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long. the. russian foreign minister slavs and nato members for their actions in the conflict torn arab world at a meeting with his french counterpart. moscow criticise bettors for sending weapons to the libyan rebels saying the vagueness of the u.n. resolution allows it to determine the innocence of. the gadhafi if you go into control in libya. is going to leave you this is the target. of the videos will not move into that. sort of barbarism do you target them by nato went on to that behavior colonel gadhafi son of reveals this take on the wind with it is up or an exclusive interview with our team. greece is urging the e.u.
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to hand over its promises bailout after problem of the feelings of deep spending cuts and a state asset sell off by days of violent protests. and business britain haven't produced a new bribe or a little coverage overseas operations of companies doing business in the u.k. all that stuff about russia we find out in business not twenty minutes. just after ten pm here in the russian capital you're watching r.t. thanks for joining us and now to our top story in moscow is alarmed by the way the u.n. security council resolution on libya has been interpreted after france supplied weapons to the rebel forces russia also urged the international community not to enforce a regime change in syria but instead help the rival sides seek political dialogue
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or corresponded with the novikov has more on the story. libya was the key issue discussed during a meeting between two foreign ministers that's following france's deployment of arms to libya france admitted it air drops guns in order to help civilians protect themselves and according to french foreign minister when it comes to protection of civilians school measures are justified they claim that u.n. security council's resolution allows them to do so russia believes it isn't it is unacceptable that it violates arms embargo to libya and russian foreign minister has said even though two ministers two countries have similar views on libya's future that has to be peaceful and democratic states that's a u.n. security council resolution can be easily misinterpreted. or solution nine hundred seventy three contains chapter four which allows anyone to do anything this very chance it was the cause of our problems with the mandate in all other aspects we
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support it and as we have warnings now we're facing rather unpleasant situations when it can be interpreted in most different ways i think most here in paris and other u.n. security council members are interested for the body to release concise documents to the international law does not need to put up with ambiguity meanwhile representatives of the african union have already spoken out about this saying that they are afraid of proliferation they fear that those guns make end up in the hands of terrorists and that's going to be a threat to the insider region russia's envoy to nato has said in a press conference in moscow that he fears that an on grounds operation is just around the corner and that operation is only going to prolong this conflict and worsen situation in the whole region in general meanwhile when it comes to syria to foreign ministers are not quite on the scene between guarding that uprising moscow stands firm against a u.n. security council resolution to which syria while france has been going on with the
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council to take action was still believes that only a political solution of this crisis is possible and as for mr lavrov has set the opposition in feel we have to sit down and talk with us uk government instead of moving on with concessions before. former deputy speaker of the belgian parliament or says nato is to control the region and at the alliance will interpret the resolution to achieve its goals. brimming with real solutions they are not a legal text in the sense as a lot of votes in a country which basically interpretation of resolutions is a matter of ideology and of power why does france interpret it this way because they can't there is no international agencies don't you cannot that's the program we teachers and they want to take over control of this country in this very important strategic situation between tunisia between egypt where things are going
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the wrong way i mean the wrong way for european union and and united states let's not forget democratic evolution in this country is what does it mean people mean when governments take care of the interests of their own people not of international corporations it's a symbol in the new plan old maidish clearly to take control of north africa whether to say that on paper or whether this is the night officially released. over the war in libya at a focal point of international relations artie's again that sets the colonel gadhafi son the target for italy saif al islam thinks this country's wanted for its riches but says the people will keep fighting to make sure it doesn't fall other foreign control the day i was swimming and passionate i was very hard at what we were into the real saw in our country over my fighting for our country with our people who we know we live in
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a country where we would if we die we go to heaven and they destroyed our house in the middle of. a. small house surrounded surrounded by many houses people are living here and there is a small school next to them and bomb that house or the sides of the. he and civilian he had nothing to do with with the war with politics there were thirty in germany because of the war he came back to libya he was there sleeping. what nato says that we born no command and control center. was a two bedroom kitchen living all small house this is it give you an example for my family let alone many other examples one week ago they had the house of a friend of my father killed the whole family. the wife pregnant.
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two young girls of the day and said again we are hitting a military site. a president. with her. controlling and commanding libyan troops. don't have the how one target this country is a piece of cake rich guys oil and we have more than one hundred billion dollars deposits abroad so we have to share this cake that the two of paul and harry want to put mr smith to support because the hungry the tired the want to share the cake. slake for them levy is lake fast food. the most cost cause if you fast fast for airplanes fast bullets cost literally
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but we are very patient because we are in our country so we're going to. really we'll do that here so we're very patient if your goal is the goal is to control libya. is accountability this is the target. videos will not move them to do that. so the five hundred you. the are. well you can watch our full exclusive interview with colonel gadhafi son in just over twenty minutes time but if you don't want to wait you can simply log onto our t.v. dot com and download it right now. by the greek prime minister has urged the european union to release a further wave of bailout funds which the debt ridden country urgently needs to avoid default in july well to qualify for the e.u. cash options has approved a package of radical tax increases as well as spending cuts which triggered three days of massive protests and further reports plans to sell off greek assets to the
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highest bidder are also fairing the flames of public anger. greece is not for sale the message from the theory as public as plans to sell of many assets pushes ahead quick for incredibly proud of their heritage many people fear that the privatization proposals. being grave the public are. potentially up for grabs for the lenders banks water companies and chain operators amongst many more mistaken lies telecommunications company aig he is also the sale of the widow to you there's been a continuous crime for the past twenty years sold off our company piece by piece and now we only own a small percentage but that small stake is extremely important to the greek people but they want to sell even but it is a huge turn for the present governments who were heavily opposed to the sale of
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eighty shares when they were acting as a position. called a national crime when the previous government sold shares now they want to do the same sell the shares now at a low price we don't think we'll see investment or any development in you we think the only thing others will care about is profit profit profit. he continues calls from the public to refuse the aggressive privatization proposals set forth by the troika has seemingly gone on hers their present from the european union is the remember we would talk about blackmail i guess the greek government critics have argued that they backing a bailout acting out of self interest keeping profits private but the last is to say she lies nothing new here it's not like greeks have to stretch back into deep history to figure this out we can look at latin american we look at countries all over the world where the i.m.f. has come in and sacrificed and plundered the nation for corporate consolidation and
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prime minister cap and trade speak of avoiding the country's collapse at all costs . but many are now asking just how high a price he's willing to pay someone buys something very tragic occurs that's going to be a catalyst for i think of all this government the e.u. only there's no leap and be the stereo he measures being an activist buses here he builds on the streets mighty tiny thirty one. r.t. athens. we have more stories for you on live just log on to our website r t dot com for access to fresh updates videos and much more and here's a taste of what's there right now parties correspondent is reporting firsthand from one of the boats of it from a reader will tell us which is set to sail through the blockade of gaza. and also on line for you who are going to see why aircraft pilots with laser pens will soon face time in jail for the life threatening. our kids have already use union
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is a legal battle with the department of state over the release of classified documents on the u.s. war on terror diplomatic cables expose a washington methods of abduction interrogation and detention of suspected terrorists well the a.c.l.u. demands that their made a public official investigation despite the fact that documents have already been published by the online whistleblower reveal leaks of the shed some light on this story we cross live over to the atlantic to sacramento where allison we are president of the council for the national interest joins us now thank you very much for joining us first of all alison these cables are already available for the public around the world so why bother to declassify them. that's that's one of the main points of this lawsuit these are public cables they have now been published in the new york times in many newspapers across the united states as well as the rest of the room so it's it's absurd for the state department to keep tabs on truthfully
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they should not have been classified in the first place they have nothing to do with national security issues with the facts that it would be dangerous for the for anyone to know they were just asked by because they are violating u.s. law as it appears and because they would be very embarrassing to the u.s. government that's not a basis on which to classify things are looking at the content of these cables out of thousands of classified cables only it's wanted there have been selected for this case what's so special about well i think they wanted to choose very very clearly a small number that would be reasonable to take less likely plea that do not concern violations of deep american principles these are our cable embassy cables talking you've got the torture of people in. the chair getting thirty cents nations by people abroad the this is by leaps you know all kinds of there are there are very
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specific cables that have come out publicly that should now be made officially public a problem with keeping them officially declassified is that it makes them unavailable for glares that are pursuing cases having to do with these particular incidents they make it possible for the government refused to answer questions about them because mostly they are classified secret information so it's very important also of this making it officially public it's been three months as the request was submit it's of a department of state and still no response so when can we expect america to release these documents if they do so at all. that's really impossible to tell as you say it's been three months they've been trying to do this they came out over a year and a half ago americans were able to read although the attorneys working on these cases are prohibited by the government from reading and it's an absurd situation it
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makes no sense whatsoever it violates fundamental rights of the united states and yet the government refuses to answer and i tried to find out why and why did we not releasing these why they were made in the. and in we just not getting a response from argument look at london or people who putin will this this really is a type of that information has been leaked to the public eye has come out in terms of what america is doing at the attacker terrorism so how are these new revelations should they be made public and for as america's methods of tackling terrorism if they will be enforced at all i think they would be in i think it would be important for them to become officially week i think clearly what this lawsuit does that's significant is it really reveals that this sort of alice in wonderland nature the government in which up is down and back is forward in black and white
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you know the absurdity of what's going on in washington and it's not just of syria it's very damaging it's significant because it is changing. the situation government here and more people need to work on it. and taking it just a broader perspective of this well since the tough at the terrible sure seven and place post nine eleven but as the u.s. has not suffered any major of the best attack does that mean that the approach is working. no i only i don't think the approach is you know i think you just can't achieve us but since super tuesday this approach is to keep it safe to save our country to save our system of government and instead it this system of government the principles that we are really on are being dismantled from within by this point it's approach that was taken to reach bush by the obama. again these are
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not key bills that are in an equally. important to keep quite certainly all of us want american officials to be see. the actions that are legal required going to the real group to have sensible american policies these are not being classified because national security issues they're not be classified to keep us officials are quite safe they're being supplied to prevent and appears to be riskier and to prevent public from being we're the government by only our u.s. laws we believe in a rule of law in this country that's what american citizens want that's what they are going to uphold and these are remaining years of quite turning them from us long as that's not a reason to keep keep them secret all right thank you very much for your analysis
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and your thoughts alison we are president of the council for the national interests here. now the chinese communist party is celebrating its ninetieth year after taking power in the revolution of one nine hundred forty nine the party's turn china into the world's fastest growing economy for more we're now joined live from the u.k. by professor shuji yal of the university of nottingham thank you very much professor yow for being on the program well china has made incredible achievements under the communist party but has the quality of life for the ordinary chinese caught up with this in. nomic boom which yeah i kinda really cure people leaving spending increase quite significantly even most recent one ticket for the poor people was an income hit increase now you need an income because of lighting equalities so dearly. it's not really obvious you have some sort of low income people will may not trios as heavy as to which people so yeah we have beer polices siskel economy but the
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kinds of social inequality and justice in corruption include in italy this guy quite a lot of social problem i think just following the train of thought of social problems so the president did mention corruption as one of the problems that they have to work for come out what do you think china has to solve within itself before it can grow want to achieve its other bigger roles and you mentioned a social inequality right as well about civil liberties and law enforcement right else for baby solving internally. they just mentioned you've been depleted being saved is number one problem and because of corruption is link so many other issues like income equality lies in housing prices inclusion so. china can control the scale corruption in the make sure that this inside these little you call it pierre s.-t.
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economy girls also they're all being merely people can even create their income stream or cheney is free in the field to have freedom in simple liberty them to society will be much better so what china has been doing now is i see new peace very good but it's not too depressed china is potential because people are walking is only heart in china says it it really depends quickly on how walking or people the high ceiling raising pay or behaving basement but a country is another issue that even maybe the kinds of sustainability because of fast growth in the past three decades questioning it it can chalices gain for another twenty or thirty years of our schools not what are the fundamental issues it is the economy is far too depending on low cost many of factoring part of depending on consumption the moment helio thing any enterprises of rome within your
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energy ever actually increasingly a fast over the last decade or so this is something the challenge for the next stage of the roman i've seen you will be much more difficult for china to face a professor us just look at comparing russia and china and what's so fascinating about final for those who are watching and this is this economic miracle so what has china done right that the so soviet russia had not done perhaps as well as china had. i soon. probably making a mistake in life alone beginning because you had seventy years of common even collectivities in and sort of try to stop the problem in one goal some sort of political economy or. approach the time it's really a document which your approach like things are being. mentioned it we don't actually have a particular model to follow because they're not
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a model it's not very good for a truly afraid or the western more though it's not suitable for china because the west in their democracy it is not because of democracy if you're tiny can contemplate so china darkie to one killer police state are because of socialism but you need it incorporate a lot of element of cato completely him and a plague medical. study from the fairly easy sector legere culture and move into industries started from countries dying and went through the city in front of the mystically form to our form are trying to take their fairly long term view of these kinds of post this opening up in the mystic institutional reform together so this is probably quite a few contrasts between china and russia are just very briefly now it is a fact that china hat is a nuclear power it has the largest army in the world now while countries are trying to partner with china's survey also being worried about china's power. i think i
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won't be surprised if some smaller neighborhood. or you. get a little bit wily. neutralizing chinese you know you can only call it. will be very unusual for china to become really truly really strong but they're stronger and there will be google bed will lead to the security of all the chinese littleness it will be initially for other people. china's you moved in if you need to dig me to really make them move it. all right thank you very much for your thoughts live from the u.k. that was university of nottingham professor sure thank you again. now let's look at some stories from around the world this hour to new york where dominick self-starter has been released from house arrest so prosecutors have agreed to
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waive the bail of a sexual assault case against him a former i.m.f. chief posted six million u.s. dollars assurity ritual that will be returned to him and the release comes after prosecutors raise doubts about the credibility of the housekeeper at the center of the case of she claims to have been raped by strauss kahn in may allegations he denies. google child has undergone lifesaving surgery to remove a tumor the fifty six year old venezuelan president has made his first t.v. appearance since treatment is three weeks ago speaking of his condition he called his recovery slow and careful but certainly expects to make it for recovery government officials and later confirmed that venezuela will continue with its socialist reform program despite charges as health. it's ali and police have arrested a mafia boss in this is silly and sound corleone made famous by the godfather movie trilogy they plan to read our faces charges of extortion and criminal association
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the seventeen year old character parole for his brother tato who is serving multiple life sentences for a series of killings a recap of the headlines coming up shortly but first the business news of your. hello and a very warm welcome to the business day of britain has introduced a new anti bribe really covering overseas operations of companies doing business in the u.k. it makes little difference from large international firms who are already comply with time to legislation in the united states but small companies from our notion economies like russia unlikely to be affected most the former head of anticorruption at the u.k. serious fraud office explains how the law works. the law says that any company that carries on a business or even part of a business in the u.k. can be subject to the new corporate friends the bribery act is only one part of
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a long list of obligations that companies have internationally so if a company's activities in russia put it in conflict with those obligations well that company will have to sit back and think whether or not it can do business in russia and that really isn't where russia wants to be you want to be able to say that russia is a great place to do business the key here is that in order to remove an impediment to inward investment russia would really need to tackle any domestic corruption first before it goes off to the foreign object officials and if we can do that then i think companies will have much more confidence in investing in the country. let's have a quick check on the markets here stocks are open strongly on friday our national gauge of manufacturing in june exceeded expectations and european starts higher more it's was top of the foot so intense for the second day the patent shares were up almost four percent on friday after soaring nine point seven percent the day for
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as markets give thumbs up to father cost cutting measures hundred new strategy for the lender. but also on friday the russian markets back from their earlier losses the r.t. has been one point six percent at the close the mice it's trying to break the seven hundred mark just before the end of the section but this week however some energy majors were in the road falling and drop in oil prices let's have a look at those figures russia's largest oil company ross never was in the rather close ross telecoms six percent increase in the first fortune that profits failed to impress investors the result shares were flights the telecoms giant net profits rose to around three hundred seventy million dollars driven by high sales and the foreign exchange again bucking the trend is. four and a half percent helped by reports is beginning. trading in london right now michael stein from as courageous as the russian consummate has helped move shares up this week. russian equities about
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a very strong week ending up more than three percent on the back of falling risk aversion associated with the greece on the one hand but on the back of rising oil prices which are up more than six percent this week from five month lows on the domestic front the central bank this week kept the refinancing rate unchanged at the even a quarter percent and indicated in its accompanying language that rates are likely to stay on changed for the next couple of months this is clearly positive for russian equities this week our president medvedev also reiterated a number of pro-business comments including plans to privatizing a number of companies including plans to cut the payroll tax substantially and then today he announced a decree to create a centralized depository which once in place will make you much more convenient on the one hand and much less expensive on the other hand for foreign investors to invest in russian local shares so that's why for now another business update in less than five minutes so stay with us.
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