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tv   [untitled]    September 5, 2011 2:01pm-2:31pm EDT

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at the border into turkey meanwhile russia is running members of the un security council to encourage the sides to stop violence and start negotiations the kremlin believes president assad has worked to change the situation on the ground through reforms and his efforts deserve some credit and the u.s. and its western european allies are pushing for action against president assad's regime which they've already sanctioned french political analyst peter geller believes there's an underlying motive in calls for protecting syrian civilians sanctions in general do not work because countries always find ways to go around that sanctions and saw that sanctions would start only look to go on with production of oil although they would be banning of importation so it's not quite logical and most probably syria would find different outlets for its oil in every single one of these situations because every time the west or other countries talk about a humanitarian intervention the question that needs to be asked is why there is the intervention in some countries but not in others for example in bahrain the people
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wanted to get rid of their regime but since it was so close to the u.s. there is no question of a humanitarian intervention and there is no question of them ventured to saudi arabia no question of intervention to help the palestinians so the humanitarian question cannot be de forced political and economic questions you have to find the political and economic and military interests before you start believing in it should manage your own reasons because most in all so-called interventions humanitarian interventions you there is another reason which is far more important while syria's struggle drags on let's see how it's impacting on the people of the stricken country or he said in are going to go is there and has been meeting those at the sharp end of the sanctions. the dealer is a master barber those small his shop was floor until it all ended in the snip. of many customers that would compromise forest twenty kilometers away from damascus
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but now the flow has come down a lot first came the unrest then the crackdown then the west's quickly stepped in with sanctions to survive is to put the economic pressure on the chief the political how about trying to help the people of syria to achieve some adjustment aspirations at first all major credit card transactions were stopped earlier this month but that mainly affected foreign tourists because syria runs its own payment system and those with syrian accounts didn't feel the pinch however the e.u. and the us are tightening their grip by imposing oil embargo on damascus so will that have any probable effect on the people here. of course sanctions will have a negative effect on syrian economy it's a diversified economy with a stable death which gives it a certain immunity against these sanctions. and this is not just government gloss in the face of imposed adversity syrian opposition figures are also unconvinced but
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for a different reason. the syrian government have chosen their path and no matter what measures are taken against them they continue down that road. so anxious are sold as a precise weapon to hit the regime where it hurts but syrian evillest say they're too blunt a tool and it's the people who will suffer the most when you are talking about. what we call it it would be my life as a serious citizen. but while the power dealers of the west in syria trade insults and blows for syrian workers like nigeria the daily battle is to keep his modest livelihood together while hoping for the best even goes r t damascus syria. over newby of the old regime may have been toppled but the fighting showing no sign of letting up and the rebels say they've done enough talking will stay with the latest from the front line in the hunt for colonel gadhafi loyalists remain
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determined to the end. europe's financial bosses plan on tightening their grip on the rest of the eurozone and give brussels a bigger role. in all that still to come but first israel is to allow security forces to shoot at palestinian protesters who are preparing to march in support of their bid for statehood at the u.n. later this month tel aviv claims it's trying to prevent bloodshed by arming settlers in the west bank for self-defense. is across developments there. in some quarters there is talk of a intifada that some will say will be as bloody and as violent as the first two seculars of whom there are some four hundred thousand living in the land that has some two and a half million palestinians in the west bank all bracing themselves for violence as is the israeli army and the israeli police not for several months the israeli army has been preparing in an operation it calls operation some a c's and it's now in
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the final stages of putting the finishing touches in place to this end we're being told that they have demarcated lines around every settlement in the west bank and what this means is that palestinians who approach so that beyond that red line will be shot at by soldiers who will have permission to do this now that also has been intensive training in terms of security groups within the settlements they have been participating in drills that the army's been undergoing say scene provided with stun grenades with water cannons as well as with tear gas canisters on saturday we saw the largest protest in this country's history way some four hundred thousand demonstrators took to the streets of ten cities here in tel aviv was one of the focal points a number of speakers a number of artists address the crowd they spoke about making history they said really that this was a turning point in the history of this country what protesters have been demanding for the better part of two months is a social issue justice really what they say is that the netanyahu government needs
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to be focused on issues of security and focus on internal problems problems such as the high cost of living in this country and this is a criticism that netanyahu is facing a criticism that he is spending too much time on issues on the international agenda rather than addressing the real domestic concerns here at home talking to protesters they accuse netanyahu of being path of being and responsible and of being out of touch with what people in israel are concerned about. their mom peace activist from a joint palestinian israeli and geo has told r.t. that if television turns to provocation israel is well on with protests it may be an indication of the kind of provocation the government is interested to to arm the settlers had. already existing settlers are not the one to be attacked in most of the cases the palestinians they'd be attacked right the settlers the
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settlers are heavily armed from the very beginning of the israeli occupation in the west bank and gaza. what is important is not that we have more arms you cannot add more to the maximum the question is what are the intentions of the government and this is what is worrying me a lot brute reaction from the israeli army and a brutal policy by the israeli government may be confronted with a mass demonstrations inside israel to. the head of nato says the alliances military intervention in libya will not end with the capture of colonel gadhafi on the front line rebel forces are waiting for the green light to crush one of the last remaining pockets of resistance by gadhafi supporters rebel negotiators say ceasefire talks in the town of bani walid have broken down but the country's interim government is certain there's still hope for a peaceful solution the national transitional council says two of the colonel's sons who have been blocking the surrender of bani walid have now left the area.
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clear number of gadhafi loyalists holed up in the town one hundred fifty kilometers from tripoli being given until saturday to lay down arms. gadhafi is hometown of sirte and several other areas resorted to marry financial reports in the battle for bani walid that could prove decisive. they've been preparing for this operation for quite a long time with nature helping them clean path towards. facilities in the area by the way lead has always been known as khadafi stronghold and people from this area have since the beginning of this conflict here in libya been fighting against rebels all across the country and have been dying for. all the time in supporting gadhafi who has provided them with very good and the best weaponry so that's clear that it will not be easy for the rebels to take control over these areas while they
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need it's actually the house where it has been known and while. not surprisingly remains the country's number one priority is thought to be right now with his sons in this area and this is. one more reason to take control of. the national transitional council has repeatedly been claiming recently that fully is now secure and is now safe and that they are working hard to . try to restore order in the country on the territory now controlled technically by the national transitional council that we see on the ground actually made so. that they are successful so far apart from the humanitarian challenges this country actually currently facing such as severe shortages shortages of water food medicine
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and fuel politically situation is very unstable the city is full of people with unclear gender many of them very young with little knowledge of how to use weapons and it's quite unclear who is controlling them while the situation in libya remains tense russia is building up its relations with the country's new government after recently recognizing the rebels as the legitimate authority in libya moscow's now invited officials for economic talks which are expected to place this week and we'll keep you posted on what happens there. british prime minister david cameron has called for an inquiry into claims that you can turn it into agents extradited terrorist suspects to libya allegations surfaced after human rights groups in tripoli found documents outlining m i six and cia rendition programs former british intelligence officer and emotion expects the probe will be brushed under the carpet . when david cameron calls for an inquiry into these allegations he's being
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incredibly disingenuous under the u.k. law and the inquiries act two thousand and five any inquiry that is established including this in this torture inquiry headed up by subpoena gibson is circumscribed by the very organizations that are being investigated in this case m i five and m i six so it's going to be toothless plus of course the other consideration with this is that peter gibson himself is heading up this inquiry was actually intelligence services commissioner for five years prior to taking on this role so he's been cozying up to the intelligence services in the u.k. for five years i doubt he's going to unearth anything deliberately perhaps he would probably want shine a bright light in the dark corner should we say he'll be friends to the intelligence agencies they will have lost all credibility they have double deals in libya for decades now and really their chickens are coming home to roost and i can't see how any government that comes into power in libya will trust whatever m i six or the british government now says. talking to me a little earlier the scuffles are broken out both inside and outside according caro
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where former president hosni mubarak's trial has resumed the hearing was disrupted when lawyers for both the prosecution and the defense had to be separated by police outside hundreds of demonstrators including relatives of those killed during the federal uprising attempt to break through the main gates and gain access to the court for senior police officers due to testify against mubarak at monday's hearing which will be behind closed doors the eighty three year old is charged with corruption and ordering the killing of eight hundred fifty protesters to egypt's revolution took place on the protests have been continuing elsewhere in egypt with millions of people still unhappy the slow pace of reforms from the interim. ukraine says it's now willing to negotiate over gas prices with russia after the kremlin said it would rigorously defend the already agreed deal in international courts foreign minister sergey lavrov met his ukrainian counterpart to talk energy costs after you have pushed for a new discount because of struggles in paying the current contract artie's alexia
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cesky has more on this. well certainly over the last seventy two hours it clearly seemed that the temperature in this new gas crisis has reached critical level especially with somewhat sensational and very loud statements made by president bush president of ukraine he planned to sue russia in the international court to have the two thousand and nine gas contracts we vice the also was a very stern reply coming from the kremlin the presidential press office sad that should ukraine decide to take this case into international court in stockholm then russia would be ready to stand its ground and that of the law the international law was only its own russia side believing that russia would achieve victory should this law suit a cure now the situation has changed dramatically over the past twenty four hours with the ukrainian prime minister nicolas out of saying that until the new price is agreed until the new contract is signed the ukraine will be sticking to the current contract and will be fulfilling all of legations this contract paying up to four
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hundred u.s. dollars for one thousand cubic meters of russian gas which is the market price and this is the price which ukraine has been pretty much on the happy with russia is not as strongly dependent on the ukrainian gas transportation system as it was back in two thousand and nine now we know according to russia's prime minister vladimir putin the north stream pipeline will be launched pretty much soon in fact it's a test run will be started to morrow on tuesday and winter stand in the months in a month's time the european consumers germany in particular will be receiving the gas through the north that is something which was not existing in two thousand and nine also understand that the south stream pipeline is also going to going to be completed in the nearest future so this means that the european consumers have nothing to worry about according to all the officials. in the russian energy ministry and in the kremlin and we will not see another gas war which would affect
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the european continent this time around. well let's hear from you on the business to us now about how the market energy industries reacting to all of this so you know what is the situation at this stage of the day well bill there is no market correction at all so far but we know that the to see this far from being over and many analysts agree that well there are a lot of thorny issues to be soft whether some progress has been made and we know the ukraine has given up plans to restructure or close down nafta guess the company saying that it will or not the current gas deal between gas from enough to go and also it wants to renegotiate gas prices but russia's castro is saying that ukraine can see a lower gas price only if. actually ukraine increase to our market between russian and after russian gas from ukraine enough to get it but unfortunately enough to gas is saying that russia will not see a margin between those two companies because this would give russia access to ukraine's gas transit system however many experts agree that it's hobson's choice
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for kiev will be joining shortly. patience is rapidly running out of the european central bank with greece being ordered to sharpen its acting cutting back because of greed and it's bringing out the euro zone's your ning debt is widening in the e.c.b. chief wants to give brussels a bigger role in how countries manage their own affairs analogies don't you a bushel is there. greece could fail to get its second bailout if it fails to carry out the terms of its first one that's according to the european central bank chief claude trish a he said it's absolutely imperative to tighten the monitoring of countries in the euro zone now calling for a single european government to impose economic decisions on countries according to aaa more governors within the eurozone is absolutely essential i mean if you talk to you call them it's here in brussels they're not sure the rating of the single single government with the e.u. bureaucrats making decisions for national economies is the right way to go ahead or even that it will save the euro anyway with growing numbers of people here fearing
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the single currency maybe a sinking ship talks between the e.u. i.m.f. and the greek officials are falling apart the e.u. says greece has failed to cut its deficit you also have countries like finland who are resisting any more bailouts until they really understand what's going else going on in these troubled countries not just greece but obviously also portugal spain the use given greece a few more weeks to go with through with it there it's a plan then you can check on the situation in that country again of course that's raising even more doubts about greece's ability to avoid quitting the euro so it's understandable why investors may be panicking here in europe at the moment. bushell their own financial writer peterbilt told me a little earlier that he believes that the euro zone system is so flawed that even a common economic government will not save the single currency. it may indeed be getting if not too late and certainly very late in the day in order to institute
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a financial government for europe the system could collapse before it is politically possible to put these sorts of measures in place but at the same time although parliaments if you like don't want europe to collapse there is a growing feeling both within parliaments and also amongst the people who elect parliaments and that's certainly true of germany the most pros european of all of the of all of the countries but there is a certain impatience away in up is it really worth giving up a sovereignty and b. possibly a lot of money in order to save a system that was falsely designed right from the beginning it is certainly a question that parliaments are going to be putting to each other over the next coming months. they're twenty minutes past the hour let's check out some of the world's other main news in the world of dating yemeni warplanes reportedly bombed a mosque in the south that was thought to be occupied by islamic militants killing at least thirty it follows the killing of seventeen extremists and yemeni or
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strikes in the region insurgents were linked to al qaeda and took over the city of g.r. in april and the ongoing anti-government demonstrations and political crisis in the country. the corruption trial of former president jacques chirac has resumed but the judge says the frail statesman won't have to attend the seventy eight year old is charged with embezzlement parents and paying party members for nonexistent jobs chirac's lawyers say he's suffering memory lapses because of his failing health he's a first french president to face trial since the second world war and could get ten years jail if convicted. and its main opposition party the former rebel movement which is now the ruling party in the newly independent. police arrested members and seized property claiming the s.p.l. party is a legal decades of civil war split the country into in july but tensions remain in disputed territory as militias continue deadly skirmishes with sudanese troops.
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rescues and searching for those still missing after a powerful typhoon left at least thirty four dead the storm caused massive floods and landslides as well as leveling roads and homes thousands of people are still stranded with many remote villages cut off to be japan's worst storms since two thousand and four and almost one hundred people were killed. afghan officials say they found the bodies of two german citizens who work for an ngo in the country and went missing last month it's unclear whether they were killed by the taliban which recently stepped up its assault on foreign nationals with the recent resignation of nato's commanding officer in afghanistan military contributor says it's vital the alliance capitalizes on his work to win the war. the main legacy of general petraeus career. of a counterinsurgency doctrine which he coauthored be the us marine general martin dempsey the importance is not only limited to that general petraeus pioneered and
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led the way to recess aetate to revamp grades and to promote the counterinsurgency doctrine in the new century the most significant fact is that general petraeus coined doctrine that has ignited the intellectual and wakening all across the military services and well beyond the united states it was the first step into the right direction from the calcified my optic bunker mentality conventional wishful thinking into the new vision of the world that's what the general of the trails to be older respected remembered and have myint for well beyond the military community because it was his intel actual endeavor with the coin dog training that precipitated the parity shift in the military thinking from the conventional and place and mentality to the conventional and symmetrical model operandi.
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well there's more analysis of the world's main news on our website online all the time and r.t. dot com here's some of what is there for you to discover if you should move on right now revealing the rendition. investigate the roles they allegedly played in the cia's secret detention and torture of terrorism suspects. the surreal with colorful gallery of. the music submission is currently while the russian capital. for a fantastic facade this is moscow's iconic state university building which was the focus of the capital's eight hundred sixty fourth birthday. and we've got the spectacular show in full.
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well that brings up to date for the moment in a few minutes from now the economic powerhouse of india has some tips for the euro nations who are financially floundering but first let's get the business update with you. hello time to delve into the world of business prussia is easing in the gas dispute between russia and ukraine he says it will all of the current agreement but still wants to renegotiate prices moscow has said dahlan its terms it wants to see grain agreed to merge to stay close enough to gas with russia's gas from this would effectively mean moscow will gain access to the gas transit network here korea's president says the country will not allow this however experts say it's hobson's choice ok if. they will agree to create
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a joint venture or lose the transit business if they want cheap gas they will have to go by the pipeline if they don't bomb these they will have to pay market prices for gas it will be around three hundred eighty dollars per thousand cubic meters starting from october the thing is that industry in ukraine is much more power hungry than you rule so ukrainian goods will inevitably be more expensive. let's have a look at the markets the u.s. markets were closed for a public holiday on monday and in europe sovereign debt worries coupled with the bad jobs data from the u.s. the to european financial slow work with the markets dropping significantly as a result of federal housing finance agency alleges that major u.s. and european banks misrepresented the quality of book just they sold during the housing bubble as a result royal bank of scotland and mentioned in the lawsuit put down ten and eight percent respectively. and russian stocks have dropped for a second day after a while the country's main export revenue are not slipped. let's have
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a look at some of the individual share moves in my six energy may just were among the biggest losers crossness last two and a health percent financials also ended in the red russia's biggest lender starbucks slumped almost three percent bucking the trend was for us to kill it gained on the news that one of its main shareholder results denied the fifteen percent buyback often made by the rules. propping up the day and redondo from gazprom buy it says the market is desperate for dire. market lacks any direction i think and any negative data steal way quite heavy on the markets obviously what's going on today especially when you are but it's because of the fry the poor result of poor light labor results from us this thursday obama will speak on the. unemployment problem in the us markets are trying to convince themselves that he will see something you know strong enough to do can use the markets to be better
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but still people kind of trying to see on the sidelines and wait until something more material will came out from out of to speech. and all the business news that all your up to date from all stories you can log on to our website our two dot com slash business. thanks to. the an extent to. the. culture is that so much me it was me i mean it was the real me and it's the and so
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for the rates during the great financial contraction millions watched their jobs and homes but the rich of only gotten richer should the rich came. from the east. to the in the service to the books of. the sun. the family the and.
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this is. the russian capital within twenty four hours
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a day top stories now syrian forces launched against protesters in the north with reports of several killed. in the un to get the warring sides into talks to avoid a repeat of libya's. special forces to shoot up. in support of the. independence of the. jewish settlers in the west bank but the sole purpose is to prevent bloodshed. taking russia to force prices down. the deal. price reduction but is so far refusing to make any concessions. for them with another summary in fifteen minutes from now in the meantime for decades america in europe lead the pack in the global economy well known their positions are floundering dragging much of the.


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