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tv   [untitled]    July 23, 2011 3:00pm-3:30pm EDT

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norway's nightmare at least ninety four i'd prefer that outraged you count as hit by the country's worst shooting spree in modern history and a huge car blast shatters the center of all slow. police arrest a thirty two year old provision that allegedly behind both attacks is said to have links to a far right group and has reportedly confessed to the killings and a second about believed to be connected to the atrocities has been detained in the last few hours. also if you nomic troubles discrete one plaguing europe and the u.s. research credit rating is under threat again while america moves closer to the bolting
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on its massive debt. and another in a minute nuclear scientists is reportedly assassinated in the country's capital tehran is blamed previous killings on the israeli secret service it's. just after eleven pm here in the russian capital you're watching r.t. thanks for being with us now to our top story at least eighty seven people are now confirmed dead after a shooting spree at a her reagent youth camp in that attack in just a matter of hours after a powerful blast in downtown all slope clinged at least seven lives and an extraordinary pictures emerged from friday's arifin events you can look to the lower left of your screen an act of desperation as the man in the water pleads for his life or the gunmen it carries on with. brutal executions of thirty two year old
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in the region mad as being held in connection with both the bombing and the shooting and there are reports he's linked to a far right movement and a second man was seized by special forces in the area where victims' relatives have gathered but it's still not clear if he's an accomplice in the double atrocity all artes done yoga show has been following developments for us. the number of casualties estimated has skyrocketed or witticism in intially said it was around ten since then the numbers have gone up dramatically and dressed in police uniform apparently entered the labor party youth rally and began shooting indiscriminately have been killed and there have been horrific stories of people swimming for their lives hiding in the bushes. people were wondering what was happening was it some bellew's exploding or is somebody playing a joke and then everyone started to understand that people actually had been shot
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because he was dressed as a policeman he came across like he was trying to help us he said come here he had a rifle he was using to shoot at us it was total chaos i saw people being shot. very short indiscriminately sheltering all kill everyone everyone must die and children were running jumping into the sea to were to escape hiding behind rocks hiding behind trees explosives have been found on the island just before the attack at the youth rally there was a blast here in the center of all slope which blew out windows in the city center. right now i'm thinking about a cut someone had heard of course it's horrible when these things happen we don't really know what's going on but you can assume there's been a bomb because of the serious effect. it's being linked with the same thought to be a right wing extremist with anti muslim views in on the seventeenth of july he still took posted a twitter feed where he has said that one person with
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a belief is equal to the force of a hundred thousand who have only interests so he still top posted radical tweets leading up to this attack he's now been charged with both the bombing in the city center here in oslo and the youth come just outside he was a fundamentalist he's a fundamentalist christian and he says multiculturalism is always failed that's in his blog which has been found. himself a nationalist he's also registered a gun club and around two years ago opened a farm called giovanni which gave him access to industrial fertilizer which is often used by terrorists for more means like this one so it seems that it's an idea that he's been planning for a long time initially a group including helpers of the global jihad came out and said that they took responsibility for all the mean but then they retracted that of course norway is is participating in the libyan and afghanistan war efforts is called of nato and just last winter there were dozens of islamic militants arista throughout western europe
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in connection with with planned bombings police told people to stay out of the city center to avoid using mobile phones the exits to the borders of norway were shots immediately after the roads leading into and trains leading into the capital rules so halted now we've we've heard that soldiers are on the streets with machine guns police also and it's being called the worst attack since world war two perhaps the worst shooting spree in history well earlier we spoke to anderson a spokesman for the union of russian communities in a city that as someone he knew. personally and he says the news came as a shock to him although he will ring spray that was surrounded by things that could potentially influence his actions. i could not imagine i even do you imagine that you could do that he would not have been right in watching earth he ego and
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especially. who sort of fit in relation to girls for example the fairer sex would prefer. that our school be there for example. we have not. and will pull it off but it was still on us and show me knowing. i'll give you a look at the circle go slow very slow i don't know where you can be compared to but there is any possible nomination saying oh no he's for you church and he to them are just trying to get you in on the other hand there is just a late. population who are very things and. so central oslo is basically like just you know peter values and. the wrong way when the fish. are drawn in the light from random to discuss always outrageous
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political journalists nothing about ron dying surviving thanks very much for being out of program now the the world cried jihad responsible no way were you surprised the far right extremists turned out to be behind the a tosser. well i think what these tragic attacks have revealed is that governments tend to explore links with international terrorism first and especially as it relates to islamic terrorism. or before even considering domestic means and in my opinion this is an unfortunate and direct consequence of the bush administration war on terror which has a very much contributed to frame the public debate on terror attacks in general along those lines so it's very unfortunate our goal initially a group called helpers of the global jihad first claim responsibility for the bombing of course they had it retracted that but still does that mean that norway
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and perhaps even europe as a whole is now under a double threat both from the jihadists are extremists and right wing nationalists . you know i think you know especially when you don't have much information about the. what happened exactly it's very legitimate to speculate on who might be behind such terror attacks but as we've seen today the western media but also western newspapers have been dominated by headlines linking. very strongly . the attacks to islamic terrorism and that without the universe from information that's so i think that's unfortunate but i think just like europe has seen sharp rise in acts of right wing extremism lately and this has been heightened by economic recession but also in employment an increase in racism and an even
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stronger and it is a mic for me ok but aside from just as you mentioned there's a quick blame on jihadists are extremists but then there are those also blame the failure of multiculturalism for this polarization in society do you think it has failed and why. well i think we've heard. going to merkel's germany's chancellor lately who's condemned the failure of the multiculturalism and this has been echoed by various governments across europe are putting the emphasis on europe's judio christian roots and i think the problem is con when you have cynical governments or politicians trying to attract nationalist votes by highlighting what might be different about islam and i think that's where the danger in our lives and for example in norway the far right sentiment is a wider one we germans are ready to admit and there's
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a polite and respectful attitude towards the kind of views in mainstream media but the reality is that fifty percent often wheaton's are against multiculturalism and have very strong and encourages immigration stances for example and this is heightened by the fact that. norwegians are very disgruntled by that the revenues from oil are not redistributed properly within norwegian society so it's a combination of economic gloom and indeed far right politics but creates that kind of situation unfortunately ok just lastly how do you think the face of europe will be changed in the wake of these attacks and what will be the most significant change we've seen tighter border controls would it be in terms of policy and the immigration service as your measure so what would be the most significant change. i think they will rightly be an unforseen security and security
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will be tightened in every shape or form but i think the more the most effective also is a two is more democracy and i think the prime minister's approach in norway is very appropriate he said that you know you can't defeat barbarism with barbarism itself and. the key would be to foster involvement work tolerance and respect would prevail and elections are coming up in the wintertime and it is hoped that very strong democratic forces will emerge in the wake of such horrible attacks ok well thank you very much for your insight your analysis political journalist of adani thank you very much and again just to remind you the latest on our top story this hour at least eighty seven people are now confirmed dead after a shooting spree at the intervention of a youth camp and police say they are continuing to search for several people still
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missing and that attack at the youth camp came by shortly after a powerful blast in downtown oslo which claimed at least seven lives just in dargon iran a research fellow with the dubai initiative says recent years have created the perfect environment for far right extremism to flourish. while this transnationals terrorism has been on the radar for some time the very real threat of a homegrown right wing extremist has been over law and within most western countries we have seen two things happening at the same time we've seen this type of ratcheting up of rhetoric anti immigration rhetoric this is happening to us and also western europe and there's also been this demise we can say of multiculturalism so there have been individuals that have more or less become quite quite radicalized due to vironment and also due to the idea that there's just been
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an influx of immigration then compound these factors is also of the global economic crisis so you have the euro zone crisis and you also have how the global economic crisis impacted united states so there has been a general type of environment which has encouraged individuals to take out their frustrations newly arrived immigrants so i think that this is something that is actually very very very very important for western policymakers to look at so i think to me coming years we're going to see more of this right wing extremism. in light of the attacks in norway has really close the border controls that marked at the same over two weeks ago and this has been a move strongly criticised by all the e.u. members but i sort of slowly got out from the state humanitarian university says there are signs that a unified europe is falling apart. european project is collapsing and it's slowly collapsing you know there are lots of wire it's coming. from the north africa and
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some countries have so you can still raise fold is they have to go. back to research and has control over immigration control and that's the only tells is that the european political way it's the you know kind of vitality the the right agenda and it should be shared by the people living the people how it should be ready to actually be. people who they have to say no to this coming from a country. governments all this comes from his house ability to buy the referendum actually talk to the people rather than just saying we are going to bend this plan that every stakeholder has got a say in it not just the citizens of the country not just the migrants because you see there is a contradiction break this famous for all these entities alarmists holes as supposedly to the information shape value we know weight and at the same time there
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is and islamism again ization that. they are taking responsibilities and the whole of the blast in the way that it's all you see it is going for additional personnel famous wages and here's why ms calls and at the same time islamist organization fakers possibility neither varies something deeply wrong with the communication. of the norwegian attacks of savage shock waves around the world as part passionate debate on what's really behind it and on our web site r.t. dot com are asking what's the cornerstone of the norwegian tragedy so far the majority of you think a share from that this is that mr brain fewer people thirty two percent say the tension stemmed from multiculturalism twelve percent say the reason is global terrorism which penetrates everywhere and the minority says it's down to the failure of security forces but what's your view on that just log on to r.t. dot com and have your say. as security analysts receipts from manchester in the
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u.k. thanks europe should be looking into words rather than searching for the terror threats overseas. you know one of the key issues here zero three zero is that we're looking. at across europe europe. to asia from overseas but not necessarily looking towards. of right wing groups rather across europe not just in. elsewhere across european nations. the quest to know is why this has not been done before that our region prime minister said more democracy and open this is the answer to the violence but hello lure us from the region institute of international affairs believes it's the country's policies of multiculturalism rather turned the gun that against his own. behind an increasingly. intense and he did the debate about immigration. about both immigration is doing to the region culture no to
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culturalism is really not the way to go forward to marginalize the region so feel their voices are not being heard in the political establishment. in the region people have never been consulted democratically about better a bump immigration on. and that the political establishment is a sort of of the elite that lives in areas which are depicted all white and that is lower cost the region and so who feel that the immigrants are sort of getting into the territories removing them for the from the drugs lowering their salaries etc and there are no veiled playing the democratic groups i guess done so far seems to be the motivation of this person as well. although reminder of our top story for you the latest we have is that at least eighty seven people are now confirmed dead after a shocking shooting spree out of her region
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a youth camp and that of top came shortly after a powerful blast in downtown also claimed at least seven lives a thirty two year old a region that is being held in connection with both events and it's reported he belongs to a far right movements now a second man was detained by special forces around an area where the victim's relatives had gathered but it's still got clear if he is a suspected second. and our own a correspondent daniel bushell is there at the heart of blaster can also bring us the very latest as it happens and as first our experiences also on our twitter feeds or just go on to twitter and in one of his latest tweets he says he witnessed demonstrations of extraordinary bravery wounded victims of the also blast returned to ground zero to look for people still trapped inside despite the risk of another bomb. and of course we'll be keeping you up to speed with all the way it is of relevance in norway throughout the day and night and of course
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we'll have more expert comment analysis of the situation right here on r.t. so do stay with us for. now to other stories iranian a media is reporting one of the country's nuclear scientists has been a shot dead at the capital tehran thirty five year old it's argue fiza was targeted outside his home by gunmen on motorbikes well he's the third nuclear physicist to be killed in iran in the last two years reagan authorities have previously blamed ease rail secret service mossad for similar killings and that could be again in the case according to canmore tare a political commentator in tehran. iran has just carried out an operation against the zionist backed. militia group in kurdistan pay jack which is really really very badly i mean iran has just taken over three of their bases so it was to be expected but whether it's going to in any way he'd be running a nuclear program i don't believe that that is the case because knowledge is
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something you can kill and didn't this is something that the enemies of iran will have to learn by trial the i.a.e.a. has not come up with a single speck of evidence that iran has deviated from its peaceful nuclear activities it is a nuclear energy program given the appetites of the east and the west for energy resources of iran wants iran's energy resources finished we have to look to the future are we going to be dependent for our fuel rods on the west will be east only going to chance it or not and we've decided not to do so. well european leaders breathe a sigh of relief as greece is provided with a bailout of one hundred nine billion euros well that's despite the threat of out this credit rating approaching into the dreaded default category and critics say this second cash handout isn't nearly enough to get the euro back on its feet.
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president sarkozy has been saying in brussels you know greece is a special case it's received this special support from the europeans and other countries won't receive that but of course. do we believe that i'm not sure that we do because it's inconceivable that the europeans wouldn't step in very and it's also i think inconceivable that even the resources now available to the financial stability fund the sort of nascent european monetary fund i think they wouldn't really be sufficient in the aims it was a sort of battle between the bond markets and the italian government so. without wanting to paint nightmare scenarios i don't think we're out of the woods yet. although another debt crisis brews across the atlantic as washington struggles decide on how to avoid defaulting on its debts and in
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a few minutes art is very own new york resident laura harford has asked people in the big apple whether they are ready to pay more tax to save their economy. a little bit how much is a little bit. a few percentage points more and that that that's about it i believe everybody even if it's a dollar fifty everybody should be in a shared sacrifice if you do with that says you have a bit of an elected state government to spend all the money and praise your wars in iraq. so i would prefer stop the wars and there you don't need a tax increase. recovery efforts continue at russia's volga river following the country's worst ever voting some kind of pressure cruiser that has been told to fellow riders now the next stage is to pump water from the socket haul to make the rest. light enough to lift
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experts are eager to examine the ship it to determine exactly why the bulgaria sank so reaks ago one hundred fourteen people are confirmed dead after the tragedy with eight still listed as missing boats owner is under investigation and two people have already been charged with violating safety regulations. and i will brief look at some other international headlines this hour british pop singer amy winehouse has been found dead at her london home operads the favorite at the trouble twenty seven year old diva won over twenty three awards for her music her career has long been dogged by problems with drug and alcohol abuse the subject of her hit song rehab police have yet to release further details of the cost of death remains unexplained. at least sixteen people have been killed and dozens injured went to high speed bullet trains collided in eastern china the impact sent
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two characters off a bridge and reports suggest that one of the trains had contrave halt after being hit by lightning it was then struck from behind by the other rescue workers are searching in through the wreckage for for further victims. foreign ministers from north and south korea have held their first talks in three years the unofficial meeting took place at a regional forum in indonesia the two sides agreed to renew stalled six party talks over pyongyang's nuclear program however the u.s. state secretary said to washington that will not back the negotiations unless north korea first starts dismantling its atomic facilities. and nato has carried out fresh air strikes on the libyan capital hitting colonel gadhafi does have quarters on friday a crowd rallied in tripoli in support of the curdle whose whereabouts remain. libya has been ravaged by civil war since for agree with the nato led coalition launching airstrikes in march artie's military contributor says there's
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a growing credibility gap with the alliance over the intervention. there is been a lot of talk about. the u.s. policy or a delegate for you to regarding pakistan and afghanistan no less has been said above the nato operation or actually aerial intervention and bombing in libya take a closer look at how the nato aerial bombing in libya is related to american tries in afghanistan and pakistan on the technical basis yes the nato intervention and indiscriminate bombing in libya could be both the united states and nato operation but technicalities it is not just a tune a half wars for the united states in reality if not on the ground at least in the air over
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a levy it very bombing these one hundred percent nato operation of nature operation against libya demonstrated not on the local trust between the united states and take a stand and have good leadership it is also indicative of a huge credibility gap between the junior united states of america and its european nato partners oh you can always follow you've given can solve the idea of a lock and of course many others on our website arts and dot com and all the stories you'll find there it's a joy for the photographers convicted of spying for russia are released with their colleagues convince their confessions were coerced find out right local opposition believes the claims that it nothing to do with justice the very start. of the foreign skeptics said it was ridiculous but a russian military invasion has bounced back then might just become a significant asset expert sing the praises and benefits of the so-called robber
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army dot com. i have a full his bulletin at the top of the hour but i'll be back with a headlight shortly to stay with us artsy. to.
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remind you the latest in the science team six months from its most. recent the future earth coverage. the looming. to do.
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if. he is believed to be. fifty feet. from going. up. in india all she's available.


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