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tv   [untitled]    August 4, 2011 11:01pm-11:31pm EDT

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coromandel you can a let's go toe to toe solution good to see don't need to go and. run to some of the kennel was hoto as a school retreat. the e.u. commission chief has written to euro zone nation leaders saying the bailout fund may need to be increased yet again as fears mount that europe's sovereign debt crisis couldn't go off italy and spain. as government protesters in syria reject president assad's to create legalising opposition parties as activists say more than one hundred have died since the weekend and a continuing assault by troops in the rest of city of hama. and a french court has ordered an investigation into possible misuse of public funds by the new international monetary fund chief christine lagarde when she was france's finance minister. one of the alone a show coming up stay with us. welcome
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to the lone a show at the real headlines with none of the mersey are going to live in washington d.c. tonight we're going to speak with matt welch from reason and ask how we choose whose ideas are polite and whose are considered crazy and then why does grover norquist get so much attention and maybe people like ron paul don't they we're going to speak with david house on the defense for confiscating his laptop at the border and about the government's desperate attempts to fill the ranks of more hackers and finally jim garvin is angry with washington so he decided to post a video online and it's become a sensation we're going to speak to the man to get an average americans take on what is happening in this country going to have all that and more for you tonight including a dose of happy hour but first let's take a look at what the mainstream media has decided to miss.
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today the stock market crash the dow jones fell more than five hundred points that was the biggest single day drop since two thousand and eight we're going to get to that in a minute but this morning barely the mainstream media was really bored now like there are enough issues to talk about when you think of unemployment the economy as a whole the wars that we're in our massive prison population the continuous brutality of the police hate towards the muslim community you know if there's something that you really want to spend a good seven or eight minutes discussing on the news which unfortunately t.v. time is a really long time i think it's safe to say that there is plenty of material out there c.n.n. well they chose something else this morning ok in less than four hours tiger woods tees off for the first time in three months we love to talk tiger so what do you think mike ok is the bridge an invitational begins today i've got to talk about his caddie like you said randy love him or hate him for. after the game of golf the p.g.a. obviously is very pleased that he is back here. now don't get me wrong first sports
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fans out there tiger's return is a big deal that's great but let the s.p.n. or the golf channel cover it and will you know spend eight minutes on tiger when there really is nothing else to talk about news wise but this was not one of those days i just want to do a little game of compare and contrast so you saw the extensive tiger woods coverage on c.n.n. today so let's go over and i said b.c. where they mentioned something that is at least news and is a very telling factor of where this country stands but let's just say that extensive is not the word that i do to describe it new numbers show just how hard merican are being hit by this tough economy there are more people in the u.s. for lying on food stamps than ever before the hardest hit state alabama which saw one hundred twenty percent surge in food stamp use. but what was it you said about food stamps andrea that's a big deal and you spent thirty seconds glazing over with a straight face just just like any other day i mean i think i'm actually at
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a loss for words no just kidding you guys know me if anything my problem is that i talk way too much but this is exactly what i've been talking about all week when the media obsesses over the debt ceiling debate and who on capitol hill said what and when the media obsesses over what the president announced yesterday that for the give zillionth time he's going to be refocusing on jobs but there's never any follow up there's never any why is this happening what does it say about the america that we're living in today do you need any more proof that our economy is in the gutter we're in a double dip of the middle class is dying that americans are struggling and can't even put food on the table more americans are on food stamps than ever before and he's to be talked about you talk about those americans who are struggling you need to question our system not just mention the statistic for thirty seconds and then move right along now in case you need a little more food for thought when it comes to comparing coverage the dow jones as i. mention plummeted today closing below five hundred points that's the lowest it's close since two thousand and eight in one day and it's
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a sure sign that investors are uncertain in fact they're scared they're fleeing because the economy doesn't have a very good outlook right now and you can bet that it's not going to get much better tomorrow when dismal jobs numbers are released but see the stock market it's exciting it moves fast those flashing numbers are so sexy so every single cable channel spends at least thirty minutes today focusing on just that the stock market not that they shouldn't do it but the stock market dropping that's temporary more americans than ever before in food stamps that doesn't pass in a fleeting second it's hopefully not permanent but it's definitely not going to change overnight especially if the government doesn't focus on job growth in the economy and companies continue to layoff or simply not hire and keep a lot of their money abroad so sorry all of you americans that can't afford food anymore you're just not sexy enough for t.v. your misery just doesn't move quite fast enough for the mainstream cable news and we've been speaking to struggling americans on this show and will continue to do so we're going to ask why it's happening all the mainstream media is content to miss.
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well i think it's pretty obvious that there is a fair amount of blame to lay on the mainstream media when it comes to misinform non reporting of what the debt deals and the cuts in the lack of tax increases really mean they help shape the debate by focusing on partisan bickering allowing politicians to also skip on having to answer any questions about the real life impacts of their actions but then let's look at it from a different perspective to how do they shape the debate when it comes to giving certain individuals more airtime than others does that have anything to do with what the individuals arguments or logic are already does have to have a t.v. friendly face and you get a platform no matter how crazy you may be now let's just say that grover norquist then crazy or not whatever you think could be a good example here in recent weeks he's grace the television screens appearing on every single cable news network his stance and pledge of no new taxes no matter what side exactly he would call middle of the road and he apparently carries an
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incredible amount of influence over the republican party and the media so why grover why not somebody else to discuss this with me is matt welch editor in chief of reason magazine and co-author of the book the declaration of independence how libertarian politics can fix what's wrong with america thanks so much for being here tonight. we're going to get into grover himself as an individual in just a moment here but tell me i mean how much do you think that the media really allows debates to be formed all by choosing who it is that they put on t.v. to represent either side. groover aside think there's a kind of in between the thirty five yard lines to take a football metaphor since you like golf so much. things that are a excepted there by the sort of journalistic political class as the status quo regardless of whether the status quo is itself insane as long as it's in there than it's normal to talk about it people who insist on bringing up topics that are over
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here or over here there and do it in kind of a loud voice they are treated as pathological in some way or just kind of strange even if those issues that they're bringing up are ones that a lot of americans think is correct or that just are righteous in their own view and so by reinforcing who gets to be in there and who talks about that and also by calling those who are on the outside of those issues as kind of crazy and sort of winking and nodding whenever you bring them up that reinforces this kind of view luckily there's so much more alternative media now that we can kind of root around that system but the bias the sort of status quo bias is extraordinary well so what i mean when you're talking about what the status quo is what what crazy ideas are considered to be part of the norm or the polite politics of the well i mean let's take it straight out of the headlines we have grown the size of government from one point eight trillion dollars federal government in two thousand to basically three point eight trillion dollars and now the status quo is that it just kind of keeps going up keeps going up and that is viewed as normal but if you're an extremist
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you're a you're a lunatic you're a you're a terrorist as a lot of people have been saying this can be a very i want to get started i know but i mean i'm not you know i'm not whining about it but i'm talking about from the perspective of people who are invested in the status quo people who are totally strange if they just say stop with this if they point out if they talk about how that's something that we shouldn't continue to do and so you know there's networking both ways i mean at the same time if you. if you want health insurance to help pay for birth control for women or at least you know you want the government to mandate that then suddenly that makes you a socialist too i mean the same types of words are thrown around and i. there side of the debate over the matter what side you're in and all of that i think is within this mainstream discussion that's going on i think that actually you know single payer health care was used in the obamacare thing as a term that helped get rid of that as a notion even the idea of having a kind of safety net for the least well off was tossed aside kind of early on in the notion of obamacare because people were allergic to that kind of socialist
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label that way so yeah it happens on on every side we have to always be mindful of that when we hear people talk about things i mean just look at any issue that works very badly you talk a lot in your show about the drug war and how many people are locked up this is a bipartisan thing that no one really believes in it with their own kind of private personal passion but there's incentives that keep things the way they are and if you bring it up in a mainstream setting people sort of freak out like what do you like to smoke deborah what do you and i have talked about this a lot too right is that we thought there maybe there was some type of sweeping change that was starting to come a lot because ron paul for example who has been saying the same thing for decades and for a long time a lot of people didn't pay attention especially not the mainstream media then suddenly he became a media star again when the presidential contenders started lining up and we had the debates and you and i have spoken about this law is libertarianism even becoming mainstream but i don't see it ron paul on the t.v. screens lately have you i mean have they labeled him back to crazy they throw him
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back there i think to go to the grover norquist thing he doesn't have an army in this humps necessarily just to mix every metaphor he's out there talking about he's much more talking about the debt ceiling deal than all the other republican candidates probably combined because they're all scared to talk about it he's not talking grover or around talking right now i'm not going to say grover has a whip hand on so many different congressional candidates that's why he's out there why is that why is the roads are newer and twist all powerful i just don't understand this guy is not an elected official and somehow he has all but thirteen republicans signed on to this pledge some even say as alan simpson going to show you a clip actually last night on lawrence o'donnell said that this guy's. seems like it's more powerful in the president he was suspicious let's take a look at that. you want to dig in where does he get his money where does it come from how much was he made how many people you've got on the payroll what does he do where does he get his money who is he slave to somewhere that needs to come out very soon. and i'm curious to i'm kind of with alan simpson on that one gruber is
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probably the most effective single issue campaigner we talk about in our book how single issue campaigns are the future hopefully the ones that we agree with more than you know don't get rid of ethanol subsidies which grover has put it is don't draw the line in the sand he had a very effective single idea and he was able to convince a lot of republicans that they would suffer for it but the interesting thing is that they're suffering less for the tea party is not an anti-tax movement it's an anti spending movement grover has never been an anti spending republican i talked to him in two thousand and four interviewed him said what's your biggest fear over the next four years of bush you know he said that people are going to talk about the deficit why because people talk about the deficit then they're going to want to raise taxes and his single issue is taxes but the thing is if you look at a lot of polls right now right americans are frustrated as americans don't really care about the deficit they're worried about the economy they're worried about not having any jobs and you know americans are not anti taxes from what it seems either if you look at this polling because they're frustrated they're furious that the
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bush tax cuts were extended especially for the wealthiest americans and that corporations are getting away with paying absolutely zero income tax and we're talking about some of the biggest companies in the world g.e. bank of america axon valero you know that's a bipartisan issue and it's and it's a world partly of grover's creating by saying no new taxes ever no tax rates you invite people to game to monkey the tax code that's going to be the biggest players the g.e.'s who are going to say let's attract and a crazy idea what grover norquist is on t.v. pushing and he's on every single channel as if it's normal and has all the power because he does have power is what i'm saying and that makes sense you want to know why. he stands on this because he still scares the hell out of a lot of republicans but few are. voters scared very public and are should they be worried about what the american people are going to say rather than grover norquist absolutely but this happens on the democrat side as well there are various pledges that you're supposed to take in order to be a good democrat there's a new line in the sand if you don't ever touch entitlements and if you ever say that you're going to think about it we're going to punish you on that that's is
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interest group politics president obama obviously didn't sign that pledge really quickly i just want to ask because this was you know news that happened right before the show started two of the stock market closed it plummeted five hundred points today tomorrow it's probably not going to be much better when you have bad jobs numbers coming out what does that tell you is that a sure sign that nobody has faith in the economy anymore i think it's i think i think one analysis of the stock market is a game or a fool's game look at the ten year look at decades worth of stock market were flat with some like spikes and bubbles thrown in that tells us something that we have not been creating jobs for the last decade it wasn't didn't start with obama certainly while we're increasing more and more government expenditure in the economy totally in the crapper so that's a lot more to me than a single day ok conway's in the crapper. thanks so much for joining us and stick around for happy hour to have you back the rest. are coming out the lawsuit filed against the u.s. government over an f.b.i. informant posing as a muslim in
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a california mosque. and wait until you hear why then he's suing the federal government after being searched and having items seized while entering the u.s. david house returns to the show tonight to update us on his lawsuit active d.o.j. by a new response. and aggressive war that threw a tiny nation into the global spotlight. three years after georgia attacks out the city. could anything have stopped the bloodshed . i did russia have any choice but to step in. president medvedev gives our team the straight answers.
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back in march our teaser monger lindo first told us how a group of muslims in southern california are making a case against the f.b.i. after word got out that an agent was conducting warrantless surveillance operations in those mosques the members of the mosque were worried that the f.b.i. would split their tightly knit muslim community and they fear that fellow moscow hours would start turning against each other because of an undercover f.b.i. agent asking suspicious questions about islam. i'm fearful of retaliation but if. my wife fears it my family fears a fear that. you know the f.b.i. is going to come down pretty aggressive. and craig montel was an informant for the f.b.i. posing as a muslim but when he started inquiring about radical jihad members of the community actually reported him back over to the f.b.i.
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they quickly learned of montreal's real motives and so now they're suing the f.b.i. for the warrantless surveillance but sadly looks like this lawsuit against the f.b.i. is never going to really reach a court attorney general eric holder filed papers this monday to dismiss the case and want to know why take a wild guess because it could reveal state secrets and a declaration holder wrote discloser of the reasons for and substance of a counterterrorism investigation could reasonably be expected to cause harm to national security such disclosures would reveal to subjects who are involved in or are planning to undertake terrorist activities what the f.b.i. knows and does not know about their plans and the threat they pose to national security. of course any time anybody in the muslim community actually tries to hold the u.s. government accountable but at state secrets and speaking of the muslim population in the u.s. team obama launched a new initiative to prevent radicalization on wednesday white house officials sent out a warning that casting suspicion on the muslim american community could backfire and
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promote extremism they also promise to share educational materials about islam to law enforcement officers and offer guidelines on how to treat muslim americans as allies to the government wow perhaps the president should start of the latest campaign or write down the street right over at the f.b.i. here in d.c. i'm sorry but it's a little bit contradictory to act like you're trying to be chummy with the muslim community all the feds are infiltrating those communities who are radical jihad just information and as a body else find it odd that the white house launched this campaign on the exact same week that eric holder invoked that state secrets privilege towards a muslim lawsuit from the muslim community might be feeling some people but not me perhaps a little better planning to hide your real intentions of please don't say one thing and then do another just makes you look foolish mr president. well looks like the justice department finally has a response for david house and reported to you on this show in the past as well as spoken with house about this case he's the founding member of the bradley manning support network and a little help from the a.c.l.u.
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of massachusetts a lawsuit was filed after house was detained at chicago o'hare's international airport he was questioned for an extended period of time he had of laptop a thumb drive and a digital camera confiscated and they still use says that houses constitutional rights to free speech and association were violated but he was targeted solely for his association with the bradley manning support network and the d.o.j. is did spewing that charge in court with documents saying the government is not prohibited from examining any items at the border simply because they may be related to the work of an organization now another element in it that it took ice immigration ice excuse me which is immigration and customs. fauresmith forty nine days to return that equipment to house so the court filed an excuse for that one too they said that the lack of password access required eyes computer experts to spend additional time on mr house's laptop and because he was running both line it's and windows on his computer and made the task more difficult that makes you wonder if v.h.s.
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might need some better computer forensics experts so joining me to give a response tonight is david house the founding member of the bradley manning support network david i want to thank you for joining us tonight now if we can break this into a few different elements here but first starters i just read that quote in the official response in the court documents from the justice department that really there's nothing they can prevent from looking at your documents or looking at your laptop because of your association with an organization when you think about that. it's a very interesting stance to take in support and to know in this case there's not really any legislation backing up the government's decision here but this is kind of the claim the story of youth already to search computers that border already to be cheap if you or anyone crossing the border so it's all for them to claim that they have this authority without any kind of legislation or case law really backing it up and what's even more bizarre is they say in the in the thing they would target people they returned that the reason they wanted to keep my computer or keep
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the data from my computer was for purposes of litigation that was ongoing which is interesting because it makes you wonder is the u.s. government going to use this information seized at the border for evidence and the court of law and what does it mean when the u.s. government can wait for citizens across the border and a set of tina warrants to seize their computer in the travel internationally a recent lot of very top constitutional questions and the seal you and i are fighting a question so have they made it clear though as to whether they are they want to keep that information for litigation specifically regarding your case and they see all you or that it might have something to do with bradley manning on the grand jury in virginia no details. it's very unclear it's very nebulous and whenever we actually try to push them to give us information we get no reply so the documents that were turned recently are literally the only response of substance we've gotten back as an example my lawyers at the a.c.l.u. recently tried to obtain information act information the f.b.i.
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to teach us and c.b.p. may have about my troubles and what was your turn was and notice that three hundred forty three pages of documents relating to my travel records have been completely redacted and were not available to be disclosed so something's definitely going on here and one must really wonder what they're getting after is this part of a larger targeting of hackers the computer scientists in general as we see with also with the air force case in cambridge or is this them targeting because a support network at this point it looks pretty unsure but what is definite is that the u.s. government is scared right now of computer sciences and they will stop at nothing to make policy so they can crack down these computer scientists and others as they travel abroad well since you brought up parents who are it seems been had guest here on our cell numerous times as well do you think that's a concerted effort to scare people to you know intimidates on a larger scale than just go after aaron himself. that's definitely the sense here in boston i mean for those who don't know aaron swartz was
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a gentleman with the harvard center for ethics crew allegedly downloaded academic documents from the mit enough word and as the story goes the mighty did not want to press any charges they were pretty much fine with those according to public statements but the d.o.j. stepped in and said no we want to prosecute this guy. ever in shorts and boston is kind of you know the symbol of free polter he's an individual who in the past has been very outspoken for open source initiatives so it's possible the u.s. government here is just kind of trying to get over these academics who are supporting the intellectual basis that groups like anonymous and groups like we keep some selves are going out looking at and upon it's a very. time here in the cambridge that everyone is a little freaked out now you also mentioned and we're going to get into this in further detail that it seems like the government is a little scared right now when it comes to the hacker community but i also want to ask about that second detail that i mentioned regarding ice and their reasoning for holding their equipment for forty nine days they said that they didn't have the
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password so that made it more difficult and because you're running to operating systems on your computer is that i don't know these things you have to honestly tell me is that a really hard thing to crack should their computer experts be able to do it a little faster so there's two things here we should examine the first is the claim that they had to hold my computer for forty nine days because if you operating systems for the uninitiated the linux operating system is actually a very simple operating system much like windows you can freely downloadable and it's mostly used by programmers and i could then there's that need to use a very stripped down open source operating system it's surprising to me that each else would actually come out and say that they don't have any friends got scripts capable of working with it so us as is no west is using government agencies it's used by the n.s.a. to use in banks if you can i can see each cross country so there's a bode very well but u.s. government terms of who are hiring right now if they don't have forensic experts people who actually understand these operating system in addition to that the second issue the password is actually very interesting now in the papers return of
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the u.s. government is saying that because i did not buy my password that itself may be in a legal ads and again they don't actually we cite any case law here any legislation any law and all it's so easy oh you was the richard in this aspect as well why is it the u.s. government now is claiming that you pop provide your password to your a fifty machine when you cross the border if i were c.e.o. of a major organization if i were journalists our human rights activists i'd be very worried right now now you mentioned makes you wonder who the government is exactly hiring and do you think that they're a little desperate for hires right now i mean we know that. agents that d.h. has agents say that nasa other all descending upon las vegas. right now our death con is going on trying to recruit new hackers but do you think that there is a more of a mad rush than we might have ever seen before it's very possible although i don't know they're going to get a lot of talent i mean there's this sense of peace in boston that if you are
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computer scientists it is very skilled if you're an individual who actually has been in the academic arena or understood kind of where computer science and the interest of the world and this kind of power shift direction why would you waste your time working for the government why would you put yourself of the foam of an organization that will just kind of control your talents so the real talent here is not going to cover the real talent here is going abroad the real talent here is focusing on human rights organizations awareness. so it is very interesting to see who they're trying to hire and i think the u.s. government is desperate to keep up with the tongue or that's why they're sitting federal agents right now to have so that sent to recruit hackers and actually increase the amount of time on a bill to the i'm just curious to in the past have the government ever approached you. a person with us oh well. there was that incident as good as in trying to get you to work for them i mean by that i mean they want to be an informant last year which is pretty typical when we keep it stuff was going down we wanted
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everyone to be mormon but in terms of actually trying to be a higher absolutely not like it's a real talent for work for the u.s. government there's so much more important things you're working on but i just wonder you know from an economic standpoint do you think that the real talent might be swayed in a different direction because you know as imagined there are human rights organizations you might go abroad but the economy isn't exactly in good shape and the n.s.a. for example this here this fiscal year which ends in september they're going to be hiring fifteen hundred new people next year they plan on hiring fifteen hundred new people to i don't know how well the government pay is but it seems like it might be tempting for some people well the incentives are definitely there if you are someone who program. if you are someone who has some security knowledge if you're looking for a job i can imagine that this must be a very tempting offer from the federal government. if you could just feel like you're helping us feel security etc etc. but i would say that the people you find that are really talented are the ones that really understand where the scene is
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going but ones that really grasp the political connotations of the nice and open information we've not on ourselves and i think these people the ones who wrote us about who to work with local government and those these people are i believe the very top of the hierarchy of the government going to have a very hard time keeping up. really quickly do you have any updates on bradley manning for us i do not i've been trying to get in to see him for six months now or get a letter out or anything and there's been no communication his friends in boston have written letters we got nothing back so everyone's a little bit worried trying to figure out whether you can pay or not. we really wish the attorney or something that were give us information and that's kind of the feeling in boston right now i deven to thank you very much for joining very much for joining us and filling us in on on all of that broad scope of topics but definitely seems to be where everything is having these days in terms of hacking on the government's response to thanks so much always a pleasure. on thursday edition of show and tell us coming up next.


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