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tv   [untitled]    September 7, 2011 9:01am-9:31am EDT

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well it's just after five pm here in the russian capital and we start with some breaking news here on r.t.e. a russian passenger plane has crashed on the runway in the central russian. it's understood that thirty four of those on board are dead parties and he said. for us . so well what can you tell us about what happened. so far we know very little information really we know that the plane crashed on takeoff taking off from an airport which is not very far from where we are of course at the venue for the global policy forum here in europe like you said thirty four so far confirmed dead we know three are in critical condition and it's known that thirty seven people of course in total were on board so people hoping that those three people of course will survive we know that the plane crashed about five hundred meters off the runway and somehow it turned on its left the amazing is that this is a hockey team this is
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a team traveling to minsk for training when they when they crash on this take off the plane. i don't know very much about the plane but what i have heard so far that it's a very reliable plane we're kind of monitoring the situation and getting little bits little bit of bits and pieces i should say of information as it slowly comes in and in fact as soon as i'm done talking to you we're going to get in the car and go over to the airport it's not very far from here like i said and actually try to. figure out what exactly happened there and get some pictures for you all right thanks very much and to sort of the early stages a still will be waiting for those details as they come in thank you. and the top of court brylin as strode out a series of lawsuits germany's bankrolling the bailouts to the european economies were illegal but just ruled out giving chancellor merkel a blank check saying any future aid must now be pre-approved by parliament well that could have for germany's ability to. it's a learning new crisis but sets
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a precedent for other nations to tighten their belts as well opposition parties welcome the room etc merkel had made the crisis worse through delays and a lack of vision financial advisor patrick young believes and there's little to celebrate just yet. ultimately this is actually i think what we would call a pyrrhic victory it's an empty victory for mrs merkel yes the be allowed can go ahead and bark like all good court judgments read the small print and what has happened today is that in fact the german court which has clearly been very very much split on the issue has come up with an announcement we're still scarring through the small print but what we read so far suggests to us that they're going to request that the german parliament and most importantly of all the german budget committee has own grid deal more say on what goes on in the whole issue on a larger basis what we're looking at today is that yes below it's can go ahead but at the same time it's still a very very cloudy picture of quickly we know that the german people are deeply
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unhappy about what's going on and they don't see there being any benefit in suddenly giving a credit card another bottle of vodka to a drying drunken man in a department store and that's what we've got here it's going to still be a terrible result once the market as a bit of a relief rally which is going on as we speak what's happening is greece is essential to being so all hide behind in slavery by the way that the euro debt mechanism is working it's a farce for greece it's a farce for the greece people and it's a total complete and utter disaster for the greece should be allowed to go free and it must make its own decisions its own sovereign decisions that have greece doesn't leave the cancer is spreading and as we know it reached in italy last month periods already were rooting around the place in spain and it hit portugal italy ireland so far does the disease google for it finally kills the patient i think the question is it's not a question of how much work is there to get angry side of the euro i actually are
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much chances are that the euro is going to survive with greece still in it and the answer is really numb. well further south of there is clear frustration among italians and the spanish with thousands rallying in protest at their government's fascist parity measures italy's forty five billion euro package welcomed by the e.u. includes new tax hikes and raising the retirement age for women all in spain the demonstrations came ahead of a crucial senate vote on amending the constitution to limit national debt during years or rights groups say the death cap would decimate the welfare system and hurt the most vulnerable. well now a new front in the global currency war has opened up after a certain surprise international markets by devaluing its currency by almost ten percent in just fifteen minutes or the swiss franc has been rising steadily for over a year as product investors look for a safe place to weather the storms in the troubled u.s. and european economies or this rise caused the price of everyday items such as food
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and clothing to shoot up making it cheaper for swiss citizens to drive to germany for their shopping or the country's central bank says that by pegging the swiss franc to the turbulent euro it will protect them from brampton inflation but german economic analyst michael ross believes it's no more than a capitulation to brussels bureaucracy. in last ten percent of its savings the swiss franc devaluated ten percent that means that everything will be ten percent more expensive in the future what we saw in switzerland is nothing the nuku nuku of the central bank of switzerland. means people and politicians are not being asked if they want it or not if you ask. if you want to join the euro then he would clearly vote for nought but there were only a few even more what we saw in switzerland with the central bank was
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a total unconditional. two voor to brussels and to the euro zone and in the end of the day. also introduced in switzerland this is my view so all you can really speak about the coup which happened. now libyan rebels say they've trapped colonel gadhafi and are ready to take him dead or alive while the former leader was tracked down after loyalists convoys left for the neighboring country of niger the rebels are believed to have located gadhafi with high tech equipment and intelligence they now control most of the country after a helping hand from western nations but it's in stark contrast to how america and britain operated in libya in recent years before the end to get off a campaign at the cia and six for allegedly sending terrorist suspects to libya for interrogation and torture that's according to documents on earth in libya which have sparked outrage was artie's daniel bushell reports the sign suggest the violence isn't over yet and the real chaos may be yet to come. home eat his knees
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will of africa's most experienced diplomats just boat from the libyan capital he says. has turned into a ghost town. there is no administration there is no there is no it's called law and order has been replaced by a more crew of rebels some fear that the various groups who've emerged might soon stop fighting each other what's your weapon stores have been raided every man's armed with kalashnikovs if the tribes fight for their independence to country will enter and never ending civil war with brutal urban guerilla war. lists argue that even rebel leaders don't know where their fighters of from. rebel hands mom with joel was a launch to find islamist sleeper cells had joined history fanciful vast parallel structure of competence has appeared we have no idea who is in charge of them.
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hopes of a reliable replacement for more of my gadhafi appeared to be fading libya's rebels remain deeply divided while the chaos from nato bombing appears to be spreading beyond the country's borders in the turmoil there are fears that religious extremists could be using libya as a base to further their aims in north africa if i'm to new zealand or a good while of a delusion we men got abortion rights twenty years before women in belgium under the last regime divorced women good benefits revived arab religious movements are trying to reverse that. before the war leaders from barack obama to nicolas sarkozy and silvio berlusconi a short and even kissed gadhafi robles got the red carpet treatment in paris but the west will also change tack one experts if libya doesn't go for them as planned according to this man who's just returned from war torn tripoli the message from some locals there is that the conflict may have created a frankenstein's monster for europe they warned us that we don't know what we are
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creating it will be a free haven of extremist groups which are just on the southern border of europe poirot's from failed somalia made their coast a no go. frighteningly some diplomats now think libya is heading in the same direction but what they will do sure that it is mediterranean will not be a safe city there will be a part of us and there will be all bloat to control the mediterranean to make it safe i don't think french economy can support that western intervention in libya has brought large numbers of new forces to the fall experts fear the west itself may come to regret their emergence daniel bushell r.t. brussels. and staying with the region's troubles russia and france are calling for more dialogue between the syrian government and its opposition to try and rest well there is also a warning that there should be no repeat of what happened in libya and that's
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a during a meeting between the french and russian foreign ministers are to follow their talks. well surely there is a number of differences in the approaches an understanding is off some international issues between russia and france but so the two countries do call each other a long term strategic partners and they are on common ground when it comes to a great amount of international and local problems now i'm talking about moscow and paris in full understanding that the situation with they're going to repeat what happened with libya and it's absolutely vital to the opposition in syria has a dialogue with. we're convinced that it's vital today to start talks and this is actually what the syrian leadership calls for it's extremely dangerous to prompt certain forces in syria to boycott those talks and neither russia nor from wants to see that happen every party in syria should stop using
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violence and we've proposed a resolution to this in fact we encourage the government to carry out the reforms it has launched and the opposition should not use provocations and reject invitations into dialogue that's. why it comes to the different approaches between russia and france france. tough sanctions on the syrian authorities while russia stands for peaceful dialogue but anyway the syrian situation is still to be discussed later in september at the u.n. the general assembly meeting in new york well they've talked about why the range of issues of course quite a worrying issue for russia the u.s. plans to build the anti missile defense system. in europe and france is once again . to talk about this with moscow in the future to continue negotiations and according to the french foreign minister there is hopes that they
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will be able to prove to moscow that the shield is not against russia. all powerful explosion a struck the indian capital new delhi leaving eleven people dead and at least sixty five injured a pakistani terrorist group has reportedly said it had carried out the blasts artie's british router has been looking into who might be behind the attack so far the home minister is actually saying that the and i am the national investigation agency has received an e-mail from hoochie or the old jihad is swami which is a group that's actually outlawed here in india the group that said that they want to repeal the conviction of a man who is actually on death row right now who is allegedly responsible for bombings in the indian parliament back in two thousand and one x. parts are saying the police are saying that this was a high intensity attack that it was a strategic plan to attack there was a bomb that was found in
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a cave near the parking lot of that building this obviously isn't the first time that india has experienced a terror attack actually this same exact building was the target of an attack back in may of this year and obviously this is all happening a very close to the anniversary of nine eleven. well that's an update of our breaking news story a russian a passenger jet has crashed on the runway in the central russian. it's understood that thirty four of those on board are dead now a local ice hockey team local motif was on board the plane which was heading to mix now the team are three time russian ice hockey champions and they have a number of foreign players over the details we're getting really understand that there were citizens from sweden poland ukraine the czech republic germany lafayette and bella reuss on the plane now a total of thirty seven people were on board the yak forty two aircraft and it's believed the plane caught fire just after takeoff and there are survivors of the
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crash well this is sort of the terrible news and details still coming in and it is certainly big news in the sporting world that kate here is joining us from be a sports what do you have so far from that end to we were getting slightly different numbers coming through are saying thirty six of the search the seven that were on board have died as a said that can vary between thirty seven they're saying that one's injured from what we what we gather it's the reports coming through the basic squad from the powerhouse of russian arms hockey were on board that plane the reports are saying it was actually their plane it was the team plane that was taking the place to go to go to minsk their plane did not know it's the first day of the new k h l season the ice hockey season they would you to play tomorrow since they're flying a day before there are obviously some big name players we don't have any names of people is yet coming through. the coach and we. have big players as you said from the czech republic but so far the numbers we're saying thirty six one survivor and
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latif seem to be the main contingent that were on the plane yes sir and the bad news there for france sporting rose well thanks very much for that update kate we will be bringing you already and so we'll bring you viewers more details as we get them so far what we have here for about thirty four dead from that plane crash. just outside the airport in. ok so we'll bring you more details as they come in again breaking this story here on our t.v. . all right in a few minutes so we report from white my what might become a this united kingdom where increasing we want to go with some way after centuries of english rule are to look at whether it's driven by economics or emotion. was checking in on a more of this hour's main world news stories of the trial about said egyptian president hosni mubarak has again resumed well this time after it was adjourned because fighting broke out inside and outside the court and there had been scuffles between mubarak supporters and supporters on the street while inside the police
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were forces separate defense and prosecution lawyers or the close trial sees mubarak charged with ordering the killing of hundreds of protesters during the uprising earlier this year and which ended his rule. all two and suicide bombers targeting one of pakistan's top army officers have killed twenty three people including two children the officer himself was wanted but his wife was killed when the attackers struck his home of the taliban says it's behind the bombings and it's thought it was in revenge for this the arrest of senior al qaeda suspects a few days ago. the national identity is a powerful emotion but when you've been a small part of a big country for the best part of a millennium you can feel a little held back take wales the tiny british principality that now wants the same taste of freedom as their celtic cousins in scotland artie's a lorena reports on why the people of the valleys are vowing to get a bigger voice welcome to wales part of the u.k.
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and a proud nation with its own language and customs and the latest voice to call for independence applied which means the potency of wales has always argued the country could be better off without the u.k. and it seems increasing numbers are starting to see their point of view. from london with the interest and priorities of the southeast of england to the fore an independent will be able to chart a different course based on our needs and priorities wales is a long way from declaring independence but it's no longer just a pipe dream people here voted overwhelmingly earlier this year in favor of handing the welsh assembly full law making powers that was considered a turning point in welsh nationhood and plights couldn't read the party of wales have undoubtedly taken heart from the surprise victory of the scottish national party that victory in may gave the s.n.p. an outright majority in the scottish parliament which has many powers devolved from
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westminster the party's promise to hold a scotland wide referendum on whether to declare independence according to applied comrie that marks the turning of the tide for a unified u.k. people now i believe are beginning to to use the word independence in in a welsh context which they say they wouldn't have done in a few years and as debate invalid's i think the people in where's it going to see that they're to scotland becomes independent the next logical step is for we're just becoming dependent to of course separatism is nothing new to the british isles and the thousands of victims of the troubles in northern ireland are testament to how high feelings can run both in the present day and for centuries past while national sentiment may not be a new phenomenon the reasons for it have changed over the years and in these current turbulent economic times money talks scotland has oil and gas but while
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wales was a proud coal producing nation its mines are now closed and it's got some of the highest unemployment levels in the u.k. because of that the older generation is reserved when it comes to independence but young people are filled with national fervor for. them independence is less about money and more about nationhood and identity wales needs to be independent because it is a great country and we do we do it like. because we really patriotic i think we're more patriotic than english. culture that we shouldn't forget just seem to be better here at the moment we get free prescriptions. education seems to be a bit better. as it's going to build on that support providing not just emotional reasons why wales should be independent but concrete economic reasons too and it says wales does have resources particularly land and sea for green energy if the
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scots vote for independence wales might not be far behind. ati card if. you're watching archie and if you just joined us or some breaking news a jet carrying russia's a three time champion eyes hockey team has crashed near the runway in the central russia. it's understood that thirty four of those on board are dead are days and he is live for us in the. so what can you tell us about what happened do we have a final confirmation on numbers. is thirty four said to be in critical condition it was a young forty two who were playing in a trance just outside your probable force and international security if you place the plane caught on fire it was taking off and we know that it crashed about five hundred meters from the runway thirty seven people total on board obviously if you add up those numbers and like you said
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a hockey team onboard on its way to minsk the team is itself once you've seen both my kids and they were on their way to play a tsunami and already here at the forum we know there's been a minute of silence held in fact because this meeting with video has sent officials . to assess the situation we know the prime minister putin has sent the transport minister says we now we know to speak at the airport we're actually making our way to speed up the pass as i'm talking to you and there are more foreign nationals on board it's something we can confirm we know that there was members of teams from the czech republic we didn't from poland ukraine and belarus and the youngest member of the team was a twenty year old so we're trying to. get bits and pieces of the information we'll have much more for you once you can actually get to the airport and see for ourselves. who did the job so this of the tragedy. thank you very much for
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that update nice and always there live for us and you had us level we'll be bringing you more details of the breaking news story of that plane crash in love all be back with all those developments as well as the latest headlines stay with that. hello and a very welcome time for the business update pressure in the gas dispute between russia and ukraine continues to build kiev says it's to complete the a reorganization of the country's gas monopoly nuff to go before the end of this year well the companies that are march will either conduct i.p.o.'s or be sought privately that will allow you to raise up to twelve billion dollars the country plans to invest the money into energy efficiency systems and its own gas production wants to we all denies not to go in order to renegotiate contracts with russia saying for existing prices are too high. russia's has amassed a twenty six billion dollar budget surplus for the first eight months of the year
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this is due to strong current prices and low government spending finance minister alex accoutrement says this could lead to the country having a balanced budget by the end of the here shows. today we see a good budget profit forecast and if we fulfill it the deficit by the end of the year will be equal to zero however if we manage to lower our spendings or even see better earnings we could even see a slight surplus but we're currently aiming for a balanced budget of three hundred seventy one billion dollars both in earning and spending which. let's have a look at the markets or let's high i mean signs of shrinking current stockpiles in the u.s. and speculation a stone building in the gulf of mexico posed a threat to supply in the world's biggest consumer the commodity. european markets are rallying after three days of losses mainly driven by global stocks germany's stop court has thrown out a lawsuit a blocking the country's spatially in the eurozone bailout case had been brought by
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a number of catholics who argued the rescue package broke both german and e.u. and more and this has provided a thorough lift to sentiment. in russia. the markets are strongly in the black on the back of high oil prices imports of movement and asia let's have a look at some will be individual show moves on the maya since energy majors among the main green isn't strong occurred with gazprom up three percent meanwhile banking stocks it is still on the rise with burbank more than three percent in the black and fertilize the façade crow is gaining four percent after posting strong tough results companies that profits rose to four which to two hundred to four hundred fifty million dollars. with russia neck which is experiencing continued volatility this week. from its creators says investors should stick with liquid stocks if we want to see some positive news for the next several days then the
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best bet for any investor for sure would be a liquid space irrespective of which tickle sector you want to look at because the liquid names have been beaten up most of all the steel sector has been completely destroyed with names such as severstal and l m k m k down thirty to forty five percent year to date and if we were to see this technical bounce in the back of obama's address on thursday as well as the e.c.b. decision making rate decision and general statement on thursday i think the best bet is to play the liquid names. russian using telecommunications company both income has increased second quarter net profit by fifty two percent however the total of three hundred twelve million dollars was nearly hope what analysts were expecting simple corporates the feline mobile phone brand and russia. and the state russian technologist corporation is weighing finance to create a one billion dollar investment fund better mr newspaper reports it will invest in
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high tech startups and could be set up next year rushing to colleges controls twenty five companies including russian helicopters and titanium joint if you simply obvious money. because brokerage right is producing its operations in russia media sources say it has trimmed its investment business in the country the company says it is not planning to completely withdraw from russia as it still sees appearances here. russia's global competitiveness has fallen the country came six to six in the latest world economic forum ranking which should give the guide to investment climate that's three places lower than in the previous report two years ago and they say this is because russia is not dealing with its entrenched problems such as bureaucracy and corruption russia also came forth about clothes emerging market peers in the brics countries the top three sports were taken by switzerland singapore and sweden unchanged from last time. that's all i have time for now
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you're up to date more business stories on our website our two dot com slash business. in two thousand and ten especially economic zone for industrial production was established in russia's somalia region with a total area of six hundred sixty ect as. its investors are granted
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exclusive tax and customs benefits which includes a five year exemption from property land and transport taxes as well as an income tax reduction to fifteen point five percent of the special economic zone operates as a free customs own which enables manufacturers to market their products in russia free of employer duties to some our region as he said is currently witnessing a sewage infrastructure construction the somalia region special economic zone promises exceptional opportunities for developing fuel business in russia will come to the smaller regions for more information log on to invest in some are of that all you. welcome back you're watching our team let's start with some breaking news first
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a jet carrying three time russian eyes hawking chavez has. crashed near the russian . killing at least thirty six it caught fire on takeoff from the city's airport two hundred seventy kilometers northeast of moscow. germany's highest court rules of the country's bailout billions for struggling nations are legal but once angle of are both still have to ask permission she wants to run to the rescue. a deadly blast rocks india's capital ten people are dead and dozens injured in the city's worst attack in nearly three years. and moscow appeals to the global community not to repeat history's mistakes by leaving libya and syria in shambles. well do stay with r.t. as we get more details of the plane tragedy. but in the meantime we profile the controversial balkan war figure. the former bosnian serb military leader currently on trial at the.


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