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tv   [untitled]    July 1, 2011 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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russia hates sounds of the supplying libyan rebels who are saying the vagueness of the u.n. resolution allows quote anyone to do anything. just to tell you that the supreme court. i'm a little while you are trying to negotiate with us a deal that we use is controlled by those countries. which attack us the son of the libyan leader explains why he believes the international criminal court is finest and corrupt arrest warrant for they could damage the family was it
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. greece spurred certain number of national companies on the market c.e.u. lenders to get their country back on track but the people say it's. a very warm welcome this is live from moscow and also has raised concern over from supplying weapons to libyan rebels and they've ambiguous interpretations of the un security council resolution on libya foreign minister sergei lavrov has also once again set asides in the syrian conflict should resolve their differences or through dialogue anyway let's cross live now to our correspondent italian overcome by hughes out the foreign ministry for us was her son has always been against military
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intervention in libya and voiced concerns over. the allies assisting one side in the conflicts. well indeed it is so in france was the first country to publicly it needs its air dropped weapons to libyan territory southwest of tripoli now they claim that they did it in order to how to billion still defend themselves and when it comes to protecting civilians that all measures are justified of course russia does not agree with that position and the french foreign minister said that there's a character for in the un security council's resolution regarding libya that allows them to do so and even though two foreign ministers have the same goal in the end of the day and that is of course a peaceful and democratic libya russian foreign minister does not agree with the resolution itself. is that each person lucia nine hundred seventy three contains chapter four which allows anyone to do anything this very chance it was the cause
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problems with the mandate in all other aspects we support it and as we have now we are facing roll them pleasant situations and it can be interpreted in most different ways i think moscow and paris and other un security council members are interested for the body to release concise documents and international law does not need to put up with ambiguity. meanwhile representatives of the african union have already spoken out about this they are afraid of prison ration of those arms and that those arms might end up in the hands of terrorists which will be a threat to the whole region they also step that's at some point maybe it might find itself in a similar situation that somalia is at the moment but it's not even two ministers didn't focus on the situation and they also encompassing the crisis in the one north africa. well of course the next stop on the table during discussions was syria russian foreign minister sergei lavrov once again stressed the country's
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position on syria. that it is against any similar resolution regarding syria as to one regarding libya and he said out that's a political solution should be found in order to solve the conflict he's also said that opposition members in syria should sit down to negotiation table and talk to his government instead of simply ignoring the concessions and reforms assad's government is trying to make the french of foreign minister agree that the political political solution is better for this conflict as we. should be sure but i think france is looking for a political solution to the situation in syria it's important the ambitious program of reforms that has been proposed in syria is implemented on the basis of the wishes of the syrian people we believe that the un security council cannot express its position on this and should call for an immediate end to any hostilities in the country. meanwhile the representatives of georgian media try to drew
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parallels between what's happening in libya and what happened in south of the two thousand and eight. but for mr lovell a very long and detailed explanation of how the situation is different so that's out through georgia's assault in southeast asia in two thousand and eight and president sarkozy and his video kind of plan according to which. which every point russia has fulfilled or georgian site did not and that's the only way to protect civilians in republics of self-pity and applies it was to russia to recognize them as independent states. in time of a couple of days ago. while the international criminal court says you know warrant for the arrest of the lead in the cattle gadhafi and his son solve the crackdown on protesters in in an exclusive interview to aussie
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gadhafi sons at the hague is nothing more than a shutout. but the score. is an economical amount the accuse me of killing people everybody knows the sentence or against against the . the punishment so they decided to kill me and to commit other and they did kill my brother and destroy my house so i have the means. to execute you so now you are out of the wild arrest me i mean you do the nuns are going to kill me and you are after me every day you are trying to find me i think you really are my brother so is the world number two just to tell you that it's a free called the little one we are trying to negotiate with ours i did. this the we think you're at the core of what is new. is at its core is controlled
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by those countries. attacking us every day it's just part of psychological and political pressure for us that are in charge by the international criminal court with the design in a quotation as state policy aimed at deterring and quelling by any means including by the use of lethal force it was stray sions of civilians against it after his regime which started in february two thousand and eleven and the such a policy exist. come on the accuse me of killing people everybody knows even the liberals themselves they're accusing me of using force or because i'm not in the in the army i'm not in the government so for me to be responsible for killing people it was a big joke second to the people who die at the beginning one hundred fifty nine north of the people died when the attack and this would happen anywhere anywhere in the world in russia in america in france in germany in italy if.
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people in the street move towards a military side trained to street a militia or arms the military would prevent this what happened in the direct question did you or your father. order the army to kill protesters of course not this number one no second. my father. but you got a broker isn't because you know he's one of them and because of that of whatever we've called we don't use force when people he told us oh there are kingdom of this size the goddess why are you going through the border to work and defend themselves and defend. we have got our. camps. there you can see more of our exclusive interview in just twenty minutes time here
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on the assy or you can always find it on our web site con. greece is there also for a lifeline from the e.u. after parliament passed a vote on how to implement tough new austerity measures that can sometimes heights were a condition for twelve billion euro in additional rescue cash however the move sent thousands of angry protesters onto the streets of athens and is asking sarah first reports plans to sell off we can says the highest bidder are all safe in the plains . greece is not for sale the message from a furious public has plans to sell off many greek assets pushes ahead quick so incredibly proud of their heritage many people feel that the privatization proposals think they still think greece and its public are. the tension for grabs for the lenders banks water companies and chain operators amongst many more at
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stake in the large telecommunications company aig he is also sale. has been a continuous crime for the past twenty years we've sold off our companies piece by piece and now we only own a small percentage of their small stake is extremely important to the greek people but they want to sell even though it. is a huge turn for the present governments who are heavily upon. as to the sale of eighty shares when they were acting as a position. called a national crime when the previous government sold shares now they want to do the same and sell the shares now at a low price we don't think we'll see investment or any development we can do anything others will care about his profit profit profit. he continues calls from the public to refuse the aggressive privatization proposals set forth by the troika seemingly gone and heard this. from the european union is the remember we would
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talk about blackmail i guess the greek government critics have argued that these thanking a bailout acting out of interest keeping profits private was the last is to say she lies the thing you hear is not like greeks have to stretch back into deep history to figure this out we can look at latin american we will look at countries all over the world where the i.m.f. has come in and sacrificed and plundered the nation for corporate consolidation and prime minister cap and trade speak of avoiding the countries cannot sit all caused many are now asking just how high a price he's willing to pay someone dies there's something very tragic occurred that's going to be a catalyst for i think of all this government the e.u. has stated fairly there's no plan b. the stereo he measures being an actor's buses here he builds on the streets might be tiny thought of one. south r.t.
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athens. where greeks are now facing twenty billion a year a's in cars and then today for the next five years he welcomed the plan saying it will help the country get back. from the u.s. base trends research institute says your star is neches that actually i want to rest the bones of people's expense. you could sum up what's killed capitalism in four simple words too big to fail and that's what's going on the banks are failing and they want the people to bail them out because they after all they don't like to take a hit these big guys so they call it austerity measures and privatization and the i.m.f. is nothing more than the international mafia federation they are the loan sharks of last resort and the people know it they call it privatization adults call it
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stealing valuable public assets and selling it to your friends were really cheap the politicians only represent the people that give the most amount of money so that people know that so they're it's going to continue to be it's war and the greek people know that if you don't stand up they're going to bow you down when you get really hungry you're going to see the riots continue to escalate because what are these so-called zero sterett he measures what do they really bring how they bring a lot more poverty oh they bring a worse g d p o they bring more unemployment so the politicians are doing nothing more than the bidding for those that pay them off. from the u.s. base trends reset and see talking about how lessons they came to affect the greek. ok with r.t. still to come in the program. tonight was the government accountable to all
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american citizens people was born right here on american soil you this is a shame and f.b.i. sting operations these three many get twenty five years behind bars raising questions about u.s. infighting homegrown terror. and armies between islamabad and washington over the killing of a large leaves of the star the nodding the u.s. drone base. an egyptian court has been spend the trial until september of two policemen accused of beating a businessman to death last year the incident is due to have helped spark the country's uprising that ousted president mubarak in peppery meanwhile officials have ordered a probe injuries and clashes in cairo which have left more than a thousand people injured during two days of posts are angry with the slow prosecution of senior officials and police complaining of a lack of
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a speed of intention of reform since the revolt journalist ousted returns e says the current leadership is ignoring people's them on. the government such as it is hasn't responded to the concerns of the people the strikes the suez canal transportation workers people being killed again on the streets of cairo not a peep out of the corporate media and meanwhile we have william burns in cairo talking with mr turmel joey the provisional head at the moment of the government and even the trial of the interior minister who is hated so much and be a minister and also has been adjourned people are not getting what they thought they were getting when they drop all those little dorrit we must remember joe biden and hillary clinton didn't want to go as well as the mubarak and his cronies so many of them are retaining power and it's a very dangerous situation and wasn't very good what's crucial here for really rational. ok look is this is girl that's where trade goes through and it is the
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most populous country arab country in the arab world and we're not hearing anything about is in the corporate news it's as if that revolutions done and dusted in the egyptian people for. all three men convicted of trying to blow up synagogues in new york been sentenced to twenty five years in prison the cases where he's huge controversy also they were actually incited by the f.b.i. had these fake bombs fall critics claim it was a setup but the judge said her hands were tied. for nearly a decade the u.s. has we are widespread global war on terror it's required multitasking military effort overseas on the domestic front u.s. officials have decided to double down recently announcing counterterrorism plans that refocus resources on combat homegrown plots this is the first kind of turns a strategy that focuses on the ability of al qaeda and its that work toward speier
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people in the united states to attack us from within and yet in countless so called f.b.i. sting operations f.b.i. operatives provided the break c four and actually showed a fake stinger missile the inspiration to attack america has come from a government paid informant working to orchestrate a plan a tactic critics say exercised in a new york case dubbed new book for. suspects poor illiterate african american muslims were presented as the faces of homegrown terrorism and subsequently found guilty of conspiring and attempting terrorist attacks against the us no direction by a foreign entity or terrorist group instead direction came from shahid hussain a pakistani immigrant on the f.b.i. payroll reportedly paid one hundred thousand dollars for his services according to court testimony hussein recruited the cash strapped former conflicts by offering cars and cash to carry out the operation for individuals that. bomb
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jewish facilities here in the bronx and also take out a military aircraft. yet not one defendant had a passport or license but what the government had was an agent provocateur who testified in court as a key witness guilty verdicts for all or islamic caliphate the same day a new counterterrorism strategy was touted the new birth four were sentenced to twenty five years in prison a tearful and angered crowd of supporters gathered outside manhattan's federal courthouse who was a government accountable turn on your own american citizens people as born right here on american soil this is a damned shame. miscarriage of justice and we will keep fighting that government should not be true dr smith. said forced. to. since the. f.b.i.
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informants have reportedly been used in dozens of so-called foiled plots since nine eleven critics say hundreds of americans are languishing behind bars for fake terror attacks planted and grown by the u.s. government our tax dollars are being used to incentivize criminals to manufacture terror plots like they catch other people up in i can't see how that in any way better. country music can pick anybody up from new york city all forced united states make you have to be very careful very aware of who you speak to who you are around because you have many. agents you have many informants that they are using the u.s. federal judge said our regis government be there was absolute size in the keys on the new york who are expressing doubt the convicts who for one do plan to attack without the f.b.i.
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informant however the specific charges against the man require a mandatory minimum sentence of twenty five years in prison prosecutors say they manufactured what would have been all along so i took it carried out and the fact that it was fake doesn't matter. or not artsy new york. more news the videos are always online feud has a taste of what's lined up right now as the u.s. secretary of defense for toy is leaving behind three walls and many analysts whether the cia chief succeeding him will change the pentagon's policy its. other russian scientists there's a meeting with extraterrestrial life is just around the corner even claims to know what aliens look like these are called to find out. the u.s. to shut down a base in the country's southwest the facility has served as
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a launching pad for washington's drone attacks against medicines on the volatile afghan border with pakistan a political analyst shari says the only way to stop the violence is to end the so-called war on terror. one of the main reasons for the for the continuation of violent activity on the pakistan of gonna stand border is the mess that the us military has created inside afghanistan over the past decade the mess there the way they have alienated a large portion segment of the afghan population in terms of the push to try to the way they have conducted the war on terror they are the way they have alienated a large pockets really of the country is a big reason for why we have a country new mission of violence in afghanistan and how that violence is spilling over into the park is down and most pakistani commentators believe now that one of the ways short shortcuts really to controlling violence and extremism
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on the pakistan afghanistan border is really to end the war on terror the way the u.s. military and the way the cia has been conducting this war over the past ten years one step forward is of course what president obama has declared but to use the words we're going to see really actions of the ground and we have yet to see whether important agencies within the u.s. government like essential intelligence agency the cia would really cooperate. other international stories we're covering it today in the sexual assault case against him but i have left she is in doubt yourself of course the victim repeatedly lied about what happened in the alleged attack it also you claim they tell me didn't tell the truth the asylum application balance according to u.s. media sources dominick style can he's currently under house arrest in new york and is charged with seven counts including attempted rape for french nationals and allegations he's due in court later today the bids to get his bail conditions
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reluctance to. venezuela hugo chavez is given his first televised address since undergoing surgery pupil of the ten june to remove a pelvic abscess will hear later that a second operation had also been carried out to remove this cancerous tumor chavez says he was determined to becomes health issues and is now of course off the recovery. china is the liberation the ninetieth birthday of its ruling communist party which is also the long largest political party in the world top officials have attended a grand so central beijing with panels that gathered to mark the day the organization as a small group of intellectuals but no presides over the world's second largest economy resolutions hard praise the party the cuban swallow but other the corruption could cost them the trust and support of the people. when in just
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a few minutes you can see our eggs with colonel gadhafi style but first all the businesses and community. welcome to our business boys of the south thanks for joining me because times union between russell bella was in kazakhstan has come into effect three countries removing internal border controls who are all the union members will have custom services only on their external borders i will share the traffic information with each other they try actual union has functioned since january last year when russia rather was on kazakhstan unified their customs tariffs. and staying with the customs union crisis stricken bellows has asked russia to freeze the price of base for gas because currently buying russian gas at lower prices than the european average but higher than that paid in russia by those claims the common economic zone implies prices should be the same throughout the area the current cut price deal between customer and minsk is due to end this year gazprom hasn't commented
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whether future discounts are possible or say the gas monopoly could lose up to three billion dollars next year if prices are frozen. broaches lifted almost a year long ban on grain exports the model was imposed to avoid domestic shortages following a heat wave that stated one third of the country's crops last year the ban caused world wheat prices to rise to the highest level for two years but optimistic harvest forecasts have prompted russia to return to the global great market and russian policy could harvest up to ninety million pounds of grain this year that's out fifty percent last year on the exchanges we discarded trading at around six hundred thirteen dollars per bushel. let's take a look at the markets also trading lower after china reports manufacturing pace is slowing light sweet is trading at around ninety four dollars a barrel and brant is that around one hundred eleven dollars per barrel european
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stock markets pointing upward this hour britain's footsie is trading less than. quarter of a percent in the black shares in lloyd's is stopping the index it was second day the stalker rose one half percent after a soaring nine point seven percent of thursday as markets gave with gonzales for the cost cutting measures and his strategy for the lender. and was markets pals back primary losses will be r.t.s. out almost after almost one and a half percent however some energy majors are trading in the red following a drop in oil prices now let's have a look at something debatable shambles on the rise expressions largest oil company rolls in half is trading in the red cross down a condescending nearly. half a percent after it posted a six percent increase in the first quarter net profit of the telecoms giant that profit rose to around three hundred seventeen million dollars driven by high sales and foreign exchange gains trend though is very bad that is up over two percent.
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that's on the back of russia's largest lender beginning trading on the both of the london stock exchange and the door cerberus the bear bank transferred twenty five percent of its shares into a.d.r.'s banks depository receipts program comes ahead of the lenders sale of a seven point six percent stake shadows for the listing of foreign stock exchanges allows the bank to expand its investor base ahead of the sale analysts say it may have a negative impact on the liquidity of the brand shares on the local market the company leads trading on the rise makes with an average daily volume worth one billion dollars. that's our business update for this hour but i'll be back with more in about forty five minutes from. to.
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