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tv   [untitled]    September 7, 2011 12:31pm-1:01pm EDT

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evening for the next few minutes though we focus on europe and the economic and political tangle that it's currently finding itself in. professor snyder thank you very much for joining us we're going to be talking about the e.u. but what a mess it all seems to be in what's happened to it appears on your the e.u. has become of your credit system that we call a super national confederation of states that from the legal point of view it has this tendency to turn into a federal state and says one of its essential problems is not just an alliance of states anymore but a federation without legitimate basis of his new nation new european nation but nation is clearly good relations within the. democratic all the time we're going on in this situation we're losing what we call illegal state which is of the highest priority for the euro two seem to be in big trouble what's going to happen to it.
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the euro will inevitably fail it was always clear that the euro project would not succeed already in one thousand nine hundred three. lawsuit that was mostly against the introduction of the monetary union without the consent of the nations comprising the e.u. and this euro is being used as a political lever to make the e.u. a super state that for example against russia in at the same time is a counterbalance against china the usa and other economic giants but this lever was always economically doomed to feel that. the eurozone is comprised of very different here or genius economies begin hardly be an optimal space for a common currency a combination of interim markets with common currency it requires member states to do revaluation in devaluation of their currencies taking into account different levers of productivity and efficiency of their economy that we can member states are not competitive in bailouts cannot help here as we see now
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a common currency can be introduced only when the member states economies are going regions and have similar levels of productivity. and there is now the case is a long way before we can possibly reach it the worst thing here is that a common currency is counterproductive but here is the aims of economic development that we still hold on to the euro because we want to make a superstate out of the suits when the subject of bailouts is also causing a lot of controversy particularly here in germany because they end up having to foot most of the bills what's going to happen there. in the beardy we have never witnessed a situation and the law is not respected as we see now in the rescue time or they simply say that there is no other alternative which is sometimes neglect in provisions of the treaties in their constitution otherwise the euro would crash the euro is really the earlier it is only an instrument and nothing more nobody needs this new. credit dictatorship we should have an association of european states in
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nations which should be capable of admitting the russian federation and a highly important european state but it is at this moment in today's absolutely impossible. the e.u. was born in the terms of cold war it was meant to be against the soviet union the e.u. wants to be a super state politically but it will feel economically what caused this current financial crisis in the year. over the euro has contributed but also the debt collection policy which has other causes of what the debt existed long before from the time of the reunification for the south european countries that are in trouble now where those that could lose their loan there because of too favorable and subsidized interest rates they live beyond their means just think about it since the introduction of the euro the salaries of corks in state officials rose in greece at seventy six percent in germany at the same time zero point nine percent in wages in germany rose in five point eight percent in greece at forty two this is
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all from credit the easing of the credit to the holding of the interest rates. is a full senator in itself is the main reason for the debt how much to the countries of europe actually need a single currency the a swap they can get is not needed at all shot vice versa herm's you are only homogeneous economies can manage a common currency in europe it would be only germany and the netherlands and this canadian countries would also be suitable but not france because its economy has completely different productivity and everybody knows that it's in the usa more than a hundred in twenty years before it introduced the common dollar it happened after world war one of the shift to the common currency it changed the political circumstances completely and this process is also heard in a social sense because it is mostly the poorest people who suffer from it and use the introduction of a common currency least in inflation and we can hardly think that they are used to deflation only way to handle a situation is to convey in money that it will at least harm the donor countries
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but also others that it also means the wealthy people will be way how much would you say the benefits of the euro outweigh its costs that although large light and the current economic situation you are the only advantage of the euro is that we do not have to change your money to france or you know that money change means only in significant cost compared to the costs that the euro has caused as well according to fundamental estimates the euro cost germany about ten percent of g.d.p. per year these are all transfer operations are being done in the whole system of european banks that gradually also has their own interest rate you should have had another rate according to its economy at interest and seeding has been two to three percent higher no depositors almost nothing with a current zero point three five percent rate that means huge losses for the population there's not a lot of publicity about it because it is not a common practice to talk about it on t.v. when t.v.
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itself little about it doesn't want people to be disturbed it is not good for a day version economics basically said to bill the money. it is they were very good for big companies financial enterprises to begin with that make a huge profit. with increased border tensions because of immigration there's even talk that shango and the idea of a borderless europe might be under threat how likely is it that shange going might actually collapse. economic policy in money. in policy or freedom of movements which are completely different things i am myself a supporter of freedom of movement but it doesn't mean on any account you must be a common currency safety interests are in no way a trick now in there is no need to introduce a border control as over the extreme borders of the e.u. are different story without than europe would be overrun but i consider the steps of the danish government as not necessary and. multiculturalism has failed european leaders say but what are the actual consequences of that failure as
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a way multiculturalism even people from southern europe germany northern you are hungry poland russia or european nations living together no it has not failed there is no problem at all the problem is with the muslims it's not people who constitute the problem but it is land it comes to people as they build active groups to promote islam and educate the establishment of sheria law and sharia law particularly is criminal sections is absolutely impossible for european relationship we have religious pluralism you are in the single religion it is done and islam is the religion that tolerate another religion as long as it has no power securitisation with the biggest political event for europe it meant that state and church were divided in no one is entitled to impose its religion and determined against any tolerance of sharia law but it has nothing to do with tolerating muslim people. and further on how do we fix multiculturalism or what do we replace it with via could not stand it before we can an inflated can do it in association of all
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muslims which is very powerful and yes. censorious in saudi arabia egypt in iran the. law in the believe that all political systems must be theocratic and it is up to muslims to change it human efforts to influence climate i would not tell you any results in will not help to impose securitization which is intolerable and one of the fundamental principles constitution is securitization has of course a lot of influence but it has no political power. the has grown into a vast and expensive structure but now costs cutting what do you think that brussels could do more fission what could it get off. the list of the best step would be to abolish the rest of the altogether usually even better parliaments of the member states would make laws which would be adopted in all countries afterwards they would be called a common law and would be more democratic and we have no the politicians in
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parliament no longer know what they decided on their laws are being prepared in brussels local politicians are not even capable of seeing them through because you have to have a specific knowledge of european law in order to understand what it all means you have to have an intimate knowledge of europe as a jurisdiction as to know what everything means i don't know of any. who would have any knowledge of european law it could get a satisfactory pass in european like same with me now i know you're a euro skeptic but if you had to defend the e.u. what would you say that it's brought that's good to you. and here you are in favor of it into mine he's a legal obligation here at the european nations together on a contractual basis great fan of can't so one said that nations should live in a treaty is that you have to be for those treaties constitute the best possible way to secure peace with the development of contraction relations should not an either or situation with. a latent. illegal in social status but the result
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of democracy in the legal. meaning. that we have a larger struggle between these. groups could ever be democratic state organization. than one billion. to democracy. democratic other way. it's called. isolation. and lastly i'd like to ask you for a prediction what do you think the e.u. is going to look like in the year twenty fifty i think. there are a lot of terrible scenarios of course optimistic and that's why i'm advocating irrationally you have a policy that i think the adventures of the euro and the european superstate will come to an end the dream of those politicians who look forward to integration. they say that in the year two thousand and fifty have. to go. down.
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in states. with cultural. economic you. can also happen to be canonically close development. to the monetary union. changes and culture. and there is nothing more difficult to change in culture professor thank you very much. worldwide manhunt for him lasted for fifteen years ago and one million euro bourses was promised for his camp. political must merge for the west.
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for managing. general the serbian army quote come of age here are claiming our chief. commissioner. lists. lists. six six. six.
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zero and commitment. to the latest in science and technology from the realm of russian. the future covered. down below the official anti up location. i pod touch from the q saps to synch all sheesh life on the city of london monks smiling old costs and feel. now in the palm of your. dot com. main news tonight on r t a jet carrying russia's triple champion ice hockey team lokomotiv jaroslava has crashed near the runway in the whole entire two hundred seventy kilometers northeast of
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moscow there are only two survivors reported tonight among the forty five people who were on board at the time. germany's highest court rules of the country's bailout billions for struggling nations are legal but board zeigler merkel she'll have to was promotion next time she wants to run to the rescue. the colonel gadhafi now surrounded by the rebels are two looks at how libya might become a breeding ground for extremists and face an even bigger civil war. and the deadly blast rocks india's capital eleven people are dead and dozens injured in the city's worst attack in delhi three years. cutover the sport ok saving. you've got more of your what is a tragic day for russian ice hockey yes kevin us writes and as we've been hearing in our news coverage a shocking tragedy as at the start of the nikkei it shall seasons forty three people have been reportedly killed after a plane crashed carrying the four first choice squad as they locked him out of
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sight in aerosol the air jet cell soon after taking off from the to national airport just outside lot more to his hometown two hundred fifty kilometers northeast of moscow with one player and one crewmember are believed at least to have survived out of the forty five on board the team were bound for their season opening match up to now my means in that the russian capital which a shadow of the first day of the motif one of the powerhouses in russian ice hockey and first as runners up in the kontinental hockey league's inaugural season two years ago the new season have tipped off for the match featuring champions tell about your life dramas up atlanta that game was abandoned and the news of the crash broke a minute's silence was observed and you found. to other nice and on a big night here a twenty two action across the continent russia missed the chance to extend their late at the top of group ball as they were held for straightening goalless draw at
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home to ireland in a match they dominated which is more important with. russia came into a clash of violent knowing they were up against a side but hadn't conceded a goal in the last six matches however the home team went out to him that run and andrea sharma in one close here only to beat annoyed by a smart start by that is to keep push a given given who is a dive of the match but once again for the home team as he flung himself to his right to do the eagles some show of what would have been his second goal in four days for his country however when the irish people is finally beaten he had richard dunne to think next a moot point because of the councilmen of a ball four to some shot in oceans of space however the dinar mosco midfield is effort was brilliantly stopped on the line by the aston villa central defender but somehow the visitors went into the half time break goalless just by the russians playing thirteen shots on goal to islands one russia continue to dominate after the
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resumption andrea shoving was once again excellent for the home side though he was house enormously above the orisha fences reluctance to closing down. he also for fun some shot again however of thirty three year old elected to past a roman publishing co when trying to get a shot on target would surely have been a better option with time running out of the russians threw everything at a resolute arash defense in just two minutes from time concern seems the owner of what he'd wanted for dick of the count's men but given was once again in the right place of the right time to deny it is easy midfielder with his legs so russia had to settle for a points that advocates said his science for finishing rather than ireland's resolute defending was the main reason his team failed to get a much needed when. players. who do feel the score is all respect you know we play because they will work. that.
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even the first game there we played no not even the first game and if you can do that against a team like ireland who gives a lot of confidence and actually result for island you stay well in contention to try and qualify automatically for next year's european championships and giovanni trapattoni was full of praise for his signed monoprice that's your own little germination there placation of the players especially the senior players were done giving them a good it was actually give the younger members of our squad so much inspiration this helped us get what i believe was a golden point so russia missed a golden opportunity to extend their lead at the top of group b. and bell now face a crucial encounter in brussels next on the seventh of october. moscow. well in the meantime goofy was blown wide open by all media starting for no where in slovakia they treat people the armenians level with the slovak to third place one point to going to any trap attendings island macedonia one one male at home to
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one boss and under or in the other great match so to confirm with two games left to play russia are on top with seventeen point two ahead of islands the next goal trying dora armenia rise to hurt and will face macedonia next. two places the fourth and next host leaders russia trick made less daunting to take out the cards and then after that surprise to the media. so everything to fight for in group b. but reigning world and european champions spain already through. clinching top spot in group by calling it comprehensive six nil when they were through no six inch times about a negative that there were no bracing and scotland's move to within two points of the second placed czech republic despite missing a penalty in the first half steven naismith struck early in the second to give the scots a narrow one zero victory last time to lithuania. and elsewhere four time world champion this week also qualified for the finals. they often assailable past the
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top of group c. average in slovenia one the in florence and eighty fifth minute goal by substitute jump ball about seanie did which will also be maintained second spot after beating the faroe islands three one at a stony are breathing down their necks just a point behind they thrashed northern ireland four one four so at home while on the verge of going strong on twenty ten world cup runners up another lens did i need to have a one hundred percent read told me just one point in the remaining two games after they've reached the ten months since two million helsinki sweden and hungary a joint second in green bay both were easy winners on the knights. and like the netherlands england made just one point of a good spot in the finals manager fabio capello admitting off with his side were lucky to age was one of the at wembley actually and that he is anywhere also in group switzerland came from behind to trounce ten month old area three one and gaining ground on second place once a negro country england are facing in the only remaining game next month. for the
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lot the last of its premier it's very rare for gerber where they were just there to drew very very few of those are the mug to those who go see where the world's six boy the more that they are before they go into the we go to break but we're dealing. with the motor locks. back here in russia spot experienced a strike of ellison has been handed a six game ban after a clash in last month's moscow dhobi that left tesco in russia goalkeeper eager i can say it for six months but collision left the shortstop a badly injured the russian regular damage his crew should make amends with the antilles february the reception was the rest of the domestic season as well as his country's you're twenty twelve qualifying campaign two years ago that has also injured then do not like letting a couple of the benefit brazilian forward breaking the number one's nose in a similar clash the rule of isn't. sets to deputize back if they have the taster to
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a joint top of the table with eight games to go. and is now defending champion rafael adult has started his fourth round match of the u.s. open as play resumed at flushing meadows after rains disrupted proceedings in new york for a second day running the whole busy shed your hats we caught up on tuesday and further delays followed on wednesday plus the four trying flashes are finally on the way in the men's draw when the dow fourth seed andy murray and local favorite andy roddick or inaction one of the women side later on russia's second seeded here's another over his team to take on strayer some stosur in the last eight. of the modern pentathlon world championships from september the eighth and among the athletes preparing for the tournament is alex and they listen only joined the russian team three years ago and constantine put up of tells us why. russia has always been a powerhouse in the man's more than can tough three gold medals from the last three
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olympics is the best evidence of the team's dominance then because of the depth of the nation still and the russians could field several teams in their own right and it will be a tough challenge for the coaches to choose the two athletes that will compete at the london olympics in twenty twelve. if you're bigger ships and more to the u.s. and we're going we managed to save the training camps but in time for an after the soviet union collapsed here we've invested one and a half million dollars in developing this campaign and now it's one of the best in the world has got a powerful squad but the problem is that only two of our athletes can completely limp dicks so we have very tight competition in the national team. and three years ago the russian team also acquired an unexpected reinforcement nowadays it's quite common for athletes to change their citizenship in order to get into bertuzzi to take part in big competitions but alexander really soon story is something completely different the twenty. three year old was born. and got into sport by
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learning to swim when he was six but at the age of twenty one his life took a sudden change borderless that's the. end of the bell as team coach with my former coach and the national coach wanted to get rid of me so you made up a fake diagnosis of heart disease and told me i was unsuitable for professional sport there was a whole thing to him and i was the third i quit sports and got a job this is going to get out however like you see how plan of invited me to their training camp them with the book and made several examinations that prove i'm fully fit to compete so i sit here in russia fortunately listening got back into the sport less than a year after he had and since then he has won the russian championship twice was a runner up at the world championship last year and tops the world rankings this season and the belorussian leads a very strong team that includes two world champions. and double olympic champion
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me see it is. i worried so much when i got back to training two time olympic champion i've seen my save and wondered how can i become such a legendary athlete the level seem to be unreachable for me but i started to train with the team and the guys showed me how tough the battle is hard to train every fencing touch every second game in swimming in running every full course right every accurate shot can make the difference between those actually it's battling for a place at the olympic games out of the blue russian has added more competition to the russian team while russia have gained and their fleet who looks set to dominate in the near future and could be a strong contender for them at the olympic games in london in twenty two well because they about our party. and the support from a finance stay with r.t. as we update you on the plane crash that has killed almost all of russia's champion ice hockey squad.
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hungry for the full story we've got it first hand the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers on r t.
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if you visit. the main news story. carrying a. russian. crashed in flames near the runway in the city.
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at this stage there are. forty five people on board at the time. but. again. what more do you know. number of. thirty five nevertheless it's getting very dark here in. the search for the rest of those bodies the latest information is that specialist. search for those remaining pictures. we're hearing several different stories. one of them of course the human factor that's always the case in plane crashes like this another one is.


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