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tv   [untitled]    August 25, 2011 11:31pm-12:01am EDT

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it's fixed. it's time for show and tell on tonight's program the last time i want to get your take on what's happening in libya even though the rebels seem closer to taking control in tripoli you can expect the next few weeks or months at least to be chaotic so we asked if our viewers the u.s. is going to put boots on the ground let's go to producer for treason essentially to find out what you have to say. afghanistan iraq and now libya back in march the secretary of defense rolled out committing american ground troops to libya the president said no way and this past week the pentagon followed up with a big and oh but will we see a repeat of history where the u.s. would want to turn this into this we already know the u.s. sent cia operatives in march but the question is not if we want to send in actual
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troops now but will we change our mind at a later date all these said of course as long as there's oil there kevin agreed he added yep it's america that's what we do paul told us our troops will go to libya this is far from over jason on the other hand said we propped up the afghan and iraqi governments and still need to be there for security we don't seem to know what we're doing there are other countries that can assist them well jason that may be true but remember the first three comments there is oil there this is america and most important this is far from over there is no way to be certain what will follow but this is a battle for libyan people to fight we owe it to them not to put our boots on their land. and as always we appreciate your responses and here's our next topic for you we just spoke with our we're going to speak about the keystone pipeline and if approved it's going to run from alberta canada to the gulf environmental activists say that it would be game over for the planet if obama allows this deal to go
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through but even if he says no china already has. they're eyes on the tar sands so what do you think should the u.s. agree to let the keystone pipeline be built you can respond with on facebook twitter and you tube and who knows your response just might make. let's talk about the protect ip act and the bill that we've warned you about several times in the past the legislation introduced by senator patrick leahy that would allow the government to crack down on websites that have ties and i mean any ties to websites that share or link to or associate themselves with a pirate site also gives the government the right to sue any website who shares pirated information and it even gives the copyright holder the right to file a lawsuit against that site so the government already made it clear that they are out to destroy any infringing websites and as we've noted before they've overstepped their bounds way too many times they've even taken their anti-piracy efforts to other countries where u.s. regulations don't apply and they've stripped foreign websites of their abilities so like i said way overstepping their bounds however there are still plenty of
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individuals who think that the protect ip act does need to exist so our latest example comes from an op ed in the washington post and unsigned editorial list off the dangers of pirating material i want to ask you to read this piece for yourself let me just extract a few snippets to share for starters the writer attempts to compare pirated items to counterfeit goods saying consumers often find themselves saddled with shoddy goods a little or no recourse to get their money back really really are we actually expected to believe the people behind the protect ip act are pushing it to protect the consumer if they want to protect the consumer they would let the consumer choose what they wanted without any interference and here's another thing that really gets my blood boiling they say that costs copyright holders billions of dollars each year and thwarts the ability of writers producers and songwriters to earn the royalties they are due art so sure when somebody steals music or a movie online technically they are losing some money from what would be that
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transaction but their actual several. duddies out there showing at these media industries don't lose that much funding in fact those who preview things on line tend to end up going to the stores going to the movies and buying more tell some directors have even come out in favor of file sharing because let's face it any exposure is good exposure now in the last paragraph of this unsigned editorial explains the protect ip act to pains to protect i as peace in the pirating websites there is still room to tweak provisions of the bill but there is a need for a legal tool that stops the media pirates clearly the people who wrote this editorial collectively but chose not to sign their names don't follow that program because we have already gone into detail about how the protect ip act simply provides the government with a legal means of broad censorship for the internet it's also an issue that we've discussed with mike masnick of tech turret. so the us government continues to present itself as being very very supportive of openness and freedom on the internet and certainly freedom of speech being
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a big part of that and they continue to talk about you know supporting technologies and laws that encourage preach and don't block or shut down or filter any kind of free speech and yet here is the same us government going out there presenting something that can clearly be used and or abused to block speech or to block innovation just because a particular industry doesn't like it and we so here we go again yet another article parroting the talking points of the a and all until more people understand the severity of what could happen if this bill in its current form does pass through congress i'll continue to explain why the project ip act needs to die. now each day this week about fifty protesters have all come out to stand in front of the white house with their arms linked many of them until they get arrested for a cause that's united many environmental activists by the end of this year a deal could be approved to build
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a one thousand seven hundred mile long pipeline that would run from alberta canada through the midwest down to the gulf now the keystone x.l. pipeline as it's called will connect the tar sands of canada with the oil refineries in texas and it's the second largest carbon reserve in the world following saudi arabia's but according to nasa scientist james hansen it will be essentially game over for the planet if these tar sands are exploited for their oil deposits extracting oil from tar sands is not only an expensive endeavor it also produces more greenhouse gases than other oil sources do so these activists have been coming out hoping the president will stop the deal from being enacted so could that actually happen and even if he does say no will china just say yes join me to discuss this is jane hamsher founder of firedoglake jane thanks so much for joining us tonight now i know that this is a personal story for you too because you were out in front of the white house this week and you were in fact arrested tell me why this makes you why you're passionate enough about this to go out there and risk arrest. well you know dan choi bill
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mckibben in iran a panel at the power shift conference earlier this year called what do you do when the president's just not into you and dan's experiences protesting in front of the white house chaining him self to the white house gate and really helping don't ask don't tell to get repealed was a very powerful i think for bill and so when he was designing this action he really kept that in mind so dan said that he would take part in it and volunteered me to and i was happy to do it and you know it was it's a very very important issue but more than anything else it's you know it's something that the president has the power on his own to either prove or disapprove he doesn't need congress to do it this is one of the things where we really get to see does he mean what he said on the campaign trail when he said after i'm elected the earth will begin to heal well let's talk about why this is such a big problem for so many environmentalists right when it comes to tar sands and trying to extract oil from them they ever leases a lot of greenhouse gases b.
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if i'm correct isn't the oil of a poor quality and then it's supposed to be expensive but do you have any idea how expensive just how many greenhouse gases and why is this actually game over as to hansen said well i think their concern is because it is the second biggest carbon reserve in the world next to saudi arabia and if we decide that we're what we're going to do is go up there and start tapping that side from the fact that you will basically be giving the oil companies the right to go through and you know lay pipeline through the the ranch is a conservative nebraskans who don't want it to happen you'll be committing the planet to you know not going green and not trying to find alternative sources of energy but rather just stoke ing the fires literally of greenhouse gases and bill and and jim hansen really you know are just absolutely convinced that this is going to cause tremendous problems for the atmosphere. but the other problem of course we
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run into there is so let's say that president obama decides that this deal shouldn't go through right that this pipeline should be built china has already expressed interest in catalyst tar sand something they can do they is also ok with so i think that a lot of people are asking questions saying that well if we don't do it then china's going to do it you're going to see the exact same amount of damage so can you even really put you know that much pressure on just obama himself until there is some kind of global agreement some global changes in terms of using tar sands well we died i absolutely believe that you have to put the pressure on everyone and there are demonstrations taking place i think candidate as well you know we there americans were arrested this week and after this is over then the canadians are going to be doing their protest up there no human kind and other people so it isn't just happening in the united states but you know the one thing we know is that if the president does ok and then it happens you know you have to take it one step at a time and it's going to be very difficult for china to get the tar sands to china
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the plan is now to build a pipeline that goes to texas and you know to houston and then ship it all down there for refinement and that's going to cause tremendous environmental damage i. you know points across there but china shipping it from canada to you know to to china is going to be extremely difficult to do so you know make them work for what they think they're trying to get their hands on it then it's ok as long as america isn't doing it and where to stop you know that is a very difficult for china to do what they want to do the reason that they're talking about doing a pipeline down to houston is because the pipeline that was supposed to go across country to that west coast united states which would make it much more accessible to china is mired in lawsuits and other legal and other battles so you know china would basically not be able to pipe it would have to ship it and it's a lot more difficult to ship and refine than it would be to ship you know too complicated to the united states yes. unfortunately it seems like that's something
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that china is willing to do right and a lot of people are scared because they're just going around the world buying up resources buying up land and a little real politic i guess you could call it and they don't care who they're making deals with or where i think that point then we have to just redouble our efforts in canada as well you know you have to fight it at every front jane i also want to ask you more do you know exactly how many people have been arrested so far this week here in the u.s. protesting from the white house trying to get us to not go through i don't know how many people were arrested today but i believe well over two hundred have now been arrested the last time that i heard about it there have been you know forty five sixty five people every day in front of the white house saying that they would do this what was your experience like in jail me to even think that you were going to have to sit in a cell or did you think that you could just pay a ticket and then get out of there. well the traditional thing that they it's basically the equivalent of a parking ticket and it's issued by the park police and it's adjudicated in traffic
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court and traditionally what they do or have been doing for the past few years is issuing a municipal ticket and then you pay a hundred dollars and they let you go and then the organizers actually negotiated for weeks with the park police over this who had agreed after until the time the demonstration started to do that they said this is what will happen this is what you can expect and of course we get there and they say you're going to be held for forty eight hours until monday when the courts are open and their their goal was really to keep bill mckibben and in jail i believe in and disrupt what was going on and they said affirmatively four different officers said that they were trying to send a message to other people who might consider showing up and doing this and what you wound up with on monday i was actually released on saturday night because of overcrowding they didn't have enough spaces but on monday dan choi and two others were brought into traffic court in ankle chains and in handcuffs and in chains and they were you know on a charge that does not care
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a parking ticket basically that does not. kerry jail time so it was a real moment of overreach i think r.j. i want to thank you so much for joining us tonight you know there are rumors that maybe the state department's going to make some statement even by the end of this week even by friday tomorrow so of course we're going to keep looking at it thanks thank you. also to come tonight somebody went there the gays are now to blame for the earthquake this week along the east coast but have more of that fight still tied award and get off a path a little crush on condi plus a don't mess with a nod a bart spokesman learned the hard way happy hour coming up next. as you know song was sixteen years old when he committed these murders that's not to say that song so or should not be punished for his crimes song is the no rational person can deny that song has been punished is being honest and will be
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honest. the sellers must be executed for the brutal crime who committed this heinous punch and this is not. to mention. that it stands. because he's. been immersed nonu wants to have or. no i didn't come here just. unheard of the murders. this conquered the small. pond one thing. and my thought is now.
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there. was a shattered by this tragedy. you still seem to. remember every second of the slight. will remain in the memory isn't hard. to see so. little things. would be soon which brightened. a song from silence to.
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don't come. i decided i'd still have a war that's not against a new york rabbi you heard eleven and the outspoken rabbi had a lot to say about this week's five point eight earthquake that rocked these cuts just listen to who he blamed for it. yes there's a direct connection between earthquakes and homosexuality it was in haiti and it is here in new york in washington d.c. where they asked homosexual legislation ordinances in new york in new york city in states with a open the specially on sunday early if they pass the homosexual marriage. are is
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this guy for real here he's actually going to blame gay marriage for causing an earthquake apparently people are actually that insane now it's important to know about rabbi levin is his connection to the anti-gay group national organization for marriage or so the group is fighting throughout the u.s. to protect marriage as being between only one man and one woman and the good rabbi attended a non news conference earlier this year in albania new york state lawmakers were debating the marriage equality built so he's an ally of that group and he also spoke at the event and that's why we wanted to cover this story today xenon was a powerful force in g.o.p. politics these days on their web site today they had details about a family values bus tour in iowa that includes a picture of the top g.o.p. presidential candidates so this group is trying to pressure all of the g.o.p. candidates to sign a pledge to defend traditional marriage now so far michele bachmann rick santorum and mitt romney have agreed to also sign the pledge but he's already dropped out of the rates and since that new gingrich is
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a married three times we suggest that maybe take a pass on that whole protecting traditional marriage thing but what i do find appalling is the mainstream presidential candidates want to be associated with a group that's promoting bigotry and there's no other way to describe this group that spent millions of dollars trying to stop equality for everyone not sure if you remember but back in the spring of two thousand and nine not released a t.v. ad called gathering storm and this was a warning about gay marriage coming to america. there's a storm gathering the clouds are dark and the winds are strong in diablo three some who advocate for same sex marriage have taken the issue far beyond same sex couples do you want to bring the issue into my money my freedom will be taken away. don't you just love the dark stormy clouds at any moment you think that a gay person is going to fall from the sky and attack you in your morals now for the record those were paid actors and in fact in all my vision tapes released a few weeks later on line but non claimed copyright infringement so we're going to
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play nice and we're not going to show you those right now but not to be outdone funny or die also made their own gathering storm ad with the help of a few celebrities soon gay people will start falling out of the sky or hold onto our churches and onto our families a downpour of gay people threatening the way we live and this game rain army won't stop they'll come in to us marching not marching moment to dance the dance with us and it'll be choreographed. throughout it about good stuff so let's bring this all back to new york rabbi you heard eleven and his ridiculous claim that the earthquake was caused by gay marriage he's just spouting crazy because he was the new york gay marriage battle and in fact a poll in march of this year show that for the first time a majority of americans support gay marriage so the rabbi no and the g.o.p. candidates are on the wrong side of history so tonight we award rabbi levin our
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tool time award for his very stupid and bigoted earthquake comment. ok time for happy hour this evening and joining me tonight as are two producer jenny churchill and derek thompson senior editor at the atlantic guys. so we just keep finding out wonderful little tidbits of information as people stormed off his compound in tripoli we saw the one guy with get off his hat with his massive gold chain that he dug up but there was also something else that would suck up that may reveal a bit of a love affair take a look. ok
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so we did a little bit creative editing they're going to admit but apparently they did find a scrapbook just full of pictures of condoleezza rice and to get up he's been known to say that he thinks he's a strong african woman and. this is a tidbit i did not want to find out about margaret offered i here's what i want i don't know want to know anything about his personal life i want to to capture him and i want to ask you just one question it's how do you spell your last name and that's it i want to go to the i.c.c. exam to get it out and they found the passport i want him to tell us i want to be different if i look everywhere you go to see where i said such an effect on men well i personally think this is a plant i think someone put it there so that everyone would be distracted from what's really going on possibly to discredit him and make him look a little weird since he kind of won't step down if they make him look what's so weird about love but you know i mean about having no one so weird about having a summer at book of photos of another world leader i don't know i mean going to you know the things that he says what he wears the plastic surgery i think there's
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plenty of weird to go around you don't need congolese or ice are you trying to convince anybody ok we're going on from one we're a guy with a possible you know love affair let's move on to another. i just want to let you know that. i think you're. beautiful and if there were a lot younger. i would marry. most content. oh that's apparently just a video that jim carrey posted which i may be a joke it may not be a joke. i hope it's a joke i knew no discernable pitch or not it's got to be a joke right it's just it's too silly and stupid for me to be serious hearing though is apparently you're hearing maybe howard is crazy things to people because when i read what i think this from our wonderful executive producer of there who loves to read gossip on the celebrity is that of a current he said that he's like a manic depressive and has
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a lot of you know issues when they broke up so who knows maybe he's depressed and there's this recording videos about his love for emma stone for real there is a seriously disturbing look in his eyes and it's either i'm about to laugh or i'm about to actually lose my mind and i can't decide what it is and i'm hoping it's i'm about to laugh but i just want to see him what's in it for him to put this video out she overheard i'm not sure if it's anything actually maybe we're going to see aren't i all right is it ready set that this is what celebrities do you release the video and you get attention he didn't have anybody to make a sex tape with so he just made one talk about sex with a much younger star. ok so obviously we covered the protests the op bart protests here on this show that was also the protest for which excuse me bart tried to shut down cell phone service or did shut down cell phone service and i think it's absolutely absurd and ridiculous but that anonymous decided to hack parts and now we're kind of playing dirty if they released some pictures of the anonymous
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spokes person and. i guess they're not the most professional pictures especially. you those are strategically cut off. yes more the bottoms are strategically cut off there was a penis there but it's being blurred out or cut off i don't know i mean that's that's kind of dirty right like barak you know but you know i like bart right now because they shut down cell phone service because they're cops are too brutal and they've been responsible for murders but then do you need to do the crotch shots. i mean if i was under did not run into nerdy as you are you know all about this i didn't know you know now gary i know you headlines i'm going to be things i simply didn't want to be minutes ago and i'm force of disgust. i mean i think it is of course you know. that's what we do around here. i think it's a little below the belt. but. to say i'm an anonymous feels like what bart is doing is an infringement on their personal lives that cutting off your cell
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phone service is an infringement on their personal rights so they're going after the perpetrators personal lives well it's very ironic was the bart which is by the way again the bay area transit authority it was his idea the spokesperson said in another interview that was his idea to shut down cell phone service so maybe he does deserve a little bit of hate now as we watch you our last story here so obviously politics right everybody knows how politics works and politicians have to make certain statements they know will please a certain crowd and one of those things always involves pledging your undying allegiance to israel and that's what democrats keep marshall did from the state of nevada she issued a statement of support for israel as violence there as collates but what happened is when they issued this statement they actually left all these notes at the bottom that were just notes or people saying background israel has been in the news lately i will be even more in the news with glenn beck's rally to restore a courage in jerusalem in a republican district it will be useful to express support for israel to
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demonstrate some forest foreign policy prowess while it is timely topic especially for people who are likely paying attention to banks event just kind of don't really want to get caught say that this communications one of the first which has been hard hit income in terms of jobs one of the first jobs that people have lost are their copy editors and i think that every day we were reminded about the importance of copy editors and why they're important and they save us from incredible national embarrassment like this. i don't know i mean i think it's just so. yeah that we all knew then but it's so great to see written down like hey guess what israel plays well go out and say i heart israel oh i'm back there it's awesome why i should write a democrat who's trying to get republican voters on their side so they're saying republicans like glenn beck they like israel why not just wish them all together and the perfect political statement are you guys thanks for joining me tonight that's it for tonight so thanks for tuning in and make sure you come back tomorrow mother jones news editor nick dolman will be on the show discuss how the feds are
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allowing u.s. citizens be tamed and interrogated by foreign countries in the time to get it from a fan to be a lot of show on facebook and follow us on twitter if you missed any of nights or any other nights of police catch all of you tube dot com slash the alone a show and coming up next news is coming up next is the news.
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well the british soil the sun. it's not time to. go. markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars a report on our.
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heavy fighting continues in the vs bloody civil war there is concern the country's chemical weapons could fall into the wrong hands. france struggles to balance the books as stagnating growth and surging dead bring about government cuts with fears the public outrage could soon spill out into the streets. and the caucuses republic of a posse is electing a new leader in a vote triggered by the death of its president. am in the russian capital you're watching r t with me wearing a joshie welcome to the program the un has called for restraint in libya amid reports of abuses and alleged summary killings by both rebels and gadhafi loyalists the security council.


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