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tv   [untitled]    June 30, 2011 8:30am-9:00am EDT

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at four thirty pm moscow time these are the top stories from r t greece is shaken by protests over government plans to pull the country out of its debt hole raising taxes and cutting jobs a final vote to outline implementation of the radical austerity measures is underway. the u.k. braces itself for mass destruction of hundreds of thousands of public sector workers prepare for twenty four hours of industrial action and responding to prime changes to pay and pensions. and moscow points to double standards at the
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un over the organization's position on syria saying the crisis there warrants only a peaceful solution the foreign minister sergei lavrov says the security council should be calling for action and if ignoring what he calls a civil war. next we talked to british union leader mark who says public sector workers won't stop until they achieve their goals. today i'm talking to marx to watch because he's one of the brains behind the thirtieth of june nationwide strikes in the u.k. he's head of the public and commercial services union he's three hundred thousand members are walking out of a proposed reforms to the pension scheme it's just what it's for talking to r.t. today now this is possible plan to cut public spending in this country just how
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drastic are these cuts going to be gives an impression of what they might mean for the cuts of the biggest that most people will have seen in their lifetime our projected to mean half a million jobs lost in the public sector six hundred thousand jobs in the private sector as a direct result we're seeing changes in the delivery of welfare cuts in funding of education for young people and also a tax on people's pensions in addition to that in many of the communities up and down the country will see libraries close cuts in social care services everything that people have taken for granted over yours. you seem to see these cuts in terms of right and wrong almost a moral position but isn't there a bottom line that has to be respected for example they didn't reform and soon it looks like they might be able to afford teachers or nurses. in greece this is the fifth largest economy in the world and if you look at historically the british economy for fifty consecutive years from one nine hundred eighty nine words our
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debt as a proportion of our g.d.p. was double what it is now then we built millions of houses schools hospitals well first recognizing actually economically these cuts will make it worse far better to cut the deficit by employing people with them pay tax and insurance rather than throw them onto welfare where actually they depress the economy and we think make friends with us you've said that the government cuts are now just attack on working people. but how do you think this strikes your pacing will affect the government and the ruling class is what having three quarters of a million people from four different unions on strike is something how this hasn't happened in this country for decades it's the start not the finish matters to the government is if they try to ignore we'll come back in the autumn and we may well see millions of people on strike so the idea here is to build pressure so the government realise that working people the length and breadth of the u.k. are not just going to let them get away with what they're doing and we believe that
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pressure ultimately can force them to change direction the government's bill for pensions at the moment is around thirty billion pounds which does seem excessive a lot of money how do you suggest that they reduce states i don't think they should reduce it i'm quite clear that the retirement of dignity and old age where you don't have to struggle to make ends meet should be what we aspire for in the fifth richest country in the world and so my view is public sector pensions and our pension provision is important and instead of a risk to the bottom where we see the worst provision in the private sector becoming the model i'd like to see a rising pension provision i'm saying it's a priority for people to have a decent retirement and be done in many ways cutting the renewal of trident for example would save us enough money to pay for those pensions for three or four years in the tax gap where the richest people in britain avoid paying over one hundred billion a year would actually mean these pensions look fairly cheap in comparison and you
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mentioned the private sector and private sector workers say that actually the public sector has a very good deal when it comes to pensions a lot better than a lot of private sector provision i do you think there's really public support for what you would say probably opinion polls seem to tell us already a majority of people actually believe the public sector pensions are important arriving at the right level of study to be higher that's incredible when you think of the propaganda we've had over the last two years from politicians in the media telling everybody the public sector pensions are the cause of people. the problem my masters to private sector workers is they are being exploited by their shareholders and by the company chiefs not by public sector workers pensions and we should have a campaign that seeks to drive all pension levels up not cut down to the worst what's your bottom line what would you accept in terms of pension reform well i personally believe that it is not acceptable to make anyone to pay a penny more for their pension when the valuation of public sector pension schemes say they are costing less because that's not about pensions it's about raising
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taxes to solve the deficit i don't believe people should be forced to work longer and i don't believe people should have the levers of their pension slashed so where we are in the talks at the moment unless the government fundamentally accepts they have to talk about those things and i believe the industrial action is going to take place you have said in fact that the government doesn't look like it's prepared to negotiate so what's the point of striking. when the point is to change their mind and saying you won't negotiate just when they are in a chat with a few people in a room is one thing saying you want to go see it when there could be millions of people taking strike action is entirely another and we actually believe that the six million trade unionists plus the thousands and thousands or hundreds of thousands of pensioners and students all becoming a joint campaign is going to be prolifically very powerful we've already seen in britain a march of one hundred five hundred thousand people three months ago transform the political mood in this country all of a march can do that our view is well local strikes actually do how exactly do you
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think that march changed political me is transformed in that it was on the front page of the newspapers it was on every t.v. station and it gave people a confidence that however small a community and i have a small they've seen for example in a library they understood they were part of a much much wider problem and i think that's given us confidence to move from a march to now for unions ballots and numbers of members voting overwhelmingly for a strike so it's. clearly transforming not just confidence but the opinion polls clearly are shifting whereas a majority before said they are poor strikes now in the most recent polls a majority says they are sympathetic to the crisis that we're seeing it may cause. reckless financial services sector do you think there's political will now to create a more responsible banking community. where i would always question whether the exists when the carbon twenty three multimillionaires in that when they have
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members themselves who have benefited in the past by playing fast and loose with taxes although you go clearly not morrow therefore i don't actually believe there is a political will of this government to actually ensure that the rich should pay for the problems of the rich coursed but the banking sector should pay for the problems the banking sector caused and as we're doing this interview members on fifteen thousand pounds a year struggling to make ends meet holidays facing having their pensions slashed when they see bankers who are already million as trousering millions more and donna says that's got to be fundamentally unfair since the crisis began. into a new war in a foreign country and recently the air force said that he needed more money to sustain a campaign in libya and also in afghanistan do you think there is a moral vacuum in westminster that causes these kinds of things to happen that the government would cut spending and to enjoy another war abroad while i think there
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isn't any politico consistency quite clearly we've been told there were strapped for cash everything that we hold dear has to be slashed and yet we can still talk about renewing trident and fighting wars overseas irrespective of the cost my own view is that the war in afghanistan and the current war in libya wrong they misjudged what people claim are about and we should actually find a way out of those pretty quickly and not make the situation in those countries worse as well as at the same time. take valuable resources that could go into schools and hospitals and finally you opposite number at unison the country's biggest union is stressing this wave of industrial action that carries. are you prepared to join us oh absolutely we we've made it clear that i was striking is the start of a process we want more and more people to be involved not because we want to be on strike because we want the government to set up and take notice so i very much welcome the comments of practice in unison and we want to work very closely with him and all the other trade unions in britain to ensure that when working people
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are making a protest the protest is this politics and it's possible because it's designed to get the government to change their minds not so welcome thank you very much like you. know. twenty years ago in largest country. just to raise interest. if. one had been trying. to teach began the journey. where did it take. wealthy british scientists scientists time to.
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and heroism with those who understand it fully but you have to live a. real life stories from world war two. a true nine hundred forty five dog r.t. dot com. party's top stories greece is shaken by protests over government plans to pull the country out of its debt hole by raising taxes and cutting jobs a final vote to outline implementation of the radical austerity measures is underway. in the u.k. braces itself for mass destruction as hundreds of thousands of public sector workers prepare for twenty four hours of industrial action they responded to plan changes to pay and pensions. but the moscow points to double standards at the un over the organization's position on syria saying the crisis warrants a peaceful solution foreign minister sergei lavrov says the security council should
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be calling for action public nor in what he describes as a civil war in yemen. is next here in r t kate stay with us. hello welcome to the sports news on ladies from the final day of wimbledon and these are the headlines the last full maria sharapova meets wild card sabine lisicki victoria azarenka petra fits of up. to seven hundred eighty seven finals the wimbledon. well meanwhile distress joe will tweet song the battle front she says down to knock out six time champion roger federer nadal djokovic and murray also progress in the men's quarter finals. sounds good with the wins talk about cave which becomes the first russians across the gulf of finland just over three hours. but there's only one place to begin and that's when the grass courts of the
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all england tennis club in london will follow my champion maria sharapova is going to return to wimbledon final for the first time since i title winning performance back in two thousand and four russian fifth seed faces to beat it isn't seen as you haven't wildcard ousted french oh. in shanklin gnarly another nineteen marion bartoli on her way to this last four clash but travel but despite a rich vein of form gets to drive her start so far one action now is while the other five victoria has a rank there is a second down against eight ranked patrick get over them check republic. i mean while there is a major upset in the men's drawer where joe wilfried tsonga staged a magnificent fight back to come from two sets down to knock out six time champion roger federer in the quarterfinals it's the first time the sixteen time major winner has lost a grand slam match after taking the first two sets this monster storm to a six three seven six the apparent ease so it was a true feat bystander who mounted an historic comeback with all three remaining
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sets six or eight right through our affair the frenchman now goes into his maiden semifinal at wimbledon and over his third major. well next up a song that is novak djokovic the world number two ended byrne our tomac sensational run with a force that went to reach his fifth straight grand sanitary final four which took the first set six two in. the back to take the second is six three and go break up in the first before the serbian took that six three then the eighteen year old australian qualifier overturned a break in the fourth jug a bitch came through to take it seven five. meanwhile defending champion rafael nadal stormed his nineteenth straight win it will do with a force that victory over the american mardy fish exposed and marry the last year semifinal the top ranked spaniard admitted this will be his last tournament for the next month after admitting the foot injury he picked up in one days when you can see the truth is troubling him but despite having to play off the injections the job is ready to go all the way to the finals taking get a match at
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a time. why local favorite andy murray had these especially as of the day the number four seed was never break as he made it five wins out of five over slams the ilocos with a straight set with just under two hours to reach his successor and the final. cutter to skate which has finally managed to defy the elements and has become the first russian can successfully kite surf eighty kilometers across the gulf of england in iraq or time of just three hours. reports. after much frustration point b. c. peach here might be able to stand his attempt to kite surfer across the gulf of finland over the conditions that hindered him up till now and even now in what was his latest efforts filaments will once again proving to be unfavorable as distinct lack of wind was always going to prove a problem however he made
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a promising start and in what seemed no time at all he was already miles away from the stone in coastline and his coach aleksey was pleased with his progress quarter of the way for his eighty kilometer journey with the wind that's pretty quiet but according to nature pick up at once we get a little chilly but it was a lack of wind continue to cause peter problems so much so people into the water as there wasn't enough wind to keep this kind airborne however he was soon back on his board finished coast trying which is also his finishing line through ever close this whole challenge was a completely new experience for the twenty four year old russian he may be a world champion current surfer but normally he's used to performing tricks over a short period of time in good conditions i'm not having to serve a distance of around eighty kilometers or galen's against him as you speed fast actually with the other wind drop so i was barely keeping going and luckily there was i love the way so i got it tight as we. all the pressure in the heat
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and the wind was up and down laws were heard you are going to be so. not surprisingly he was shattered doctors endeavors is going to work doubly hard due to the lack of wind however you can now relax completing this fantastic feat has been a fine efforts well once again the weather conditions haven't been on pages side the lack of wind really hindering its progress a number less he's become the first russians or. finland an impressive time of just over three hours he may have completed this challenge the creature has no intention of putting the streets are still wants to underline his status as one of the world's best kite surfers but also in the future try to kite surfer down the river nearby in his native son petersburg richard reid r.t. finland. now to boxing and let me make which goes says he wants his unification battle against david haye to go down to the wire as the ukrainian fighter targets
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his fifty year career knockout on saturday the younger to go brother turned up to see his public work out ahead of the showdown plus the briton didn't reveal any of his tactics a notch the w.b.c. world champion trained in an unusual science for stance cottage elicit a punch during the session nor did he stay to watch the i.d.f. and champion slug it out with the sparring partner hayes in your face attitude was good enough reason for kitsch coach and wish that meeting would be a long and painful experience for his rival. well not doris the maid in the gives them a duty and they will. get it. that's my wish for last two years now. that is going to be a long twelve rounds for the in the last thing rather will knock him out and he's going to be number fifteen football now and if relegation and across city defection of their manager weren't enough more misery could be in store for english club birmingham city as their own at casa young has been charged with money laundering
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in his native hong kong the fifty one year old businessman appeared forced to face five counts of the offense totaling more the nineteen million us dollars however young doesn't think any of the charges will get the club you called two years ago they're going to change their first trophy in forty eight years last season by beating last no two with the only cup but they failed to survive in the premier league and lost their manager alex mcleish to actually asked him villa earlier this month. saying with football and for much and i'm a coach under a copy of has been named as the new manager of bottom side previous the better off in the russian premier league according to you all have signed a three year deal instructors do not my boss last year is expected to drastically restore the fortunes of the cigar a side something his predecessor alexander pacom of failed to do and was fired on tuesday after police chief in their home defeat to fellow strugglers spot not yet at the weekend which sent side to the bottom. and while korea were losing task i wanted to know as i'm can't extend their lead to four points at the top i was
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a neat who could only manage a goalless draw at home to terek altogether twenty three goals were scored in eight games on sunday and as the russian top flight now takes a month long summer break let's recap on all those strikes his goals goal. live . live
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live live . live
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. leg lifts.
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and that's all the sports get into mass time. live.
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all. twenty years ago largest country in. search of a sense of. what had been achieved.


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