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tv   [untitled]    September 1, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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russia recognizes libya's transitional council as the functioning authority but says nato is approached to bring down get their feet violated international law meanwhile the so-called friends of libya conference is held in paris to discuss the country's future. u.k. police pressured the media to hand over all footage of all this riots promising court action if it will cost is don't comply. alarm bells ring across the eurozone as the bailout saddle greek government declares its economy is out of control even this quarter going to answer draconian new austerity measures to deal with its own debt stories this hour.
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international news and comment line from our headquarters here in central moscow where it's just past eight pm and six pm in libya russia has never approved of moammar gadhafi actions that's the key message from foreign minister sergei lavrov who also oppose nato methods to remove the former libyan leader you're going to spin off has more now on russia's response to the libyan conflict. moscow has recognized the national transitional council as the sole legitimate power in libya and according to russia's foreign minister says the very beginning of the conflict russia has been stressing that it's up to the libyan people to decide in which the russian they want to see their country moving in and who should be at barack but it's the methods with which god i think is being forced from power which are raising a lot of questions here in moscow and i've seen it going a bit over the russian has never approved of the film
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a libyan regime backing night president medvedev clearly stated that exactly should go but the way the united nations resolutions were implemented by some nato members and other states and that the principle of the supremacy of law was being disregarded the african union and u.n. initiatives renewed leading to an increase in civilian casualties however it was the protection of the civilian population that was set as the major objective of the security council resolutions implemented by nato and was absolutely sure that justice cannot be done using a new format with a lot of the with let's just remind you during the u.n. security council vote on the resolution russia abstained vastly diffract all letting the north lie resolution be passed but since then various russian officials have been accusing the alliance of misinterpreting the resolution of acting far beyond its legal mandate for example russia's envoy to me told me that i was in has
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been saying that nato has been abusing the resolution in its own interests. europe is going off there and a conference on libya comprised of sixty countries has gathered now in paris to discuss life after an athlete. daniel bushell has more from brussels on the meeting . the gender is if you actually to stop the violence russia said it would accept the invitation to attend this conference the foreign minister sergei lavrov said that he will work with all bodies to work to stop the continuing violence in libya but reiterated that that must come through the united nations he would not accept other forms of decision making by international powers a key issue on the table here is that i'm freezing the. money owned by libya which the west is now looking to give to unfreeze and give to the leadership now russia
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says that it's very very concerned that that money does get distributed in the right way and the not get used in the wrong way by libyan leaders there's also some concern here about the language being used by western powers just before this meeting talk of creating a roadmap for libya over helping the country and its developments and there are fears the it will try to dictate libya's future russia's representative to africa. and he says the libyan people must be the ones who decide their future the final decision on what libya is going to become easier for the libyan people to make not only will it's politicians will be playing lead parts recently the national democratic vote will determine this and it should be well prepared julie carried out this is where the international community and russia are particularly eager to random acts of support for the libyan. deal to hand over
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a third of libya's oil reserves which are africa's largest has been reported that would explain why companies like the french oil company were among the first with the first french delegation back in march to visit the rebel held areas of libya now that has been denied but it does raise suspicions that the saving civilians was not the. goal of the coalition when they went into libya which is the other big power involved in this operation has not missions to libya yet but any which is the italian giant has already signed its own deal with the national transitional council to restart oh production and also moved ahead with the point plan. so the mediterranean the new bush will air in our interview with russia's envoy to africa cannot get off we'll also be attending that conference in paris is coming up in full for you later this hour right here on our team was told more about the
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future of the libyan state i'm joined live now by one of them miles he's a former u.k. ambassador to the country joining us live there from oxford in the u.k. thanks so much for being with us well that paris conference is due to start very shortly what are your expectations it's clearly symbolic but in substance what do you expect to come out of it. well i hope will be a response to what the libyans are going for which is first of all the unfreezing of the assets which make it make it very difficult impossible i would say to keep a country on a reasonable peaceful footing and secondly humanitarian supplies are what the libyans have emphasized. that i hope there will be a response to that will they certainly see through a response from the u.k. at the moment the u.k. has a look some of those frozen assets those good half is frozen assets to fund the rebels the question is where will that money go immediately will it go into the right hands will it actually support the libyan people. well i think we have to
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cross the libyans on that to some extent this is libyan money the money belongs to the libyans and of course libya is a very unusual economy in that it depended it depends entirely on production and the money coming from oil sales it's. unfortunately. not got a very strongly developed economy in other sectors right now there is no money coming from all sales because there are no or sales and they have no no ability to touch their big reserves the second point about the libyan economy is that a huge proportion of the workforce are being employed by the state and so right now the state can't pay them so they are they are they are going without salaries and this this situation can't continue and if it does it will lead to a collapse so it's very very important but somehow or another the money should be returned to the libyans interesting you mentioned those oil reserves of course from the onset the rebels made it a priority to secure those oil facilities now could those assets themselves become
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another source of tension as as the countries who supported the rebels are now actually keen to wreak their awards. well i'm rather skeptical about that there has been talk of that but it didn't happen after the gulf war went off the liberation of kuwait it didn't happen after the iraq war britain for example which took part in both wars didn't get any particular award from it frankly i'm not expecting one now the libyans have said that they will respect contracts signed with the previous regime and i suppose that will include british contracts and russian contracts and american contracts and chinese whole direction everybody else's contract when you've been an ambassador to libya at the height of gadhafi as rule over the last six months we want to see had reports of thousands of deaths reported the six months obviously incredibly troubling time for the country what is being achieved during that time how do you see libya's future now. well i think they have a chance of building a a decent new country really what they've lived through in the last well you think
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of in the last hundred years libya has been dominated by two figures mussolini and gadhafi i mean really it's time they had a break in at a decent leader or a decent government and i think at the moment they're on track to produce from the the transitional national council and it's only a transitional national council they've made it clear they are not themselves the government they have mapped out a constitutional process which they hope will lead to a decent elected government and i think that may happen and they will need support they will ask for support and we should give it to the vote but they must be in the driving seat they are the ones who decide what they want but how soon will we see those elections in egypt for example they've been promised and not much has happened there and people have got restless and unhappy with the situation will libya see those elections happening much quicker than what we see in egypt. the present draft constitutional roadmap which they are circulating which i've seen sets out a process through a referendum on
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a new constitution which would lead to an elected government in pretty months. and are you not concerned if if there is indeed an election that we still could see. a government that selected that clearly many people within libya may not be happy when i'm thinking of these tribal factions those people have got different interests will really an elected government bring the stability people hoping for. who can say all i can say is that it's up to the libyans to find a way forward they've got problems. they maintain and i find it quite credible when they say it but libya is a more united country going some of the others which have had problems and in the arab world it treats it so it's going to be very difficult for them but they think they can do it they think they found a way to do it and i think they will be asking for our support and we should give it to them whether they can achieve it is or is a matter of libya one of the models knive in oxford in the u.k. thanks very much for your thoughts and your time here on. well there's plenty more
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to come in the program this hour including random reporting with foreign media banned from the country amid ongoing violence over the authenticity of reports coming from syria. and russia commemorates the painful seventh anniversary of the beslan school siege that shocked the country and the world when more than three hundred people were killed mostly children. and their stories to become the first top media outlets in the u.k. resisting calls from london's metropolitan police to hand over footage and photos of august's riots police say the images could help them identify criminals and vow to get them through court action if the broadcasters a newspaper don't comply or emmett's previous nor the details from the. they say that there is space craft and that first stage could contain evidence of crimes in action crimes being committed and that therefore they could catch people. this following prime minister david cameron urging the media to take its share of the responsibility essentially said play its part in bringing these people to justice
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just as the general public and so he urged media organizations to immediately hand over. police forces since then across the country particularly where the rights to place have been informally approaching their local newspapers local television stations so hands over voluntarily and immediately both broadcast for th which is sort of almost ok because that first it will then appear on you tube and other video websites but also on broadcasts for states and a new space across and that's where the rub really is people see this is a huge freedom of the media is she. saying it's newspaper organizations that have been approached say that they're going to fiercely resisted essentially to avoid being seen as the evidence gathering all of the police by the general public now there is a procedure in a higher percentage and face of the police must apply for a queen but it seems that the police on the government are willing now because of the riots to bypass that procedure just really compromising the freezing of the
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press this is possible sort of why it's a crackdown on the media if you like particularly social media so facebook twitter and blackberry messenger which police say they have evidence of those kinds of media having been used to incite the riots people have been arrested for using social media to incite violence isn't civil rights groups are calling a lot of the sentencing disproportionate but particularly in the case of two men who were jailed for four years each for inciting riots on facebook these are particular facebook events and ask people to to subscribe to them to go and buy. stop there local towns essentially and those are some of the toughest sentences. handed down nor emmett reporting from london greece's enormous debt is now out of control that's according to a leaked report to be presented to the country's parliament a special budget committee facing a ruinous recession the country simply can't keep up with interest payments on its
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near trillion dollar debt that's as e.u. leaders continue to bicker over greece's second two hundred thirteen billion rescue package with finland to mommy collateral in return for its participation this comes as portugal's prime minister declares a new wave of a sturdy measures and tax hikes across the spectrum to meet the country's own rescue interest payments for more than that some are joined by james mead way he's senior economist at the x. foundation in london joining us live from the capital this only way thanks very much indeed for being with us now greece's minister of finance is in full damage limitation moment calling the agency behind a statement inexperienced and irresponsible one it's a little late for that now isn't it. oh it's far too late for that this is the cat is out of the bag and to be quite honest this statement is quite close to a simple statement of the facts greece cannot supply or simply repay its debt under under current circumstances the growth isn't there the debt is far too big and is simply no earthly way it's going to be able to take this on any plausible time
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scale certainly not by twenty twelve which was the original kind of hope of the european nations so whatever the greek government is now saying the cat's out of the bag and that's the simple statement of the truth about this leak itself may be intentional by any chance or was a perhaps intended to provoke the e.u. to take action and actually to get over its indecision resolve their differences and actually push through the second bailout because it's a greece is a lot a lot of trouble and you could do with more money anyway. it's quite possible that that is the case the divisions are in place right the way across europe now with countries completely unable really to agree on any kind of way forward out of this mess other than the essentially tried and tested and tried and failed methods that happened last year which essentially is give a bit of a bailout to certain countries and then impose austerity measures the danger in this is that those austerity measures mean that you cripple economic growth if your
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country isn't growing you can't repay the debt and what we're seeing now is the kind of the end game i think of the failure of those measures over the last year going all the way back to to really march twenty first bailout was announced so if there are divisions inside the group you're going to smash my divisions right away across europe cause talk about that first funny very difficult as you just mean. it is going to be finding it very difficult to pay back the interest on that debt and supplies of course to the other countries are receiving bailouts but the league also warned that the economic contraction in greece is on the verge of making that second bailout relevant anyway because obviously it's too late so in effect you there is pumping in the one hundred sixty billion euros into greece for absolutely nothing there doesn't seem to be any logic in that at all and it does of course vindicate all those who say bailouts are just a matter of throwing bad money after bad. that's partly true we got to bear in mind that this bailout isn't really about helping the greek economy and certainly not the people have great suffered under austerity now for eighteen months of the most
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dreadful client huge cuts in public spending in services and people's wages rising unemployment and no real prospects for the future that's what steroids he means there but these bailouts aren't about helping economies they're about helping european banks behind all this is the lurking fear the major european banks particularly in france and germany have very very substantial holdings of greek sovereign debt greek and other southern european sovereign debt and if there's a risk of default and if there's a risk of that debt suddenly becoming worthless then those banks will take a hit so the bailouts really are always about trying to support the european financial system rather than supporting say the greek economy both of those men of course putting a lot of pressure on germany the german taxpayer is on its all happy about it and interesting enough we're learning that germany is beaming word from germany from a political party named indeed from the leading political party in a a meeting get it once a year ozone exit mechanism to be considered for countries unable to meet the
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criteria for membership now what does that now tell us of burley's outlook for greece and indeed of course the eurozone itself well this is this is being floated before but never quite this level inside germany certainly the previous finance minister raise this round about winter december two thousand and nine it's been floated as an idea that perhaps we should talk about a two tier yoro perhaps we should talk about you know restructuring the thing so we can get rid of some of these what they consider to be underperforming peripheral economies like greece and portugal and ireland and that seriously this is now something that's being considered inside european capitals we germany in the lead so you actually decimated by some other sort of drought that's in effect admitting defeat isn't it isn't it saying actually using what isn't working. well it it it's creeping towards that it is creeping towards our way after trying to bail out after trying all the political wrangling and they're throwing as you said good money after bad and not really getting anywhere yes it is it is heading that way i believe if they can come up with some political solution to this they'll try but it
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doesn't look very likely at the moment. on that matter you're saying things are looking too likely a political solution indeed what about the financial solution for the eurozone itself what is your thought about the future of the eurozone. with the future of the euro zone is looking to be blunt increasingly uncertain we certainly i think at the early stages of disintegration the euro deep rooted structural problems inside the euro system imbalances that built up for the last ten years the imbalances of debts in southern europe and surpluses in northern europe are really starting to play themselves out now in the financial crisis has just been a catalyst for this kind of breakup so i'd be surprised to see the euro continuing in its present form given the situation we're in at the moment really good to see and to hear you explain your view on how you see the situation there in europe thanks very much indeed james senior economist at the new economics foundation live in london thank you. well to syria now where the government is accused of yet more
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vicious and thirdly assaults on its restive cities but with most foreign correspondents there remaining under tight control it's hard to get balance reports and objective commentary not easily in the going to show is one of the few reporting from the troubled country. mass murder humanitarian catastrophe a country on the brink of a revolution this is what you see every time syria pops up in the headlines but what is really happening in a country where hardly any foreign journalists are present there's even been the implication that some of the images we're being shown have been digitally manipulated and there have been reports about that are available online that you can watch of the footage that was taken in bahrain and said to be taken in hama and it's showing the same footage and on different stations with different backgrounds digitally dropped in so there are some very strange things that are going on right now an example of such manipulation is the case of palestinian refugees in the coastal city of latakia the stadium in the dark it became the center of a controversy when according to various reports anywhere from several hundred to
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several thousand people were gathered here most of those people were palestinian refugees who came from the palestinian refugee camp in the sunni quarter of latakia now according to the opposition forces and to some of the palestinians when they got to the stadium their i.d.'s were taken away their cell phones were also taken away and they really prepared for the worst because you have to realize that herding large numbers of people into stadiums carries them would all go very macabre macabre association especially in this particular region so i'm posting has sort of a practice of hurting people in stadiums and i don't committing mass executions we went to the part of the city which supposedly came under fire from warplanes and navy ships and spoke to the refugees to find out what happened. some people walking around the neighborhood yelling there will be shelling from sea soon and everyone has to get out i didn't go anywhere just stayed in my house i can see the bay from
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my window and there was nothing in their side from the usual patrol. still gunfire did break out between the army and gunmen so some five thousand palestinians left their homes fearing for their lives. we wanted to lead so that our kids wouldn't hear the gunshots we hear in our house and when there was a break in the fighting we went to the stadium and stayed there for three days others then came back. and so did two thousand. only to realize there was no air and navy attack taking place on the city. i felt like we were light to the heart of the. syrian authorities have long been insisting armed groups are behind the unrest in syria and it's them who starts shooting first during the history prompting bloodshed those statements are all but ignored by the media they are having a syria is fighting a media war and it's losing it with. the syrian government might have realized its
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mistake of banishing foreign journalists from the country media law has overturned that ban but there is no guarantee it will go a long way towards achieving serious image as portrayed on major networks even those quite see syria. russia nazi painful anniversary of the hostage crisis in which over three hundred people died most of them children hundreds gathered at the school to lay flowers and light candles in memory of the victims the mourning will continue to be of september marking the duration of the hostage ordeal which lasted for fifty one hours and fifty minutes to his millionaire question over reports the tragedy has left some ways that simply can't heal. i saw one of the terrorists shooting in the back of a young boy and i thought it was my brother you know was among the lucky ones who got out of the school number one alive it all happened seven years ago when a group of armed militants stormed the local school on the first of september after
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the siege finally and on this day russian forces answered the building to save their hostages after explosions rang out on to have a gun fire and risking their own lives they bundled both women and children to safety. it all happened within the walls of this school here more than a thousand people work out without water all food and in constant fear for many parents who have been waiting outside and praying the whole died on the last day of the siege was many of their children but it's not the hunger once all the fear of duff that on her darkest memories i can really remember the most terrifying moment really in these three days that was when i thought i lost my brother i thought he was killed i mean his brother our savory she herself is now married to another victim of that advance and though the tragedy you know it is that they agreed never to talk about it other courageous survivors have found lots of the past
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a difficult road to travel four years ago is back packed his bags and left his native land of north in search for a new life in moscow it was a difficult decision for ham but he says he never regrets. it is very hard for me. money from someone who just didn't want to stay here and is very difficult for me so he gave himself a promise never to come back when september approaches something bring the same hand and he now never passes without stopping at the cemetery the location of this cemetery which is called the city of angels was not chosen by accident it is those who races on the road that leads to the regions so everyone who visits the republic will not miss that so many people as possible will stop and remember those dog days and those innocent lives that would take i did the question aussie reporting from
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north to south you come up to twenty six minutes past the hour here in moscow i'll be back with some of our main news used to reason about four minutes from now it is next with the business. i don't do very well welcome to the business program ukraine has played you need call it in its energy battle with russia state from naftogaz has struck a deal with shell to join could develop a new territory in the meantime kiva struggling to persuade. a low price archies i don't see russia he has the details. gas deals between russia and ukraine signed two thousand and nine have again found themselves in the spotlight over the past several weeks ukraine is insisting that it's paying a very high price for the russian guys i'd like to remind your viewers that now for the time being ukraine prays up to four hundred dollars per one thousand cubic meters of gas which would buy from russia now the korean government insists that
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the price is too high and once the contract signed two thousand and nine between prime minister putin and. back then prime minister yulia timoshenko could be revived and the price changed to a lower one at the same time when her standard position of moscow that it's that ukraine doesn't want to bargain on the price and it wants something in return for a discount on the russian gas which ukraine has been buying over the past decade or so but at the same time we also understand that ukraine is looking to diversify its gas supplies we understand that it's due to sign a major agreement with the shell company on the exploration and the development of shale gas in ukraine it is still unknown how much shale gas ukraine possesses but experts predict that these resources could be quite huge and could be quite sufficient for ukraine. almost completely abstain from using the gas which advice from russia. a look at the markets now if you just toss off laptops to people in
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the u.s. it's nice time for women unemployment benefits last week contrary to mr bush's strong sales in all this food production as he also declined in the second cool shot. britain's to finish flat as investors move to the sidelines up to two days of gains though banking on a force that a shake up with the sec some may not come into force until after trying to fifteen . percent of the funds to his investors remain wary and meet a slew of unimpressive german economic data. and here in russia you can see markets have professed lawsuits at the close of play trading range. as russian investors were digesting a raft of data on manufacturing activity in the us and europe i mean mounting concerns over growth into all up to quantities that sort of check on some of the individual share moves in the my six spare pancreas was edging just i'm not sure they're close so it's head says a decision on partial privatization of russia's biggest lender will be made in the
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next few weeks telecoms provider ross telecom is down holding its takeover of regional mobile operators both of drug. cost telecom has a point there maining fifty percent stake for a two million dollars and p.c.b. was seeing strong gains of posting record high fast results but it's not cross across one hundred that two percent to one point eight billion dollars. that perhaps not the business bought another business operates in less than one last time so stay with us for that. culture is the same one hundred three.


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