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three. three three. three. three. three brought us video for your media project free media. oh i tell harvard in washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight the big picture another violent night in london as police try to game ground against a well organized group of young protesters angry at their own government and i had a closer look at the role a sturdy measures play in this horrible scene and what the u.s. might learn from plus all eyes are always constant but i six republican state senators are facing a recall effort of her dollars determine the outcome of this election or will true
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democracy with oil then it turns out the radiation levels following the fukushima nuclear disaster like greater than we thought so why would the japanese government risk the lives of thousands of people answers simple yes. you need to know this is the arab spring giving way to the european summer britain is on high alert today as three straight days of violent rioting obstruct across london in neighboring cities leaving buildings ablaze cars torched and turned over and storefronts vandalized looted riots began in tottenham after police shot a man to death but it quickly became clear that the unrest was less about police brutality and more about conservative austerity some of the areas hardest hit by conservative government's deep spending cuts are now fuel fueling the. worst riots
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that u.k. has seen since the one nine hundred eighty s. prompting the man responsible for those cuts prime minister david cameron to rush back from a trip to italy for a meeting with his national crisis committee he's also recalled parliament from its summer recess and tripled the number of police on the streets tonight sixteen thousand police officers are on the streets in and around london a fourth night of chaos so far more than six hundred people have been injured and there are now reports that one man has died after he was shot in the area of croydon another man is in critical condition clinging to life after he was beaten in mob violence and ealing from london to manchester to tottenham to birmingham to civil unrest is ready so what will be conservative government london to do to regain control and how much of what we're seeing today is caused by the austerity measures passed last year or more on this i'm joined by victoria jones international correspondent talk radio news victoria welcome thank you very much great to have you with us first of all i got an email just like twenty thirty
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minutes ago from a friend of mine who lives in the u.k. who said the who had heard my radio show today and he said the conversation we had was just kind of like joe rahm and he said the extent to which you're suggesting in the us. here in the u.k. these riots are coming about because of the austerity measures most brits would push back on that he said just like most americans back in this back in the sixty's when watts in detroit were burning would wouldn't have acknowledged that it had to do with the inequality that was solved a year or so later started to get resolved with a great society with the great society but i think there's two things going on i think there is definitely some pushback because some great the just not happy fans of this kind of lawlessness people who are just small shopkeepers a florist had his shop torched today and he was barely making it why did. part of
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that had nothing to do with an austerity cuts that had to do with lawlessness so people who have that happen to them they know perfectly well that this is just loosing and violence on the other hand i talked to a couple of people today who most of the conservative side of the spectrum and they're saying wait a second these cuts are impacting people not only the health cuts but the youth cuts and that's what people are talking about give us the details well for example in the london borough of harringay which is up near tottenham which is where the riots started they called about forty one million pounds and seventy five percent of the youth services over eight of the thirteen i believe it is youth clubs have closed. areas or forty forty some odd million pounds of what sixty million dollars for a region of a city this is really wasn't a massive amount of money huge and huge impact this is a poor reason of the city that needs that money this is not a wealthy part of the city this is
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a poor part of the city so you recently closed the greater use of youth centers they have nowhere to go there were some other clubs but those clubs started to try and charge youth to come in well they've got no money and they resented it youth clubs are free youth clubs are something that are open to everybody in addition they've also cut a subsidy for youth to stay in tertiary education like university like some kind of university after the age of eighteen or after the age of fifteen they've come eternals trade schools things like that that's no longer available to a lot of kids these are also kids of a generation after the parents who went through the toxteth and brixton riots of one thousand nine hundred eighty one many of whose parents also have less expectations so a lot of them are really really suffering so they're on the streets and they're being subject they say to stop and search by the police. the same thing as used to
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happen in brixton called fuss which was exactly one of the things that started the brixton riots that the inquiry found a very well researched think why we don't buy appear by a lord said was primarily due to police being racially prejudiced and appear or award would be the equivalent here in the us of a summer. roughly the equivalent i mean there have been a lot of changes in policing and so they don't think that it's the racial element so much they do think it's still a stair or thirty but that something else has taken over when you've got a twelve year old who isn't even trying to get a job yet going into a clothing store and saying i don't think i'm going to do this store yet i'm going to go next door first yeah that's something else yeah well it's the kind of the mob mentality takes over people go through some profound changes i think the impact i went back and looked at the watts riots and the detroit riots here in the united
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states in the sixty's and both of them preceded the major part of the great society the major impact of the great society programs that l.b.j. rolled out the over about a five year period cut poverty in half in the united states and and laid the groundwork for a radical increase in the black middle class in this country and it's almost like in both cases they were started by police stops in both in the riots the watts riots or in the rights in both cases it was police stuff and that's what that's what happened here too and it's almost like everything it's a waiting to happen and then a tipping point happens and it's that disrespect associated with this was very much the case here. david cameron has the prime minister's called emergency meeting yes what can he do about this i mean. obviously there's a short term crisis management clamp down do something do you know more police but what about rethinking. because i think the debate on thursday is going to be
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absolutely fascinating you know how ruthless and lively parliament can be i think it's going to be one of the livelier think you're going to hear some fascinating things from the labor side of the aisle maybe even from the liberal democrat side of the aisle which has an all stenciled bill coalition with the conservatives which is fraying a bit because some of them didn't want the cuts i think that they were going to be calls for cutting back on the cuts as you know on cut is this organization that is trying to fight back against some of these cuts and i think there are going to be calls for changing some of these cuts certainly as they impact the youth we have just a few seconds left but might this in some way you know nick clegg is sort of the assistant prime minister the liberal democrat david cameron the prime minister you got the board votes if you needed to go allusion might this slightly shift the power balance in the direction of clegg if clay plays that smart. always depend on
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a politician you don't always to be victoria jones thank you i mean you know the burtons great to have the say here. ok first greece now the u.k. what we're seeing unfold in europe is the heart harsh backlash of poor and working people against governments the build up banks of taxes for millionaires that are now cutting services for average working people and poor and like hosni mubarak these banks their governments are now losing their consent to govern is washington pain attention. it's time for our daily poll your chance to tell us what you think here's the question arab spring european summer our banks governments and austerity measures creating a global financial firestorm if your choices are eight like greece in the u.k. america will soon see a revolt in the streets or be. the banks there's always will water and it's on our current. no you think the poll be open until tomorrow morning. still to come the
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state of our economy is on a volatile unpredictable path for you can say president obama was in for a war that story. let's not forget that we had an apartheid regime right. i think. even on the well. we have the government says they're going to keep you safe get ready because their freedom.
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you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so. you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you saw you don't i'm tom are completely.
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screwed american workers the dow jones closed up four hundred thirty points today gaining back a big chunk of the losses from yesterday's bloodbath but that wasn't enough to calm fears of a little mean double dip economic recession although for many americans the first recession frankly never ended the federal reserve released a statement today dishing out some more bad news on the state of our economy it read information received indicates that economic growth so far this year has been considerably slower than expected indicators suggest a deterioration in overall labor market conditions in recent months and the unemployment rate has moved up household spending is flat out investment nonresidential structures is still weak and the housing sector remains depressed
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but you can't say president obama was in war over a democratic underground dot com just today someone posted a letter that was sent to the president nearly a year ago back in september of two thousand and ten written by three hundred of the world's most renowned economist in the country warning. president to focus on job creation and not austerity measures the letter from back in two thousand and ten read a turn by major governments away from the promotion of growth and jobs and to premature focus on deficit reduction could slow growth and increase unemployment and could push us back into recession the letter goes on then to highlight a lesson learned from the great depression reading his history suggests that it's tenuous recovery is no time to practice austerity and the great depression franklin roosevelt's new deal generated growth and reduce the unemployment rate from twenty five percent nine hundred thirty two to less than ten percent nine hundred thirty seven however the deficit hawks of that era persuaded president roosevelt to
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reverse course prematurely and move toward a balanced budget the result was a severe recession that caused the economy to contract sharply and sent the unemployed and unemployment rates soaring only be much larger worktime spending in the early one nine hundred forty s. produced a full recovery so as president obama fallen into the same trap and embraced us there is there any too soon and at the risk of our economic recovery and if so what needs to be done to put us back on track bob bob joins me now he's the executive director of the industrial union council at the a.f.l.-cio bob welcome back nice to see you again thank you great to have you with wisdom but under better circumstances well it's been going on for two years three years arguably it's and in fact you know the housing starts actually started collapsing in the middle of two thousand and six that's when i was ringing the alarm bells on my radio show because we saw this movie before housing starts crashed in one thousand twenty six and it was great to sts one hundred twenty nine why are
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a republican. why why are they continuing to push the spending cuts that they know we know everybody knows don't create jobs well that i mean that's that's their mantra they basically say we can't increase taxes on the rich we can't have any new taxes at all we can't deal with this issue therefore you have no investment money we're going to come. at the same time and as you pointed out in your letter it's the same communication we sent to the president and all the members of congress over a year ago making the same point it is the same point we need to our counterparts in the european community saying you're making a mistake by doing this or putting on the brakes and it's beginning to show your previous guest was talking about some of the impacts we're seeing in england right so ok we know why the republicans are doing it and i would add my personal conspiracy theory to that that they intend actually intend to crash the economy so that they can run against obama in two thousand and twelve what a bad economy but we know whether or not they're that malicious i suppose is up for debate but it's certainly what they're doing question the second question that is
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why is the president going along with i think the president's partially in a corner here that he doesn't have a lot of choice the reality is we have to deal with this congress and especially the house that there is no compromise because they've locked into these positions and so you're in this terrible dance where you need more investment in the economy and the other party won't compromise they want to go she and you end up doing what you do we ended up with a debt ceiling deal right it's only half the deal we're only halfway through this and there's not much room for maneuver to invest in this economy and i would i would think these folks that are now home from washington d.c. on break on the recess i hope they're hearing from everybody that this is unacceptable that we've got to invest in our economy and we've got to create jobs this is not a democratic or republican fight it is about the future of our country and what we need to do except the republicans are turning it into a democratic republican fight and because unlike the simpson bowles you know cat
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food commission one which required twelve out of twelve and therefore they never issued a formal report this commission out of twelve people only is a majority vote so if one democrat caves and says ok we'll give you cuts with no taxes then we're screwed and it's. and i'm kind of curious given that context it's been announced today not not officially but politico's reporting that harry reid has settled on patty murray who is pretty solid john kerry who is very solid or more solid and max baucus which. gives me some concern the other the other nine have not been announced any any quick thoughts on that and i had her say what i think you know frankly we're we're just concerned about this is the moment of vulnerability you have a couple things that play here is does this commission do something or they would be completely divided in the trigger goes right in the administration hopes that the threat of these defense cuts will actually force people to think hard and move
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on a revenue question but hundred million just good defense well they're meeting to defend the wars but also the promise of no cuts to entitlement programs social security medicare medicaid which was true in the first part of this deal and it's true under the trigger. the smoking territory here in the congressional commission and we're deeply concerned we want nothing touched there. so in the meantime congress is on vacation john boehner is off avenue this is jim gimlets or whatever their cigars. what's the a.f.l.-cio doing so well we actually you know have an entire august agenda planned and there are. events taking place around the country we have to make at least five hundred or more i don't even have the exact count right now but going and talking speaking showing up being there you have to be there you have to make your point you have to make them understand there are consequences for doing
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what you've done. you've done the right thing but particular if you've done the wrong thing. just very quickly we just have a few seconds left rises is in the second two days of the strike forty five thousand people the corporation showed a multi-billion dollar profit paid for a half billion dollars give them to their minority owner vodafone. how do you think this is going to play out and what should people be watching for well i think this is going to this is a dead serious strike i mean this is a case of a company that's making a ton of money that paid its executives in the last five years the top five people got a quarter of a billion dollars more than the strikers are asking for the strike even asking for money i cruise they have the strikers are about fighting a billion dollars in concessions came back to the company wants to outsource jobs they want to change their pensions they want to take away their health benefits i mean there's a series of things here that are about threats they're not up problem solving and about the union and the company working together to make this company more
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competitive bob thanks so much for being keep up the good for your time great to have you on our side the white house meanwhile is pitching their own job creation strategy to go something like this. and i want congress to pass a set of trade deals deals we've already negotiated that would help displaced workers looking for new jobs and would allow our businesses to sell more products in countries in asia and south america i think that that coals on us to maybe do some of the bipartisan things you saw senator kerry talking about an infrastructure bank or whether it's the free trade agreements the president's proposed a series of steps that he thinks we should take trade treaties that will expand our exports pat so it's pretty clear the white house is banking on free trade to get us out of this mess and the senate signal last week that they're on board to promising to pass trade agreements with south korea and other y. asian and latin american countries as soon as they get back from vacation but is
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that really what our economy needs more so-called free trade wasn't anyone listening to ross perot back when he said this about free trade deals oh it back in one thousand nine hundred two you could move your factory south the border i have got are now or forever young twenty five that's assuming you've been in bed for a long time he got me through what boy pay a dollar an hour for your life you. have no health care that's most expensive saying well i'm taking a car have no environmental controls no pollution controls and no retirement. and you don't care about anything but my good money there will be a challenge sucking sound going to have joining me now in our studios in new york is conservative commentator an advocate for transnational corporations not pain taxes on international transactions david selleck david welcome back. thank you for having me thomas always it's a pleasure thank you why do you hate factory workers david. i do not as a matter of fact i am a strong advocate for american factory workers and that's why i'm calling upon this
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administration to renegotiate some of the terms of this deal for instance if you take the imports that are coming from south america and korea and structure of this deal so the. items that they make are not completed for instance tables for example would not be varnished over there and would not be assembled over there but rather they be assembled and varnished in the united states particularly in urban areas we could put american citizens back to work and money would flow into our tax coffers and we would make a significant dent in our unemployment problem unfortunately this is ministration cannot negotiate any successful deal they are suffering from on your show every negative consequence that rolls from that well first of all what you're suggesting
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would be roundly opposed by the republicans and you know just like when nancy pelosi actually has with us to through the house of representatives that cut subsidies to corporations that are shipping jobs overseas and gave tax incentives to companies that bring the factories back to the united states the republicans filibustered at the united states senate so these are not factories these would be manufactory use where a partial assembly and so we had ten percent of the factory david i mean what you know what why don't people down factor we've had forty seven thousand factories be shut down in the face in the last ten years of products and it is a fact it's a consequence of insane. why don't we go back to the plate alice who has the tendency to tell you one hundred ninety six. well because in today's economy protectionism that you're calling for wall it may be very tempting particularly to
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people who are looking for a facile answer to a complex problem has negative pejorative consequences but however by driving a hard bargain something that this administration seems incapable of doing we can as i said put a dent in our extraordinarily high unemployment problem we can fill our tax coffers and think about those individuals who would be returning to work what would they be doing with their paychecks they'd be patronizing local businesses it would be a fluorescence period unfortunately as i said this administrator seems incapable and moreover they seem to be be training the very people that swept them into office if you're selling like a keynesian it's or you said it wasn't but here in one thousand nine hundred sixty one the average north korean worker earned eighty six dollars a year korea had the same the exact same rubble of the income as
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and yet and their major export korea south korea nine hundred sixty one their major export was human hair for wigs and fish and most of the export was done by a fairly large fish company named samsung do you know how they became. our houses or. do you know most of what we have became the industrial powerhouse of the world . i'm asking for an explanation ok it's really simple chang lays it out in the professor of economics at oxford book bad samaritans what they did was they put high import tariffs in so that nobody could sew the foreign goods could not be sold in their country they promoted a you are patriotic if you are doing using domestic products so even people who smoke foreign cigarettes were looked down upon they kicked out the u.s. auto manufacturers literally kicked them out they wouldn't let you know they clamped down in one hundred sixty one the park i believe it was his name came into
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office and then. heavy industries division of the government and they built as giant steel mill and they build a giant shipyard with government money they it was entirely protectionism the japanese had done the exact same thing nine years earlier with the same consequence what that what what happened with japan what happened with south korea what happened with i won what has what happened frankly with the united states in seventy nine hundred ninety ninety six in every single case protectionism has built industrial economies please name one and only our little far away to milan hundred three is a history of the world that has built a major industrial economy on free trade name one. well let me just address what you said before and i will prove the fallacy of your point though you cannot name one country daily gains. the gains that you are referring to they had a very a from or a life's lifespan ok then they started to collapse amongst themselves now if you
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get back to the last issue where you know i mean that look the japanese economy was hurting the koreans they are very dependent on the united states and we should take advantage of that we have an obligation to mind our air not just get it on us there already know us money so we can buy their products we have a we have a. eight hundred billion dollars a year trade deficit with the rest of the world that's the deficit we should be worried about i don't know because a free trade should have some will solve that problem saying protectionism solve that problem for japan's true protectionism solve that problem for korea south korea protectionism solve the problem for taiwan protectionism is solving the problem and right now if you want this is two thousand and eleven and the interview goes a lot and he's looking for all those countries why shouldn't work for us it worked for us for two hundred years. first of all i don't believe that it is working quite as well as you're alluding that it is secondly we all are interdependent as various
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nations are interdependent upon us those countries all have a great barriers david name one country let like us is dropped all our trade barriers that became drugs all of them dropped the significance of amounts of them what i am saying is we need to go to the table and make these deals more conducive for the american citizen going david it will have to leave it at that and i will agree with you we need to make these deals more conducive to american citizens or in my opinion do away with them all of what david thank you for showing up tonight thank you for having me as i talked about on the show last night so-called free trade is nothing but a transnational corporate gimmick that frankly both political parties have bought into today and the first party that has enough guts to tell the transnational c.e.o.'s no and get so-called free trade is going to start winning really big at
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the polls. crazy alert remember him. it's a simple message which are saying all the time someone say i'm the one you're kind of it all boils down to one thing rent it's. the richest to get rich it's too damn hot damn i know where there's no way to go once again. you said if you rent it's too. thank. the peril of the rent is too damn low james mcmillan the figurehead of the new york's go rent is too damn high political party is being evicted from his manhattan apartment because his rent is too damn low a million claims he's been paying around eight hundred seventy two dollars a month for rent controlled apartment in manhattan's east village since the nineteen seventies but now the landlord wants to.


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