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tv   [untitled]    September 21, 2011 6:01am-6:31am EDT

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palestinians cheering on their leaders attempts to win a membership to the un general assembly with massive rallies all across the west bank looking at live pictures right here not see these are from ramallah just a day before president abbas presents the plan before the international body moscow has the bid saying. right to put their case forward the u.s. tries to hold that presentation claiming it will veto the move unless palestinians and israelis launch. has details on this for us from new york. the issue that remains at center stage for those attending the united nations general assembly is the issue of the palestinian campaign for a u.n. membership and statehood is something that the majority of the general assembly does support but it's something that the united states has been speaking out against that the u.s. has threatened to use its veto in the security council because no sides palestine
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or israel are ready to return to the negotiating table but foreign minister lavrov did say that it is within palestinians right to ask for u.n. membership and the united states should not get in the way of aspirations for any country because of that the new plan the middle east quartet will not meet in the near future the recent meeting with the u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton has showed that big u.s. would not like to see the palestinian question raised at the u.n. we think that it would be preferable to sit to the negotiating table first. because there's no agreement between them we think deprive the palestinian at ministration of the right to ask the u.n. security council to speak out on it statehood bid was just this time last year that u.s. president barack obama addressed the international body saying that when he comes to the united nations in two thousand and eleven he hopes that palestine will be
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a member of the united nations and now twelve months later the u.s. of course is back pedaling and threatening to veto the aspirations of palestine also reports coming out that u.s. president barack obama will be meeting with palestinian president mahmoud abbas this was a meeting that was not scheduled up to this point of course with the u.s. so against the palestinian bid for u.n. membership but if this meeting does take place who knows maybe the story will shift into a much different. the reporting process from new york now while the u.s. might be defending israel's interests in the u.n. critics accuse washington of the exact opposite during the recent arab spring america has been outspoken in support of the liberation of muslim states but once thought came into force in egypt israel was the first to pay the price of the
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regime change he said he said i know explains how the us has pushed into isolation . democracy has a price the people of egypt have spoken. their voices have been heard and egypt will never be the same and the new egypt embraced as a positive example of change in the arab world by the west is not the only one paying what. the bring us you know doing good your time there was a bit of security but now there's less as he can see on the streets israel has also been left hanging the slow road to stability in neighboring egypt mixed with a massively unpopular israeli foreign policy makes a dangerous cocktail that pays for change towards those us beautician was very slow so you had a lot of frustration on one side and then you had a lot of anger that. exacerbated after the killing of the five hundred soldiers on
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egyptian territory by israeli gunfire. shaking up the situation even further the recent attack on the israeli embassy in cairo protesters threw stones and stormed the building as military police stood by and watched for hours three demonstrators were killed and over a thousand injured top of them at the michaud that's all this situation can get worse for israel not for us who are just starting to get stronger this is not a negative thing for us but a plus for. the protester who took down the israeli flag at the embassy was held as egypt's new. superhero flagman a wall was then built to protect the embassy but completely destroyed by protesters . this is what remains. behind all repercussion a movement is now being enforced here in egypt suffocating it's already freedom and in the region the u.s.
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is strongest ally facing security threats as this new democracy is stuck in a spiral of certainty instability and sometimes chaos benjamin netanyahu called the incident a near disaster being the furred it might have a lot more work to do to avoid catastrophe in the future israel should worry about look at what's happening in egypt two very important states in the area which used to have not only peace but friendship with israel today be at odds with israel and its number one friend seems to be having trouble keeping a balance when it comes to promoting arab democracy and protecting israel security it must occur didn't you have others at this point that certainly the americans are holding the citizen have all the cards up their sleeve so so i think that is something that must weigh heavily on on israel of this because when it comes down
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to it the u.s. tends to protect one thing in the end the basic problem you know i think with the americans and with the western civilization kennington or all the way they're handling things is that it's become too much about interests not not really about humanity or about anything else it's really become about interests and and when interest is the main driver of things become messy and egypt could become a mess that israel will have to clean up and he's now way archie. correspondent is in ramallah where the palestinians are taking part in a mass demonstration of what we can across the. why do you suppose she has to pull a hard to you are these protests they're looking they appear peaceful look so impressive show of support where you are what are they what they hoping to achieve .
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well there's a real hunted a sense here in the west bank city of ramallah there's a hell of a noise which is why it's difficult to tell the questions that schools because only this morning wayne state government institutions have struck down and there are literally thousands upon thousands of people here on the streets you really get a status of history in the making and those people that i've been talking to say that they feel proud and honored that finally decades of struggle has culminated in a declaration of a palestinian state now there's a constant on the go there are people walking around holding flags there are pictures every way of all of the format palestinian leader yasser arafat's as well as the current president mahmoud abbas there are people holding up slogans saying welcome kind of stand it's almost a foregone conclusion here that the united nations will recognize the state of palestine now they were reports earlier off some clashes not too far away from here at the kalandia checkpoint which is the checkpoint between israel and on my left those with clashes between palestinians and i.d.f.
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soldiers we understand that the situation at the moment is under control but that certainly highlights the warri on the israeli side that demonstrations could culminate in some kind of violence but certainly see a within the kind of stimulus cities you don't get a sense of that at all the palestinians say they demonstrations and protests would be peaceful and so to speak at the moment they are there's a real sense of conical atmosphere on the go now we have been hearing to some kind of rumors that there is a deal that has been brokered that the palestinian president mahmoud abbas has agreed to some kind of compromise that would see him on friday handing over the. i understand but to statehood but agreed to delay a vote on that until sometime next to nice indeed this is true it means that american and israeli pressure has paid off what they've been pushing for is for some kind of negotiation some kind of peace talks to restart and for a peace deal to the on the table before the palestinians declare a state the israelis and the americans have been putting
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a lot of pressure on the palestinian president mahmoud abbas told months now not to go ahead with this at the united nations the israelis has been conducting an international diplomatic campaign to try and build up support against the palestinian but the israeli army some months has been in training it's been arming state says it's been providing supplies to settlements the american school based type have stopped funding and started putting pressure on those at the steve donor's family americans those organizations that provide money to the palestinians so a lot happening on the international front but certainly here in palestine itself one gets a sense of history in the making of a poll as you were saying as you were saying of the u.s. and israel basically opposed to a palestinian bid for un stated but as we know apparently one hundred forty states have pledged their support for palestine as you said moments ago it could indeed be a case of history in the making life of the mother thank you.
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but on the way here in r.t. a life of junk is the reality in afghanistan find out why the nato coalition is ignoring the booming afghan drug industry which is claiming lives and actually helping to fund the taliban. an international team of deaths in spector's has decided it will return to greece next week to check on the country's progress in reaching its budget goals athens hopes this will help to win the release of the latest emergency loans. want to convince the debt inspectors they could meet strict budget targets as the country desperately needs the next eight billion euro bailout package without the money the country could default within weeks however no decision that will be made into tobar the i.m.f. is one that europe and the united states of the risk of falling back into recession unless lawmakers act quickly also underscoring the region's difficulties was a credit rating downgrade of italy by standard and poor's financial analyst michael
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morose believes the constant downgrades are only putting pressure on the world economy. have also to take into account that there is a kind of currency war going on especially with the continuous downgrade from the united states from the rating agencies here in europe i mean what does it really matter one notch up or down psychologically it's really very very hard and in terms of currency war you have to see that there want to fear let fail the euro in order to keep the dollar and at the end of the day this equation will not be true at the end goal of currencies will fail in my opinion because europe and united states have more or less the same problem if you take a closer look to most western countries they are all failing they are all over the situation at the moment it is psychologically very under big pressure so it doesn't hurt any of us if the i.m.f.
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says such things. meantime economist michael pentodes says the e.u. crisis will have far reaching consequences for the entire global economy personally i mean a plus to a i mean is anybody really believe that italy deserves an a rating their debt to g.d.p. is one hundred twenty percent and rising a significant number of european banks are insolvent the e.c.b. has to buy all of that sovereign debt and take it off their balance sheet that is the final answer greece will default and that means somebody has to take the pain and it's going to be either the banks or it's going to be this central bank creating inflation and then everybody suffers get ready for a protracted and significant increase in inflation both in europe in japan in the united states. good to have you with us today nearly quarter past the hour now time for the world update here on r.t. first to yemen where
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a much longer four cease fire has come into effect in the capital of sanaa this after three days of violence which killed sixty two people more than one hundred were taken to hospitals with wounds from gunfire and shelling the crackdown came despite reports the country's vice president could sign an initiative arranging the transfer of power something protesters have been calling for for months. one of the last remaining strongholds the city. is now fully controlled by the national transitional council but fighting continues in the cities of bani walid and sirte libya's interim prime minister says a new government will be in place within seven to ten days when the nation's new leaders already welcomed the united nations. the u.s. state of georgia has denied a final appeal for clemency for a prisoner on death row on the eve of his execution for the one nine hundred eighty nine murder of an off duty policeman no murder weapon was ever found no d.n.a.
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evidence or fingerprints conclusively linked troy davis to the shooting most witnesses have also since changed their testimony more than one million people worldwide have signed petitions for the clemency going to the international said george was discredited the justice system and will execute an innocent man davis is due to face death by lethal injection on wednesday. to mexico where gunmen have dumped the bodies of thirty five people on a roadway during rush hour in the gulf state of veracruz the victims were found in two trucks left near a shopping mall in the city of boca del rio police identified seven of them and all had criminal backgrounds including extortion homicide and drug trafficking. has become a frequent site of clashes between the groups and drug related violence continues to grow. crushers a federation council the upper house of the country's parliament has elected
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a new speaker the former governor of some petersburg. will now take up the post. more on this. one hundred forty one senators that's over eighty five percent of the federation council supported the candidacy of the myth of a young kid today no one opposed the decision and one person abstained from the vote so from now on willing to let the young kids officially the new speaker of the upper house of the russian parliament this position became vacant in may this year after x. speakers said give it all up was recalled by the legislative assembly of some pittsburgh now willing to let the young people have to move from some prison work to moscow which is going to be somewhat of a hard decision to make as she herself but maids because for almost fifty years she and her family had to leave because britain and from two thousand and three she had been the governor of russia's northern capital and her popularity sank over the past few years because of your unpopular support of several construction projects
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and the way the new simple services operated in the city but their qualities as a manager as a leader are very hard to andras to maybe we look for example at the city budget of some pittsburgh of two thousand and three when she only took up the job it stood at some two billion dollars and today that she leaves her position her post as the governor of some pittsburgh the city budget is over ten billion dollars. he's a career in approach over reporting for us there now afghanistan's mourning the death of its former president he was a kid negotiator with the taliban but had been out of money was killed by a suicide bomb at his home in the capital kabul on tuesday it's believed the explosives were actually hidden in the attackers turban rabbani had led peace talks with the insurgents over the last year and was considered one of the most influential figures in the country and the killings the latest in a string of high profile assassinations in afghanistan and the second taliban attack on kabul in just a week we were the last channel to interview mr rabbani just before his death he
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blamed nato occupation of his country for the ongoing civil war which has claimed thousands of lives. the people of afghanistan do not want foreign troops to stay here we don't want to nation security to depend on a foreign military presence it's simply unacceptable however considering the critical security situation in our country the lack of stability and the continuing armed clashes were forced to tolerate the presence of nato but there would never have been a civil war in afghanistan and no problems with the taliban if we hadn't been invaded by foreign forces the people of ghana stand had managed to live for centuries without such in-fighting and you can watch the rest of it and if you are with the late mr rabbani on our website i find that r.t. dot com. over the relentless taliban stepping up attacks all across afghanistan one of the main sources of income is in full bloom the country's interest drug trade kills thousands of abusers worldwide each year while helping the insurgents combat
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the nato occupation their critics say the alliance has made little effort to rattle the deadly business journalist ten year long campaign. now reports from couple. the penalty for drinking beer in kabul is sixty whips on the back publicly it is a very traditional muslim society or is it there are dozens of people if not more for doing drugs right there under this bridge in the center of the seat with the officer coming and staring at them or the insane conditions we still rubbish being through wait here where we're standing right now this is just an incredible secret at heroin. it's all cooked mixed injected or small to write on these piles of rubbish or rotten meat and an indescribable room and not one policeman anywhere near but that not all we were told these people don't just come
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here to do drugs and many of them call this call pakistan and you're on your game here and we don't have any job we don't have any editing to do if you can't pay for the war or you i don't want to be held was a study commissioned by the us state department shows each family has at least one drug user all beers are now found in breast milk and all kids even newborns have morphine in their blood there's no doubt that the area of plantation song with narcotic crops has increased since military hostilities started and afghanistan i believe that the war was the root cause that forced afghan people to turn to poppy growing their own ninety percent of all the opiates in the world are produced in every area stand interval cleans the markets globally. passed the five hundred billion dollar mark or russia is one of the worst affected street with around eighty tons of heroin to a new resettle in the country that he knows it's tragic that despite the enormous
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resources nato has put into afghanistan including military force drug production is just phenomenal moreover the head of nato military committee personally told me fighting drug production is not their goal there was no such directive. many experts find this a bit strange given the fact that a large part of the revenues from drug money is used to sponsor the taliban needles key enemy in the region meanwhile the international community and spends billions of dollars to fight again it stands drug traffic but since nato has no legal way to coordinate the funds are spent with very little positive results while officials say the multi-billion dollar drug network has the whole world in its group you go to school or t.v. kabul afghanistan and others more on the problems with drugs in afghanistan constantly updated website of course dot com actually got one of the latest picture gallery and one of the most notorious announcer for dr x.
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right there in the central. line for you at r.t. dot com or the opposition famous for the so-called silent protest is coming back with a vengeance after a brief hiatus. maria is here. hello and welcome to business here on our t.v. russia's two major bourses the my sex and the r.t.s. are putting the finishing touches to their five billion dollar merger the new brand of a combined stock exchange will be presented their it in the next year with plans for an i.p.o. in twenty thirteen and artie's lore and that has the details for us. there are now new legal obstacles to the merger between the r.t.s. the my sex exchanges the mergers being approved by the federal monopoly service and
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it's now on to the technical details which are not you when you're talking about joining together an index that trades mostly in equities and currencies and another index that trades mostly in derivatives and that on different technical platforms a nineteen person board has already been appointed from the banking community and from the brokerage community and now from here until the end of december it's that the legal merger between the two indexes will be completed and also the merger of some of the markets during that time they'll be testing the systems they'll be synchronizing the indices in terms of data and also they hope to create a single technological entry point to both indices they'll also have to make sure of course that the service they offer is interrupted that there is no loss of quality and also to integrate all those technological details the ambition is to have a full set of financial instruments a full package of operations to be one of the global exchanges and in the next couple of years to be in the top ten in terms of revenue first priority integration
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second priority to around about two thousand and thirteen obviously the overall goal of this is to make moscow into a global financial center and the c.e.o.'s of the r.t.s. and my sex who were here in london on tuesday say this is not the only thing that needs to be done to create a global financial center in moscow but it's certainly a big step in the right direction the russian ruble continues to retreat against the main currencies it's reached the lowest level against the us dollar in ten months but yet us loveless of all look at deutsche bank says minimal intervention by the central bank could push the ruble back up. well prices are still very high reserves are still very high the central bank is not spending those reserves so what time markets see that situation they will come to terms with. is probably has gone too far in terms of. weakness so my sense is
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that this approach of the central bank towards limiting limiting its interventions may actually. you know some always shooting we're giving. giving away to. us like a look at the markets now we'll start with oil prices there are mix the salad after seeing some gains on tuesday escalating fears over the euro zone debt crisis still keep concerns over a demand that light sweet is currently trading at around eighty six dollars per barrel bryant is edging towards one hundred eleven dollars per barrel over in europe markets are in the red with banks leading the kleins investors are cautious after wall street gave off its rally and as the greek debt crisis and lingers on the footsie is news in point two percent while the dax is losing almost one percent this hour let's move on to russia the markets here have slipped into negative territory the r.t.s.
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is down two point seven percent all of them licenses down two point four percent let's take a look at some of the index movers on the my sex majors are down this hour lou call as those in just in the after shutting almost half a percent and that's old news the company is the scots in the possibility of building a joint all over find the region russian with china's sin the pact and company russian seas bucking the trend and that's the spy posting a fourteen million dollars in that loss in the first half of the year. but these problems in russia have just gone a little worse the minority shareholders in the company's russian venture to be. we have doubled now their compensation claim for b.p. to form an alliance for the false left then i want five billion dollars and they put this down to a clear understanding of the damage caused by b.p. has failed bid to share and exploit the brawls that the minority shareholders claim to. central and calm by being locked out of the deal with russia's biggest oil from
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the first court hearing is scheduled to happen october. and that's all business looks the sound for more stories you can always head to our website r.t. that com slash business but in the meantime stay tuned for the headlines avoid. this is a city. of about one hundred ninety thousand people and we had eighty thousand
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people. were job dependent. general motors if you relations you it might be your neighbor somebody you knew so it's kind of a family run business myself i'm third generation my father was working there and you have a lot of two three and four generation families that are there. this is a. it is. meant to work. i think for a long time this notion in america that bigger was better was simply an undisputed fact in the twenty first century smarter better general motors
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simply became too large for their own good and so many brands that they couldn't even keep up with they just basically became a dinosaur. welcome to the future the weapons grade plutonium is turned into a vital new resource nuclear waste becomes a fuel friendly to the environment and energy outposts in light of the ends of the earth russian scientists lead the way in making these innovations a reality imagine a future free from fears of nuclear harker lives the peaceful revolution in the tonic energy on technology update we've. covered.
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welcome back you with. the headlines now. and live pictures right here. taking to the streets from all across the west bank to show their support for the leaders of. recognition. through despite opposition from the united states and israel. the u.s. is accused of the arab spring to achieve its own interests even though the position of its closest ally israel leaving it. makes good progress. hopes to get another. of the global economy is in a perilous state with the u. .


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