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tv   [untitled]    September 17, 2011 3:01pm-3:31pm EDT

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the former rebels in a new resolution easing the sanctions imposed during gadhafi regime provision was also made for financial assistance from the un for rebuilding the country artie's girl if she can has the details. one of the things that the new resolution invasions is a special u.n. support mission in libya that will be set up for an initial three months to help in what diplomats insist is essentially a political operation it would give advice on restoring security but would concentrate on efforts to undertake inclusive political dialogue promote national reconciliation and generally help the government in libya organize elections and write a new constitution and that kind of u.n. participation is welcomed by all members this is something that washes and going to the united nations was talking about saying it's a u.n. responsibility to help create some kind of a law and order system that would put an end to the chaos there as a result of the failure to properly implement the previous u.n. resolution aiming at protecting civilians the country found itself in
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a full scale civil war with civilians suffering most also the resolution expresses the security council's determination to lift the no fly zone over the levy an airspace in the very near future well that's a provision put forward by russia and a provision that received the support of members take a listen. to in libya by chumming the situation into political diplomatically and it's important the council considers lifting the new fly zone over libya particularly as this new fly zone is being violated arbitrarily induced a new reality on the ground maintaining the new fly zone no longer makes sense it's lifting must be part of the international community's efforts to address the aftermath of the libyan crisis. the resolution would also ease economic sanctions imposed on libya and make sure of billions of dollars of assets frozen by the security council in february and march are soon available to and for the benefit of the people of libya the general assembly on friday gave libya's u.n.
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seat to the national transitional council which toppled moammar gadhafi although not yet controlling the whole of libya the rebels still nevertheless represent their. at the u.n. general assembly next week as with the arms embargo imposed on libya there or uncertainties whether everyone at the u.n. security council is on the same page here russia called for removing a ban on small arms supplies to leave you to protect us personnel diplomats and humanitarian staff but the essence of the french british proposal with regards to lifting the arms embargo is yet quite vague so there might be some tension over the issue there anyway when it comes to concerns over the proliferation of arms in libya and its potential impact on regional peace everyone seems to be on the same page and the security council has clearly expressed those concerns the amount of weapons in libya that are up for grabs is extremely worrying more production is army left behind are brimming with weapons and the rebels have helped themselves
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those weapons may very well wind up in the hands of people who have other agendas then defeating could offie that's the kind of concern that russia has raised on a number of occasions saying in a care like the one unfolding in libya the weapons will inevitably end up in the hands of extremists and terrorists and not just weapons but maybe nuclear materials that libya possibly has to. go into account reporting live from washington d.c. will libya's former rebels have been given instant official status so how do the palestinians who are struggling for recognition feel about a verb. sense of sorrow and loss not less station anger. more comment later in the program speak the palestinian politician and then you think the people deserve fair treatment the international community folks back in on libya now though again and no fly zone over the country remains in
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force as nato and former rebels back the new leadership's push into the few remaining gadhafi young plagues alliances strikes reportedly hit residential buildings in the town of sirte but the countries that were quick to condemn attacks by the colonel's troops back in march seem to gone quite quiet these days the reports on that side of the story. david cameron and nicolas sarkozy surveyed their handiwork the most senior leaders to visit tripoli since their countries began the nato intervention in libya they say their work is not yet done. and. he's right civilians are still being killed but now that gadhafi is virtually powerless the people increasingly doing the killing are national transitional council forces together with nato as they attack bani walid and other gadhafi strongholds on that cameron and sarkozy are silent to paraphrase. some civilians are more equal than others
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nato insists they're targeted attacks but there are reports of m.t.c. reprisals against suppose it could daffy supporters clearly there are real problems on the ground is a legacy of such a conflict that you will have human rights abuses taking both sides the rebels the national transitional council have promised to hold their own forces to account and i think that is a process that we will see from now it doesn't seem to be happening yet the african union and the edges the transitional forces are hunting down and killing black africans on the assumption that gadhafi recruited them as mercenaries. that's borne out by reports by amnesty international which says the rebels are guilty of unlawful killing and torture it takes pains to point out that gadhafi forces committed some terrible atrocities but also documents
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a brutal settling of scores by rebel forces including the lynchings of gadhafi soldiers meanwhile daffy's hometown is one of the last holdouts a letter purportedly from the colonel himself begs the u.n. security council to protect certain. from being pounded by nato to tackle what it describes is crimes by the forces of the new government civilian deaths are seemingly assured. cameron and sarkozy were quick to condemn gadhafi for killing innocent libyans in the lead up to nato is no fly zone being imposed but new such rhetorics being aimed at the n.t. see in fact it's quite the opposite britain sponsored un resolution to ease sanctions against libya and against the national oil corporation in particular getting the oil flowing again lower and its altie. i was horrific
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abuse border with breakaway kosovo intensify following friday's takeover of two disputed border posts calls from police with the assistance of nato led forces have placed customs officers checkpoints previously under if control locus of trying to prevent what they call the unilateral action of course of those old bohemians first reports them from one of those points. where one of the border crossings you're ready and the road leading up to it remain blogs by the protesters now we actually can't get too much closer when you go up to the front of that cross thing you're stopped by the bar below we can see some of the k. four forces on the ground there we saw helicopters coming across and the you like helicopters dropping off some of the police forces to these crossings also the albanian cause the police they've only actually got to. each of the checkpoints at
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the moment and they're only there for the time being in an observatory role now of course the plan is for them to eventually take over control and that's what much of this dispute rests on now amid concerns of repeat of what we saw in july when violent clashes over the course think of the making of me to. take this place resulted in the death of a policeman is actually being relatively quiet here today what we've seen is a huge number of serbian i think servants turning out at these barricades but what we've got at the moment is a standoff situation is being called a war of nerves because at both the checkpoints at the barricades is the serbian protesters and then the case full force is at the actual crossing themselves at the no one wants to make can be the case full force if they want to make a move to break up the barricades to fair sparking violence and the set in protest is for exactly the same reasons they won't be preventing violence so we had the u.n. security council calling an emergency meeting at the request of serbia and russia
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and no final decisions were really made for not there were a lot of countries that were unwilling really to make a statement take a verse these control points going ahead despite the warnings from belgrade i'm from russia that this could really lead to further agitation. officer first reporting the show called out with the top negotiator in the mediated talks on course of who was also in those disputed checkpoints morris loves to front a fish is calling on both sides to resume discussions and shared his views on a possible solution to the problem. to full normalization off our relationship with krishna and of course that normalization. doesn't mean by any way our recognition of independence of course so we believe that the only way out is through a dialogue actually to an agreement to cross use two gates will look like because right now what christina did was a one sided attempt to change the reality on the ground which is against all the agreements before. this attempt and they breached their own mandate
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they breached their status neutral position toward kosovo and serbia and we are really dissatisfied we do small and it's against security council resolution for forty four it's against the mandate if you like seats against six point plan by bank you move which was supported by the security council and the states to those two gates should be different and yahoos indeed they should have only international custom presidents custom officers then you will put a flag then you will put a coat of arms then you will push the so-called kosovo laws and then people who live here will be circled by something that looks like a state they simply cannot accept so there has to be a different solution for disposition situation. the from moscow still plenty to come ahead including down to a very basic question. what's poverty. wow not
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be able to get the basics then life ok it's it's been like that since creation is it worse of bad it's probably about the same as it always was so you wouldn't have a job this is that will happen. to her we hit the streets of new york to find out what people. think and how they're coping with the pinch of rising poverty right now thus to come little bit later also. check out the world's northernmost money there it is tourists of. a surprising relic of the soviet. part of the. one thousand miles from the north pole. the r.c. team is taking you on a trip to spitzbergen on capella go. where twenty years after. the soviet life is still going strong. in the world northernmost.
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presides over a ghost town where the soviet heritage has become a tourist site for those overcome by the cold war in the style of. the close up special edition. more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. today. wealthy british.
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markets. find out what's really happening to the global economy with. no holds barred look at the global financial headlines.
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this is from moscow good have you with us in a passionate address palestinian president mahmoud abbas is vowed to seek full state recognition at the u.n. security council next week and that's in despite of a u.s. promise to veto any such move it also deals a blow to israel to which may now have to give up the territories occupied for decades some said was accuse the israeli government indeed of using them as poor as in a land dispute. with details. wanted to meet us here in one of israel's bustling cities he wants to talk but not in his own city home and where he's seen as a troublemaker they are afraid to talk because they're for. the
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for me for my job of but beneath won't be shut up he says he's tired of being used as a pawn by the government fifty years ago the state made it easy for him to buy a house he didn't have the money so they offered him a cheap one the only catch it was in a west bank settlement now years on he wants to leave but can't because his property has harmed in value since he bought it for. the world from the same no or. because the government doesn't want the people. the worst burns after the. agreement was there for the syrians who have to show that it's full of people in the people who doesn't want to live in peace is one in two states has pointed out that the government does everything it can to keep them in most of the land here and there and difficult but that hasn't stopped people from building on it in a month to month no constructs and has begun on more than two thousand projects
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here in the west bank and melissa polities get extra money from the ministry of education for extra teachers or extra money from the ministry of infrastructure for more infrastructure means less payment by the settlers these were the biggest incentives that are not written anywhere in the book history it suggests prime minister netanyahu spends nearly a billion dollars a year just to keep the statements going but that has to come from somewhere and tens of thousands of israelis did the math the answers brought them onto the streets in numbers never seen before in israel's history but netanyahu has no plans to leave the settlements the goddess of what it does to his economy alter the peace process there is no open political debate in israel about whether it's right or wrong just doing it. we know about many settlements and the eastern part of the fence where you have a lot of apartments which are empty as palestinians head off to the united nations
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the israeli army digs in around the city moments and with them in the way the prospects of peace seem as unlikely as binney was actually leaving the west bank policy r.t. . palestinian politician who he says palestine deserves recognition more than some other nations again this is where these. sense of sorrow and loss not station anger that others instantly get recognition instantly those who want even as prepared as we are and who haven't lived for sixty three years and that brutal military occupation get recognition get statehood get support get an understanding from the international community and yet we are constantly preventing from getting these things by the israeli occupation by an american administration that really pays to see the benefits of justice i think it's about time that palestine joins the community of nations as an equal and there's no longer treated as
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a subhuman species that have no rights. to look at some of the news today eurozone finance ministers have delayed until october the decision on another handout of rescue cash for greece they don't think the country's doing enough to cut its massive debt christmas show jeweled received the eight billion euro loan at the end of september and says it will run out of money next month and was able to pay the interest on its considerable debt phase the last few months have been plagued by indecision among the leaders about how to deal with greece's debt which is now one and a half times the size of its economy but it's not alone the global financial squeeze is being felt everywhere of course as more a half of us found out in new york. as the global economy continues to struggle poverty levels continue to rise are you feeling the effects this week let's talk about that. well let me see i moved out to
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manhandle back to my house in central jersey which was i abandoned two years ago. been out of work so you know basically i'm just living a day by day this is the wrong place to talk about poverty because here everything is so expensive so. it's weird but how is it in israel we have a lot of people but it's ok you feel like it's getting worse there is getting worse actually where like big manifests three hundred thousand people manifesting because it's too expensive they're living in israel that's baloney what's baloney property is on the rise you don't believe it is what's poverty. well not being able to get the basics in life ok it's it's been like that since creation is it worse or better it's probably about the same as it always was so you're not buying it not so why would people manufacture such baloney sell newspapers you wouldn't have a job if this didn't happen have you felt the impact at all. yes because i work
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with the law for profit organization. women we're seeing lots more women. what do you think would happen if the middle class disappeared. i don't think that's ever going to happen i think things are going to get more expensive and there's not to be any more american dream there's no more white picket fence and not everyone. whether or not you personally feel the effects of a rising poverty level the bottom line is it seems like this trend isn't going to reverse anytime soon. the resident next week on our complete change of turk now though if you korea says to however to live in the u.s.s.r. there is one place where the soviet spirit is frozen in time it's not even in russia we're talking about the turn of. period this is the arctic circle which lies on a norwegian archipelago called spitsbergen it's
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a vibrant soviet settlement at the time when it grew there after mining rights were granted in the one nine hundred twenty s. but of course from communism collapsed so did the community so in the third of her special reports for r.t. exam a boy finds out how an old soviet dream still provides a means of survival to this day and it's also helping preserve the. it's a legacy no one should be proud of heaps of scrap metal littering pristine arctic landscape building stilton over their foundation pipes spewing black smoke over the snow covered peaks the traces of the soviet industrial activity on the spitzbergen archipelago don't make a pretty picture if the guiding principle here is the worst that are local like to tell the story about back in soviet times when norwegians were visiting barons were they don't want to. be and how prosperous this was well times have obviously a change when they saw it lags they still attracting new original tourists or
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barons work i would then cons watch native cash that's why while. our goal is common as was uncovered here a few days ago instead of throwing it away the local administration decided to paint a venue and put it at barron's work central square communism have long stopped being a lifetime goal but is rapidly becoming the means of livelihood the rusty soviet heritage has suddenly become a hot tourist destination for older generation of western tourists and while the tour guides are too young to have any memories of the cold war they're more than happy to cash in on this theory of types of a bygone era we have some problems with. this thing but now we have a new room. minus. the work. from. back in the nine hundred eighty s.
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daryn's work was a burgeoning mining community the soviet union was determined to maintain at all costs thirty degree located halfway between north america and western europe the bergen archipelago is part of norway with a special status that allows other countries to set up industrial bases here in middle the. of the cold war it served as the u.s. is sars westernmost outpost now it's one of the soviet union slask preserved relics . that is essentially a picture of what would have happened to the soviet union if it was killed over a million financial support for two decades it's a curious sign for western tourists and i think it could be even more appealing for russians travelers to keep its presence on spitsbergen russia still maintaining a coal mine here but trans of profit is far behind local souvenir shops so between married bill it is a big hit the defunct barn curtain still helps keep the money flowing guys it's the
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russians when you're sure but you can't but. you're on the ground you know your local administration is increasingly under pressure to bring the infrastructure up to more than standards these modernization efforts are not very popular with tourist operators if you come into a very authentic place like non-sport i think it should stay the way it is that would be my wish i mean that's the part of the you know authentic tradition here. i should not i would not like to have it in a shiny condition to be honest the fact the change even for the better is not always good for business something that even a local band has become attuned to when they try to add morning russian songs to the repertoire it left the audience called all they wanted to hear it was a song from their. time would come on the scene there in order to bring out the calendar. well that
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wraps up our special coverage and spreads buggering i still find this in other reports we had on the northernmost post of the subject you know. moving from fine but the story going to clicks a soft landing a warm welcome home for a team of space travelers return to earth after six months into the international. the moment they came back to earth that's a nice story a very unfortunate story of something to earth to make them also get a lot of hits a lot of interest from the tragedy in the us as a seventy four year old son crashed his vintage plane in. really bad news that one it. is he.
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he. with a recap of the main news headlines for you after that interview show off his guest today is a music maestro who was a pioneer of the hugely hugely popular jazz fusion movement. in just a few minutes in fact here on r.t. . will.
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we'll. take the limits to susie subsists see a. swimming
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was coming. to me i mean. petersburg she's available in hotels a story of. the truth. the true school toto. see if. you visit.
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tonight libya's national transitional. government.


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