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tv   [untitled]    September 1, 2011 2:30am-3:00am EDT

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well the maggie watching aren't you coming to live from moscow breaking news this hour on russia recognizes libya's transitional council as a functioning leader you know sort of that's ahead of the meeting of the friends of libya a group comprised of sixty countries due to take place in paris. divisions within libya resonate and could avi's family is not his son's vows to fan the girls stronghold of syria telia but shortly after his brother reportedly offer stocks and the bloodshed. and russia remembers the victims of the best school massacre that
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ship the country in the whole world seven years ago chechen terrorists kept more than one thousand people hostage in the siege that lasted for three days and left over three hundred people dead most of them children. are russia will also be attending a meeting of the friends of libya group in paris out of the gathering moscow special envoy talked exclusively to r.t. about what may be in store for the country after cut off his reign and the future of its relations with russia our interview with me helmer galveston up next. to end in libya what should the chances facing the new libyan authorities what role can russia play and is it going to help the new libya we're joined by a russian senator. of the russian president's special envoy for africa and chairman of the federation council's foreign affairs committee. back in may russia
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recognized the national transitional council as a legitimate party to the talks recently the russian president said that russia might recognize the new authorities as long as they can unite the country based on democratic principles despite the dramatic events in libya can we say that russia's position on libya has seen some adjustment over the past six months. perhaps it's not such a good idea to start my own so with the word no but still the answer is no opposition on the libyan political crisis has remained unchanged from the start if ever we believe strongly that everything that has happened in libya is a political crisis which must be resolved naturally through political negotiation and consultation you can't resolve a crisis like this with military rules we said there is when your definition is criminal orders to bomb the peaceful demonstration of those who opposed his regime and we said the same thing when a coalition started bombing tripoli we said the same thing today when the rebels
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have achieved serious military success we say that the libyan political crisis will not be over this is just the end of the military phase of the crisis what we need today is consultation with the widest possible range of political forces in order to achieve national unity as regards our formal relations with libya we have not severed diplomatic ties with the country i'd like to stress that our relations are with libya as a country and we have always said that the people of libya are our only friends that are let's compare the situation in libya with out of say two new zero for egypt both countries have had revolutions they've had a change of regime. but russia did not recall its embassy from tunis or from cairo our ambassadors had contact with the former governments and now they have contact with the new governments the same principle works in libya. mr margelov some complain that russia's foreign policy is heavily. through and spy various factors whereas progressive countries straight away supported the revolutionary
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forces the opposition the transitional council etc how would you respond to this criticism. our approach has never been to wait and see ever since the world leaders approached president medvedev in the vilna and asked him to help us stablished political dialogue between the different parties in the libyan conflict our approach has never been to just wait and see of course unlike many of the progressive regimes you mention we've had enough of revolution in our own history we prefer evolution that's why we are somewhat reluctant to throw our support behind revolutionary rhetoric we understand clearly that slogans pass away and the tedious political process sets in so we're just doing our best to help start it's quite a political process as soon as possible. but when did the bengals the opposition give up the idea of negotiating with colonel gadhafi or his team. which as
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regards differences within the entity seem to have always been differences over political dialogue and negotiations you always have some people who are more revolution oriented and people who are less revolution oriented i've met those people and i have to say i take them seriously i like them and i have a lot of respect for them both in tripoli and in benghazi and in other capitals where members of the libyan political elites reside all those people belong to the same political elite which has emerged in libya over the past forty five years i don't agree with this is just in the party was in favor of political negotiations has suffered a defeat in libya's national transitional council will still have to negotiate or want a national union after the fighting in. russia and the g. eight spoke in favor of colonel gadhafi stepping down at this summit in jovial what does the future hold for colonel gadhafi. we are probably not the ones who are best able to answer the question about honesty good or for you and his future it will be
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better addressed to the libyan justice system and to international tribunals with a good afi has lost his legitimacy as a ruler and his right to be called the leader of his people when he would air strikes on unarmed civilians who were rallying to express political protest we stopped for regarding mr gadhafi as a partner in negotiations when that happened i would say mr gadhafi will now determine his own future he chose the hardest part of i would even say a suicidal path he chose to make his supporters shed blood on his behalf until the last moment while he remained in hiding we do not know where he is presently it could be linear it could be another country regardless of the position he chose it is not one of a politician who thinks about the future it's the position of a politician who is trying to save his own life if mr good after years on the run people will look for him and they will find him the fact is a warrant for mr gadhafi is arrest has been issued by the international criminal court it won't be revoked.
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and now a question about the political process we touched upon earlier do you think the libyans will be able to reach some kind of balance some common denominator because the previous ones have been left in the past is there any other idea that will unite everyone apart from toppling the daffy's regime. i think this government will only be successful if it encompasses the largest possible number of different libyan political religious tribal cultural and professional groups in this case i think the council would have to contact the royal family and the factions of the ruling elite in cairo led by mr gadhafi is cousin gadhafi. and spoke strongly against mr gadhafi is policy of suppressing popular protests by force they would also have to deal with the various factions within the entity singing which is not a uniform organization but rather a colorful. collection of various people and political groups each with its own beliefs and interests there are representatives of the tribal eat which i think
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will be needed if national unity is to be established there are also representatives of the intelligentsia and cultural workers i can't mention any unions or similar institutions since over the past forty years gadhafi regime has succeeded in destroying anything that could be called a democratic institution by civilized standards there are no institutions of that sort of libya and they will have to be created from scratch carex the a.t.c. stresses the importance of establishing political homily between those numerous groups all this issue the result fairly well the groups put aside old grudges which the libyans are apparently in a more favorable position compared to those who are going through the complicated multi-phase process of political restructuring or for them libya can use the negative experience of afghanistan and iraq it can draw conclusions from the hard times egypt has survived and the less hard but still bloody past of cheney's ear i
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think the best way to accomplish this is to act responsibly right from the stove to bear in mind a final decision on what libya is going to become and is one for the libyan people to make or not the world's politicians have been playing leading parts recently the national democratic vote for the term us and it should be well prepared and duly carried out this is where the international community and russia in particular is eager to render active support to the libyans those who think that the notion of russian arab friendship is outdated and is passing away with the totalitarian regimes and dictatorships are bitterly mistaken nothing of the kind i believe of the term of russian arab friendship and partnership it has up to date as it was fifty years ago that. got us talk about the role russia could play in libya's politics economy and perhaps some other spheres the old cooperation between libya and the u.s.s.r. and in. a partnership between libya and russia. the first step russia took as
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libya's partner was to deliver humanitarian aid into the country during the military phase of the political conflict we had talks with the leaders of the national transitional council in benghazi and agreed that the interests of russia would be respected in libya after gadhafi was toppled but all contracts with russia would be preserved and the interests of russian companies are respected if we're going to continue our active work in libya back in their little home heavy. according to earlier statements by the national transitional council and you covered and will respect contracts concluded with the russian federation but we also hear other statements like the one made by one of the new heads of the libyan oil company he doubted russia's position during the voting on security council resolution one ninety seven three saying that russia was more demanding than it should have been and that it was more reluctant to show its support for the opposition there's a possibility he added that some deals concluded with russian oil companies operating in libya will be an old. i mean whether that was
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a mean and if the biggest oil field workers on the boards of the national oil company are in the first place professionals and not politicians at the talks in benghazi my counterparts expressed their gratitude to russia for not torpedo for not vetoing resolution one nine seven three letting it be passed its stance of the russian federation was highly appreciated by the national transitional council that's what matters russia has never silenced its commitment to resolutions nineteen seventy and nineteen seventy three and of the russian president signed a number of decrees in support of those two resolutions of decrees clearly stating that russia will never give refuge either to gadhafi or to his family or to the media of subordinates whose hands are so with the blood of ordinary libyans we will never support him or the forces loyal to him financially or supply them with weapons and we have stuck to our commitments in full measure. had and that the west
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was consistent in supporting the revolutionaries whereas russia as one could say chose to stay away from libyan affairs when the fighting began and naturally western companies with interests in libya will pursue those interests possibly using the n d c to compete with russian companies the new libyan authorities in turn may choose to work with them rather than russian companies. i hope you will excuse my question what are revolutions made for to gain access to oil and the money to be made from it hardly so i heard the revolutionaries in benghazi say and i highly respect these words that revolutions perceive the goal of making the people's living conditions decent modern than normal at least not miserable as it used to be is to let people realize they are human and deserve to live a search if a country wanted people to live in human conditions it should maintain the balance of its political and economic interests but i have been traveling a lot in africa as
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a special representative. of the russian president and i constantly hear african leaders complaining they are tired of one country's dominance one blocks dominance they tell me they need a multi-polar political situation a combination of different interests the same is true for libya it won't be able to keep in line with the interests of just the european union or just the united states or the state of the persian gulf russia will always have its place in this very day of multicolor picture i think those libyan politicians who will respect the national interest of the country will without doubt consider cooperation with russia. wealthy british soil in some kind of. car.
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coral until you can a less hotel close leisure to see don't need to go and park lawyers brotherson the kennel was hoto was used to retreat. breaking news this hour here in artsy russia recognizes libya's transitional council as a function within a story that say out of the meeting of the friends of libya group comprised of sixty conference due to take place in paris some. divisions within media resonate and cut off his family as one of his sons' falsehood a fan of her own stronghold of syria's telling an. every after his brother quarterly offers cobbs and the blood check. and russia remembers the victims of the best law school massacre that shook the country and the whole world seven years ago chechen terrorists kept more than one thousand people hostage in the siege that lasted for three days and left over three hundred people dead most of them children . but they have allies here in our team and it's time now for
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a sports update with anger. hello there thanks for watching on this is what is coming up over the next few minutes second round struggle world number two bit is of only survives a skag and unseated opposition at the u.s. open. plus russia coach africa is in pom strikeforce ahead of two crucial euro qualifies. on the all star game high russia's hottest sports stars race thousands on the ice a charity. but first despite an irish match bitter is upon a video that has made it through to the third round of the u.s. open the number two seed committed forty six unforced errors against katherine upon the rancor but still scrape three in three sets as only over had made the final here last year but made hard work of this one after winning the first set seven
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five she then lost the second in the train in six three before taking the deciding step by the same scoreline the russian hoping to improve her gait in round three. there was a good test. for a long time meaning either she was a dangerous players are expected to very tough match and it was i think i didn't play members to lose but there are limits to go to get through this one and you know i give myself a lot of a chance to go there next time i'm trying to do that better. another two russians joined her in the next round money to try over and maria kirilenko the twenty four and twenty five seeds both with easy straight sets wins short exits the eighth seed marion bartoli and the fourteen seed dominique triple cover. for drivers next opponent will be astride the sound those are the nine seed reached the quarter
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final last year and was looking comfortable against coco and the big c. . three seats for the school. and in the men's game andy murray progressed the next round of the open set against india given mind bush probably closer than the brits anticipated murray needed to take that on a tie break before march the next two. quarters who. put in before the summer and so we're. going to be. you know for the. you know that. it was good to go. from zero to one or the sort of financial that we've. not in the report also into the second round he smashed eighty nine he's in his easy neighbor italian league of land broke the argentine had started the year around four hundred ninety five in
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the world after a long injury lay off his climb back to number eighteen and is looking like a contender. elsewhere favorite andy roddick held on to be fellow american michael russell legible simone also progress. to the next round of ten c. gross stuff but as surprised as you and bennett. russia are hoping to win form plays could help unlock the defenses in their upcoming euro qualifies midfielder you can strike alexander kush or cough put in some sparkling performances in the russian premier league recently and coach take out a car believe they'll be kate and their home ties against macedonia and ireland constantine for top off has been following the side's preparations in moscow. this is the second training session ahead of the first qualifier against macedonia here at the stadium the last time the nets russia squeeze the one victory and this time
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coach hopes his side will be more creative particularly with midfielder eurasia fighting form again since his recent move from chelsea. no longer said i was really happy to. come back to russia to play. ritchie again because you can see the way he played last saturday was. so and is very important for the national team because i still think that everybody russia wants. to go. and we really need a very fit i'm not afraid so in that way. i think the crowd has to realise that it is a russian guy and russian player well they will need him because russia have scored six times in the last six games but main striker alexandre could record his problem his shooting was in the top scoring the russian premier league with thirteen goals so four and he also scored a hat trick last week or so there is growing hope russia could be more from
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attacking force on friday night we have to do it because we did it in the away games as well. but you are to go into a coming of not different games because we have two in and the other two just the winners will so. hopefully frontage so we know that we have to get this six point we can't underestimate the importance of friday's game and the one against ireland four days later. should top of group b. and with only the group winners guaranteed of a place next summer's finals allopaths has stated six points will do the same but about r t moscow. state with football and there were plenty of last minute signings before the european transfer window slammed shut last night. and it took big spending russian side angie just a day to late night their newly acquired goalkeeper valley a pool of back to ts in moscow the twenty seven year old arrived at angie from
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dinar on cheese day but was sent to the army men as cover for their number one keeping eagle eye you suffered a bad knee injury at the weekend. in england arsenal brought in creative midfielder michael from everton for around sixteen million dollars and the gunners of also secured you'll see benayoun from chelsea on a season long loan the pair trying to fill the holes left by the sale of test fabregas and samir nasri to pass a loan that amounts to city respectively and their arrival follows that of newly signed jimmy defender paramedic versatile full back on by sam tops a month chelsea have been busy to bring in portuguese midfielder i'll marry a letter from liverpool on a four year contract and school five goals gives the directs. another news the rugby world cup starts in just over a week and russia are preparing to make them made an appearance against the usa in new plymouth on september the fifteenth reach
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a bump or fleet caught up with fly half you would be cushioned out of the talks about what it means to qualify for the tournament for the first time. now the old is going to be feeling the pressure move the most when russia play their opening match it will come because for us see on september the fifteenth the twenty six year old is expected to line up in a crucial flying home position which means he's big teams playing a go the number ten knows what the russians will be underdogs accom wait for the actions or get underway for a very exciting for us to grab the four players show the russian neighbors and russia where it's a hostile russia where for war. the game would experience for. both comes from a rugby family as his father used to play for the solid union what was born in the town with a sport is firmly number one. and he's managed to follow in his dance footsteps and is now one of the most experienced members of the russian scored the bears will
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face the usa equally ireland and australia and cautionary all of his under no illusions of just what a tough task his team faces because of course. you say play will cause the to all. just enjoy the player is just. the fourth class white magic but. just this place they will try to present to the best rugby of a growing still isn't really very popular in russia and yuri mentions that most of the teams interview requests have come from foreign journalists however the man from the moscow region hopes a good showing in new zealand can boost interest in the game in his country and the russian daughter there was some some magazines make a call to show some of that's the really interesting for it will be going to be
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better when. you get all your games and seven season on the wars and maybe go on the books for school. much more. the alders of her style player complained if he'd fly half a full back and he's likely to be a key player for the bears in new zealand and he like the rest of the russian squad if you continue their rugby learning curve on the tournament finally starts the bump wolf we don't see new paltz wales. that was a feast of hockey talent on the ice in moscow last night washington capitals captain alexander ovechkin and the new jersey devils in a couple to lead to act with celebrities it was a charity game that raced over half a million dollars for a russian orphanage at the line of thing clearly russia's former tennis and the one south in as well as lokomotiv moscow for border communities see each other actually scored a couple of times well been missed a penalty and of course the likes of a cane added a fair few it ended like all good charity games and
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a high scoring draw eleven goals in the final score they stuck in the theory and it was sold out completely the spectators everyone of them enjoying it but the main purpose was to raise money for a local orphanage i think that i'm blind. look it's good that there is still many people here it's a big thing to make something good for the children and at least to some point to relieve their problems so i think it is a teaching of every person and i was happy to respond because i didn't actually i was surprised to see more at certain skating there are many people here that are not good good at skating but that's not the point the main thing is this here and he's for the children and i would support to do this every year. and while it was going on teams are battling it out on day two of the junior ice hockey club world cup in siberia i mean american all star team from the eastern junior hockey league inched closer to the final trying things are back inside out for a warm step into to go top of group a only the group winners will make decider but
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standing in the way is russian side red army who lost their second game to make the reader. die hard one that i know i'm ok the americans on friday i bring group a mile my red hawk celebrated death first victory after action canadian side old bering strait itself but if their right wing gangs i'll check side and again chop the great after climbing a second wind the victory of economic data rich. that brings to the end of the sport the letter next. limitation is free crediting free in-store charge of free. range month free. three. three. young old free blogs mediocre for your media project a free media dog to our teeth dot com.
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