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and your parents or your kids or other still find the show boring but sorry for what i suppose was to brazen as a call the god king what he is on a corporate shill factory like amas n.b.c. fortunately i don't have those constraints a let me say simply clearly cogently sincerely and unequivocal on television you president brought obama are a dick but i'm not going to m s n b c we like to substantiate and that's important claims so mr president let me count the ways oh wait that will have to wait for a whole other episode tomorrow that's our show for tonight you've been watching adam vs the man thank you so much for two men as always you can email me adam it out of reach of the man i contacted our website to vote on guess it's obvious adam vs the man this is a focus from washington d.c. and i.
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download the official placation q i phone the i pod touch from the i choose out story. cianci life on the go. see video on demand on t.v.'s minefield comes an r.s.s. feeds now in the palm of your. question. com. only april ninth one thousand nine hundred one george or achieved independence from the u.s.s.r. to know the for violent standoff with the rapidly disintegrating soviet empire. but we did get independence but it resulted in much blood in the structure. of the civil war broke out in georgia he has to susie came solvency to this day the nation has been unable to overcome its aftermath the country's infrastructure is in ruins tens of thousands of people fled the country in the time of the soviet union was
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one of the wealthiest republics today one third of the population lives below the poverty line twenty years have passed the people here enjoy less freedom and they did during the soviet period. back in one thousand nine hundred eight kids mellish billy was just a student he joined the mass from destroyed outside government headquarters at that time the country was still cool to the georgian soviet socialist republic. that hunger strike which lasted eight or nine days triggered a movement of liberation i often sat on the steps of my friends. the number of protesters good day by day. the then a young historian lend his support to the cools. it independence was my watchword
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at that time i didn't miss a single public action all right. in april listening celss of people gathered in tbilisi from the open ended rally outside government headquarters they wanted independence for the republican georgia. comes to foot the leader of the nationalist movement was the speaker who made the most extremist remarks in an intensely dramatic speech. in the early hours of april ninth the soviet government despised obama vehicles and soldiers against peaceful demonstrators sixteen people died and hundreds were injured. say a mathematician and would be magnet of georgia was lucky enough to evade even injury. we were in too much of a hurry we were trying to study history to help move it forward what happened then
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had to happen but of course the thought of georgia might become independent as nine hundred ninety one never crossed my mind back in the late one nine hundred eighty s. . the afghans are for the became the first president of the sovereign georgian april nine hundred ninety one after an election campaign where independence was the catchphrase but it soon as he came to power he didn't expect that under the independence motto georgian autonomous regions of south ossetia would demand sovereignty into ethnic conflicts began. georgia responded by sending troops to suffer says here. than a year later to a because the. people were ones neighbors became bitter enemies thousands of refugees fled to georgia. as far as i know years ago this building was meant to be a hospital. but there is no hospital in it now this is
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a building is used as a shelter for refugees. thousands of the georgians who have left up since the early one nine hundred ninety s. still live in makeshift shelters they have lost everything homes jobs and even the hope to return to their home country georgians and alike have gone through a lot of suffering such as the horrors of war and loss of loved ones and yet they don't blame one another for that conflict. well it is an ability sions have toned people apart and there was no enmity between individuals my neighbor said to me what am i supposed to do one of my sons in law is in a pansy and that means my grandsons are peasants aren't they need another daughter is married to a georgian so her children are georgians to any to tell my grandsons apart what am i supposed to do in the situation. bits of fighting between georgia standing army end up causing an insurgent cause thousands of lives on both sides.
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to more is not cause in woman for her five sons died in the war the youngest was seventeen when he volunteered to fight his grave is close to his father's. young of a move that i would do like to have the word war confined to the history books. i want a new body to ever author it again i wanted to be forgotten all together. tomorrow and the husband wanted the new house to have enough room for all the children and their future families but now it's almost uninhabited one of the rooms houses a memorial museum to the family it features the son's medals they received and the letters they sent from the front line to more especially treasures objects made by
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her children i would know this is the root of a pine tree they made a heart out of it will give. during my second son enjoyed making such things here she died in the battle on the same day as my youngest son. many georgian opposition parties and evens be against former associates demonstrated their discontent with the rule georgian intellectuals sent numerous letters to the president asking him to come to his senses gamsakhurdia responded by imposing censorship. the ninety ninety one law even denied registration for all political parties it was indorsed by people who had served terms in soviet prisons and campaigned for georgia's freedom and independence. those people did what they themselves had been opposed to.
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they trained to become a mathematician in the early one nine hundred ninety s. he left university and went into business his elder brother you'll be chose the career of an actor today he is very popular in georgia. his songs in short films have an uncanny bearing on the country's present day situation. i had no desire to get involved in the war in a cause here i'm such a war where brothers were killing brothers so i decided to stay away from georgia for a time there were. those who were displeased with the first president gathered to openly demand his resignation the nine hundred ninety two standoff between
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protesters and the regime erupted into street fighting involving artillery and tanks. comes a could hear had to flee the country. and was shevardnadze with georgia's second president the experience political heavyweights and backed michelle goldberg charles perestroika soon after he took office he lifted the ban on opposition political parties and allowed independent media we're not even after i went into business in one nine hundred ninety three i launched a project called. over ten years i turned a small studio in the provincial town of the study into a leading national broadcaster. the first study to t.v. channel rushed out of the country's new leaders including president eduard shevardnadze and was focused on runaway corruption. sure corruption in the economic
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sphere was enormous after seven knots occams of power but on the other hand business man learns new skills in tune with modern times and a real market economy took shape true there was pervasive corruption from top to bottom but there was also freedom of speech and individual liberty the sort of quagmire that we have now didn't exist then. independent t.v. channel two became a so-called platform for the opposition and had great political weight but president shevardnadze who declared freedom of speech as a principle made no attempt to sway the channel's editorial policy. the first of the two t.v. channels and other georgian media paved the way for radical political transformations november two thousand and three sort of beloved cool in georgia topped the rose revolution. the second is really a young and ambitious person came to power. when i tended my resignation
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of my own free will to prevent bloodshed when they burst into the house of parliament i went out into the street to meet my followers then you would it coming from me is the law for the army no doubt the army was defeated them the only after a bloodbath i make no distinction between the two sons all of them and georgian citizens. really have promised to beat corruption and lead to the nation's prosperity however it was the press that was the first victim of his law and order. a cameraman here broadcasting live from washington d.c. coming up today on the big picture.
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plenty. more news today violence is once again flared up. and these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada us. corporations are relieved a. leg. as
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soon as second really took power he attempted to take control of the editorial policy of the country's leading independent t.v. channel. to its own skits mellish really realized that his window of opportunity was quite narrow. the authorities ambition to take control of the channel goes back to two thousand and four for the new system of government simply weak we thought we needed to build a viable state first and then take care of the rest it was because of the article as it turned out the regime's aim was to take control of the channels i think the blame for what i did because i gave away restudy to you know i didn't want to rock the boat because. as about the same time george's media was going out of its way to report on mikhail saakashvili as police reforms on face value the changes look quite impressive petty crime had been stamped out people now felt more secure on
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the streets of the towns of the dos traffic patrols and stopped taking bribes. because it's true the country's traffic police are totally free from corruption but you can get your license within a day after pain great through official channels. instead of flying in somebody's spot it's a will. for many years nino burjanadze was speaker of the country's parliament and one of mikail. closest associates in two thousand and eight she resigned from the post of parliamentary speaker and founded an opposition party. the series of very serious problem it's corruption in the elite it has grown even large a compact to what it was like in the last years of shevardnadze through when everybody was talking about corruption in georgia's government. it was always an
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opposition moderates to sack us really as the owner of a major medical insurance company he knows all too well the meaning of so-called elite corruption saka from the soon to suck us really in his inner circle came to power they set about collecting taxes and so-called dirty money with the dissent very many people the president every businessman as well as former officials among them and people realize they had better pay off as much as they were expected to pay they sold the property they ceded the shares and businesses to members of suckers believe party the prosecutor's office and the interior ministry kept a close eye on the deals this. pent up discontent fun erupted into a mass rally in november two thousand and seven according to various estimates fifty to one hundred thousand opposition supporters came to the house of parliament in tbilisi. for several days they kept around the clock vigil on nov seventh
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police barlinnie dispersed the peaceful rally hundreds of demonstrators were injured please take us. police detail people lying on the ground of patterns. in the only remaining independent t.v. channel showed these events in tbilisi to a nationwide audience it was late shut down while it was on the air with regular news bulletin. did the meeting of the meeting of some sort of by closing the channel the government is violating the constitution this means that this is a dictatorship regime ots misdemeanors english coming into the studio i want to say thank you i hear shots in the control rooms are to much and i hope our employees will be injured here are our guests. the independent journalist of the time coming he'd say became popular in georgia in the mid ninety's ninety's he enjoys also king unpleasant questions no matter who is in
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power he says now in hiding in switzerland his latest piece of investigative journalism concerns the armed conflict between georgia and south a city in two thousand and eight. i live no journalist who would not have wanted to get a scandal to get the facts. but all the state media summed up my work there is high treason and. the self-proclaimed republic of south setia hasn't been under georgia's direct rule since nine hundred ninety two we share psychist really repeated many times the republic had to return to georgia and he promised to settle the situation through diplomacy. we don't need a war l their pals in a certain people don't need one either there is a force that wants the defeat of the georgian at has an assyrian people i promise they won't let it happen on the much needed to be. put in the early
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hours of august the altering repeated and showed symbolic from georgian territory in the morning troops were symptoms of the republic. it was the start of a military operation described by psych us really of the introduction of constitutional order in the territory south of setia. i was woken up by a little noise everything was for. shaking women outside with cream and crying it was as if all of us had landed in hell after it all came a corruption everybody stayed awake throughout the night the noise never died down but even for a second. cut a man who. lives in an old house on the outskirts of the village of got a cooler fifteen kilometers from the border with south of setia he's not interested
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in politics and doesn't know the first thing about international relations but a lot is from around the world for his home to display their works one of the projects was called liquid art it was to have been implemented jointly with russian artists in late september two thousand and eight. the georgian word for this place is more around here it is and places like this that georgians traditionally make wine manchester different nationalities are going to contribution to georgian traditions they will get in the press grapes with their feet just as it was done in the old days a year later we will get a jointly made product i wine brand called liquid art. in the spring of two thousand and eight karen man began building a pavilion for the exhibition he was still constructing it in august when another war broke out between south and said here in georgia. or did i went on
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building the pavilion during the war fighting was going on right behind the mountain fifteen kilometers from here i sort of flashes and heard the bombings i also saw helicopters up in the air this. hostilities came to an end nine days later when russia sent troops into the south for thirty years to separate the warring parties georgia subsequently broke off diplomatic relations with russia. when investing come a he was working on a film about the georgian city and conflict he made arrangements for an interview with european human rights campaigners to be held in geneva shortly before he was due to go the journalist received a tip off that he had better stay in switzerland. all sorts of problems cropped up
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after my return from scandal was i would talk about them because my words might get in the way of the investigation. i can only tell you that i received open threats and heard something so accumulating that i contradicted him short. he'd say lives in a swiss fausto for political refugees friends keep them abreast of events. i hear you going to switzerland. ok i'm going to tell you that's right in october by that time you must complete all formalities concerning immigration chances are i myself will return home by then that there is a regime change. did you say regime change yes why not that's a possibility. we hope so. somebody has been friends ever since they went to school together when parliament appointed to the post of he gave his friend
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a job in his office when his first term of office came to an end the noid him a second term and now the journalist is in hiding in a foreign country the ex is unemployed. if i praise the authorities i would have been elected procession term they would even have changed the law to let me for ten terms. in the last presidential election live i. was officially the runner up his party's headquarters supplied the o s c e commission with evidence documenting schools and irregularities some of them made public in the commission's conclusions but the final report ultimately described the election as valid. the. view he gets up to let's say is
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a famous georgian musician in protest against the second regime he decided to barricade himself in a television studio made up to look like a prison cell for several months he stayed in the room with four t.v. cameras tracking his every move. today georgia means prison all of georgia as a present of the georgian people made a mistake by electing what i call an illegitimate person. politicians sportsman and artists all visit his cell to support the musician. heads the leading opposition party even isn't his brother three times during his self-imposed imprisonment. how are you so so what are you i get loads of letters to pass a full of them already the guy's a nuts they may just saying time to make. his one man
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prison show began of the eleven pm and last until morning the following day the whole country would discuss would have been said during the night after two months of self confinement the only conceptual love they took time out for a public appearance at the b.c. stadium b.v. a cage in the midst of a show was a strikingly symbolic act the people who had filled the stadium and jason robards turned kubica church allowed to show into what amounted to a protest rally. in april ninth two thousand and nine leaders of all opposition parties as their followers to take to the streets in tbilisi. just felt get out second street get out saakashvili get down get sounds goofy you know it all visitation has never said saakashvili is our president we call him a take factor rather than does your president. today the former
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participants in the rallies for georgia's independence. into a party. with our aim is to create a party that is without parallel and georgian history it should be a party based on genuine national values shared by most people in our country. the leader of the new party is live and say a former magnets in the wind industry he has the support of. really the architect of the country's leading television company and george's last ambassador to russia the party's third leader is a historian who has won the nation's affection as an honest but some of the. george's rulers in recent years have been so different the one will be hard put to say which of them is fully to blame for the present day situation there are no independent courts of law democratic institutions are not allowed to develop and the country's people are intimidated in the autumn of two thousand and eight a group of friends met in old warehouses turned into studios in moscow they were
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artists who are keen to participate in an international project that was to take place in the home of color men come to. the ball this is a remarkably exquisite european style project but i think we need to make slight changes to emphasize a note of sorrow in it merrymaking is out of place after what happened you don't do that at a funeral the funeral still goes on. the russian artists didn't visit their georgian friends in either two thousand and eight or later they have decided against going to georgia for the trying be for they do not fall in politics they believe that in their beautiful country of long traditions funerals will give way to weddings and the street protests else did by projects concerts and theatre festivals.
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