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culture is that so much different each musician is a person on the mark when black men are in standoff in libya is there a military solution to the conflict in libya and a stable democratic in the whole libya the three.
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there is growing frustration outside the greek parliament as people gather to protest against the final bill that clears the way for european bailout funds to be released well it's a decision that means higher taxes and fewer jobs for ordinary people. in. the u.k. braces itself for mass destruction as hundreds of thousands of public sector workers and begin industrial action in response to climate changes to their pensions and pay. thousands of teachers civil servants and border control officers are staying in the plans mean more work to the reduced pensions as the first industrial protest against the government's austerity measures is taking over longer and. russia exposes double standards at the un over the organization's hardline position on syria with moscow calling for a strictly diplomatic solution. foreign minister sergei lavrov says the un security council shouldn't be contemplating taking action against syria whilst ignoring what
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he calls a civil war taking place in yemen i'll have more not so good later on. just after one am here in the russian capital you're watching r.t. thanks for joining us. now to our top story greece has voted on a second bill and the final step towards implementing the next wave of hysterically measures well it's the last hurdle that athens hostage john to qualify for a new stack of european bailout funds where the plants met heavy public resistance of the two days of rioting that's left more than three hundred people injured and national journalists need to cough and us is right in the middle of the action at the syntagma square it the more you have this type of resistance i mean yesterday was the worst day we've seen we saw chemicals used that were not just tear gas we
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saw illegal chemical use like fixating agents and things of that nature you had massive amounts of police brutality and the films all over the all of the internet stand as evidence for that you had people beaten well away from from the square where tourists were people screaming and people saw all that stuff today and they came back to the square and it's that resilience that defiance that inability to be shaken or to be pushed away that really defines this particular movement this particular revolution here in this country and i think that in that sense it sends a real beacon of hope because people should understand that things aren't hopeless and they don't have to sit at home and cry or put their hands in their hands that there is an option that they can come out and they can resist and something good can come out of that when you roll the dice something good can happen. a professor cost us dues in us from the university of london told r.t. earlier that greece is being enslaved by europe. economically what is happening to greece now and what has happened over the last year is that we have imposed upon
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a group we encounter what we used to call economic structure adjustment these measures mean that the solution of people in the public sector has been caught up to forty percent to me the unemployment is going up to about sixteen percent with forty five percent of youth unemployment which means of the whole generation of young people is being destroyed but politically also what this company over the last year is that the the e.u. and the e.c.b. keep sending over a couple of months younger than technocrats as they go to the ministries the look at that and then they decided what works and not be done so we have a situation in which the main structure of greece has no move from athens into brussels and the other european centers and the greek politicians and the greek public has been asked really to implement what they would
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have been decided that. well of course your opinion counts you can visit our web site r.t. dot com and have your say in our latest online poll and today we ask you what should greek people do once a new set of a sturdy cuts is approved and so far most of you think they should defend the rights until early elections and a close second with thirty three percent is the opinion that they must prepare for even worse cuts bankruptcy still looming and other less favorable responses or that greeks should consider emigrating and that they have lost the fight and must tighten their belts. and financial guru max kaiser says many of the protesters in athens are misguided. for you for a so-called going in athens you're not fighting against capitalism you're fighting against monarchs and oligarchs capitalism has got nothing to do with your problem you don't think all of our headlines are going to prove that they are wrong about that it is not capitalism it's rigged markets and that's not that's the opposite of
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capitalism it's like one of those suicide bombers that accidently blows themselves up like a hundred miles from the intended destination and there's a little of their cell phone going to how do you get this bomb again is what's the most. well you can wash full episode of the kaiser report later this hour here on r.t. to the u.k. now where up to three quarters of a million a public sector workers are on strike well they're voicing their opposition to plan the changes to their pay and pensions which are both part of the government's a sturdy mesures the u.k. is bracing itself for disruption in several public services and artie's it in a blue skies been following developments for us. and i would say that one hundred fifty thousand people the turned to turn up at these hotels teachers double team members apologies. all expenses paid up to express their condemnation of the recent
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mention the trip planned by the government as far as we know it's not just the college students and people saying teachers that are in strike although we do have to say that about ninety percent of london. does it say also there are exceptions belong to the airports because customs and immigration officials are also striking as well all these people are demanding that the cuts would not be close as the government just small goes along with the cuts they do say that they do want to change it to continue to not want to work longer hours that the blood banks have to take will. come up some of the teachers will be back to the sixty eight it will take sixty votes are being made in the wrong direction so they're not being made to see if it is the sponsor of the current financial crisis . those most responsible for our current predicament are. largely untouched
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the government seems to be writing the terms of some agreements halfway through without due consultation to the people most of. the changes that it may consider pensions will find it necessary to say some way to address so i think we do need to make cutbacks in things i think. cry and cry that he took which is why so much of this is to alt we're not expecting any significant disturbances other than the laws that possible traffic just haven't to take place at the same time there are organizations such as the education to this network the toll on people to turn thursday into days of all the rage against the four legs. listen cindy maybe a little bit knowledge is the same time we also must not love the fact that and it is my all to take to an endemic city but other than that people are
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expected to protest peacefully again it's one of the million people that are going to be marching from the center of london to court to make their voices heard in the pension plan by the government. to this daniel garvan says that the government is penalizing the wrong people with its tough spending cuts. government's line is you know any any changes to the pensions or any other public said the cuts are entirely necessary because we have such a large debt we need to remember where this came from this came from eight hundred fifty billion pounds that was pumped into the banking sector a couple of years ago and still continues to this day so you know we have a debt and now we've got to ask ourselves how do we deal with that and instead of going to cause the financial crisis and some of the wealthiest people in our society who are avoiding some twenty five billion tax pounds in tax every single year the government plans through that to basically go up to ordinary working
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people and today if you've been struggling with the pensions is just one of many public sector cuts to come over the next four years so basically this is a huge amount of anger in this country because it's incredibly unfair that ordinary working people have nothing to do with the financial crisis are being asked to pay for a crisis that was caused by the by. well there's much more available for you right now on our web page that's our dot com and we have the latest from littleton as russia's maria sharapova recovers from a bad start to clinch a victory over germany said be the sixty and a place in the finals. plus the trial of ukraine's former prime minister you've got to the latest judicial moves against the iron lady. the russian foreign minister has highlighted a double standards at the u.n. over the organizations approach to the arab world says the crisis in syria and yemen are provoking
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a vastly different and unjustified approaches peter all of our reports from moscow . mr lavrov was addressing a meeting of the foreign affairs committee of the duma just behind me he highlighted and says out really where russia stands concerning the ongoing situations in the arab world now he gets outside what he sees as a western desire for regime change in the middle east saying that this was unacceptable and the russians would not support it any circumstances he also went on to highlight the fact that this was actually against international law bellman russia feels a little disappointed to say the least about the way that the the situation in libya has progressed russia of course abstaining from the vote on the u.n. resolution that allowed international intervention there they very disappointed at the way they see that mission has gone beyond the parameters laid out in the u.n.
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resolution and came to avoid a similar fate a similar situation occurring in syria or yemen. sigil of rule pulling no punches he hits out at those that have have criticised russia's stance on the u.n. security council and also had a few of the same self about what he sees as a lack of consistency by the u.n. body. many have been criticizing russia and china's position on the u.n. security council resolution on syria for the fact that we consider such a resolution inappropriate i'll give you a simple example the situation in yemen is no easier than in syria there's a difficult civil war going on there but nobody's going to the u.n. security council to try and stop it so. they're reiterating in some ways words he has said before that russia wants to see peace brought around brought about in the arab world through discussion and diplomacy and not through international intervention something that they will not support. sending enough rope has also
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announced that moscow is waiting for confirmation from libyan rebels that they have a. received weapons from france well if proven true the russian foreign minister says it would be a serious violation of the u.n. arms embargo french officials earlier admitted their military has airlifted arms into the country it's the first time a nato member has owned up to supplying weapons to libya since the bombing began over three months ago the alliance is pressing a paris to explain why it acted unilaterally without consulting brussels the un mandate on libya does allow military intervention to protect civilians but it falls short of authorizing a ground invasion and arms supplies to paris based political analyst job and it says three countries have hijacked the mandate. the admission that france is arming the rebels is very obviously an admission that what's going on in libya is a fight between the government and armed rebels and armed rebels are not civilians
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so any attack by the government on armed rebels in libya is therefore not necessarily a war crime in other words this news is not only incompatible with the case that's being made for war in libya it completely contradicts it there is no doubt that the three countries britain france and america who are waging this war under the disguise of nato of course wish to see the rebels seize power by force and overthrow gadhafi we must be careful about using the word nato this war is being fought by britain france and america they use nato is the. nato itself is of course much bigger and there is not unanimity in nato only a few days ago the italian foreign minister said that there should be a ceasefire in order to allow humanitarian aid through so i think that this latest news from france will possibly increase tensions within the coalition although i repeat that the war is being waged by three countries using nato as a disguise. pakistan has urged the us to shut down and leave an air base in the
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country southwest the facility has served as a launching pad for washington's drone attacks against militants on the volatile afghan border a pakistani political analyst thinks the only way to stop the violence is to end the war on terror one of the main reasons for the for the continuation of violent activity on the pakistan of ghana's done border is the mess that the us military has created inside of coniston over the past decade the mess there the way they have illya needed a large portion segment of the afghan population in terms of the push to drive the way they have conducted the war on terror there the way they have really needed a large pockets really of the country is a big reason for why we have a continuation of violence in afghanistan and how that violence is spilling over into pakistan and most pakistani commentators believe now that one of the ways
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short shortcuts really to controlling violence and extremism on the pakistan afghanistan border is really to end the war on terror the way the u.s. military and the way the cia he has been conducting this war over the past ten years one step forward is of course what president obama has declared but you still words where you get to see really actions on the ground and we have yet to see whether important agencies within the u.s. government like the central intelligence agency the cia would really cooperate of robert gates has retired as u.s. secretary of defense after almost five years on the job but with three ongoing wars involving america his replacement former cia director leon panetta isn't expected to make dramatic changes to pentagon policies a retired u.s. army general steven anderson says the new person in charge should do a better job managing finances. well i don't think we're going to see any major changes in pentagon policies i'm hoping though that he will do something about the
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a tremendous energy expenditure is that the united states army's expand the iraq and afghanistan we have a tremendously inefficient energy base over there and we need to do something about it i'm hoping that it will bring about some change of the money should be using united states to work domestic programs i mean we're essentially bankrupt a lot of elements of our nation in order to win this war in iraq and afghanistan from what my point is that we can be expending energy there are much much smarter than we are if you understand the relationship between energy efficiency and military effectiveness then you can see we can win the war and we can actually actually save a lot of money and i'm hoping that secretary panetta will do something about that which is officials have ordered a probe into fresh clashes between police and protesters in cairo hundreds of people were injured as more riots swept the country and activists are angry with the interim government saying have there of been no improvements since also mubarak was toppled in february journalist says that the current government has ignored the
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people's demands. the government such as it is hasn't responded to the concerns of the people there are strikes at the suez canal transportation workers people being killed again on the streets of cairo not a peep out of the corporate media and meanwhile we have william burns in cairo talking with mr time tally the provisional head at the moment of the government and even the trial of the interior minister who is hated so much on the interior minister and also mubarak has been adjourned people are not getting what they thought they were getting when they toppled hosni mubarak we must remember that joe biden and hillary clinton didn't want also to mubarak to go as well as the mubarak and his cronies so many of them are retaining power and it's a very dangerous situation and we mustn't forget what's crucial here for be international. financial outlook is the zoo is canal that's where trade goes through and it is the most populous country arab country in the arab world and
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we're not hearing anything about it in the corporate news it's as if that revolutions done and dusted in the egyptian people of. well let's take a look at some other stories making headlines at this hour as many as twenty people were killed in southwest of ghana stand when a lab mind exploded under a passenger bus the bus was traveling from kandahar to name a route also used by afghan police and military and u.s. led coalition forces official say women and children are among the victims and the incident took place in the same area where two buses hit a roadside bombs last year killing of thirty people. a un backed tribunals has issued arrest warrants in connection with the murder in two thousand and five of lebanon's former prime minister rafiq officials say the warrants for senior members of hezbollah members of the group denounced the tribunal and have vowed action against it rafik hariri was killed along with twenty two others in a february two thousand and five in central beirut when
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a bomb exploded as his car passed by. a rival forces in the sudan have mutually agreed to withdraw from its border areas ahead of southern independence next week the agreement follows two separate deals to end the fighting which forced some one hundred seventy thousand people to flee the two sides still have to agree on how sudan's oil well will be divided once the separation takes place in the region has seen more than two decades of civil war which claimed over two million lives. journalists are back at home after eighteen long months of captivity in afghanistan the men have been held hostage by the taliban but are said to be in good health and good spirits with a t.v. reporter and his cameraman who were taken along with their afghan colleagues in late two thousand and nine while they were filming in remote mountains it's the longest seizure of french nationals since the lebanese hostage crisis in the nineteen eighties. and next we talked to british union leader mark who says public
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sector workers won't stop until they achieve their goals. thank. you. today i'm talking to mark hughes one of the brains behind the thirtieth of june nationwide strikes in the u.k. he's head of the public and commercial services union three hundred thousand
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members are walking out of a proposed reforms to the pension scheme it's just a look at thanks for talking to r.t. today now this is possible to plan to cut public spending in this country just how drastic are these cuts going to be give us an impression of what they might mean for the cuts to the biggest that most people will have seen and. are projected to mean half a million jobs lost in the public sector six hundred thousand jobs in the private sector as a direct result we're seeing changes in the delivery of welfare cuts in funding of education for young people and also a tax on people's pensions in addition to many of the communities up and down the country libraries close cuts in social services everything that people have taken for granted as. you seem to see these cuts in terms of rights and wrongs almost a moral position but isn't there has to be respected for example they didn't see it it looks like they might be able to afford teachers or nurses. in greece
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this is the fifth largest economy in the world and if you look at historically the british economy for fifty consecutive years from one thousand nine hundred on words our debt as a proportion of our g.d.p. was double what it is now. millions of houses schools hospitals and. recognizing actually economically these cuts. far better to cut the deficit by employing people who pay tax and insurance rather than throw them onto wealth where actually they depress the economy and we think my friends with us you've said that the government. just. working. how do you think this strike. affects the. ruling class is what having three quarters of a million people from four different unions on strike is something that hasn't happened in this country for decades it's the start not the finish to the government is if they try to ignore we'll come back in the autumn and we may well
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see millions of people on strike so the idea is to build pressure so the government realise that working people reeling from the u.k. are not just going to let them get away with what they're doing and we believe. force them to change direction to government bill for pensions at the moment is around thirty billion pounds which does seem to have a lot of money how do you suggest that they would you say. i don't think they should reduce it i'm quite clear that the retirement of dignity and old age where you don't have to struggle to make ends meet should be what we aspire for in the fifth richest country in the world and so my view is public sector pensions and all pension provision is important and instead of a wrist to the bottom where we see the worst pension provision in the private sector becoming the model i'd like to see a rising of pension provision and saying it's a priority for people to have a decent retirement could be done in many ways cutting the renewal of trident for example would save us enough money to pay for those pensions for three or four
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years. where the richest people in britain avoid paying over one hundred billion a year would actually mean these pensions look fairly cheap in comparison and you mentioned the private sector and private sector workers say that she the public sector has a very good deal when it comes to pensions a lot better than a lot of private sector provision do you think there's really public support for what you're doing the opinion polls seem to tell us already a majority of people actually believe the public sector pensions are important and arriving at the right level should even be higher that's incredible when you think of the propaganda we've had over the last two years from politicians in the media telling everybody the public sector pensions are the cause of people. the problem my masters to private sector workers is they're being exploited by their shareholders and by the company chiefs not by public sector workers pensions and we should have a campaign that seeks to drive all pension levels up not down to the worst what you would do except in terms of pension reform what i personally believe that it is not
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acceptable to make anyone to pay a penny more for their pension when the valuation of public sector pension schemes say they're costing less because that's not about pensions it's about raising taxes to solve the deficit i don't believe people should be forced to work longer and i don't believe people should have the levers of their pension slashed so where we are in the talks at the moment unless the government fundamentally accepts they have to talk about those things then i believe the industrial action is going to take place you have said in fact that the government doesn't look like it's prepared to negotiate so what's the point of striking. when the point is to change their mind and saying you won't negotiate just when they're having a chat with a few people in a room is one thing saying you want to go see it when there could be millions of people taking strike action is entirely another and we actually believe that the six million trade unionists plus the thousands and thousands or hundreds of thousands of pensioners and students all becoming a joint campaign is going to be prolifically very powerful we've already seen in
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britain a march of one hundred five hundred thousand people three months ago transformed the political mood in this country from march can do how it is but what could strikes actually do how exactly do you think that march changed the political needs is transformed in that it was on the front page of the newspapers it was on every t.v. station and it gave people a confidence that however small the community and i have a small they seem for example keeping a library they understood they were part of a much much wider problem and i think that's given us confidence to move from a march to now for unions balloting members and members voting overwhelmingly for a strike so it's. clearly transforming people's confidence but the opinion polls clearly are shifting whereas a majority before said they oppose strikes now in the most recent polls a majority says they are sympathetic to the most welcome thank you very much.
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pleased. him is. just so pleased to. see. seems.
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to. sum. it up if. it. took a while to order. this street still keeps its secrets but now it's time to reveal the shooting to the soviet files on oxy. spending the year in iraq is now the trade journalist i saw some ways to go in the u.s. contractors there's kind of wasting their time trying not to get killed.


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