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the but. russia recognizes libya's transitional council as the functional cars even says and they say these approaches to bring down good southie violated international meanwhile the so-called friends of libya conference is held in paris to discuss the country's future. with. u.k. police pressure the media to hyundai rolling procedural vests riots promising core mansion and broadcasters don't comply. alarm bells ring of france the usa is the fail our frontal the greek government declares economies out of control of the world will announce that you're paying the austerity measures to deal with its own debt. and russia commemorates the painful seven palaver three of
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the best rounds received and the country on the world with three hundred people were killed mostly children. a very warm welcome to see this is our line from moscow our top story now russia has never supported more that's the key message from foreign minister sergei lavrov who also opposed nation methods to remove the former libyan leader uganda's going off as more on russia the libyan conflict. moscow has recognized the national transitional council as the sole legitimate power in libya and according to russia's foreign minister says the very beginning of the conflict russia has been stressing that it's up to the libyan people to decide in which direction they want to see their country moving in and whom should be at barack but it's the masters
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with which gaddafi has been forced from power which are raising a lot of questions here in moscow and i seen it going you know the russian has never approved of the film a libyan regime back in may and president medvedev clearly stated that. the way the united nations resolutions were implemented by someone too little is on the street since you make that the principle of the supremacy of beings disregarding the european union and un initiatives are ignored and it's been leading to an increase in civilian casualties. it was the protection of the civilian population that was set as the major objective of the security council resolutions implemented during nater years ago and i was absolutely sure that justice is cannot be done using a move from the set up in other words let's just remind you during the un security council vote on the resolution on russia abstained sasa de facto letting the north
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a resolution be passed but since then various the russian officials have been accusing the alliance of misinterpreting the resolution of acting far beyond its legal mandate for example russia's envoy to me told me that i was and has been saying that nato has been abusing the resolution in its own interests. of a conference on libya comprised of sixty countries gallus in paris to discuss the country's future or to get happy his regime and using columns of following reports france will get thirty five percent of libyan oil a you correspondent daniel bushell has more from brussels. first chance really for many around the world to see libya's new leadership russia is attending this meeting as are many countries around the world not just those who participated in nato bombing of libya a key issue on the table will be the unfreezing of get their fear of money held
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which is belonging to libya held by various states that will be over and freezing that money and giving it over to the rebel leadership the rebel leadership to distribute now russia is very concerned this is just very worried that that money is spent correctly i believe most to make sure that it goes through going to libyan people and not for all the pain and there's also concern here about the language being used by various western leaders to work just before this meeting talk of creating a roadmap for libya of oil being helping its development now russia's representative to libya is a man. and he says it's very important the libyan people are the ones who destroyed the future of their own country the final decision on what libya is going to release one of the libyan people to make not politicians will be politically plants recently the national democratic vote will determine this and it should be well
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prepared on julie to realize this is where the international community and russia in particular is eager to render active support to the libyan. there's a deal have been reported for frost to get a third of libya's in toil reserves now libya has africa's biggest reserves of oil and that will come as a big embarrassment for french president sarkozy who always insisted that the country's going in and bombing libya was to protect its citizens that could explain why french oil companies accompanied the very first french delegations to rebel held in goes back in march. and said that with russia's envoy to african medical. it's coming up in full later this hour right here on r.t. let's talk more about the few draw for libyan state i'm joined live now by chris nine of the stop the war coalition based in london many thanks for being with us here mr nine i'm saying the so-called friends of libya are all meeting today in paris as you've been saying what is this meeting really all about and what sort of
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results can we expect to come out of it. well i mean i think the whole basis for the meeting is frankly quite shocking. in a situation now where the old regime appears to be over in libya and any aspiring new regime should be spending its time listening to the desires of the ordinary people in libya and not listening to the lectures which i reckon they're going to be getting from the world's great powers it strikes me that this is like something out of the nineteenth century where the big imperialist colonial powers are dictating to. these places a little shit they themselves have selected about exactly who's going to get war france is going to get thirty five percent of the oil no doubt britain will be putting in a big climb for another third or so other countries will be following suit and all ranges leaving the meeting is being chaired by the two main protagonists the
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british prime minister and the french. leader who are going to be chairing a meeting about the future of libya what is going on we were told this was a war that was being fought for humanitarian reasons it's in fact turned into the what is basically a nato take over the country as far as i can see mr knight and that's what you think this is all of our foreign nations lecturing libya the friends of libya themselves have described this as a missing in which they can. decide how best they can support the m.t.c. in libya. well i mean the meeting happens at the same time as it is being announced but there's been a deal by between. the transitional national council and the french about how much of libya's oil the french are going to get that is a direct payment in kind for the massive aerial bombardments that were carried out by the french so clearly this is about this is a kind of car this is this is
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a real payback that the that the french government of this agreement has really struggled with france that is still at this moment unconfirmed their b n c has reportedly promised to give us a thirty five percent of crude oil producing livia's of the french in exchange for support that's quite full and parliament. well i mean you know this is supposed to be a sovereign country we shouldn't be in a situation where deals are being made in terms of the natural resources of that country if this was indeed. a movement for democracy a movement for popular power if this had anything to do with the arab spring that is taking that is there is developing throughout the region then we'd be talking about the libyans deciding for themselves what they do with the oil it's an absolute outrage this is happening and why this is a deal this brings the rest of nigerians place in a very this is
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a deal that's been struck my head here the m.t.c. is not an elected government by the why i haven't noticed there being any elections in libya the n.p.c. has been essentially appointed by the big powers around the world russia is now backing them as well and sixteen countries are coming to paris for for a conference about the future of libya why is this happening it's not you know this is a this is a big power carve up of french and this is an international kind of. it surely you if you wanted an international agreement here the m.d.c. the national transitional council is spearheaded by those libyans who have let this uprising against the get out the regime with in libya. well the empty seat spearheaded by mahmoud jibril who is who was a leading figure in the guitar free regime a minister for the eurasian until earlier this year he spent a lot of time in the united states teaching in various academic institutes he's a leading neoconservative economy liberal economist he is the west's choice
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a century and he's he's completely. as i say he's completely complicit in many of the crimes that have been carried out by the gadhafi regime so you know this is a very very scene the. transition process that is taking place and it's being driven clearly by the western powers was not being no election here in libya no one knows who the transitional council really are no one knows what to what extent they have popular support. you know i mean it's obviously a matter of great celebration because after the regime is gone but i feel very much about where this new cologne posed government is going to take the country k.m.'s and i know from the stop the war coalition based in london thanks for the. ok there's plenty more to come in the program including random reporting with a foreign media around the country and it all going to pilot down so grow over the
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authenticity of reports coming from syria. and final exams on the next crew to go into orbit is for parents a lift off despite a delay to the trip to the international space station. told media outlets in the u.k. are resisting calls from london's metropolitan police to hand over thirty eight and photos of riots police say the images could help them identify criminals and vowed to get them through court action if it would carter's the newspapers don't comply more and it brings us the details from london they say that they spacecraft and that could contain evidence of crimes in action crimes being committed in. therefore they could catch people. this prime minister david cameron urging the media to take its share of the responsibility essentially to play its part in bringing these people to justice just as the general public has to so he media organizations to immediately hand over. police forces since then across the country
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particularly where the rights took place have been informally approaching their local newspapers local television stations to hand over voluntarily and immediately . broadcast for th which is sort of almost ok because that first it will then appear on you tube another video websites but also on broadcasts for state and the news space across and that's where the rub really is people see this is a huge freedom of the media is she's. saying newspaper organizations that have been approached say that they're going to fiercely resisted essentially to avoid being seen as the evidence gathering all of the police by the general public now there is a procedure. for stage and photographs the police must apply for of course but it seems that the police and the government are willing now because of the riots to bypass that procedure last really compromising the freedom of the press and also compromising people's trust in the media which of course we know has been seriously
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eroded anyway by the recent phone hacking scandal this is part of a sort of worried crackdown on the media if you like particularly social media so facebook twitter and blackberry messenger which police say they have evidence of those kinds of media having been used to incite the riots prime minister david cameron again is said following the riots that he wanted to run a certain people from social media he also wants to give police the power and the technology to trace people particularly on twitter and got me messenger on the moon landing messages to cause some kind of violence and also to close those media down in certain situations and people have been a rest. for using social media to incite violence noise and civil rights groups are calling a lot of the sentencing disproportionate but particularly in the case of two men who were jailed for four years each for inciting a riot on facebook they opened up particular facebook events and asked people to
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subscribe to them to go and bust up their local towns essentially and those are some of the toughest sentences those four years that have been handed down. the painful anniversary of the beslan hostage crisis and which of the three hundred people died most of them children hundreds counted at the school to may flowers and like candles in memory of the victims the morning will continue to the third is that ten by marking the generation of the hostage ordeal which lasted for fifty one and was and the minutes and sauces we did of course of our reports the tragedy has that some wounds that simply can't heal. it all happened within the walls of this school here more than a thousand people were kept without water all food and in constant fear for many
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parents who had been waiting outside and praying the whole died on the last of the siege was many of their children. this siege and it's only on this day russian forces entered the building to save the hostages after a sudden explosion sprang out on just how the gunfire and risking their own lives they bungled both women and children to safety i you know was among the lucky ones saved by the soldiers she was severely injured and spent several months in hospital but she says it's not the hunger warns or the fear of death that are her darkest memories neuvirth i don't really remember the most terrifying moment within these three days and that i thought that lost my brother i thought he was killed i saw one good turn is shooting in the back or young boy and i thought it was him the brothers our survived but for everyone in beslan those three days in september forever split their lives into before and after i do you know doesn't want to talk
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about what happened that month the same a so many others who live in the city locals help to be part of this tragedy should never be forgotten it's maybe four years since back pack his bags and left his native region off north to south korea for a new life in moscow but after a chance he gets he welcomes an escape from the city to come back home his best friend or someone always meets him up to happen and this day was no exception. so why should we go. but let's first look at it as though the place itself is far from usual because this is a cemetery to the victims of the siege although this young man didn't witness the tragedy themselves they say it is a nation's grief and they have a past without stopping the location of the cemetery which is called the city of angels was not chosen by accident this race is on the road that leads to the region's app ort so everyone who visits the republic will not miss it so as many
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people as possible will stop and remember those dog days and those innocent lives that would take care. i do question and see reporting from our society now greece is a normal day is out of control valve perfect presents to the country's parliament special budget monitoring committee facing a ruinous recession the countries of the card compartment interest payments on its trillion dollar debt that says e.u. leaders continue to bicker over greece's seconds two hundred thirteen billion rescue package the finland a modern collateral in return for its bonds is the patient this comes as portugal's prime minister declares a new wave of will stare at you measures and tax hikes across the spectrum to meet the country's own rescue bailout interest payments on economist and politician papermaster believes that both countries plights stem from the insistence on
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maintaining a car seat that can work. economies bed share the euro cannot simply depreciate the good ol usa and this course of these economic times might reduce in the very difficulty it's impossible for greece to pull their government finance into balance while they share the euro because they are still in a recession and in this situation it's simply impossible to balance the budget or even made a certain parts of the european union treaty gone then. off they are but now the eurozone tries to bail greece out because they are afraid that bankruptcy that one eurozone member would put into danger all other countries this simply will not work is economic and also to share
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a currency and not to share a fiscal or of all this it and sharing with a scalpel as you have been one single minister of finance is in was similar in feeling there is something that no one wishes soltz that as the equation which has no other solution then enabling some countries to leave. syria now i think governments accused of yet more vicious and deadly assault on its restive cities but with mace foreign correspondents there remaining out of tight control their silence kept balance reports and objective commentary on an igloo score is one of the few reporting from the troubled country. mass murder tearing catastrophe a country on the brink of a revolution this is what you see every time syria pops up in the headlines but what is really happening in a country where hardly any foreign journalists are present there's even the implication that some of the images we're being shown have been digitally
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manipulated and there have been reports about available online that you can watch of the footage that was taken in bahrain and said to be taken here and it's showing the same footage and different stations and different backgrounds believe dr king so there are some very strange things that are going on right now an example of such manipulation is the key supposed to be refugees in the coastal city of latakia the stadium in the dock in the center of the controversy when according to various reports anywhere from several hundred to several thousand people were gathered here most of those people were palestinian refugees who came from the palestinian refugee camp in the sunni quarter of latakia now according to the opposition forces and to some of the palestinians when they got to the stadium their i.d.'s were taken away their cell phones were also taken away and they really prepared for the worst because you have to realize that herding large numbers of people into stadiums carries them would alba very macabre macabre association especially in
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this particular region so the ankle state has developed sort of a practice of hurting people in stadiums and then and then committing mass executions we went to the part of the city which supposedly came under fire from planes and ships and spoke to the refugees to find out what happened to the thought of some people walking around the neighborhood yelling there will be shelling from sea soon and everyone has to get out i didn't go anywhere just stayed in my house i can see the bay from my window and there was nothing in their sight from their usual control. to god i break out the army and government so some five thousand palestinians left their homes theory for their lives. we want you to lead so that our kids will hear the gunshots we hear in our house and when there was a break in the fighting we went to the stadium we stayed there for three days then came back. and so did two thousand refugees only to realize there was no air and
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navy attack taking place on the city. i felt like we were lied to. just syrian authorities have long been insisting armed groups are behind the unrest in syria and it's them who starts shooting first you stray shoot prompting bloodshed those statements are all but ignored by the media there are syria is fighting in media war and it's losing it whatever got the syrian government might have realized its mistake of banishing foreign journalists from the country and media law has overturned that ban but there is no guarantee it will go a long way towards changing series image as portrayed on major networks even those courtsey syria. now the next international space station crew has started xander had a mission as a spite at the laser the flight into lost from spain the soyuz rocket that led to a colleague a supply vessel crashing back down. all of its stuff. and for us. the
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next true of the international space station is being going through their final examinations ahead of their launch preparations that will be taking place later on now they have had their launch delayed this is due to the crash last week of the rocket carrying the progress resupply module up to the international space station of course everybody involved wanting to make sure that they a manned space flight gets the upmost attention and is as safe as they possibly can be now to talk to me about that i'm joined by a man who's spent a lot of time in space thank you very much seventy five well thank you and let's not start with last week how much of a problem was that to moves the progress module. the problem of the engine listen or are you something that you take precautions against. any sure. in which this will lead to one of the new team which it is due to security checks we need to
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run and strain sure the crew safety which is why he's not talking already sure because. of course they're going to want everything to be as safe as possible but how frustrating do you think it is both for this current crew to have to have their launch date delayed or to get an update on the head when you flip it was a good reason you can't cause any change to the plan is a challenge for the crew to get to trying to. thank you thank you very much well there we go they have had their launch they delayed but this program is still on the on the right track we wish them all the best of luck from star city space for all of the party. well if you missed any of our stories you can find more on all websites and here's some of what else is on line few of them a list of the first lesson of the need to tell and retell the story there were sounds a school for many children or brushes or all region is overshadowed literally by
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a huge toxic now that the valley that's the state. may have that melting pot that's changing its color a new study shows that white meat for the past becoming a thing of the pos in a major american city it's. beating drums to a use of the chewing red square. this week the spice guy telling military tech to. stick to the standoffs. and artsy dog called gives you the front row seats just. and enjoy the show. well time now for our regular check on the business days with. but silas very well welcome to the program ukraine has played a new card in its energy battle with russia state strong enough to gas has struck
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a deal with shell to jointly develop gas on the korean territory in the meantime kids are struggling to persuade moscow's soul as a low price archies let's see the shots he has the details. now the gas deal between russia and ukraine signed two thousand and nine have again found themselves in the spotlight over the process for weeks ukraine is insisting that it's paying a very high price for the russian guys i'd like to remind your viewers that now for the time being ukraine plays up to four hundred dollars for a one thousand cubic meters of gas which it buys from russia now the korean government insists that the prices do high and once the contract signed in two thousand and nine between prime minister putin and. back then prime minister yulia timoshenko would be revived and the price changed to a lower one at the same time when your standard position of moscow that it's that ukraine doesn't want to bargain on the price and it wants something in return for a discount on the russian gas which ukraine has been buying over the past decade or
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so but at the same time we also understand that ukraine is looking to diversify its gas supplies we understand that it is due to sign a major agreement with the shell company on the exploration and the development of shale gas in ukraine it is still unknown how much gas how much shale gas ukraine possesses but predict that these these resources could be quite huge and could be quite sufficient for you right to almost completely abstain from using the gas which is by strong from russia. not so to look at the markets now in europe britain still see splodge as investors move to the sidelines on to two days of gains banksias lines dancing on reports that a shake up was the septa may not come into force until up to twenty fifteen. previous sessions strong gaze as investors remains wary of me just slew an impressive commentator in most markets a low of russia's russian investors also keep an eye on the rotten day in
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a month the trends if you can do you ask in europe i mean mountain concerns of the growth into a locked economies that some have a look at some of the individual shampoos in the my six it's a sea of red here. there poncas down point eight percent it's not it says there's there's no colleges ational russia's biggest lender will be made in the next few weeks telecoms provider rules telecom is also dahlan folding the stake over a regional mobile will point to volgograd just some post on it comes acquire the remaining fifty percent stake for a two million dollars and these abuse saw the percent in the red just by posting record high fives tough results the bank's not cross a close one hundred thirty two percent to one point eight billion dollars. that's all we have time for know you are up to date for more analysis log on to our web site archie dot com slash business on.
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