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tv   [untitled]    August 23, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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ladies and gentlemen thank you for joining me on this exciting journey but the time brown versus the man in this format has come to an end tonight we have seed money in student discussed internet freedom an update on libya teachers fighting back against facebook laws you the viewer and today's earthquake in d.c. sorry for all the bad earthquake jokes on twitter earlier still a bit further up but because of the show some of you have called me of a leader in the freedom movement but we must remain in as we are today a leaderless resistance not only leaders are true love and joy you can follow me to them but that will make your leaders you'll have to leave for yourself so please enjoy the last episode from the d.c. studios an artsy america of adam vs the man.
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a great big w.t.f. shook the ground here of the imperial city this afternoon and if you're wondering no it wasn't our economy crashed into the ground that's still on the way it was an earthquake from my home near florida north capitol. it felt like it built slowly as if it was in the horizontal motion is increasing it's back and forth ones that seem to be about six inches back and forth that lasted about fifteen seconds obama remains in the comfort of martha's vineyard but the obama administration is already referring to this as the tea party earthquake the u.s. geological survey reports that the quake was more than three miles underground and stuck in a struck in central virginia near mineral city you can see the quake was felt up
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and down the east coast reportedly from as far as new york city to north carolina and all the area where the quake originated has been known for seismic activity in the past this is considered. usually strong so here's what happened you see because he really cares about america obama one of the earthquake to be three point four and the evil republicans who clearly hate america and all things good and compassionate one of three point six so they compromised and we got a five point nine but this just highlights washington's inability to do anything right if we had ron paul in office since two thousand and eight obviously the earthquake never would have ever even happened a few thirty glances from vice president truck nourse and those cowardly tectonic plates wouldn't even think about but fortunately we were spared a gross government overreaction like launching a global war on earthquakes but attorney general holder was not satisfied with
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simply accepting the building and was evacuated by motorcade not to worry though there's already speculation that congress is going to act as soon as possible to declare earthquakes an act of terror and outlaw them entirely good to know they can put a stop to that menace with their magic powers of arbitrary legislation if that doesn't work g.o.p. presidential candidate rick perry has vowed to demand that god stop earthquakes but only if elected president personally i believe the earthquake was clearly a signal from god that america needs to stop being so socialist so please take out the message start either way washington was in straight up panic mode afterwards images of nine eleven poured into the minds of overpaid government workers all over the district as they scurried about the taxpayer bought marble floors quickly on like cockroaches they scattered for their cars and immediately began creating traffic jams. something they're very good at as they're experts at creating inconveniences i want all the events today in d.c. serve as a good preview of what things are going to look like they're in a zombie apocalypse but one could argue that d.c.
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looks like zombie apocalypse on most normal day so maybe this is what it would look like with the loss of raptors avi's now i can tell you when you live in d.c. . and your house starts shaking earthquake isn't the first thing to come to mind you either assume it's an armored police think rolling up to shut down a lemonade stand or someone has finally had and pushed all the right buttons you don't think oh that earthquake you think oh grab the as bomb luckily though we're all still here without the radiation of the mushroom clouds for now and we're happy to report that so far we have not heard of any serious injuries or building collapses as a result of this earthquake but if the neo cons a little more time to create the appropriate amount of aftershock i mean blowback from our interventions overseas ok look i'm sorry about all these about earthquakes or if i really am it's just that i'm a bit shaken up it gives me trouble just thinking about it. and in libya
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uncertainly uncertainty continues to grip the country as the whereabouts of the country's embattled leader colonel moammar gadhafi remain a mystery in a country divided amongst itself for the past two days gunfire has blanketed the streets of libya's capital city of tripoli and uncertainty hangs in the air about just what's going to happen next yesterday we reported that rebels were claiming cut off the sun say for all islam to have been captured it turns out that at the time of the report this is not the case he appeared near the rixos hotel in front of reporters today with a convoy of armored vehicles smiling and flashing a victory sign while insisting that gadhafi loyalists are beating back the rebels another of the sons of mohammed was reported to have escaped house arrest yesterday and it is unknown where they are now it's been reported that rebel forces have now entered gadhafi as asea compound storming in after an all day battle with government loyalists some reporting that neither gadhafi nor any of his army personnel are anywhere to be found within the complex but others are a little more cautious about mood a spokesman for the rebels interim council cautioned that someone could still be
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inside the complex the symbolic value of the victory though was that it stood as the colonel's last castle despite this there's been much celebrant tory gunfire and rebels have been spotted pouring in and out of the fortress with loot right in golf carts i'll go salaams a little bit off from right hand man told al jazeera that he believes gadhafi is still alive and as for the outskirts of tripoli hiding from home home or in small hotels one thing's for sure it sounds like a forty two year old regime is gasping its final few breaths nato has insisted it will remain involved in the conflict until the end but it's still unknown what that end is going to be even if gadhafi is captured or killed fighting between various tribal factions may continue nato will surely try to use the imminent defeat of gadhafi as a justification for its own involvement with the worry should be on the possible blowback if they continue to intervene and meanwhile david court right at c.n.n. dot com is calling this a vindication of president barack obama's policy of multilateral humanitarian
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intervention isms. right because how many more people have died in libya than the recent revolutions in its neighbors on either side tunisia and egypt well it's certainly a vindication for the military industrial complex i'm going to use that annoyingly overused einstein quote here if you'll bear with me insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results unfortunately time and again the mad captains of government here in the district of criminals have shown to be rather insane in this regard let's hope that in this instance they examine carefully the ramifications of the intervention and the politics of the post get off with you let us hope they're smart enough to avoid setting the kind setting the stage for the kind of anti american revolution iran's on one hundred seventy nine in the blowback that has been responsible for the deaths of thousands of american troops engaged in rebuilding throughout the world. all right and now you
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the viewer all right our first comments that i hate comes from let's see. mr massive one great show adam i look forward to the youtube videos for my news these days and the fluff on t.v. has become so nas needing to even try patching the weather so i got a desktop gadget that tells me that too i buy mainstream t.v. well i guess i'll join you in saying for now by mainstream t.v. coverage that came by e-mail anonymously i'd like to share this is a fun post or not but this is paul junkies right you've got this lion he's the king of the jungle huge mane out the here he's laying down under a tree in the middle of africa he's so big he's so hot he doesn't want to move now the little lion cubs they start messing with him buttons tail ears he doesn't do anything to linus she starts messing with him coming over making trouble still nothing now the other animals they notice this and they start to move in the
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jackals hyenas they're barking at him laughing at him they made his toes and eat the food that's in his domain they do this and they get closer and closer and builder and bolder until one doing that line gets up and outta everybody runs like the wind eats everything in its path because every once in a while the lion has to show the jackals who he is all right in our next comment comes from you too from viking vic before nato came no children died prematurely housing was free education education students were paid to travel abroad and study oil revenues were spent on infrastructure with libyan working forces now nato was torching everything back to the stoneage if you did a brilliant move back in the seventies when we started arming the civilian population every home and family is equipped and ready for foreign or domestic the worst of retaliation for gadhafi is revolution that has brought prosperity and the best living standards and is truly the best place to live in the world. we have another comment on libya so that was actually two comments on libya but definitely
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good to share that perspective because there are a lot of people who have a really appreciated historically now looking back the kind of leader that more and more could offer he was as. awkward as he was i should say and now from alpha bit this is the best show ever i read it even better than the daily so. well. we'll see if we comedy central has a say about that and from now or is it m a o calle y one i think adam is high and there was a response from good better port it's medicinal and of course this isn't a reference to our somewhat awkward show yesterday due to technical difficulties of our computer system crashing right before the show started i was not hired for the show but yes it was in the distance and i have more respect for my audience you the viewer than to ever do the show high unfortunately my medicine with which i treat
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my p.t.s.d. and reduce my anxiety does likely reduce my ability to focus so our next comment on democracy comes from. come peace pipe the locker c. gave us bush then it gave us obama why would other countries want the mocker see. well as benjamin franklin said democracy is to wolves in the sheep voting on what's for dinner and a republic is a well armed sheep seminar for his rights or something to that effect it's a recurring thing because it's important that we put the moccasin in perspective democracy is bad for minorities definition it is the majority violently getting the sanction i got rather getting the sanction to violently impose its will minorities are next comment comes from surfer fifty three writes knowing what idiots many voters are why are we broadcasting that it's wrong post birth they provide attention to his age but we do this common ron paul needs to about a regular well i just couldn't resist whipping out a reagan is even if someone else wrote it reagan said this is by the way in the
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debate against walter mondale is brilliant stroke of genius because people were at the time as they should have been according to the history that came out of his all simers concerned about his age and he said i will see he was asked by the moderator if age was an appropriate issue for the campaign and reagan replied i will not use my opponent's youth and inexperience for political gain i yesterday we had the lemonade stand three here and the two beautiful women that joined me in studio have . seem to have had quite an effect on our audience as terror backdoor wrote made mclean i have had a crush on you since i saw you dancing at the jefferson memorial and c.f.r. b. writes wow these girls are smart bold and super hot i couldn't agree with you more but what really makes them such amazing women is that they were protesting for
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a beautiful cause i should just as long as i'm naming them made mcclane the other was catherine bill of course will duffield join us from pennsylvania the next comment is from the foot girl seventy three writes the sickest part of the lemonade stand situation is that our so-called peace officers hired to serve and protect are more concerned with the kids a lemonade stand to make a few dollars then the. legal ice cream trucks driven by pedophiles the mere fact that an officer would even follow the orders down of kids on a night stand on personal property is idiocy but god is america even still the land of the free and the home of the brave where has the bravery the fight for our freedom gone i so much the scots did in the right so that lemonade stand. it really is disturbing that. the though the will is gone here and i hope that one thing people of learned from the show is that we can bring it back speaking with we come back from the break we'll have seen not only here with less government and a little note on the media blackout we might have
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a new explanation as to where the media blackout on the wrong poll is coming from stay tuned you're watching adam vs from. where we are in the world. and yet.
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it's. so. hard she is this state run in english speaking russian channel it's kind of like.
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russia today has an extremely confrontational stance when it comes to us. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear see some other part of it and realize that everything you saw you don't i'm trying hard look at the big picture. welcome back to adam vs the man over and over we encounter stories of government trying to subvert methods of communication for reasons of practicality of course
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there was the incident oakland where bay area rapid transit disabled cell service to well a protest a virtual communications blackout and a few weeks ago we reported a law that just passed in missouri that made it illegal for teachers to make direct contact with their students current or former on facebook a practical reason given for the amy hester student protection act was that it would help her inappropriate sexual relationships between students and teachers because as we know once you outlaw something the problem goes away you know just like underage drinking drug use and speeding really all it's probably done to send the actual offenders but we really do have to worry about the broader ground well punishing everyone else of course like all well intentioned get stupid and overbearing nanny state legislation the law has untended consequences christina thomas a missouri teacher is now by law forbidden to speak to her own children via facebook which obviously is one of the most commonly used forms of communication
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today but the law offers no exceptions her children meet the statutory definition of student or former student because they attend school she says that. that means the government is literally limiting ways in which she can contact her own children fortunately she is now suing the state of missouri in conjunction with the american civil liberties union in a nine page complaint she claims the law violates her first and fourteenth amendment rights a little more than that but the missouri state teachers association. reserves a teacher's association is also suing the state challenging certain segments of the law in regards to networking because many teachers of course realize that it's two thousand and eleven not one thousand nine hundred one and many of them use the internet are regular basis on a constant basis to more efficiently fulfill their duties as educators randy turner's a communications arts teacher at joplin middle school and blogs at the law and gave her from doing her job successfully oh hundreds of teachers across the state with
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effectively used facebook and other social networking sites to communicate with students and i am one of those will have to trash years worth of work because all teachers are potential criminals in the view of the author of the bill state senator jane cunningham the teachers i know who communicate with students through facebook have a large number of parents as friends and most of the communication with students is done on the facebook wall. if i wanted to pile on start today i could add that it's good to know a few government employees are finally seeing government for what it truly is a busybody that impedes productivity and lacks common sense and joining me now on the recent ruling on the fairness truck in doctrine is seen motley of less government or to give us the full background of how we got to this point in the government's manipulation of information and in the media and on the internet saying thanks for being with us i saw the parents try to give us give us the background what is the fairness doctrine wise and why is it relevant what does it mean that it's called now scott what if i could the fact that it's gone means it is
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no longer over the left doesn't give any way to censor you away lessons and all i got or what good would explain at least part of it how long was it in effect what was the effect it had on the media it was created in one nine hundred fifty four it was to create balance on the radio airwaves if you had a liberal how has that gone away where way is anybody listening anything other than rush limbaugh would nobody but here's the thing though rush the rose after it was no longer forced to look at you this real quick fifty four they enforced it. because it was such a nightmare and such a mess no one did anything controversial on the radio and gardening shows on twenty four hours a day reagan said c.c. the idea was the goal that worked well and i know that was one of the. men one nine hundred eighty seven the federal communications commission under reagan was a five commissioners are sometimes one not appointed you voted for zero unanimously to stop enforcing it it was still on the books they were just no longer in force
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and they democrats immediately went nuts they controlled the house the senate passed a bill saying the fairness doctrine should be back again reagan vetoed it couple years later when bush was in they were threatening to pass another bill bush threaten to veto it and they never got to the legislation so then it kind of went underground but it was on the box office telemachus is aside isn't this is this a little more of like a just a simple power story i mean if the law is on the books and a regulatory agency says we're not going for it was well it was the regulation policy is a regulation it was never a law ok it was regulation at the f.c.c. that's why congress tried to pass a law so that they could be the ones it's harming our struggle as opposed to giving the admin is a one of the greatest because when they first started one way ninety seven there were one hundred talk radio stations now there are more than two thousand think in fairness doctrine science free speech i would argue that it is so when they so and of course we didn't get to ninety percent conservative talk radio overnight and it's because every day every american work something goes we want to choose
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a bit but you know air also from particularly in radio as a format because of the rural nature of the way it's listen to most of our ai vs just look at the marketplace if a.b.c. n.b.c. c.b.s. new york times russian those are all liberal do we need a liberal radio i mean really air america has filed for bankruptcy so many times it is for not. so so you know our frank is more successful as an elected official that he was as an air air america. so so what happened was. in the twenty plus years since then we've had the birth of the internet now we don't need to start your only applies and sluice will be the over the air broadcast radio well a americans under seal oudin with the government it's only decided we have to make the radio fair print media right and television why and this is that this is stupid it was because they said you know somehow i think greg walden congressman from
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oregon who used to own radio stations had a great line he said if marconi had invented the radio prior to the writing of the first amendment there would have been no question but the fairness doctrine is unconstitutional because freedom of the press radio suppress press agent just as much as the print media is as a television media is so anyway so with that in mind they try to claim because of the government is allocating you the broadcast spectrum they have a say in what you can do on the airwaves there is excuse yes so anyway so what's happened is the internet's come up and more and more in news in fact it's more important regulate the internet than anything we don't have unions at this point exactly so that they've imposed a net neutrality which covers ever more and more content will look up and then a trial you're making a parallel between net neutrality in the fairness doctrine of the federal there are certain ok sort of there's a big difference but what i'm saying is more and more content whether it's video or audio or print is being created for or exclusively for the internet which means
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the it's going to bypass the fairness doctrine for example remember it only applies over the air radio ok so a new medium new strategy right question right i got it ten years from now when you get in a car it's not going to be an over the air broadcast radio on your dashboard it's going to be an internet radio bingo so net neutrality is the twenty first century one stop shop for censorship if you don't like the videos someone is producing for the web net neutrality if you don't like the radio shows i don't believe that neutral are all alike is net neutrality really doesn't go that far and it's a moderating content doesn't isn't any valid. course of the service provider no no of course it does because what it's telling the people who built the internet with their private money so this is a fifth news there are other constitutional issues this is the takings clause if amendment till after this is their property they're trying to say you can't. regularly you can operate your property your internet in with your broadband pipes the way you need to to properly make it function for example netflix is getting off
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scot free to the tune of billions of dollars at our expense they're charging you eight bucks a month for unlimited downloads right on but because of that neutrality the broadband providers who are delivering that content to you cannot charge netflix more money for using all their bandwidth so the grandma who's e-mailing your grandkids and that's it has to pay more for her internet because comcast is prevented by net neutrality to charge the netflix more but c.n.n. this is where you get the content because in the godfather the media reform movement which of the i call media marxists also got their marxist from the media realm that said it was robert which has and he's a college professor he's also marks a valid marxist who's part of the redundancy. robert which as he has written net neutrality is the necessary first step in a radical hating the media capitalists from the phone and cable companies and divesting them from control i don't know if you if i very hard as i can find the
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real reason for it what you want are really sees a bizarre man when you go and see him speak in person he never says anything at all controversial or harsh he writes it down and he's no it's so you wrote this he said the adult objective neutrality is to eradicate the media capitalists and take their property from these are the same people that want to dramatically increase the funding of government media public television public radio these people want the government to be the sole provider of news information course and the arts that's a graded and gave us a great idea to the last two questions are seen you're you're conservative yes i thought in order to fight for internet freedom you had to be cool young and liberal well the problem is the core young liberal people have understood our core i'm sorry i'm not have them i'm barely young anymore but well. put a but. the problem is their definition of freedom is either misguided or intentionally misleading when they say internet freedom
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a mean freedom from the free market freedom from private ownership so the government can own it and there's as you know in the in the leftist movement there's always two tiers there's the upper tier that knows it doesn't work but once implemented anyway so they can be controlled and then there's that. nikita khrushchev called the useful idiots right because they're the right is right in this leadership and leading us to shout i did a great right it's a yes it's a misleading because it's the sheep leading the shepherds and the useful idiots think they're fighting for internet freedom when really they're useful dupes to the soviet leadership to the to the marxist because the way they've done this is they've they've they've hooked it to my generation that this idea of net neutrality by and you'll have to pay you would have to pay as much for a look at all that video and i will moderate hard musician i was one of the few musicians i knew who wasn't ripping off v.n. apps are so like you're stealing from the one person that can walk into the restaurant you're waiting tables at and say you want to wait tables anymore sign here you're stealing from those people likewise never go they'll give you start out
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intellectual property and. i think we're on the same page on a so but but but the fact of the matter is these companies have spent hundreds of billions of dollars building this network this is not a public utility which is what they tried to do with we if we didn't have a system of corporatism that hopefully we could get to a poem or we have a greater respect for private property rights in the hands of corporations when it's about something as essential as freedom of information and exactly i'm sorry but thank you so much and always a pleasure man thank you i see it mildly of less government less government dot org now here on out of vs the man we've covered it and fought against the media blackout on ron paul we have repeatedly covered the media's poor treatment and deliberate ignoring of ron paul we were able to interview congressman paul once on may fourth through his congressional office and extended an invitation several times since then and no avail well. now we might have an explanation check out what ron paul's campaign communications director said to an r t crew in public in front
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of several reporters at the ames straw poll quote ron paul does not do interviews with russia today we've got adam kokesh on the air beating his chest every night and no one watches you guys anyway well all you know ones out there in t.v. land and on the inner webs now you know why we've requested comment from on campaign representative and received no reply that's our show for tonight and for the time being we hope to return in a new format possibly in several weeks thanks for tuning in to adam vs the man please check out adam vs the man dot com to sign up for e-mail us or we will keep you up to date on developments with the show coming back to the airwaves or the inner webs as always you can get me of adamant and over says the man dot com you can pass this broadcast or any broadcast from our to lives that airs r t v dot com slash usa and i need to.


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