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tv   [untitled]    June 30, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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the lives of. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for like sleep you think you understand it and then you've lived something else here or see some other part of it and realize that everything is ok if you don't. charge welcome to the big picture says. let's not forget that we had an apartheid regime right here in the lead. i think iraq is eatable and funny well. whenever the government says they're for keeping safe get ready because you give them your freedom.
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for. the first. few. ok it's time for showing to tell on tonight's program last time we told you at the supreme court has decided to take up the case of warrantless g.p.s.
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tracking should the feds be able to attach a g.p.s. device to your vehicle and then track you without reasonable cause and without any forewarning good producer trees in a sense you to find out what you have to say. anyone remember that game where in the world is carmen sandiego maybe you played it when you were a little kid you know it's the one where you have to collect all those clues and try to figure out where carmen might be but she didn't know you were looking for her and it's not like you went to the supreme court and asked if you were allowed but the thing is you were just a kid and that was just to get the f.b.i. on the other hand they were messing around they'd stick that tracker right up her coke and we would know where she was twenty four seven right maybe not her but under her car and what do you think carmen would say about that better yet what do you think the u.s. supreme court would have to say. adam he said if i was a person under suspicion or there's a reason to watch then get a warrant gary he believes the patriot act is being used against its own citizens
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and they see it all as terrorists. jony he said all this electronic tapping is starting to make me want to move off the grid joe please just write back tell us how we can all do that honestly we have he said be happy we have it they have implanted a tracking device directly in our heads so listen if the government wants to try people without a warrant i'll save them some trouble today i went to the cleaners i had a bunch of make up over there then i went to the gym i ran for a little bit of course i couldn't go out without coffee so i made a quick trip and then i came to work and i'm a city girl and i do this all without a car so at least i know that the feds they couldn't track me even if they want to chit would. unless they are ready are. well thanks for giving us your input and here's our next question for you we just told you about the massive protests in the u.k. over the government's plans to cut federal workers pensions so we want to know what you think will people of the united states take to the streets as they have in the
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u.k. if congress starts cutting social security and medicare benefits you can respond to us on facebook twitter and you tube and knows your response just might make it on air. well some interesting new details are coming out about how fox news came to be what it is today i believe it or not the details are emerging from the archives belonging to both presidents nixon and george h.w. bush c. roger ailes started his reign of terror as a media consultant who are these two former presidents and the concept of fox news emerged while he was working for the nixon administration ailes and his peers wanted to create programming that was ministration and then offer that up as an option to what he viewed as of course the liberal slanted media that was already all over the airwaves and was original concept was supposed to be filmed and aired straight out of the white house and written and produced to be the news of the documents are over three hundred pages long here i think this paragraph or one of the first pages of the treasure trove really gives you a gist of what else was looking for and it's actually titled
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a plan for putting the g.o.p. on t.v. news the following today a television news is watched more often than people read newspapers than people listen to radio than people read or gather any other form of communication the reason people are lazy with television you just sit and watch and listen but thinking is done for you so ladies and gentlemen i think we found the keystone of g.o.p. television ailes straight out to mislead people are lazy and they purposely go to t.v. where the thinking is done or that has the brainwashing involved in all of the g.o.p. led news and all of the mainstream media news obviously ailes original white house plan didn't come to fruition but he got something even better from his evil brainchild in. called fox news he took the exact same ideology that he wanted to originally used to project nixon ideas and he just augmented it to cover all conservative views on issues and that whole fair and balanced motto that was said to offer up the alternative to liberal media bias now all seem to attack that of
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president nixon that was decades ago and now ailes brain child for a g.o.p. news channel has brought us all the right wing ultra conservative commentary but we've come to know. whoever leaked all those state department documents to the wiki leaks website is a traitor and should be executed or put in prison for life so if you want to believe that garbage you go right ahead you are voting for obama by the way this is a troll baba book this is what you are voting for and i'm not here to do obama's stop and you use it with you so you should be insulted either you or jews are in the i hear your is cheap these are handy talking points if you had a sharp stick and he said he was a short teachers and others he said quote get away from me you and then a word that starts with i say one hundred percent pepper spray you do me and seven and some parenting classes i am not a journalist i'm just a guy who cares i'm sorry i'm just a guy who cares an awful lot about my country and i think you do too. well there
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you have it what started out as a method to promote nixon's ideas and feed the media pro administration stories has turned into what we now know is that all those crazy hosts that we just showed you so thank you roger ailes for giving us the least fair and balanced network that has ever existed on television. well five states have now enacted strict immigration laws arizona began her last year but since that utah indiana georgia and now alabama have joined the ranks and it turns out they're already feeling the pinch see last week we told you that it's panic populations are fleeing from georgia before this law goes into effect on july first and farmers instantly found themselves without a workforce to pick the crops. that's very. very short well now alabama whose law is said to be these strictest in the nation they're experiencing the same
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thing. gathering the things we like for our dinner table is high it hard work and somebody's got to do it sometimes it's difficult to local folks that are willing to do some of those jobs that's what we found out about half a dozen south baldwin farms immigrant alabama's law criminalizes not only employing undocumented immigrants but also assisting them providing transportation or housing and renting for the farms may not be alabama's only problem as reconstruction efforts are much needed after tornadoes tore through tuscaloosa just weeks ago and advocates of this bill say that it's meant to put alabamians back to work but will they do that work or is once again show the undocumented immigrants are a backbone of this economy are discuss this with me is immigration attorney eleanor pelter with morgan lewis and an honor thanks so much for being here and i know you're welcome so you and i have spoken about some of these laws before when it first popped up in arizona and of course there was a lot of debate around the country a lot of people were angry there was a you know
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a lot of opinions that this is prejudice law but now it seems like that fear has actually turned into an action and that populations are fleeing these states as you expect that to happen well i'm not surprised to see it happen particularly in alabama alabama is like arizona on stay. royds you don't have to look very far to see the venom in that particular law. the law. prohibits citizens from helping their citizens if they reasonably should have known that the other citizens of the state are undocumented the law requires public officials to report on schoolchildren who they think might be illegal it really is a very vicious piece of legislation to me it goes far beyond trying to bring jobs back to americans and dealing with you could say is that i'm documented immigrant problem with the fact that that's just inhumane especially in areas like this where there were just so many natural disasters you can't assist somebody if they might
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be undocumented and that's exactly right and i think what the alabama law shows is that this is really a civil rights issue it is it is not just an immigrant rights issue it's an issue that has to do with preserving human rights and human dignity and i think that's really the alabama law stripped bare otherwise it sounds like it's telling you to let that person just lay there and allow them to dive and his wife and children where these people going instead if they're fleeing from georgia if they're fleeing from alabama just other nearby states that haven't acted any of these measures well it's hard to know where they're going but i do i don't believe that they're going home they're really just retreating further into the shadows which really doesn't help anyone it doesn't help our economy it doesn't help us raise wages it doesn't help people come out of the shadows and pay taxes and contribute to the economy and it really just shows the problem with this kind of
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a patchwork of laws if you have one state enact one law and another state enact a different law you're just going to have people move from state to state instead of having one unified balanced approach that really kind of deals with the problem in a comprehensive way or do you think that this. can finally fuel that fire to get comprehensive immigration reform you know back into the talking point if suddenly we see states being hurt and hit by their economy. and then again you know you might see other states them being upset because they suddenly see an influx of immigrants coming in well that's exactly what the problem is with these state by state initiatives and i think it does send a very strong signal to congress and the administration that something finally needs to be done to address the issue and what needs to be done is a very kind of balanced approach we need certainly to improve our in forstmann but we also need to do something with respect to the population that is here and contributing to our economy also alabama is saying that this is really easy because
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alabamians are now going to take this job this is a job creating. immigrants bill but do you think that alabamians are actually going to go out into the fields and to do the far more as well as of course some of the reconstruction work i think you put your finger on the problem with that analysis immigration and employment are really not a zero sum game you can't really empty out a factory of immigrant workers and expect there to be full employment for american workers in that same factory the next day and that's been illustrated time after time when there's a raid on a particular business and immigrants are picked up and often those businesses shatter because there really are no workers who are willing to come in to do those jobs a perfect example of that is the town of postville in iowa where the economy essentially came to a crashing halt because there was the need to raid on a meat processing plant and those people essentially went home there was nobody to
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take those jobs there was nobody kind of buying things in the community and keeping the community economy going after that but i think probably you know one of the ways that people think about this is they think that if you don't have that cheap labor around anymore then you're going to be forced to raise wages and then americans will want to take those. jobs because it will prove the entire situation right you won't have an underclass of workers anymore but if all the other companies out there right now if wall street isn't hiring and everyone else isn't hiring then then why would these companies want to start paying people even more and paying higher wages well i think if we have comprehensive immigration law employers will be forced to pay appropriate wages to all workers including those who were previously undocumented and i think that that would ultimately raise wages across the board for all workers and in all levels of jobs so i i think the argument really in terms of raising wages is an argument in favor of comprehensive
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immigration reform and not against it interesting i hope i hope you're right in that sense because you know we keep hearing that that's the argument for not raising taxes because the more capital that these businesses have the more people they're going to hire but instead they're just sitting on it and they don't end up hiring anybody and then punishing the rest of america are there any other bills that we should know about that are being drafted right now well nikki haley in south carolina just signed a very similar bill in south carolina it's similar to the arizona bill it basically requires law enforcement officers from the state of south carolina to. stop someone and request information about immigration status if they reasonably believe that someone is undocumented now of course how a person can reasonably come to the conclusion that someone is undocumented is anyone's guess and our worry is that it really kind of is an invitation to racial profiling i want to thank you very much for joining us tonight eleanor the one that really baffles my mind is that you are not supposed to help anybody if you think
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they might have documents and that's that's just and humane and thank you so much thank you. tonight give me he compared them to children and tonight we're giving them art old time award for their lack of leadership and then stick around for happy hour and that's n.b.c. suspend the contrary. calls obama a derogatory name for the male anatomy and we say goodbye to the big chubby crybaby over a fox news thank you so much. it also gives you a story and it seems so silly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm sorry welcome to the big picture of. the world we are the elite and yet.
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fuck fuck fuck fuck. let's not forget that we sat in apartheid. i think. well.
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whenever the governor says they're going to keep you safe get ready because freedom . time for tides tool time award and we're giving it to the entire one hundred twelve us congress the senate majority leader harry reid announced today that he's canceling the july fourth week long recess to say washington in hopes that lawmakers can reach a deal on the debt ceiling issue is not nice congress actually has to come back to work next tuesday and work instead of taking another week off i'm sure that his
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caucus lawmakers who probably had the trips lined up with a family or maybe a fundraiser back in their districts but why this sudden change of plans by senator reid oh yeah maybe with this comment by the president the liam sacher. generally finish their homework a day at. least thirteen saucers ten it is a press they don't wait until the night before they're not pulling all nighters. the . thirteen until. yes it took a presidential scolding to get lawmakers to think about doing their job yeah i can't recall growing members of congress elected by you and i had to call them children to get them to actually go back to work but the sad thing is that children probably spend more time in school than ever as of congress really do working take
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a look at this info that we found today for all of two thousand and ten members of the house were only in session for one hundred twenty one days and the senate hundred fifty nine days that's less than half the year so far this year and by the way this year will be the half half over by tomorrow the house has worked seventy five days and the senate's only seventy six so where can i sign up for this job you make around one hundred seventy thousand dollars a year you only have to come to the office half the time and illustrate my point even more than it was scheduled to be out of session next week and then go on recess for an entire month starting august sixth the house of representatives has been off eight weeks already this year including this week did you get eight weeks of vacation so far this year because i started it so how the hell is washington supposed to solve any problems when nobody works that's why we haven't caused the budget in so long that's why we are giving the hundred twelve us congress our tools i'm award for being absolutely useless and for the record well i'm not an elected
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member of congress i am taking monday the fourth of july off i'm the break from covering this insane gridlock that they cause. ok time for happy hour tonight and joining me this evening is our producer jenny churchill and j.b. freres senior communications strategist at new media strategies you have your own olives keep your hands allergies all the more nice ok so today is the end of an era. i couldn't be more excited but let me show you who i'm talking about. g.v. in radios there is a strange alliance between the left and the islamicists that we're seeing and i think it's all part of the coming insurrection the progressives want to do we in the first place collapse the system and start all over again you know how much
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money rupert murdoch is you know he's got all these things going on you think he's going to let a guy it's five o'clock so you bunch of stuff put this together it's completely wrong and stay on the network. yeah that's exactly what i think is that he's going to let you go out there say a bunch of things that are completely wrong and stay on the network where he did a whole story about roger ailes and how he started planning this way back in the nixon days but are you happy to see i go so i am are you sad inside i was sad when we first found out it was going off air because it was such a goldmine for us i mean our best episode in my opinion ever was how we got this out where you pretended to be him but he didn't turn out ok. he's done nothing for us you were then are you going back there ever was. going to the whole i don't remember the last six months i didn't even revisit my impersonation that i think it was worth it you know i i mean look this guy this guy has a has a show that has
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a certain head steady following fox i think he scored a homerun when they brought him on because he had a he already had a following and that's what you want when you bring people on the show you know i'm just so that i will no longer get to hear your rants about his rants you know it's very matter you know but i think that your media criticism what you brought to the table was really possible because he brought it to the table and that's i think it's making me really so you're saying i will have a job or i remember you want to talk about if it wasn't for no do it now there are plenty of things that you'll be able to comment on i just especially enjoyed that that's when i i actually enjoyed it you know. it was fun to sort of have to find another time. it did although he was running out of new ones because you kept on ripping them so. i hope there are multiple ok so let's move on to something else that i haven't today on t.v. this was on morning joe on m s n b c when some not nice things were said about the president take a look. at the seven second delay say if i want to characterize how i thought the
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president behaved. well you know we have every comedian that right alex yeah sure yeah they could go for it but he was kind of big yesterday oh my god the way that. the way that what do you do it i think the president can i can't believe. we are to the messed up thing about this story is of course that it was just barbara that was egging him on and telling him to do it and they're like yeah we have to delay and then once he said he goes i can't believe you actually did a bill meet it and mark halperin even though it was a bad comment is the one that got indefinitely suspended and nothing happened to joe scarborough but. sorry sorry last last word are going to say about this and we were talking about this all morning is that i understand you're not supposed to say things like that there's a certain you know fake decorum it's involved in washington but it boggles my mind that people can go on fox news being called people socialists and nazis and baby killers you know that's all that's ok but then
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a cuss word isn't i mean there's a certain there is a certain level of professionalism you're going to expect from the guy that you know is often doing stand ups on the part of the white house and also i mean i will also note the show is one of the best shows on and it's n.b.c. and i really love it but joe is always yelling at me because i mean you know that there he then they're going back and forth all the time to think that this is like a tip of the iceberg just kind of i don't know i mean it's like if they didn't have . you know i mean honestly in private to i just to pink to say about this one just high was horrible and vibrating and he should know better and to him afterwards that he had every intention of him saying that on air and that he wanted it to happen which you know whatever but a joke to say i kind of kid imus and we see a little credit because at least they do stick to a standard they have a standard that they regularly enforced as far as kind of being the image they want but do you think it just shows something of
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a dick for doing that mark halperin was a bit of a dick for doing that i mean which one was actually i think joe's mortals like. we're going to hear your question a lot and where you got here about a little and i'm not i'm not calling anyone anything ok i think if they both it's fun i think whatever yeah it wasn't about the word that he used it was who he was referencing was that was you can call anybody else a word but when it comes to the president what i like are you going to have played through this i mean that everyone has either is or is going to start cussing up a storm so you can call bear was here in washington state on capitol hill but he was at the f.c.c. because he's trying to start a super pac and look at what actually happened. moments ago the federal election commission made their ruling ladies and gentlemen i'm sorry to say. we won. but. the crazy thing to me about this is that we see steven called here on capitol hill
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before now we see him here at the f.e.c. amien he's a comedian right it's all part of entertainment but then suddenly you can see how far it actually goes to where he's essentially done something that's a groundbreaking or now the federal election commission has granted him his own super pac and a lot of people are you know worried about that his own super pac and basically free commercials during his show i mean i think that this is a little over the line and i think that it's crazy that it started out i'm assuming as him making a joke about how you can just buy our entire electro process these days and now he's actually doing it and i find that kind of ok people spend more on potato chips than they do on campaigns in america ok it's not it's not a diet american idea how to regenerate yeah i did what about corporation you know what i what i'm saying is that you know if the premium is that low in comparison to you know other things that we consume really not that big why do we have getting bigger and nobody does it the concern is that he's part of the you know they think
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of this opens the door to media organizations so then you can have employees of those media organizations who are anonymously donating and that becomes you know a bit of a. i hear what you're saying i think that there are so many other i mean this is stephen colbert doing something a little bit silly we have governments trying to trying to enforce laws preventing citizens from banding together and having political speech we have governments trying to undermine how people campaign and run against incumbents we have governments doing things like this i am less concerned with stephen colbert doing the silly was seduced on. saturday to the unions but it still bothers me is that we have governments state governments are trying to tell people they should leave the one on the side of the road and let them die and you think i've got it right here in. our guys thanks for joining us tonight. they are going to get a break from the from back tomorrow maybe jacobson from new media strategies is going back for our friday edition of happy hour in the meantime don't forget some from a fan of the a lot of show on facebook and follow us on twitter and if you missed any of the
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night's show or any other nights in the sky fell in you tube dot com lastly on the show coming up next is adam versus the. twenty years ago in the largest country in. this case it looks. small. must have been tremendous to go to school janitor. where did it take. wealthy british scientists. to write a book free. market why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with
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