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tv   [untitled]    August 31, 2011 9:00pm-9:30pm EDT

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hello i'm john hartman in washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture you know is a problem in our country when c.e.o.'s are paid more than uncle sam i'll tell you which top corporate fat cats pocketed profits at the expense of you and me and the president's highly anticipated jobs plan for america just got derailed by speaker of the house john boehner so why are republicans manufacturing a schedule conflict to say the president's jobs plan will discuss that tonight's alone liberal debate.
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you need to know this i think you know electric e bay coca-cola horizon boeing credential and apple one i'll have in common well they all pay their c.e.o.'s more than they paid in u.s. taxes last year according to a new report by the institute for policy studies twenty five of the biggest multi-billion dollar corporations cut huge checks to their c.e.o. as well dodging uncle sam and not paying their fair share in federal taxes last year for example g.e. pay their c.e.o. jeffrey immelt an interesting job outsourcers who also as president obama's job creation council fifteen million dollars and didn't pay one dime in taxes in fact they got a three billion dollar rebate courtesy of you and me the taxpayer the c.e.o.
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of e bay john donoghue got a fat twelve million dollars paycheck last year is corporation paid no to. axis and like g.e. got a one hundred thirty one million dollar tax rebate horizon c.e.o. i haven't signed a bird made eighteen million dollars and then got a seven hundred five million dollars tax rebate from the government and the list goes on and on thanks to armies of corporate lobbyists who blown massive holes in the corporate tax code and unpatriotic c.e.o.'s who dragged their corporate treasure chests overseas and stashed away profits in secret bank accounts in places like the isle of wight and the cayman islands each and every year more and more corporations get by without paying any taxes at all and when corporations like these don't pay their taxes guess who gets stuck with the bill for the schools and
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courts and streets they use you and me as the california purge discovered it out of states loses approximately one hundred billion dollars in tax revenues every year due to corporations and individuals sending their money to offshore tax havens and twenty ten making up for this in the lost revenue because the average us tax filer that's you and me four hundred thirty four dollars that's enough money to feed a family of four for three weeks again that's you and me paying more money so the multibillion dollar transnational corporations don't have to but this isn't just about corporate tax dodgers it's about corporate freeloaders and it's high time too in the corporate welfare as we know it here's how it works here's the you know the basic summary of how the whole thing works here's our democracy bill usa you know our are little virtual city and we have you know the people who live in the
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residences over here. and here's main street little car going down it and we have the power plant and we have the. college or school with city hall the hospital we've got the fire department the police department and then we've got the corporations the big companies the factories the banks toure's what. and somebody has got to pay for all this stuff in the middle and for the street that the car goes down. and so you know we all chip in a little bit you know the residential we pay our taxes right some property taxes income taxes we need a little money the sin taxes and it used to be in fact during the eisenhower administration that there was just about an equal balance that the corporations down here paid about forty one percent of the total tax load and
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the residences over here are paid about forty one percent of the total tax load and the balance the remaining twenty percent was made up by taxes on goods being imported into the united states now we did away with that so that the taxes coming in things coming to the united states don't pay taxes so the these guys can make a whole lot more money importing stuff and shutting down the factories you notice we don't have any factories here anymore because we don't make anything anymore so anyway so it used to be the the corporations paid their fair share of the taxes too because they actually use the police department i mean need they need defense right and if somebody violates the law of the sun the police if they use the fire department to protect their buildings they use the hospital to you know to it's part of the commons if somebody gets sick they use the city hall extensively corporations require a government in order to enforce contracts if you can force
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a contract you can't do business this is a major major resource. and this is you know used to be paid for by the corporations and here we have the that is the chance of higher living learning or rather the corporations are having to pay for this of course where you are you would think because all of their employees have public educations they learn how to read write on our tax dollars and then of course we have the utilities the power things like that all of this and the infrastructure septic water all of the stuff and the roads all of those used to pay be paid for by both corporations and by we the people but now the corporations have figured out a way to take this money that they used to pay in taxes and shovel it all up and pass it over to the cayman islands or bermuda or some other place where it's still kind of theirs and you know if they need
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to they'll kick a little of of it back to city hall of the politicians so that those politicians can get reelected so that they can make sure that even more money is coming from os you and me and going to the taxes or in some cases going to the cayman islands via these big corporations and that's basically the scam that's how it's worked this forty percent that these guys used to pay it's now eleven percent. the forty percent that we used to pay is now well over fifty or sixty percent i mean we've got for example the two thousand and nine income taxes paid as a percentage of g.d.p. we find that the united states is actually right on the bottom we have a thirty five percent tax rate but the fact of the matter is nobody pays it and when we look at as a percentage of g.d.p. of a little less than three percent the united states we're only beat by iceland i mean
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all the way up here israel belgium canada ireland denmark span hungary way their corporations pay way more than ours do now why would that be because their corporations don't have the ability to go to city hall or the state capital or whatever and say you know we're going to take a little bit of this money from the cayman islands and we're to help get you guys elected so that you'll be sure that this money goes back to us the corporations and then we can put in the cayman islands again and that's how it works and that's what we've got to change. is the time for our daily pull your chance to tell us what you think here's the day's question will obama get funding for a building foods and gas tax to fund highway construction repair and create one million jobs your choices are yes the republicans of course wouldn't care for
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repairs to our infrastructure and our jobs or no the republicans want the economy to crash since the lesson obama's chances for reelection gotten thom hartmann dot com let us know what you think paul will be open source for a boy. crazy alert bill o'reilly is busted yesterday that website gawker broke the news a so-called news talking head bill o'reilly allegedly tried to pay off the nassau county police department with a charitable contribution in exchange for an investigation into whether or not his wife was having an affair with one of the departments police officers as the go on her article reads last summer bill o'reilly our new fox news anchor bill o'reilly came to believe that his wife was romantically involved with another man not just any other man but a police detective in a long island community they call home so riley did what any concerned husband
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would do he pulled strings to get the police department's internal affairs unit to investigate one of their own for messing with the wrong man's wife of course this isn't anything new for a rally it's not the first time he's called on the police for personal favor back in two thousand and six a rally told a caller to his radio show that fox security is ready at his back or call opponents at it to investigate people who mention a certain name he doesn't like on his radio show that being mr alderman. i can listen to you during the day i think keith olbermann show that there you go mike is . he's a god guy you know we have his we have your phone numbers by the way so if you're listening mike we have your phone number and we're going to turn it over to fox security and you'll begin a little visit maybe mike is from the mothership now maybe mike's going to get in trouble because we're not going to play around when you call a sleaze general just so you know we do have your phone number and if you see
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anything untoward obscene or anything like that fox security then will contact you local authorities and you will be held accountable. they're still just barely police are at bill o'reilly's back in call except when he's trying to get his producer into the shower naked so he can wash or with. after the break my two guests political experts daniel helper and brian darling join me for a loan liberal rumble. drives the world the fear mongering used by politicians who makes decisions to break through it so deeply and made who can you trust no one who is in view with the global machinery to see where are we heading state controlled capitalism is called satchels when nobody dares to ask we do our t. question more.
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night when i'm alone liberal and europeans two expert political commentators to debate the week's a biggest stories on the panel tonight daniel healthier the deputy online editor the weekly standard and broiling brian darling columnist at human events distributor and contributor to red state dot com and the governor dot com and
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director of government studies at the heritage foundation gentlemen welcome. just to start out the joint session of congress was supposed to be held and was a wednesday of which said wednesday of next week and the first day that congress is going to be back the president has been talking for some time he is going to lay out his jobs program apparently clear of those who could. john boehner john boehner says no he didn't say yes he simply was informed three different reporters now have said that he has confirmed that he further said this is bipartisan we basically bottom line boehner said we're not going to do this it's the night of the republican debate and besides that even if it wasn't we want you to do it thursday instead because that's the night of book football season and nobody will watch the president. the house he baiters letter to the to the to the president says the house will not be in session until wednesday september seventh with votes at six thirty this evening they just can't put off these votes to hear from the president united states this is the first time in the history of the republic since
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george washington that a president has asked to address a joint speech or a joint congress and one party exclusively as said no we're not going to do it sorry you got to do it the next night compete with league football it's not a matter of putting off the votes it's that it's a matter of the votes are necessary in order to hold a joint session of congress this is a last minute fifteen minutes earlier this is the last but people are finding it i mean it's logistically there is that there is something more problematic than just in the way i think you're describing the way that the president steamboat as you know we are now i think can change reservation i think you're missing the larger point the larger point is that all of a sudden the president wants to address and it's the press congress he's been talking about september sixth for three weeks so they just announced that they believe just not that yesterday first one second well he said to have here's the interviews the jobs and he hasn't done a lot if you're on what god is that for the first time in the history of the one
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hundred a week you've got you've got john you've got a lot head of the republican party the republican the same sorry mr obama you are not going to have what you that's not what happened they didn't ask them before they didn't ask them before they let me help with the anything and he didn't know how to do that rescheduling at the scheduling your he did that if you're not well here you can. i should prime the reels those seals this eric cantor putting his his knife in the back of john boehner again because both baner and the white house were clear that they had a deal and then all of a sudden a to do a deal well it's a big ado about nothing because this speech is going to happen they're going to work out some sort of a deal but the bigger question is the president said in his letter that he's going to have a bipartisan solution to our jobs problem i'm wondering what republicans you consulted with to come together with this bipartisan solution that he's going to be presenting that congress we all know designer wants it but we all know this is nothing more than just a campaign speech the president has zero chance of passing a stimulus plan in this congress because the republicans are going to start
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everything of course because they don't we're not political they should obstruct it because his plans don't work they didn't work the last time they are not going to work this time so john boehner just made his own he's a know it all political because obama went to the press beforehand to make a political point to put john boehner into the doctor that he was he's he's team went to the press not himself personally and the point is they wanted to make they wanted to make the republicans look bad on the hill and they they they were some moderately six as we call you simply have been to many republicans look bad on the hill by at a joint they're going to do it and there's their eyes i good by making them either agreeing to the date that they choose or making the republicans rebuffed them in public this is this is this is our lead republican saying he's sorry if you want to give a speech it's going to be on the night the go to opening night if the coin is if there's enormous who hubris in the fact that the president is speaking before a joint session or a rarely used platform to express a strictly really to closed no it's rare one for a national crisis bush you think on a shot at over eight percent is not
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a crisis i don't think it's not a crisis what do you think it is out of what's rosemary sort of ministers to do anything about addition explicitly such as i do think that you know the president you can all get together for extraditing the paper seventy six no not if your ordinary day. brian i think it's extraordinary but i don't think it matters what that he comes to speak to congress i don't know why so fix it. it on wednesday you could do it thursday friday or the week after it just seems like he's going to come to congress to make his political statement and then we'll be done with it ok we'll leave it at that i say it's the that the republicans want to make sure that he's competing with will even do it the first day of congress because if you're going to introduce legislation and you're going to try to set the congressional agenda you do it the first day of congress and that's wednesday night as the first edition of q. and a half years ago when he came into office he to have years ago he decided to pass a. health care bill instead and did a fine job and expenses are down did a terrible job in the pit pass the four point that ok eric cantor has chose his
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next hostages the victims of hurricane irene he's now even though back in two thousand and four he said it would be wrong too to require that a bill to fund the theme be balanced by cuts elsewhere he said that would be a course that was during the bush administration when spending was like a you know five trillion dollars spent as much as we get there can be wrong back in two thousand and four but now after joplin he wanted to to raise a million dollars a billion dollars to pay for joplin he wanted to cut a billion and a half from the green car program from the from green transportation and now he's saying to cut global warming disasters we have to cut programs from the e.p.a. to cut global warming he's also proposing cutting first responder programs that are paid for by fema to pay for fema what am i missing here you're missing i mean is it what is wrong with eric cantor he was wrong in two thousand and four and he's right
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now there's absolutely nothing wrong with the idea of cutting spending to make these payments today for a real national disaster which clearly i mean there genius experience some real difficult times with an earthquake and with the the hurricane because nothing wrong with cutting spending we waste all over the because spending all day long isn't the whole point of the federal government having the ability to borrow or earn or generate surpluses so the. during times of crisis it can spend money in order to deal with those prices this ingenuous crisis people would we have the money elsewhere just. a matter of cutting if you got strong word it's more of a matter of allocation earth follower is insane and you know rock he's saying cut fema so that you can have money for fema but he suggests i think i think what he's referring to is a reallocation of funds i think that's a better way a clearer way to understand get cut so it's not authors it's not a matter of muddy had to helicopter some messages because they're going to others in or are in iraq i mean this is this is nuts i think you're missing his his main point his main point is that we have an emergency we need to spend money but we
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need to get the money from someplace and we've seen point is we need to take yes we take it that hurts you take it out something that's going to reduce that somehow it's going to be. something that's going to make the economy even worse. with us he doesn't know you reallocate the money but is there looking at what i have a cup if i wrecked my car i'm not can be able to go buy a guitar because i'm going to have to reallocate them on your car in the road not you who are i guess not the u.s. to reallocate u.s. national budget and they're not the u.s. again it's not the same the point is that it's the same philosophy it's not a matter of let's shut down some of these green programs that are funding the chevy volt that absolutely nobody wants to buy your let's get rid of the corporation for public broadcasting we can defund somebody's talking about nothing close to the amount of money that you need for fame or both if you want to do that you can still have percent of if you had all the subsidies how about that money we get rid of the ethanol subsidies we could save you know you do that overnight we could if congress had the will to do it we need to prioritize goodness this is where you're going to
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find is a whole bunch of midwestern republicans are going to be opposed to that we need to progress to make a law that sees the republican side with a republican town hall fiasco continues now we've got congressman ryan asking forty bucks a pop to write out a question that he may or may not answer in advance among others we have for florida congressman b.m. webster saying that producing a lot. posters of people we had a sixty six year old vietnam vet they got got this guy's facebook information he had his personal information put on a wanted poster passed out the next one along with several other people several women in fact who feel like they've been struck to now what they were expecting was that after the democrats got sabotaged by the tea party folks and the tea party has not specific instructions about how to interrupt and how to do this it was a very well organized thing the republicans apparently thought the same thing was going on but none of these people these wanted posters are anything other than average constituents and one hundred percent of them are actually republicans you know what the hell is going on here now you've got a congresswoman or
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a fuel or you were. from washington state who says she sold five town hall meetings why because she's walked into coffee shops and said i'm here let's have a town hall meeting with six or seven people sit around she's afraid to announce them in advance for fear somebody will ask her if she wants to privatized medicare i mean that what's happening is that the paul ryan vote where everybody except for three every house of representatives or the house of representatives voted to end medicare and and rick perry saying he wants to privatize social security his whole in the hell out of these republican that just prayed to do this that's just not what's happening there's five hundred thirty five members of congress some of them are going to do some of them are going to conduct business in the different ways and some of them are going to do stupid things and do it in silly way i mean that's that's the truth of it and the fact is that the good thing the great thing about american the great thing about a representative democracy is that these fishermen will be will be held accountable and goes into all the constituents may be visiting representatives are the reason why they aren't they've the constituents are happy with that vote them out of
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office and that's what they have to do i do it so i think it's i think i mean we had the career of said about it here's an example but i don't think this is a major crisis these guys made a mistake in her buehler she made a mistake and that she didn't go with the obama model just how friendly big town hall meetings where you plan all these friendly questions if you ever get a tea party member somebody confronted. just ignore them and then go on vacation for ten days that would have been a better model of the lives of editors. cheney. big dick dick cheney's book tour continues the vice president want to merican america and america with no pulse other than the i guess there's a show about vampires on t.v. but anyway. he's touting his own war crimes in his book in my time his former the former chief of staff to lawrence to colin powell lawrence wilkerson for ladies the news that cheney was president basically pro practical purposes for the first term of the bush administration and he fears being tried as a war criminal these
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a verb made him from the number two guy you know under colin powell so question should we try to cheney now that he has not just admitted to brag about we're crimes we're crimes that we have executed both japanese and filipino prisoners and work respectively world war two and especially in a war for should we try him here and get no or should we have the worlds try him at the hague i think some americans would like to give him an award because when you're talking about collegiate mohamed an individual that masterminded nine eleven from a she was one or he was waterboarding after he was waterboarding because if you believe as you since i'm boarding the cia nice there's only between two and three people water boarded one did not lead shaikh muhammad and i don't think any american feels bad about shaikh mohammed being water boarded even more i do if it produces bad information puts our soldiers at risk we have soldiers who have died as the result of information that came from waterboarding the cia has said that they have documented that dick cheney is not only promoting something that puts our security
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at risk but the man is a war criminal we have desert americans that died because the cliches mom of three thousand americans not because he wasn't waterboarding no but the water boarded him and others to get actionable information which may have prevented an attack in their layout is what we know now from from the nine eleven commission others is that we actually actually we. we could have put two and two together that's a whole other discussion and i think the republicans for the last year have been looking for a leader they're looking for a strong presidential candidate i think dick cheney has to make a compelling case that he's the man to lead them in two thousand and twelve these two he said you know war crimes here i'm talking about hitting on me keeping america safe we helped you in the bush administration how do you keep america safe . in march put in charge of terrorism task force and never meeting until september during which time nine eleven was planned and executed on his watch nine eleven happened because this guy refused to do anything for eight months how can you know how it's made itself out as a heat america's on his misconduct in america most islamic extremists attacked
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america they're the ones that is in charge of the counterterrorism task force that never met until september of two thousand and eleven out how to spell me how could i just hijack the planes it is the one who murdered al-qaeda is the father he was given the job and al qaeda is the one that al gore told him on the day that he left office go look for al qaeda look for look for a song and dick cheney said not going to do that sorry we're there if it were true because he you know he was playing the jelly this saying iraq in the air and or oil and the energy task force the energy task force sort of medium march of two thousand and one and what were they doing they were dividing up the oil fields in iraq laying a rock nine months before nine eleven and you tell me what the hell's going on with this guy and we never laid over the flame and stood with a big i mean you're saying that he sat down and conspired well before nine eleven to divide up what they were going to do in iraq yes so you're saying they knew
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where he was. a conservative organization yes because george bush in one thousand nine hundred nine told mickey herskowitz his biographer and this is on the record told him when when they were ghostwriting a charge to keep his autobiography that his father made a horrible mistake in iraq by not going into baghdad and by only having the world last one hundred days if he became president. the first thing he would do is invade iraq because and he would keep that thing going through the next election through the two thousand and four election because that would give him political capital and as a wartime president always gets real love that he was right. and he and he told us in advance he was going to do this we have two different members of this cabinet who have come forward now and said the first cabinet meeting and this was in january of two thousand and one the first topic of the first can a meeting was how do we invade iraq this was ten months before nine eleven but there's no because a month before now you're not saying that the bush administration knew about nine eleven i hope no i wasn't and they failed to stop it and they should have and this guy is running around saying he kept america safe when he did he was selling his
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billy the oil fields in iraq for the war that they wanted to have it over in iraq laying the blame on of three thousand american innocent americans being murdered on a man who has committed his life to public service consumer is under is the pitch training is responsible for those three because i is slanderous and it should not sit i know it is and not only that and not only that he then committed war crimes that caused the death of other american soldiers if you go back and you look at as he says ask anybody the cia is allowed to say look the major thing retaught you can easily thing that is causing these crazy people to have olive oil here for jihad he in a way i mean if he did say and for you the fair go on average rating so that's causing us to volunteer to hate america hey whatever i do because one motor here is what i'm overworked what motivated them because one i love going there what motivated them but what i love and what motivated those islamic extremists to commit the horrible acts of murder in moscow when they took over the theater what caused them in india and all these other countries where they've had mass attacks we didn't
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cause they were owed a grade you know i don't suppose solomon rodan was the fact that we had soldiers in saudi arabia as the result the first gulf war and that that we were buying oil on the cheap from a corrupt administration in saudi arabia look you know that a will to to run your car why aren't you responsible for the deaths of three thousand people i can such a connection is ludicrous and that's why. he made about cheney that's why it should be made about somebody who's not responsible for the deadline day three thousand thank you both for being with us coming up the department of justice throws a roadblock in the merger of two of the nation's largest wireless communication providers but a.t.f. he is vowing to fight back so i will just for nobly does stuff that we the consumer . drives the world the fear mongering used by politicians who makes decisions to break through it's going to be pre-made who can you trust no one who is in view with the globe.


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