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tv   [untitled]    September 1, 2011 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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russia recognizes libya's transitional council as the functioning of farsi if it says nato is approved to bring down gets out he violated international rules being one of the so-called friends of libya conference to tell the carriage to stop the country's future. u.k. police of pressurise the media it's a handover all faces of who gets riots promising court action airport calls to say goodbye. alarm bells ringing across the year as that is the bailed out sampled greek government declares this economy's out of control even as portugal analysis draconian year old's turkey measures to deal with it in depth and. ukraine
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has played a new card in its energy passo with russia the details of business in about twenty minutes. a very warm welcome see this is our last seen live from moscow russia has never approved of moammar gadhafi his actions the key message from foreign minister sergei lavrov who also oppose nato math and to remove the former libyan leader it got this going off has more in russia's response to the libyan conflict. moscow has recognized the national transitional council as the sole legitimate power in libya and according to russia's foreign minister says the very beginning of the conflict russia has been stressing that it's up to the libyan people to decide in which direction they want to see their country moving in and who should be. but it's the
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matters with which these are being forced from power which are raising a lot of questions here in moscow was the. russian has never approved of the former libyan regime back in may president clearly stated that could happen should go the way the united nations resolutions were implemented by some nato members and other states and that the principle of the supremacy of law was being disregarded the african union and u.n. initiatives were ignored leading to an increase in civilian casualties however it was the protection of the civilian population that was set as the major objective of the security council resolutions implemented by nato. we absolutely sure that justice cannot be done using our moon for methods. just to remind you during the un security council vote on the resolution russia abstained sasa de facto letting the
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north my resolution be passed but since then there is a russian officials have been accusing the alliance of misinterpreting the resolution of acting far beyond its legal mandate for example. to meet old media that was in his mind saying that nato has been abusing the resolution in its own interests. but a conference on libya comprised of sixty countries has gathered in paris to discuss the country's king chair take into its regime ask easy question of the new question of joins me live from brussels. at danielle wake up the flavor of who is taking part and what your gender is that this conference you. engender a specific action to stop the violence russia said it would accept the invitation to attend this conference foreign minister sergei lavrov said he will work with all bodies to work to stop the continuing violence in libya but he really really must
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come through the united nations he would not accept other forms of decision making by international powers a key issue on the table here is that on freezing the. money by libya which the west is now looking to give a freeze and give to the ruble and leadership now russia says that it's very very concerned that that money does get distributed in the right way and the no get used in the wrong way by libyan leaders there's also some concern here about the language being used by western powers just before this meeting talk of creating a roadmap for libya of okoye going and helping the country and its development and there are fears the it will try to dictate libya's future process representative to africa. and he says the libyan people must be the ones who decide their future. the final decision on what libya is going to become is one for the libyan people to
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make not the world's politicians will be playing leading parts recently the national democratic vote will determine this and it should be well prepared and julie carried out this is where the international community and russia in particular is eager to render active support to the libyans. and we're told that deals have already been made between the n.t. and some european how is what you know about safe. there's a deal to a third of libya's oil reserves which are africa's largest has been reported that would explain why companies like the french oil company were among the first with the first french delegation by can march to visit the rebel held areas of libya now that has been denied but it does raise suspicions that the saving civilians was not the bru goal of the coalition when they went into libya britain which is the other
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big power involved in this operation has not sent any trade missions to libya yet but any which is the italian oil giant has already signed its own deal with the national transitional council to restart oh production and also moved ahead with the pipeline linking libya to the mediterranean. from brussels. well to discuss the situation surrounding libya and a bit more does have a let's cross live to robert perry and are going to both absolve independent news website consortium news a tom tom and many that are being with us here are seen as a panel we've just got harry had alice at the paris music of the so called friends of libya what do you think is the real drive behind this gathering and what does the future hold for the country. well that's a good question obviously there was a great deal of interest on the part of the nato countries to intervene in libya
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and they were able to get the u.n. security council to agree there would be a resolution talked about protecting civilians but u.n. resolution also talked about trying to achieve some kind of peaceful settlement with the khadafi regime and with the rebels then and pretty much set aside as the nato forces have supported the rebels and their march to tripoli and the ouster of the summer which is still in play out because of these forces remain in a few strongholds and some towns are particular acts like search where. i was born and those areas are likely to come under continued attack with nato providing much of the support from the air for the rebel advances so you have here still a very fluid situation inside libya but clearly the there's always been an interest on the part of the west to have access to libyan resources as well as resources of
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other countries. or russia house now recognize the m.t.c. all the national transitional council although it's still a very critical of the methods that nato used to remove it after a bit in your opinion do you think that ability to any other way. what are some people i've spoken to who feel that there was really no choice but to remove gadhafi. and even though he and some of his supporters were indicating a willingness to negotiate to have a cease fire they even have democratic elections there was the feeling on among some in washington that that there would never work as long as gadhafi was in place so there was this attitude of moving ahead to get rid of him and it was never any real hold for real interests that much in striking some deal with him that certainly goes against what the u.n. had initially laid out which talked about trying to seek a second ceasefire in a negotiated settlement but that was never apparently in the cards and looking
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ahead now what do you think being zaslav community and ate so you are indeed not keen to make sure that libya fit back into another civil war situation off to the. back the state the lines. well that is again a very difficult question to answer because there still seems to be an attempt by the rebels i backed by nato to cheat a military solution to this situation and to rebuff even today. overtures from the gadhafi side for some kind of a settlement maybe that's just the way it has to be there was this remarkable comment from one of the rebel leaders that the way to get out when you have to avoid bloodshed you must shed blood. and i suppose that's a hard way of looking at some of this but if you have continued violence where these various tribes in libya feel they have been persecuted or have been cut out
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of the system that is a recipe for a future conflict in dissension as well we have seen in iraq that if you do not have some kind of a peaceful agreement at the end of the day with the various eyes feeling they get some some some say in that in the future of libya it's likely that these kinds of strenuous conflicts and struggle will go on what do you think that if the people of libya. amount of time in their country's future. well that's that's why it's sort of in trouble i know nato has not been no eager to agree to have some kind of democratic election now that nice may just be premature maybe they feel that that will happen down the road but there were overtures from the good side whether they were. honorable or not but they were suggesting a democratic solution to this and one has to think that might still be possible but the further this process goes along with violence and you know way to settle these
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differences the further it is then to bring the various authorities back into a peaceful agreement that uses democracy as a way to try to libya's future ok robert perry at a solvent independent news website consortium news dot com many thanks phil thoughts thank you. but there's plenty more to come in the programming clue to round the reporting with foreign media far from the country the ongoing violence dowsett grove over the authenticity of reports coming from syria. russia commemorates the painful seven valid. school seems that shocked the country of the world when more than three hundred people were killed mostly children. top media outlets in the u.k. of resisting calls from london's metropolitan police to handing profession photos of august's riots police say the images could help them identify criminals and vow to get them through a court action if casa newspapers don't comply or and that brings us the details
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from london. they say that there is space craft and that could contain evidence of crimes in action crimes being committed and therefore they can catch people red handed this following prime minister david cameron urging the media to take its share of the responsibility essentially said play its part in bringing these people to justice just as the general public and soon he urged media organizations to immediately hand over. police forces since then across the country particularly where the rights took place have been informally approaching their local newspapers local television stations to hand over voluntarily and immediately. broadcast footage which is almost ok because that forces will then a pair on you tube and other video websites but also on broadcasts for state and the news space across and that's where the rub really is people see this is a huge freedom of the media issue and broadcasting and newspaper organizations that
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have been approached say that they're going to seriously resist essentially to avoid being seen as the evidence gathering of the police by the general public now there is a procedure. for stage and free support of the police must apply for. but it seems that the police and the government are willing now because of the rights to bypass procedure thus really compromising their freedom of the press this is possible sort of why is a crackdown on the media if you like particularly social media facebook twitter and blackberry messenger which police say they have evidence of those kinds of media having been used to incite the riots people have been arrested for using social media to incite violence or is a civil rights groups are calling a lot of the sentencing disproportion of it particularly in the case of two men who were jailed for four years each for inciting the writes on facebook they opened up
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particular facebook events and asked people to to subscribe to them to go and buy. so the local towns essentially and those are some of the toughest sentences those four years that have been handed out. but greece's enormous debt is now out of control that's according to a leaked report presents to the country's parliament by a special budget committee facing a ruinous recession because we simply can't keep up with interest payments mostly a half trillion dollar debt that says either you leaders continue to bicker increases second two hundred thirteen billion or rescue package we finland collateral in return for its participation as comes as portugal's prime minister declares a new wave of austerity measures and tax hikes across the spectrum to meet the country's own rescue bailed out interest payments and economists and politicians but the must believe that both countries like stern from the insistence on maintaining a currency that can't but. economy's bad share the euro cannot
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simply depreciate the can and devalue and this was the economic my dream is in very difficult situation it's impossible for greece to put their government finance into balance while the show the euro because they are still in a recession and in this inflation it is simply impossible to balance the budget or even make it a certain parts of the european union treaty on their name. of they are now the eurozone tries to bail greece because they are afraid that. if one eurozone member would call it in to do injury all other countries this simply will not work is economic nonsense to share a currency and not to share a fiscal policy and sharing fiscal policy having one single ministry of
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finance is impossible if there is something that no one wishes so that as the equation which has no other solution then and labeling some countries through. syria now i think government is a key to yet more fascist and deadly assaults on its restive settings but with most foreign correspondents there remaining out a tight control it's hard to get alan support and objective comment out even with one of the few reporting from the troubled country. mass murder tearing catastrophe a country on the brink of a revolution this is what you see every time syria pops up in the headlines but what is really happening in a country where hardly any foreign journalists are present there's even been the implication that some of the images we're being shown have been digitally manipulated and there have been reports of available online that you can watch of
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footage that was taken in bahrain and said to be taken in hama and it's showing the same footage and on different stations with different backgrounds digitally dragoon so there are some very strange things that are going on right now an example of such manipulation is the case of palestinian refugees in the coastal city of latakia the stadium in the dark it became the center of a controversy when according to various reports anywhere from several hundred to several thousand people were gathered here and most of those people were palestinian refugees who came from the palestinian refugee camp in the sunni quarter of latakia now according to the opposition forces and do some of the palestinians when they got to the stadium their ideas were taken away their cell phones were also taken away and they really prepared for the worst because you have to realize that herding large numbers of people into stadiums carries them what are very macabre macabre association especially in this particular region so the ankle sprain has developed sort of a practice of hurting people in the stadiums and then and then committing mass
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executions we went to the part of the city which supposedly came under fire from warplanes only ships and spoke to the refugees to find out what happened. some people walking around the neighborhood yelling there will be shelling from the sea soon everyone has to get out i didn't go anywhere just stayed in my house i can see the bay from my window and there was nothing there aside from the usual patrol boats still gunfire did break out between the army and unknown gunmen so some five thousand palestinians left their homes fearing for their lives. we wanted to leave so that our kids wouldn't hear the gunshots we hear in our house and when there was a break in the fighting we went to the stadium we stayed there for three days then we came back to london so did two thousand refugees only to realize there was no air and navy attack taking place on the city. we felt like we were lined to
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go i just syrian authorities have long been insisting armed groups are behind the unrest in syria and it's them who starts shooting first during demonstrations prompting bloodshed those statements are all but ignored by the media. i heard syria is fighting in media war and it's losing it. the syrian government might have realized its mistake of banishing foreign journalists from the country a new media law has overturned that ban but there is no guarantee it will go a long way towards achieving serious image as portrayed on major networks in those court t.v. syria. now some world news in brief at this hour and more than a hundred people mostly children amounting to have died in southwest nigeria flooding that began a wave week ago that had to flee the area with the red cross anything the huge task of looking after the downpours that friday also damaged bridges calls down to
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overflow and swept away several homes similar floods last year resulting in some half million people being displaced. the un chief responsible for refugees has arrived in somalia to the first hand the crisis in the country hundreds of thousands affected by famine and a long standing war have been displaced by the region's worst drought in sixty years many of the refugees have fled militant extremists they blocked a vital humanitarian aid and sharing areas under their control. people are being warned to stay at least twelve kilometers away from an erupting volcano in mexico it's usually ash high into the air is expected to rain down on mexico city around sixty kilometers south it's one of a supposed most active volcano. russia marks the painful anniversary of the hostage crisis in which over three hundred people died most of
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them children hundreds gathered at the school to lay flowers and like candles in memory of the victims the mourning will continue to the third of september mark which you ration of the hostage ordeal we started fifty one hours and fifteen minutes and as r.t. as we did of course to report the tragedies there are some wounds that simply because here. i saw one of the terrace shooting in the back of a young boy and i thought it was my brother lino was among the lucky ones who go out of the school number one a life it all happened seven years ago when a group of armed militants stormed the local school on the first of september this is finally and on the third day russian forces answered the building to save the hostages after explosions rang out under have a gun fire and risking their own lives they bundled both women and children to safety. it all happened within the walls of this school here more than
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a thousand people work out without water all food and in constant fear for many parents who had been waiting outside and praying the whole died on the last day of this siege was many of their children but it's not the hunger ones or the fear that are her darkest memories i can really remember the most terrifying moment within this three days that was when i thought i lost my brother i thought he was cute i mean his brother our survived she herself is now married to another victim of that advance and though the tragedy united they agreed to never talk about it other courageous survivors have found the past a difficult road to travel four years ago if they're packed his bags and left his native land of north in search for a new life in moscow it was a difficult decision for him but he says he never regrets. it is very hard for me
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even being. friends die someone who. i don't want to see. is very difficult for me he gave himself a promise never to come back when september approaches something bring same here and he now never passes without stopping at the cemetery and the location of this cemetery which is called the city of angels was not chosen by accident it is who it is on the road that leads to the region's airport so everyone who this is the republic will not miss it so as many people as possible will stop and remember those dog days and those innocent lives would take. might in the question asked me reporting from north to south here. but if you missed any of all stories you can find the man more on our website and here's some of what's also a their nationality and paste up the collective views of one of the world's does he says he's well lives being slowly choke to death is that almost. exclusive.
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interview asking melting pot that's changing color a new study suggested by people are fast becoming a thing of the past eight many major american city. beating drums a trip to the truth in red square. this week the spice guy tell a military touching off of the spectacular standoff. a dodgy dog called new front row seats just go and enjoy the show. all the nation's business is on the way now with you via. hello and welcome to the program ukraine has played a new card in its energy battle with russia state not to guns has struck
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a deal with shelter jointly developed on ukraine. in the meantime kids are struggling to persuade. a lower price archies a let's see that shows you how city tats. but the gas deal between russia and ukraine signed two thousand and nine have again found themselves in the spotlight over the past several weeks ukraine is insisting that it's paying a very high price for the russian guys i'd like to remind your viewers that now for the time being ukraine grazes up to four hundred dollars per one thousand cubic meters of gas which it buys from russia now the gradient government insists that the price is too high and once the contract signed two thousand and nine between prime minister putin and. back then prime minister with a much i'm going to be revised and the price changed to a lower one at the same time when your standard position of moscow that. ukraine doesn't want to bargain on the price and it wants something in return for a discount on the russian gas which ukraine has been buying over the past decade or
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so but at the same time we also understand that ukraine is looking to diversify its gas supplies we understand that it is due to sign a major agreement with the shell company on the exploration and development of shale gas in ukraine it is still unknown how much shale gas ukraine possesses but experts predict that these resources could be quite huge and would could be quite sufficient for ukraine. almost completely abstain from using the gas which it buys from from russia a quick look at the markets u.s. stocks. trading on people in the u.s. apply for unemployment benefits last week and retailers report a strong sales productivity to clients in the second school shop but have a look at the european markets in the cuzzi is flat as investments to the sidelines up to two days of gains banking shares side fossil fuels then a shake up of the sec's it may not come into force until after twenty fifteen that
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has the previous question strong gave us investment wherein we just impressed the german economic data. in most complex markets have reversed on a. most is that the close of play trading range as russian investors were digesting iraq to date on the fact transceiver t.v. if you ask me europe. mounting concerns over growth in developed economies so i had a look at some of the individual showed moves in the my six year bond is just in march it said says the decision on partial privatization of russia's biggest lender will be made in the next few weeks telecoms provider will start down following its takeover of regional mobile operator volgograd. has acquired the remaining fifty percent stake for eighteen million dollars and was seeing strong gains of posting record high priced help results banks net profits rose one hundred thirteen cents to one point eight billion from its. high from troika janet says the trend of the
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market is up. today in the morning we all can go just a differently kind of correction the markets we were able to push them down and by the media after the release of years numbers of the markets almost recovered all the losses just a wee wee show in the morning you've. got a global picture. the mood is definitely changing and many investors are expecting causative for news from the third meeting which will be later in september and also i think the markets are also expecting some positive news from germany the selections of the decision on broadening for aid for euro zone in general. he could provide from selectors aisle from him of his analysis of the russian markets and that wraps up the business for us new york state's most tourists and an all time.
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to. their company's childhood was a rich shadow above this tragedy. they still feel the fear they faced. and remember every second of the slightness. it will remain in their memories and hearts forever. and as you saw. anderson.


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