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tv   [untitled]    September 4, 2011 12:01pm-12:31pm EDT

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with a look back at the past week's top stories and the latest developments this is r.t. good to have you with us this hour the un's most powerful body should demand an end to the violence in syria move all parties into dialogue that's russia's view line by the foreign minister during a meeting with his brazilian counterpart on sunday. we strongly believe it's unacceptable to instigate the syrian opposition to continue boycotting suggestions to start a dialogue this is a call for a speech of the libyan scenario the brics nations will not allow this to happen the un security council will not tolerate how its resolutions are being implemented that russia has sharply criticized the latest in syria calling them harmful and ineffective in solving the crisis europe's imposing an oil embargo and want to further steps to force president assad and the five month crackdown on protesters claims more than two thousand people have died since the anti-government
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demonstrations began in march but some including the syrian government say the reports about the conflict are far from reality. among the few international journalists there and here's what she found. tarion catastrophe a country on the brink of a revolution this is what you see every time syria pops up in the headlines but what is really happening in a country where hardly any foreign journalists are present there's even been the implication that some of the images we're being shown have been digitally nipple manipulated and there have been reports about that are available online that you can watch of footage that was taken in bahrain and said to be taken in hama and it's showing the same footage and on different stations with different backgrounds digitally drugged and so there are some very strange things that are going on right now an example of such manipulation is the case of palestinian refugees in the coastal city of latakia the stadium in the dark it became the center of the controversy when according to various reports anywhere from several hundred to
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several thousand people were gathered here most of those people were palestinian refugees who came from the palestinian refugee camp in the sunni quarter of latakia now according to the opposition forces and to some of the palestinians when they got to the stadium their i.d.'s were taken away their cell phones were also taken away and they really prepared for the worst because you have to realize that herding large numbers of people into stadiums carries somewhat of a very macabre so macabre association especially in this particular region so the uncle saying has developed sort of a practice of hurting people in stadiums and then and then committing mass executions we went to the part of the city which supposedly came under fire from warplanes and navy ships and spoke to the refugees to find out what happened. some people around the neighborhood yelling there will be shelling from sea soon and everyone has to get out i didn't go anywhere just stayed in my house i can see the
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bay from my window and there was nothing there from the usual. two gun fire did break out between the army and gunmen so some five thousand palestinians left their homes fearing for their lives. we wanted to leave so that our kids wouldn't hear the gunshots we hear in our house and when there was a break in the fighting we went to the stadium we stayed there for three days then came back. so did two thousand refugees only to realize there was no air and navy attack taking place on the city. and we felt like we were lying to. the syrian authorities have long been insisting armed groups are behind the unrest in syria and it's them who starts shooting first year in the history prompting bloodshed those statements are all but ignored by the media. syria is fighting a media war and it's losing it. the syrian government might have realized its
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mistake of banishing foreign journalists from the country and new media law has overturned that ban but there is no guarantee it will go a long way towards achieving serious image as portrayed on major networks even those court t syria. across in libya now one of colonel gadhafi sons as been confirmed to have been killed in the rebels have surrounded one of the last remaining strongholds of colonel gadhafi supporters the town of bani walid southeast of tripoli the loyalists have been given until next saturday to surrender but rebel negotiators say they expect the standoff in the town to be resolved within the next twenty four hours. is in the libyan capital for all. bennett is the name for the tribe populate in this area one of the biggest li bin tribes and staunch in the devotion to the embattled colonel its plate a prominent role during the current uprising he libya since the beginning of the events here in february people from these tribes have been fighting against the
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rebels all across libya volunteers from this area have been dying for khadafy in basra things braga and in other cities they've been all the time ardently supporting the colonel who's provided them with the past weaponry in the past and actually khadafi himself as well as his sons tommy thought to hide in that area and that's why many here on the ground are saying that if the rubbles managed to take this stronghold that was officially mean at the end of the colonel and the regimes for the national transitional council have recently repeatedly been claiming that police safe tripoli is now secure and that rebels there is coming here from benghazi soon but so far we haven't seen is fine of them here if you live in capitals the situation here is very complicated the streets are literally all the armed rebel fighters with a clear agenda that the interior minister has recently claimed that the national transitional council will soon try to bring these people on that they control but
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as we can see here they're not quite successful so far here's my report about that . mohamed is a libyan rebel he got a bullet in his ankle fighting against gadhafi soldiers in tripoli but with a shot coming from his own side which i know i didn't even notice until my friend told me that my foot was bleeding he pulled the trigger by mistake he was so scared himself. this is a reality of today's libya for when the rebels stray off and march through the country tons of khadafi is captured weapons have fallen into the hands of nonprofessional fighters one of the biggest stories was discovered at the top security prison in southern tripoli where inmates were released after nato bombed the area of the dude was the father of three young boys refuses to appear on camera still fearing revenge from qaddafi loyalists he was among the first at the scene to
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help destroy the arsenal. i don't want weapons to fall into the hands of my sons or the youngsters i'm concerned where our country will be going with goggles this is a very dangerous thing it's not a toy but with the country in war with arms it looks like libyan kids have already developed a fascination for the weapons of war but. when i grow up i have real life and will kill bad guys like gadhafi then you're thor's you sayville soon start gathering up weapons through mosques and while police are back on the streets the young gunman demonstrate their readiness to. will give it back to them soon as they ask a system which many here are afraid that this addiction may have a painful withdrawal the gun has become one of the symbols of the libyan rebels and freedom for a new country though people want more peaceful symbols but fear of albeit is a for many to lay down their arms when the guard has played such
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a prominent role throughout libya's volatile history. original r.t. tripoli libya. for more i'm now joined live from the us by political satiric and author ted rall ted thanks very much indeed for being with us here on our team now we're just learning today that a key rebel military command is apparently calling on the leaders of the national transitional council to resign is this perhaps a signal that the rebel movement is falling apart now that gadhafi has lost power. well i have some sympathy for ishmael alsa lobby and his call to get rid of all the former regime figures i mean it's not much of a revolution if you have former officials from the ex from the government that has just been deposed certainly you would see any kind of division like that you know since in a scenario where revolution is not fully realized and that seems to be the situation in libya but it is
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a transitional council isn't it it's temporary so therefore there are going to be elections later so they'll actually chosen by the people of the moment is not acceptable that it is a temporary organization and he may need people with experience to be in that council. right well that's the argument and certainly but the more radical factions within the libyan opposition obviously aren't going to buy that any kind of revolutionary movement is an alliance of convenience but in the end you end up with what shah masood in afghanistan once said in the one nine hundred eighty s. in the war against the soviets first we kill the russians next week really not next week kill each other in libya they have killed there and they have effectively killed the khadafi regime and now they're going to kill each other well that brings me on to my next point we see thousands of arm rebels on tripoli streets at the moment but the leaders of the n.t. say you had to move their h.q. that do you think that really is then a danger of a power vacuum in the capital and we could see disorder there. well of course there's always that danger in
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a situation like this but i do think that there is no weariness on the part of the national transitional council as well as nato that they don't want to repeat of what happened in baghdad where the americans failed to provide basic security if you don't have law and order you really don't have much of anything at all and democracy and freedom don't make much and i don't have a chance of taking root as we've seen in iraq let's talk about the oil controversy and the rebels are said to be providing countries like france and italy with lucrative oil contracts and this is fair payback isn't it for nato to help in getting rid of gadhafi. well it's certainly the way that the world works whether it's fair is another question entirely i guess if i were a libyan citizen i would want the deals to go to the highest bidder and i would want it to be as transparent as possible but that's probably unrealistic at this point what's a little unseemly is how quickly this these deals are being made you know the government hasn't really taken root yet and they're already cutting these deals
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a little fast but those international companies are there already before the revolution so isn't it in the country's interests and there is interest for oil production to get back to some sort of water as quickly as possible and you need that expertise and you need those international companies who were there before certainly you need a there's a balance to be had between getting getting at the end of the major getting oil production up and running again but there's also the other issue to be can to be weighed as you know this is a new government they should try to cut the best possible deal for their people it doesn't seem that that's really on the table can we talk about syria now don't those deadly crackdowns on demonstrators that are being reported the moment doesn't that situation there warrant some sort of international action. well it does if you by the u.s. and nato is idea that every time there's a situation like libya or that there should be some kind of international intervention that very clearly that's not how things work as we saw back in the one
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nine hundred ninety s. in rwanda. you know it there's a whole there's a whole geopolitical mix that comes into play and if syria were deemed to be a good candidate for the u.s. or gauging or europe to dominate then i would say that assad would be on the ropes but i don't think it's going to happen all the signals are that the united states is overextended and that the europeans don't have any interest in this so i would say if i were mr assad i would sleep well tonight you say the u.s. is over extended now your there of course in the country as a satirist of course there is one point of view that you probably raised a few times that the u.s. economy which of course is in trouble at the moment has relied on the military industrial machine for years so you could say that it has to keep getting involved in conflicts to keep that cash lifeline despite you saying is over extended and we know the economy is in a bad way could we see another target appearing. well there is there's such
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a paradox you know on the one hand the cliche is that military ism stimulates the economy however it also tends to to run down an empire and that's we're seeing both at work here i mean at this point in the in the united states military ism is driving the political structure and it is allowing the system and both the democrats and republicans to distract us citizens from the big the major issues such as widespread unemployment and underemployment but the real economic boost that you saw for instance from world war two just isn't here because we're not on a total war footing although most of the gains go to contractors and so you know it's definitely a paradox that's sad so that the real question is you know what's going to win out here in terms of future targets the desire to keep that people distracted or they desire for. more that or the desire to work on the economy and see the
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balance still tips towards more militarism because the system still doesn't really take the economic problems very seriously joining interesting here your thoughts ted rall live in san francisco thanks for your time here on a thank you. well still to come this hour putting pressure on the press british police flex their muscles at the media telling news groups they have a responsibility to hand over riot footage of looters to help make arrests. and in harmony this is red square right now i'll bring you live pictures of moscow's annual wrapping up with russian and foreign military band showing what they can do and we will be there live very shortly for you as i say live pictures from the heart of moscow. across israel a furious public could be making sure their governments in no doubt about their
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anger with the largest demonstration in the country's history the social protests have been swelling for two months against the high cost of housing corruption and other living standards reports now from the biggest rally in. it is the climax of nearly two months of social protests here in israel the launches that this country has ever seen now for weeks organizers have been dropping like the million man march they were really hoping that a million people would turn out on the streets of israel though we're hearing figures of some three hundred and fifty thousand that's three hundred fifty thousand in ten cities where here in tel aviv is the main focal point various speakers as well as artists have been addressing the crowd the rallying call remains that of social justice with people here demanding that the netanyahu government change its focus away from issues of security to issues of social justice that people here saying that it is simply too expensive to live in israel. now one of the new slogan is we're hearing is where were you september third that
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is a throwback to november the fourth one thousand nine hundred five when the former israeli prime minister yitzhak been ever been was assassinated people say where were you then so of course people here are saying where are you now with people really wanting to come to the streets and make a change and make their voices heard and yet instead of concentrating on domestic problems israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has been focused on the international stage on september the twenty eighth palestinians will go to the united nations to declare a state and it in yahoo has responded by arming settlers and trying to convince countries not to support the palestinian move instead of listening to the discounted messages at home. oppenheimer told r.t. the people there are demanding more from their government to be a social rather than security provider. people demanding so she had just did even in a time of political and political tension and even till the attacks that took place
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in. the country people are questioning. the government this is why i know the economy is slowly sheen so. match a girl's school diffuse and so little for the many i think people have seen and gather them in that creates no hope in this function in every level that government needs to function on the political. lives there in terms of the political process the negotiation with the palestinians on no hopes only fear is in perceive beauty and also in the economic and social you see it gather them in that trying to tell people that what is all that is what they can get and that's the best they can get and in doing nothing other to improve the life of people this is what brings people in the street into the city they're
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asking for something else come up to twenty minutes past the hour this is r.t. live here in moscow a few minutes from now the war crimes tribunals to watch. the hague sas this channel for all kind of interview with former bosnian serb general recommend outage who's on trial for genocide we'll explain why. but first ukraine's rumbling over its gas spill again with a row over the agreed price with russia threatening to end up in court camps having trouble paying but just nationalize energy firm with russia's gazprom to bring costs down the kremlin insists the contract cannot be revised and will stand its ground and. reports. very harsh words are coming from both sides and right now the ukraine president viktor yanukovych is saying that his country is being humiliated in the course of negotiations over the gas price and also says that the ukraine might take this whole negotiation process into international court
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in stockholm to try to have the two thousand and nine gas deals revised moscow's position is that it is ready to accept any legal action because it is completely confident that justice is on its side and it's ready to fight on the court should this happen saying that until a proper commercial offer comes in the price will stay the same and the negotiations will continue no the essence of this dispute this time is that ukraine has been very much unhappy with the price it is paying for the russian gas and right now it plays up to four hundred u.s. dollars which is a market price for one thousand cubic meters of gas and it wants a lower price once a discount at the same time mosco says that any commercial offer would justify the discount something like should that be either a marriage or of the ukrainian gas going up a snap to gas with the russian gas giant gazprom or a purchase by moscow of the transport to gas transportation system in ukraine this harsh stance voiced by ukraine sent shock waves across europe many have been
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worried whether they would be another gas were another disruption of supplies in to be incontinent but the russian energy minister said that something like what happened in two thousand and nine will not happen this time that there is still enough time to find a proper compromise solution besides russia is no longer so strongly dependent on the transportation system in ukraine to deliver its gas supplies to europe we know that several new pipelines are being built i right now the north stream by plan is due to be completed pretty much soon the south stream by blind will also be available in the next few years so the gas war of two thousand and i will not repeat again even if there will be serious gas conflict and possible suspension of supplies to ukraine coming in the next several months or maybe starting next year. moscow's red square has been marching to a different tune for the past few days the massive annual military tatoos been taking place there drawing hundreds of armed forces performers from around the world to parade in the capital's iconic center the closing ceremonies underway to
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tell it nothing is there for us and. plenty of soldiers in the square armed with musical instruments so what kind of show of they being putting on. well it is a very loud and bright gathering of military orchestras from all around the world forty countries are present on red square today for the fifth day of the annual spa skits our festival that's been names of one of the kremlin's our savior it's our that's actually overlooking the spectacular show with us right now together with over seven thousand people gathered on the main square over more skate today for the show and many more while watching the live transmission all which had to be home as you can do as well by looking on to our website our live pictures for you there as well as pictures of the previous four days this is a spectacular show one thousand five hundred musicians from from here and
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a chair from north america from africa alongside each other and said come in french singer has become the headliner over this festival for the third yeah that's very mature she was present adds that opening of the specimen this year and you can see faces and pose young and not so young if this is serious today mesmerized by what's happening on the red square we saw people taking pictures with musicians. from all around the world and it is truly a great events when military orchestras musicians from different countries gather in the red square for the peaceful and beautiful purpose of music making when i was there last year to be. here working but of course this event also coincides with an important history doesn't that. well of course it's eight hundred sixty fourth birthday today so the festival point sides with the first this is probably the most spectacular a celebration for moscow that we're seeing on that square right now but besides
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that there were seven hundred seventy s. taking place throughout the russian capital today including open air concerts that picnics submissions you name it hundreds of. out hundreds of thousands of people are out on the streets of moscow and asked that the city center has been closed for traffic so you can simply walk around town and enjoy the beautiful beautiful celebrations that taking place this creates and that's where it's going to be full of by huge laser show later in the evening and many are saying that this is probably the most expensive celebration of moscow's birthday that's taking place this year i know hugh to a.z. show's going to be put out projected on the moscow state university the oldest university of russian media already saying that that laser show may make it to the guinness book of records. thanks very much indeed enjoy the rest of the show no doubt will be hear more from you
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a little later and of course we'll have live coverage of those city celebrations later tonight thanks very much in the meantime. beating drums to a usable tune red square. this week the spice military took to. the spectacular standoff. and. did you front row seats just. and enjoy the show. up to twenty six minutes past the in moscow british police have been putting pressure on journalists this week to hand over footage of last month's ruts in order to identify looters in action but media organizations are resisting the request to protect editorial standards and avoid being seen as evidence counters for the authorities police forces across the country approach media groups to voluntarily hand over used and footage let's go to yard said it would obtain a court order to force disclosure of the material if necessary that's what
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a journalist tony says the police run the risk of compromising fundamental press freedom. i was very disappointed to see that david cameron in the emergency debate about the riots was actually saying and i quote the media has a responsibility to hand over pictures and i think this is absolutely appalling thing to say that's the sort of thing you would expect in a police state where the police can go down to the independent broadcasters and just demand footage demand details of people who've been taking film this kind of thing then go around potentially raid their homes too so i don't know where david camm is coming from on this as far as i know we live in a liberal democracy and we've got a free and independent press the other thing is ultimately what's going to happen in a demonstration situation if you're going to have the crowd turning on the journalist they will come even possibly lynch camera people thinking and if this goes through quite rightly in this case thinking that these people are actually this they're
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filming evidence for the police and this is an absolutely unacceptable situation police in the media are trying to do a similar thing in certain circumstances particular in a crime has just taken place and it's very important that both of them are doing it independently they have got forty thousand they've told us hours of c.c.t.v. footage to go through and it seems to me that maybe they're getting a bit bored with doing that and they're actually trying to actually co-opt the press in britain to be evidence gatherers for the police and that would be a horrendous thing if it ever takes place. now let's bring you more of today's world news now in our world update this out a former head of the international monetary fund dominique strauss kahn has returned to france after six or so much as were dropped against him in the u.s. he was arrested in new york in may after a hotel maid accused him of attempted rape stross com was put under house arrest but later the case against him was dismissed by a judge as well as having to quit the i.m.f. he faces another sexual assault allegation in france novelist christine.
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wrongs first nuclear power plant is now putting electricity into the country's national grid work on the bush if a city began in the one nine hundred seventy s. but construction stalled until the ninety's when russia sent specialists to complete it countries have agreed that spent atomic fuel from the plant will be sent to russia to reduce western concerns that iran could use the materials to build nuclear bombs. also in a world update this hour tropical storm lee has reached landfall in louisiana in the u.s. as a state of emergency in the region as well as coastal parts of mississippi where evacuations are taking place to fifty centimeters of rain are expected over the next few days in the reason including new orleans which is still haunted by the katrina flood disaster in two thousand and five the goal comes less than a week after hurricane irene killed more than forty people in the u.s. . a british opposition m.p. talks about his country's involvement in foreign wars that'll be our interview for
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you off to recap of our main stories with. this in a minute from now stay with us. exactly
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here in moscow top stories now this hour russia is running u.n. security council members to demand an end to the violence in syria. descending into another libyan authorities investigating who's really behind the bloodshed and how much is on. libyan rebels a point across the last pockets of resistance from colonel gadhafi supporters with time running out the. israelis have staged their biggest protest against their living standards and three hundred thousand people gathered nationwide to get the government to spend more on social programs instead of settlements. and ukraine is turning up the heat and. demanding the previously agreed price is a cost of refusing to make any concessions russia maintains the current contract complies with international requirements and cannot be remind you naturally. one of the clock is ticking for colonel gadhafi to surrender libya's interim government the nash.


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