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tv   [untitled]    September 5, 2011 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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mission street apology. mr. jobs. the one must immediately urge talks in the syrian conflict as russia after condemning the e.u. sanctions which threaten to hurt the people not the regime. levy and rebels prepared to attack one of colonel gadhafi as a last desperate strongholds after at first to negotiate the surrender of his remaining supporters breakdown. and overcrowded u.k. prisons are breaking point as the government hands out jail sentences and a hardline approach to street riders and looters. also rushing. the opening as investors are worried over disability but global economic growth more of that in twenty minutes time business are.
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you watching r.t. live from moscow i'm marina joshing russia says the un should immediately call on all sides in the syrian conflict to stop violence and start talking russia's foreign minister says president bashar asad has already implemented reforms aimed at solving the conflict but sergei lavrov also admitted it's not all the syrian opposition members trying to engage in talks with the government a lot of caution against encouraging protesters to stay away from the go sheesh and last week the e.u. imposed an oil embargo against syria and warned of further steps if the five month crackdown didn't stop but as we go to school reports sanctions seem more likely to affect the syrian people than the authorities. now do you lose a master barber those small shoes shop was flourishing until it all ended in the snip. can you still. i would come from this forest twenty kilometers away from
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damascus but now the flow has come down. first came the unrest then the crackdown then the west's quickly stepped in with sanctions for. the economic pressure on the cheap the political. talk about trying to help the people of syria to achieve the magician aspirations i pursed all major credit card transactions were stopped earlier this month but that mainly affected foreign tourists because syria runs its own payment system and those with syrian accounts didn't feel the pinch however of the e.u. when the us are tightening their grip why because ing oil embargo and the massacres so well not have any probable impact on the people here but one corner or sanctions will have a negative effect on syrian economy it's a diversified economy with a stable death which gives it a searing immunity against these sanctions. and this is not just government gloss
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in the face of imposed adversity syrian opposition figures are also i'm convinced what for a different reason the. government have chosen their path and no matter what measures are taken against them continue down that road seeing scenes are sold as a precise weapon to hit the regime where it hurts but syrian evillest say there are too blunt a tool and it's the people who will suffer the most when you are talking above. or . below what we call it. as a so yes it is. not only for egypt but while the power dealers of the west in syria trade insults and blows for syrian workers like my dear the daily battle is to keep his modest livelihood together while hoping for the best. sort of i believe business will pick up again all through it was cool r t damascus syria. russia condemned western sanctions against syria calling them harmful and in effect
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of moscow's stance has largely been echoed by its partners whether in the brics group brazil india china and south africa dr sure are a professor at harvard school of international affairs an india believes it's important the alliance is united in dealing with the situation in the middle east. is a microcosm of the movement course and want a lot of knowledge and you can only do most people learn to joint action by bric nations it's very very important that sanctions could be the first step to another military intervention by nato and its allies in the name of protecting the people of syria and it's important to prevent this you know month because it made end up in a situation similar to what we have been libya we are there is this transition and reach was tilted by western military intervention and propped up america said that they were leading from behind but basically the point was that france britain and the united states are not the arbiters of libya is this to mean french oil
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companies and italian on countries of british oil companies are talking about how they're going to be number one in libyan oil so we don't want to go down that part of game allowing yet another country which is part of the so-called arab spring has no reason to be militarized through external interventions allowing the will happen from within so it's important the nations put up this stand united front and try to prevent your hundred solutions as well as multilateral sanctions that could be the slippery slope leading to full fledged war and other major unworldly or in the middle east. how is dr sharon kalya professor at the school of international affairs in the. media's roundel forces have surrounded the colonel qadhafi held desert town of bani walid southeast of tripoli saying talks with former leaders loyalists have failed to get out. troops have been given until saturday to surrender with rebels now preparing
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a final assault the colonel who is still at large is thought to be in the town three other cities controlled by groups are now being encircled by rebels the interim leadership claims a week ago the youngest son who commanded military brigade was killed but two weeks since the libyan capital felt the interim government's already being criticized by its own allies and here at all military commanders calling on the leaders of the national transitional council to resign being extradited warless political satirist ted rall says a new civil war seems inevitable. i have some sympathy for. a lot of the call to get rid of all the summary figures and it's not much of a revolution if you have former officials from the ex and from the government that has just been deposed certainly you would see any kind of division like that you sense in a scenario where revolution is not fully realized and that seems to be the situation
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would be any kind of revolutionary newson is an alliance of convenience but in the end or you end up with the shah masood in afghanistan once said in the one nine hundred eighty s. and the soviets first we kill the russians to kill each other in libya they came to deal with it we killed the gadhafi regime and now they're going to kill each other. also had for us our watching out for the future israelis demand their government focuses on social justice rather than security yes people take to the streets in the biggest protest yet. and as america's top commander in afghanistan with his final farewell to the military will look at the problems he's leaving behind.
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hungry for the full story we've got it for. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers on. bringing you the latest in science and technology from around the world. we've got the future covered. you're watching our t.v. you case chief prosecutor sounds looters are being punished too harshly as the grip
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the country in early august saw people smashing windows burning cars and looting shots hundreds have since been given stiff sentences in already overcrowded jails what a prime minister has called tough love as our band of reports the system could be at breaking point. prisons in england and wales have never been full or nearly eighty seven thousand inmates are jammed in a record high just one and a half thousand short of maximum capacity now the government's hard line response to the recent riots across england means those spaces disappearing fast we're now looking at literally what we can pack into the sort into and i think that's very unwise and we may well see the disturbances in the streets simply transfer to the prisons almost a thousand rises are in custody so far and there's plenty more to come the police are. aiming to charge three thousand with seventy percent being put behind bars at
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this rate they won't be any space left by most prisons in britain wandsworth was a bursting point even before the riots just forty five people short of it's not some capacity of one thousand six hundred sixty five but that's already fifty percent over its recommended limit two out of three prisons currently exceed this divide safe limit inmates double up in cells all over the nine square meters sharing and open toilets most prisons are in desperate need of upgrade wandsworth was built in the victorian period times literally stood still but nothing escapes austerity here especially when it costs forty five thousand pounds a year to howes an inmate a prison building schemes been reversed despite prisoner numbers doubling in the last two decades staff and now outnumbered four to one. has actually
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only fractionally increased by a couple of percent but we're expected to commit the same job of rehabilitation in such difficult circumstances and in effect. which is where those prisoners are and i don't think that is the answer to society's problems the government thinks it is encouraging tougher sentences to deter more writers like this man who got sixteen months for stealing just two scoops of ice cream but others fear that the cramped conditions this will only if you really offending if you send people to prison. suggests that it is it is nor. is the most effective way of reducing reoffending we know certainly with young people and people in short term prison sentences up to seventy percent of people were. if i'm within twelve months of coming out that can not be
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a good king soopers or citizen afterwards appearing at the prison service insists it has enough prison places for those being sentenced to custody as a result of public disorder adding there is substantial capacity in the prison system but the numbers suggest otherwise pushing an already stretched system to breaking point either bennett r.t. london. well for more on the social protests engulfing israel you can head to our web site at our t.v. dot com and also on our web site you'll find plenty of other stories and features but here's a taste of what we've got for you today. america's ailing car making capital fines and can't get out of reverse gear as the country's government admits it's failing to create jobs for its millions of unemployed citizens. and a live music fireworks and
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a grand laser show see how the russian capital celebrated its eight hundred sixty fourth birthday with a bang you can watch it at our team dot com or on our you tube channel. you. see your social. joint on called talk from the.
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video. my old. street now in the palm of your. machine on the call. of protesters in israel prepare to pull down their towns and have occupied the main streets of tel aviv and jerusalem since mid june. well they say the weekend's demonstrations by hundreds of thousands of people have achieved their aim of mobilizing public opinion activists are angry at the high cost of living and failing social policies they plan to continue their protest until the government proposes a real steps to resolve the situation well we can now talk to you know our rising from israeli political version and the national left no thank you very much for being here with us in the program so that we can saw the largest pro system protest across israel yet gathering over four hundred thousand people there so how much of
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an impact did that make. i guess we can see the impact. there too that was. chosen by the prime minister to show this emotion. of the point. that the prime minister says about it we're going to decide to do with this little room to act. i think there's testament to the pope this do. furthermore i believe if prime minister blair will do anything. close to true even more quarters to find their way to show contempt for him and that room and i believe it will be a good week to a man to see there was a out of the demonstration but what about the protesters themselves i mean they are
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taken down there to hance now but they say they will continue to demand a change. yes the camps. are very very strong quietist but it can't last forever school started university starts now discipline is coming and this is the time and next that the next step to translate the path that popular protest into political measures to see how we can change the current government that. the current government is map a government that can change and will grow the new society in israel so i think the next step will be to create a. political entity that can give the solutions and to keep on the path of coming and live. one else protests in israel have been compared to the arab spring dots
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and gulf it's neighbors so how justified do you think this comparison as. i think would compare become past. relatively saying that looking around the area of the middle east is rising. back there are many many many global concerns both of those members of the mackesy. think that the arab states don't have. the arab people don't have a legitimate legitimacy to to protest and we do have. i have riders who are very very very violent people basically had nothing to lose they're prepared to die for their cause in israel the coldest is violent you could see in saturday you know the place where where the port is took place is one of the richest places with all the stores like we've gone or also and and if you would think about it as
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an arab what is probably stores would be shattered and broken into the court this is very very very silent people are listening people are. and we have to like to do it in political right the third democratic right so there is a great difference with the democracy and. they already know razi from the israeli social political movement the national left thanks very much for being here in this in the program and sharing your thoughts with us thanks for having us. as u.s. troops begin their gradual pullout from ghana stand concern grows over the surge in targeted killings and violent attacks in the country meanwhile the u.s. has talked commander in afghanistan general david petraeus has bid farewell to the army after thirty seven years as he has for his new job as head of the cia our military contributor looks now at what he's leaving behind the main legacy of general patrols career. he's on the doubt early of
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a counterinsurgency doctrine we chico we have u.s. marine general martin dempsey the importance is not only limited to the effect that general petraeus pioneered and led the way to recess aetate to revamp grades and to promote the counterinsurgency doctrine in the new century the most significant fact is that general. doctrine has ignited the intellectual awakening all across the military services and well beyond the united states it was the first step into the right direction from the calcified my bunker mentality conventional wishful thinking into the new vision of the world that some of the general trails to be able to respect it remember and that my and for well beyond the military community because it was he's in color actual endeavor with the coin dog training and that precipitated the parity shift in the
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military thinking from the conventional and complacent mentality to the unconventional and symmetrical modus operandi. the economic situation around the globe continues to look bleak whether us creating no new jobs in august and europe struggling with a number of debt ridden member states one of india's leading economists believes it's time the world turned to emerging markets. any medium for a long term projection suggests that japan will go relatively slowly europe may grow a little bit faster going to power the u.s. has traditionally been viewed as a very dynamic economy is likely to grow faster in europe but the growth through these economies will be much less and the growth rate in the emerging market countries i mean china india brazil so i think over time there is
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a shift in economic politics and plays one is to show i'm not another way of looking at it is really the rising rate of emerging market countries and i think you're thinking of a word in which there would be a large number of relatively equal economic grouping as you want to global system that can accommodate that if it can't be a global system which is run only by saying this is the center of power and everybody else must adjust. and you can watch the full interview in an hour's time here on r t let's bring you now some other stories from around the world health concerns have cast a shadow over the upcoming trial of former french president jacques chirac a seven year old faces two counts of embezzlement punishable by up to ten years in prison for suffering from a condition which affects his memory the judge will consider medical evidence before deciding whether to perspire the trial or allow it to continue absence. the
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un peacekeeping force in haiti has been hit by fresh hot aversive after a five year old wine peacekeepers were accused of sexually assaulting a teenage boy a video of the alleged assault has surfaced on the internet. a u.n. spokesman says the predatory must be brought to justice while you are why is paul the accused peacekeepers out of haiti. at least twenty five people are dead and dozens missing after a typhoon ballots surged through southern japan it caused massive flooding and landslides leveling roads and helms cutting our access to many remote villages thousands of people are still stranded in awaiting rescue the storm is the most devastating of its kind to hit japan in seven years. business news is next with. hello to you you're watching business artsy pressure is easing in the gas dispute between russia and ukraine kiev says it will stick to the current agreement until
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a new deal is signed that's according to the prime minister as of ukraine wants to renegotiate prices but is refusing new deal to bring costs down this rejected solely half of its state energy company enough to go to russia's gas brought you to shift gears the details. experts are speculating whether this is the start of a new gas conflict and you gas war between russia and ukraine as very harsh statements are coming from both sides where ukraine's president if any on the court which has accused russia of humiliating ukraine in the course of negotiations and saying that he will not tolerate a relation like this and may even take this the discussion over a new contract when you gas price between ukraine and russia in stockholm at the same time we've heard a very sharp response from. the press office of. russia's president putin
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today defense stated that russia is ready for any legal action should ukraine decide to take such matters the essence of this new conflict is that ukraine is not happy with the price it is playing four thousand cubic meters of russian gas kremlin waits for some commercial offer to provide such discounts such as for instance a merger between the ukrainian gas monopolist naphtha gas and the russian gas giant gazprom many people warry in europe that there will be another conflict another disruption of supplies into the european continent as we saw in two thousand and nine course the situation now is pretty much different to what happened more than two years back because russia right now is not so strongly dependent on the ukrainian gas respiration system as it was back in two thousand and. two to the markets now with commodities is losing ground as investors speculate signs that the u.s. and chinese economies will weakening indicate the fuel demand will fall in the world's
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largest cruise consuming nations brant is just over one hundred eleven dollars a barrel light sweet just eighty five still. stocks now and the person shot losses tracking a poor us on the wall street selloff on friday. is weighing on exports. being one of the biggest losers in your bags are also under pressure with them holding four percent in the red. herring moscow trading kicked off in the red to the r.t.s. down two percent m i six one point three percent what we're seeing is pretty much a sea of red all across the board take a look at some the main stock movers only my saxon's burberry being the law of biggest loser it's down two and a half percent energy shares are also not feeling well to low energy prices rose point six percent so if you guess in the market gas problem one point three percent
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in line with the market. now this fall the market presents some opportunities for bargain hunters or whatever makes interesting call from would also believes it is too early to call the bottom and the prudent investor would be better off sticking to the sidelines. it might be some of the boredom some people believe from say and recreational boat and fished around but you know prudent mind you probably weed before making any serious decisions any quotes a good cheap name which is you know essentially has come off strongly and has good ability to generate cash to play didn't it would be a good teachers pressure clearly its own gas company. from rush metal company when there is between thirty to fifty percent year to date so they are the major was us in this game conference you know obviously they knew recovery scenario companies were heroes magill could be a very good bargain. and sell for. good weather and the end of the grain export
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paddleboat help russia sending this year's crop abroad experts estimate the total export potential of this year's harvest at around thirty million tons but the authorities say they will be lucky to export twenty five million even and sold to the inability to get the grain from the farms to the ports. to mystically that we achieved more than three million tons of green exporter in august and we are bitterly stealing ninety but if we see the way we see if there is no able to transfer more to the ports while the docks can gamble shipments of about five million tons a month the real way system barely managed to transfer the august volumes of business r.t. will be back in fifteen minutes i would love the reader is next with the headlines on r.t. to stay with us. the the. the the. same in.
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