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tv   [untitled]    July 28, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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she's available in the movie the joint the hotels the movie that's the case we go to the grand imperial. the taj was pushed coromandel you can go with a chill closely to see don't need to go. read this and the colonel was so chilled as a retreat. tonight an artsy belgium's breakup blues irreconcilable differences between the countries to have seen the south strive to become a region of frogs that's raising concern that separation could spread and shatter the e.u. as we reported tonight also. fresh violence erupts in the disputed border area between serbia and kosovo the un security council is holding an emergency meeting behind closed doors right now. and spy plans the u.s. says it won't stop its reconnaissance flights near china despite beijing's outrage over the violation of chinese sovereignty.
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welcome says r t it's eight pm thursday night my name's kevin o. him and first this hour belgium may be an international by word for unity with its nato and e.u. headquarters but it faces a messy breakup of its own right now with a reprimand north south divide it's only a bushel explains the split that's tearing the country into could echo throughout europe. some wait till the divorce before planning their next marriage but not well lowlier the southern region of belgium the country's been with delta fictive government for record fourteen months fringe speech in the cells and flemish speaking flanders in the north disagree on pretty much everything many analysts think the most likely outcome will see the country break into as soon as it splits
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with floor this is complete the world will look to hook up with france for richer or poorer but mainly for richer going it alone when your small region is clearly not appealing and while they say political clout is important the main appeal is money. the looniest part of france in everything but name that we have the same language we watch french t.v. not belgian but above all our economy is controlled by french firms with polls suggest that hall for sixty percent of the french want to become one presidential front runner marine le pen last week said she would with the southern half of build them with france president sarkozy's ruling party and the opposition are already in talks to tie the knot we have contacts with other parties with you and he then we have contacted the socialist it has been confirmed to us that's in kate's version would speed up then what would be welcome in france. the biggest party in the
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northern half wants the split to experts say bill jones already divided people don't know any more about the other half of the country the flemish people don't know who are the popular singers or writers today in the french speaking part of vice versa king albert fears bill jim's national day last week was its last he added the crisis threatens not just every belgian but european integration itself and. the e.u. is scared that the worst of belgium was the rest of europe catalonia leaving spain scotland leaving britain were really seen separatist march as an excuse me towns here it turned violent with guns getting called take just one day clash for brussels to become serial that's conflicts or a mass killing not suffered in europe since world war two labors turned on each other as you can slove a broke up and the determination of regional identity is not to be underestimated
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for its unionists say they have the flag and everything else worked out to become france's twenty eighth region all that's left are the details the new bush will see brussels. and later in the program we look at a part of eastern europe where separation brought anything with peace and stability . course they've always thought the session is free products or in other words a service for down of course all still believe themselves to be part of serbia as fresh violence flares up in disputed disputed border between serbia and kosovo we told the balkans experts as a un closed session. now it's the germany's finance ministers not at all happy that one of the key points in the greek rescue decided by e.u. leaders last week he says the eurozone fund didn't agree to blank checks for buying greek bonds and in another development the i.m.f. is warning fronts that it needs more cuts to avoid becoming the next victim of the debt crisis or help us put these two news lines in perspective let's talk to thomas
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t.v. signals from a c. b. merchant banking joining us on the line from copenhagen tonight thanks for being on the program let's talk about france first if we can what might happen if france europe's second biggest powerhouse economy hits the buffers do you think well of course the same way as we've seen other countries in europe call in that case it's the end of the line for the european bailout experiment which should be clear cause that france is not bankrupt fundamentally in any way that's similar to greece but if markets decide to cut from funds then even healthy governments control costs and that i guess is the risk that we're faced with here but it is a big board is going to put it all in is in a bit to try and the problem is even further in france is being told it does need to bring in these cuts to avoid this worst case scenario there's already deep resentment of course among the french to a higher retirement days and talked about last year a lot of trouble over that can sarkozy risk angering the public so close to the election with any more tightening of a belt. well i think there's obviously
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a political risk if he decides to do so but more importantly i don't think it's the right way to go right now those their problems that are being pointed out by the i.m.f. they could potentially be resolved over a period of five or ten years you do not want to go in a weakening economy and the more downside risks for growth right now and i don't think that the case but doing that is so pressing but obviously if bob gates decide this is what they want in order to keep funding the french government then we might come into a situation where sacrifice is necessary after all let's look at other news that i know that submerged today and told me see if we can brief respite for the e.u. last week when it agreed on a greece is the latest rescue but now from the finance minister is anxious that the idea of how going to buy about greek bonds isn't a well what does this tell us about a high level faith in greece being able to pay its debt. well i think there are sixteen or impression that three years down the long down the line some kind of
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restructuring will be necessary regardless of what we're doing right now i don't think the illusion that we can fix that problem is out there the question is how you apply enough time to do this in an orderly fashion and i think it's deeply worrisome that the bigger countries in the euro zone apparently would not have enough faith to put up their money in order to just buy it's worth three years stemming the hemorrhaging of our capital from greece and giving them time to buy some longer term solutions or find some longer term solutions so i guess they're clearly here what the euro zone again is is telling markets they don't even really stand behind their own plans i mean more from the german finance minister whose words carry some weight of course he said the crisis of trust in the euro can't be sorted out within a single summit like we saw last week but can it be repaired at all normal people are asking now. i actually agree that you cannot create a new nation state over a weekend summit if you look to see history countries like the united states or the
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russian federation they were they did not create a nation states in a meeting that lasted a week and so it is something where you need a lot of time. this could be fixed and i think everybody in europe would probably be better off if a broader eurozone is kept together this is politics and the leg of confidence that you can hear from the statement suggests that while the things might come to a point when the politicians are ready if you hold the strings if you pull the lever what would you like to see the eurozone do as a way forward. well i think because these are very important very political decisions you need to cry the necessary time for the borders and the populations of europe on board the only way you can do that is in fact by its ring that blank check that you will be prying whatever it takes to keep french italian and spanish yields from rising in the same way as they did increase if you're not willing to back up with with capital like that then i guess there's no solution in sight. of
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your expert opinion on the program for nestle banking joining us there from copenhagen tonight thank you thank you. u.s. military says it will continue airborne reconnaissance missions near china despite beijing's protests last month after two chinese fighter jets intercepted a huge two spy plane over taiwan which china claims as its territory called helen from the american based foreign policy in focus think tank says the rift is part of competition for energy routes in the region. prey on the united states is the number one user of energy in the world and china is the number two and chinese oriel eighty percent of chinese energy supplies moved by c. that you move through the streets of rome once which is controlled by an american should sleep well immortal malacca straits which controlled by the american seventh fleet chinese are very sensitive to this and they they don't worry about the fact that the united states could sort of put it on the original again this is part of
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a worldwide competition for energy resources between the number one and the number two powers in our energy users in the world and the fact that the united states has pretty much surrounded most of china with pieces that go all the way from central asia to the north pacific that's the context in which this takes place. and a few minutes of the program to store strikes back with that thought out in russia's heat wave right now but the real danger is on the ground it isn't small over and eight bombs could spark a number of choking and smoking some of the reporters there are a. lot with diplomacy between washington and moscow as the u.s. bans travel for russian officials for the billing for lawyers there from jail even though the probe is not yet complete got the files on that. financial crisis for some is an opportunity for others and with money in short supply for
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companies in the west they're taking their operations and dollars to the cheaper east these priests trader looks at how the american financial downturn has been great news for the indian economy. it's the great recession of the twenty first century what started as a collapse in the housing market in the united states has led to unemployment hunger and debt crises around the world and while countries are struggling to protect their interests increasingly western businesses are shifting their work east to cut costs welcome for gallon a modern stopper of a new delhi everywhere you look there are offices of american companies at the time of the important united states is placed on the country during the financial crisis according to rethink outsourcing reports american companies have been great production in the country as much as that in mind in the past three years. care corporations is a multi-billion dollar american heating and ventilation company they say that over the past decade their business has shifted from being seventy percent us base to
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just forty percent today we will be consciously in that direction so the idea is to have a good balance but it's not about being focused on one marketing together but having a good balance and obviously you know and merging markets and the issue. for us globally. and carrier isn't alone according to the u.s. department of commerce the same number of jobs that have been cut from the united states in the last decade have been added to these companies overseas operations it's a phenomenon that angers many americans who are struggling to make ends meet i think it's despicable disgusting and we have people here that have worked here all of their lives in a losing jobs left and right because somebody's on top once i make a buck and pay the cheapest possible. dollars to go visiting with the economy here in america i think the american companies should hire american workers. because of the shrinking middle class and the fact that middle class wages are decreasing over
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the last thirty years so many people you. do to me and i do think that is the wrong thing to do is hidden there. the thing and it's not just manufacturing work american i t. companies and innovation jobs are also moving here in droves as well as huge savings on wages many companies say india's fast growing economy and young workforce make it a desirable place to find staff there are amazingly talented people here in that part of the workforce and you know it's a matter of helping other other markets understand that you know there are very talented people here who can do a lot of great work and it's not just about outsourcing and it's growth that these american companies don't anticipate will add and anytime soon within the markets. in the last forty years ago most laws are being asked british military would like
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to double their business. confidence not often found among their colleagues in the west preassure either r t a new delhi india. i need a lot more praise reports from inside india own line on a website it out c dot com and click how to dial out the catch of the day good story this from india full of crude crews found the phones that transformed the livelihoods of a different kind of network to this point the point. section draws on the story for inspiration check it out if you don't see that already. here and security council is holding an urgent meeting at serbia's request into the flaring violence of northern coast of fresh clashes began when calls of a b.c. the disputed checkpoints to prevent the transit of goods. which dominate not impossible were outraged by the move you've destroyed one of the checkpoints peacekeepers moving to stop the violence but the situation remains tense political
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analyst alexander public should both great says shouldn't be treated as an infringing minority are bad they still regard it as their of. their trying they're trying to enforce some unilateral moves in order to change the reality on the ground to change the reality as it was as it is under un resolution security council resolution twelve forty four also always towards the session is through probably excel in other words the serbs were down in course it was still believe themselves to be part of serbia and they're acting in that capacity now the western states mostly nato states that have recognized course or treating them as a minority on the other hand states that have not recognized of course or independence and not treating serves as a minority but are seeing them as having equal rights as all of the citizens of serbia so we must remember that the key to this situation of course it was really in nato hands to take control militarily the entire province so
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really whatever happens down there is under their control and it's something that they will tolerate or not tolerate. so we must also remember what happened yesterday with the burning of the border checkpoint we still don't know who actually did it these were masked men who really could have been any nationality we don't know whether they were serb albanian or french or even american we just still don't know that a suicide attack on a government compound in southern afghanistan has left at least nineteen dead and over thirty five injured it follows a string of attacks on the killing of president karzai brother and it comes as the u.s. withdraws its forces former cia intelligence officer michael scherer told us to see the violence in afghanistan alone escalate more watching the charade unfold here in afghanistan the afghan army the afghan put national police force are never going to be able to control become tree not just because there have been trained
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sufficiently and also because they're divided tribally when you're gone when they go leaves they'll go back to their tribes and they'll fight each other again so the whole the whole house of cards will come down after the united states and its allies complete their their withdrawal and withdraw in defeat really ultimately what we have the after ten years of effort in afghanistan is a body count that's all we don't have any measure of progress against the enemy the kind of hard story the hard fact is that we went there with one mission which was to destroy the taliban and to destroy al qaeda and quite frankly we haven't killed enough of the enemy and their supporters to make any difference we instead tried to build a western democracy in a country that's conservatively islamic and deeply islamic and so we failed to do that and the situation is going to remain violent and probably. detrimental certainly very detrimental to pakistan as long as we stay there as long
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as the ally and stays in afghanistan. former cia intelligence officers michael sure thought it was their boat earlier and he was indeed one of the masterminds of a raid to kill bin ladin and he shares his experience about fighting international terrorism on our website also talking to r.t. dot com today bolivia's president about fighting against bin freight. train charging us with illegal activities with drug smuggling or terrorism for instance so ultimately destroy is that's their plan and i believe evan rolley as outlined why he feels the threat from the u.s. right now plus. can't think credibly posters appear across moscow with president would benefit the trader's superhero captain america check out the authorities reaction to the comic book make over at r.t. dot com.
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and president but it was older than a list of americans will be banned from entering russia this in response to u.s. decision to impose travel restrictions on a group of russian officials linked to the case of lawyers of gay magnitsky who died in jail while awaiting trial for tax evasion and i think you got this one off . according to a source in the russian foreign ministry this list will include american officials who are thought to all violated the rights of russian citizens and is moscow's and search of the so-called black list previously enforced by the u.s. state department that list includes dozens of russian officials including some senior police officers agents of the federal security service lawyers doctors and others who the state department believes are linked to save my skis death all of them are now banned for it from entering the united states the kremlin says it's possible to buy the situation since there are several investigations to really be
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looking into the circumstances of money ski's death and this blacklist what they can force before a court could make a decision on them previously the russian foreign ministry would also if you speak criticize this blacklist saying that it's an unfriendly act which may negatively affect the trust between the two countries also called it an old school trying to what tactic to intervene and apply pressure on these investigations and promised an adequate response just to remind us that. we were working with a large foreign investment fund here in russia he was accused of organizing a huge money laundering scheme was arrested but died in prison before a court could make a decision on his case this caused a huge wave of criticism both in russia and among the international community several separate investigations were started including the one being held by the president's commission on human rights. news we're covering this hour
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a double bombing states in iraq like the policeman collecting paychecks and often trying to create twelve people have been killed and dozens injured in the attack but it remains unclear how many officers were among them. the fourth major attack on iraqi security forces this year. and waited for me reading the search for the bodies of those killed in the massacre on ok. the island sixty eight people are now confirmed dead from the shooting rampage people are visiting a memorial to the tragedy at the closest mainland point with toyah itself remains closed as the investigation continues. rescue efforts are underway in south korea after heavy rainfalls claimed at least forty four lives near the country's capital emergency teams are using heavy machinery and shovels to search for survivors flooding has forced thousands from their homes and destroyed many buildings over twenty five centimeters of rain expected to fall on friday obviously the end of the
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stick here in russia the mercury is nudging forty degrees here in moscow today but memories of last summer's smoke covered city leaving a bit of a chill in the air is there a push cova reports now on how the wildfires are back spreading fear as well as flames. and with all smoke and mask it was in panic again the docks a cocktail of eight smoke wood smoke and exhaust fumes that will become the last august is still the lead in people's memory intense fires and the record heat waves were blamed for the dense smog that sent pollution levels soaring ten fold the authorities swore they would be prepared this year to find a place like this you don't have to go far from the capital this is familiar to everyone who was in moscow last summer that then doctors said breathing in the smoke that covered the city was equivalent to smoking a pack of cigarettes every hour now the question on everyone's mind is whether the smog misery is back again peat bogs may look harmless with just tiny flames on the
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surface but in fact every square meter requires a ton of water to extinguish the fire burning the underground value of writing it down is called rupees beneath the surface layer of the mind or work the authorities insist the situation is under control and most of the finds in the moscow region have been successfully extinguished however campaigning city officials are under reporting the extent of the problem both around moscow and across the country. in this situation is made their words by the bureaucrats instead of written swiftly spend all their time consumed by a commission the board fires and thus make it more difficult to get a bill on time. campaigners say part of the problem is that the forests are being mistreated they say morning to be done to prevent fires by better management with summer at its peak remnants of camp fires out all across the forest despite a ban introduced a month ago and there's only so much montes can do when i was driving into the
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forest there in syria for the rings are you there is a huge placard at the entrance the record breaking heat of summer two thousand and ten resulted in devastating forest fires. it killed sixty two people destroyed one hundred ninety nine towns and reduced c.d.t. hundred houses to and shows. the fly was literally coming towards us we could hear the trees crackling as they were burning and then who's the wind blew it the other way you know this year most of the countries against welsh rain and the fires are raging once more large areas of forest have already been destroyed in russia's far east while parts of the north are already choking on smog and with all the still to do russians from the capital to the countryside open summer sun will be as they're leaving this time. r t r c region so it's wait twenty five pm here
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in moscow this thursday night got off you just over twenty one it's time you have got news of a gold medal day for russia with the world's women championship that's at the business now their first christmas here. and i welcome to the business of maker in america the rover has a reset three year high against the euro dollar basket fears of the debt situation in europe out of your west are contributing to the rally but as it gave the go france's demographic operation explains currency is mainly being driven by technical factors. it looks like a local law that private capital outflow has decreased in the second half of july and the high prices proved to be bull. dog comes to boston we speak about consumers from the speaker wrote short term definitely it's good because a lot of consumer goods are being imported when you buy cheap or your fuel which you fill those up yourself more comfortable in the longer term and focal business will not be able to sustain expensive food won't be smooth resulting to high levels
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of unemployment unfortunately this may affect the local and this may result in total less comfortable. for consumers. let's take a look at the markets now precious metal prices are down this hour gold has slipped investors are still looking for safe haven future uncertainty over the u.s. to have resolution process are on the block this hour light sweet has passed back our earlier losses the party brands trading at one hundred seventeen dollars a barrel prices are under pressure as the others old u.s. debt ceiling debate chipped away rest of confidence. and a strong report on jobs is sending u.s. stocks high even as a stalemate continues over the u.s. debt limit government reported that the first time applications for unemployment benefits fell below four hundred thousand first time in four months that's a sign that foreigners are laying off field workers. markets in europe mixed this
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hour with a pussy all about quarter of a percent of the dax point eight percent lower voice banking group and being the systems are supporting the forty one major b.p. is weighing on the index b.p. shares have lost more than three percent this week after results posted on tuesday showed profits missed best. here in moscow stocks rose at the end of the trading session maliki has rebounded from a one week low closing point four percent and the black let's take a look at some individual moves on the my six energy majors among the main game would point nine percent. just pharmaceutical giant farmstand that was also are supported by used it has increased sales by sixty percent in the first half of the year meanwhile precious metal nine appalling metal last point six percent. despite stronger cult. pressures biggest search engine yandex has reported a fifty seven percent rise in second quarter revenue to one hundred sixty five
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million dollars the company now predicts similar growth for the full year from a sustained internet advertising yeah that shares have risen more than fifty percent since listing in new york and. that's it for like two hundred forty five minutes from our.
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welcome to the. money it's a big splash in the world of high tech business what turns it real science into i get you products we don't understand oh he'll these is kept he followed russian leaders to each of bidders and brought in their big breakthrough back. sunlight on sunday lunch and updates here on. the future earth covered. last time the close of team was in the cool gun range and the farm influx from all over the world caught a few centimeters to their self-confidence the first time archie goes to the on the region the for the gold rush still gets people like took for an ancient tribe likes to save its culture place where claims are protected in the first ten dollars unofficial nature reserve looks to the average of. one.


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