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tv   [untitled]    September 4, 2011 5:01am-5:31am EDT

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program the leading rebels are closing in on one of colonel gadhafi is few remaining strongholds warning his loyalists to surrender time is running out for gadhafi troops to lay down arms in his home city of syria where they rebel said deadline and next weekend could offer you his whereabouts are still unknown has released a number of audio messages promising a long guerrilla war this week western powers agreed to freeze his financial assets at a meeting discussing rebias future in paris while new rebel leaders are seeking to restore order in the capital tripoli many people there say they still don't feel safe the conflict has seen thousands of looted and seized guns flood the country and fall into untrained hands as artie's maria phenomenon are reports. is a libyan rebel he got a bullet in his ankle fighting against gadhafi soldiers in tripoli but with a shot coming from his own side. i didn't even notice until my friend told me that
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my food was bleeding he pulled the trigger by mistake he was himself. this is a reality of today's libya for when the rebels triumphant march through the country tons of khadafi is captured weapons have fallen into the hands of nonprofessional fighters one of the biggest stories was discovered at the top security prison in southern tripoli where inmates were released after nato bombed the area of the dude who's the father of three young boys refuses to appear on camera still fear of revenge from gadhafi loyalists he was among the first at the scene and helped destroy the arsenal. i don't want weapons to fall into the hands of my sons or the youngsters i'm concerned who are going to be growing with goggles this is a very dangerous thing it's not a toy but with the country in war with arms it looks like libyan kids have already developed a fascination for the weapons of war but. when i go out i have real life
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and will go back to guys like gadhafi then you're through as you say you go to gather enough weapons through mosques and while police are back on the streets the young gunman demonstrate their readiness to. will give you back to them as soon as they ask a stone which many here are afraid that this addiction may have a painful withdraw the gun has become one of the symbols of the libyan rebels and freedom for a new country though people want more peaceful symbols but fear that it will be easy for many to lay down their arms when the gun has played such a prominent role throughout libya's volatile history original r.t. tripoli libya this week moscow recognized libya's national transitional council as the country's legitimate governing authority the russian foreign minister said he never wanted khadafi to stay but that he opposed nato as a means of removing him saying principles of international law have been ignored.
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but. russia has never approved of the former libyan regime back in may president medvedev clearly stated that gadhafi should go but the way the united nations resolutions were implemented by some nato members and other states meant that the principle of the supremacy of law was being disregarded the african union and u.n. initiatives root node leading to an increase in civilian casualties however it was the protection of the civilian population that was sent as the major objective of the security council resolutions implemented by nato. we're absolutely sure that justice cannot be done using a mobile phone method. stephen brower front page magazine believes the fighting will go on in libya for some time to come even if the country's former leader is captured i think in a they do find the daffyd this is only the first stage of a multi-stage war in libya now the tribes are going to fight each other over the
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oil revenues or this law most of them start fighting this. now for transition council they already assassinated the head of the military i think that has to beginning of the problems this is really a tribal fight these tribes can be but this can go back and forth and who knows how long it will go on nato is in there like i've written my columns this is really a war about controlling libyan oil supplies they went to war against gadhafi because they thought they were going to cut out of future exploration deals and favor china and india so we had to be replaced now they'll tolerate a transnational council nato as long as they can get the contracts that they wanted they're worth billions and billions of dollars but have a transnational council starts giving a problem there will be more warfare to get rid of these people. what an honor to live from moscow here's what still had for you in the program the international war crimes tribunal turns to r.t. for a copy of an interview with genocide suspect brocken lodge where he made serious accusations
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against the man peacekeepers in the ninety's balkans conflict. and officials in washington have squandered sixty billion dollars in iraq in afghanistan a senate report says the money was lost in waste and fraud. russia has condemned the latest e.u. sanctions against syria banning imports of its oil the sanctions pile more pressure on president assad's regime according to the un around two thousand two hundred people have died in syria during the government crackdown against opposition protests since march human rights group amnesty international claims over eighty have been tortured to death in prison but some including the syrian government say the media is twisting their reality as a renegotiated now reports. mass murder humanitarian catastrophe a country on the brink of a revolution this is what you see every time syria pops up in the headlines but what is really happening in a country where hardly any foreign journalists are present there's even been the
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implication that some of the images were being shown have been digitally manipulate manipulated and there have been reports about that on available online that you can watch of footage that was taken in bahrain and said to be taken in hama and it's showing the same footage and on different stations with different backgrounds digitally dragoon so there are some very strange things that are going on right now an example of such manipulation is the case of palestinian refugees in the coastal city of latakia the stadium in the dock it became the center of the controversy when according to various reports anywhere from several hundred to several thousand people were gathered here most of those people were palestinian refugees who came from the palestinian refugee camp in the sunni quarter of latakia now according to the opposition forces and to some of the palestinians when they got to the stadium their i.d.'s were taken away. their cell phones were also taken away and they really prepared for the worst because you have to realize that herding large numbers of people into stadiums carries them would over very macabre macabre
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association especially in this particular region so the ankle state has developed sort of a practice of hurting people in stadiums and then and then committing mass executions we went to the part of the city which supposedly came under fire from warplanes and navy ships and spoke to the refugees to find out what happened. some people walking around the neighborhood yelling there will be shelling from sea soon and everyone has to get out i didn't go anywhere just stayed in my house i can see the bay from my window and there was nothing in there aside from the usual patrol boats still gunfire did break out between the army and unknown gunmen so some five thousand palestinians left their homes fearing for their lives. we wanted to leave so that our kids wouldn't hear the gunshots we hear in our house and when there was a break in the fighting we went to the stadium we stayed there for three days then came back. so did two thousand refugees only to realize there was no air and
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navy attack taking place on the city. we felt like we were lied to the. syrian authorities have long been insisting armed groups are behind the unrest in syria and it's them who starts shooting first during the history prompting bloodshed those statements are all but ignored by the media. syria is fighting a media war and it's losing it. the syrian government might have realized its mistake of banishing foreign journalists from the country and the media law has overturned that ban but there is no guarantee it will go a long way towards achieving serious image as portrayed on major networks even those carty syria. their race. over a gas prices between ukraine and russia could end up in the courts key of has been trying to negotiate a discount on the price of pace for the fuel but moscow says it's ready to stand its ground in front of any international body. reports from the ukrainian capital.
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we understand that a very harsh words are coming from both sides and right now we understand that the ukraine president viktor yanukovych is saying that his country is being humiliated in the course of negotiations over the gas price and by the gas price itself and also says that ukraine might take this whole negotiation process into international court in stockholm to resolve the case to try to have the two thousand and nine gas deals revised moskos position is that it is ready to take it to accept any legal action because it is completely confident that justice is on its side and it's ready to fight on in court should this happen now the essence of this dispute this time is that ukraine has been very much unhappy with the price it is paying for the russian gas and the right now it plays up to four hundred u.s. dollars which is a market price for one thousand cubic meters of gas and it wants a lower price once a discount at the same time mosco says that any commercial offer would justify the
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discount something like should that be there or merger of the ukrainian gas going up a snuff to gas with the russian gas giant gazprom or a purchase by moscow of the transport gas transportation system in ukraine now ukraine tried to find a very interesting way to have the context revised by liquidating the gas monopoly enough to gas the one which was signing the contract between came from moscow in two thousand and nine but most school firmly replied to that saying that even if the company will be liquidated then all the contracts will automatically pass on to its successor so even if not the gas seizes to exist then it would mean that the contracts will have to be revised will certainly this send shock waves across europe many have been awarded whether they would be another gas war another disruption of supplies into the reaping continent but the russian energy minister said that something like what happened in two thousand and nine will not happen
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this time that there is still enough time to find a proper compromise solution besides the city. way shown itself is pretty much different from the events of two thousand and nine russia is no longer so strongly dependent on the transportation gas transportation system in ukraine to deliver its gas supplies to europe the north stream by blind is due to be completed pretty much soon the south stream by blind will also be available in the next few years so all this all the statement coming from moscow should reconsider the european consumers that the gas war of two thousand and i will not repeat again even if there will be serious gas conflict and possible suspension of supplies to ukraine coming in the next several months or maybe starting next year. reporting there now hundreds of thousands of israelis have taken part in the largest of a series of protests that have rocked the country for months the demonstrators are angry at the high cost of living and once the government to revamp its social policies are his policy years following what appears to be the largest
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anti-government rally in the nation's history. it is the climax of nearly two months of social protests here in israel the launches that this country has ever seen now for weeks organizers have been dropping like the million man march they were really hoping that a million people would turn out on the streets of israel though we're hearing figures of some three hundred and fifty thousand that's three hundred fifty thousand in ten cities where here in tel aviv is the main focal point various speakers as well as artists have been addressing the crowd the rallying call remains that of social justice with people here demanding that the netanyahu government change its focus away from issues of security to issues of social justice the people here saying that it is simply too expensive to live in israel. today that the and yet instead of concentrating on domestic problems israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has been focused on the international stage on september the twenty eighth palestinians will go to the united nations to declare a state and it in yahoo has responded by arming sitters and trying to convince
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countries not to support the palestinian move instead of listening to the discounted messages at. now one of the new target as we are hearing is where were you surprised by the food that is a throwback to november the fourth one thousand nine hundred five when the former israeli prime minister yitzhak been ever been was assassinated people say where were you then so of course people here saying where are you now with people really wanting to come to the streets and make a change and make their voices heard this is the last social protest that is being planned for some time although the vibe here is quite hyped up they no doubt is some disappointment that the million man march was not reached. for more on the implications of the social unrest we can now talk to who is an analyst of the israel palestine conflict. that are asking thank you very much for being with us in the program now first off are the ongoing protests in israel
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a sign the arab spring has now reached the tourist state. well i think we are living in the region in the middle east what's going on in the region has had its impact here but we must recognize that the demonstrations on the social oppressed people in israel is very different from what's going on in the neighboring arab countries israel is a democracy and regimes are changed here through the ballot box and not on the streets but the protests here are about social and economic policies a sense that israel is heading in the wrong direction that the gaps between rich and poor are growing that it's harder to make ends meet and it's really an uprising of the is really middle class air south taking part in the protests what actually the protesters are demanding how valid are the social concerns of the demonstrators . the social concerns are extremely valid the gaps between rich and poor in israel have grown from
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a society to thirty years ago was one of the most egalitarian in the world today to the second gaps between rich and poor only after the united states we have a problem of increasing privatization a philosophy that our prime minister of here's two and what we've seen privatized in israel over the past two years are service social services which should provide to be provided by the government in education health and welfare we have teachers who are hired by private associations social workers who were hired by nonprofit organizations in order not to give them their social benefits and again the cost of living keeps going up and people earning two salaries a two family household with the cost of education health and welfare can not make it to the end of the month. mr baskin house concerns are exactly address there i mean are the concerns of the palestinians being addressed and also the proteins that are taking place now as you said the protesters. are upset about the lack of affordable housing in the country do you think this could trigger the government to
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further expand settlements. it could but i think that we've heard a lot of voices in israel when asking the protestors and those who are leading them where should the money come to pay for all these social services and to close the gaps. that come up quite often is one take money away from the very high military budget and the other is to transfer money which is going from the settlements in the occupied territories to building inside of israel proper so there's a conflict here this government of israel today is a right wing religious supported government which supports the continuation of building settlements and there will be conflict here but there's social movement has not been about the occupation it has not been about the israeli palestinian conflict in the big demonstration in tel aviv last night not one word was mentioned about palestinian israeli conflict with the occupied territories in jerusalem two speakers did mention it and applauded from the public but it's not
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a demonstration about war and peace it's a demonstration about social and economic policies well as we know prime minister benjamin netanyahu has been criticized for taking time to campaign against the upcoming vote on palestinian statehood instead of tackling social problems at home so what's your view on this. well i think that the government of israel is making a big mistake by not seeing a september twentieth un session as an opportunity for israel mr netanyahu officially supports the two state solution what the palestinians are trying to do is to preserve the the the viability of a two state solution by bringing it to a decision of the international community in a time when they believe they cannot make any progress in bilateral negotiations with israel so i think that the government of israel is making a big mistake by not capitalizing on the opportunity of trying to come up with an agreed upon you and resolution which could serve as the grounds for renu in
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negotiations with the palestinian the delineation of borders mortalities rerunning jerusalem on security arrangements this could move us forward instead we have a situation where israel the united states and some other european countries are trying to oppose the palestinian move and i fear that this might lead to another round of violence. the israeli palestinian conflict thanks very much indeed for being here this in the program and sharing your views with us. you're watching r.t. coming to you live from moscow and remember our web site r t dot com never runs dry of interesting stories and videos and here's what we've got for you at the moment. a former police man charged with murder of a prominent russian journalist. and agrees to cooperate with investigators in revealing new details of the complicated case. also why americans are no longer
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a majority in the country where they rise in the hispanic black and asian population in a number of big cities and much more is available at r.t. dot com. grief and sorrow could be seen all across the north caucasus town of beslan this week as a marked the anniversary of russia's deadliest terrorist attack hundreds gathered at a school in the center of a town where a group of extremists took around a thousand people hostage seven years ago visitors were laying flowers and candles remembering over three hundred thirty victims of three day siege more than half of those killed in these souls were children the ordeal began on september the first and lasted for fifty one hours and fifty minutes the exact time of the mourning period that has been held annually ever since the last day of the commemorations why balloons were released into the skies one for every victim. in a rare move the un court turned to our team this week for assistance in the trial of
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a former bosnian serb general accused of genocide in the ninety's balkans war the war crimes tribunal asked for a copy of the unique interview aired by r t in which a lot of serious allegations against un peacekeepers during the conflict and as an isa now it reports the hague might have over a local ten important piece of evidence in the case. what was an archive that never before seen video footage of that interview before r t published it some two weeks ago very serious claims there and really that's what makes it so shocking that the tribunals missed this what could be very important evidence in the trial r.c. of course will fully cooperate and hand over that video footage to help with the ongoing proceedings in the hague i just want to give you an idea of what exactly was said in that interview one of the strongest statements as we see it and i'm quoting here is instead of disarming the muslim formations as they had committed
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themselves to doing the united nations forces turned those safe areas into terrorist and fundamentalist bases from where our villages and towns were attacked now malott it also goes on to say that he believes the un was smuggling weapons into demilitarized zone so you can see the severity of these claims and how they could possibly be very important evidence and again shocking really that the hague tribunals missed this type of first off because it was filmed in one thousand nine hundred five just after the serbian it's a massacre which is one of the atrocities that melodic shiz is being accused of why he's standing trial in the first place and second of all it was filmed by a western t.v. station is available in the bosnian archive so very surprising that this video footage which could certainly be a very important moments and very important material in the trial dismissed by the tribunals and it's eighteen years of existence the tribunal has faced harsh criticism about it being biased it's fiercest critics go on to say that it's
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a political show not a court of law and this is going to not weaken those and same send by this i mean of course this latest news that the tribe you know missed what could be very important evidence and part of the fact the reason i should say and what because these critics base their facts on is that seventy percent of the indictments that the court has issued have all been against serbs and when you look at. who is being tried over the past almost two decades you could say when you look at the serbs side in the other non serb generals or officials that have been tried a lot of them have been given much lesser sentences and some of them have even been acquitted and again this late is if you will missing of evidence by the tribunals is not going to help in criticism that the hague is in fact biased and he's now reporting there now let's take a look at some other stories from around the world former international monetary fund chief dominic strauss kahn has returned to his native france it's the first
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time he's gone back after being detained in the u.s. for several weeks on sexual assault charges though the former presidential hopeful was acquitted in new york he now faces and other allegation of indecent assault from tristen but on a french novelist. all twenty one people on a chilean military plane which went off radar a friday afternoon are dead after several attempts to land the plane crashed in the pacific killing all aboard for an identified bodies personal belongings and pieces of wreckage have been collected along the coastline of chile's remote juan fernandez islands the country's president joined a mass to mourn the victims. he was the fans minister general julio casas ridgeway euro has died of heart failure and seventy five year old politicians served on their raul castro in the rebel army and was an iconic and revolutionary figure for cubans he was also vice president of the council of state supreme governing body his death has drawn attention to the aging leaders still running the
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country. the us has lost around sixty billion dollars in a waste and fraud in iraq and afghanistan over the past decade the us senate commission into war time contracting has estimated this week's report claims the money was lost through poor planning a lack of oversight and outright scams by u.s. contractors and federal employees pal also suggested implementing stricter measures to control spending to prevent even their money being wasted in the future and assistant editor at antiwar dot com john glaser says this report is not the first one of its kind but like previous findings it's unlikely to stop the pentagon so. this is just one report in the field of many describing such profligate waste in the american empire there's been previous reports about u.s. aid going directly to fund the insurgency that is the taliban who are ostensibly
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there to be fighting there is a report out done by the center for public integrity that investigates the pentagon's practice of the no bid contracts for defense industry corporations which is ballooned to a one hundred forty billion dollars problem in two thousand and eleven so this kind of ways to just widespread throughout the wars i'm concerned about they're not having they're not being enough of an effect from these reports the recommendations within the report sort of have the air of usual washington type advice build another bureaucracy to watch over for oversight in this. department you know hire an inspector general so on and so forth i'm concerned that the recommendations of this committee although their analysis of waste is very valuable and concerned that their recommendations won't even take place or if they do they'll be wasteful still . that's it for me for now i'll be back shortly with
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a recap of our week's top stories here on our team. loses loses. its tzu's.
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it's. wealthy british style it's a time to cut prices on. the. markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy in these kinds of reports on our. mission free mccrimmon taishan free transport charge is free coming from inside free risk free. to free. the old
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free board your own videos for your media projects a free media. in some petersburg she's available in hotels a story a. release on speed to kowtow to trip on his her toes the true story toto do go. into. the sea of others you visit. welcome back you're watching are the live from moscow and today we take a look at the top stories of the week new leaders tried to bring calm to tripoli
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after capturing the capital but the massive flood of weapons onto the streets means stability could still be a long way off. moscow slams the e.u.'s newest sanctions on syria aimed to put pressure on president assad over his crackdown on protesters but it's over the accuracy of media coverage coming out of the country are raising questions about who's to blame for the bloodshed. ukraine threatens to take russia to court in its push for a discount on gas prices but the groundling claims it's on solid ground in a looming battle saying complaints have no legal ground. and hundreds of thousands rally across israel in the nation's biggest anti-government protest demonstrators demanding authorities turn their attention from security to social justice. and now it's time for our special report on the anti-war movement in the u.s. that emerged during the vietnam call.


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