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more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. china's corporations are on the day. see.
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the nuclear age as the over sixty years old regime pretty keep i can describe exactly how an underground test was done and no there were three two one zero almost you couldn't hear anything about there was no noise at all given the ground lifted up. we live under the threat of increasingly sophisticated weapons hume's and two thousand one hundred eighty eight states parties to demand proliferation treaty. signed on to a statement providing for an unequivocal undertaking to the total elimination of nuclear weapons it has been sucked back by principally the united states but not alone russia france china the u.k. all have their share responsibility. to terminate agreements are not being honored . what is happening now it is that their role is in some countries are able to
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write a draft should over international law because there is insufficient body of protest from within that country ordering them to these basic principles. french polynesia pressed into the midst of a nuclear test. and we accompanied them to ground zero with guns pointed ready to fire who are we going to fire at i wonder he should clearly crabbe straub. yet we're going to be there was a russian or american invasion nigel no end of the cold war and the going away of the soviet union many people thought that nuclear weapons disappeared so a lot of the people who were at the base don't disarmament issues and move their activism to the environment or fighting globalization or other issues or no one could ace i think in the streets for disarmament and nonproliferation. the danger
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is growing will the anti-nuclear movement wake up. america was not the only western power to consider the pacific islands far enough from home to use for practicing nuclear war. in one thousand nine hundred sixty six french polynesia laid out all the more meaning the great secret became france's marshall islands for thirty years this earthly paradise under nearly two hundred nuclear explosions but more also became ground zero of the anti-nuclear movement. cannot overcome the fact that our country collaborated in the development of the atomic bomb. we
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gen the goals and the french polynesia to be part of what france will become unique there is to say imagine uclear palmer. but to me that is disgusting. and one of them born was imposed on us don't you not in fact he makes us guilty too yeah for we are victims in which we also are responsible for what's happening to us and for what might happen if france were to use its nuclear weapons. and i find that unforgivable and. behind this image of paradise lies the secret that surrounds the testing and rips apart the people of french polynesia here the economy is dependent on france and the subject of nuclear testing remains taboo but this doesn't stop more air.
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bristow you right now in national polls that i'm thinking of my children's future. in so many. tiny territory a tiny country before that we have a high percentage of people suffering from dire oid long and bladder cancer. and it's frightening to know all that. with the help of her husband that he can teach her a mother of two uses the internet to broadcast an image of her country one that is rather different from those in the travel agency brochures. as he decided to speak out about the nuclear issue because it's part of our contemporary history and it is disrupted our society since the sixty's. now we suffer from the ills of a modern society yes we tell our son about our country's history but when he asks
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us. based on facts we were just talking about nuclear testing with a lottery yes he was wondering why they did the tests here and not in france. we explained that we are in the middle of a big ocean. and there are only two hundred thousand inhabitants. and there could be so fewer people are likely to be affected. yes. i'm ok my father is a vice president of the independence party. and he has been involved in many anti-nuclear demonstrations. this is what am i going to say to them when they ask what did you do to get my country into this situation so that's what i worry about . we were of the atom bomb generation. proof play football all your thoughts down it's have
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a good time don't worry about anything else will look after your country. france is keeping its nuclear arsenal because it needs the nuclear deterrent to discourage various threats to its vital interests requires that is the doctrine that was established in the sixty's and it is still valid today. that the leaders of the church and i've been one since one thousand nine hundred sixty three have never agreed with nuclear testing. parquet we cannot agree to weapons of mass destruction very different from us it's not possible there's a promise not just since the french tests we were against the american nuclear tests in the marshall islands washed up. long before france in one nine hundred forty six the united states and then great
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britain chose the pacific to conduct their testing but their comic mushroom clouds were poisonous radioactive debris fell on to the surface of the earth and threaten the health of people all over the planet in one thousand fifty eight campaign for nuclear disarmament organized the first worldwide grassroots opposition in one nine hundred sixty three under the pressure of the peace movements the two western powers and the u.s.s.r. signed an agreement banning atmosphere testing france was unconcerned and continue to detonate bombs suspended from big buildings. by nine hundred seventy four forty six pierced the atmosphere of french polynesia the word environment was still alien to the french however this was not the case for greenpeace or the campaign against the french was conceived during the first campaign against the united states because the united states was testing nuclear weapons but was testing them underground and france was still testing weapons in the atmosphere. in one nine
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hundred seventy one this small thank you for basically decides to stop all nuclear testing in the pacific soon greenpeace departs from or they find an ally in new zealand or a follow up from the french testing is going to test it on its soil. museum in five to complete the international court of justice and wins. france is forced to renounce atmosphere testing but there is still another option the era of french underground testing begins it will last more than twenty years to blow a bomb you don't actually need to do any tests once you've configured it recently well from a physicist point of view there is no chance that it won't explode the problem is therefore to figure out exactly what conditions it's going to explode and with how much part which is a ridiculous justification since the purpose of the ball mr killed people women and children so do a cheater you don't need to be a perfectionist. uncle because i've known him since i was
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little and i never knew he worked on me. as i told my superiors i want to be protected why are they protected i'm not kinship with my khaki police uniform shorts i can't be all that. he and the military personnel are covered from head to toe. do you know what about us polynesians in what about us in the same calm on we are tougher we. were tougher so we can take a dose of radiation i don't know maybe it's from eating tarot or who knows. the screws or the blow he only wanted to deplore is when some polynesians play of a card about the french injecting billions here. from the force they say take advantage of it and don't go around talking nonsense. and you've got to end your
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association tatto it's really a very young. two thousand and one wasn't it uncle. last heard the president of the association all and all ham on the radio he was appealing to young people is a region them to take a greater interest in the nuclear problem then uniquely so that's how we joined. the nuclear tests here devastated polynesian society not just in terms of health the environment and other things. but the structures of the society were destroyed . what does it mean to stop the tests no jobs no money no economy will all start that was the government's message. if you were against the obama and your father or uncle worked at the site and they didn't want to protest against the bomb. that's
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a real rift in the family even between father and son but it seems i became aware of when i was about twenty four. my father went sort of crazy. he said take your wife and daughter and get out i don't want to see you anymore. and i was a teenagers and all and i said to myself who are the real crazy ones and that these are all the ones who are against nuclear testing so you know the ones who supported him. because my classmates for example were saying oh yeah and you clear testing samples so it's a bomb that explodes that's it. only when you fear about an activist getting arrested by the police i'm thrown in jail and we need to get in the room or i think that in her mind she wonders why is it
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always my father. if we don't get through this when she was in jail it shocked me because i felt that it was too much of a sacrifice so i did it i wonder if it was really worth it to him to make the sacrifice when others would not yes i was a little angry at all that. i do didn't you know when you're on various trips to new zealand with my parents and you know i had the opportunity to meet some members of greenpeace to come to know you couldn't i think they will bring a fact across the ocean to try and stop you clear tests. but it would have been so much better all our people use had risen up together in protest all messages to move. greenpeace irritates the french military july
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tenth one thousand nine hundred five while the activists prepare to sail again tomorrow in france orders the sinking of their ship the rainbow warrior anchored in new zealand's auckland harbor. the bombing provokes an uproar from the international community and tremendous obesity in pigs. ten years later. one thousand and five the french president jacques chirac orders a new series of nuclear attack this time to hear the bells. actually our customers trade was in one thousand nine hundred four and in one thousand nine hundred five of those in the airport. and who saw the riot police shooting at protesters since it is this city. that is so it was weird it was like watching a big movie screen but. he did it before. it
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was very upsetting he was a feeling of hate. hate. the polynesian people rose up together and said you know mr chirac please stop. he just brush it away and said something my decision is final. good one person one person decided the entire future of my children. my grandchildren and my great grandchildren. and it's in c. in. january nine hundred ninety six france proceeds with this last nuclear test in polynesia what turns out to be the starting point for a long term research. lead the news is the only last tests justified an enormous investment to build new quick meant new missiles new bombs the laser megajoules and
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you aircraft into that damage so everything is being updated between now and twenty twenty. i'm really interesting things that results from countries like the united states and some of the other western nations in developing new nuclear weapons that it excites the interest in countries like korea and iran who want to join the nuclear club. two thousand and six is a landmark year the united states the united kingdom france russia and china all reinvest in their nuclear arsenals the message is clear it is necessary to their security on the other hand the same countries keep telling non-nuclear nations that acquire nuclear weapons is illegitimate leaders would be fooling themselves if they think that this type of system can continue we are still living in the system that emanates from the end of the second world war five countries on the security
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council have special powers and it's even more problematic that these five countries are also the five countries with nuclear weapons so in a sense it gives the impression that having nuclear weapons gives them the special status i was going to have one law one standard we're going to have to class world increasingly countries critical in developing world are saying that they're not going to live in a two class world. system the same force where french we are in our passports also french not second class citizens years second rate and that is do you remember what else on said the other day. if we had been pulling michigan we'd never have had nuclear tests. if that's what it's called back than a little sadly i think that when we have our independence. the whole truth about the tests and their consequences will come out because.
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well it's our people are taken for even the rent that has to stop polluting and we are not ignorant. on the truth and we're going to get it always maintain that their bombs were clean that they were exploding clean atomic bombs but in two thousand and six they conceded to some follow up throughout french polynesia. machinable is as i say the country or in jest and his terms are test which were carried out the year i was born. if you don't know that i've had a thyroid problem for two years now. and i wonder if it's connected to the nuclear tests any. interest. this shows that one hundred and ninety six radioactive follow its were detected in french polynesia. but we
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don't know the deuce. they're not telling us but they know. in france it takes time for things to be made public particularly with respect to nuclear testing it's top secret it's a defense secret so there's no information at all. exists in french polynesia either as the collective anxiety brought aboard by cycle sociological poisoning or in terms of the code of silence that has prevailed over the radioactive fallout. here you know if there is a psychosis it's because the government created it we want to know the radiation dose of those follow its own they tell us there were one hundred ninety six of them with no health consequences the truth has to be told not after years and years of this atmosphere of secrecy let's call it by its rightful name. the.
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people who live there are worried and rightly so because i think they deserve the truth they need people campaigning for transparency doesn't necessarily make you a doomsayer if. in general we have a higher rate of fire wood cancer as you compared to some regions it's much higher seems the more but if we have a higher incidence of leukemia than elsewhere it's probably due to the palm but that needs to be proved we have to hurry and tick. samples from people who are still life viva easiest way to find the people who worked on more is to tour the halls outside the un college department in the hospital after people. you love this year he worked at least in. a repair facility for navy ships returning from the states. it now i have lung cancer. he has cancer in his
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left lung. because he worked on more wall for a very short time only six months and the second time they brought him home because he was having trouble breathing. and we had three brothers who were to morrow and all three died of this yes. yes yes they died. so this is his wife she has it's my tirade. and it's starting to get bigger look here and later it will be here. but i'm not saying it's because of moral or no i can't we don't have scientific proof but we have lots and lots of questions about it that's all i don't want to say that we should be criticizing. it. also in addition to the serious nature of their illness if you say anything they insult you they tell you all you want is to benefit from french money to pay them
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up i'd prefer my husband to mind. his illness has gotten worse and i'm going to lose him so it hurts i don't care about money he yes that's the way. he knew the four years they have been checking me he preferred they couldn't figure out that i had a kidney tumor. i am waiting for someone to say clearly your illness was caused by eating too much pork too much of this sort of apps or it's because of the nuclear testing. what have we done it has to stop and so we give you a lot of nonsense and then just say bye guys don't worry you can eat fish you can grow food and there's no problem. well yes there is
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a small problem but it's not serious it's clean. not all the plutonium is used a lot of it just left behind from that's what we're talking about most of that so long as it remains underground. is not a problem when it gets into the water and when it gets in. then it could be a problem. really what is the legacy of one hundred fifty to undergo nuclear tests since some say it's seven hundred kilos of plutonium underneath more rula what does that mean. one tenth of a millionth of a gram of plutonium can cause cancer. so it's radioactive half life is twenty four thousand four hundred years. that's means it will take more than two hundred
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forty thousand years before it can be considered harmless you are forced into. this assumption that couponing will not go anywhere which is held by testing authorities i think in more than one country turns out to be not quite right. recent research done by the us government in there rather tests indicate that in one test site has migrated quite far from the test already within four years. one of the additional problems that had been discovered in the last fifteen years turns out to be a very complicated substance chemical so the behavior is very difficult to characterize and it may migrate faster in the water. than before and so now we have to worry about that. you know we have seven hundred kilos
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down there. so nobody knows if more rule is stabilize. the heart of moore is beginning to cave in that's the legacy we're left with and they want to stick close the book on moral no no never. it was seven hundred kilos on plutonium and batteries and else oil. and i ask myself as whether it's worth having children will see proof when they are faced with a tragedy. and that's good indeed happen. to them. is if it was from man all it would take would be a tsunami in one hour. when i heard him talking about the legacy.
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i saw my daughter. taking hugging and kissing me. she said you know and i thought if i don't do anything to any one day she will blame me for that's what motivates me to find a nuclear threat or none struggle for my country sing dependence. down
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