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find out what's really happening to the global economy with my challenger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars report. this is russia recognizes libya's transitional council for the functioning of morrissey but says nato is approached to bring down its happy violated international meanwhile the so-called friends of libya with its is held in paris to discuss the country's future. along bells ring across the usa as the bailout saddled greek government declares is a common these out of control even as the portugal or else is it from cutting me and you will stir measures to deal with its own debt. u.k. please pressure the media as
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a hyundai pull you over and push it all gets wrong it's promising quarter and share full cost is going to comply. with. russia commemorates paying for something on the street the best outsourcing the solution the country out of the world with more than three hundred people killed mostly children of the friends of libya a group comprised of sixty countries as jews meet in paris to discuss the future of the country its afy ahead of the gathering mosque a special envoy told through the use of each r.c. a proud award may be in store for the country after gadhafi his reign and the future of its relations with russia. coming up next. will war to end in libya what's the chances facing the new libyan authorities what role can russia play and is it going to help the new libya we're joined by russian
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senate sammy. the russian president's special envoy fabric and chairman of the federation council's foreign affairs committee. mr margelov some complain that russia's foreign policy is heavily influenced by their east factis whereas progressive countries straight away supported the revolutionary forces of the opposition the transitional council etc how would you respond to this criticism and nash presence in. our approach has never been to wait and see ever since the world leaders approached president medvedev in de ville and asked him to help establish a political dialogue between the different parties in the libyan conflict our approach has never been to just wait and see of course unlike many of the progressive regimes you mentioned we've had enough of revolution in our own history we prefer evolution that's why we are somewhat reluctant to throw our support behind revolutionary rhetoric we understand clearly of its slogans pass away and
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a tedious political process sets in so we are just doing our best to help stop this quiet political process as soon as possible. but when did the pain killers the opposition give up the idea of negotiating with colonel gadhafi or his team. which as regards differences within the m.t.c. have always been differences over political dialogue and negotiations you always have some people who are more revolution oriented and people who are less revolution oriented i've met those people and i have to say i take them seriously i like them but i have a lot of respect for them both in tripoli and in benghazi and in other capitals where members of the libyan political elites reside. all those people belong to the same political elite which has emerged in libya over the past forty five years i don't agree with a suggestion that a party that would favor a political negotiation has suffered a defeat and libya's national transitional council will still have to negotiate towards a national union of the fighting in. russia and the g.
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eight spoke in favor of the stepping down at this summit in jovial what does the future hold for colonel gadhafi. we are probably not the ones who are best able to answer the question about mr gadhafi and his future it would be better addressed to the libyan justice system and to international tribunals mr gadhafi has lost his legitimacy as a ruler and his right to be called the leader of his people when he ordered airstrikes on unarmed civilians who were rallying to express political protest we stopped regarding mr gadhafi as a partner in negotiations when that happened i would say mr gadhafi will now determine his own future he chose the hardest both i would even say a suicidal path you chose to make his supporters shed blood on his behalf until the last moment while he remained in hiding we do not know where he is presently it could be libya or it could be another country regardless of this the position he
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chose is not one of a politician who thinks about the future if the position of a politician who is trying to save his own life if mr good after years on the run people will look for him and they will find him the fact is a warrant for him if they get off his arrest has been issued by the international criminal court it won't be revoked. but. now a question about the political process we touched upon earlier do you think the libyans will be able to reach some kind of balance some a common denominator because the previous ones have been left in the past is there any other idea that will unite everyone apart from toppling good effie's regime that would remain i think this government will only be successful if it in compass is the largest possible number of different libyan political religious tribal cultural and professional groups in this case i think the council would have to contact the royal family and factions of the ruling elite in carver led by mr gadhafi is cousin in a good half hour down who spoke strongly against mr gadhafi his policy of
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suppressing popular protests by force they would also have to deal with the various factions within the entity say which is not a uniform organization but rather a colorful. collection of various people and political groups each with its own beliefs and interests there are representatives of the tribal elite which i think will be needed if national unity is to be established there are also representatives of the intelligentsia and cultural workers i can't mention any unions or similar institutions since over the past forty years gadhafi regime has succeeded in destroying anything that could be called a democratic institution by civilized standards there are no way to petition to have sort of libya and they will have to be created from scratch corrects the n.c.c. stresses the importance of establishing political harmony between those numerous groups will this issue be a result fairly well the groups put aside old grudges leitz of. the libyans are apparently in
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a more favorable position compared to those who had gone through the complicated multi phased process of political restructuring before the libyan can use the negative experience of afghanistan and iraq it can draw conclusions from the hard times egypt has survived found a less hard but still bloody past of tunisia i think the best way to accomplish this is to act responsibly right from the served to bear in mind that the final decision on what libya is going to become is one for the libyan people to make not the world's politicians have been playing leading parts recently a national democratic vote will determine us and it should be well prepared and duly carried out this is where the international community and russia in particular is eager to render active support to the libyans those who think that the notion of russian arab friendship is outdated of just passing away with the totalitarian regimes and dictatorships are bitterly mistaken nothing of the kind i believe a term of russian arab friendship and partnership is up to date as it was fifty
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years ago. let us talk about the role russia could play in libya's politics economy and perhaps some other spheres heal cooperation between libya and the u.s.s.r. and. a partnership between libya and russia. the first step russia took as libya's was to deliver humanitarian aid to the country ensuring the military phase of the political conflict we had talks with the leaders of the national transitional council in benghazi and agree that the interests of russia would be respected in libya after gadhafi was toppled but all contracts with russia would be preserved and the interests of russian companies are respected if we're going to continue our exit work it would be a. heavy. according to earlier statements by the national transitional council the new government will respect contracts concluded with the russian federation but we also hear other statements like the one made by one of the new heads of the libyan oil company he doubted russia's position during the voting on security council
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resolution one nine seven three saying that russia was more demanding than it should have been and that it was more reluctant to show its support for the opposition there's a possibility he added that some deals concluded with russian oil companies operating in libya will be an old. enemy weapon that was every. field workers on the boards of the national oil company are in the first place professionals and not politicians at the talks invent my counterparts expressed their gratitude to rush up a notch torpedo for not vetoing resolution one nine seven three flitting at the post this stance of the russian federation was highly appreciated by the national transitional council that's what matters russia has never silenced its commitments on resolutions nineteen seventy and nineteen seventy three and of the russian president signed a number of decrees in support of those two resolutions the decrees clearly state that russia will never give refuge to gadhafi or to his family or to immediate
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support of those whose hands are so in the blood of the libyans we will never support of all the forces loyal to him financially or supply them with weapons and we have stuck to. in full measure. and the worst was consistent in supporting the revolutionaries whereas russia as one could say chose to stay away from libyan affairs when the fighting began naturally western companies with interests in libya will pursue those interests possibly using the n d c to compete with russian companies the new libyan authorities in turn may choose to work with them rather than russian companies. which. i hope you will excuse my question but what are revolutions made for you to gain access to oil and the money to be made from is hardly so i heard the revolutionaries in benghazi say and i highly respect these words that the revolutions perceive the goal of making the people's living conditions decent and
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normal at least not miserable as it used to be is to let people realize they are human and deserve to live as such if a country wanted people to live in human conditions it should maintain the balance of its political and economic interests but i have been traveling a lot in africa as a special representative of the russian president and i constantly hear african leaders complaining they are tired of one country's doner and one deluxe dominance they tell me they need a multi-polar political situation with a combination of different interests of the same is true for libya it won't be able to keep in line with the interests of just the european union or just the united states or the states of the persian gulf or russia will always have its place in this variant of multicolor picture where i think those libyan politicians who will respect the national interest of a country will without doubt consider cooperation with russia.
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the old sleeves long live video for your media project the street medio don carty dog tom. russia recognizes libya's transitional council as the functional force and says nature is approaching to bring down get down to five days attends a national team while the so-called friends of libya conference is held in the hours to discuss the country's. along bells ring across the gear is a is the bailout saddled with the government to cleanse its economy for the concert troll even this portugal analysis are calling menials terrace the measures to deal with it so that. the u.k. police pressure the media to hand over all the footage of war because riots promising to. call says don't comply. and russia commemorates the painful seventh anniversary of the schools that shocked the country on the ball with two hundred
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people killed in the city children. now with an impressive performance russia's own maria sharapova freezes in the usa and rounds stay with us for about and all the rest of the sport for kate. hello and welcome to this course and here are the latest top stories easy does it serve seed maria sharapova cruises into the third round of the u.s. open to be resigning over to cattle through. while on the offensive russian coach take out the car told stop his in-form strikeforce ahead inside the two crucial euro twenty twelve qualifiers and will start all hearts we hear how russia's hottest sports stars raised half a million dollars in a charity ice hockey match. but first a tennis where former champion and third seed maria sharapova has cruised into the
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third round of the u.s. open this match was a one way street for the russians well before she lets anasazi at the vacuum of that from belarus in just over an hour six one six one was the final score and strap of a hit twenty eight winners to balance out a twenty three unforced errors and it's not. yet better. however russian top seeded is going to write about how to survive a scare the number two seed said oh wait i'd like happening about that i got was a good test after committing forty six unforced errors on the road that reached the final at flushing meadows last year that made it hard work this second round encounter after winning the first set seventy five lost the second six weeks of training in full back to take the deciding set up the same score. ended up actually going to joining the third round of program but it could be like the twenty fourth place with good seeds and straightforward straights that wins though they were
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short exit sport eight seed marion bartoli and fourteen seas dominated cymbalta as being this williams round with illness along with men's sixty robin sidling. will drive his next opponent will be australia's sam stosur the night seed reached the quarter of a. you know here last year in the comfortable against america coco panda vega six three six four. while in the men's game hunting maori also progressed into the next round although the opening set against india sound of death arm and she's probably closer than the forcing it had anticipated and i needed to take that on this time break not construe to say that. was a time when martin del potro east trask called the laundry of italy in his first match a plucky meadows and stunning world referred to it with the title in two thousand and nine missed most of last year with a wrist injury eighteen help locate these past three six three six one six one.
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and elsewhere homophobia andy roddick held on to beat fellow american might all russell in thought sets roddick took the first two sets and that any problems there was all slightly to lose the third for the scrapping to take the seven by make the second round. possible now and russia hoping to inform players could help unlock the defenses in their upcoming year at twenty two of qualifiers midfielder usually coffin striker alexander cocksure guv have been putting in some sparkling domestic performances and coach to counter guard believes they'll be key in the home ties against macedonia and islands this constant put up with reports. this is their second training session ahead of the first. here at the legion hysteria the last time the nets russia squeeze no one knew victory and this time could should be good luck and hope to be so good you will need it to be we would need to figure a few calls for you through him again since his recent move from chelsea. no longer said i was really happy. going back to russia to play. richie again because you can
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see the way he played last several days was under. so and is very important for the national team because i still think that everybody in russia wants that we will go to the green and we really need a very fit i'm not afraid so in that way. i think the crowd has to realize that he's a russian guy and russian player well they will need him because russia have scored six times in the last six games but main striker alexandre has spun his shooting boots for the top scoring the russian with the goal for and he also scored a hat trick last week or so there is growing hope russia could be more from a second force on friday night we have to do it because we did it in a way games as well. i think it is ireland to play next and game. but little two games were coming at me in a different game because we have to win and we'll do just to win as well so that we
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have a fluke go but front which so we know that we have to get this six points you can't underestimate the importance of friday's game and the one against oh it's four days later the choosing between russia top of group b. and with all new group winners going to go for plays next summer's finals. on the six points will do as they bowed out of. moscow. goalkeeper have left his last not a favorite place russia's injured first choice goalkeeper. for those games against macedonia and the island. has brought in to me a global of on loan as a replacement one of only a ride on tuesday after being bought from moscow but he was told to start packing his bags once again to help them just hours before the new york in transfer window slammed shut on wednesday night and there was a flurry of activity in england where our small board creative midfield that mikel
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arteta from everton around sixteen million dollars also security aussie benayoun from chelsea on a season long loan the pair given the task of filling the holes left by the cellar set fabregas and samir nasri arsenal have also signed a journey of defend their nets a second fallback and my son's off this week along with south korea striker part of chile and probably more chelsea have also been busy bringing in portugal me to fill that route for liverpool on a four year contract it's five goals in thirty three appearances for the reds. now former world number one golfer tiger woods is on his to be a captain's pick for the bi annual president's cup in australia in november the american superstar spoke after taking part in a charity event in the state of new york and was happy to learn we want the two captains picks for the tournament which it's a twelve strong american ten against the rest of the world except here. woods is also planning to take part in the p.g.a. event in early october as he bids to rediscover the form that saw him capture
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fourteen majors thirty five year old has been sidelined for most of the year and has now been winners for almost two years so a return to the presidents cup team is more than welcome. i really have played a lot and i've played her mr scherer so it's all frustrating deal with injuries and try to battle back and beltre and i'm very thankful. for for fred in this pic. i'm doing everything i can to be ready and contribute to the team but i can't do that with some healthy and i'm probably healthy to be able to do that start by playing again for the reasons why i've committed to the fries and. to the president now the rugby world cup starts in just over a week and rusher are preparing to make their maiden appearance against the usa in new plymouth on september the fifteenth rich from poor feet quartet with flyhalf question i'd ask talks about what it means to qualify for the tournament for the first time. we all just going to be feeling the pressure. when russia play their
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opening match that will count because viewers see on september the game the twenty six year old is expected to mine up in a crucial strike hard position which means he's big teams play any number ten knows what the russians will be underdogs but can't wait for the action to get underway very very excited just a great about you you for the players. they believe resent russian red. it's the last time on the russian word for it will. be a good experience was it. comes from a rugby family i just used to play for the soviet union when i was born in the time of the speech is firmly number one. and he's managed to follow in his dance footsteps and is now one of the most experienced members of the russian scored the beers will face the u.s. shane italy ireland and australia and new orders under no illusions i just want to talk to ask his team faces also. if you say play well
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because these were. just enjoy the players. top class players like magic cooper island. just just play they will try to do this why do you go growing still isn't really very popular in russia and yuri mentions that most of the teams interview requests have come from foreign journalists however a man from the master region hopes a good showing in new zealand can boost interest in the game in his country and the russian don't really get away with some some magazines make a call to show me some of that's not really interested for a week maybe he's going to. get out of the games and seven single and there's maybe government looks for us more much more. money orders
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a versatile player can play as he to fly half back and he's likely to be a key player for the bears in new zealand and he like the rest of the russian squad are you continuing their rugby learning curve and the tournament finally starts which of uncle for me don't you call which wales. and finally there was a feast of ice hockey talent in moscow last night as washington capitals captain alexander ovechkin and the new jersey devils here a couple should read two teams packed with celebrities in a charity game that raised over half a million dollars for a russian orphanage but i don't think you need russia's former tennis number one merit south and that's why there's not much in moscow for all of the new secure who actually scored a couple of times last stuff in the penalty of course. the likes of the fair it's ended like all good charity games high scoring draw with eleven goals and the final score this honestly i mean it was sold out on the spot spaces thoroughly enjoyed it but the main purpose was to raise money for the local orphanage it's
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a bunch of them. look it's good that there is still many people here it's a big thing to make something good for the children and at least to some point to relieve their problems so i think it is a teaching of every person and i was happy to respond as i do you know to actually i was surprised to see murat so often stating that there are many people here that are not that good at skate but that's not the point the main thing is this demand is for the children and i work full with support to do this every year. and that's all i think. hungry for the full slate we've got it first hand the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers.
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