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tv   [untitled]    September 21, 2011 8:01am-8:31am EDT

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a very warm welcome to you this is r.t. live from moscow with me receive shame thousands of palestinians are marching all across the west bank to support their leaders a move to win recognition for their state at the u n there's an atmosphere of jubilation as a government services and schools were closed to allow people to go out onto the streets and demonstrate. she's been following the developments for us. celebrations wady have tics started here in palestine i'm in the west bank city of ramallah which is several hours now thousands of people have taken to the streets is really almost a carnival atmosphere here which is if the united nations bid is a done deal there was some of the celebrations happening in hip braun and in bethlehem and in a number of other cities across palestine talking to people here they say their decades of palestinian struggle has not resulted in palestine will be recognized by the international community now they want flags everywhere the posters of the film
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a palestinian leader yasser arafat is what is the current palestinian president mahmoud abbas and just about every building cars are going up and down the road shooting the schools have closed down the building the the government buildings have shut early and this really marks possibly at least we days of peaceful protest celebrations and commemorations across the west bank all culminating in that you were invited on side a talking to palestinians on the ground here there's a lot of anger being expressed naturally against israel but also the united states because both israel and the united states the seven months not has been putting pressure on the palestinians to try and stop this palestinian but to statehood at the same time the israeli army has conducted what it calls operation from a scene this is now an operation that looks at specifically dealing with any kind of violence will fall out from the palestinian but not spent time in the israeli settlements and they stations have been preparing themselves and he was even training from the i.d.f. they've been receiving non-lethal weapons such as tear gas and they're really
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preparing for some kind of clashes just yesterday they were marching on palestinian cities in a show of support on their side now we fast been hearing rumors of a grapefruit and we understand that if this is true there was some kind of deal on the cards that would see the palestinian president mahmoud abbas presenting the palestinian but the statement on friday but not pushing for a vote on the same day and that. so it might even be until late until sometime next year now we are hearing reports that if indeed this is true the united nations' chief thank you moon will not press for a vote in the streets of homs of until next year i was for instance from china before saturday when the french president sarkozy has an address people make mention of this break. paula there reporting from ramallah of course is when the palestinians are marching in support of the un statehood. all the showdown of a palestinian statehood is set to dominate the u.n.
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general assembly with a majority of the players including russia ready to support the bid and u.s. meantime promises to veto the move unless palestinians and israelis relaunch peace talks. she has more now from new york. the issue that remains at center stage for those attending the united nations general assembly is the issue of the palestinian campaign for a u.n. membership. is something that the majority of the general assembly does support but it is something that the united states has been speaking out against that the u.s. has the right and to use its veto in the security council because no sides palestine or israel are ready to return to the negotiating table but foreign minister lavrov did say that it is within palestinians right to ask for u.n. membership and the united states should not get in the way of aspirations for any
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country. that the new people in the middle east quartet will not meet in the near future but the recent meeting with the u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton has showed that the u.s. would not like to see the palestinian question raised at the u.n. we think that it would be preferable to sit to the negotiating table first both sides are not ready for it because there's no agreement between them we think that deprives the palestinian at ministration of the right to ask the u.n. security council to speak out on it statehood bid was just this time last year that u.s. president barack obama addressed the international body saying that when he comes to the united nations in two thousand and eleven he hopes that palestine will be a member of the united nations and now twelve months later the u.s. of course is. backpedaling and threatening to veto the aspirations of palestine also reports coming out that u.s. president barack obama will be meeting with palestinian president mahmoud abbas
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this was a meeting that was not scheduled up to this point of course that the u.s. so against the palestinian bid for u.n. membership but if this meeting does take place who knows maybe this story will shift into a much different here. right now american and israeli efforts so far failed to sway mahmoud abbas and he walked about brownback as says the u.s. is ready to use every bit of its influence to stop palestinians from gaining statehood throughout the u.n. . there's no question that the obama administration and the democratic and republican party operating through congress is exerting pressure on the palestinian authority to make make clear that the palestinian authority will be cut off will be deprived of the funds necessary to pay palestinian authority employees as has already happened much of that money was already cut in july it's a lot of pressure on the palestinians but the palestinians are likewise pressured
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by their own people who have seen no remedy to the suffering that they suffered both in the west bank and gaza and the growing international support that makes the palestinians see a new possibility at the u.n. for recognition of palestinian statehood. now the u.s. is israel's big supporter the united nations but its support for the arab spring threatens to leave its main middle east ally in total isolation america but the muslim movement's for democracy but the new regime in egypt has left israel to pick up the pieces of broken relations. reports. democracy has a price the people of egypt have spoken. their voices have been heard in egypt will never be the same and the new egypt embraced as a positive example of change in the arab world by the west is not the only one paying what. the us you know doing
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good your time there was a bit of security but now there's this security on the streets israel has also been left hanging a slow road to stability in neighboring egypt mixed with the massively unpopular israeli foreign policy makes a dangerous cocktail. that pace for change towards those disputation was very slow so you had a lot of frustration on one side and then you had a lot of anger that. exacerbated after the killing of the five protection soldiers on egyptian territory by israeli gunfire. shaking up the situation even further the recent attack on the israeli embassy in cairo protesters threw stones and stormed the building as military police stood by and watched for hours three demonstrators were killed and over a thousand injured. mission this situation can get worse for israel not for us who are just starting to get stronger this is not a negative thing for us but
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a plus but. the protester who took down the israeli flag at the embassy in august was hailed as egypt's new super hero flagman a wall wasn't built to protect the embassy but completely destroyed by protesters. this is what remains i doubt that but everything that behind all repercussion of emergency all mail is now being enforced here in egypt suffocating it's already asserted freedom and in the region the u.s. is struggle our. basic security threats as this new democracy is stuck in a spiral of uncertainty instability and sometimes chaos. benyamin netanyahu called the incident a near disaster being averted might have a lot more work to do to avoid catastrophe in the future israel should worry about look at what's happening in egypt two very important states in the area would
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choose to have not only peace but friendship with israel. at odds with israel and its number one friend seems to be having trouble keeping a balance when it comes to promoting arab democracy and protecting israel's security it must occur to others at this point that certainly be americans are holding the citizen have all the cards up their sleeve so so i think that is something that must weigh heavily on israel it is because when it comes down to it the us tends to protect one thing in the end the basic problem i think with the americans and with the western civilization turner all the way they're handling things is that it's become too much about interests not about humanity or about anything else it's really become about interests and when interest is the main driver of things become messy and egypt could become a mess that israel will have to live with and he's now a r t cairo. just turning eleven minutes past the hour here in moscow
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a plenty more to come here on our including the tough life of a junkie in afghanistan look at how almost every family living in the world's biggest producer of opiates is dealing with the scourge of narcotics. and the u.s. state of georgia ignores pleas from all around the world and prepares to execute a death row prisoner convicted on questionable evidence coming your way just in a few minutes here on r.t. . ministers in greece are set to discuss how to speed up a budget cuts to secure vital i.m.f. and cash without that money the country will default next. month this comes as european commission inspectors a plan to return to athens to assess the progress in reducing debt now if they decide that greece can meet its targets they would then give the green light for the country's next tranche of an eight billion euro bailout meanwhile the i.m.f. has warned the eurozone and the us that they're in danger of
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a new wave of recession unless lawmakers act quickly financial writer peter bell that says the actions of europe's banks and the rapidly piling up debt is bringing the whole region down. unless the banks are helped out by their own governments what is called recapitalize in other words given new money. new money in order to beef up their capital base and of course there would be serious doubts about the credit worthiness of the banks and that is really i think what governments are most worried about because if the banks are seen to fail are not prepared to learn to each other and we have another we have a repeat of the credit crunch where if banks don't lend to each other they also can't lend to businesses and that is what then leads to recession or possibly even it's very difficult to trace who actually holds that debt and even if you can trace that there are then insurance companies that in a sense have insured the banks against a default with
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a very quick actually afford to pay out is another question again again. doubts in the minds of investors in the minds of certainly of bondholders as to whether it's worth going on holding. and that was a financial writer peterbilt with his assessment of the euro zone's on going. hundreds of gathered in the afghan capital to mourn the assassination of a but her new dinette rabbani he was the key figure in peace talks with the taliban a special ceremony will be held in the presidential palace before the body is taken to his home province so that's in the northeast rabbani who led afghanistan during the nine hundred ninety s. was killed at home by a suicide bomber who had explosives hidden inside his turban it's the latest in a string of high profile assassinations in afghanistan and the second taliban attack on kabul in just a week we were the last channel to interview mr rabbani before his death he blamed nato as occupation of the country for the ongoing civil war which has claimed
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thousands of lives. the people of afghanistan do not want foreign troops to stay here we don't want to nation security to depend on a foreign military presence it's simply unacceptable however considering the critical security situation in our country the lack of stability in the continuing armed clashes were forced to tolerate the presence of nato but there would never have been a civil war in afghanistan and no problems with the taliban if we hadn't been invaded by foreign forces the people of ghana stand had managed to live for centuries without such in-fighting. forty can i watch on mr obama's last interview in full on our website that has a r.t. talk. now as the relentless taliban forces widen their attacks all across afghanistan one of their main sources of income flourishes the country's in for most drugs trade is linked to the deaths of almost one hundred thousand users worldwide every year and as long funded the country's insurgents but critics are
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saying nato has over a ten year afghan campaign turned a blind eye to the deadly business. person off our ports from kabul. the penalty for drinking beer in kabul is sixty whips on the back publicly it is a very traditional muslim society or is it there are dozens of people if not more for you in drugs right there under this bridge in the center of the seat with you succumbing and staring at them all these insane conditions we still rubbish being through here where we're standing right now this is just incredible seek error when. it's all cooked mixed injected or small to write on these piles of rubbish or rotten meat and an indescribable. one policeman anywhere near but that's not all we were told these people don't just come here to do drugs and many of them call the score. candy and we don't have any jobs we don't have any kind of
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thing to do if you can. point to the hell of a study commissioned by the u.s. state department shores each family has at least one drug user will be found in breast milk and all kids even newborns morphine in their blood there's no doubt that the area of plantation song with narcotic crops has increased since military hostilities started in afghanistan i believe that the war was the root cause look for staff gone people to turn to poppy growing. their own ninety percent of all the opiates in the world are produced in afghanistan into a ball cleans the markets global trade has long surpassed the five hundred billion dollar mark or russia is one of the worst affected street with around eighty tons of heroin to settle in the country. it's tragic that despite the enormous resources nato has put into afghanistan including military force drug production is
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just phenomenal moreover the head of nato military committee personally told me fighting drug production is not their goal there was no such directive. many experts find this a bit strange given the fact that a large part of the revenues from drug money is used to sponsor the taliban need to ski enemy in the region meanwhile the international community and spends billions of dollars to fight drug traffic but since nato has no legal right to coordinate the funds are spent with very little positive results while official see the multi-billion dollar drug network as the whole ruled in its group you go to school or t.v. kabul afghanistan. mind you can also check out our to talk com for more on that and many other stories including moscow's canines are vanished into the doghouse and a new purge by city hall however activists are baring their teeth find out more
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r.t. dot com. tea party is zombies must die and the new video game that gives you the chance to gun down sarah pailin and flesh eating republican friends our website tells you more and our hearts he thought. the u.s. state of georgia has denied a final appeal for clemency for a prisoner on death row just on the eve of his execution for the one nine hundred eighty nine murder of an off duty policeman no word a map and a weapon rather was a ever found no d.n.a. evidence or fingerprints conclusively linked troy davis to the shooting the majority of witnesses have also since changed their testimony more than one million people worldwide have signed petitions for clemency amnesty international said georgia has discredited the justice system and will execute an innocent man michael stark who is part of the campaign to the death penalty says the execution will be a crime in itself. this idea that somehow we can get the death penalty right
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whether it's in texas or florida or in georgia where george troy davis is is a complete complete sham and the idea that somehow that this is justice that's. how it's going on in georgia is that. justices was also a sham it's not justice it's a travesty in detroit favor of the senate leader of the democratic party in the senate called for actual resistance among the staff to the execution along with the southern center for human rights a prestigious law firm in georgia you know the voices of choice supporters keep growing there are a whole range of decision makers in this case whether it's the numerous courts that have the power to intervene whether it's the da in the case or whether it's georgia board of pardons who actually has the power to reconsider their horrible decision so the chain always breaks at the weakest link i can't predict where it is but as activists we're going to keep pressing and pushing to make sure that justice is served. twenty minutes past the hour here in moscow russia's a federation council the upper house of parliament elected
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a new speaker the former governor of some peters book. has now taken up the post it's the first time in russian history that a woman has held the country's third highest elected office. reports on. one hundred forty one senators that's over eighty five percent of the federation council supported the candidacy of a young kid today no one opposed the decision and one person abstained from the books so from now on voting to limit the m.p. is officially the new speaker of the upper house of the russian parliament this position became vacant in may this year x. speakers gave it all up was recalled by the legislative assembly old son it is now willing to let the young people have to move from sent his birth to go which is going to be somewhat of a hard decision to make as she herself but meets because for almost fifty years she and her family had lived in some places and from two thousand and three she had been the governor of russia's northern capital and her popularity sank over the
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past few years because of your own popular support of several construction projects and the way the new simple services operated in the city but their qualities as a manager. as a leader out there is hard to understand maybe if we look for example at the city budget. of two thousand and three when she only took up the job it stood at some two billion dollars and today that she leaves her position her post as governor of the city budget is over ten billion dollars. over reporting right there in just a few moments now i hear and see the business but for now at the international world update on let's check out some of the headlines two american men jailed in iran of charges of spying have been freed after a million dollar bail was approved by the courts the release of the men had been postponed because a judge required to sign the release forms was on holiday before the bail was secured shane bauer and josh fattal had both been facing eight years in prison they
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say they mistakenly crossed into iran while trekking in northern iraq back in july of two thousand and nine. one of the last remaining strongholds the city of somebody is now fully controlled by the national transitional council but fighting does continue in the cities of bani walid and sirte libya as an interim prime minister for now says the government will be in place within seven to ten days with the nation's new leaders already welcomed the united nations. a cease fire is holding in the yemeni capital despite bursts of gunfire thousands of anti-government protesters have been camping out. at this point have been reported the cease fire came into force on tuesday after three days of bloodshed that left over sixty dead the crackdown came despite reports the country's of vice president could sign an initiative for a transfer of power that's something the protesters have been calling for for months. a powerful typhoon has struck japan pounding tokyo area with
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heavy rain leaving at least five dead it's now headed towards the fukushima nuclear plant which was of course at the center of a radiation disaster. following a march tsunami across japan and more than a million people were to flee their homes which are at risk of flooding and landslides just earlier this month another storm devastated japan leaving some one thousand dead or missing. and you up to date on the main headline for an r.t. but do stay with us now the business with you. hello and a very welcome to the business update while many european countries are struggling to contain their deficits russia is set to have a balanced budget this year in addition the finance minister says inflation will be a record low seven percent and in terms of growth it's a quote from projects russia will have fully recovered from of the two thousand and
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eight financial crisis by the end of this year. russia's g.d.p. will reach pre-crisis levels by the end of this year but state budget revenues will return to pre-crisis levels only in about three years that's following a cut in taxes and low incomes in the energy sector despite total prices but we have no doubt that this year the budget will be met for the first time we will not be running a deficit and despite russia's apparently healthy budget position the ruble has been falling sharply it's currently at a ten month low against think your us dollar but your softness the water could deutsche bank says minimal intervention by the central bank could push the ruble back up. oil prices are still very high reserves are still very high. bank is not spending those reserves so what time markets see that situation they will come to terms with. is probably has gone too far in terms of.
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weakness so my sense is that this approach of the central bank towards limiting limiting its interventions may actually. overshooting giving. giving away too. appreciation and. let's have a look at the markets now while prices are down this hour after seeing some gains on tuesday the eurozone debt crisis continues to fuel fears demand will be cut like which is currently trading that road eight to six dollars per barrel while branches at one hundred ten dollars a barrel. and european markets are in the red with banks leading the declines investors after wall street gave up its rally and as the greek debt crisis lingers on the sea losing about one percent while the dax is sharing one point six percent and here in russia the markets have slipped into negative territory the
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r.t.s. is one percent down while the my six is losing a percent let's have a look at some of the individual share moves from the my six world majors a down the some will call is losing just a notch wild was snapped is shedding about one percent. after the company says discussing the possibility of joint or refinery in russia with china sea and put company russian sea is just posting a fortune million dollar net loss in the first half of the here. germany says a.p. place to invest one billion euros in its business in russia and c.i.s. the next four years the business software firm is also planning to boost revenues in the region. to one billion dollars by two thousand and fifteen as a piece as it's trying to catch the wave of an i.t. boom in russia and spending on technology is expected to increase several fold in coming years. b.p.'s problems in russia have just gotten
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a little worse the minority shareholders in the company's russian venture to be doubled their compensation claim for b.p.'s attempt to form an alliance with ross net they not want five billion dollars they've put their down to a clear understanding of the damage caused by b.p.'s failed to sport shares and to explore the arctic with ross nipped in the north to shareholders claim teen p.v.p. last potential income by being locked out of the deal with russia's biggest oil farm the first court hearing a shuttle to have been in early october. that's all we have time for not joining me for another business update in less than one is time and get more stories and analysis from our website archie dot com slash business.
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welcome to the fear of the weapons grade plutonium just turned into a vital new resources nuclear waste becomes a fuel friendly to the environment and energy outpost among the ends of the earth russian scientists lead the way in making these innovations a reality imagine a future free from fears of nuclear apocalypse the peaceful revolution in comic energy phone technology obsolete we've got the future covered wealthy british style and some time to practice. in.
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markets why not scandals. find out what's really happening to the global economy in these kinds of reports on our. own. the looming. period.
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approaching. in the west bank city of ramallah show their support. for. turning away from. foreign policy. being out of touch with the economic realities facing the country. to keep the nation.


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