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agree a peaceful surrender with a deadline set for next weekend could offer his whereabouts are still unknown has released a number of audio messages promising a long guerrilla war this week western powers agreed to unfreeze his financial assets at a meeting discussing libya's future in paris while new rebel leaders are seeking to restore order in the capital tripoli many people there say they still don't feel safe the conflict has seen thousands of looted and seized guns flood the country and fall into untrained hands as artesia marie if a national now reports. is a libyan rebel he got a bullet in his ankle fighting against gadhafi soldiers in tripoli but with a shot coming from his own side which. i didn't even notice until my friend told me that my food was bleeding he pulled the trigger by mistake he was himself. this is a reality of today's libya for when the rebels triumphant march through the country
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tons of khadafi is captured weapons have fallen into the hands of nonprofessional fighters one of the biggest stories was discovered at the top security prison in tripoli where inmates were released after nato bombed the area of the dude who's the father of three young boys refuses to appear on camera still fear of revenge from khadafi loyalists he was among the first at the scene and helped destroy the arsenal. i don't want weapons to fall into the hands of my songs or the youngsters i'm concerned where our country will be growing with goggles this is a very dangerous thing it's not a toy but with the country in war with arms it looks like libyan kids have already developed a fascination for the weapons of war but. when i go out i'll have a real one and will kill bad guys like gadhafi the new authority is savior of gathering up weapons through mosques and while police are back on the streets the
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young gunman demonstrate their readiness to. give it back to them as soon as they ask a stone which many here are afraid that this addiction may have a painful withdraw the gun has become one of the symbols of the libyan rebels and freedom for a new country though people want more peaceful symbols but fear that it will be easy for many to lay down their arms when the guard has played such a prominent role throughout libya's volatile history riven osha r.t. tripoli libya this week russia recognize libya's national transitional council as the country's legitimate governing authority moscow said it never want to gadhafi to stay but had disagreed with nato as means of removing him russia's envoy to the alliance told r.t. that nato is disrespect towards the un and determination to take control of libya where warring science. it's a classic situation when separate nato countries are waging war and meddling in an
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internal conflict of a country far away from nato is zone of responsibility but the airlines as an organisation claims not to be involved classic military propaganda would need to use the un resolution as chewing gum probably on purpose to show that the alliance today is equal to the un and tomorrow maybe even more powerful it's a dangerous trend nato is turning into the world's policeman and it's using the un resolutions turning them to feed their interests and not taken into account the interest of the people on the ground the rebels are united on lead by the desire to get rid of gadhafi and as soon as the common enemies defeated the opposition will inevitably face internal rifts and i'm sure that that will be the moment when some western countries will try to secure some military presence aiming to control libya's oil reserves. there is now clear a vision yet of what lies ahead for libya's new rebel government patrick hayes reporter for the online magazine spiked believes the transitional council's main task is proving its legitimacy to the libyan people. with the transitional
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government this being put in place what you have here is a government that's been cherry picked by the west these are people it's our intellect it's they also need to try and win the debate with the libyan people about why they're in any way more legitimate thing gadhafi the libyan people still do not have. fundamental rights as well as the securing us live of course they're trying to do it the moment they do win the debate but i mean also fundamentally in terms of securing the country i think it's the absence of that you see from the transitional government the absence of any real sense of what they're going to do next over than just implements the kind of blueprints that the west seems happy with this is going to cause real problems here in some ways actually rather than securing us the country i think is actually in the interests of the transitional government and probably noto as well for gadhafi to remain at large and they want him captured because that's the one thing they can unite around. it was an r.t.
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coming to live from moscow and here's what's still ahead for you in the program the international war crimes tribunal turns to our team for a copy of an interview with genocide suspect a lot of where he made serious accusations against u.n. peacekeepers in the ninety's balkans conflict. and the russia villages dying hour we'll look at why people are leaving the rural areas leaving desolate fields and crumbling houses were thriving communities once to. russia has the latest e.u. sanctions against syria banning imports of its oil sanctions piled more pressure on president bashar asad the regime according to the u.n. around two thousand two hundred people have died in syria during the government crackdown against opposition protests since march human rights group amnesty international claims over eighty have been tortured to death in prison but some including the syrian government say the media is twisting their reality as we now reports. mass murder. to be a country on the brink of
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a revolution this is what you see every time syria pops up in the headlines but what is really happening in a country where hardly any foreign journalists are present there's even been the implication that some of the images we're being shown have been digitally enabled manipulated and there have been reports about that are available online that you can watch of footage that was taken in bahrain and said to be taken in hama and it's showing the same footage and on different stations with different backgrounds digitally dragoon so there are some very strange things that are going on right now an example of such manipulation is the case of palestinian refugees in the coastal city of latakia the stadium in the dark it became the center of the controversy when according to various reports anywhere from several hundred to several thousand people were gathered here most of those people were palestinian refugees who came from the palestinian refugee camp in the sunni quarter of latakia now according to the opposition forces and to some of the palestinians when they got to the stadium
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their ideas were taken away their cell phones were also taken away and they really prepared for the worst because you have to realize that herding large numbers of people into stadiums carries somewhat of a very macabre macabre association especially in this particular region so the ankle state has developed sort of a practice of hurting people in stadiums and then and then committing mass executions we went to the part of the city which supposedly came under fire from warplanes and navy ships and spoke to the refugees to find out what happened we've argued with some people walking around the neighborhood yelling there will be shelling from sea soon and everyone has to get out i didn't go anywhere just stayed in my house i can see the bay from my window and there was nothing there aside from the usual patrol boats still gunfire did break out between the army and unknown gunmen so some five thousand palestinians left their homes fearing for their lives . we wanted to leave so that our kids. wouldn't hear the gunshots we hid in our
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house and when there was a break in the fighting we went to the stadium we stayed there for three days then came back. so did two thousand refugees only to realize there was no air and navy attack taking place on the city. we felt like we were lined to the heart of the. syrian authorities have long been insisting rolled armed groups are behind the unrest in syria and it's them who starts shooting first during demonstrations prompting bloodshed those statements are all but ignored by the media. and syria is functioning media war and it's losing it. the syrian government might have realized its mistake of banishing foreign journalists from the country a new media law has overturned that ban but there is no guarantee it will go a long way towards changing series image as portrayed on major networks even those
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carty syria. the rift over gas prices between ukraine and russia could and up in the courts kiev has been trying to negotiate a discount on the price of pays for the fuel but moscow says it's ready to stand its ground in front of any international body well let's get more from our who is in kiev. quality alessi so are we on the brink of another bitter dispute about gas between the two countries. well certainly this dispute looks very much serious and it reminds us of the events of several years back the gas row which left most of the european continent without their supplies a russian gas when ukraine suspended it now we understand that very harsh words are coming from both sides and right now we understand that the ukrainian president viktor yanukovych is saying that his country is being humiliated in the course of negotiations over the gas price and by the great gas price itself while also says
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that. the ukrainian. might take this whole negotiation process into international court in stockholm to resolve the case to try to have the two thousand and nine gas deals revised but we understand also that. position is that it is ready to take it to accept any legal action because it is completely confident that justice is on its side and it's ready to fight on the courts should this happen saying that until proper commercial offer comes in the price will stay the same and the negotiations will continue no the essence of this dispute this time is that ukraine has been very much unhappy with the price it is paying for the russian gas and right now it plays up to four hundred u.s. dollars which is a market price for one thousand cubic meters of gas and it wants a lower price once a discount at the same time mosco says that any commercial offer would justify the discount something like should that be there or merger of the ukrainian gas monopolist enough to gas with the russian gas giant gazprom or
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a purchase by moscow of the transport gas transportation system in ukraine now ukraine tried to find a very interesting way to have the context of vi's by liquidating the gas monopoly enough to gas the one which was signing the contract between moscow in two thousand and nine but most go firmly replied to that saying that even if the company will be liquidated then all the contracts will automatically pass on to its successor so even if not the guy seizes to exist then it would mean that the contracts will have to be revised only if the not to gas company will be merged with gazprom then there could be any talks of a possible revision of the contract so definitely the war of words is very harsh this time and we are certainly in the deep of a very certainly i have to do a very serious crisis now. well as he while the two sides are trying to sort out their issues what about the european consumers of russian gas have been affected as well by the disputes in the past and should they be worried they'll be left out in
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a cold. well certainly this harsh stance voiced by ukraine sent shock waves across europe many have been awarded whether there would be another gas war another disruption of supplies into the ruby and continent but for the time being we're understand that the russian energy minister said that something like what happened in two thousand and nine will not happen this time that there is still enough time to find a proper compromise solution besides the situation itself is pretty much different from the events of two thousand and nine russia is no longer so strongly dependent on the transportation gas transportation system in ukraine to deliver its gas supplies to europe we know that several new pipelines are being build ai right now the north stream by plan is due to be completed pretty much soon the south stream by blind will also be available in the next few years so the situation is different and all this all the statements all the rhetoric coming from moscow should reconsider the european consumers that the gas war of two thousand and i will not
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repeat again even if there will be serious gas conflict and possible suspension of supplies to ukraine coming in the next several months or maybe starting next year. ok i see things from much indeed for bringing us the. reporting from. hundreds of thousands of israelis have taken part in the largest of a series of protests that have rocked the country for months the demonstrators are angry at the high cost of living and want the government to revamp its social policies. following what appears to be the largest anti-government rally in the nation's history. it was the climax of nearly two months of social protests here in israel the launches that this country has ever seen now for weeks organizers have been dubbing the million man march they were really hoping that a million people would turn out on the streets of israel though we were hearing figures of some three hundred and fifty thousand that's three hundred fifty
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thousand in ten cities where here in tel aviv is the main focal point various speakers as well as artists have been addressing the crowd the rallying call remains that of social justice which people here are demanding that the netanyahu government change its focus away from issues of security to issues of social justice that people here saying that it is simply too expensive to live in israel for. the and yet instead of concentrating on domestic problems israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has been focused on the international stage on september the twenty eighth palestinians will go to the united nations to declare a state and it in yahoo has responded by arming sitters and trying to convince countries not to support the palestinian move instead of listening to the disgruntled messages at. one of the new surrogates we are hearing is where we use the pain but food that is a throwback to november the fourth nine hundred ninety five when the former israeli prime minister yitzhak bane ever been was assassinated people say where were you
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then so of course people here saying where are you now with people really wanting to come to the streets and make a change and make their voices heard this is the last social protest that is being planned for some time although the vibe here is quite hyped up they no doubt is some disappointment that the million man march was not reached. israel is also facing a rift on a global stage as turkey prepares to challenge its blockade of gaza and the international court of justice it comes amid a dramatic slump in relations ankara expelled israel's ambassador and severed all military ties over its refusal to apologize for last may's gaza flotilla raid on friday the u.n. investigation published a report into the. attack which killed nine turkish activists and found that israeli commandos used excessive force one awarding the ship but also concluded the blockade of gaza is legal turkey howsoever pointed out as the findings are not binding and it's the hague that should rule on the matter is really insists it acted in self-defense dr nimer goren founder of the israeli institute for regional
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foreign policy says the loss of such an important ally turkey will be severely felt . this is the exactly the situation that the ongoing negotiations of the past month between israel and turkey with a movie can be asian it tried to avoid unfortunately basically putting presented an opportunity for israel to manage its relation with turkey it with turkey moving forward the lanes with syria to more coordination with the us a defect that such an agreement between israel and turkey when there was a very close with eventually not ph is quite a blow to is there a legion of foreign policy is this approach of the mountain which is always expecting a very difficult diplomatic development with the u.n. because if you put it so now he has let's one. in a very important and muslim country and nato member. and very importantly.
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in last four years that for quite some time. our website our t. dot com never runs dry of interesting stories and video so here's why we've got for you today former policeman charged with murder of a prominent russian journalist anna politkovskaya pleads guilty and agrees to cooperate with investigators in revealing new details about the complicated case. also why americans are no longer a majority in the country with a rise in the hispanic black and asian population and a number of big cities all this and much more. in a rare move the un court turn to r.t. the sweet. for assistance in the trial of a former bosnian serb general accused of genocide in the ninety's balkans war the war crimes tribunal asked for a copy of a unique interview aired by r t in which a lot of made serious allegations against un peacekeepers during the conflict and as any so now we reports the hague might have overlooked an important piece of
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evidence in the case. what was an archive never before seen video footage of that interview before r t published it some two weeks ago very serious claims there and really that's what makes it so shocking that the tribunals missed this what could be very important evidence in the trial of course will fully cooperate and hand over that video footage to help with the ongoing proceedings in the hague i just want to give you an idea of what exactly was said in that interview one of the strongest statements as we see it and i'm quoting here is instead of disarming the muslim formations as they had committed themselves to doing the united nations forces turned those safe areas into terrorist and fundamentalist bases where our villages and towns were attacked now malott it also goes on to say that he believes the un was smuggling weapons into demilitarized zone so you can see the severity of these claims and how they could possibly be very important evidence and again
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shocking really that the hague tribunals missed this type of first off because it was filmed in one thousand nine hundred five just after the serbian it's a massacre which is one of the atrocities that melodic shiz is being accused of why he's standing trial in the first place and second of all it was filmed by a western t.v. station is available in the bosnian archive so very surprising that this video footage which could certainly be a very important moments and very important material in the trial was missed by the tribunals and it's eighteen years of existence the tribunal has faced harsh criticism about it being biased it's fierce his critics go on to say that it's a political show not a court of law and this is going to not weaken those and sometimes and by this i mean of course this latest news that the tribe you know missed what could be very important evidence and part of the fact the reason i should say and what because these critics base their facts on is that seventy percent of the indictments that the court has issued have all been against serbs and when you look at. who is being
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tried over the past almost two decades you could say when you look at the serbs side in the other non serb generals or officials that have been tried a lot of them have been given much lesser sentences and some of them have even been acquitted and again this late is if you will missing the evidence by the tribunals is not going to help in criticism that the hague is in fact bias and he's in our reporting there now let's take a look at some other stories from around the world former international monetary fund she has returned to his native france is the first time he has gone back after being detained in the u.s. for several weeks on sexual assault charges the former presidential hopeful was acquitted in new york he now faces another allegation of decent self interest and been on french novelist. cuba's the fans minister general julio castro has died of heart failure of the seventy five year old politician served under raul
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castro in the rebel army and was an iconic and revolutionary figure for cubans he was also vice president of the council of state cuba supreme governing body his death has drawn attention to the aging leaders still running the country. anguished police are putting pressure on the media to hand over all used and used food from last month's riots to help identify looters prime minister david cameron called them broadcasters and the press to take responsibility and this is the yard by releasing the material voluntarily but media groups have opposed the request saying they don't want to be seen as an evidence gathering arm of the police scotland yard set up with a chain of court order if it has to but investigative journalist tony gosling says the police could make journalists a target for future rioters. but i was very disappointed to see that david cameron in the emergency debate about the wrong was actually saying and i quote the media.
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has a responsibility to hand over pictures and i think this is absolutely appalling thing to say that's the sort of thing you would expect in a police state where the police can go down to the independent broadcasters and just demand footage demand details of people who've been taking film this kind of thing then go around potentially raid their homes too so i don't know where david camm is coming from on this as far as i know we live in a liberal democracy and we've got a free and independent press the other thing is ultimately what's going to happen in a demonstration situation if you're going to have the crown turning on the journalist they will come even possibly lynch camera people thinking if this goes through quite rightly in this case thinking that these people are actually this they're filming evidence for the police and this is an absolutely unacceptable situation police and the media are trying to do a similar thing in certain circumstances particularly crimes just taking place and it's very important that both of them are doing it independently they have got
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thirty thousand they've told us hours of c.c.t.v. footage to go through and it seems to me that maybe they're getting a bit bored with doing that and they're actually trying to actually co-opt the press in britain to be evidence gatherers for the police and that would be a horrendous thing if it ever takes place. the lights of a big city and the prospect of a better life is persuading young people in russia villages to abandon their homes across the whole country but as eager as can are found out the mass exodus from rural russia leaves those who stay with a struggle to survive. no hot water or stable electricity supplies to the nearest pharmacy the post office and grocery store or miles a week for thirteen or some sort of even variety is not the most difficult thing to cope with it's having no neighbors that. they used to be so many families living here but then some people died and some of their little who well everybody is gone now even the roads you know. it used to be
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a successful tiny agricultural community were everyone knew each other's names and celebrated birthdays together that year and has been here all her life but no nearly all that's left of the village or her memories this used to be a collective farm back in saw good times and now it looks more like ancient ruins rather than something which actually functioned not so long ago it's astonishing especially knowing that we are just around two hundred miles away from moscow. as a hobby sygate travels around the country and explores deserted towns and villages he says he's used to seeing tumbled down barns and abandoned houses even in these areas known for centuries for their great harvests. this is fertile land you can stick a pole in the soil here and it will have peppers growing on its one side and tomatoes on the other shore some of cultural facilities are still left in some
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areas but mostly the lambs are empty abandoned. official figures show that over three thousand villages in russia became deserted last year alone many small schools and hospitals have shut down there's simply no one to educate or treat anymore life in the countryside is no longer attractive especially for young people who are fleeing to cities looking for a better life when. it's not the village which is becoming extinct it is the youth reasons for self motivation people are leaving their villages for big cities but they often don't know what to do there so they can find a job or a family build a life. of course there are examples of successful forming businesses in russia but experts agree they're only a drop in the ocean and aren't enough to motivate the youth to work and live in rural communities and as many try to survive in cities looking for work because she sighed is dying out although some traces of wife still exist here and there it may
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not be too long before they fall silent together. but they will. know it when. you go to school or to central russia. well shortly here in r.t. we talk to u.k. opposition m.p. for his views on britain's involvement in foreign wars and that after a recap of the week's top stories in just a few minutes. the
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limited. to do. was.
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for the full story we've got it first hand the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers on. down the field official on t.v. application to i phone i pod touch from the i choose i'm still. jaunty life on the go. video on demand ati's minefield comes an hour. if you want. welcome back you're watching r t today's news and the week's top stories levy is
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new leaders try to bring calm to tripoli after capturing the capital but the massive flood of weapons onto the streets means stability could still be a long way off. moscow's slams that is new is sanctions on syria aimed to put pressure on president assad over his crackdown on protesters but doubts over the accuracy of media coverage coming out of the country are raising questions about who's to blame for the bloodshed. ukraine threatens to take russia to court in its push for a discount on gas prices but the kremlin claims it's on solid ground in a looming battle saying caves complaints have no legal ground. and hundreds of thousands rally across is really the nation's biggest anti-government protest the demonstrators demand the authorities turn their attention from security to social justice. well time is running out for girl gadhafi to give himself up to libya's interim government now recognized as a country is legitimate.


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