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tv   [untitled]    September 2, 2011 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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the clock is ticking for girl gadhafi and his supporters to accept an extended deadline for surrender as artie's crew reveals the secrets of the ousted leader's underground city. a un investigation slams a deadly israeli raid on a gaza bound aid flotilla last year is unacceptable but finds israel's blockade of the region is legal. the international war crimes tribunal asks r.t. to hand over a unique interview with former bosnian serb general rocket launch this as the next army chief stands trial over alleged crimes of genocide. and the latest guest is going between russia and ukraine to get fuel from russia at
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a lower price bring you more on that now because well it's. pushing r.t. coming to live from moscow eleven am in the russian capital i'm marina josh welcome to the program well time is running out for colonel gadhafi and his loyalists to agree to peaceful surrender for levy and rebels have extended their deadline for his forces to lay down arms to avoid further bloodshed nato has vowed to stay in the country until the end of conflict and urge libya's interim authorities to negotiate a peaceful solution western leaders discussing leaving his future in paris have agreed to unfreeze caracas as it's for the e.u. saying it will lift some of the sanctions imposed on the country meanwhile colonel
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gadhafi whose whereabouts is still unknown has been recorded recently saying he is ready to fight a long guerrilla war artist worries the national delve deeper on the ground in one of good obvious bunkers thought to be one of. hobbs is escape route. what's been hidden from the eyes of the public for many years remaining just one of the legends about the colonel became a bailable once the rattle took carefully here it is the answer and took it up is underground city. the we are going down the sign in arabic at the hatch says the rats they sway this is what people in the call khadafi believe in his run away under the ground hiding from the rebels. there is no sound here of celebrating ration teams above ground it's dark and humid and scary some believe that gadhafi had built a bomb shelter are those that it was
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a facility for the market his intelligence services. look like living rooms like this one. others just like prison cells yet there were more exciting finding so i had this incredible rooms here just packed with electronics of all kind. look at this. it looks like professional equipment for surveillance a very very old. james bond type gadgets abound in maysan how many with notes similarly never having been used shelves we have cases blair and brown little and big cases from the paul till the ceiling has checked our three. is quite old one. this seems to be a briefcase recorder and just next door. and video recordings apparently
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taken with it is not is a day to find a device to create all the tapes looks like some of the secrets will never be revealed. as this is a big deal recall the of the interrogation of a cia agent police and guy and his his name all people as we've found here i classified marked top secret or that's interesting a book in an english bugs amongst us this is a book about legal and illegal eavesdropping methods it was from here that the libyan big brother had been watch in its residents carefully some claim one of the corridor is that leads to the airport. no one can say for sure how far these underground tunnels through h.
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i believe four kilometers kilometers while they're. at protests in the country we wonder if it is he like we've just seen that could prove an incredibly difficult task. are to tripoli libya. well as you have more on the situation around the conflict in libya from activist mario francine joining us from brussels. well as we just heard and as we know gadhafi as valid once again to fight till the end promising a longer real a war so mr francine how realistic is this and how strong are nato and the rebels at the moment. difficult to see from brussels about what we can see is that until now there was no military occupation or intervention in which the population didn't resist so i think when they leave it's up to the libyan people and it's up to them to decide if they want to follow. need to or if they want to
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keep on truckin the independent development of their country it's up to them. you know yesterday our group called friends of libya comprising sixty countries met in paris to thrash out levy is future so how do you see nato his role developing in the country post gadhafi. everybody is focusing now on this conference in paris about don't forget the war is still waging in libya. of nato still continue on several cities so we have to see this come from another means of the nato to impose their agenda. foreign minister of the belgium foreign affairs of belgium of or running governments was very clear this morning here in russia on the radio he said we will lift. the blockade of summer. the money but the rest will only be. listed as to what they will only be lifted once the rebel show what we want to see
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so he's using it already now to blackmail their forum with alliance on the ground the c n t and it's not the only thing we also hear about world bank i.m.f. want to give loans so what we see happening now is that the nato western countries are trying to impose their will on the sea and to other means until now the sea and he was defending completely on the nato to advance on the ground now apparently they seem to have some control still with nato bombing got a second the gender imposed and now. libya and the development of the western interests the money and using the money that belongs to the libyan people international loans the world bank and i.m.f. and we all know what they want to impose on countries where they give loans oh no just. that it was strangely view until the end of the war so could there be all carrier motives behind this decision. i didn't expect that they would
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leave before the end of the war it's their war and without nato bombing the war could be finished very soon so what we saw in the beginning of the rebellion but it's not only that the minister of defense said just after the attack people leave that it's not only for libya that the belgian sixteen's for example or their what they want to be active in the dejan which is destabilized because of pollution so i think we cannot isolate the presence of the nato or link it only to libya i think nato and the us can come from other interests in the area of evolution in egypt and to miss one of them so i think nato will not leave will not leave libya we all know one of the one of the important visions for this war was a military base to have them in the big. forget the americans and the british. and the beginning of the seventy's after the revolution and they want to come back
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and when they find that it's not all that it they want to stay it's that agenda that i want to. thanks very much indeed for sharing your views with us here on the program mario francine joining us from brussels thank you. for the e.u. is to place an embargo on syrian oil imports later on friday which will deprive president main source of cash this as a u.k. u.s. and france push for harsher sanctions while before explained to death and torture of hundreds of opposition supporters russia is strongly opposed to a u.n. resolution against syria foreign minister sergei lavrov has blamed the international community for creating tension in the country and as artie's ringo has been finding out not all syrians are unhappy with the our government. we are in one of the poorest areas of the city of homes that this is where generally people are said to gather and then proceed on to the center of homes in demonstrations
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this is where most of the rests help and as you can see this is a very lively area as we said something like so this would happen so it's more of an event now when we talk to people they told us that the majority of it on their own residue probably in the city happened because of the religious basis they're not against the government they're not for any political matter this is most of the things that do happen in homes most of the controversy that does happen it holds the problems all the religious basis of all the differences between the allawi and the sunni muslims the stakes you know there have been no takes now that we have seen we did see some i mean residents we charge trying to keep the area under control or to prevent the invests their religious groups but other than that we haven't seen or heard any shooting we haven't seen any tanks and why freely seems to be running the way it's usually runs until of course television crews show. often starts filming in the middle of the day now we also have been in one of the
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most dangerous areas of holmes another home right around the time off the new n.p.r. unfortunately in syria the period after noon prayers has become somewhat of a traditional time for people to take to the streets and for violence to break out but we were lucky there was no violence this time around. a report and there it was hard to live from moscow coming up later in the program russia ukraine european consumers survive and now their gas route as moscow and kiev ballad out over energy prices. a un investigation has declared that israel used excessive force during its raid on a gaza about a foothill last year however the report of tain by the new york times found that israel's blockade of gaza these illegal nine activists were shot dead by commandos who boarded the turkish ship artie's policy or has the story. so you know significant findings of this u.n. report deal with the way the israeli commando unit handled the raid on board the
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mother that was the largest vehicle that took part in that first photo and it was the very thought on which nine turkish citizens were killed to quote the report it did of the israelis have behaved in an executive and reasonable manner and that the loss of life was unacceptable now the report says it has forensic evidence that points to the fact that those who've been killed was shot multiple times in the past and at close range and it criticizes the paces that the israelis said mrs not adequately accounting to this report also says that the way the crew and passengers were dealt with these rate five israeli after the raid and was what they call significant mistreatment it says that they were basically in this handled it says it was intimidation harassment and that they belongings and justifiably confiscated it on the other hand the source also says that israel's controversial is located on gaza it is not illegal it is it does comply with international law and enough that the israeli soldiers have ordered that ship did place significant organized and
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violent resistance that did require them to respond in a violent manner to protect themselves later this month on the twentieth of september the palestinian leadership will be appealing to the united nations general assembly to accept their unilateral declaration of a palestinian state so certainly the timing of this report is significant now throughout the week there have been reports are these really government and israeli army arming the roughly half a million israeli settlers who live on land that would potentially become part of a palestinian state now the israelis have been criticized for inflaming the situation by arming sickness or essentially trying to create a situation that will ultimately lead to violence and the palestinian leadership has been accusing tel of their ads trying to present them in a bad light ahead of the september vote because of course israel is against it and . as much support as it can internationally all countries not to support the palestinian declaration of statehood obviously are reporting there meanwhile the
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u.s. congress is considering a bill introduced by republican lawmaker that would cut off american funding to any u.n. body that recognizes palestinian statehood the obama administration is staunchly opposed to the bill saying it would undermine america's international standing. is a cross events in new york. this proposed legislation was put forth by us late and she's the chairman of the house foreign affairs committee and she is also a staunch supporter of israel part of this legislation calls for the u.s. to change the way that it's financing the united nations it wants her bill calls for washington to choose voluntarily choose the programs the u.n. programs that it wants to fund and contribute you know currently the united states is the biggest contributor and financier of the united nations comprising twenty two percent of its the one square budget and paying for twenty five percent of its
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peacekeeping missions now this bill proposed by ross later in also calls for all the funding to peacekeeping missions to stop and halt until reform is put in place those peacekeeping missions also include the u.n. relief and works agency which the palestinian refugees since bill also says that all finding for u.n. agencies or programs that support palestinians and membership to the united nations would and immediately now lated in did accuse. of scheming to get membership out of the united nations while not recognizing israel's right to exist she has openly said that of course the timing is not a coincidence she introduces this bill in this legislation to stop policy and from seeking membership at the united nations this bill proposed by a u.s.
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congresswoman puts the u.s. at a very weak position it takes away its credibility at the united nations because clearly this extends far beyond diplomacy this looks more like arm twisting. now reporting there the international war crimes tribunal has asked our team to provide a unique interview with former bosnian serb general rocking large. which the channel managed to obtain the interview was recorded shortly after the alleged massacre in ninety ninety five four which is now standing trial in the hague speaking to journalists the army chief made serious allegations against un peacekeepers in bosnia and he says now he has the details. what was an archive of never before seen video footage of that interview before our t.v. published it summit two weeks ago very serious claims there and really that's what makes it so shocking that the tribunals missed this what could be very important evidence in the trial of course will fully cooperate and hand over that video
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footage to help with the ongoing proceedings in the hague i just want to give you an idea of what exactly was said in that interview one of the strongest statements as we see it and i'm quoting here is instead of disarming the muslim formations as they had committed themselves to doing the united nations forces trying to those safe areas into terrorist and fundamentalist bases where our villages and towns were attacked now malott it also goes on to say that he believes the un was smuggling weapons into demilitarized zone so you can see the severity of these claims and how they could possibly be very important evidence and again shocking really that they hate tribunals this this type of first off because it was filmed in one thousand nine hundred five just after the seventies a massacre which is one of the atrocities that melodic shiz is being accused of why he's standing trial in the first place and second of all it was filmed by a western t.v. station is available in the bosnian archives of very surprising that this is video
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footage which could certainly be a very important moments and very important material in the trial dismissed by the tribunals and its eighteen years of existence the tribunals has faced harsh criticism about it being biased it's fierce his critics go on to say that it's a political show not a court of law and this is going to not weaken those claims and by this i mean of course this latest news that the tribe you know mr what could be very important evidence and part of the fact the reason i should say and what these critics base their facts on is that seventy percent of the indictments that the court has issued have all been against serbs and when you look at. who is being tried over the past almost two decades you could say when you look at the serb side in the other non serb generals or officials that have been tried a lot of them have been given much lesser sentences by some of them have even been acquitted and again this latest if you will missing of evidence by the tribunals is
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not going to help in criticism that the hague is in fact. in our reporting there. russia is marking the painful anniversary of the beslan tragedy when over three hundred thirty people died after terrorists took over a school and the republic of north a city of seven years ago hundreds gathered at the school to lay flowers and white candles in memory of the victims more than half of whom were children people also brought bottles of water remembering how around a thousand hostages suffered from severe dehydration during the three day siege period of mourning began on september the first and will last for fifty one hours and fifty minutes exaggeration of the ordeal. our web site r t dot com has more stories for you anytime you want here's a taste of what's online for you today a railway accident causes a toxic leak and rushes you rolls with clouds of bromine gas covering the city.
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and over three hundred thousand dollars in taxpayers' money funds a questionable public service in washington d.c. as a cash goes towards opening a strip club for more go to our tea dot com. it's a delicate yet highly explosive issue of russian gas dominating relations between moscow and kiev right now ukraine wants to renegotiate a deal signed by the country's x. prime minister you would go back in two thousand and nine and slash the price it pays but russia says its neighbor offers nothing in return and is a serious ask your reports key of c. attitude has let it seriously very slow. for the past two months angry chaunce have been filling essential key of streets from dusk till dawn. their slogans are different one says former prime minister yulia tymoshenko must be
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jailed others protest against her standing trial in the first place but both camps are united in their own happiness about the price he pays for russian gas one set in contracts signed by tymoshenko two years back. we need to revise the contract we need to make it more suitable for the two countries interests we don't need discounts and preferential treatment we need a fan price ukraine currently pays up to four hundred u s dollars for a thousand cubic meters of russian gas that is no longer within the country budget so kiev has been pushing hard for a price drop so that is the need for a cheaper gas but some sources say it may even take legal action against moscow to get the two thousand and nine deal changed. we often hear examples of similar lawsuits in germany and italy but in those cases there were flaws in the contracts in our case the contract makes perfectly legitimate it needs to be fulfilled all
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these warnings of a lawsuit like leave it tends to be our major partner the response from moscow suggests key of is not being persuasive enough. we need arsenals clear if he wants cheaper gas and integrate with a common economic space if you don't want parts can give us a good commercial offer like selling their gas transportation system to us we don't want any of those only discounts having stalled at negotiations is looking for another escape route it has signed an eight hundred million dollar contract with the oil guard shell to explore its reserves of shale gas potentially the biggest in europe but experts are skeptical saying it can hardly be considered a replacement for natural gas not to mention continuing concerns over its safety. chill gases extracted by hydro fracking that means special chemicals are added to the water to break up the rock formations components of these chemicals are kept
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secret by the companies in the united states and claim it's a commercial secret dark water laced with chemicals ends up in drinking water so shell gas development poses a serious threat to the environment and health. experts say shale gas reserves in ukraine will take up to a decade to develop nevertheless give claims next year it wants less russian gas slashing the amount of plants to buy by more than a third that's in violation of the two thousand and nine deal which could lead to drastic consequences for another thoughtful over gas price between kiev and moscow left many warring in europe but there will be another gas war and another disruption of supplies into the european continent but the russian energy minister reassured that the events of two thousand and nine will not happen again and that there is still enough time to find a compromise solution a look see russia r.t. reporting from kiev being ukraine. some take a look at some other stories from around the world and u.s.
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federal agencies set to sue a number of leading banks were misrepresenting the quality of mortgage securities soldier in the housing bubble bank of america and taking organ and deutsche bank are among those facing action and mortgage giants fannie mae and freddie mac. lost around thirty billion dollars partly due to the deals forcing a government bailout. in nigeria over a hundred people most of them children have been killed by floods have you were a nurse in the south west of the country caused the river to overflow and a dam to collapse damaging three bridges and submerging buildings the nigerian red cross said more victims could still be found in remote areas and rescue teams have not yet reached. we're up to date let's see what's happening in business carrying us here. i don't welcome so business operate its investor sentiment has calmed down in
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russia following a panic sell off in the beginning of august the market players are now ready to splash their cash the country's investment funds have seen a significant increase in cash flow in the end of last month which compensated for the previous loss private investors that preferring to park and equities probably than bonds with equities are considered to be more risky so equity funds saw. eleven million dollar inflow in august and i'm going to say investors are trying to make profit on the assets which got significantly cheaper during the period of uncertainty. let's take a look at the markets not all is losing ground on concerns about global demand as investors expect to use job's report to signal the economy is weakening pulses are limited by reports saying the strengthening storm in the gulf of mexico shocked maybe six percent of what the producing region brant blend is trading at one hundred thirteen dollars per barrel while it is close to eighty nine dollars a barrel stocks in asia trade lower tracking
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a negative finish on wall street's investors are cautious ahead of key u.s. jobs report later in the day tech stocks are among the worst performers would sony down more than four percent call makers there are also lower for u.s. sales up to your motor and honda and all of us share the payout a full two percent in the last two and a half percent. and european stock markets are down in early trading following a late slide on wall street and also watching the u.s. non-farm payrolls report the footsie is losing over a percent more of a dax is down two percent this hour. here in moscow markets are also pointing to the red both reality as in my eyes it's a losing over a percent this hour you see a sea of red across the board for the forces now let's have a look at some of the. vidual shambles otherwise it's energy majors among the main losers this hour made week of crude prices financials are also under pressure with a very bank down over one percent bucking the trend always points gold it's up
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a third of a percent supported by stronger precious metals. from talk of dialogue says the best bet for the moment liquid stocks. blood till it sees the major word we'll see a lot of in coming. weeks so i think just to recommend a stock you probably should true something from liquids and my favorite one is believe on it they just released really fantastic results if we look at the european brains which has many problems starting from very low margins and me with a serious problem with bed that's sitting on their balance sheets of these troubled economist greece spain is a truck so you could compare it with there's one hundred twenty three percent and these banks will never drops only twenty one and you've alluded margins of beer bongs it's six point four percent net interest margin i think none of the global banks has such
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a high net interest margin. i think america after the us has seen sales rise twenty three percent since the beginning of the year the pace of it that sounds good however the total russian car market it's grown twenty percent in the same period now the company has managed to keep pace with a boost from the government cash for clunkers program sales of new models have improved and those getting longer the two have fallen away with sales of four hundred thousand vehicles aftermath is still russia's biggest if you sell a head of chevrolet and. ok that's the latest i have for you here on business r.t. if they don't go away we have lights coming up.
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