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tv   [untitled]    September 5, 2011 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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syrian activists report more protests today since russia urges the un to get the sunlight into the talks to avoid a repeat of libya's chaotic. israel authorizes its special forces do shoes that palestinian protesters. march in support of the u.n. base in japan claiming it's to prevent bloodshed. the gas empowers ukraine. it's threatened taking russia to court to pull surprises down the last day says it all sounds ground on the already signed deal.
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very warm welcome to you this is r.t. live from moscow new deaths are being reported in syria as the head of the international red cross meets the country's senior officials he's in the masters discussing the humanitarian side of the conflict which is claimed over two thousand lives meanwhile russia is running members of the un security council to encourage the sides to stop violence and start negotiations the kremlin believes president house work to change the situation on the ground through some reforms and his efforts deserve some credit but the u.s. and its western european allies are pushing for action against assad's regime which they've already sanctions from all its course lie to neighboring jordan now to talk to paul fix show you well professor philadelphia university bill to show you how many hours of being with us here on r.t. a desperate situation as we've been saying in syria reports of over two thousand now dead. result of the conflict the solution to it all is hard to find is not
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moscow's urging action and directing both sides into talks the aim being to prevent a repeat of the libyan scenario but how likely do you think nato intervention is that this point. good evening. thank you for inviting me. i think that. is very difficult to be repeated in syria for many reasons fears that the russians have learned their lesson from libya and they will not give. any. united nation resolution to. the same model of what syria. last six months changed a lot. of. countries that.
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law. substituted with. law since the beginning of the uprising in syria. more or. many other laws they presented new law for governance new law for parties a new law for media coverage in syria all that have been. done in the last four five months and also the opens up for. this course and dialogue with opposition or to answer. some of the changes the president and sons regime has implemented in syria including a modification of the emergency law what members of the opposition and the protesters are saying is that none of these reforms go anywhere near far enough i mean surely that's why the opposition is still boycotting talks with the government . yes well if there's not. enough.
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position if something. needs to be negotiated if they have any. position or i need. they don't agree on any of the points that are in these smalls and isn't the issue of government. here because otherwise. good luck is happening now. opposition continuing in their useless in forty four of the regime in syria because the regime is very strong there is good support for the regime in the within the syrian people and there is at least this is the minimal number we can give seventy percent support to the government and fifty percent for the opposition and this is a very. light number for the. supporters of the regime. really
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possible in syria you give us these figures their seventy's percent supporting the government if the government is so strong and so set in its way is there really a possibility of finding a middle ground on the casey ations really feasible. yes i think sawyer because the in fact i think that this is historic of course in. opposition and for the democracies ition of syria because president and also their genome is convinced of change and because of their they even suggested a change of. constitution especially article eight of the constitution which states their party is the dominant party in syria they are willing to give up this they are willing to give of the o.r. their. power to hold power in syria in favor of democratization of syria all that is happening and yet the west and opposition
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don't want to sit on the negotiating bill lloyd because they don't want democratization of syria they don't want the benefit of the the benefits to go to the syrian people they want only some kind of chaos they called the. inventive chaos order to show you talk about their willingness on the part of government to enforce not a citation across the country to negotiate to talk but we have been speaking now of figures are very fifty thousand people having died in the conflicts a far surely we're talking about a lack of trust here on the part of the protesters they don't really believe that they're not presentation is on the table. yeah well there is a lack of trust by both sides not one side to other. remember two thousand people. so they say but if these two saw them maybe they are insurgents or some of them are
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but remember there is also one thousand soldiers killed in syria so these one thousand soldiers impossibile that they are being killed by by peaceful demonstration definitely demonstrations in syria was not peaceful in any sense because otherwise how could it possible that one thousand army men and policemen have been killed during this five month so yes there is mistrust from both sides both sides don't trust each other but. we have the current situation and we should sit on the table and negotiate because there is no other solution the solution is any other scene are you or rather than. discussion and dialogue is a. black one and is very very. dangerous ok because that
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area is. you know there is a lot of. there is a lot of points that are not in the area you know delhi binny's question. also there is the border with the zionists it's a complex things it indeed tofik shamal professor philadelphia university many times speaking to us on this complicated situation in syria from jordan many thanks . ok well syria's struggle trying to see how it's impacting on the people on the stricken country. that would have a meeting at the sharp end of the sanctions. the dealer is a master barber the old small his shop was floor until it all in the dimness never . can mean your customers would come from a forest when the kilometers away from damascus but now the flow has come down a lot first came the unrest then
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a crackdown then the worst quickly stepped in with sanctions to survive is to put the economic pressure on which if the political. about trying to help the people of syria to achieve their legitimate aspirations are first all major credit card transactions were stopped earlier this month but mainly affected foreign tourists because fear runs its own payment system and those with syrian accounts didn't feel the pinch however of the e.u. when the us are tightening their grip by imposing oil embargo on damascus so will that have any probable impact on the people here but. of course sanctions will have a negative effect on syrian economy it's a diversified economy with a stable death which gives it a certain immunity against these sanctions. sobbing and this is not just government gloss in the face of impose adversity syrian opposition figures are also unconvinced but for a different reason. government have chosen their path and no matter what measures
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are taken against them will continue down that road. so anxious are sold as a precise weapon to hit the regime where it hurts but syrian out almost say there are two planted tools and it's the people who will suffer the most when you are talking about of. course the what we call it sort if my life as a so yes it isn't. but while the power dealers of the west in syria trade insults and blows for syrian workers like my dear the daily battle is to keep his modest livelihood together while hoping for the best if you go r t damascus syria. all over libya the old regime may have been toppled but the fighting showing no sign of letting up of the rebels say they've done enough talking with elsie for the latest front line of the hunt for colonel gadhafi as his loyalists remain determined to be adam's. now israel allows security forces to shoot at
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palestinian protesters who are preparing to march in support of their bid for statehood at the u.n. later this month tell of the claims it's trying to prevent bloodshed by arming settlers in the west bank for self-defense all its leaders across developments that . because there is talk of a interferometer that some will say will be as bloody and as violent as the first two seculars of whom there is some four hundred thousand living in a land that has some two and a half million palestinians in the west bank all great and cultural violence is the israeli army and the israeli police now for several months the israeli army has been preparing in an operation it calls operation summer seas and it's now in the final stages of putting the finishing touches in place to this end we're being told that they have a ridge line around every settlement in the west bank and what this means is that palestinians who approach so that the red line will be shot test bicycles is has
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a mission to do this so now there also has been intensive training in terms of security groups within the settlements they have been participating in girls at the army's been undergoing safety and provided with stun grenades with water cannons as well as with tear gas canisters also being told that some twenty million dollars has been spent on training the police alone that twenty eight thousand police officers have been mobilized around the country one of the focal point that they'll be watching is jerusalem which is where many fear most of the wind and could erupt on saturday we saw a lot just protests in this country's history where some four hundred thousand demonstrators took to the streets of ten cities here in tel aviv was one of the focal plane a number of feet because a number of artists of the college about making history they said really that this was a turning point in the history of this country what protesters have been demanding
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for the better part of two months is a social issue just as we did what they say is that the netanyahu government needs to be let's focus on issues of security and focus on the internal problems problems such as the high cost of living in this country and this is a criticism that it's on now who is facing the criticism that he is spending too much time on issues on the internet. margot they are addressing the real commission here at home just this past weekend to be expelled the israeli ambassador and for all military cooperation between both countries the relationship between israel and egypt is an all time low after israeli fire mistakenly killed a number of egyptian border guards kind of regional isolation and thirdly in the context that it's just several weeks before palestinians will be appealing to the u.n. recognizing the human natural inclination of statehood there is a lot of concern that what is happening on the international stage is really becoming an excuse we're going to tell now who government not to agree with real
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concerns that people have been talking to quoted as they accuse mitten now who are being kept a i've been under sponsible and have been out of touch with people in israel are concerned about ukraine says it's now willing to negotiate a gas prices with the kremlin that it would rigorously defend the already agreed deal in international courts foreign minister sergey lavrov met his ukrainian counterpart stored energy costs are to here push for a new discount because of struggles in paying the current contracts that's caused by down here in oz let's use there for us and then see if things weren't getting pressure on moscow for the currency restart is that still that it's now pushed things to fall maybe. well certainly over the past seventy two hours it clearly seems that the temperature in this new gas crisis has reached critical level especially with somewhat sensational a very loud statements made by president going to president of ukraine who said that in the first place that russia humiliated you krane in the course of the
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negotiations and that quote that you russia cornered ukraine in these negotiations . loud the statement was that he plans to sue russia in international court to have the two thousand and nine gas contracts revived now there also was a very stern replied coming from the kremlin the presidential press office said that should ukraine decide to take this case into international court in stockholm then russia would be ready to stand its ground and that of the law the international law was only on russia's side believing that russia would achieve victory should this a law suit a cure now the situation has changed dramatically over the past twenty four hours with the ukrainian prime minister nicolas out of saying that until the new price is agreed until the new contract is signed ukraine will be sticking to the current contract and will be fulfilling all of legations this contract paying up to four
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hundred u.s. dollars for one thousand cubic meters of russian gas which is the market price and this is the price which ukraine has been pretty much on happy with also we've had the meeting of the country's foreign minister today in moscow with the two basically reaffirm reconfirming the latest on says and sergey lavrov in particular saying that this issue will be resolved in full accordance with the international law and with international big ations which regard the interstate gas deals and let it work here can see mr brown's gas they've been affected by supply disruption in the pos. indeed everyone still remembers the winter of two thousand and two thousand and nine when russia and ukraine could not agree. on the gas price and that's why russia suspended its supplies of gas to ukraine but ukraine blocked the transit of russian gas into the european continent which left most of europe without the supplies of russian gas and the consequences were quite dramatic in the in that case but this time the
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situation is pretty much different mainly because russia is not as strongly dependent on the ukrainian gas transportation system as it was back in two thousand and nine now we know according to russia's prime minister vladimir putin the north stream pipeline will be launched pretty much through in fact its test run will be started to morrow on tuesday and winter stand in the months in a month's time european consumers germany in particular will be receiving the gas through the north stream pipeline does that is something which was not existing in two thousand and nine also we understand that the south stream pipeline is also going to be going to be completed in the new risk you choose so this means that the european consumers have nothing to worry about according to all the officials in warsaw in gas probably in the russian energy ministry and in the kremlin and we will not see another gas war which would affect the european continent this time around the hair at. your reporting for us there from here what is here for you to
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now over on the business desk about how the markets and any of you to react to this news you know what are analysts saying. far from over and many analysts say that still there are a lot of thorny issues to be sold though we have. seen some positive signs for example of his plans to restructure closed it's not because he says it will all the current cow's tail between russian and ukrainian laughed because how that he says that it wants to really go shoot the price of gas and gas from says it will lower gas prices here for greece to merge its state owned naftogaz with russia's. access to transit systems we'll have more analysis in business in about twenty. minutes. ok you're looking forward to hearing more from you when you come in to him in a studio in just a few moments thanks. now the head of nato says the alliance is a military intervention in libya will not end with the capture of colonel gadhafi
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on the front line rebel forces are using for the green light to crash one of the last remaining pockets of resistance by gadhafi supporters rebel negotiators say cease fire talks in the town of bani walid have broken down but the country's interim government is certain there's still hope for a peaceful solution the national transitional council says two of the colonel sons blocking the surrender of bani walid have now left the area unclear number of if nothing loyalists are holed up in the town but a hundred and fifty kilometers from tripoli made earlier been given until saturday to lay down arms more loyalists are making a fan of the gadhafi is home town of sirte and several other areas but is r.t. israel for national reports that the battle for bani walid could prove decisive. they've been preparing for this operation for quite a long time with nato helping them clean cas towards warming facilities in the area anyway lead has always been known as the gadhafi stronghold and people from this
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area since the beginning of this conflict here in libya been fighting against rebels all across the country and have been dying for. all the time supporting gadhafi who has provided them with a very good emanation and the bass weaponry so that's clear that it will not be easy for the rebels to take control over these areas while they need is actually could daffy. have been known and well. not surprisingly remains. number one priority is thought to be right now with his sons in this area and this is one. one more reason the rebels to take control over this area are some of the national transitional council has repeatedly been claiming recently that tripoli is now secure and safe and that they're working hard to try to restore the country
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on the territory now controlled technically by the national transitional council that we see on the ground actually make. that they are successful so far apart from humanitarian challenges this country actually is currently facing such as severe shortages shortages of water food medicine and fuel politically situation is very unstable this thinks he is full of armed people we've been clear agenda many of them very young with little knowledge of how to use weapons and it's quite unclear who is controlling them. scuffles have broken out between protesters and police outside a courthouse in cairo where the trial of former president hosni mubarak is receiving hundreds of demonstrators including relatives of people killed during the free uprising that turned to to break through the main gates and gain access to the
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courts for senior police officers are due to testify against mubarak at monday's hearing which will be behind closed doors the eighty three year old child option and the killing of eight hundred fifty protesters during egypt's revolution that toppled him the protests have been continuing elsewhere in egypt with millions of people still are not happy at the slow pace of reforms from the interim. now some of the other main news stories that right now are the yemeni who played forty of the bombs on mosque in the south that was thought to be occupied by islamic militants killing at least thirty acknowledged the killing of seventeen extremists in yemeni air strikes in the region is surgeons willing. to go over this is your job i have a problem with the ongoing anti-government demonstrations and political crisis in the country. the march delayed trial of former french president jacques
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resuming with judges deciding whether the frail seventy eight year old is well enough to face court he's charged with. the mayor of paris and paying party members the knowledge as to jobs the long serving its leaders the first friend president to go on trial since the war he faces ten years jail if convicted. downs bandits and main opposition party the former rebel movement which is now the ruling party in the new year depend the. police arrested members and seized property claiming in the s.p.l. a party is illegal decades of civil war saw the country split into interim by tensions remain in disputed territory where militias continue deadly skirmishes and sudanese troops. who is in japan are searching for those still missing after a powerful typhoon that left at least thirty four people dead the strong calls that massive floods and landslides as well as leveling roads and homes funnels of people
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are still stranded with many remote villages that have been caught off is thought to be japan's worst storms of the two thousand and four when almost one hundred people with kids. if you will more news of course that are to dot com where we've also lined up some popping entertainment for you peak hours at the still real with our colorful gallery of. salvador dali exhibition it's currently the russian capital. and how's this for a fantastic facade this is lost those iconic state university buildings which was the focus of the capital's eight hundred sixty fourth birthday bonanza we've got the spectacular show in full at r.t. dot com. do stay with us i'll be back shortly with an update of our headlines but before that. oh and a very warm welcome to
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a business update russia is easing in the gas dispute between russia and ukraine he says it will not the current agreement still wants to renegotiate prices moscow has set down its charms let's just see great agree to research the state long enough to guess what russia's gas from this but if actually mean moscow will gain access to the gas transit network crisis president says the country will not allow this however experts say its choice for peer review they will argue agreed to create a joint venture on the trans a business if they want cheap gas they will have to give over the pipeline if they don't they will have to pay market prices will go into will be around three hundred eighty dollars per thousand cubic meters tall temperament and the thing is the industry in ukraine is much more power hungry than you rule so ukrainian goods will inevitably be more expensive. let's have a look at the markets now all is losing ground as investors speculate signs that
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the u.s. and chinese economies a would indicate if you want a market rule for the world's largest herd consuming nations grand plans is trading at just under one hundred and eleven dollars per barrel while light sweet is close to eighty five dollars but that soaring to more is coupled with the butt jobs data from the view outstanding european financial slow with the markets dropping significantly as a result of the housing finance agency alleges that major you asked in european banks misrepresented the quality of mortgages they sold during the housing bubble as a result world bank of scotland and do which it mentions a lawsuit a downturn and eight percent respectively and a similar picture here in russia to see or brett here they are just in my six extending losses the r.c.s. is down two and a half percent and the why is it is a bit behind will want to help the central muscles. and good weather. the end of the grain export ban won't help russia sending this year's crop abroad experts estimate the total export settled this year's harvest at thirty million tons at
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their torches say they'll be lucky to export twenty five million tons that it's all to do with in the bill is it to get the grain from the farms to the ports tree as well but in this nuclear we achieved more than three million tons of green exporter in august and we are particularly stealing because we see the re we system is not able to transfer more to the ports where the docks can handle shipments would be five million tons a month really we system barely managed to transfer the august volume to progress so that threats of the business business bulletin for this hour join us and one last time for another business update and to get lots more outside our to our concierge business. the.
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limited to just say. six. feet.
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if. russia would be soon which right if you knew no bounds phone from phones to impressions. from stocks on t.v. dot com. in moscow well she's available in hotels for coursed i'm going to know all those are all toto keep a promise it is congress photo east west nova told moscow center. for congress and i say yes sloviansk i poked insulters historical hotels have.


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