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tv   [untitled]    August 22, 2011 8:31am-9:01am EDT

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a fragile ceasefire following a series of rocket exchanges. well it's a not just justice system under scrutiny following. bennett talked to british author jones about the problems in society that the unrest exposed. we've. i'm joined by owen jones author of a book called the demonization of the working classes thanks for talking to r.t. the demonization of the working classes what do you mean by that and what does that have to do with the riots i think there's been this myth which the political establishment and journalists alike embrace basically everybody in britain is middle class and all that remains of the old working class is a sort of problematic fact plus in the class what we saw with these riots complicate i think linked to the sense because well it helps reinforce this are
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there this is the class which is waiting you know which is not only lazy in fact with but also violent which is how the government of lightning commentators have been portraying it why is there this myth about the working classes how is it created and why the riots being blamed on them why i think what we saw in the 1980's in this country was an attack on a lot the pillars of working class britain industries that sustained a lot of communities institutions not trade unions council housing values in communities were very strong like solidarity in favor of rugged individualism by the end of the eighty's there wasn't the same sense of being being able to be proud of being working class everyone supposed to seem to become middle class you know that that's what aspiration means in britain so because of all that was that the working class became betrayed in a very negative way particularly as we became all equal and in a more equal society people justify that inequality by saying well actually the
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people at the bottom of that because they deserve to be there the lazy the violent bigoted stupid is a justification for inequality and that's not to say they want social problems in this country like drugs and crime or whatever but the real info. people narcs of work in some of the communities worst affected fact by the top of the thirty four employed people facing chasing every drop so i think problems what we saw last week another a whole range of other social problems i think all employment and poverty provide fertile ground for them to grow so as not to justify it is just to try and explain why these things happen in order to stop it from happening again so using politicians have been quick to blame all of this on criminality and say that this is this is a broken society. just a way of covering up the ills of the society they've created an absolutely i mean basically what they're trying to do is turn a social issue into
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a moral issue they're reinforcing the idea that if your benefits are part of mass unemployment that your behavior is at fault when actually you know in this country now there's a problem of lack of jobs we've got two and a half million people unemployed another million on incapacity benefit are going to push into work there's less than half a million vacancies there's not enough jobs to go around it's very convenient for the government to say actually all these people on unemployment benefits are is their own fault the behaviors that fall and that's what's need to be so that's what needs to be sorted out not the issue addressed that you know agree with some extent knowing these people were clearly have no idea that violence is not the answer i mean no one's justify what happened understanding it's the whole are starting what has to be this must never happen again people must never be terrorized in their communities as they were last week with what in five people young people out of a job only takes a small proportion of those people who feel they have no future to risk to act in
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this way to bring chaos and violence the streets of our cities and i mean there's other issues too i think i think consumerism and the consumer society has a lot of responsibility in britain your status has so much to do with what you possess. and what you wear. for a lot of all young people want to be part of a consumer society but there's a whole group of people particularly poor communities who feel they have no access to it and in a perverse way i think that's what you saw in places like hackney where you've got some of the poorest people living on some of the richest right in the sense of london and i think that kind of inequality mixed with hyper consumerism helps create that situation that we saw in the shop you mentioned this inequality but the u.k. policy for some time has been some mix rich and poor living in the same areas bring in council houses to fill in areas and vice a versa do you not think that's work then i think the problem. is you end up with
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lots of shops pricing out a lot of the people who live there actually pushes up the cost of living for the people but yes i think mixing and social mixing is good you only have to look at paris where the rich are concentrated in the middle and the poor concentrate around the edges the so-called effect it's good to be mixing but the problem in london is one of the most cities in the western world the top ten percent are over two hundred sixty times richer than the bottom ten percent so they see you have poor people living alongside some of the richest people in the world looking at lives they will in all likelihood never help and what we need to do is tackle that inequality because at the moment people are getting a fair share of the british economy so how do you bridge that gap well we need more progressive taxation we need actors on the rich in order to take more people at the bottom out of taxation altogether we need
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a living wage so people at the bottom especially a place like london the most expensive cities on the planet the minimum wage in this country is just not enough to live on you can't support a family with it so these are huge social problems which aren't being addressed and we have these problems at a time when people at the top are richer than ever is also. case then of the bad example being set from the top down it had the m.p.'s expenses scandal bankers bonuses still getting paid despite the crisis if you look at the m.p.'s in particular he stood up to denounce these looters just three years ago they were embroiled in a huge expensive scandal let's be honest they were state taking money from the tax there to get the same sort of widescreen t.v.'s that were being carted out of shops last week to be one example general counsel of backbench labor m.p. he stood up to demand actually taken against the looters he claimed eight and a half thousand pounds for buying all of the televisions that whilst one twenty three year old has just been sent to prison for six months. three hundred fifty
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worth of water to the right so yes we have the bankers who plunged into an economic crisis where the politicians stole from the taxpayer we recently have the news international scandal where police will be bribed by journalists what happened last week was more disorderly than all are but the example of being set by the top the way the government is dealing with this choosing it's a way for them to kind of legitimize right wing ideals of things like tougher policing cracking down on social media i think these rights have been manipulated by the government quite frankly people understandably angry and they're scared but what this government is doing is using that to justify attacks on people on benefits we've seen attacks on single parents this idea fatherless families over sponsible we've seen recently david starkey the historian trying to scapegoat black people in black kocher and we're now talking about him for a terry crackdown in terms of law and order attacks on civil liberties by
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government which promised the defense of liberty is against the attacks from new labor and even as you say attacks on the idea that social media to be closed down which didn't even happen a lot of authoritarian regimes when they were all poison is going about against them you mentioned the starkey that you're involved in the debate. he. mentioned the wants of the come blacks in other courses there has been talk of multiculturalism being the failure of it being the cause of these riots do you give any kind of credence to that argument with about the racial issue coming into play in these riots let me be clear about david starkey what he said was a very racist this was an attempt to scapegoat people this of a whole range of people involved from different ethnic backgrounds the common factor with all of them is poverty and unemployment and again it's not just a creation what happened was completely inexcusable if you have enough people who don't feel they have a future of whatever ethnic background only takes a small proportion and to respond in this outrageous way to bring
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a little bit but multiculturalism and different ethnic groups have nothing to do with what happened we still haven't seen the full effects of the austerity cuts things like higher education police cuts still plan to be going through when it does do things things will get worse i think the danger is that these riots a dark force of much worse. there's a perfect storm the rich haven't yet there's rising youth unemployment the government took away the educational maintenance allowance which was paid to pour over six in your office then education university tuition fees have been troubled all of these together will breed continue to breed but more devastatingly increasing numbers of people who feel they have no future they feel they have nothing to look forward to and i think we could see a lot worse down the line when the courts the government's response many of. the same time seems to be mirroring public opinion the public want the government to
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crack down on the perpetrators and they want them to be punished severely nothingness a good idea look people angry people are scared because of what happened but this should be a test of democracy in a country like they're. very good. an inevitable backlash that should not let people allow justice to be subverted in this country the government are now talking of taking away benefits and council houses from those who were involved in the riots now what that says is you will be punished twice for pig committing crime if you are poor because obviously that will not affect anyone it doesn't have a council and isn't on benefits now i think we need to be just as obvious needs to be done immediately proportionate to the crime and the idea of attacking poor people more than the poor for pollution them twice is fundamentally unjust and also self-defeating because if we take away all forms of income and all forms of housing
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from people then what reason is there not to be involved in criminality i mean in effect that becomes the only means of survival so i think this is near hysteria gripping the magistrates in this country and we need to resist up on jones thank you. as you know song was sixteen years old when he committed these murders that's not to say that song so or should not be punished for his crimes so on is being pounds no rational person can deny that sean has been punished is been honest and will be honest. the souers must be executed for the brutal crime committed this is a punishment this is not. a mention.
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soon. because we've been immersed know me whatsoever. how i didn't come to justice. and heard the first. start for this man. trial martin. and my thought is now.
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our breaking news this hour here on libyan rebels reportedly gain control of the capital. tripoli. regime. reports one of the sons meantime is leading troops into the city center. opposition supporters rejoice hoping the forty year old regime is nearing a dead end skeptics point to the disillusionment but followed the full of egypt. and the international reaction rangers euphoria to right. over the likelihood of an unstable government torn apart by competing interests. and in other news turning to troops. will be agreed to restore a. following a series of fresh exchanges. all right time now for the sports.
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well are you watching the monday afternoon sports update and here's what's coming up on the rise and the when to want to time to do not have to go back up to fulfill the russian premier league. while you can get the right time maria sharapova to be explaining bank events in cincinnati for the second title of the season weeks before the start of the u.s. open. and the leopards in focus with less than a fortnight to go before the start of the k h l season take a closer look at favorites. let's start with football and angie are back up to force on the table after a two one win at home to the number must go in the russian premier league and he took the lead after twenty two mr bush to five pounds for a defensive mix up. that's the number managed to grab an equalizer one strike a half time and not owning any is sixto this season however with twenty minutes to
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go andy's alexander could make off struck to give him some grim third victory in five games with two points of their opponent's mistake said. mommy wants to use their slip to fess up to coming back to go one minute struggles. this is still behind after twenty six minutes to a close range i think the fourth. levels early in the second move but still remained warm on the spot not to go second boston only a point and clear of safety. wells where the people with money go through should call it looking to moscow all three points and the cousin of the railway man are now under siege in six games since one of the girls said a charge given to why they stay in one place between their opponents. while the great goal festing close knit out of school band practice some of these
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guys you know the signify or. minutes. and then it is second influenced by stoppage time. because you need to press all the great. soon maybe three no i had. some calls made it for nil after seventy minutes is time to boot. and to my math of all that does not say that the study get done i don't think in the last in the dying minutes so find a spectacular victory dance. one of the last six games. so after all but take a look at the top of the table after twenty one games tesco remain top two point two zero eight off five points further interest closely followed by st. top of the other and. clearly
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a subject of state boston but that chlorine that way back in st seems out i mean one point about them the soft spots are no trick. well all over england it's much the city here lead the way after winning three two at bolton to claim their second straight victory from the opening two games in the premier league that is over barry heading jack i will tell you the business is quite elsewhere it wants to escape relegation last may be for them to know to also make you see these two australians grabbed a last gasp draw a new poison or each side still says in deference to the season much tonight it was taught them it's monday night why in the meantime more pressure has been heaped on austin manager austin venga after picking up just one point from two games since the start of the domestic season the gunners will now have to do without going for the next two european games as the coach was suspended for two more you wait for fixtures after reaching the previous touchline ban during last tuesday's one will bring it home to dinner easy the first leg of the champions league qualifying
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playoffs the second leg will be held in italy on wednesday. meanwhile my city manager about the man cheney says he wants to complete the signing of austin samir nasri by wednesday if the deal doesn't go through by then you could feature in that gunns champions league tie with aiden a.z. which means he'll be ineligible to play for city later in the competition mancini says it's vital the midfielder is free to play in all three sides games. and chelsea say they'd agree a transfer fee with balance here for midfielder what happened is thought to be around thirty eight million dollars sound is subject to the twenty three year old agreeing personal terms and passing a magical not that was part of strange twenty ten world cup winning squad. elsewhere footballers officials and fans had to run for cover at a match in mexico after a gun fight broke out at snyder stadium on sunday gunmen opened fire on police and stray bullets hit the exterior of the venue in the northern city of carry on no casualties have been reported an estimated twenty thousand spectators watched that
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talk too much between songs like guna and like us model year before it was abandoned in the forty's minutes you know goals have been scored rally. the fixtures across the country went on as planned. that switched to tennis where british are up as club to number four in the world rankings calling a hard fought win a year later yankovic in the cincinnati open final russian threw away for one of eight in the first set to these that six for all but health and i have to take a back and forth second set on a tie breaker for blitzing the decider six three it sure up with this second title to the end of the year after winning in rome the twenty fourth over the course of five korea and is the perfect preparation for the u.s. open which starts in a week's time well on the men's side andy murray was over the moon after beating a man of the moment and i thought the joke of it that title came with a tinge of pain as the red sox retired you were going to shoulder injury your second throughout however joke of which retained his top ranking disciple to get
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his shoulder right in time what could become his third grand slam crowd of the season especially meadows he was and if second defeat the so far sizzling season for joke of it which is a drop in the ocean fifty seven wins it's kind of expected played so many matches this year. in winning. you know a lot of. reaching the final stages of each event that i've participated on and. you know to do considering the schedule there is very busy in term is it's kind of normal to expect that at some stage you are exhausted but. as i said you know i am confident that i can recover and be ready for you so. plus with this being a first emerges sport for rally drive us a best you know year who run the latest stage of the world championships in germany the drivers were racing home tama for the full weekend pushing i have never won on
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the surface but it has now gotten better a fellow citizen got a suggest to him that he suffered a premature the day before that effectively ended his chance of a ninth straight twitting finishing just under forty seconds behind o.j. shook hands with his copilot. spaniard's danny saw that was first the result twenty five points behind the driver's championship with four races left. now in a couple weeks time the new k h l i c c's will get on the way defending champions at possible again be the ones to base although they've had a mixed pre-season. takes a look at their preparations and prospects for more so with. og bars are getting used to life without being on the dino was relinquished his club deedes to manage the national team like even a cuckoo none of those should command the respect of the players the former defenseman led g.m. rushed to bronze at the two thousand and five world championships and helped deny moscow win the russian championship the same year beloved enough not too far from
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the action though taking the time to scope out potential prospects for international duty lowers darzi which was acquired from dean on the riga in the off season i and the latvian international is already feeling the pressure of the finals with the season yet to start the goal is you know the window in the last game of the season so so you can lift the cup and and if not it's oh it's always a disappointment no matter what team you're playing and especially if you're if you're playing. in bars has always such high hopes for the championship so you know we just we just got to try and try to win the cup and then everyone is . will have fun with the. og bar seven top notch training facilities if you ask former n.h.l. star and team you to meet the new signing also understands the huge expectations they come with donning the snow leopard jersey i think our training facility and
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all that is essential level and in all i know it's a top notch organization and make a child so often very happy there and. hopefully can be a good player for us. the two time to go and complainers also added one of the most feared men in the league in the offseason transfer bonanza gainey school the actual former almost call could boast a world record slap shot register your speed of nearly one hundred seventy eight kilometers an hour during the latest all-star game the og bars faithful fully ready to embrace the new signing but captain alex a morozov and company no those same fans expect nothing less than a third get going called triangle yvonne's gorski archie. who finally will end with some spectacular shots from the latest round of cliff diving as well serious britain's gary hart won in boston to claim the overall title. took the runners up
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spot yes there are negatives in boston which is why a border was attached to the contemporary arts building eighteen meters above the waterfront gary hunt had a chance to successfully defend his world series title make tree would ensure the role champion again no one could match his spectacular dive one of the hoff twisting a quadruple. side a fourth victory of the season giving him the world crown russia's much i'm searchin got finished runner up for a fourth time and he set to finish runner up in the season's overall standings he has one last chance of winning a stage of the final dive of the year playing in two weeks' time. i mean it's amazing. really on the scribe will fail. and. it's this series under my belt with one on competition to go around believer course i'm so. it's four times in this season in this year i'm take second place i have
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a lot science in ukraine for this year we're in this competition and that's almost for this person i'll be back in just under two asked. hungry for the full story we've got it first the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers on.
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our breaking news this hour here on r.t. libyan rebels reportedly gained control of the capital after a major nato back but sources in tripoli. it's too early to say that the regime has fallen into the pool said one of his sons is currently leading troops into the heart of the city. journalists in tripoli report. saying reports of overnight looting of houses in the capital has left them feeling unsafe . opposition supporters rejoice hoping the forty year old regime is nearing a dead end but skeptics point to the bitter disillusionment that follows the fall of egypt. and the international reaction to ranges from euphoria to caution amid concern over the likelihood of an unstable rebel government torn apart by competing interests.


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