this before they understand what's going
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on they've seen this before in latin america they see it in africa they see in the caribbean and they're not about to be the first european country to be taken over. and i kind of corporate liquidation and i think that's i think that's the real message of the people on the ground i want to ask you because i know that you're based in new york as well you're a financial journalist you cover the united states as well obviously within the u.s. weighing in and pay great need to pass these measures get together they're threatening the global financial stability this is at the very same time the united states is concerning a world that's going to default on its debt by passing all these debt lot deadline to raise the debt ceiling do you see any hypocrisy in that and any comparison between the two countries. i mean obviously there's hypocrisy there first of all the united states doesn't have to conduct austerity measures because it just prints its way out of its problems but eventually that's going to that's going to be its undoing and many people have commented that and on the united states i don't think i even need to get into that here but is there a threat to the financial system absolutely based on greece's fault it's the fault
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of an over leveraged system that has no capital there's no capital the system it's just it's about the credit and there's a legitimate concern because everything is. there's a huge counter party risk in the system that you still have all these credit default swaps out there on greek debt on irish tax on portuguese debt on spanish that you would have credit default swaps. on u.s. debt so there's a lot of counterparty risk there's a lot of risk in the system and it's not even a matter of specifically how much can the system absorb specifically of greek losses but there's also the the concern that what we saw during the financial crisis in the u.s. in two thousand and eight it wasn't just you know what effect that lehman's actual bounce you have but what effect did people's banks fear about the balance sheets of other banks and where their exposure was how did that affect liquidity and that's the real concern the real concern is that it's going to freeze up capital markets and i think is a very good chance that would happen i think that the markets have not priced in a greek default and if a greek default were to occur that would be certainly catastrophic for the banking
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system that's about naira either way and i applaud you for getting up and go now because while there is the gun shop and firing going on in the background what's happening right behind you right yeah i know. what's going on behind you right now . it's a good idea i would have to say pretty much what's been going on regularly which is you know you'll kind of look at the square and you'll see maybe one pocket here one pocket there where cops are engaging protesters or protests or throwing rocks at police because you have a lot of people here with sledgehammers breaking concrete off the ground taking the marble and throwing it at the police and sometimes the police or the mob mob aback but it's just it's back and forth and you just see a lot of this one side engaging the other back and forth and that's why you're seeing that's what you're hearing before we had a giant fireball go off in the square on the right side of parliament and and there was smoke billowing out everywhere you had the hellenic postbank lit on fire so it's chaotic i mean you can go and really here during the day after this aftermath i'm back i just want to break in because we're also ahead of time but i just want
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to ask if you think that the united states needs to be paying attention to deaths as it looked at cutting its own budget and having end of entitlement for example on the possible talking rock. look i mean entitlements there's an issue with entitlements regardless whether you're for the way these things are implemented or not many greeks here understand that we need to cut the public sector we need to shore up this this economy we need to create a market that's they can deal with that can absorb capital and from a private investment. i think that there really is united states and they should look to greece for that is that what happened it's going to happen in the u.s. if you had similar protests in new york what if you had people you know going up and down central park breaking things i mean is that is that possible i don't know it could happen at some point but the u.s. is not really felt this because of the nature of the economy the way that it subsidized by foreign exports and the way that the dollar has has functioned as a reserve currency for all these years i think that hard times are ahead for the united states. they had
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a message from financial journalist nature ecofin to the united states from greece . so here on r t the website hacks need be over but the search has just begun for the story of one woman who had her house raided by the f.b.i. next. what drives the world the fear mongering used by politicians who makes decisions to break through and through and if you have made who can you trust no one who is you
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with the global machinery to see where are we cutting state controlled capitalism it's called sessions when nobody dares to ask we do our t.v. question more. now after reportedly hacking the f.b.i. p.b.s. and his cia the hacking group lol security called it quits after the weekend but law enforcement is still on the hunt for its members and that hunt led them to lorelei bailey whose house was raided by the feds now some internet posts allege that bailey is a core member of law sec not so according to bailey who i spoke to earlier about the f.b.i. raid and i asked why the raid and what the feds were looking for. well for other public publishing a lot of different articles on all slate transgender issues and also a lot of stuff on what's been going on with the goal second anonymous and things like i've been around a lot of fire see channels i hang around. and i've written articles for probably
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stock or. based on the h.p. jerry and that's initially why the show was there are investigating to be carried out and didn't. and asked me what i saw and what everybody else saw which was basically what was already out there in the a list. a so all my hard drives ok so you were connected with the group it sounds like you are saying you are an observer. ok so then do you feel that this was fair or that you were unfairly targeted. and it just i asked and i did told him what i think it was a little on the story. actually since. you're. working on something down your door saying what do you know it's just what a group write. how have you i read that you've been fired as
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a result how did that happen. some people posted my personal information online. the. people got ahold of it and started calling my work. well do you think that this is part of a strategy maybe to stifle the media or to send a warning to them if they think they can my are going to shut me up on the internet they've got another thing coming so do you think that a visit abroad or tactic it will fail. a do you do there's a broader it's just going to be. well an addition you know if this is the way that they go in conducting this investigation by finding any person that might be and some way tangentially connected to this hacking group even as tense as they as you say that you are you say that you are a reporter who has followed this and covered bad what do you think the repercussions are going to be so i think. there's going to be
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a lot more fear out there the more fear. already generated. the worst going to be on the more people who are going to take up arms in this cause thinking that it's the right thing to do and i don't always really agree with all the stuff. because they do do a lot of things. right side morally agree with. the more people they get sympathetic to their cause the more people out there and the more of the action away that anonymous you need to lay down the more. that was lorelei bailey whose house was raided by the f.b.i. and that is going to do it for now for more on the stories we covered that are t. dot com slash usa and check out our you tube page and. r.t.m. america you don't want to miss the interviews i had earlier in our shows an account berrien of the young turks.


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