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tv   [untitled]    September 2, 2011 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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if you knew about someone from months to freshen these. stunts on t.v. don't come. work log is ticking for colonel gadhafi and his supporters to accept an extended deadline because the red flags he's going to reveal the secrets of the ousted leader's underground city. a un investigation slams the deadly israeli grade all of dollars about a particular last year as upon acceptable fines israel's blockade of the region is legal. in stash of war crimes tribunals turns to all teeth for assistance of a child called general rather. welcome to provide a unique interview at the genocide.
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a very warm welcome to you this is our see live from moscow time is running out for cattle gadhafi and his loyalists to agree to a peaceful surrender the libyan rebels have extended the deadline for his forces to lay down arms to avoid further bloodshed nato has valves and stay in the country until the end of the great libya's interim authorities to negotiate a peaceful solution western leaders discussing libya's future and powers of agree to unfreeze the jackson's assets the e.u. saying it will make solid the sanctions imposed on the country meanwhile colonel gadhafi his whereabouts and still unknown has been recorded recently you say he's ready to fight on the longer run over seas with a national deep underground in one of the japanese bunkers for one of the hubs of his escape. what's been hidden from the eyes of the public domain. years remaining
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just one of the legends about the colonel became a bailable once the rattle took you pull it here it is the answer is on the ground . the we are going down the sign in arabic at the hatch says the rats they sway this is what people in the call khadafi believe in his run away under the ground hiding from the rebels. there is no sound here of celebratory shootings above ground it's dark and humid and scary some believe that gadhafi had built a bomb shelter are those that it was a facility for the mark of his intelligence service. live in rooms like this one. others just like prison cells yet there were more exciting findings i had this incredible rooms here i just packed
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with electronics of all kind. look at this it looks like professional equipment for surveillance of a very very old. james bond type gadgets abound amazing how many with notes similarly never having been used shelves we have cases where a brown little and big cases from the paul till the ceiling has checked are was there. it's quite old one. this seems to be a briefcase recorder and just next door piles of all do and video recordings apparently taken with it it's not is a day to find it guys to play all the tapes looks like some of the secrets will never be revealed. this
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is a video recording of the interrogation of a cia agent allison guy and here's his name. we've found here i classified marked top secret oh that's interesting a book about legal and illegal eavesdropping methods bugs amongst us it was from here that the libyan brother had been watching its residents carefully no one can say for sure how far these underground tunnels through which i believe for collaborators and kilometers simply in one of the core of the recent leads to the airport let's try to. that's not easy ok. here we are. this looks completely different the raster is here where we emerged in the city let's talk about either way we spent
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a while out of the ground it's not easy to recognize the area. let's ask the guys in the car. of our family that money. well got into my knee as far as i know this is more than fifteen minutes ride from bubble is here where we started our hidden journey which is the least twenty twenty five kilometers and this is just a fraction of what's buried there under the ground well while the kids are a priority in the country with the extraordinary facility like we're just hearing that could prove an incredibly difficult task. r.t. tripoli libya. as you have been started planning. a future political. nato is only following its own interest in that country. it's obvious that now that
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apparently the harbor's have won i think there'd be a conflict between the people who supported them and the libyan the future libyan government the prince of libya one thing controlled libya they want to make sure they're not too mostly in the north. and they want to control the oil but the libyans of the one agenda over from their point of view although the help on the the west crucial in their victory they will soon forget that there are no permanent friendship there permanent interests and we the result of the situation is that now international law is simply dead you can get a u.n. resolution this is lousy on lies or under a very hope or have no independent commission of the u.n. or anything like that trying to training mission or anything of the salt and then you go to war you very the resolution you do a war against the government of us are going down three and you topple it. with the e.u. it's a place and syria ponselle
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a strong fighting which will deprive president assad of his main source of cash this is the u.k. u.s. and france because the sanctions. the trap of hundreds of opposition supporters russia strongly opposed to a u.n. resolution against syria after our men it's a secular prof has blamed the international community create tension in the country and it's ourselves as has been finding out almost syrians are on the back of. we are in one of the poorest areas of the city of homes and this is where generally people are said to gather and then proceed on to the center of homes demonstrations this is where most of the arrests happened as you can see this is a very lively area every time something that's obviously happens it's more of an event now when we talk to people they told us that majority of it was arrested to come out in the city happened because of the religious basis they're not against the government they're not for any political matter this is most of the things that do happen in homes most of the controversy that does happen holds because of the
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religious basis of all the differences between. the sunni muslims easy to you know they're hoping no takes now that we have seen we did see some army presence we charge trying to keep the area under control or to prevent the unrest so trained their religious groups but other than that we haven't seen or heard any shooting we haven't seen any tanks and his wife really seems to be running the way it's usually runs until of course the television crews show up and start filming in the middle of the day now we also have been in one of the most dangerous areas of holmes about a home right around the time of the noon hour unfortunately in syria the period after noon prayers has become somewhat a traditional time for people to take to the streets and for violence to break out but we were lucky there was no violence this time around. so here's a quick look at what's ahead for you in the program bringing security to central asia show there were no heads together to find a remedy to take streamers there and drug trafficking in afghanistan.
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the u.n. investigation has declared that israel used excessive force against raid on the girls about it in the last year however the reported change by the new york times found that israel's blockade of gaza is legal so he has expelled the israeli ambassador refusal to apologize for the grade which killed. this. story. the most significant findings of this u.n. report deal with a great israeli commando units handled the raid on board the mother that was the largest missile that took part in that first photo and it was the this sort which in one turkish citizens were killed to quote the report it said that the israelis had behaved in an excessive and reasonable manner and that the loss of life was an acceptable now the report says it has forensic evidence that points to the fact that those who are being killed were shot and multiple times in the past and at
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close range and it could assizes the paces that the israelis submitted so it's not adequately accounting to this the report also says that the way the crew and passengers were dealt with israel dealt with by the israelis after the raid and was what they call significant mistreatment it says if they were physically mishandled it says it was intimidation harassment and that they belonging and justifiably confiscated but on the other hand the source also says that israel's controversial luck aid on gaza is not illegal it is a does comply with international law and admits that israeli soldiers have boarded that ship deface significant organized and violent resistance there and did require them to respond in a violent manner to protect themselves later this month on the twentieth of september the palestinian leadership will be appealing to the united nations general assembly to accept their unilateral declaration of a palestinian state so certainly the timing of this report is significant now
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throughout the week there have been reports of these may government and israeli army arming the iraqi hard a million is made who live on land that will continually become part of a palestinian state now the israelis have been criticized for inflaming the situation by arming stiffness who are essentially trying to create a situation that will ultimately lead to violence the palestinian leadership has been accusing television ads trying to present them in a bad light ahead of the september vote because of course israel is against it and . as much support as it can internationally for countries not to support the palestinian declaration of statehood. despite the un report and israel remain very much and i'll save this in a radio earlier we spoke. about a good teacher who is a member of the palestinian parliament and leader of the palestinian national initiative he believes israel cannot. i think israel is condemnation for everything. continuing that which is
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inhuman and unacceptable the possibility that comes because of the fact that on the international routes which is over and over but national thought of killing people we are hoping to get two thirds of the countries of the world supporting our demand for the collision of the palestinians. we know that more than eighty percent of the world population to the so-called no is the palestinian state and still you have companies like the united states and some european countries trying to defend israel and trying to deny palestinians that i have political commission that is another indicator that sure that much should be done pressure israel to abide by international law but we are optimistic about the u.n. we know that the united states will veto a resolution of the security council got this will not prevent us from going to and from continuing our struggle to get our rhythm going the same reason the same cause
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of all violence in this which is the israeli continuous that has become the longest occupation in modern history. meanwhile the u.s. congress is considering a bill introduced by republican lawmaker that would cut off american funding to any u.n. body that recognizes palestinian state is here part of the administration staunchly opposed to the bill saying it would undermine america's international standing up or ny is across the fence in new york. this proposed legislation was put forth by us late and she's the chairman of the house foreign affairs committee and she is also a staunch supporter of israel part of this legislation calls for the u.s. to change the way that it's financing the united nations it wants her bill calls for washington to choose voluntarily choose the programs the u.n. programs that it wants to fund and contribute to you know currently the united
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states is the biggest contributor and financier of the united nations comprising about twenty two percent of its the one square budget and paying for twenty five percent of its peacekeeping missions now this bill proposed by ross latent also calls for all the funding to the peacekeeping missions to stop and halt until reform is put in place those peacekeeping missions also include the u.n. relief and works agency which the palestinian refugees. bill also says that all finding four u.n. agencies or programs that support palestinians and membership to the united nations would end immediately now lated in did accuse. of scheming to get membership out of the united nations while not recognizing that israel's right to exist she has openly said that of course the timing is not a coincidence she introduces this bill and this legislation to stop seeking
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membership at the united nations this bill proposed by a u.s. congresswoman puts the us at a very weak position it takes away its credibility at the united nations because clearly this extends far beyond diplomacy this looks more like arm twisting. but i was. surprised the israeli congresswoman i see us own doing. the un now the international war crimes tribunal has asked r.t. to provide a unique interview with former general luggage which channel managed to interview was recorded shortly after the alleged massacre. in one thousand nine hundred five for which nottage is now standing trial in behaved speaking to journalists. made serious allegations against un peacekeepers impulse there and he said now if you tell us. what was an archive of never before seen video footage of that interview
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before r t published it summit two weeks ago very serious claims there and really that's what makes it so shocking that the tribunals missed this what could be very important evidence in the trial archie of course will fully cooperate and hand over that video footage to help with the ongoing proceedings in the hague i just want to give you an idea of what exactly was said in that interview one of the strongest statements as we see it and i'm quoting here is instead of disarming the muslim formations as they had committed themselves to doing the united nations forces trying to save areas into terrorists and fundamentalists bases from where our villages and towns were attacked now malott it also goes on to say that he believes the un was smuggling weapons into demilitarized zone so you can see the severity of these claims and how they could possibly be very important evidence and again shocking really that the hague tribunals missed this type of first off because it
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was filmed in one thousand nine hundred five just after the serbian it's a massacre which is one of the atrocities that malott inches is being accused of why he's standing trial in the first place and second of all it was filmed by a western t.v. station is available in the bosnian archive so very surprising that this video footage which could certainly be a very important moments and very important material in the trial dismissed by the tribunals and its eighteen years of existence the tribunals has faced harsh criticism about it being biased it's fierce his critics go on to say that it's a political show not a court of law and this is going to not weaken those inflames and by this i mean of course this latest news that the tribunals mr what could be very important evidence and part of the fact the reason i should say and what could these critics base their facts on is that seventy percent of the indictments that the court has issued have all been against serbs and when you look at. who has been tried over the past
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almost two decades you could say when you look at the serb side in the other knowing that serb generals or officials that have been tried a lot of them have been given much last year sentences and some of them have even been acquitted and again this latest if you will missing of evidence by the tribunals is not going to help in criticism that the hague is in fact bias. that was aussies correspondence and he said now he wants the full version of that you need not to join our website dot com. now the russian president says north korea is ready to strengthen economic political and security ties without gonna stand need to demand that it's taking part in a central asian summit that brings together leaders from afghanistan a podcast on and as you can stand going to graduate is following the meeting in the capital day for us i get to be the best certainly a number of challenges facing the central asian region how do the leaders plan to
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tackle them with. a more investments and not military operations that's how president made various describe today the best possible remedy for the region crude with drugs newer and economic instability oh well maybe the world's wonder whether success is even possible in this region of central asia the leaders of the so-called war that is russia afghanistan pakistan and the stunt show today there are commitments to support a stable safe and prosperous a pianist and security around the russia central asia is of course traditional sphere of interests and it has always been very sensitive to stability which the afghan war is causing in the region islamic radicalism and drug trafficking stemming from again a stand in pakistan in particular are the main security threats that russia is sold in food and yes and so for dmitry medvedev said today the summit could be warded.
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differently as sink or swim that is to prosper economically to survive the region should rely on its own investment on its own military forces on its own human resources it's good for an alliance as military troops are leaving afghanistan but new troops are told should be trained that russia is there ready to help foreign investment investment up overseas is good too but here is russia just across the border with hundreds of millions of dollars that is exactly how much moscow's ready to allocate behind peaceful goals of its neighbors these are the figures stated today by president bid last year most co-wrote the last portion of afghanistan's. a dozen billion dollars and also is pushing for new transportation energy projects all members of this dish on that board and plus india to bring all the countries together in other words russia is coming up with a solution which is very often overlooked when we're talking about some from asia and that is economic rejuvenation. ok you can very many facts about the idea that
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in the garage over there live for us from. algae dot com has more stories fewer anytime you want here's just a taste of what's online view right now a railway accident causes a toxic leak in russian girls with clouds of brain gas company in the city of chili alvin. and over three hundred thousand dollars in taxpayers' money on the national public service in washington d.c. the cash goes towards putting a strip club from all those are called. russia is knocking the painful anniversary of the tragedy when over three hundred people died after terrorists in a school in the republic of northern setting a seven years ago hundreds gathered at the school today flowers and like candles in memory of the victims more than half of whom were children people or bottles of water remembering how around
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a thousand hostages suffered from severe dehydration during the three day siege the period of mourning began on september first and would last fifty one hours fifty minutes the exact duration of what you. other world news for you brief for this hour now in the u.s. federal agency is set to do a number of banks a misrepresenting the quality of mortgage securities soldier in the housing bubble bank of america j.p. morgan and are among those facing action the mortgage giants fannie mae and freddie mache lost around thirty billion dollars partly due to the deals forcing a government bailout. in nigeria about one hundred people most of them children have been killed by floods heavy rains in the southwest of the country caused the river to overflow down to collapse damaging three bridges submerging buildings in nigeria and red cross said more victims could still be found in remote areas and rescue teams have not yet reached.
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american scientists or nasa the amount of space junk around the earth has reached a critical level they say that they could damage that lies even called space ships experts involved in the research you suggested using magnetic nets and giant umbrella's to limit the buildup of junk. in just a few minutes. rules the most poetic part of the russian capital that's after the business of carrying out. hello welcome to business here nancy thanks for joining me crane is preparing another move in the gas this chess game with russia the country's prime minister says here france to close down its gas and often enough this would allow it to revise all its existing contracts something ukraine is keen to do claiming the current price is too high now i'm joined by constantine singing of head of russia's
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national energy security fund. thanks for joining the program ukraine seems like it doesn't know what to do with one day's talking about i.p.o. the next closure what do you think will happen. so you know i think ukraine doesn't want to me doesn't want to pay because you know that company enough buy gas companies signed. into sales at night and bought two big ukraine doesn't want to play but ukraine was console that it's not like the behavior of the pirates it's like a legal person to show it so. an idea was to arrest the former prime minister. she had no legal. just to sign this contract but for me it's very difficult to imagine that the legal prime minister had know about you and just the scientists
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want to study strange yes of the as you said they began to speak about you all of the data said that soon there will be no not by gus have no contact between the five guys and guys but on the sole visitation is a very strange in my opinion the president of ukraine the prime minister ukraine this thinking that they're the most clever guys in the rule that is why they want why in these. find these arguments about the you know the best of them a the idea and their main aim of course is not to pay for gas. almost too and they will blackmail mosco and of course they will blink most. they will blackmail most school with a field goal for the beginning of the second guessed war i absolutely sure because if they said that's not we know enough to gossip. you to meals if there is no there is no legal proceeding to sell our guests to europe on two trains of our guests through war ukraine where you will get news that ukraine can take this gas from pipes and of course so russia will stop our exports to europe and the supply
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of i want gas to ukraine so it means the beginning of the second guess will i guess what i can guess was sorry to interrupt you but what would happen if they were to close down enough to guide us. in my opinion then ukraine will say that you for we have no go into the soul of a ukraine that doesn't want to play through congress sixty five go lisper along sounds like a big deal so it's today's price for russian gas so next the next step ukraine that we'll begin to pay russian gas from our transit pipeline we want to and as i said it will be the beginning of our next guests well between russia and ukraine and what if they decide to did to go for an i.p.o. is there a chance that russell would buy. i don't think so why because you know if ukraine the really wants to sell these shit to russia there was no need to organize
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these speak either way because it was much more easier to really talk on the iss this i.p.o. was them to give the call to him to focus brought on the other russian company to buy. the share all from the five gosho maybe not the content which will be the property that will ukraine pipeline system because you know that the position of russia is very simple if ukraine will give the pipeline focus but on russia we'll see. seriously the degrees the gas prices the ukraine the real big gas for the same price as we have in the russian federation that is why if they really want to give their share in the gaza west brom there was no need so we're going to have these. big data and to tell us these fairy tales ok well ukraine we know that ukraine's to develop shale gas in order to cut its dependence on russia but how realistic is that do you think. oh it's another example of blackmail why
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because the ukraine wants to sell to russia that there is no need in russian gas and they want to explain to us that soon they will begin the production of shale gas but in my opinion it's absolutely impossible why if you want to produce real gas you have the serious navy and money in technology in the water even special instruments for organizing. and it's absolutely impossible to do it during one the year so we have if we can see the situation united states you have a serious need maybe in three or five years to organize a serious production of shale gas if you have a quote if you have money as it was in united states in two thousand and five so that is why but ukraine you know as you know of course we craned already said that the consumption for us and gas will build in twenty seven billion cubic meters next year so ukraine. wants to decrease the consumption of for russian gas not after
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five yes but during the next year i absolutely sure that it's impossible because we have no example of shale gas production in the europe and i absolutely sure that ukraine will not be the perennial shale gas like a europe ok thank you can send you know i think this is all we have time for thank you very much that was a licensing of head of writing us energy security fund thanks that's all we have time for this hour i'll be back with more in forty five minutes. if.


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