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i don't believe that anyone with a shred of conscience can reject our education through gang members we'll. try to simulate a mockery of the past gets a standing ovation while addressing the u.n. general assembly shortly after submitting the bid for full statehood to the un chief. lucia harry showing no signs of letting up at nightfall but still be changed hands are running high we've got the latest for you from the israeli palestinian border where chaos shows no sign of easing tonight with one palestinian already shot dead during clashes with israeli soldiers. also in the program they get many presidents returned to his country months after surviving an assassination attempt
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from fears of more violence now as five days of fighting withdrew from an anti regime forces leave dozens dead. also fears of a double dip global recession intensify in the wake of first those markets bugs that spared no one from a debt ridden europe to the u.s. with stocks are heading for the worst weekly losses in three years we'll look at the latest for you there as well where across the latest from new york. for a good evening very warm welcome for me kevin i mean you're watching r.t. from moscow it's now ten pm here on our top story as mass murder past addressed the u.n. general assembly tensions continued on the palestinian israeli border tonight his policy has got the latest life or as he said those checkpoints call or even cheer again what is the latest situation on the borders is that a u.n. showdown unfolds. well i'm here at the columbia checkpoint between jerusalem and
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ramallah and the situation is as one a towel and dangerous as it has been throughout most of today every so often is a sporadic outburst of violence the soldiers that are surrounding me right now and they're all dressed in full riot gear they surge forward and then the protesters behind me they respond by firing and throwing stones they then surge forward and the soldiers respond with tear gas now they have been tires burning throughout the course of the day there have been flays going up in the sky and numerous ambulances driving past and picking up injured people this certainly is not a scene that either the palestinians all these raids would have wanted the palestinians are afraid that these waves will use this example of violence as an excuse to lobby international support not to support the palestinian bid for statehood the palestinians also concerned that these raids will intensify their presence across the west bank and indeed we are hearing reports of israeli army doing precisely that but these clashes are not limited only to ramallah they have
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sprayed throughout the west bank as well as in jerusalem we are now hearing reports that there were clashes in east jerusalem between israeli army and palestinian protesters and five palestinians have been arrested there we have heard reports of one palestinian who has been killed in a village not far from the palestinian city of nablus and if an incident a fourteen year old palestinian boy was badly injured when any is waiting numberplate a vehicle drove over him and that was in eastern hebron and at the same time we're now hearing reports of two is grady's that have been killed but those reports are complicating and it's not clear at this stage whether those two israelis were killed in an accidental mota incident or whether in fact the kind of thing and it's the interview did so purposely but either way the israelis and the palestinian security forces have intensified they present them as i wanted to because all of this violence is happening against the backdrop of the palestinian president mahmoud abbas a historic address to the united nations or in. side reminded city which is
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a far distance behind me tens of thousands of palestinians have turned out to listen to that address date and we said that it was under was appalled they were welcoming that historic moment in palestinian history but that doesn't change the facts on the ground in those facts are that there are very real fears little violence erupting with bank not only here in ramallah. into. the right artist policy life most checkpoints on the palestinian israeli border fence for a breeze what so you know what was going on around you tonight now the speech of the palestinian leader mahmoud abbas to the u.n. was received with a standing ovation just a little bit earlier on following that the israeli prime minister took the floor to criticize the palestinian bid for statehood you're actually seeing him now on your screen that slade's life is going through the way you look at that let's talk as well throughout israel important she's been listening in to joins us live now from new york hi there what did the two leaders have to say and how is it being received . well kevin let's start with israeli prime minister benjamin
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netanyahu who you said is still speaking when he began his speech he said he did not come to the u.n. general assembly to win applause he came to speak the truth and he said the truth is israel wants peace but peace must be anchored in security and he said as u.s. president barack obama said that peace cannot be achieved through statements or un resolutions that was clearly a dig to the palestinian campaign for u.n. membership and statehood netanyahu said the palestinians want a state without negotiations and that the international community should not let that happen he said that israel will not make any concessions to compromise its security he mentioned that israel wants a long term military presence in the west bank he went on to criticize iran and talk about what threats iran is to the world he accused iran of trying to build
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nuclear weapons but clearly the focal the focus right now on benjamin netanyahu speech and the speech of the palestinian president mahmoud abbas is is where there are calls will get its statehood when the president walked into the u.n. general assembly to deliver his speech he received a standing ovation a round of applause that lasted a minute he said the time is calm for there to be a palestinian spring an independent palestine just like there's been an arab spring taking place he said following two decades of failed with bush and president abbas that it's time for the international community to. support. of the palestinians we should also note that we are just finding out that the middle east quartet which is the prize of russia the. way. in the next. howard
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they are needing to issue a. statement on what's being told to try to get the israelis in the middle who she should table it's being reported that russia said that they hope that israel will not disagree from any statement that will be made or not disagree excuse me from negotiations that russia veto wielding member of the security council does support the palestinian bid but of course the u.s. as we've been reporting has promised to veto this power to be an application for u.n. membership and. within the security council the u.s. essentially hands off although the majority of the u.n. members do support the powers sitting in the would it be for membership so clearly this is trying is a trying time it's a showdown a lot of diplomatic conversations are taking place behind closed doors all the diplomats are trying to avoid any kind of train wreck but i can tell you that after
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listening to the speeches of president abbas and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu it sounds like they are just as divided as they wore you know six months ago a year ago they stand firm in their positions so we will see how the international . help bring them together in one way or another but absolutely report no new york thanks so much just remind our viewers the news we're hearing that within the next probably wrote thirty. thirty minutes time we have mideast peace called to meet to discuss a way forward is very soon to put in a good deal on the table to get people talking again and then to discuss the story further let's talk to. several rounds of peace negotiations on the israeli palestine conflict thanks so much for being on r.t. hope you can hear me so. good to see you in washington i hope i was the person who took part of the negotiations i believe do you but the palestinian move to present
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a bid for statehood to the u.n. some tonight. i think the palestinians have create. additional leverage the momentum question will they take this momentum and will it be used to start any goshi ation on terms that are favorable to that athenians or will this to go all the way towards a confrontation in the security council which will further divide the international community on this issue so i think this is a good move in terms of creating momentum but let's wait and see how this plays out as you mentioned the court heard will be meeting soon and i think that would give us an indication of where things might go in the next few weeks almost really difficult to know whether you think it's going to go. i think we will see international momentum we'll see the promote the. frantic diplomatic activity to move things forward i was very disappointed with prime minister netanyahu speech it was a condescending sometimes offensive speech that not sure much flexibility but i do believe that the u.s.
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russia that you all have a stake in the success of negotiations i know the present is committed to negotiations right now i do believe that we would see a move or thought might might put us back on the right track this is been such a long. affair and there's been so much violence over the years and we know that israel us and palestine support it in state solution but have all got different ideas about what that solution is how can this vicious circle be resolved do you think it will be. if you look at opinion polls in palestine and israel you see that the majority of the public supports a two state solution along similar lines the problem is not with the conflict it's with the leadership and how do we create a situation where the leadership. finds it more to its benefit in political terms to move to peace as opposed to be threshed i think there are many ways to deal with negotiations definitely one with a more invigorated international role but sports or that other things have been doing on the ground in terms of building their institution building the security service to make sure they're there once the palestinian state is created it will be
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a strong state it will be a democratic state i think called a nation of both invigorated diplomacy and developments on the ground as well as the necessary and essential public messaging that we have to hear from both sides and from the international community the public saying that we will support peace but we are no longer tolerate the continuation of the conflict as all of the above with their wise leadership what's going to go right to the direction i'm going as politicians talk as this is all fresh air yet again once again today we've seen more violence one man's been killed in the clashes we're hearing that a young boy could be run over by the israeli side that's still to be confirmed more deaths more harm to people as this all goes on i mean is there going to be any end to it is the bloodshed going to get worse. this is i mean you've pointed out the most critical point at this period we have to make sure that this diplomatic positioning and wrangling does not translate into violence on the ground i think
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there is no interest for the palestinians or israelis to resume violence right now . israelis have to exercise great restraint they have to restrain the settlers who have a stake in increasing violence and the kind of thing is have to sure that the demonstrations are peaceful at the end of the day we have. security cooperation in the palestinian israelis that's unprecedented and we i hope that this line at least continues uninterrupted as the politicians ground and as the posture as they gradstein at the end of the day new violence will set both parties back many years if not decades. talk about the american side of this park obama said quote pace will not come through statements and resolutions of the un but i go on. one of the un's principles goes achieving world peace. absolutely and in a sense if you listen to the present our birth he is of the same view the un is no replacement for negotiations i think the un for the palestinians is a way of putting the palestinian cause in front of the international community but
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ultimately they realize that the only goshi actions that all of the un and the international community has to create a. frame of reference for negotiations. frame them to allow them not to go. through unacceptable directions as they have been going over the last two years but rather to create the framework and allow the sides and encourage the side through incentives and through gentle pressure to get to this so the u.n. is one photon but it is not a great amount very cautious and this is about his view this is the obama's view this is a view that you know very pleased that you search are not international tonight for the palestinian negotiator go fellow mari advocacy director if you are an american sales force on palestine thanks ever so much thank you very much for having me thank you for having me and i will of course continue our coverage of palestine for independence over the coming hours tonight i hope you'll stay with us for updates marty's paula she's at the scene there on the palestinian israeli border we've seen
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so much trouble today we also got our cameras to bring you the latest on the u.n. general assembly in new york and of course all the developments analysis also on our web site as well r.t. dot com. clashes between pro and anti-government forces in yemen have a tense intensified with the death toll from five days of violence now reaching one hundred that's as the country's president returns to the capital three months after surviving an assassination attempt and the ability to lay on the wet medical treatment in saudi arabia is now calling for a cease fire he says dialogue is the only way to end the bloodshed the country's been plunged into chaos and february when protests demanding an end to sally's thirty three year rule are up to dr but america from the european think tank for global action for it so thinks it's unlikely that yemen will see a repeat of either the libyan or scenario syrian scenario is no thanks to the country's allies in the arab world right now. but we've seen in the recent past some countries a lot of western countries of course but also some arabic countries wanted to build
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on what they called the success of the military operations in libya and in this case i would say that they had to try to find the kind of weakest elements of the regional scene which they could try to build or to come with some further pressures and in this case i mean obviously we have there is a very violent situation in yemen we could also talk about but i mean for example which is also submitted to search for such a configuration or such a situation but in the same time both countries seem to be protected by one of their original lie which is so dear a go when it came to the american strategy in the middle east in particular well is that with these had they were to say i mean they were taken into consideration so considering there. doesn't want anybody to intervene in yemeni internal affairs considering also that rain is an important ally to the united states but see is
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also and contrary to which interests the saudi arabia is at that stage in this context we can see that. the ongoing situation in syria was also the violence is that are going on in syria it seems that some countries i would include the united states but also france and the u.k. and so on one to build a pressure further pressure on the syrian regime. if you are following this story would probably also be interested know that yemen is also the subject of the latest crosstalk coming up on this channel full program coming your way of just now is time no p.t. will be here is a quick taster of what's in store. let me just confirm contrast libya and yemen yes we would like to see and not fly zone but we don't want any aircraft to be actually in the in the air hitting people or he did you know some sports in the ground simply wrong and it was. a key principle here is the people
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who do the fighting get that through the running of the country afterwards we've seen it again and again if it's one hundred first airborne or u.s. a.f. or the arias or the french air force they get to control the country afterwards if the yemenis themselves likely objections like the tunisians whatever the political differences amongst them they're the people who get to do the liberating and they're the people who get to run their country afterwards. fears are rising over a second wave of worldwide economic recession asian and european markets ended their worst week since two thousand and eight and the u.s. is heading in the same direction now financial pundit max kerr is a host of the show the courage to report on this channel has the banks of blame for the current financial turmoil. it's not a recession in the classic sense of labor and products and manufacturing that's not the case at all this is a balance sheet recession in other words that banks principally their balance sheets are collapsing and it's causing the overall economy to collapse because over
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the past ten or fifteen years the real economy is now dominated by the banking industry so when the banks' balance sheets collapse as they're doing now it collapses the global balance sheet and a continuation of the global depression there needs to be a global concerted effort to balance everyone's books to write off all the bad that that will never be paid to recalibrate currencies and to restart the global economy there's no political will for that however because the bankers would lose and the bankers control the agenda of the politicians the point is that without banking reform without locking up the corrupt bankers there will be no forward progress and this enormous debt burden will continue to cause a wide scale poverty and economic chaos throughout the world anyone asking for a bailout is asking let's say the i.m.f. for a bailout and the i.m.f. is bankrupt the world bank is bankrupt and all they do is float more debt to pay
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off these local countries death it's a huge debt ponzi scheme it's a huge debt pyramid scheme nobody has the equity to cover the debt we've got more of the current financial turmoil also its impact on the russian markets for business this week to be true to. the obvious over the week the last sixteen and a half percent the my sex more than twelve percent so this is the worst week since november two thousand we have more details on that and around the time. the u.s. has to pour you drove braces in east africa to intensify attacks on al qaida operatives but well the policy is saving american lives it's already resulted in thousands of civilian deaths in pakistan and he's going to shoot you can report. the u.s. is aggressively expanding its drone war by setting up more and more basis for those unmanned aerial vehicles or the u. a.v.'s they are armed with laser guided bombs and air to ground missiles and network of those drone bases is unfolding in east africa ethiopia is hosting
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a fleet of hunting killers as they call them in the military a similar installation has opened in the seychelles a new base is under construction somewhere in the arabian peninsula to enable more flights over yemen and all this as u.s. officials say is being done to target al qaeda affiliates in the region drones have become the main weapon of america's undeclared war so it's a new kind of warfare one that the u.s. is waging without sacrificing the lives of their soldiers in a number of countries like pakistan yemen and libya for that matter in pakistan for example u.s. drone strikes have killed thousands of civilians and have netted only a handful of actual terrorists many of the victims' loved ones seek revenge often by joining radical groups so it's like a vicious circle when the u.s. seems to be fighting terror and provoking care at the same time and the question where whether or not but policies make america safer is very arguable but on top of
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the human cost and the boomerang effect of those often indiscriminate strikes there's also the price tag of such rapid drone expansion we're talking about billions of dollars of u.s. taxpayers money at a time when the country's on the verge of another recession when fourteen million people are jobless and one in six americans lives on food stamps and many here do find it outrageous that with gigantic get problems sluggish economy and with three wars at hand american officials still lavish money on military projects which some experts say may well backfire at their own security. so he's going to return to our top story defiant words of the future of palestine and spoke at the u.n. will violence continues to do the talking on the palestinian israeli border oxys paula we've got unrest. but the mood here is showing no signs of letting up in nightfall but still the changes are running high now the israeli soldiers have been
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surging forward them back with almost a game of cat and mouse with integrations that are taking place alongside the palestinian president mahmoud abbas as address of the united nations are much further down inside a mile a city we have no way of getting there at the moment i can tell you that the mood is incredibly tense there's a school radek firing constantly there are stones coming our direction from protesters down the road and the front line injury keeps shifting forwards backwards forwards backwards you get into the soldiers actually don't know what to do and they huddle together they talk in a surge forward and then they come back with this really is the worst case annoyer and neither the israelis nor the palestinians wanted to see this happen this kind of violence and falling on the middle east landscape and it's not happening only here in ramallah we are hearing about clashes across the west bank so certainly the stage is being hit as something for good into fodder policy r.t. in ramallah bring you the scenes as they're happening there on the border notes but
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sports coming a little bit later this second breaks when you thought that pace got these and they were midfield in the set to win his first for russia in the next year or twenty two of qualifier or the deals that come with her in about a pretty five minutes time busy business day those remains the news is not good that's a good story going to be innocent in the dimitris but with details. glowing welcome to business see russia's markets soar second consecutive session of steep losses on friday eyes and ears of a new global recession were hitting world prices and this was weighing on domestic equities correspondent ego gordon wraps up the day. it's been another dismal day at the for the russian markets there is no question about this today the my sex has declined by four point five percent by five point two zero but it's not just today it's of course the trend for the entire week over the whole week to r.d.s.
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last starting sixteen percent and m i six twelve point five. so this is perhaps one of the worst weeks that we've had since the peak of the financial crisis in two thousand and eight two thousand and nine everybody has been saying that the cause of this inside russia that this is a response to this policy suggestions which have been produced in the us by ben bernanke who by the federal reserve up on but at the same time russia has been affected worse than the other markets did follow the trends in europe but that has seemed politically vulnerable over the next few weeks we'll see whether this is a blip i'm a correction a soon to follow or whether this is the predictor of a deeper crisis more for a fuller picture let's say from the composer closing figures for the russian market sun and the r.t.s. so sharp losses five point two percent in the red my six four and a half percent if you look at the main movers on the minds these are the oil majors or rosneft the new poor shilling four point nine and three point six percent
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respectively and the most liquid blue chip on the russian market to burbank fell another five percent after declining almost ten percent on first day. coupled with the drop in the stock markets the ruble is reached its lowest level versus the u.s. dollar in two years but the unity community believes that whatever happens this time russia will be better prepared than in two thousand. oh in the except shown that in russia the mystical driven instability of the financial system was on the rise we before the crisis three four five months before the crisis actually wrapped up starting from april march of two thousand and eight in the current set up a way that shows that yes we've seen some spike of instability back in june but july august we see a fairly stable situation as a composite index of course we see we have seen what we've seen in the markets on the in the currency. market in particular but all the other hand that's not all of
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the financial system moral what i want to say here is that comparing to the station three years ago the russian economy and russian financial market is much better prepared in a sense that we see a much more flexibility in the chorus or we see much more flexibility in central bank or so we see a more flexibility in government's response so the hope is that even given the rising global pressures russia and the russian economy is better prepared to sustain this pressure then it was three years ago and that's what i will indeed shows and so from the business desk for now coming up next time i'll see the headlines to say what's it going.
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the looming. moves just say. it's.
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going to be the for the weapons grade plutonium just turned into a vital new recent nuclear waste becomes a fuel spring leach of the environment and energy now wholesome up the ends of the earth russian scientists lead the way in making these innovations a reality imagine a future free from fevers and nuclear funk lives the fisa revolution a comic energy from technology obsolete we've dumped the future coverage. very first verses of the bible that all human beings are created but sentimental came in god's image and it doesn't say just jews or not it is. sixty to seventy percent of what i did as a combat soldier in the occupied territories was it with the turds doing what we
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call making our presence so you go out should some bozo they hear a knock on some doors run to the other corner and hit another house religion and nationalism not just judaism have been a part of the problem they've been part of what leads to. bloodshed if you want to bomb gaza and kill. a thousand four hundred people in a month and you want to expect that this will have no effect there. you have to be either extremely naive or extremist to be not. a killer religious jew calling another joe a knock out of the way they really didn't knock. down the official auntie application on the phone only pod touch from the top story. of geology life on the go.


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