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tv   [untitled]    September 1, 2011 2:00pm-2:30pm EDT

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as countries gather for a conference on libya's future critics say tripoli will struggle to know who its real friends are this comes as russia recognizes libya's transitional council as the functional storekeeper says nature's approach to bring down khadafy violated international law. u.k. police pressure the media to hand over footage of the oldest riots and vowing court action if broadcasters don't comply. alarm bells ringing across the eurozone must be played outside of the greek government declares it's because of me is out of control even as portugal announcer colia new austerity measures to deal with its own debt our top stories this hour.
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international news you call it live from our headquarters here in central moscow where it's now just past ten pm and eight pm in libya and a conference on the country comprising sixty countries is underway in paris to discuss life after gadhafi and russia's attending a meeting of the recognizing the national transitional council as the legitimate authority but still expressing its opposition to nato its methods to remove the former libyan leader correspondent daniel bushell has more for us from brussels russia wants specific action from this meeting for the nato countries to come up with a plan well with which to stop the ongoing bloodshed that is going on in the country of your the issue on the table be unfreezing of with deserve conceding to unfreeze the gadhafi era money owed by libya of rule and there are concerns was as expressed concerns that that money will not get from the right people believe both the libyan
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people. sells as the money is handed out to the new. really leadership of libya reports have emerged also today of a deal for france to get one third of the entire libyan oil reserves africa's largest. denies this it has raised suspicions but saving civilians isn't a real aim for going into libya russia's representative to libya's morgan off he says the n.c.c. national transitional council will also have to work with other countries not just those who help and. libya won't be able to keep in line with the interest of just the european union or the united states or the state of the persian gulf russia will always have its place in most varied and color picture those who think that the notion of russian friendship is outdated and is passing away with a totalitarian regimes and dictatorships are bitterly mistaken nothing of the kind
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i believe at the turn of russian arab friendship and partnership are as up to date as they used to be fifty years ago. russia has recognized libya's national transitional council as the official government of libya for minister sergey lavrov said that russia never approved of it always said that he should go but the principles of international norms have been ignored by nato aggression in that country exactly what he had to say. russia has never approved of the former libyan regime back in may president advantage clearly stated that the data should go that the way the united nations resolutions were implemented by some nato members and other states meant that the principle of the supremacy of law was being disregarded the african union and un initiatives were ignored leading to an increase in civilian casualties however it was the protection of the civilian population that was set as the major objective of the security council resolutions
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implemented by. we are absolutely sure that justice cannot be done using a move. we also expect leaders at this meeting to agree more humanitarian aid money as libya starts the long process of rebuilding the country of this war. well to discuss the situation surrounding libya on our joined live by he's author of humanitarian imperialism joining us live there in brussels now the paris meeting of the so-called friends of libya is in full swing now does it have libya's future clearly at heart or are some countries there to pursue their own agendas. it's obvious that now that apparently the harbors have won i think there'd be a conflict between the people who supported them and the libyan the future libyan government as they will where the whole race is you see the iraqi government is not
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just a puppet of the united states and even it's not exactly a puppet they all have the one agenda and of course now there is the euphoria of the victory so the differences sort of forgotten for the moment but they thing eventually resurface because the prince of libya want to control libya they want to make sure they're not to list them they're not to islamist and so on and they want to control the oil but the libyans of the one agenda they have overthrown the from their point of view although the help on the the west crucially in their victory they will soon forget i mean don't forget the union and the west were late again here and what happened after a few years that you see the alliance are not permanent they are not. they should be done you see there are no common there no permanent friendship permanent interest that's all and yet the thing for them please and talking of those interests you mention oil the of course the nature intervention was justified as
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a humanitarian mission but now there are unconfirmed reports that the rebels have promise fronts over a third of libya's crude oil drilling that really could be true. well you know if the unconfirmed reports how do i know but it seems obvious to me that they would do that in order to win i mean they would do anything in order to win but about the protection of civilians i would like to ask about the city of syria which is now under attack both from need to and from the civilians from the hubble's i would like to know why the civilians in syria don't need international protection just as much as the civilian been gassy and why are there little crating in the c.b.d. and in syria which are just us only knows as the threat of get out here again the civilians in gassing do you think they're going to see you know it's interesting just to ask about said is that the rebels have extended that deadline is that not a sign of a bit of control of restraint there does that give you a little bit of optimism that actually they won't just go in there and and course for the bloodshed in the country where the deadline for surrender yes.
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yeah of course but that's that's maybe because they think it's going to be bloody too for them also to intercede and i don't know but it's. easy if you put a deadline for surrender on the city which will not exactly make any most i mean what i'm saying is that certainly civilians are at peace there and there's no concern i'm talking i'm not talking from the point of view of the hoboes i can understand the point of view of the hoboes but i'm talking about the so-called international community which claim to be concerned on the about civilian then why are they doing more for the civilian in syria where they know you and has written about them you see that's that's the problem i mean to me when you minister said that the there's been a breach or something like that of international law to me that he's old of the situation is that now international law is simply dead you can go to the u.n. because get a u.n. resolution be the on lies or on very very hopeful or have no independent commission
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of the u.n. or anything like that kind to fact finding mission or anything of the sought and then you go to war you violate the his solution you you do a war against the government of a server in county and you tell police and that's the end of international law as it was created since nine hundred forty five and which has been more or less respected and of course has been attacked in kosovo and hired to some extent against and now in libya for i mean libya this is the end of it but now as usual as you say the end let's look at the future of libya's national transitional council by definition it's temper isn't it transitional it's obviously hoping now to set up democratic elections within the next eighteen months do you think that really will happen and will the rebels stick to their promises and if so what sort of government do you think could be elected. you see my opposition to the war was never based on the idea that the habits of the nato could not eventually win against a small county of six million people and it was never abused on an analysis of what
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gaddafi stands for. the bears i don't know that they don't know libya but i'm reacting to the police of the west dimitar he's asian doing for you know victory the idea of going after other counties the destruction of international law and other openly talking about attacking syria i mean where are they going to stop i don't know if you see that's that's really the may concern is that the speaker of libya as a dictator but the problem that the united states and its ally want to be i mean get out yes a dictator sorry but they want to speak what i want to speak about is the united states and its ally as a dictator on the world's kid or at least a would be dictator on the world scale and that's a cauldron for countries like russia china india brazil and so on to mount a pope of counterweight to germany fully of the united states that's my problem in the view of now ok just briefly nato mandate is to end its mission next month do you think it will stay on and we'll see something similar to what we saw in iraq
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where. they are probably where he about that but you see if they don't put boots on the ground then they have nobody to control the harbors if they do then they're going to be in trouble so either way i don't think it's a politically for nato you see the get f.u.k. gene which was supposed to be so easily lasted longer than milosevic in one thousand nine hundred thirty banks in kabul in two thousand and one then set them in one thousand nine hundred two thousand and three and of course then holland belgium and france in one nine hundred forty so i don't thing you know it's such a great victory and i don't know if it's wise for nato to be too cheerful about the idea of having no legitimize all kinds of intervention maybe they will that i don't think it's a and i see i mean it's not clear the herbalism them in their friends who have or because they were there when agenda which agenda they have i don't know but libya is a different country paracho might have to leave it there thanks so much your time jumper going to little rock a place there in brussels joining us live thank you thank you you thank. well it's pretty common to program this hour including random reporting for the countrymen
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ongoing violence the growth of the just a few reports coming from syria. and russia commemorates the painful seven front of us. that shocked the country in the world when more than three hundred people were killed mostly children. media outlets in the u.k. resisting calls from london's metropolitan police to hand over footage and photos of august riots police say the images could help identify criminals and get them through court action if the broadcasters and newspapers don't comply and it brings us no other details from them they say the spacecraft and that first search could contain evidence of crimes in action crimes being committed and therefore they could catch people. this following prime minister david cameron urging the media to take its share of the responsibility essentially said play its part in bringing these people to justice just as the general public has and so he media
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organizations to immediately hand over. police forces since then across the country particularly where the rights to place have been informally approaching their local newspapers local television stations so hundred over voluntarily and immediately both broadcast footage which is sort of almost ok because that forces will then appear on you tube and other video websites but also on broadcasts from the news space across and that's where the rub really is people see this is a freedom of the media issue and broadcasting and newspaper organizations approach say that they're going to seriously resist essentially to avoid being seen as the evidence gathering on of the police by the general public now there is a procedure for. proceeds and photographs the police must cry for. but it seems that the police and the government are willing now. because of the rights to pass that procedure really compromising the freedom of the press this is part of
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a sort of why is a crackdown on the media if you like particularly social media say facebook twitter and blackberry messenger which police say they have evidence of those kinds of media having been used to incite the riots people have been arrested for using social media to incite violence lawyers and civil rights groups are calling a lot of the sentencing just proportion of it particularly in the case of two men who were jailed for four years each for inciting the writes on facebook they opened up events and asked people to subscribe to them to go and bust up their local towns essentially and those are some of the toughest sentences those four years that have been handed down. by trying to outsource evidence gathering to the media the police will only make cameras a prime target for future rogers well that's the view of the investigative journalist tony goes. but i was very disappointed to see that david cameron in the
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emergency debate about the riots was actually saying and i quote the media has a responsibility to hand over pictures and i think this is absolutely appalling thing to say that's the sort of thing you would expect in a police state where the police can go down to the independent broadcasters and just demand footage details of people who've been taking film this kind of thing they go around potentially and raid their homes too so i don't know where they become is coming from on this far as i know we live in a liberal democracy and we've got a free and independent press the other thing is ultimately what's going to happen in a demonstration situation if you're going to have the crown turning on the journalist they will come even possibly lynch camera people thinking and if this goes through quite rightly in this case thinking that these people are actually this they're filming evidence for the police and this is an absolutely unacceptable situation police in the media are trying to do a similar thing in certain circumstances when a crime is just like in place and it's very important that both of them are doing
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it independently they have got forty thousand they told us hours of c.c.t.v. footage to go through and it seems to me that maybe they're getting a bit bored with doing that and they're actually trying to actually co-opt the press in britain to be evidence gatherers for the police and that would be a horrendous thing if it ever takes place. to syria where the government is accused of yet more vicious and deadly assaults on its volatile cities but with most foreign correspondents there are many under tight control it's hard to get balance reports and objective commentary what is really going to is one of the few reporting from the troubled country. mass murder humanitarian catastrophe a country on the brink of a revolution this is what you see every time syria pops up in the headlines but what is really happening in a country where hardly any foreign journalists are present there is even the implication that some of the images we're being shown have been digitally nipples manipulated and there have been reports available online. but you can watch of footage that was taken in bahrain and said to be taken in hama and it's showing the
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scene footage and on different stations with different backgrounds digitally dropped in so there are some very strange things that are going on right now an example of such manipulation is the case of palestinian refugees in the coastal city of latakia the stadium in the dark it became the center of the controversy when according to various reports anywhere from several hundred to several thousand people were gathered here most of those people were palestinian refugees who came from the palestinian refugee camp in the sunni quarter of latakia now according to the opposition forces and to some of the palestinians when they got to the stadium their ideas were taken away their cell phones were also taken away and they really prepared for the worst because you have to realize that herding large numbers of people into stadiums carries them would all be very macabre macabre association especially in this particular region so the ankle sprain has developed sort of a practice of hurting people in stadiums and i don't committing mass executions we
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went to the part of the city which supposedly came under fire from warplanes and navy ships and spoke to the refugees to find out what happened. some people walking around the neighborhood yelling there will be shelling from sea soon and everyone has to get out i didn't go anywhere just stayed in my house i can see the bay from my window and there was nothing in there aside from the usual patrol boats still gunfire did break out between the army and unknown gunmen so some five thousand palestinians left their homes fearing for their lives. we wanted to leave so that our kids wouldn't hear the gunshots we hear in our house and when there was a break in the fighting we went to the stadium we stayed there for three days then came back. and so did two thousand refugees only to realize there was no air and navy attack taking place on the city. we felt like we were lying to.
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the syrian authorities have long been insisting rogue armed groups are behind the unrest in syria and it's them who starts shooting first during demonstrations prompting bloodshed those statements are all but ignored by the media they are homeless syria is fighting in media war and it's losing it. the syrian government might have realized its mistake of banishing foreign journalists from the country a new media law has overturned that but there is no guarantee it will go a long way towards changing syria's image as portrayed on major networks in those courtsey syria. greece is in august debt is now out of control that's according to a leaked report to be presented to the country's parliament by a special budget committee facing a ruinous recession the country simply can't keep up with interest payments on its near half trillion dollar debt as e.u. leaders continue to bicker over greece's second two hundred thirteen billion rescue package in finland the money collateral in return for its participation is comes
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a portugal's prime minister declares a new wave of stereotype measures and tax hikes across the spectrum to meet the country's own risk you may not interest payments and james mead way senior economist at the new economics foundation has told me that he believes the leak reveals the true state of the greek economy. and the cat is out of the bag and to be quite honest the statement is quite close to simple statements of the facts greece cannot supposedly repay its there under under current circumstances the growth isn't there the debt is far too big and that simply no earthly way it's going to be repaid on any causal timescale certainly not by twenty twelve which was the original kind of hope of the other european nations the divisions that are in place right the way across europe now with countries completely unable really to agree on any kind of way forward out of this mess other than the essentially tried and tested and tried and failed methods they've heard here which essentially is give a bit of a bailout to certain countries then impose austerity measures we've got to bear in
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mind that this bailout isn't really about helping the greek economy and certainly not the people of greece who suffered under austerity now for eighteen months of the most dreadful kind huge cuts in public spending in services and people's wages rising unemployment and no real prospects for the future that's what's there to means that the bailouts really are always about trying to support the european financial system rather than supporting say the greek economy we are certainly i think in the early stages of disintegration of europe the deep rooted structural problems inside the euro system the imbalances that built up for the last ten years so i'd be surprised to see the euro continuing in its present form given the situation we're in at the moment. turn i thought that your some world news in brief this hour in our world update more than one hundred people mostly children and have died in southwest nigeria in the flooding that began almost a week ago thousands of had to flee the area with the red cross facing the huge task of looking after the downpours that began on friday also damaged bridges caused the dam to overflow and swept away several homes some of the floods last
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year resulted in some half a million people being displaced. the chief responsible for refugees arrived in somalia to view firsthand the crisis gripping the country hundreds of thousands of picked up by famine and a long standing war have been displaced by the region's worst drought in more than sixty years and in the refugees have fled militant extremists after they blocked vital humanitarian aid entering areas under their control. even to being warned to stay at least twelve kilometers away from an erupting volcano in mexico it's shooting ash into the air which is expected to rain down on mexico city around sixty kilometers south of the most active volcanoes in the region. russia marks the painful anniversary of the president hostage crisis in which over three hundred people died most of them children hundreds gathered at the school to lay flowers and light candles in memory of the victims the mourning will continue to the third of september marking the duration of the hostage ordeal which lasted for
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fifty one hours and fifteen minutes as art is really over of course the tragedy has left some wounds that simply can't heal. i saw one of the terrorists shooting in the back of a young boy and i thought it was my brother you know was among the lucky ones who go out of the school number one a law if it all happened seven years ago when a group of armed militants stormed to the local school on the first of september the siege finally ended on the third day russian forces answered the building to save the hostages after explosions rang out on to have a gun fire and risking their own lives they bundled both women and children to safety. it all happened within the walls of this school here more than i thought was and people were kept without water all food and in constant fear for many parents who had been waiting outside and praying the whole died on the last
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day of this each with many of their children but it's not the hunger wounds or the fear of death that are her darkest memories i can really remember the most terrifying moment within this three days it was when i thought i lost my brother i thought he was killed i mean his brother our survived she herself is now married to another victim of that advance and zero the tragedy united very agreed never to talk about it other courageous survivors have found the past a difficult road to travel four years ago in a bag packed his bags and left his native land of north or south asia in series for a new life in moscow it was a difficult decision for him but he says he never regrets. it is very hard for me to even be. so many friends died someone who. i don't want to stay here any longer it is very difficult for me though he gave himself a promise never to come back when september approaches something brings him here
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and he now never passes without stopping at the cemetery the location of this cemetery which is called the city of angels was not chosen by accident it is who is on the road that leads to the region's airports so everyone who this is the republic will not miss it so as many people as possible will stop and remember those dog days and those innocent lives that would take care. and i did the question are artsy reporting from north or south you're pretty far but it's possibly our no business news is next with you there with us live here in moscow. time for your business update he ukraine has played a new card in its energy of battle with russian state from nuff to cost has struck a deal with shell to jointly develop gas on the korean territory in the meantime keefe a struggling to persuade gas at
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a lower price archies i don't see the shots he has the details. the gas deals between russia and ukraine signed two thousand and nine have again found themselves in the spotlight over the last several weeks ukraine is insisting that it's playing a very high price for the russian guys i'd like to remind our viewers that now for the time being ukraine praises up to four hundred dollars per one thousand cubic meters of gas which it buys from russia now and the ukrainian government insists that the price is too high and one cent of the contract signed two thousand and nine which we prime minister putin and. back then prime minister to much and go to be revised and the price changed to a lower one at the same time wender stand the position of moscow that. ukraine doesn't want to bargain on the price and it wants something in return for a discount on the russian gas which ukraine has been buying over the last decade or so but at the same time we also understand that ukraine is looking to diversify its
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gas supplies we understand that it is due to sign a major agreement with the shell company on the exploration and the development of shale gas in ukraine it is still unknown how much shale gas ukraine possesses but experts predict that these resources could be quite huge and could be quite sufficient for you great to almost completely abstain from using the gas which advice from from russia. look at the markets knowledge moving the trends. of manufacturing growth slowed in august. so some data really looks encouraging few people in the us applies for unemployment benefits last week. was a strong sales in august moving on to europe versus the c. finished flat as best as move to the sidelines up to two days of gains. banking shown as a constant reports that a shake up of the sec's and may not come into force them to last twenty fifteen of the techs last one percentile says d. as investors from maine where e.m.i.
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was an impressive german economic times. time here in moscow equity markets are reversed early losses at the close of play trading remain chalky though as russia investors were digesting iraq through data on the effect trying to see in the last century your. concerns over growth into the economies let's have a look at some of the divisional show moves in the mice it's her bond was that in just a notch at the close it's says the decision on. partial privatization of russia's biggest lender will be made and the next few weeks telecoms provider will start apostles down in the stake over regional mobile operators. applied to the remaining fifty percent stake for eighteen million dollars and he was seeing strong gains after posting record high tough results but step profits rose one hundred thirteen percent to one point eight billion dollars. now you know why from
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troika dollars says the trend of the market is not. in the morning we opened if you don't just a different leave kind of correction in the markets we were both two percent gone and by digne day after the release of his numbers the markets almost recovered all the losses just so we will show in the morning. more good of the global picture as i said the mood is definitely changing and many investors are expecting positive for news from the fed meeting which will be later in september and also i think the markets are also expecting some positive news from germany that selection said the decision on broadening old for aids for euro zone in general. from troika has just wrapped up the trading date for that wraps up the business for some more analysis time.
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