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tv   [untitled]    September 2, 2011 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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turkey expelled the israeli ambassador in karts military ties with tel aviv over the country's refusal to apologize for the deadly raid on the gaza pound puts the envoy. that's a response to meet you in the port of their main tel aviv would you think it is a force that still finds that israeli blockade on gaza is legal i'll bring you more developments in just a few moments from tel aviv. libyan rebels close in on get down to these last remaining strongholds of the colonel himself a man on the run we explore one of his secret bunker it's revealed that the fuses the scaife could stretch way beyond the rebels. an example war crimes tribunals scenes inside seeds
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a kind that is nothing seen in the archive interview with the former bosnian serb general rock a beloved who is on trial for genocide it could be a crucial piece of evidence. a very warm welcome to you this is all to live for turkey is downgrading its diplomatic relations and military corporation with israel over tel of the refusal to apologize for last year's deadly raid on a gaza valid for sale or the attack left nine is killed a report suggests a u.n. investigation has condemned the use of excessive force during the incident assays paulus lear is in tel aviv. what we are hearing now from turkey is that it is expelling the israeli ambassador from ankara with immediate effect now is old
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refusal to apologize for killing nine turkish citizens who were part of that first go to the attempt to break the israeli blockade on gaza we are hearing from the turkish foreign minister that in addition to expelling the israeli ambassador they are also downgrading all diplomatic ties between both countries to the level of second victory and that they are freezing all military cooperation not initially took he had given the israelis the deadline of the publication of this u.n. report as the time by which they expected and were hoping and with planning for an apology but last night thursday the new york times published the u.n. report that report found that the israelis had used to quote it explicit and a reasonable force and that the loss of turkish life had been an acceptable the report also pointed to the rains it pours and those reports showed that a number of people who had been killed were killed with multiple shots to they back their neck and shots that were fired at close range at the same time the reports
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said that people of the crew and passengers on board there's a mother the mom or the knowledge of this all that was part of the thirteen of attempts had been significantly mistreated the report though did find that the israeli blockade on gaza was not illegal it's going to comply with international law and it did say that those israeli commando units that had stormed the ship were met with force and have the right to respond with force that is what in the past has expressed regret at the loss of life that it has so far refused to apologize because it is afraid that this will institute legal claims and that it will also sit some kind of precedent that will be very hard for the israeli government to deal with in future time and certainly is a graphic and in twenty days on september the twentieth the palestinian leadership will be appealing to the united nations general. they only took a unilateral declaration of a palestinian state now there are already growing concerns here on the ground that
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they could be violent at this time throughout the week we were following reports of the israeli army arming settlers there were reports that they were arming them with stun grenades and tear gas so those reports are the downgrading of relationships between israel and turkey comes at a particularly bad time when the situation on the ground is a really tense and could potentially just be exacerbated even further. of dogs in there of gore and the founder of the israeli institute for regional foreign policy says tell the has lost an important ally in the region at a time it needs all the friends it can get. these are all relationship to a totally different and no level diplomatic relations will be the slowest they've been in the last twenty or more years konami can be little relation. really matter of fact this is exactly the situation with ongoing negotiations of the past two months that really is a room tricky with american mediation it tried to avoid it fortunately so now we
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have let's one for a new division in a very important and muslim country and nato member if you are a very important regional player that is now a lot of that for quite some time. which is always expecting a very difficult diplomatic development with the you are in the whole mission of a palestinian state still ahead this hour starting a regime of the e.u. . a round of sanctions against syria this time targeting its biggest source of income oil. to libya now where the rebels are tightening the noose around colonel gadhafi is last major stronghold his hometown of sirte and fugitive leaders forces have been given an extended deadline to surrender which expires next friday to find already a message aired by syrian t.v. is that the rally to his supporters urging them to fight on against the rebels and
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may take the alliance has vowed to continue its airstrikes on loyalist forces saying the u.n. mandate to protect civilians in libya still stands the coalition's also moving to release billions of dollars of gadhafi is frozen assets to fund the reconstruction of libya but to score runs or things the west is just trying to pull the strings the country's picture. it's obvious that the apparently the harbors of one i think they'll be a conflict between the people who supported them and the libyan the future libyan government the earth the friends of libya want to go and call. they want to make sure they're not immersed in the not to use mummies then and they want to go on hold on with the libyans of their own agenda. from their point of view. the point of the thing was crucial in their victory soon forget that there are no permanent friendship they are permanent in their commute the result of the situation is that no international law is simply dead you can get a u.n.
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resolution this is largely on lies or on very probable border have no independent commission of the un or anything like the crane to training mission or anything of the saw and then you go to war you were only there has illusion you do a war against the government of us are going down three and you got bullied. colonel gadhafi remains a man on the wrong two weeks on the rebel forces able around tripoli his whereabouts are unknown and some reports suggest even have fled abroad that the rebels believe he is still in there hiding in one of his new or secret bunkers. went to ground for r.t. to gauge the scale of the challenge and hunt for. what's been hidden from the eyes of the public for many years remaining just one of the legends about the kernel the game a barrel of oil once the rubble to keep it here it is the answer is to get up is underground city. the we're going down
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a sign in arabic at the hatch says the rats they sway this is what people in the call khadafi believe in his run away under the ground hiding from the rebels. there is no sound here of celebratory shootings above ground it's dark and humid and scary some believe that caffie had built a bomb shelter are those that it was a facility for. his intelligence service some rooms look like living rooms like this one. others just like prison cells yes there were more exciting findings i had. this incredible rooms here are just packed with electronics of all kind. look at this. professional equipment for surveillance but very very old. james bond type
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gadgets abound in maysan how many with most similarly never having been used shelves with cases where can brown little and big cases from the wall tills feeling his check hours there. is quite old one. this seems to be a briefcase recorder and just next door piles of all do and video recordings apparently taken with it his not isn't a day to find a device to play all the tapes looks like some of the secrets will never be revealed. we do a tape. this is a video recording of the interim gratian of a cia agent allison guy and his his name. all people as we found here
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classified marked top secret well that's an interesting book about legal and illegal eavesdropping methods amongst us it was from here that the libyan brother could watch in its residents carefully no one can say for sure how far this underground tunnels through each but i believe four kilometers and kilometers simply in one of the corridors leads to the airport let's try to. it's not easy ok. here we are. this completely different the raster is here let's check out where we emerged in the city it's good to talk of by the way we spent a while on the ground but it's not is it to recognize the area. that's us the guys in the car. other men thought our
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family the money. well we're in the money as far as i know this is more than fifteen minutes drive from baba as is here where we started our hidden journey which is the least twenty twenty five kilometers and this is just a fraction of what's buried there under the ground well while the dark presence in the country with the extraordinary facility like we've just seen that could prove an incredibly difficult task original r.t. tripoli libya me it has libyans the good south the future our cheese pizza lavelle and his guest a big meetings role of the conflict and whether libya will move on to democracy will slip back into another civil war and you can see that cross talk in full in an hour's time here on r.c. . i think the challenge is going to be and we've seen this already that along tribal and religious provincial lines there are divides deep divides in libyan
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society and one of the concerns that i have is that it's unclear exactly who is leading the charge here exactly what the composition of the new council will be how long the transitional government will be in power and what it will ultimately look like it's really nice to have a change of government after forty two years the real challenge is what comes next and i don't really think that anybody knows the answer. syria is facing a fresh round of sanctions targeting it's all. you countries agree to adopt. france britain and the u.s. also calling for a u.n. security council to condemn violence a country. life for us now in brussels. the reality is there is this new round of sanctions will hit syria's all industry yes will you has
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a new round of sanctions targeting syria's oil industry and it comes into force only on the fifteenth of november because italy has asked for an extension to allow its existing contracts to be completed the e.u. does import ninety percent of syria's oil which accounts for a quarter of the country's income so. into the country now did this really chokes syria economically libya's oil reserves have been secured over this week as we've seen boy power so exposed here say the e.u. can safely go ahead and cut off its syrian supplies without affecting deliveries to europe as well as also mentions the e.u. also plans to expand the list of people within us it's a travel ban and other four top officials have been added to that list from the u.s. what stronger u.n. resolution condemning the violence. in syria russia is against any. such kind it's insists on social and economic reforms in the country and. you can see the
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situation in some syria but how good is their knowledge do you think of. most foreign journalists from the country so it's unclear where they're getting that information from there have been reports western reports that some two thousand people killed since since march an anti government protests there is some i'm sure footage the grainy footage that no one's a very far. more protests the infighting between religious groups in the country of course reports from syria. we are in one of the poorest areas of the city of homes that this is where generally people are said to gather and then proceed on to the center of homes demonstrations this is where most of the rest help and as you can see this is a very lively area every time something like television happens it's more of an event now open we talked to people they told us the majority of it i don't
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under-estimate to come out in the city happened because of the religious basis they're not against the government they're not for any political matter this is most of the things that do happen in homes most of the controversy that does happen on some of the problems on the religious base of the christmas tree. and the sunni muslims the stakes you know there have been no tanks none that we have seen we did see some i mean residents we charge trying to keep the area under control to prevent being breasts which they are really just groups but other than that we haven't seen or heard any shooting we haven't seen any tanks and why freely seems to be running the way it's usually runs until of course television crews show up and start filming in the middle of the day now we also have been in one of the most dangerous areas. right around the time often here unfortunately in syria the here. the afternoon has become a somewhat educational time for people to take to the streets and for violence to break out but we were lucky there was no violence this time around. we've got more
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coming up for you including an important piece of evidence brought to light by an r.t.a. a serbian prime suspect of genocide speaks out in a sixteen year old interview that was missed by the hague tribunal. the russian president says economic support and investment a what's needed to bring stability to afghanistan to meet them if there is an essential asian summit meeting with the leaders of afghanistan pakistan and stand around security between the nations are high on the agenda. a following developments. more investment and not military operations that's how presently very have described today the best possible run a deep well the region crude with drugs sure and economic instability but russia central asia is a porous traditional sphere of interests and it has always been very sensitive to
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stability which the afghan war is causing in the region islamic radicalism and drug trafficking stemming from again it's going to pakistan in particular are the main security threats at russia's seldom forward and b s and so for dmitry medvedev said today the summit could be worded differently as same course wave that is to prosper economically to survive the region should rely on its own investment on its own military forces on its own human resources it's good for an alliance as military troops are leaving afghanistan but new troops at home should be trained that russia is there ready to help foreign investment investment from overseas is good too but here is russia just across the border with hundreds of millions of dollars that is exactly how much moscow's ready to allocate behind peaceful goals of its neighbors in other words russia is coming up with a solution which is very often overlooked when we're talking about central asia and that is economic rejuvenation. ukraine says it wants to really gave say to existing
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gas deals with russia in the latest dispute and for prices kids ready to go as far as to restructure its gas giant not to counsel the lauer reshuffle of existing contracts that's called social business s. now the details on this are you get could this be the start of a new energy war between the two countries. are small the decision to close down not to pass it's like to actually to the situation when the contract signed in two thousand and nine between russia's gazprom and cranes not to guess is likely to produce well in case of a new deal because both parties will try to make most of it and while the interest of crane is quite clear they want to load gas price gazprom is likely just to merge with nafta gas. gas transportation system to be thought to rush through that in mind of save up the chance of disruptions to europe in case of another girl to dispute is there a low as both companies are likely to put their operation of reliable supply at stake we'll have more analysis of business in about ten minutes ok you're looking
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forward to hearing more from you in just a few variants. now the un hague tribunal has surprisingly missed an important piece of evidence of the case against war crimes suspect. it's now last r.t. for copy of an archive interview with the former bosnian serb general just a few weeks ago on the channel it was recorded shortly after the alleged massacre in struggle in one thousand nine hundred five and features large making serious allegations against un peacekeepers in bosnia artes and he said now we have a chance. what was an archive never before seen video footage of that interview before our t.v. published it summit two weeks ago very serious claims there and really that's what makes it so shocking that the tribunals missed this what could be very important evidence in the trial archie of course will fully cooperate and hand over that video footage to help with the ongoing proceedings in the hague i just want to give
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you an idea of what exactly was said in that interview one of the strongest statements as we see it and i'm quoting here is instead of disarming the muslim formations as they had committed themselves to doing the united nations forces turned those safe areas into terrorist and fundamentalist bases from where our villages and towns were attacked now malott it also goes on to say that he believes the un was smuggling weapons into demilitarized shows you can see the severity of these claims and how they could possibly be very important evidence against shocking really that the hague tribunals miss this stuff first off because it was filmed in one thousand nine hundred five just after the chevron it's a massacre which is one of the atrocities that mulatto chooses being accused of why he's standing trial in the first place and second of all it was filmed by a western t.v. station is available in the bosnian our costs are very surprising that this video footage which could certainly be a very important moment some very important material in the trial dismissed by the
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tribunals and its eighteen years of existence the tribunals has faced harsh criticism about it being biased its fiercest critics go on to say that it's a political show not a court of law and this is going to not weaken those claims and by this i mean of course this latest news that the tribunals mr what could be very important evidence and part of the fact the reason i should say and what could these critics base their facts on is that seventy percent of the indictments that the court has issued have all been against serbs and when you look at. who is being tried over the past almost two decades you could say when you look at the serbs side in that all there are known that serb generals or officials that have been tried a lot of them have been given much last year sentences and some of them have even been acquitted and again this latest if you will missing of evidence by the tribe you know is not going to help in criticism that the hague is in fact biased. even
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more so than a few with ranking knowledge in full on our web site www dot com as well as our you tube channel you cheap dot com stance russia today has a some other news that we have waited for you on line as well wiki leaks exposes a difference a cable revealing the gruesome murder of iraqi children of u.s. troops. and also online a new clear scare spreads around st petersburg of the large mushroom shaped cloud forms over one of the city's solid rugs. brasseries locking the dogs seven year anniversary of the beslan tragedy when over three hundred and thirty people most of them children died in a terrorist attack on a school in the republic of north thousands gathered at the side of the tragedy to lay flowers and pay their respects to those killed in the time the morning began early on september first two more used to be the school's gym but the hostages were
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held for three days without food or water it will last for fifty one hours and fifty minutes the exaggeration of their ordeal and we concluded on september third with a ceremony at the city of angels and cemetery where the victims are buried. thank you so now for a brief look at some other news from around the world this hour and fighting has erupted in sudan's blue nile stage it's the third time clashes a flare up in the disputed border area since cells that and that led independence in july officials the soldiers attacked several parts of the state capital including a government residential building about two hundred thousand people have fled their homes in the neighboring south dakota golf and region the decades long war for self dependence has claimed fell's lives of lives. militants have killed now drowned thirty pakistani boys he was taking the cross the afghan border was looking at a tribal border region incident took place on thursday where the children aged
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twelve to eighteen had been celebrating the second day of the muslim holiday and some of the group managed to escape and ran back to alert the local authorities both sides face challenges securing the disputed two thousand four hundred kilometer stretch of border between the two countries. and us federal agencies to file a multi-billion dollar lawsuit against eating the misrepresenting the quality of mortgages soldier the housing crisis that led to this sub prime debt scandal which last jives a funny way of freddie mac. more than thirty billion dollars resulting in a massive government bailout of america could be the biggest loser with j.p. morgan chase and co also among those facing action argue about with a recap our top news very reverse uli is here with business stories.
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hello time for your business update ukraine is preparing another move in the gas dispute that's becoming chatzky with russia and the country's prime minister says keefe wants to close down its gas monopoly not to cut this would allow trade ties all its existing contracts stone something ukraine is keen to do not joined by bush's last mission curve gas and power business development director at our booth media and thought thank you for joining us so what is the core of the gas dispute so the core of gas dispute repeatedly is that gas price actually so the departure of that was signed two years ago by a jeweler to show her. leadership the things that it's very very high prices there to pay for and they would like to reduce the price by all means so now we're here we see all different children from the government and we're going to bring you live issue to do something with that so they were trying the problem they have exhausted all the markets to. the president you know all those political stuff and
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now we see every day some musical relations from ukrainian some hiring to bring in officials who are going to just. cancel some part of the swords of russian. replace with some other sources today we heard that will be sold to close down enough to. company actually ukraine. which is again. a real are detail comment from birth so it just political to ration but i think because in their own the naftogaz the keyboard little. you know pitches in ukraine. yes from some problems if they're actually to european customers it's a very very awful issue actually for all three ukrainian markets and put european as well let's talk radio ukraine a. is likely to cut council buys from the country saying that it will cut gas and ice russia but what does that keep have and how real are they they do have
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a plan it's not they didn't actually. go public with their plan but actually to my knowledge is the big winner our launch some projects for indigenous production so this is the shale goes exploration this is the method. called here's this but ration this is just black sea shelf area actually exploration projects an elegy there know which received the different call him so far. before they are sexually different just nations so they're blind as they would live to reduce the gas usage in the polar sector and they would like to replace it by a call so but. to my opinion it's just all those projects who. could to please actually in india. it's not short term solution natural
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just like you said that ukraine is now up to guys like to be restructured or closed down even so how possible is that and what would that lead to so it's very sensitive issue because becomes far construct called the reason enough for us or ukraine are going. to ukraine and so are i think it would lead to disruption of russian gas supply not only to ukraine in market but to european customers as well which we were so we we know that what happened actually two years ago and two half years ago probably i think we're talking about not a gas war but i don't think the big parties will lead to type of solution actually . because they don't want to put a stake their education of a reliable supplier to europe right thank you very much it's not me. thanks a lot for your analysis gaston power business development director at our media.
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business bulletin you can find more stories on our website r.t. dot com slash business and join me for another business update in less than one last time.


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