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tv   [untitled]    September 5, 2011 11:01am-11:31am EDT

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a very warm welcome to you this is live from moscow new desa being reported in syria as the head of the international red cross meets the country's senior officials he's in the mass this discussing the humanitarian side of the conflict which is thought to have claimed over to powells and lives meanwhile russia's welling members of the un security council are to encourage the side to stop violence and start like a solutions the kremlin believes president assad has worked out a situation on the ground for reforms and ethics deserve some credit but the u.s. and its western european allies are pushing for action against president assad's regime which they've already sanctions. sanctions in general do not work because countries always find ways to go around the sanctions and so far this sanctions would start only look good we go on with production of oil although they would be banning of importation so it's not quite logical and most probably syria would find
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different outlets for for its oil in every single one of these situations because every time the west or other countries talk about a humanitarian intervention the question that needs to be asked is why there isn't eventually in some countries but not in others for example in bahrain the people wanted to get rid of their regime but since it was so close to the u.s. there was no question of a humanitarian intervention and there's no question of the french or the saudi arabia no question of intervention to help the palestinians so the humanitarian question cannot be de forced from political and economic questions you have to find the political and economic and military interests before you start believing in it should manage your own reasons because most in all so-called interventions humanitarian interventions you there's another reason which is far more important. syria's struggle drags on let's see how it's impacting the people on the stricken
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country elegies it in a goodish because there has been musing days that the show had the sanction. and the dealer is a master barber those small his shop was floored until it all ended in the snip. of many customers the word compromise forest twenty kilometers away from damascus but now the flow has come down a lot first came the unrest then the crackdown then the west quickly stepped in with sanctions to survive the economic pressure on which the political. the but. the people of syria to achieve the magician aspiration at first all major credit card transactions were stopped earlier this month but that mainly affected foreign tourists because syria runs its own payment system and those with syrian accounts didn't feel the pinch however the e.u. and the us are tightening their grip by imposing oil embargo on damascus so will that have any probable effect on the people here. or sanctions will have
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a negative effect on syrian economy it's a diversified economy with a stable death which gives it a certain immunity against these sanctions. and this is not just government gloss in the face of imposed adversity syrian opposition figures are also unconvinced but for a different reason. government have chosen their path and no matter what measures are taken against them continue down that route. so anxious are sold as a precise weapon to hit the regime where it hurts but syrian analysts say there are too blunt a tool and it's the people who will suffer the most when you are talking about oil or busying or. what we call it it would be in my life as a serious citizen of this not only that but while the power dealers of the west in syria trade insults and blows for syrian workers like nigeria the daily battle is to keep his modest livelihood together while hoping for the best even go r t
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damascus syria when over in libya the old regime may have been toppled but the fighting showing no sign of letting up the rebels say they've done enough talking with r.t. for them from the front line of the hunt and come up with down the loyalists remain determined to the end. israel is to allow security forces to shoot palestinian protesters who are preparing to march in support of their bid for statehood at the u.n. later this month tell of these claims is trying to prevent bloodshed by settlers in the west bank for self defense policy is across the elements there. in some quarters there is talk of a intifada that some will say will be as bloody and as violent as the first two settlers of whom there are some four hundred thousand living in the land that has some two and
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a half million palestinians in the west bank all bracing themselves for violence as is the israeli army and the israeli police now for several months the israeli army has been preparing in an operation it calls operation some aziz and it's now in the final stages of putting the finishing touches in place to this end we're being told that they have the most hated resigned around every six women in the west bank and what this means is that palestinians who approach beyond that red line will be shot tests by soldiers who will have permission to do this now there also has been intensive training in terms of security groups within the state women's they have been participating in girls that the army's been undergoing say seen provided with stun grenades with water cannons as well as with tear gas canisters on saturday we saw the largest protest in this country's history way some four hundred thousand demonstrators took to the streets of ten cities here in tel aviv was one of the focal points a number of speakers a number of artists address the crowd they spoke about making history they said
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really that this was a turning point in the history of this country what protesters have been demanding for the better part of two months is social issue justice really what they say is that the netanyahu government needs to be focused on issues of security and focus on internal problems problems such as the high cost of living in this country and this is a criticism that netanyahu is facing a criticism that he is spending too much time on issues on the international agenda rather than addressing real domestic concerns here at home talking to protesters they accuse netanyahu of being path of been responsible and of being out of touch with what people in israel are concerned about. well let's focus on jerusalem possibly becoming a violent flashpoint during the planned palestinian march in support of its statehood bid my for about a chart here from the joint palestinian israeli peace n.-g. o. the alternative information center joins me live now from jerusalem many of us have
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been with us here on r.t. now palestinians are preparing for what they say will be a peaceful march but israel's arming settlers as we've been saying security forces and the police to their teeth saying it's to prevent bloodshed is that logical to you. if this decision is indeed the decision of the prime minister it may be an indication of the kind of provocation the government is interested to to arms a certain we heard on the already existing phone so i would like to expect that this is not really the intention of the government otherwise it would be it would have terrible consequences but is there any weight to the claims made by the israeli government that these are necessary procedures to ensure self
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defense. the settlers are not the one to be attacked in most of the cases the palestinians they be attacked. only the last few days they have been. retaliations. in several. villages near the town of nablus. settlers heavily armed from the very beginning of the israeli occupation in the west bank and gaza. what is important is not that they will have more arms you cannot to the maximum the question is. what the intentions of the government and this is what is worrying me a lot but. it is a crucial time for palestinians ahead of the un vote on their state you
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yourself as suggested that israel is preparing to provoke perhaps violence and undermine that chances for independence do you think that really is likely here. it's very difficult to know what happened. in september it's even not true that there will be a last. u.s. administration to convince the palestinian leadership to drop the motion to change its content and to make it conditional or maybe with a time table. and what is not predictable also is. what will be the reaction of the palestinian population what we know that the israeli army is preparing itself. and. it's an
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official statement already three months old. they eventually. must palestinian demonstration outside the borders of the palestinian cities well let's look at the worst case scenario here and this upcoming protest by the palestinian people if there are any incidents if any palestinian blood is spilled jaring not march what implications do you think that could have on israel. we don't know about what israel we are speaking today after the demonstration of last friday with half a million people in the streets it's obvious that we are dealing with a new israel. of israel no one can predict it but i would assume that in the present situation. reaction from the
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israeli army. a brutal policy by the israeli government may be confronted with demonstrations inside israel two or you talk about the emergence of a new is rarely and certainly the current prime minister has recently been facing a barrel of criticism at home over spending too much time and resources on holding back palestinians rather than on addressing the very pressing social issues at home the high cost of living except so what do regular israelis on the street say about how he's handling this particular situation. one must say two things the first which is very promising is that it will be very hard today unlike several years ago to. the israeli public opinion by using the word security or even by using bloody
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incidents incidents like the one we have witnessed a couple of weeks ago in the south of israel the reaction was very strong we deplore. the terrorist operation we. mourn the deaths but we will not stop our demonstration we will not back of our demands on the other hand. there is a real danger to try. to discourage israeli public opinion or to davis israeli public opinion. heating the border maybe in the north of israel recently the government from the government the prime minister of greece there were leaks about a new kind of me sides in the hands of hezbollah which could be a preparation for a military operation in the north came a chance k.k.
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founder of the alternative information center joint palestinian israeli n.j. many thousands speaking to us about this upcoming mass to take place thank you. now the head of nato says the alliance is military intervention in libya will not end with the camp of colonel gadhafi on the front line rebel forces are when seen for the green light crush one of the last remaining pockets of resistance by gadhafi supporters rebel negotiators say ceasefire talks in the town of bani walid have broken down but the country's interim government is certain there's still hope for a peaceful solution the national transitional council. two of the colonel sons who have been blocking the renderer of bani walid have now left the area unclear number of. holed up in the town one hundred fifty kilometers from tripoli they've been given until saturday to lay down arms and more loyalists are making a stand it happens hometown of sirte and several other areas but is artie's ria
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financial reports the battle of abandoned could prove that. they've been preparing for this operation for quite a long time with nature helping them clean path towards. military facilities in the area by the way lead has always been known as. a stronghold and people from this area have since the beginning of this conflict here in libya been fighting against rebels all across the country and have been dying for khadafy and there they've all the time been supporting gadhafi who's provided them with a very good imitation and the best weaponry so that's clear that it will not be easy for the rebels to take control over these areas while they need it actually could daffy host variables have been known and while the hunt for him not surprisingly remains the country's number one priority is thought to be right now
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with his sons in this area this is. one more reason to take control of loose area as soon as possible the national transitional council has repeatedly been claiming recently that tripoli is not secure and is not safe and that they're working hard to try to restore order in the country on the territory now controlled technically by the national transitional council but with we see on the ground actually makes. you no doubt that they are successful so far apart from the humanitarian challenges the. the country extreme currently facing such a severe shortages shortages of water food medicine and fuel politically situation this very unstable the city is full of people with unclear gender many of them very young with little knowledge of how to use weapons and it's quite unclear who is
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controlling them now ukraine says it's willing to negotiate gas prices with russia for the kremlin said it would rigorously defend the or where do you deal in international courts foreign minister sergei lavrov met his ukrainian counterpart to talk energy can. push for a new discount because the struggles in paying the current contracts are. more. well certainly over the past seventy two hours it clearly seemed that the temperature in this new gas crisis has reached critical level especially with somewhat sensational very loud statements made by president bush president of ukraine he planned to sue russia in the international court to have the two thousand and nine gas contract revised now the situation has changed dramatically over the past twenty four hours with the ukrainian prime minister only go as out of saying that until the new price is agreed until the new contract is signed the
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ukraine will be sticking to the current contract and will be fulfilling all of legations of this contract paying up to four hundred u.s. dollars for one thousand cubic meters of russian gas which is the market price and this is the price which ukraine has been pretty much on the happy with russia is not as strongly dependent on the ukrainian gas transportation system as it was back in two thousand and nine now we know according to russia's prime minister vladimir putin that the north stream pipeline will be launched pretty much soon in fact it's a test run will be started to morrow on tuesday and winter stand in the months in a month's time the european consumers germany in particular will be receiving the gas through the north pipeline does that is something which was not existing in two thousand and nine also wonder stand that the south stream pipeline is also going to going to be completed in the near future so this means that the european consumers have nothing to worry about according to all the officials in moscow in gas from in the russian energy ministry and in the kremlin and we will not see another gas war
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which would affect the european continent this time around. is rapidly running out of the european central bank with greece being ordered to. bail out the. debts widening in the. brussels a bigger role in how companies knowledge their own affairs what. is that for daniel what sort of tougher regulations is the planning for the single car. yes greece could fail to get its second bailout if it fails to carry out the terms of its first one that's according to the european central bank chief trish a he said it's absolutely imperative to tighten monitoring of countries in the eurozone calling for a single european government to impose economic decisions on countries according to aaa more governance within the eurozone is absolutely essential i mean if you talk to you call them it's here in brussels they're not sure the creating this single
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single government with the e.u. bureaucrats making decisions for national economies is the right way to go ahead or even that it will save the euro anyway with growing numbers of people here fearing the single currency maybe a sinking ship. that you know when you don't worry is about greece receiving a second bailout as well. the. talks between the e.u. i.m.f. and the greek officials have fallen apart the e.u. says greece has failed to cut its deficit you also have countries like finland who are resisting any more bailouts until they really understand what's going else going on in these troubled countries not just greece but obviously also portugal spain the use given greece a few more weeks to go with through with the plan that it will check on the situation in that country again of course that's raising even more doubts about greece's ability to avoid quitting the euro and the situation of italy is giving more pull for call them with their has refused to post its latest austerity package
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so it's understandable why investors may be panicking here in europe at the moment . live from up brussels. ok let's go to technology and walls of the main news right now of the yemeni plane has reportedly found a mosque in the south that was thought to be owned by islamic militants killing at least thirty it follows the killing of seventeen extremists in yemen ears drugs in the region the insurgents were linked to al qaeda and to go over the city of john in april and with the own going on to government demonstrations and political crisis in the country. the much delayed trial of former french president jacques chirac is resuming the judges deciding whether the frail seventy eight year old is well enough to face court he's charged with embezzlement while the mayor of paris sun paying body members the nonexistent jobs
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a lot of serving eggs leaders the first french president to go on trial since the second world war he faces ten years jail if convicted. sudan's bounders main opposition party the former rebel movement which is now the ruling party in the newly independent south sudan police arrested members and seize property claiming the s.p.l. and party's illegal decades of civil war so the country split in two in july but tensions remain in disputed territory where the militias continue deadly skirmishes with sudanese troops. i hear we're just a few minutes away from cross talk which discusses if it's time to get the rich to pay their way while the rest of us are suffering a taxing time first though of the businesses with you via. very well welcome to a business update russia is easing in the gas dispute between russia and ukraine
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kiev says it will all of the current agreement but still wants to renegotiate prices moscow has said down its terms it wants to see korean agreed to march the state run that took us with russia's gas problem this would effectively lead moscow will get out says to the gas transit network of ukraine the country's president says the country will not allow this however experts say it's hobson's choice. they will i do agree to create a joint venture or lose the transit business if they want cheap gas they will have to go by the pipeline if they don't bomb believes they will have to pay market prices for gas it will be around three hundred eighty dollars per thousand cubic meters starting from october the thing is that industry in ukraine is much more power hungry than you rule so ukrainian goods will inevitably be more expensive. let's have a look at the markets now oil as losing ground as investors speculate signs that the u.s. and china's economy is weakening into kate feel demand will falter and the world's
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largest crude consuming nations plant is trading at one hundred ten dollars a barrel while light sweet is close to eighty four dollars per barrel. and the us markets are closed for a public holiday and is just minutes left until the end of trade in europe sovereign debt wars coupled with the bad jobs data from the u.s. is leading european financials lower the salary for the markets dropping significantly as a result federal housing finance agency alleges that the major u.s. and european banks misrepresented the quality of mortgages they sold during the housing bubble as a result for all scotland and dorchin mentioned in the lawsuit are down ten and eight percent respectively. and russian stocks have dropped for a second day after the country's main export revenue or a. slipped and let's have a look at some of the individual share moves on the my six energy may just one of the biggest losers gasp from slate two point six percent left last about half
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a cent and russia's biggest lenders bear banks slumped about. one percent as you can see from the crop. of the falling market present some of the challenges for bargain hunters how the maksim from world see believes it's too early to call the bottom and the prudent investor would be better off sticking to the sidelines. it might be somewhat close to the bottom as some people believe from say and there are occasional boat officials around but you know one of probably would be from a serious decisions any quotes are blue chip name which is you know essentially has come off strongly and has good ability to generate cash to play didn't it would be a good church is clearly its own gas company a sort of sniffed will gas broom brush metal company was last on there was between thirty to fifty percent year to date so they were the major losers in this game
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consoles you know obviously they knew recovery scenario companies like iraq. could be a very good bargain several style etc. good weather and the end of the grain export ban won't help russia sending in this year's crop of brought experts estimate the total exports attentional of this year's harvest of thirteen million tons but the forces say they'll be lucky to export twenty five million tons and it's all to do with the inability to get the grain from the farms to the ports as well as to mystically we achieved more than three million tons of green exporting organised we hope it's going to stealing ninety but if we see the railway system is not able to transfer more to the ports where the docks can handle shipments of it before five million tons a month the real way system barely managed to transfer the august volumes so ok that wraps up the business board in europe today more business news than last time .
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culture is that so much of a taxpayers' money coming to exist is never a real mystery and it's not something the rates during the great financial contraction millions watched their jobs and all but the rich have only gotten richer should the rich paid. worldwide manhunt for
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him lasted for fifteen years. now one million new oborne was promised first come true. political miss murphy or the west. the national heroes or minions in. general and the serbian army. the money. here are the a. monarchy. more news today violence is once again fled up the phone these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. trying to call for a shelter all day. in
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some petersburg she's available in hotels a story a. speech to kowtow to truth closer to the truth speech otoh. see if. you visit. this is syria. more protests today to the head of the red cross makes
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a humanitarian visit to the country. to get the warring told to avoid a repeat of libya's to set. its rattles arrived with its special forces to shoot at palestinian protesters as they prepared to march in support of. penzance televisa settlers in the west bank. is to prevent bloodshed. taking. says it will stand its ground. continuing to insist on a price reduction but it's safe if using to make any concessions. to the money the wealthy.


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