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tv   [untitled]    September 5, 2011 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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sun from france to. stance on t.v. dot com. the un months immediately talks in the syrian conflict says rush hour after condemning the e.u. sanctions which threaten the people and not the regime. libyan rebel graduate time one of colonel gives out these last dozen strongholds of the achates a negotiate the surrender of his remaining supporters break down. and israel gives its security forces permission to fire in the west bank ahead of a palestinian bhajans of who was targeted the state it's.
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a very warm welcome to you this is a line from moscow russia says the u.n. should immediately call on all sides in the syrian conflict to start violence on start talking russia's foreign minister says president bashar assad has already implemented performs aimed at solving the cold plate pass for the gay lover offals admitted not in the syrian opposition members want to engage in talks with the government lover off cautioned against encouraging protests is to stay away from the case. last week he you imposed an oil and gold go against syria and want to further steps that the five crackdown didn't stop but as a really good report sanctions in more likely to affect the syrian people and the author are seeing. nigeria is a master barber those small his shop was flourishing until it all ended in a snit and. there are many customers that would come from misfortune. when you
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kilometers away from damascus but now the flow has come down a lot first came the under arrest then the crackdown then the west quickly stepped in with sanctions. put the economic pressure on receive the political how strong the budget and help the people of syria to achieve the magician aspirations at first all major credit card transactions were stopped earlier this month but that mainly affected foreign tourists because iran said so on payment system and those with syrian accounts didn't feel the pinch however that you were in the us are tightening their grip why imposing oil embargo on damascus so will not have any probable effect on the people here. or sanctions will have a negative effect on syrian economy it's a diversified economy with a stable death which gives it a certain immunity against these sanctions. and this is not just government gloss in the face of impuls adversity syrian opposition figures are also unconvinced but
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for a different reason. government have chosen their path and no matter what measures are taken against them they continue down that road. since it's our soldiers a precise weapon to hit the regime where it hurts but syrian evillest say there are too blunt a tool and it's the people who will suffer the most when you are talking. or. call it it could be my life as a senior citizen. but while the power dealers of the west in syria trade insults and blows for syrian workers like the ones you the daily battle is to keep his modest livelihood together while hoping for the best use of i believe business will pick up again all pull through and even go r t damascus syria. condemned sanctions against syria calling them home full and an offensive one as
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long as it were echoed by its partners within the brics brazil india china and south africa don't says three round that chinese air. india believes it's important to live is nice and dealing with the situation in the middle east rick is a microcosm of the movement towards a multi multilateral board and you can only get genuine multicollinearity through joint action by brick nations it's very very important now but sanctions could be the first step leading to another military intervention by utah and its allies in the name of protecting the people of syria and it's important because this no one because it made end up in a situation similar to what we have in libya where there is this transition and reach was get cheated by western military intervention and propped up america said that they were leading from behind but basically the point was of france britain and the united states are not the arbiters of libya's just me french oil companies
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and italian oil companies and british oil companies are talking about how they're going to be number one in libyan oil so we don't want to go down that path again allowing yet another country which is part of the so-called arab spring which is no increasingly militarized to external interventions rather than allowing the for mentation to happen from within so it's important the nations put up this stand united front and try to prevent hundreds allusions as well as multilateral sanctions that could be the slippery slope leading to full fledged war and other major imbruglia or in the middle east. well i was a doctor charley a professor at the school of international affairs in india. libya's rebel forces have surrounded. held does it sound of a funny one lead southeast of tripoli saying torchwood before the does loyalists have failed troops have been given until saturday to surrender with rebels now
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preparing a final assault refresh their reports from tripoli. fighting in the area known as bani walid southeast of the capital tripoli continues despite the recent claims by the new government's interior minister to take control of what's thought to be about his name and last stronghold within twenty four hours this battle is indeed very important for the rebels actually for both sides and this is the size of one in terms of ending the six month long conflict here in libya the rebels need because taking control of this area would officially mean the end of the regime and the colonel's fall they've been preparing for this operation for quite a long time with nato helping them this operation has actually started well. between the rebels and gadhafi loyalists on the ground on a peaceful surrender failed this area of bani walid has always been known as a stronghold and people from this area have since the beginning of this conflict
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here in libya been fighting against rebels actually daffy who have been known and well the hunt for him not surprisingly remains the country's number one priority is thought to be right now with his sons in this area meanwhile the rebels are afraid that the gulf is forces could have his loyalists may use people local residents as human shields and they recently called for old people in the area still held by gadhafi forces to come over to its side promising they will not be any revenge for them and security could be guaranteed the national transitional council has repeatedly been claiming recently that tripoli is now secure and is now safe and that they're working hard to try to restore the city and the country actually is currently facing such as severe shortages shortages of water food medicine and fuel politically situation is very unstable and it's quite unclear who either actually
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control in tripoli right now. the city is full of people we've been clear eyed genda many of them very young with little knowledge of how to use weapons and it's quite unclear who is controlling them national security national transitional council has recently claimed that. now trying to bring. these irregular fighters and they control but as we can see they're not successful so far. since the libyan capital fell the interim government is already being criticized by its own allies the rebel military commanders calling on the leaders of the national transitional council to resign for being. fat arrest had a rule says a new civil war seems inevitable and have some sympathy for the lobby and his call to get rid of all the former regime figures i mean it's not much of
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a revolution if you have former officials from the from the government that is just and those certainly you will see any kind of division like that uses in a scenario where revolution is not fully realized and that seems to be the situation with any kind of revolutionary movement is an alliance of convenience in the end you'll end up with shah masood in afghanistan once said in the one nine hundred eighty s. in the war against the soviets first we kill the russians actually kill each other in libya they go there and they would think if we kill because the regime and they're going to kill each other. still ahead this hour incarceration out capacity overcrowded prisons are raping the government's hands out its heart jails and this is the hardline approach to street rises and sits. and is america's top commander in afghanistan it's his final farewells to the military we did the
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problems he's leaving behind. russia's denied trying to corner ukraine over gas prices in response to accusations from the ukrainian authorities moscow says what it actually wants is a partnership ukraine is unhappy with the prize it paid for russian gas on a contract signed in two thousand and nine it's threatening to take them out into court as russia's gazprom saying it will stand its ground in any just speech however ukraine's prime minister promised to stick to the current agreements until a new deal is signed. palestinians are preparing to march in support of a bid for statehood at the u.n. later this month could face more than they bargained for israel's given security forces in west bank settlements a license to shoot at protesters organizers insist the rallies will be peaceful and will not approach settle our homes but israel says it's preparing for every eventuality party's policy is across events for us. in some cultures there is
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a harder that some will say will be as bloody and as violent as the first two executors of whom there is some four hundred thousand living in the land that has i'm tryna half a million palestinians in the west bank off racing themselves for violence as is the israeli army and the israeli police now for several months the israeli army has been preparing in an operation because operation some is seize and it's now in the final stages of putting the finishing touches in place and we're being told that they have stated he's resigned around it if we sit him in the way thank him what this means is that palestinians who approach the red line will be shot at by soldiers who has missions exists now there also has to be intensive training in terms of security perhaps within the system and they have been participating in drills that on these pieces is going safely and provided with stun grenades with water cannons as well as with tear gas canisters also being told that some twenty
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million dollars has been claimed on training of the police alone there twenty eight thousand police officers have been mobilized around the country and i think the focal point is that they'll be watching is jerusalem which is where many fear most of the violence could erupt on saturday we saw the largest protests in this country's history raise some two hundred thousand demonstrators took to the streets of ten cities here in tel aviv was one of the focal points a number of speakers a number of artists address the crowd is spoke about making history they said really that was a turning point in the history of this country what protesters have been demanding for the vision part of two months is the social issue justice and really what they saying is that in their town our government needs to be focused on issues of security and focus on internal problems problems such as the high cost of living in this country and this is a criticism that it's and now he is facing a criticism that he is spending too much time on issues. the international agenda
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rather than addressing real domestic concerns here at home just this past weekend expelled the israeli ambassador and for all military cooperation between both countries the relationship between israel and egypt is at an all time low after israeli fire mistakenly killed a number of egyptian border guards so with that kind of regional i think nation and certainly in the context that it's just several weeks before palestinians will be appealing to the u.n. recognizing the unilateral declaration of statehood there is a lot of concern that what is happening on the international stage is really becoming an excuse for the netanyahu government not to agree with real concerns that people have been talking to protesters they accuse netanyahu of in path of i've been under sponsible and have been out of touch with what people in israel are concerned of are now the ukase chief prosecutor says the looters are being punished too harshly the rest that grip the country for people smashing windows planning
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cars and looting shops hundreds has since been given stiff sentences in already overcrowded jails what the prime minister has called tough love but his assays are that it reports the system could create breaking point. prisons in england and wales have never been through nearly eighty seven thousand inmates are jammed in a record high just one and a half thousand short of maximum capacity now the government's hardline response to the recent riots across england means those spaces disappearing fast we're now looking at literally what we can pack into the summer and i think that's very unwise and we may well see the disturbances in the streets and we transferred to a prison almost a thousand writers are in custody so far and there's plenty more to come the police are aiming to charge three thousand with seventy percent being put behind bars but
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this rate they won't be any space led by most prisons in britain wandsworth was at bursting point even before the riots just forty five people short of its maximum capacity of one thousand six hundred sixty five but that's already fifty percent over its recommended. two out of three prisons currently exeat this divide safe limits inmates double up in cells smaller the nine square meters sharing and open toilets most prisons are in desperate need of upgrade wandsworth was built in the victorian period times literally stood still but nothing escapes austerity here especially when it costs forty five thousand pounds a year to howe's an inmate the prison building schemes been reversed despite prisoner numbers doubling in the last two decades staff and now out numbered ball to one. has actually only fractionally increased by
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a couple of percent but we're expected to do the same job of rehabilitation in such difficult circumstances that in effect what you are triple which is with those prisoners and i don't think that is the answer to society's problem. the government thinks it is encouraging tougher sentences to deter more riots is like this man who got sixteen months for stealing just two scoops of ice cream but others fear the cramped conditions this will only if you re offending if you send people to prison . even suggests that it is it is not by any means but most effective way of reducing reoffending we know that serving with young people spend with people on short term prison sentences up to seventy percent of people with within twelve months of coming out cannot be
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a good thing suppose also is a better world to it but prison service insists it has enough prison places for those being sentenced to custody as a result of public disorder adding there is substantial capacity in the prison system but the numbers suggest otherwise pushing an already stretched system to breaking point either bennett out see london. now more news and eye catching videos and r.t. dot com for you cause wherever you want their hesitated but we've got lined up again right now america's ailing car making capital i as it can get out of reverse gear as the country's government admits it's failing to create jobs for its millions of unemployed set of their lives. and live music fireworks and a grand laser shea see how the russian capital celebrated its eight hundred and sixty fourth birthday with a bearing you can watch it all in r.t. dot com all you can check.
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if you. killings and violent attacks in the country meanwhile the u.s. is. his new job as head of the.
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general petraeus career. he's totally of a counterinsurgency doctrine we chico a third of the u.s. marine general martin dempsey the importance is not only limited to the effect that general petraeus pioneered and led the way to recess aetate to revamp grades and to promote the counterinsurgency doctrine in the new century the most significant fact is that general petraeus coined doctrine that has ignited the intellectual awakening all across the military services and well beyond the united states it was the first step into the right direction from the calcified my pick by incur mentality then chanelle wishful thinking into the new vision of the world that's where the general petraeus will be able to respect it remember it and have my and for well beyond the military community because it was his intel actual
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endeavor we had the coin doctoring event precipitated dipak shift in the military thinking from the conventional and complacent mentality to the conventional and symmetrical models operandi. now the economic situation around the globe continues to look bleak with the u.s. creating noni jobs in august in europe struggling with a number of member states one of india's leading economists believe this time the world turn to lurching markets. any medium term or long term projection suggests that japan will go relatively slowly europe may grow a little bit faster going to power the u.s. has traditionally been viewed as a very dynamic economy is likely to grow faster than europe but the growth rate in these economies will be much less and the growth rate in emerging market conditions
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i mean trying to brazil so i think over time there is a shift in economic politicking praise one is to asia. and another way of looking at it is really the rising rate of emerging market countries but i think you're thinking of a world in which there would be a large number of relatively equal economic grouping and you want to global system that can accommodate it it can't be a global system which is run only by saying well look this is the center of power and everybody else must address. we can watch that full interview in less than ten minutes time here on r.t. it gets me some more world news in brief now this hour clashes in iraq the police and protesters outside of course in cairo where the trial of egypt's ousted president has resumed hosni mubarak's charged with corruption altering the killing
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of protesters and with every uprising which toppled him he denies the accusations will fall police will take the stand to testify against the extremely harrowing. health concerns has cost a shot over the upcoming trial of former french president jacques chirac the seventy. space is two cans of a bezel and punishable by up to ten years in prison shark is suffering from a condition which affects his memory the judge will consider medical evidence before deciding whether to spend the trial or allow it to continue in shanghai it's up since. you had peacekeeping force in haiti has been hit by fresh controversy after five peacekeepers recuses sexually assaulting a teenage boy video of the alleged assault has surfaced i mean that u.n. spokesman says the perpetrators must be brought to justice while europe why has all the peacekeepers out of haiti. at least twenty five
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people are dead and dozens are missing after a time in dallas surged through southern japan it caused massive flooding and landslides leveling roads and homes. to many remote villages and the people are still stranded and awaiting rescue the storm is the most devastating of its kind to hit. and in just a few minutes we'll look at the opportunities the crisis in the u.s. and the e.u. is giving emerging economies but first in this update dimitri. thank you very much alice alone welcome to business pressure is easing in russia and ukraine says it will stick to the current agreement until a new deal is signed ukraine wants to renegotiate prices but is refusing moscow's new deal to bring costs down its rejected selling all of its state energy company
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enough to gas to russia's gas wrong. ships as victims. experts are speculating whether this is the start of a new gas conflict the new gas war between russia and ukraine as very harsh statements are coming from both sides where ukraine's president if he on the quote which has accused russia off humiliating ukraine in the course of negotiations and saying that he will not tolerate a relation like this and may even take this discussion over a new contract when you gas price between ukraine and russia in stockholm at the same time we've heard a very sharp response from the gremlin. the press office of. russia's president a defense stated that russia is ready for any legal action should ukraine decide to take such matters the essence of this new conflict is that ukraine is not happy with the price it is paying four thousand cubic meters of russian gas kremlin waits
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for some commercial offer to provide such discounts such as for instance a merger between the ukrainian gas monopolist naphtha gas and the russian gas giant gazprom and many people warre in europe that there will be another conflict another disruption of supplies into the european continent as we saw in two thousand and nine course the situation now is pretty much different to what happened more than two years back because russia right now is not so strongly dependent on the ukrainian gas transportation system as it was back in two thousand and nine six because the markets now is losing ground as investors speculate signs that the u.s. and chinese economy are weakening indicate fuel demand will fall in the world's largest crude consuming nations brant right now is the. light sweet is just over eighty dollars per barrel. so over and that worries coupled with the bad jobs data from the u.s. is the leading european financial slow with the markets dropping significantly as
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a result two percent for free and the dax. the federal housing finance agency in the u.s. alleges that major u.s. and european banks misrepresented the quality of mortgages they sold during the housing bubble as a result the world bank of scotland and barclays which are both mentioned in the wall suit are down seven and a half percent. charon moscow trading is also in the negative zone although not to the same extent as in europe the r.t.s. is down one half percent or my six unless they're up a cent mainly that stooge of falling energy prices if we look at the main movers on the nice aix you'll see that gazprom and the last year for both our rosneft is slightly better not a damn point four percent financials were suffering the most as well and however has come back a bit it's down one hundred percent while it was losing more than two before. good weather and the end of the grain export ban will not help russia sending this
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year's crop abroad experts estimate the total export potential of this year's harvest at around thirty million tons but the authorities say they'll be lucky to exports twenty five million tons of the inability to get the great from the farms to the ports and chose to move this nuclear we achieve more than three million tons of green exporter in august we're particularly stealing because we've seen the re we system is not able to transfer more to the courts where the dogs can handle shipments it would be five million tons a month really we system barely managed to transfer the august volumes so for now market in russia presents some opportunities for bargain hunters however mike simpson and cough are more also believes it is too early to call the bottom and would be better off sticking to the sidelines. it might be somewhere close to the bottom some people believe from say and through occasional boat and fished around
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but to no prudent miner probably weighed before making any serious decisions any call to blue chip name which is you know essentially has come off strongly and has good ability to generate cash to play didn't would be a good churchs for russia clearly its own gas company is sort of sniffed local gas from russia metal companies because last on there is between thirty to fifty percent year to date so they were the major losers in this game consoles you know obviously on dany recovery scenario companies like euros machel could be a very good bargain several style etc kind of next the headlines without listing sales.
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culture is the same of mayors in the media as it is never a real mystery to some of the rates during the great financial contraction millions lost their jobs and homes but the rich of only gotten richer should the rich pay. the bill. today violence is once again flared up the phone these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of.


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